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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Theta Theta Omega Chapter "Ivy Leaf Reporter" report






From the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Theta Theta Omega Chapter Records (MS-01014) -- Chapter records file.

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man001844. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Theta Theta Omega Chapter Records, 1965-2015, MS-010104. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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End of the Year Report
Ivy Leaf Reporter
December 2,2000
Dear Sorors: As year 2000 closes I look back on my duties as Ivy Leaf Reporter as
both frustrating and rewarding. The frustrations you are aware of as I have repeatedly
reported on the inefficiencies and slights by our corporate Ivy Leaf Office. I believe this
will improve in 2001 with the resignations of the old editors and the hiring of what looks
like is going to be a more efficient and caring editorial staff. I have already had many
contacts by phone and email with one of the new editors and believe I may have developed a
good working relationship. I have already gotten her to correct our mailing address and
add the name of our new basileus in the next Ivy Leaf. Incidently, speaking of slights you
may have noticed that the Far Western region was left out completely in the last Ivy Leaf
I submitted by priority mail on November 28th, another article and picture of our
chapter’s activities with On Track Hopefully, we will see this in the next issue.
During the year I have had all our meeting dates published in the Review-Journal
and as a result several visiting sorors told us they attended our meeting because they saw
the article in the paper. We did manage tdJK’he chapter article and a newsmaker article on
Soror Ina Dorman in the Ivy Leaf.
I have sent out press releases to all major TV, newspapers and radio stations for:
Buckle Up America, Founder’s Day, Mardi Gras, and our Economic Seminar. I even
appeared on the Lillian McMorris TV program with Willa White to promote Mardi Gras.
I have been working on a Public Relations Album but due to health problems the last
few months I will not have this updated until January, 2001. It will then be available for all
sorors to peruse and look back on our advertising and publicity efforts.
I have had some difficulties in getting the Public Relations Committee together for
meetings. Today we had an excellent meeting and are resolved to make Theta Theta Omega
a household word in the Las Vegas community. We also will definitely have a Sorority Web
Site sometime in January, 2001.
I stand ready in 2001 to assist any committee or sorority effort with any needed
publicity. Despite the frustrations, I have been honored to serve my chapter as Ivy Leaf
Reporter and ask for your continued support.
Respectfully submitted,
Annette T. Craighead
Ivy Leaf Reporter and Public Relations Chair
Report of the Ivy Leaf Reporter
November 4,2000
On October 31st, press releases went out to all TV, radio, and newspapers to
advertise our Economic Seminar in December.
Press releases will go out by February 2,2001 for our Founders’ Day Luncheon.
Sharon Savage and I are trying to develop a list of community organizations such as
the Deltas, Links, Drifters, etc. You can assist us in this endeavor if you would give us the
name of any other organizations that you belong to - with address and contact person to
send our publicity to.
I am preparing a letter to go out to one of the new editors of the Ivy Leaf, asking her
to correct our address in the magazine. I will also send another article on our activities with
the “On Track” program and try to get a picture in that we already paid $85 dollars for.
By the end of December, I hope to complete the Public Relations Album for 2000.
Our goal for the early part of 2001 is to have a Sorority Web site.
Respectfully submitted,
Report of the Ivy Leaf Reporter
October 7,2000
All of outmeetings have been published each month in the Review-Journal. Today’s meeting was published in the community bulletin board - “All Around The Valley” which was formally called “About Town.” Several visiting Sorors have read this column and attended our meetings as a result.
Most of you have probably received your latest edition of the Ivy Leaf. As usual I was looking for my last submission which was the article and picture of our On Track activities with Shirley Carroll and the students at H.P. Fitzgerald school. It was not only not in the magazine but to add insult to injury there was a whole section devoted to On Track.
As I stated I would do last month, I called the National Headquarters in Chicago to speak with someone in the Ivy Leaf Office. On Wednesday, October 4th I was given the name and phone number of Soror Melody McDowell. She returned my call on Thursday, October 5th and gave me the following late breaking news: The two previous Ivy Leaf Editors resigned and gave no notice. They left the Ivy Leaf office is disarray and Melody McDowell, who is the new Editorial Consultant, said there were boxes of things that they had no idea what they contained and apparently there was no real organization. She stated she had talked to dozens of other Ivy leaf Reporters, like myself, that were all upset over the running of the Ivy Leaf Office.
Soror McDowell would not listen to any past complaints or details of problems. She stated she could do nothing about the past but that she wanted to concentrate on going forward and doing a better job. She asked for my support and of course I told her she had it. She even asked me to send things to her work address instead of the National Headquarters. I asked about our last check for $85.00. She stated I should talk to Betty about that. Soror Betty James is the new Executive Editor. It may be very difficult to reach her so the receptionist at National suggested I just send in another photo and state that they have already received our check.
While all of this was sad news about our Ivy Leaf Office, it did relieve some of my quilt about not getting more news into the magazine from our chapter. It was encouraging that perhaps the new regime will straighten things out and get things working more efficiently.
Public Relations will be working hard to publicize our Mardi Gras Ball to the fullest. I am asking all Public Relations members to meet with me one hour before the next Sorority meeting on November 4th. I would also like to hear from the Chair of the Economic Seminar if they will need our help with any publicity.
Respectfully submitted, ,
Annenel; Craighead Ivy Leaf Reporter
Report of the Ivy Leaf Reporter
September 9,2000
The Ivy Leaf Reporter’s goal for full coverage in our national magazine was half successful. The last issue of the Ivy Leaf did include the picture and article in Newsmakers on Ina Dorman being named Social Worker of the Year. I was pleased that they included the full article on all of Ina’s accomplishments.
If the chapter news and picture of Shirley Caroll and some of the children at Fitzgerald School are not in the next issue, an inquiry will be made, since the national office has our check for $85 for the picture.
The Public Relations Committee stands ready to do the publicity for our Mardi Gras Ball, as we did last year. The committee will also in 2001 will look at developing a Web site for the chapter and increasing our image in the Las Vegas community.
Respectfully submitted,^ • „
Annette T. Craighead Ivy Leaf Reporter
Report of the Ivy Leaf Reporter
June 3, 2000
The Public Relations Committee met today at 2:00pm. We are continuing to look at ways to
increase our Sorority’s image to the greater Las Vegas community. One idea is to get a
feature article in a major newspaper on one of our projects such as “On Another
idea is to develop a Web Site which would give us tremendous exposure.
We of course continue to submit news to our national magazine - The Ivy Leaf. We are
looking for news in the next issue.
Jiespectfully ipectfully ssuubbmmiitttteedd,^ ~
Annette T. Craighead
Ivy Leaf Reporter
Report of the Ivy Leaf Reporter
April 1, 2000
As you all may be aware by now, the Winter issue of the Ivy Leaf has been mailed out. Much to my dismay, there were no articles in it for Theta Theta Omega or the Newsmaker article on Soror Ina Dorman. Needless to say, I was on the phone to the National Office as soon as I received my copy.
Each time I called I received a recording telling me they were helping others and to leave my number and I would be called back. After leaving three messages and never receiving a callback, I called and got the secretary and explained my problem to her. She said she would have someone in the Ivy Leaf office get back to me.
The Editor -in-Chief, Crystal Downs called me and I asked why our news was not in the magazine since I knew the guidelines backwards and forwards; I had sent it in the proper format; and I had sent it well before the deadline. I also pointed out that I had read every Newsmaker article and the one we sent on Soror Ina Dorman was on par with any of those in the magazine. Soror Downs said that this last issue was late and mainly devoted to the Boule. She felt our news would probably befit in the next issue.
Thus, it is obvious that the deadline dates for sending in news seem to be always two issues later. I sent in news for the Summer Issue deadline date of April 15th on Monday, March 27th. I don’t think we need to hold our breaths looking for news in that issue.
The Public Relations Committee met today at 2:00 p.m. and we discussed strategies for increasing our image and relating what we contribute to the Las Vegas community. As we develop our plans, we will be relating more about this later.
^Respectfully submitted,
Annette T. Craighead /
Ivy Leaf Reporter
Report of the Ivy Leaf Reporter
March 4, 2000
The only activity of Public Relations this past month was to send press releases to all the
media on our Founders’ Day 2000 luncheon at the Golden Nugget Casino.
I will be working on the next submission to the Ivy Leaf - our national magazine.
If there are any other events that are being planned and require publicity assistance from
Public Relations, please let me know as soon as possible. Because all of the media require
considerable lead time, I am setting a policy that the information must be submitted to
Public Relations three weeks before the event.
Expenditures for postage this past month were $3.30 and I move that this amount be
reimbursed to me from the budgeted monies for Public Relations.
Respectfully submitted,
Ivy Leaf Reporter
Report of the Ivy Leaf Reporter
February 12, 2000
Public Relations worked on advertising our Mardi Gras Ball 2000 by sending press releases
to every major television, radio and newspaper in Las Vegas. I was even persuaded by the
Mardi Gras Chair to appear on the Lillian McMorris TV show - “Southern Nevada” to
further publicize the event.
Your Ivy Leaf Reporter attended the On Track Kick - Off Day at Fitzgerald School and
took pictures that will be placed in th Public Relations album.
Public Relations will now start on publicity for our Founders Day Luncheon at the Golden
Nugget. I would appreciate the Chair of Founders Day meeting with me after our meeting
to finalize the content of that publicity.
Hopefully, the Spring issue of the Ivy Leaf will have Theta Theta Omega news in it. The
next issue is the Summer one and the deadline is April 15th. I plan to submit news of the
Mardi Gras and Founders Day for that issue.
Your Ivy Leaf Reporter also designed and printed all the cards on top of the Champagne
Bottle centerpieces at the Mardi Gras Ball.
I am submitting to our Tamiouchos receipts for postage andpostcard& for a total of $22.85.
I would also like to submit a picture of our ftffai-di V^r^Wting —Soifcr.Kaweeda
Adams and spouse. Therefore, I move that a check be given to me for $85.00 to submit the
photo to the Ivy Leaf Magazine. The new policy is that any photo with more than one
person is considered a group shot and is $85.00.
Respectfully submitted,
Annette T. Craighead
Ivy Leaf Reporter
Report of the Ivy Leaf Reporter
January 8, 2000
Articles were sent to the Ivy Leaf magazine for the January 15th deadline. One was sent to
Newsmakers on Soror Ina Dorman being named Social Worker of the Year and the other
was submitted to Regional Listings on our Economic Seminar and the On Track Program.
Press Releases were sent to the Review Journal and TV Stations 3, 5, 8,10, and 13 on our
support for the national program Buckle Up America.
The Public Relations committee has started work on advertising our Mardi Gras Ball. A
full page ad was placed in the First Fridays Newsletter by Soror Patti Hester and numerous
other media avenues will be utilized to publicize this event.
Work will begin on advertising the Founders’ Day Luncheon shortly after the Mardi Gras
A call was made to the Corporate Office on behalf of Soror Wilhelmina Lee as to why she
was not receiving her Ivy Leaf Magazines. I was told that the policy is for the Soror to
contact the Corporate Office - and it must be in writing with all the necessary information:
name, address, phone, how long they have not been getting the magazine, chapter and
financial card number.
One of the duties of your Ivy Leaf Reporter is to secure and compile public relations
clippings of the chapter’s events and activities. To that end I have started an album of
clippings for the year 2000.1 would appreciate Sorors assisting me by passing on any
articles they may see that I might miss.
Respectfully submitted,
Annette T. Craighead
Ivy Leaf Reporter