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mp» M tmmt # 3 . A p r i l 3 9 , 1941 inches m this water laid In fast years that they have threatened to* end in foot did* institute stilt for failure to deliver this amount ©f water to them* We wet® mm©easful la having thee withdrew the suit ©a the promise that the required water would ho delivered from now on. It is my understanding that the to Angeles offices are considering installing this line via Worth fifth Street* hut such & location* it would appear* could not serve oeroogt on west side of to fegae Greek end it would be more practicable to tie the West Side line Into line paralleling Worth Main Street for a circulating system. I do not think there Is any question that it would best serve m and possible future development either by ue or others by installing It paralleling Worth Sain Street. I enclose m old map on which I toe shown the approximate location of this acreage as well a# the location of proposed model heme for Mr. Boll, I am not familiar with the location or the plan under which this model home I a to be const rue ted. g «r, Benton ms here yesterday and we thoroughly discussed sr of advertising which has been proposed for this eoalng a the interest of erecting good will and conserving water. ?toly approve of this plan and the set-up* samples of which I with me by Mr. Benton and are enclosed* to be released cnee. fc« Tern will net# the advertising with reference to the pro* | posed model hems is set In separate type at the bottom of the ad so that it - can be deletea in case it is decided to dispose of this acreage [ 9 K K H H