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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid, May 2006



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Congregation Ner Tamid Looking Towards The Future .... t i Friday Services King David Memorial Chapel MAY 2006 VOL. XX NO. 5 IYAR/SIVAN 5766 Saturday Services Temple Office Friday, May 5 7:30 pm Shabbat Service Saturday, May 6 9:00 am Bible Study 10:00 am Minyan 11:00 am Torah Study Friday, May 12 6:45 pm Rosh Chodesh @ King David 7:30 pm Shabbatone Service Saturday, May 13 10:30 am Tot Shabbat @ Green Valley Library 9:00 am Bible Study 10:00 am Minyan 11:00 am Torah Study |:00 pm Second Saturday Talmud Study Friday, May 19 7:30 pm Shabbat Service Saturday, May 20 10:00 am Confirmation Service @ Gibson School 9:00 am Bible Study 10:00 am Minyan 11:00 am Torah Study Animat Temple Picnic Sunday, May 7th ~ Noon - 4:00pm Mountain View Park (On Wigwam between Valle Verde & Green Valley Pkwy) Join us as Midbar Kodesh Temple welcomes us to tke neighborhood. Food, drinks, games & fun! Just bring your picnic blanket, lawn chairs & outdoor games. All food will be graciously be provided by MKT's Men's Club & Sisterhood. Friday, May 26 7:30 pm Shabbat Service Saturday, May 27 4:00 pm Dylan Alberts Bar Mitzvah @ Anthem 9:00 am Bible Study 10:00 am Minyan 11:00 am Torah Study Reminder: Office Closed May 29 Happy Memorial Day! OOPS WE GOOFED! In April Worship Section: ANNUAL TEMPLE MEETING Tuesday, May 30th Details on page 6 April 8 - Noah Charles Bar Mitzvah April 29 - Nathaniel Socolof Bar MitzvahRabbi?s Reflections Rabbi Sanford Akselrad The weekend of May 19-21 will mark the conclusion of religious school this school year. And with that, we have a number of wonderful programs in store for the congregation. Saturday morning, May 20th, the entire Congregation is invited to a special service led by this year's Confirmation class. Services will begin at 10:00 a.m. and will be held at Gibson Elementary School. This year's class, taught so ably by Arnon, is a very special group of students. I encourage the Congregation to come out and support our families who have placed such a high value on Jewish education. Sunday, May 21st, will mark the last day of school and we will be on a special schedule. While there will be moments to acknowledge our extraordinary staff at that time, I did want to take a moment in my own column to pay special tribute to two individuals. The first is our Director of Education, Ayelet Dagan-Blit. Coming to us at a time of transition, Ayelet did an amazing job in bringing a sense of structure and cohesiveness to our program. Our move to Gibson was seamless; our teaching staff this year exemplary. To this we owe Ayelet a great deal of appreciation. Though she is not continuing on as our Director of Education beyond this year, we look forward to her participating in the Temple in a variety of special programs of her choosing. The second person I would like to thank is Lori Frankl. Assisted in recent years so ably by Sherri Swezey, Lori has been a wonderful Jr. Choir Director for our students. Though she is taking a break for a while, Lori has led our Jr. Choir for 17 years! She was the founder of our choir and has been instrumental in inspiring a generation of students to love Jewish music. At special family services, holiday services, at nursing homes, at community events our Jr, Choir has been a remarkable voice of our youth. She will continue on as Teen Choir Director, which she also founded. Words are not enough to express the debt of gratitude that Lori has given to our Congregation for many, many, many years of service! The months of our wandering are about half way through. Soon we will see the structure of our new edifice rising from the ground. It is a tremendously exciting time! I encourage you to drive by and bring your friends. How often have I heard, "when the Temple moves closer, then I will join". Well, that time is "now"! Share the excitement with the nearly 20,000 unaffiliated Jews in the Southern part of our city. Let them know that our Congregation is a warm and welcoming place to be. To join now is to be a part of history in the making! $ June Attractions $ Shavuot Yiskor June 2, 9:00 am Offices Closed for Shavuot June 2 FINAL Tot Shabbat June 3,10:30 am Intro to Judaism June 6, 6:00 pm Beginning Hebrew June 6, 7:15 pm Adult B?nai Mitzvah Service June 10,10:00 am CNT Israel Trip June 11-22 Jewish Healing June 15, 7:00 pm Men?s Club Monthly Breakfast June 18, 8:30 am Father?s Day June 18 Men?s Club Board Meeting June 20, 6:00 pm Sisterhood Board Meeting June 21, 6:30 pm Say What You Mean June 22,7:00 pm Israel Trip Reunion June 30, 5:00 pm. 2 WWW.LVNERTAMID.ORG Philip?s Message Philip Goldstein This is an article I?ve written in response to the many questions that my Bar/Bat Mitzvah students ask me about. Rav, Reb, Rebbe, Rabbi - what do these titles mean and who are these people? And also, what is the origin of this esteemed profession? I have been asked this by a few of my B?nei Mitzvah students on more than one occasion, wondering about the history of the rabbinate. Originally, Jews worshipped God by offering animal and agricultural sacrifices. The priests, who descended from Moses? brother Aaron, were the officiates at these daily offerings. Initially, these sacrifices took place in the Tabernacle (sanctuary) that the Israelites built in the desert during their trek from Egypt. Eventually, the Temple was built in Jerusalem and so the sacrifices were held there. When the First Temple was destroyed in 586 B.C.E., prayers with words were substituted for animal sacrifices because there no longer was a central location for these sacrifices. When the Second Temple was built, sacrifices were again offered. However, the prayers that had been written had become so popular that people recited them in addition to offering the sacrifices. The Second Temple was destroyed in 70 C.E. and sacrificial worship was totally replaced by prayers. It *as at this time that synagogues replaced the Temple and rabbi- fcolars replaced the priests. ^ The earliest rabbis were the Pharisees although the title of ?rabbi? did not exist at the time. Who were the Pharisees? The Pharisees were a political-religious party in ancient Israel who lived at the time of Jesus? birth. They were considered liberal thinkers in that they believed in interpreting the Bible in a way that was meaningful for them. Although they believed that a written Torah was handed down at Mount Sinai, they also felt that God had given us a system of oral interpretation that would be relevant for all time. Modern Judaism is really the religion of ?the Rabbis,? and the Pharisees were the first rabbis. Many of the sayings attributable to Jesus were very similar to the teachings of the Pharisees. For instance, Hillel (a prominent Pharisee who lived at the same time as Jesus) and Jesus both advocated the Golden Rule. Also, Jesus said, ?When two are gathered in my name, I am there, in their midst.? The parallel Pharisee teaching is, ?When two sit together and the words between them are God?s Torah, the divine presence is in their midst.? To Christians, God is in the body and life of Jesus. For Jews, God is in the words of Torah - ?the word does not become flesh; it remains the word.? The party opposed to the Pharisees were the Sadducees. They did not believe in reinterpreting the Torah and insisted on the strict observance of the written law. The Pharisees introduced daily worship, grace at meals and communal charity organizations to care for the poor. The most famous Pharisee was Hillel who said, ?If I am not for myself, who is for me? But being for my own self-alone, what I? And if not now, when?? Often, we hear the expressions, ?The Rabbis taught us,? or, ?The Rabbis said....? After the Pharisees (the first ?Rabbis?), there were three very important groups of Rabbis who had different titles and lived in different times and places. The first group was known as the Tanna?im (?teachers?) and they lived in Israel from 70C.E. to 200C.E. The Tanna?im wrote the Mishnah, the oldest compilation of Jewish laws on which all later Judaism was based. The second group was called the Amora?im (also means ?teacher? but more in the sense of an ?oral instructor?) and they lived in Israel and Babylonia from about 200C.E. to 550C.E. They wrote commentaries on the Mishnah, which is known as the Talmud or Gemara. The Talmud, along with the Bible and the Mishnah, formed the foundation from which all branches of Judaism derive. The third group was the Ge?onim. The word Ga?on comes from the Bible and is similar to calling a judge ?Your Honor.? The Ge?onim lived in Babylonia from the seventh to eleventh centuries. Instead of adding to the Talmud, they answered questions about its interpretation and meaning. These writings were called responsa and were written in response to questions from the new Jewish communities which been established in Europe, Africa, and Asia. There are Jews who still write responsa to this day. Literally, the word ?Rabbi? means teacher or master. He or she is a trained scholar of Judaica, a teacher of Jewish texts and traditions. He or she is the Jewish authority in a congregation or community; a pastor-counselor; and a professionally trained leader of Jewish institutions. Although many lay people can and do lead worship, usually that is part of the rabbi?s job. He or she also officiates at life-cycle events such as circumcision, baby namings, B?nai Mitzvah, weddings and funerals. One thing that sets Judaism apart from other religions is that the Rabbi does not have any special powers or relationship with God. It is the Rabbi?s job to learn and transmit the word and will of God, to live an ethical Jewish life, to observe Jewish rituals and to participate in Jewish communal life. They are not in any sense intermediaries between their congregants and God. The word Rav or HaRav[the rabbi/master) used today usually connotes that the rabbi is an extraordinary scholar and expert on Jewish law. A Rebbe is a common title given to a Hasidic leader or teacher in a Hebrew school. And, finally, from Rabbi Joseph Telushkin?s book, ?Jewish Wisdom,? this great story which really sums up a rabbi?s job today: Why It?s Hard To Be A Rabbi. Rabbi Harold Kushner, a veteran of several decades in the pulpit, was invited to address the graduating class of a rabbinical seminary. ?There will be Friday evenings,? he warned the young rabbis about to embark on their careers, ?when you will rush your family through dinner so that you can get to services on time to give a sermon about the Sabbath as uninterrupted family time. There will be days when you will leave a sick child at home or a child studying for a test, while you go to teach religious values to the Temple youth group. There will be Sundays when you will cancel plans for a family picnic to officiate at a funeral, where you will praise the deceased as a man who never let his business interfere with his obligations to his family. And worst of all, you won?t even realize what you are doing as you do it. M ay 2006 3 ETnai Mitzvah &r News Meet Our New Education Director Craig Rosen was born and raised in Van Nuys, CA. As an accomplished educator/youth worker, Craig has served as the Regional Director for NFTY in the Pacific Southwest council office of the URJ. He also was the Program Director for the JCC of Seattle and for the past seven years was the Director of Education for Congregation B?nai B?rith in Santa Barbara, CA. Craig currently sits on the National Board of NATE (National Association of Temple Educators) and his article on engaging college age teachers for religious school was pubhshed in the spring edition of Torah at the Center. Craig is also a singer/song-writer and he can be heard on his recording ?Fixin? the World? with his song-writing cohaborator Cantor Wally. Growing up at Temple Beth Hillel in North Hollywood, Craig and his guitar have brought vital and vibrant Jewish music to camps, synagogues, conventions and theaters throughout the civilized world. ***************** Dylan Alberts May 27,2006 Heho, my name is Dylan Alberts and I will be cahed to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on May 27.1 am a seventh grade student at Greenspun Middle School and am in ah accelerated classes. Some of my hobbies include playing football, video games and doing construction projects in my garage. My parents, Lisa and Steve, my brother Michael and my sister Jordan and Grandma and Granpa Torjman have been extremely supportive of me and are so proud of my accomplishments. Tot Shabbat On Saturday Morning! May 13, 2006 10:30 am - Noon Green Valley Library (Sunset <& GV Pkwy) Open to all kids ages 2-7! Younger siblings welcome. Half-hour service followed by a craft. Bring a brown-bag lunch; we've got dessert! Best of all - it's FREE! For information contact Ellen Cropp at 499- 0015 or Dolly Farrow at 638-2071. Vou5re Invited.... 1006 (Confirmation Service Saturday, MaJj 2.0 ~ 1 O am Gib son CJementaryj Gcbooi 271 L eisure (Circle j~~jenci erson ICiddush to Nollow - KSVr to 7 ernple Office 1006 Gor,f,rmaEon (^}ass Tpnawn E>aiiey, Jacob E>ai!in, Matth ew Dreiman, agior f?endell, Janna (jreenberg, Matthew [?jechter, C^F/1 .Zachary 5c^eelej Mattf3wezey, fy fptephanie VVatman 4 WWW.LVNERJAMID.OR-G Interfaith Seder Cindy Jensen, VP Social Action The Children of Israel celebrated the first Passover ?on the road1 and this year we too celebrate away from the familiar. Just as those who?ve gone before us, we know where we?re going - where we will celebrate next year - but we?re not there yet. We ?spied out? our new neighborhood and introduced ourselves by hosting an interfaith Seder Dinner at Green Valley Presbyterian Church. We advertised the event as a ?Traditional Jewish Seder Dinner? and did our best to deliver on that promise with homemade matzo ball soup, gefilte fish and a grilled chicken dinner complete with roasted vegetables. It?s difficult to say which was more rewarding, the fellowship that accompanied the food preparation, or the warmth and curiosity that greeted our arrival at the church. Following a word of prayer by the interim pastor of the church, our Rabbinic Intern Jonathan Jaffe led us through the Haggadah chosen for the occasion. Each table adorned with a Seder plate ffcw further from tradition by the inclusion of ongregation Ner Tamid members sharing memories and explaining the significance of each part of the meal. What a privilege to share our centuries old remembrance of God?s deliverance. How remarkable that people of different faith traditions can sit, laugh and peaceably share a meal and come away with a greater appreciation for each other and the God we all serve. The Committee for Social Action would like to thank all of you who made this Interfaith Seder dinner such a smashing success. Led by Rabbinic Intern Jon Jaffe ADULT SUMMER EDUCATION Lots of fun and interesting things going on this summer to keep your mind sharp! The following is a list of the classes being offered. Details on each class can be found on PAGE 12. June 6 'July 25 'Intro to Judaism 'Beginning Hebrew June 15 - Jewish Healing: The Jewish Connection Between Mind, Body and Spirit June 22 - Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say: Understanding How We Welcome Shabbat July 6 ' Postcards to G'd: Writing Our Own Prayers July 13 ' Should Reform Jews Keep Kosher? July 20 ' Law and Order: Jews and Justice in America July 27 ' Is Being ?a Good Jew? Any Different than Being ?a Good Person?? __________ A dult Learning I Remember When: Recollections From Jewish Las Vegas Leaders (FUNDED IN PART BY NEVADA HUMANITIES) Sum City Anthem Rcc Center Arlington Room BEGINNING AT 8:00 PM May 15, 2006 Susie & Irwin Molasky Interviewer ~ Michael Geeser VlDEOGRAPHER ~ POPPY PRODUCTIONS ?The Educated Jew? begins at 6 pm. For more information cont act the TEMPLE OFFICE 733-6292. M ay 2006 5 Your Executive Director Walls Up! IrvDuchowny Recently, I went to a horse show at the new South Coast Casino and Hotel, and there was a vendor fair. Great, opportunities to buy things! And of course, I did. I found a boxed set of cards, quotes and photos of lady cowgirls from over 100 years ago, and found some of them very appropriate, such as: "I won't change my mind cause someone told me to" - Rebecca Arkins, 1910 "Ya gotta try different things cuz that's what makes ya smarter" - Marge Medling 1896 "\ can carry everything I own in my buggy, and I just might leave this place" - Carrie Black 1901 " When I'm not fair with my partners, I end up ridin' alone" - Mary H. Cutter 1865 These quotes hit me, as I think of the new walls about to go up for our new temple and campus. 1890's? 2006? All the same thing. Yes, a person needs to make up their own mind, be independent and then stick to it; yes, you've got to try new and different things, because that's what makes a person smarter and more experienced; yes, it's important to be able to carry one's most important possessions in a small container (priorities, folks, priorities); and yes, it's very important to be fair with our partners, in any context, or else we do "end up ridin' alone". How does this relate to the title of the article, WALLS UP!? Si mple - we needed to be independent thinkers; we needed to move on unless we wanted to watch the temple slowly die; we have needed to take our most important possessions and take them with us in this transition year; we have needed to be open, honest and transparent with the entire congregation about each and every step along the way, or we never would achieve what we are now starting to physically see - our new structure going up. This is a very exciting time for all of us here at Congregation Ner Tamid - and we want everyone to participate, and to feel the excitement of what's happening, right now, as you read this. As of today, we're on schedule for moving into our new facility, sometime in late January or early February 2007. (Of course, with construction, as many of us know, there can be small bumps in the road, so we don't have a specific date yet, but we'll keep you all informed.) Join us, watch the progress, and if anyone would like to walk the site, please contact me and we'll make arrangements - of course, for safety and insurance reasons, all visits must be pre?arranged with the construction crew, and all of those visits start with contacting me - I, or Jerry Gordon, will be glad to walk people through the site - it's enormous, exciting, and will be a world- class temple, facility and campus. Annual Temple Meeting Tuesday/ May 30 ~ 7:00 pm Wildhorse Country Club 2100 Warm Springs Road In Henderson... of course! Join us for our Annual Temple Meeting with complimentary dessert and coffee. Men's Club & Sisterhood new boards sworn in. 6 WWW.LVNERTAM1D.ORG President?s Message Temple Board Scott Stolberg Scott Stolberg, President Murk Letizia, VP Administration Mike Unger, VP Ways & Means Beth Falk, VP Education & Youth Maxine Molinsky, VP Ritual Jay Poster, VP Membership Recruitment Marsha Goldberg, VP Membership Retention CindyJensen, VP Social Action Gregg Solomon, Treasurer Yvonne Gordon, Corporate Secretary Jordie Primack, Trustee David Shapin, T rustee Stacey Yahraus, Trustee Harry Sax, Trustee Debra Cohen, Trustee Michele Fendell, Trustee I have told you for several months we are working toward a transition plan so we can hit the ground running when we move into our new home. The board has hired Carl Rowe, of Clarity Advisors to Management, to oversee this important project. Some of you may be familiar with him from his work in the community but if not reasons we chose him. experience working private sectors; he is a Consultant with planning, meeting organizational map is very important help us make good Carl will work with our staff, Lay Leaders and congregants to design the process for evaluating every part of synagogue life - worship, finance, education, and technology, among others. He will then be responsible to keep the process moving, acting as a neutral facilitator during gatherings and meetings. Finally, he will pull all the data together and produce the final report. Carl, while guiding this process, will not be telling us what to do but will help us figure out what is best for US. So over the next six months you are going to be invited to different events at different times of the day and/or week. These are your times to give your input, to have your voice heard. The board can continue to decide here are just a couple oi the Carl has over 30-years both in the public and Certified Management expertise in strategic facilitation, and development. This road to our future and Carl will decisions. Beth Bromberg, Trustee Barry Lewisohn, T rustee Daryl Alterwitz, T rustee No Email Maxine Gratz, Sisterhood President Dr. Fred Toffel, Men?s Club President Adam Bromberg, NI I Y Co-President Hilary Scheele, NTTY Co-President what we think the members? want but wouldn?t it be better if we knew? As we get ready to move into our new home, YOUR INPUT IS NEEDED. I also have always said that we have a staff that is ?second to none?. I am pleased to tell you that we have hired a new Education Director to replace Ayelet who is leaving at the end of June. I know we all wish her well. He is Craig Rosen from Santa Barbara, Ca. In this edition of the bulletin you will find a short bio on Craig. In July when he starts there will be several opportunities to meet and welcome him. All of us who have met him are extremely excited about adding him to our staff. The staff is very happy he is joining the team. I am sure you will all agree that he is an asset. Finally this month, with Passover behind us summer camp must not be far off. I know that Sandy and I are looking forward to a few weeks of time just for us while Megan and Ben have time for themselves. I am also happy to report that through the generosity of two families offering full scholarships each year, Sisterhood?s Campership Fund, Men?s Club and, of course, the congregation?s generous support of these groups, that every child who wanted to go to camp this year will be going. We always said our purpose is making JEWS. Camp is like having the best soil, prized seeds and just enough water. This is something we all can be proud of. M ay 2006 7 Yahrzeits - Memoriams Yahrzeits May 12 cont. Robert A Fratrick May 19 cont. Mina Leboff May 26 cont. Florencejoseph May 5 Louis Giordano Joseph Light Rose Kantor Theresa Abramson Lucille Goldstein Sidney A May Birdie Kaplan Mollie Ackerman Buford Hicks Maurice Meyers Marion Keller Sayde Brender Morris Israel Saul Miller Adele Lundy Herman Bulavsky Buddy Kaufman Harry Nathanson Kate Lutz Joseph Cardone Bessie Kreisman Jacob Newman Jack Margone Nathaniel Chaiken JackKur Albert Pessin Rochelle Mendoza Sarah Fainbilt Pierre Picavet Lloyd Raiman Edward Miller Celia Fischbein Sarah Pitcher Abraham Schwartz Maurice Noyek Hyman Goldstein Ruth Plotnick Joseph Skillbred Alvan Paul Elaine Greenberg Pauline Rosenblum Deha Stearns Maurice Rachild Barbara Hildenbrand Gloria Starkman Augusta Sternberg James Robertson Gustav Kahn David Stearns Albert Stine Esther Roitman SallieAgarKlaw J oseph Y archever Daniel Stucker David Rosen Lewis Klinger Milton Wasserman Phillip Rosen Phillip Kuller May 19 Taylor Marie Weiss Morton Saiger Hiram Lewis George Asch David Wert Anne Salins Sheila Luwisch MaxBenisch Robert Worth Etta Sheld Dora Nathanson Max Berg M.D. Louis Shulman Richard Shaffer Robert A Blaine May 26 Miriam Slavitt Doris Shapiro Freida (Daisy) Bornstein Ira Anderson Birdie Weifeld John Shepard Jack Davidson Jerome Best Sheila Wolf Ida Weinberg Jessica Doctors Samuel Richard Bossak Frieda Zabinofsky IsadoreWexler Herman Ebinsky Samuel Brodsky Rachel Catherine Albert Charon May 12 Epstein Bernice Cohen Fausto Acosta Sadie Esbin Esther Cohen Lillian Beller Louis Gilman Michael Edelman Samuel Bierman Yetta Goldberg Brian Keith Fox Bernard Cohen Abraham Goldstein Anna Funk Fannie Faye Deutscher Zachrey Gottlieb Paula Greenspan Esther Epstein Louis Green Leo Hahn Gordon Ian Fink Arthur Grutman Tracie Hirshorn Bette Ruth Fratrick Issac Hirshorn Sally J akubowich IN MEMORIAM: Doug Ritchie, beloved brother of Barbara Greenspun, uncle of Brian and Danny Greenspun Janie Gale and Susan Fine Frances Wright, beloved mother of Mary Fox, mother-indaw of Jerry, mother of Ronnie and Mickey (deceased) and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren Richard Flarris, beloved husband of Jeanette Nell Searle, beloved aunt of Cindy and Leslie Jensen Rose Seltzer, beloved wife of Phil (deceased) 8 WWW.LVNERTAMID.OR.G St i ADVERTISING DDLL-CLT SECTION | Hang it on the frig, set it by the pbone, put it in your phonebook. Keep these numbers handy so you can support the many businesses that advertise in our bulletin. Photo Favors By THE MAIN EVENT . Creative Memories That Last Forever (702) 36-PHOTO (367-4686) * Bar/Bat Mitzvahs ? Sweet 16*s * Corporate Evei PREMIER REALTY MEL & DEBBIE HALLERMAN Broker / Sales Associates (702)458-7070 BUSINESS (702)458-6253 FAX (702)596-6400 MEL CELL (702)596-2520 DEBBIE CELL 10120 S.EastemAve., #300 Henderson, NV 89052 ?Your Perfect Partners? Each office is individually Owned and Operated FOR INFORMATION ON ADVERTISING, CONTACT ROBERTA AT 733-6292 ctr v/Latie^ &3L MTl/ClA lititeAA, 4trtC? /956 Creating Corporate Identity From Business Cards to 4-Coloring Process and Beyond 384-5072 Specializing in Personalized Rosh Hashanah Cards On-Time, Within Budget Greg &r Cindy Goussak May 2006 9 MC/DJ'S OR BAND & DJ TOGCTHCR DIGITRl VIDCOGRRPHY ON DVD DIGITAL & FILM PHOTOGRAPHY DCCOR & CCNTCRPICCeS PROJECTION SHOUJS (702) 655-5500 8T*| A\^4m<an's TAKE ON VIDEO ?H and pkotomvipKi^ too! Since 1977 ? ? ? NK/ors BUND & AVC/DJ TOGCTHER CHEYENNE INSPECTION GROUP HOME AND COMMERCIAL PROPERTY INSPECTION SERVICE JEFF COLEMAN INSPECTOR. OWNER PHONE: 702-286-3889 CIGINSPECT@AOL.COM ITA CERTIFIED. NV LICENSED. INSURED Sandca&tlc 11 idea Tradiictiau& far tfime special times in life ? Weddings ? Anniversaries ? Reunio?is Bar and Bat Mitzvahs ? Photos to DVD Rick or Traci (702) 645-6562 !j Hill* fflort<ta^c Claudio Dreiman Mortgage Banker 2*1041 ?. Sunset Road. Suite D-J2 Diroci: 7(12-378-2183 Las Vegas, NY 89120 Office: 702-960-50(11) ClauOioS DcscrlHillsMortgage.coin Toll Free: 1-877-774-7788 Apply Online - Conventional - F1IA - VA - Refinance - Bilingual - Spanish TO ADVERTISE IN OUR BULLETIN CONTACT ROBERTA IN THE OFFICE AT 733-6292 liberty RFALTY CLAUDIO DR I* I MAN rcaitor- CtLL 702- 378-2183 OITICE: 702-735-5052 PAX: 702-914-2378 1: l 1 AlJItlO.rSI IMANCM'I NR. HI I.Mv.N- I *1055 S. Spi;nu R Si. Si i . ll>8 I AS V'FT.aS, N V SO ] 19 WWW.UBER1YRSAI IV.I.UX1 A 9 ? X 24-hr line |702| SS8-6333 Culinary Pros Provides professional Servers, Bartenders, Chefs, Cooks & General Kitchen Help Fur: Special Events* ['rivalc Affairs* Corporate Parties To Book Your Staff Call (702) 735-6644 Email: infos; David D. Weinstein Bar/Bat Mitzvah s Weddings Family and Pets Theater and Stage Affordable Photography For all my clients Please call 566-t> 168 E-mail: MAbclvjtl R Custom Invitations Si Announcements for All Hand &l Computerized Calligraphy Donation to Temple with Every Order By Appointment Only to Serve You Better 702 254-7891 702 257-7891 (fa*)}\ S' WWW. di adistributors. com 702-733-9650 Hint: YOU WILL SAVE GAS & TIME!!! 20% of your total purchase will be donated to CNT Building Fund in your name! (Enter Coupon Code ?CNT" at checkout.) Know Who ?E?>?Summer School? Ain?t What It Used To Be! Tuesdays 'June 6 'July 25 At The Temple Office $36 per class / $70 for BOTH Want to ?Brush Up? on Your Judaism? Take our Summer ?Intro to Judaism? Course! Are you looking for a ?refresher? course to ?brush up? on your Judaism? Have a friend who is interested in learning about Judaism? Know someone who says they might be interested in conversion? This summer, CNT will be offering a sevemsession course covering the ?basics? of Judaism 'Jewish holidays, life cycle events, and all of those things that you ?have always wanted to know but were afraid to ask? at the temple office, 6:00 pm ' 7:00 pm. Rabbinic Intern Cooke Lea Olshein will be teaching this course. There is a nominal book fee. So, if you want to know more about the how, why, when, and what we do, get your friends together and register early for this class... and bring lots of questions! Is Your Hebrew Rusty? Get the Basics of the Aleph'Bet in our ?Beginning Hebrew Reading?! Judaism becomes more meaningful the more you know. Challenge your brain with a Hebrew reading course! This summer, CNT will be offering its annual ?Beginning Hebrew Reading? class at our temple office from 7:15' 8:15 p.m. This course will focus on decoding and pronouncing the Hebrew alphabet and words. Be sure to register early as this course will fill up fast! ****************** ONE'TIME SUMMER CLASSES! Thursdays 'June 15 "July 20 7:00 pm ' 8:15 pm at Temple Office These One'Time Classes are FREE June 15 ' Jewish Healing: The Jewish Connection Between Mind, Body and Spirit Is there more to healing than medicine in the Jewish tradition? In this class, we will discuss multiple approaches to Jewish healing and what it means to be ?whole? and praying for a ?complete healing?. r > RSVP for EACH class you wish to attend by calling the temple office at 733'6292 v_________________1___________________/ June 22 ' Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say: Understanding How We Welcome Shabbat The Kabbalists gave us a beautiful format for welcomii^ Shabbat each Friday night. In this class, we will exploW how the beginning of the Erev Shabbat service was created and is structured and how understanding its meaning can deepen our appreciation of, and practice of, ?doing? Shabbat. No Hebrew skills are required for this class. July 6th - ?Postcards to G'd?: Writing Our Own Prayers Some Jews are uncomfortable ?talkng? to G'd' What do I say? What am I supposed to do during ?silent prayer? found in our services? Am I doing it ?wrong?? During this session, we will consider the language of our individual and communal prayers and work toward becoming more comfortable with how we interact with G'd. July 13th - Should Reform Jews Keep Kosher? Can how we eat be considered part of our obligation to do tikkun olam (repairing the world)? If you have never considered ?keeping Kosher? (and even if you think you are opposed to the idea), please come to this discussif^j regarding different reasons and ways one might ?ke<^ Kosher? within a modern framework, including ?Traditional? Kashrut, ?Biblical Kashrut,? and EcO' Kashrut. July 20th - Law and Order: Jews and Justice in America Using laymen?s language, your lawyer/rabbiniC'Student teacher will lead a discussion regarding the connection between Jewish tradition and the creation of the American justice system ... and how American Jews influence (and how we can continue to influence) the American justice system today. July 27th - Is Being ?a Goodjew? Any Different than Being ?a Good Person?? What does it really mean to be ?a good Jew?? What frameworks do we use when making decisions? How can we re'frame our decisions to incorporate Judaism into our lives on a daily basis? This session will examine different perceptions of ?living a Jewish life? and wajj that we can make good Jewish decisions in our modern society. 12 WWW.LVNERJAMID.ORG M en?s C lub - S isterhood N ews CNT Men's Club President Fred Toffel, MD, FACE The sky was blue, the temperature perfect and the course was in tip top shape forthe Men's Club annual golf tournament. All the participants had a great time especially those who finished on top. Our third place team was Martin Wallstate, Bob K