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Planning notes and memorandum for Spanish Steps restaurant at Caesars Palace, 1977-1978




1977-12-12 to 1978-02-27


The memorandum and planning notes for a Spanish restaurant at Caesars Palace include menu ideas and suggested names for the restaurant.

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jhp000300. Nat Hart Professional Papers, 1930-2000. MS-00419. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Nat Hart 12-12-77 MEMORANDUM TO: The File RE: New Restaurant Following is a brief preliminary description of the new restaurant menu. The dinner will be a set menu for a set price with a limited entree choice, specializing in rotisserie items. It will include a Sevillana (white) Sangria or a red Sangria, served in a beautiful Spanish carafe. The combination of waiters and waitresses will be dressed in festive native costumes. There will be two working, supervising captains on the floor, making different coffee desserts from a specially built cordial coffee cart, acting as wine sommeliers and seeing that the guests are served correctly. Formegos (bread) will be baked in view of the diners. It will be a circular pulled bread and it will be covered with some small candie so that as the bread bakes the candies will melt into the dough and form a glaze on top of the bread. The menu will consist of: 1. Three cold Entremeses Which will be served on a platter family-style, placed in the center of the table, followed by an individual plate of three hot empanadas - one filled with seafood, one filled v/ith poultry and one filled with beef. Empanadas are very small turnovers, usually filled with any combination of meats, fish or fowl, expertly seasoned. 2. A Choice of Three Soups Cold Gazpacho Andaluz, with a selection of condiments. Puchero Madrileno (A Spanish bean soup with chicken and cabbage, served in an individual earthenware pot) Sopa de Frijoles Negros, served with rice and chopped onions. 3. Ensalada Fiesta A salad made of half cooked and half raw cut vegetables, with avacado, black and green pitted olives, feta cheese, anchovies and capers in an olive oil French dressing made with lime juice and a touch of oregano. New Restaurant Page Two r2-12-7.7: 4. Choice: A.From the Rotisserie: Small suckling pig Baby Lamb Baby veal Duckling Young Baby Goat (Cabaritos) Chicken (Each Item served with its own special sauce) B.From the Open Pit Char-Broiler: Double Thick Chops Extra Thick Steaks (Branded with the name of the Restaurant) C.Specialties: Pescado a la Maria Isabel Baked red snapper steak, topped with our own special sauce made of crushed'pistachios, almonds, butter and Amaretto Paella Valencia A combination of seafoods, and fowl, seasoned with wine, olive oil, onions, peppers, fresh tomatoes and herbs, combined with saffron rice, served from an individual earthenware casserole Barcelona Fish Stew a la Costa Brava A medley of seafood, fish, herbs"and wine, baked in an individual casserole Ternera a la Granada Sauteed veal with sherry and green Spanish olives and herbs, served in a ceramic frypan 5. Legumbres Two popular methods will be used in the preparation of vegetables: Gratinados, which means au gratin, or Vinagretta, which is vinagrette sauce. After the greens are cooked in a very little amount of water they are sprinkled with a little vinegar, lemon juice or lime juice and just a small hint of garlic, and then sauteed over a low heat. If possible, to be served in individual earthenware dishes. 6. Fresh Fruit and Cheese (Method of presentation not decided upon) New Restaurant Page Three 12-12-77 7. Desserts: (Desserts have yet to be decided upon) Flans - One of the most popular desserts in Spain are custards. They can be made with various sauces, especially caramel, with cheese, chocolate, fruit, etc. Fiyuelos Spanish pancakes, similar to crepes, used with sauces such as fresh orange or other fresh fruit Fresas a la francesa ? French fried fresh strawberries, Dipping Sauce Bizcocho Spanish sponge cake which is used in many recipes - all luscious and rich Crema Espanola A special Spanish cream Churros Traditional Spanish doughnuts BFruineude loSsp andies hV ipeunftfos , glazed with honey and cinnamon January 4, 1978 Notes re Spanish Restaurant 1. Complete kitchen and equipment set up 2. Continue to write the procedures for kitchen and dining rcon training program 3. Outfitting and training of all personnel 4. Finalize recipe and try than out. Nat Hart 2-27-78 SUGGESTED NAMES FOR THE NEW ? RESTAURANT Casa de Dos Fontanas (House of the Two Fountains) Los Fontanas (The Fountains) The Spanish Conquistador (The Spanish Conqueror) Fiesta de Felicidad (Festival of Happiness) Capistrano Conquistador (Conqueror) El Toro Fino (The Fine Bull) Las Pampas (Grazing LanaO El ^lamenco (Type of Spanish Dance) La Fiesta (The Party) Fiesta Del Sol La Fiesta Espanola (The Spanish Party)