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Congressional Record, Volume 131, Number 106-2, August 1, 1985


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No. 106?Part II Congressional 'Record th PROCEEDINGS AND DEBATES OF THE 99 CONGRESS, FIRST SESSION Vol 111 _WASHINGTON, THURSDAY, AUGUST 1, 1985 No. 106?Part II Senate ? Mr. HECHT. Mr. President, today I am very pleased to be able to join my colleague, Senator Laxalt, in introducing a bill that will, at long last, settle some extremely nettlesome Indian water rights issues in northern Nevada. For more than half a century, the waters that flow in the Truekee and Carson River Basins have been a source of litigation and conflict, as well as a source of life and economic progress. The longstanding disputes revolve around the Newlands project, the Nation's first reclamation project. The Pyramid Lake Paiute Indian Tribe, local farmers, and the growing cities of Reno and Sparks* all rely on the water provided by the project. After many years of difficult negotiations and legal battles, all the parties involved are now prepared to put the conflict behind them and work together for a better future. They have come to the Congress requesting legislation that will set in motion the mechanism they have agreed upon to manage the water in a fair and nonconfrontational manner. It is important that Congress act swiftly and approve the necessary authorizing legislation to put this agreement into place. I therefore look forward to working with my colleagues and urge their support as the Pyramid Lake Paiute and Truekee River Settlement Act moves through the legislative process.? United States of America