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Press release regarding legislative special session and education reform, 1964


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Assemblyman F lora Dungan has taken to the airwaves via television to accuse Lieut. Gov. Paul Laxalt of misstating the facts in making a campaign issue of educa?tion of Nevada children. Laxalt is the Republican opponent of incumbent Senator Howard W. Cannon. Miss Dungan, in defending Senator Cannon's record as a friend of education, charged that Laxalt "is too busy misstating the facts to sit down and answer questions from someone who watched him operate in the Nevada L eg is la tu re ." She pointed out that the Republicans control the Nevada Senate, and that as lieutenant governor, Laxalt is presiding officer and also, head of the GOP in Nevada. "Last January, we were called into special session to provide more money for schools, " Miss Dungan stated, "but we found our education bills in the middle of a political fight. The Republicans, led by Paul Laxalt, w ere afraid that they might do something to make our Democratic governor, Grant Sawyer, look good. So Mr. Laxalt got his crew together and made them pledge themselves against the leg is la tio n .' She recalled that the flaw in the Republican strategy against the additional funds for education was that White Pine county Sen. Charles Gallagher had a critica l school finance problem in his area, and is up fo r reelection this year. "M r. Gallagher couldn't possibly be reelected if he'd gone home without the money to keep schools open in Ely, " Miss Dungan said. "Some of us knew this, and we held firm until M r. Gallagher couldn't stand the pressure any longer, and Paul Laxalt just couldn't hold him^ You-knowy with the state Senate controlled ny nine Republicans against the eight Democrats, if the Republicans lose one seat, they lose control. " Miss Dungan also charged that after the GOP bloc failed to sidetrack the school funds, Laxalt took credit in some quarters for getting the legislation passed. "We who were in the Legislature were pretty disgusted with the whole show," she remarked.