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Photo appendix 3, interview with Susan Molasky by Barbara Tabach, March 11, 2014



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Israel Bond dinner honoring former Prime Minister of Israel Menachem Begin (left) with Susan and Irwin Molasky (1975) Irwin Molasky (left) with General and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his wife Sara Sharon at a Las Vegas Israel Bond dinner chaired by Susan Molasky (1975) Bond dinner with statesman Simcha Dinitz. Standing (L-R): Irwin Molasky, Sammy Davis Jr., Susan Molasky, Sen. Howard Cannon, unknown, Carolyn O'Callaghan, Frank Sinatra, Totie Fields; seated: Billy Weinberger, Jean Weinberger, Simcha Dinitz (1975) Susan Molasky poses with actor Kirk Douglas at Israel Bond dinner held at Caesars Palace honoring Billy and Jean Weinberger (undated) Actress Linda Gray with son Jeff and Simchat Dinitz at an Israel Bond dinner (undated) Menachem Begin and Susan Molasky at an Israel Bond Dinner (undated) Irwin Molasky playing golf with President Bill Clinton (1995) Susan Molasky and her sons Gary Frey (left) and Robert Frey (right) pose for photo with President Ronald Reagan at a Las Vegas fundraiser (1980s) Susan Molasky with Hillary Clinton at a Las Vegas fundraiser for Bill Clinton (1995) Susan Molasky with Muhammad Ali at a fundraiser at Caesars Palace (1983) Actor Richard Crenna and wife Penni Crenna with Irwin and Susan Molasky at a fundraiser (1978) Susan Molasky with Burt Reynolds at a fundraisng party (1980) Comedienne and special friend Totie Fields in a promotional photo (1975) Limited edition photo of Totie Fields personally signed for Irwin Molasky (1975) Actor Charles Durning with Susan Molasky from the Lorimar years (1975) Irwin and Susan Molasky with special friends Lovee and Bob Arum (2005) Friends of the Molasky's, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme (2000) L-R: Irwin Molasky, Eydie Gorme, Susan Molasky, Steve Lawrence, Barbara and Hank Greenspun (1971) L-R: Dawn Hume, Jane Schorr, Susan Molasky, Elaine Wynn, and Irwin Molasky (undated) Drs. Theodore and Parvin Jacobs (2002) Dr. Elias Ghanem (1999) Susan Molaskyk (left) with friend Angela Rich at a shower for daughter-in-law Catherine Frey (1990) Schorr family: Set, Courtney, Jane and Mark (2009) Back row (L-R): Theodore and Parvin Jacobs, Irwin and Susan Molasky, Bonnie and Frank Schreck; front row: Jody and Elias Ghanem, Myra and Brian Greenspun (undated) Bob and Lovee Arum with Susan and Irwin Molasky (undated) Molaskys with longtime personal chef Jeff Seidenstein (undated) Muriel Stevens, Cecil Simmons, Catherine Simmons (1980s) Standing (L-R): Hank Greenspun, unnamed, Steve Wynn, unnamed; Seated (L-R): Barbara Greenspun, Jerry Mack, Joyce Mack, Parry Thomas, Lillian Shenker (1987) Standing (L-R): Steven Molasky, 2 unnamed; Judy Guttman; Susan Molasky, Irwin Molasky, Al Guttman. Seated (L-R):Betty Guttman, Rose Molasky, unnamed (1987) Billy Weinberger, J. Kell Houssels, Parry Thomas (1987) Israel Bond dinner. Standing (L-R): Cecil Simmons, Toni Clark, unnamed, Evelyn Rowan, unnamed, Allard Rowan, Catherine Simmons. Seated (L-R): unnamed, Moe Dalitz, two unnamed (1980s) Pam, Irwin and Susan Molasky, and unnamed (undated) Irwin Molasky dancing with Phyllis McGuire (1987) Susan and Irwin dressed as hoboes for a private party at Las Vegas Country Club (undated) Moe Dalitz and unnamed at New Year's Eve 1998 party (1998) Nate Adelson, Jean and Billy Weinberger, Pearl Adelson (1987) Drs. Theodore and Parvin Jacobs with Irwin Molasky (undated) Mickey Berkowitz, Susan Molasky, Shelly Berkowitz and Irwin Molasky (undated) Elaine Newton, Susan Molasky and Angela Rich (undated) Wedding photo of Cecy and Alan Barman (undated) Susan Molasky and Coach Jerry Tarkanian speaking at a UNLV event (undated) Susan Molasky with UNLV basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian (1980s) Rebel Fans (L-R back row): Susan Molasky, Lovee Arum, Elaine Wynn, unnamed; Front row: Dena DeBoeuf, Bonnie Schreck, (unknown), Kevin Wynn, Jillian Wynn (1987) Group photograph (L-R): Lovee Arum, Donna Klubck, Carol, Susan Molasky, Myra Greenspun, Elaine Newton, Pam Wald (undated) Barbara Molasky (pink robe), Susan Molasky (orange robe) (1992) Irwin Molasky as Totie Fields and Susan Molasky as the Dirty Old Man from Laugh In at a costume party at Las Vegas Country Club (1990s) Irwin Molasky as Totie Fields and Susan Molasky as the Dirty Old Man from Laugh In at a costume party at Las Vegas Country Club (1990s) L-R: Muhammad Ali, Lillian Carter, Cliff Perlman, Susan Molasky, and unidentified female at a local fundraiser (undated) Elaine Wynn, Susan Molasky, Steve Wynn, Irwin Molasky, and Jean and Billy Weinberger (undated) (L-R) Marilyn Moran, Susan Molasky, Kitty Rodman, Shelley Berkley, Claudine Williams, Lovee Arum, and Myra Greenspun (2003) Lovee Arum, [unidentified], Susan Molasky, Jean Weinberger (1969) Elaine Wynn, Lovee Arum, Lillian Kromberg, Reba Seger, Shirley Engler, and Susan Molasky at a Temple Beth Sholom Sisterhood event (1969) Groundbreaking with Andre Agassi and Irwin and Susan Molasky (undated) Yitzhak Rabin (right) with Eitan Ben Eliyahu at a parade celebrating Eitan's Israeli Air Force success (1980s) Israeli pilot/Air Force Commander Major General Eitan Ben Eliyahu (undated) L-R: Lynn Weisner, Lovee Arum, Irwin Molasky, Elaine Newton, Barbara Molasky, (unknown), Pam Wald at premiere of Cotton Club (movie produced by Lorimar) held as a fundraiser for Nathan Adelson Hospice (undated) Irwin Molasky as Elton John and Susan Molasky as Diana Ross at a friend's party (undated)