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Transcript of interview with Len Zane by Dr. David Emerson, May 10, 2007







Len Zane and his wife left Colorado State to come to UNLV in 1973. He intended to take a one year position in physics which had materialized that summer, and found a department in turmoil, with a high turnover rate and scrambling to fill suddenly vacated positions. The faculty in physics at that time consisted of Harry Fector, Lon Spight, Fred Stirk, and another new hire, Dave Bynum from UNR. During that first semester, Len taught the graduate mechanics class, and found that the five or six students actually knew very little. In addition he taught modern physics and a beginning engineering physics course. Two more instructors were hired during Len's first year at UNLV, Ed Grayzak and Jeff Dundan. Len got a permanent position that first year and was no longer considered a visitor. At the end of his second year, he accepted a one year visiting position at Dartmouth, and returned to UNLV to become chair of the physics department. At almost the same time, he got tenure and was promoted to associate professor. Dr. Zane was chair of the department from 1977 to 1981, and then was asked to step down. He helped write a set of bylaws for the department that would help change of leadership go more smoothly. John Unrue approached Len around 1984 about setting up an honors program, an idea which had the full support of Robert Maxson, then president of UNLV. Len took on the challenge and helped develop curriculum and recruit faculty. He oversaw the honors program through the transition to Honors College, and served as dean of the college for 15 years, from 1985 to 2000. Dr. Zane returned to teaching in 2000, and continues in that capacity today. He has spent over 34 years in education and administration at UNLV, and has enjoyed working with great people and accomplishing personal goals.

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Len Zane oral history interview, 2007 May 10. OH-02051. [Transcript]. Oral History Research Center, Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada


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