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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid, August 1995



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Congregation Ncr Taipid Ton "D rV?nD The Reform Jewish Synagogue of Las Vegas August 1995 Av - Elul 5755 Sanford D. Akselrad Rabbi Bella Feldman Cantorial Soloist Jacqueline Fleekop Education Director Gerald Gordon President Monty E. Willey Administrator Rebecca Herren Editor HOov&kifL SivoioLs Officiated by Rabbi Sanford D. Akselrad & Cantorial Soloist Bella Feldman August 4 Shabbat Service - 7:30 pm Sermon: "Stories That We Tell and What They Say About Us~ On eg sponsored by Sisterhood in Honor of Mary Zone's Conversion August 5 Shabbat Service - 7:30 pm Bar Mitzvah of Scott Ewan (at Sunrise Country Club) August 11 Shabbat Service - 7:30 pm Oneg sponsored by Sisterhood August 18 Shabbat Service - 7:30 pm Sermon: "Are Jews Different Than Everyone Else?' Sundae Shabbat Social & Prospective New Members Oneg sponsored by Sisterhood August 25 Shabbat Service - 7:30 pm Bar Mitzvah of Lee Goldberg Oneg sponsored by The Goldberg Family August 26 Shabbat Service - 10:00 am Bar Mitzvah of Brett Coleman (at the Rio Hotel) j Prospective New Member Shabbat Now is the time that many people think about joining a Temple and our membership committee is asking for your help. We?re asking that you bring your friends and families to services and have them meet our Rabbi and get to know our Congregation. This is also a special time for our new members to become acquainted. All members, non?members, soon-to-be-members, friends and families are welcome to come by dur?ing the week to meet our religious school director, Jackie Fleekop, our Cantorial soloist, Bella Feldman and the rest of our Temple staff. We invite everyone to our Prospec?tive New Members Sabbath on Friday evening, August 18 at 6:45 pm in the Temple Library. Representatives from our Temple Board, auxiliaries and com?mittee chairs and staff members will be present to introduce themselves to people new to the Temple or interested in join?ing our Temple. Baby-sitting will be pro?vided to help make it easier for families with young children to come. Over the past five years, our Temple membership has nearly quadrupled in size. The Temple membership is 450 families and continuously growing strong! When asked, ?Why do you belong to Congregation Ner Tamid?? the rea?sons are varied as is our membership. Some people join because of our Rabbi, some because of our school, some because of our programs. Others join because they believe strongly in Reform Judaism and are committed to Jewish survival. And many people have all of the reasons in mind when they become a part of our spe?cial Congregation. What are your reasons? Would you share them with others? We have found that over the years, more than our ads or "...oujl best ME.inbeJisfi.ip lec-nuitens cute you, oui 0'OKgjLe.gants. ? articles in the newspapers, our best mem?bership recruiters are you, our Congregants. You have the unique abili?ty to identify friends who are searching for a Temple and want to be a part of a warm and caring Congregation. We hope you will help our member?ship committee share the joy of Temple membership and that you can share in the wonderful process of helping to build our Congregation. Congregation Ncr Tamid is ?a special place to belong. ? d features President's Message..........................3 Administrator's Message...................3 Notes from Our Cantorial Soloist....4 B'nai Mitzvah......................................4 Religious School News.......................5 Temple News...................................7 Yahrzeits............................................ 10 Auxiliaries & Committees............... 12 Anniversaries & Birthdays............... 14 Tributes.............................................. 15 c l Special r()lace (Je (Belong.Attention College Students with Email Addresses We love staying in touch with you... and we?re about to do so more than ever. Rabbi Sanford Akselrad has recently gone ?on-line? over the internet and would love to hear from you. Need some help researching a Jew?ish topic? Been asked a question about Judaism you can?t answer? Have a per?sonal issue you?d like to discuss? Or just miss us and want to say hello? Then send us your ?email? address. Complete the form below and return it as soon as you can. In no time at all, Jewish bits and bytes will appear on your computer screen. (Parents and Grandpar ents: if you can help us gather information, we?d really appreciate in^^\ Fill in & mail to: Rabbi Akselrad, Congregation Ner Tamid, 2761 Emerson Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89121 "I or E-mail. Name _________________ ___________ ________ College City/State/Zip EMAIL ' 1? -I High Holy Days Service Schedule Evening Service Sunday, September 24, 7:30 pm Morning Service Monday, September 25, 10:00 am Youth Service (ages 7-11)* Monday, September 25, 10:00 am Toddler Service (under age 6)*Monday, September 25, 10:00 am-10:30 am YOM KIPPUR Kol Nidre Service Tuesday, October 3, 7:30 pm Morning Service Wednesday, October 4, 10:00 am Youth Service (ages 7 - 11)* Wednesday, October 4, 10:00 am Toddler Service (under age 6)* Wednesday, October 4, 10:00 am-10:30 am Afternoon Service Wednesday, October 4, 3:00 pm Yiskor Service Wednesday, October 4, 5:00 pm Concluding Service Wednesday, October 4, 6:00 pm *Please Note: Youth Services will be held in the Bet Tefillah. Toddler Services and babysitting will be held in Room 6 (multi-purpose room). These rooms are subject to change; check the September Bulletin for final locations. CO SANCTUARY FUllli GOAL ? 2.2 million^ HELP US MEET OUR GOAL! Congregation Ner Tamid August 1995 Temple Board Members m 40 i Jerry Gordon President Bob Unger VP Administration Allan Nathanson VP Ways & Means David Stahl VP Ritual Philip Goldstein VP Education Jacky Rosen VP Membership Stephen Joseph VP Social Alan Mann Treasurer Debra Kaner Corporate Secretary Nadine Cracraft Trustee David Gross Trustee Lois Doctors Trustee Stacey Yahraus Trustee Janis Rounds Trustee Ron Worth Trustee Drew Levy Trustee Esther Saltzman Trustee Rita Goldstein Trustee Maxine Gratz Sisterhood Scott Dockswell Brotherhood Helen Zliser Golden Chai George Lipshaw Golden Chai Lisa Platt NTTY Cal Lewis Past President Eileen Kollins Past President Kenneth Schnitzer Past President Dr. Steve Kollins Past President Dr. David Wasserman Past President Michael Cherry Past President Leo Wilner Advisor Rabbi Sanford Akselrad Ex Officio jdtm ROM THE ADMINISTRATOR?S DESK All that remains is the interior...Well, al?most. If you haven?t been to the Temple in a while you have missed a wonderful transition. The majority of the exterior work is complete and now the work is be?ginning on the interior finishings. There still is some work to go before we enjoy our new facility. Our goal of using our New Sanctuary for the High Holy Days still remains. We are running extremely slow on our registration for Religious School. We realize that the summer takes our focus away from the Temple to other areas but it is imperative that we register our chil?dren soon so we can plan our staff and other resources accordingly. As we approach the mid-point of summer, our attention is directed towards continued on page 7 August 1995 It is the first of August and much has happened since I last communicated with you in June. (No, I didn?t skip July!) While I am heartened by what has been achieved so far this summer, I occasionally succumb to mo?ments of panic when I consider what re?mains to be done over the next two months. Between now and the High Holy Days, we anticipate completing our new facilities and renovation of our existing facilities. A special committee has been formed to coordinate and plan the cele?bration of this event with the primary focus being on the weekend of Octo?ber 14 and 15 of this year. In anticipation of a large increase in membership, we have formulated extensive plans and ac?tivities to integrate new members into the Congregation and to increase the involve?ment of present members in congregation?al affairs and activities. The education committee has been focusing on improv?ing and expanding the curriculum and re?sources of our school program. Ever since my family has been a member of the Congregation, we have re?ceived more mailings than we wished to or could possibly read. Over the years this has increased to literally a mailing a day. I assume that our reaction to the constant deluge of mailings is no different than yours. Many communications are discard?ed without a thoughtful review. This is especially troublesome to me at this time since I assume that many of my commu?nications receive the same fate. I would not label this new-found concern on my part as hypocrisy, but simply enlighten?ment. Two years ago I commenced a cam?paign to eradicate ?Congregation Ner Tamid Time.? I set about to slowly con?vert the Congregation to Pacific Standard Time or Pacific Daylight Time, as the case may be. I am now prepared to de?clare victory. I believe that I am entitled to declare victory for two reasons; first, I agreed to stand for reelection as President and I deserve this small concession and second, I think it is important to declare a new campaign for the coming term - ?Campaign to Eliminate CNT Junk Mail.? While we will not be able to fully implement this new campaign for sever?al months, I would request that over the next two months all Congregants read each and every mailing received from the Temple (especially mine). The next sev?eral months will be much more compli?cated than in the past given our new facility and special events. Many past procedures will change and many new procedures will be implemented. The pri?mary means we have of communicating with all of you is through the mail. So read it. $ Jeriy Gcindae Sbabbat Don't miss out on Congregation K]er Tamid's ?Famous Fabulous Sundae Sabbath" Our second Sundae Sabbath is Friday, August 18 See you there/ Congregation Ner Tamid It?s hard to believe how fast summer is going by. The High Holy Day Choir re?hearsals began in mid-July and everyone is working diligently to be prepared for the High Holy days. If you are interested in joining the group please do so now!! (You know it?s a mitzvah to sing in choir at CNT and it?s fun too!) Over the summer I got a chance to plot and plan for the new year and after attending my first National Cantor?s Con?ference in June, I returned with many wonderful ideas and renewed energy. I participated in several different work?shops and particularly enjoyed learning new conducting techniques as well as many beautiful melodies for myself and both of our choirs. I attended services in the oldest Synagogue in Dallas and was treated to concerts performed by some of Hra) Youth ^ Advisok Anyone who is interested in becoming Youth Advisors for CNT, call Bella at 733-6292. Vs D the most renown Cantors from all over the states. This was a wonderful learning experience and I look forward to sharing some of what I brought back with my Congregational family. $ Shalom Y?all, Bella 1995-1996 Conversion Class Rabbi Akselrad will offer his 1995-19^| conversion class every Tuesday evening beginning September 5 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The cost of the class is $50. This year?s conversion class will offer something a little different ? HEBREW!! Eileen Kollins, a past president of Congregation Ner Tamid?s Board of Directors and currently chairperson of our Social Action Committee, will share in the teaching of this class by offering a Hebrew course, every other Tuesday. Rabbi Sanford Akselrad will teach the class Judaism the other Tuesday evenings. Bella Feldman, CNT?s Cantorial soloist, will also provide music for the holidays, on occasion. If you are interested in signing up for the conversion class or have further questions, contact Judy at the Temple office, 733-6292. $ qJov qJo Scott Ewan Bar Mitzvah August 5 Hi, my name is Scott Ewan. I?m going into the 8th grade at Woodbury Middle School. My hobbies are hockey, roller blading and swimming. I look forward to sharing this special occasion with my family and friends on August 5. ? Our August (]3ar ^(itzvah gtuefents I Lee Goldberg Bar Mitzvah August 25 Ryan Kamer Bar Mitzvah August 27 Hi, my name is Lee Goldberg and I?m a 10th grade student at Advanced Technologies Academy where I study computer programming and computer science. I enjoy spending time on the computer and participating in a group activity called ?Magic (The Gathering)?. I am very proud to become a Bar Mitzvah on August 25 and look forward to sharing this occasion with my family, friends and the entire Congregation. $ Hi, my name is Ryan Kaner. I?m going into 7th grade at The Meadows School. I like to play football and basketball at school and with my friends. I am very excited about my friends and family coming to celebrate my Bar Mitzvah on August 27. It will be a very special occasion for us all. <7 Not pictured Brett Coleman, Bar Mitzvah August 26 C ongregation Ner Tamid August 1995 M. B. Dalitz Religious School Fees 1995-1996 GRADE TUITION MATERIALS / SNACK / BOOKS TOTAL K $135 $44 $179 1 135 44 179 2 135 49 184 3 135 49 184 4 175 85 260 5 175 85 260 6 175 75 250 7 175 75 250 School Hours Grades K-3 9:15-12:15 Sunday Grades 4-7 9:15-12:15 Sunday / 4:30-6:30 Thursday Just a reminder: to register students for religious school, family members must be current with their Temple dues. Hebrew High Fall Schedule Las Vegas Hebrew High classes scheduled for grades 8 thru 12 meet Thursday evenings from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Jewish Federation Building located at 3909 S. Maryland Parkway. To kick off the beginning of the Hebrew High school year, community-wide Dance for Jewish Teens will be held at Con?gregation Ner Tamid on August 26, 6:30 pm. Orientation for both students and parents will be August 31 (first day of school) at the Federation Building from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. There are a limited number of places still available for registration. Classes are opened to all Jewish teenagers regard?less of religious education background. For information contact Cheryl Weisberg, Director of Hebrew High, at 732-0556. # *7Tie Jlwel a? QavUA Sduoztiott U Sum 'TTiy/ien, ut 5756 by Jackie Fleekop We are about to begin a new adventure in Jewish Education at the M.B. Dalitz Religious School. Most of our teachers from last year are returning, stimulated by new information, methods and programming. Our staff consists of Rabbi Akselrad, Cantorial soloist Bella Feldman, myself, teachers, teaching assistants and YOU. A child does not learn to walk without trying several times with some?one to help pick them up when they fall. Care, love and prac?tice help a child master the skill of walking. Jewish education, especially Hebrew, is no different. We can teach only the stu?dents who attend. We need you to help us set higher standards by not allowing your child to miss school and by reminding him or her to study and show an interest. Sunday, September 10 at 9:15 am, we will begin our school year with a lull day of parent/student involvement. You will hear all the exciting new programs, meet our staff, arrange carpools and share a special program with your child. This is a required meeting and is necessary that you (the parents) attend. Mark your calendars NOW! $ Shalom, Jacqueline Fleekop, Director of Education Adult Education The Adult Education Committee is working on bringing other classes and workshops to Congregation Ner Tamid, including an informative session about Yiddish, punctuated with music. We have had many requests for an ongoing Yiddish class and are seeking an individual who can teach the language. If you would like to conduct the class or can suggest a possible teacher, please contact Katherine Scott, AEC chair at 564-0903 or the Temple office at 733-6292. The Adult Education Committee will meet in late August or early September to discuss plans and potential classes. If you have any suggestions or would like to join the committee, con- Iiact Katherine Scott at the above number or leave a message on (he CNT Event Hotline, 263-5960. $ O For many parents of preschool age children, you may rhave already heard of the temporary closing of our Pre?school here at Congregation Ner Tamid. For new mem- Pbers or families in the community with preschool age children who are interested in enrolling your children ein our preschool, don?t despair; the Preschool will re?open in the fall of 1996 as a full time Preschool. We will r still offer a lull variety of programs for you and your chil?dren throughout the year. For more information or to sign up for the 1996-97 Preschool year, contact Judy in the Temple office at 733-6292 and she?ll put your name on our mail?ing list. Our best wishes to Leah Kamcr, who has been with the Pre?school for several years as a teacher and this past year as the Director of Preschool. We know her future endeavors will prove successful. $ August 1995 0 - Congregation Ner Tamid WELCOJWE! F to o Dune ?*ie?*ibers From around the corner to around the world to a ?Special Place to Belong, ? Congregation Ner Tamid welcomes these new June Congregants: ?Jean (J.D.) & Charmaine Ayache from Nice, France. Mr. & Mrs. Ayache have one son, Anthony Hampton. ?Alvin & Ruth Kleinman from Las Vegas. The Kleinmans have three daughters, Judi Krakaver, Barbara Kleinman and Shari Jutkowitz. ?Timothy & Janice Schutz from Las Vegas have two children, Kristen and Jessie. If you have any questions regarding membership, please call the Temple office at 733-6292 or Ronae Fink at 454-8929. Our ?family? grows from strength to strength! L ?chaim, The Membership Committee nr Kan nonaj Did You Know?... More than 80% of the Jewish population in the Las Vegas area is not affiliated with a synagogue. As members of Congregation Ner Tamid, we know the many benefits of affiliation. In August, we would like to help others learn about those benefits. Remember, membership at Congregation Ner Tamid means more than just High Holy Day tickets. Our programs include year- round activities including preschool, religious school, adult education and so much more. If you know someone who would like information about the benefits of membership, contact Vice President of Membership Jacky Rosen at 456-7617. $ Leo Wilner?s ?Great Lady? Award Rabbi Akselrad and The Great Lady Award recipient, Rita Malkin This year?s recipient of the 1995 GREAT LADY AWARD has been with Congre?gation Ner Tamid for over 16 years. She has not only served our Sisterhood faith?fully, but she has also served the Temple. Wherever there has been a problem or a need for help, she was always there. She has served as Director of the Temple and as a past president of our Sisterho<^ She has been a constant member of S? terhood?s bereavement and mitzvah com?mittees and she has chaired and spear?headed many other projects in Sisterhood. The most recent is Sisterhood?s Par?ty Shop. There would be no Party Shop without this Great Lady... she researched this idea and nudged the Temple Board until it came to be. Her philosophy is ?if members of Ner Tamid could cater in- house affairs, why give that money to other people?? Over the past two years, Sisterhood?s Party Shop has become a strong and vital part of our Temple. It has also be?come a major fund-raising vehicle. It is with great pride and pleasure that I present this year?s Great Lady Award to my friend Rita Moses Malkin - Sisterhood?s Great Lady for 1995. $ Frances Klamian C ongregation Ner Tamid August 1995 Rabbi?s Sermons Rabbi Akselrad, spiritual leader at Con?gregation Ner Tamid, will conduct two special sermons in the month of August. If you missed the sermons ?Where Is G-d? and ?Loving G-d? in July, you still have a chance to come to Friday evening services on August 4 and August 18 for ?Stones That We Tell & What They Say About Us? and ?Are Jews Different Than Everyone Else?? Sabbath services are held every Friday at 7:30 pm. A Jewish Mysticism Join Rabbi Akselrad for a discussion about the basics of the Kaballah and why Jewish mysticism has intrigued Jews for hundreds of years. As part of the Adult Education program at Congregation Ner Tamid, Rabbi will teach ?Jewish Mysti?cism on One Foot!? on Sunday, August ICO, beginning at 6:30 pm in the Multi?purpose Room (room 4). A Advanced Hebrew Melissa Glovinsky will teach an Ad?vanced Hebrew class beginning Novem?ber 15. The 6-week course will be held on Wednesday evenings, November 15 through December 20 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm in Room 1. Melissa will teach di?rectly from Gates of Prayer which is our Sabbath service prayer book. If you al?ready own one of these blue prayer books, bring it to class or you can purchase one for $21.40 or you can use one of the books in the classroom. Along with the Advance Hebrew you will also get a course in writing Hebrew in script form. The cost of the class is $30 for members and $40 dollars for non-members. To sign up for the class, contact the Temple office at 733-6292 or mail us your check to reserve a place. $ Adult B?nai Mitzvah-1996 The fifth Adult B?nai Mitzvah class will also be starting up again on Thursday evenings, November 2 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. The class is limited to 10 stu?dents and requests you have some form of Hebrew as a prerequisite. Call the Temple office for more information. Dedication Ceremony Mark you calendars for October 14-15 for Congregation Ner Tamid?s Dedication Ceremonies. More information will be provided in the September Bulletin. A Administrator continued from page 2 the High Holy Days. As a general reminder, Temple Policy re?quires all fees billed; membership dues, sanctuary charges and Religious School tuition, be current in order for High Holiday tickets to be mailed out. This means that dues are at least 75% paid, the Sanctuary Initial Charge be paid, the monthly charges for the Sanctuary Commitment fees be current and, if registered, Religious School tuition be paid for. We are expecting record attendance this year for services. There will not be reserved seating sold, so you should plan to arrive in time to get a good seat. ? 'halom, onty 6 Months of 2nd Sundays Beginning in October, the Adult Education Committee will have a series of education programs that adults may attend while their children are in religious school. The programs will be held on the second Sunday of each month from October through April. Anyone who has suggestions on classes to be offered through the Temple, call Katherine Scott, AEC chair at 564-0903 or leave a message on the CNT Event Hotline at 263-5960. $ Gates of Repentance The High Holy Days will soon be upon us. Temple members are encouraged to purchase the (fate* ^ Prayer Books for the services. The price of a prayer book is $21.40 (tax included). Please stop by the Temple office to order your High Holy Day Prayer Book or call the office at 733-6292. $ Deaf Services Interpretive Services for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired will be available dur?ing the High Holy Days. Beginning with Erev Rosh Hashanah, September 24 at 7:30 pm and again for Yom Kippur on October 3 at 7:30 pm. Sharon Katzman will be interpreting. For ticket informa?tion, call Irene at 733-6292. A Torah Discussion Group Rabbi?s Torah Study Discussion Group will resume on Tuesday, October 10, 1995. The class meets in Rabbi?s study every other Tuesday from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm. A August 1995 Congregation Ner Tamid Israel Trip Highlights A CNT Joint Installation Our ?world travelers' in front of the Western Wall in Old Jerusalem. Pictured from left to right are: Mary Zone, Michael Zone, Gene Henkin, Lou Bernstein, Jeffrey Gordon, Dotty Henkin, Gerald Gordon, Esther Bernstein, David Stahl, Betty Stahl, Sidney Marco, Eve Marco and Rabbi Akselrad. Not pictured, but shared the Israel experience are Maxine Molinsky and Jolie Alhadeff. Maxine Molinsky and Mary Zone looking at the Menorah across from the Knesset C o ngregation NerTam id Gene Henkin takes a ride on a camel at Mt. Scorpios. Rabbi Akselrad telling Michael Zone, ?I'm glad it?s him and not me. ? One of several Holocaust monuments outside the museum *4*0 Gerald Gordon (president of CNT Board) is determined to have Rabbi Akselrad partake in a mud bath at the Dead Sea. Past Temple President Eileen Kollins officiated the installation while her bodyguard, Fred Goldstein, looks on intensely Good food, good company and an enjoyable evening shared by all New Presidents: Maxine Gratz, Sisterhood; Gerald Gordon, Temple; Scott Dockswell, Brotherhood and Rabbi Akselrad, who enjoys having his picture taken with everybody This was once our Preschool playground Removing, replacing, redoing dusty dust & nothing but dust Jewish Quarters in Old Jerusalem Miniture replica of Old Jerusalem August 1995 August 1995 Congregation Ner Tamid ?f Alex Fox Karoline Diwald Gussie Newman Dorothy McDougall Martha Weiner Benjamin Karasik Eli Coira Max Cohen Julius Cohen Rose Freedman Lilly Kollins Milton Ferber Albert Goldstein Benjamin Kishner Cecil Figelski Molly Lazar Leo Rakov Frieda Jacobowitz Joel Berger Edward Katz 11 Anne Rabin Irving Adler Harry Eisner Shirley Warren David Sendrow Ida Orzen David Blumenfeld beloved grandson of Max Blumenfeld George Jaekle beloved grandfather of Derek, Brett & Ben Jaekle Fermin Meoz beloved father of Raul Meoz Harry Miller beloved brother of Sophie Hooker Leroy Cherry Jennie Goldberg Kalman Lazar Henrietta Bromson Rose Lewis Gertrude Katzm Reuben Kravitz Harry Sendrow Mary Pearl Martha Levenberg Peggy Potter Leo Federman Zelda Weinstein David Solomon Samuel Fessler Lena Epstein Mel Hibshman Louis Epstein Della Neuman Gerald Sloane Helene Goldin 2S Henry Henkin Beatrice Lipkin Benjamin By cel Eva Bronstein Alan Joseph Martin Judith Licb^kr Harry Rost^^W Emil Schwimmer Louis Schwartz 1^0 A -en * M/&& v4 C-C Rabbi Akselrad would like to help you and your family by visiting Temple members and friends of our congregation who have been hospitalized. Since there is no notification from the hospitals, please contact Judy in the Temple office at 733-6292 when a family member or friend is in the hospital. VS The Channukah Store & More to Host First Book Signing The Channukah Store & More will hold their first book signing on Sunday, August 13 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Author Janet S. Belcove-Shalin, Ph.D. and her book, New World Ha- sidim will be presented. This book is a collection of essays on Hasidic life in America, Hasidic customs, family life, community life, and contact with the secular world are highlighted. Janet lived among the Hasidic in New York for two years while gathering re?search for her book. Originally from Chica?go, she now resides in Las Vegas and is a senior re?search associate in the Southwestern Social Sci?ence Research Center at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Plan to attend an enjoy?able afternoon of conver?sation and refreshments on Sunday, August 13 at 10:00 am. The Channukah Store & More is lo?cated at 3050 E. Desert Inn Road, #121 Las Vegas at the comer of Desert Inn Pecos. Call 732-2128 for information. V Janet S. Belcove-Shalin, Ph.D. C o ngregation Ner Tamid August 1995 Yiskor Memorial Book As in the years past, we will remember our beloved deceased with a special Memorial Booklet to be distributed on Yom Kippur. At the same time, we will be supporting the religious, educational and cultural programs of Con?gregation Ner Tamid. Please print each name as you wish it to appear in the Booklet and return to us before September 20, 1995. Line basis.........................$ 5.00 per name 1/8 page..........................$ 25.00 three name maximum 1/4 page..........................$ 40.00 six name maximum 1/2 page..........................$ 60.00 inscription of your choice Full page..........................$ 110.00 inscription of your choice Print inscription as desired for half or full page. Make checks payable and mail to: Yiskor Memorial Book Congregation Ner Tamid 2761 Emerson Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89121 From:__________ Amount enclosed:AUXILIARIES Dnointnnoot) n\\n ruronT This is the time of year when you hear that pervasive Las Vegas question... ?Is it hot enough for you? ? And then the loy?al Las Vegan?s response is: ?Yeah, it?s hot, but it?s a DRY HEAT! I find myself recalling the tempera?ture as I look for the words to thank all of the Temple members who helped in the Fireworks Booth in July. By popular de?mand this year we invested in an evapo?rative cooler for our booth. It was still hot and it was a lot of fun. Many, many thanks to the following for performing a MITZVAH: Stan Barbanell Lenny Gropman Donn Smylie Jack Nitzkin Drew Levy Doug Shields Kelly Taylor Frank Sinatra Drew Rounds David Rounds Roger Ewan Eileen Kollins Martin Grower Bill Feldman A1 Markowitz Fred Goldstein Jeny Gordon Cal Lewis Jay Poster Maxine Gratz Gilbert Flores Rabbi Akselrad Scott Stolberg Ron Wolf Jeffrey Gordon Bob Unger Tom Nanes Ken Herman Barry Cole Calling All Members This month, all men in the Congre?gation will receive their bill for Brother?hood membership. Please respond before September. This year there will be an op?tion on your membership. For an addi?tional $7 (total of $32) you will be able to retain membership in the Federation of Jewish Brotherhoods. The Federation, this year will provide us with program?ming, fund-raising ideas and a national representation. The Federation of Jewish Brotherhoods supports many of the ideas in which we all believe and I recommend that Brotherhood of Congregation Ner Tamid continue this membership. We can only do this with your support. Jerry Langer, the Regional Vice-President for Federation of Jewish Brotherhoods will be available to speak to us in September or October. Right This Way, Sir As is our tradition, the Boys of Brotherhood will serve as ushers and fa?cilitators at this year?s High Holy Day ser?vices. Please call me to volunteer and let?s work out some of the logistics of seating people in the NEW sanctuary. As always, I can be contacted hours a day at 897-7888. $ Thanks for your support, Scott Dockswell Golden Chai Update At our recent meeting, the Golden Chai Board decid?ed on some major changes in our plans for the ftiture. Because of ever increasing costs, it is no longer possible for us to have the annual free Chanukkah Lun?cheon at a hotel. Instead, we will be hav?ing two free lunches per year at our regular meetings for paid-up members. The first free lunch will be September 7 assuming that the social hall will be available. Dues must be paid by August 17 for this lunch. Members will receive a lunch ticket when they show their mem?bership card. Others will need to pay $2.50 due to the amount of food to be served. Starting in 1996, dues will be paid per quarter. Those who pay their dues during the first quarter (January, Febru?ary and March) will have a free lunch during the second quarter. Then all who are paid by the end of the third quarter (end of September) will receive a free lunch during the last quarter of the year. If you pay during the first quarter, you will be entitled to both lunches. Remember, guests who attend more than once are expected to pay dues by their third visit. Dues are now $7 per per?son per year. Also, be sure to receive your membership card when you pay your dues and bring it to each luncheon meeting so we know you should have a ticket. C ongregation Ner Tamid tr We are planning a bus trip to Stateline on August 17. The cost is $3 per person and includes lunch and a raffle. You can go to Buffalo Bills, Whiskey Petes or the Primadonna for the buffets. Transportation is available from one casino to another. We need 25 people, the fee is payable in advance, but not refundable. To sign up call Estelle Miller at 458-0945. If you would like further information on Golden Chai, call Helen Zliser, 254- 6678 or George Lipshaw, 254-7059. En?joy your summer and stay cool. $ Love and Shalom, Helen and George, co-presidents August 1995 SISTERHOOD fc?s been such a long time since I?ve been Ksked to write an article for the Bulletin and so much has gone on with Sisterhood and Ner Tamid, I hope I?m able to relay all of it to you. Our Donor Luncheon was a huge success. Natalie Shaw and Mary Fox pulled out all the stops to make this honor to our donors an extremely warm and ful?filling event. On June 26, Sisterhood, Brotherhood and the Temple had a joint installation. It was a hamish night and all who atte