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Meeting minutes for Consolidated Student Senate, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, November 27, 1979






Includes meeting agenda and minutes. CSUN Session 9 Meeting Minutes and Agendas.

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uac000223. Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Records, 1965-2019. UA-00029. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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CONSOLIDATED STUDENTS UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS 4505 Maryland Parkway Las Vegas, Nevada 89154 Telephone (702) 739-3477 AGENDA SENATE MEETING H November 27, 1979 4 pm Moyer Student Union Building Room 203 I. Call to Order II. Roll Call III. Approval of Minutes #3 IV. Executive Board Announcements A. Regent McBride, Introduction and Discussion of Fee Change Proposal B. Bill Saxton, Report on IBS Convention V. Executive Board Nominations A. Intercollegiate Athletic Council, Steve Giorgione B. Chairman, S.E.F. Committee, Marty Burzinski VI. Committee Reports A. Entertainment and Programming Board B. Elections Board C. Publications Board D. By-Laws Committee E. Energy Committee F. Ad Hoc CSUN Fee Investigation Committee, Senator Martinez VII. Old Business A. MDA Movie Contract, President Campbell B. Xerox Machine Proposal, President Campbell VIII. New Business A. Amendment Proposal to S.E.F.ByLaw #10, Senator Burzinski B. UNLV Chamber Singers, Request for funds, $2062.00 IX. Open Discussion X. Adj ournment MINUTES SENATE MEETING ft 4 November 27, 1979 4 p.m. Moyer Student Union Building Room 203 I. Call to Order The fourth meetin of the Consolidated Student Senate was called to order by the Senate Presdient at 4:00 p.m. in Lounge 203 of the Moyer Student Union Building. II. Roll Call Members'in At tendance Kelly Campbell Ca ro 1 Ta rpi ey Bryan O'Shields Bill llaldeman Dorothy llalpin Robert Stamper Rick Oshinski Susana Reyes "Skip" Kelley Dale Uulen Marty Burzinski Claire Dowel1 Pam Roberts Alan Isquith David Martinez David Levins Cindy Sim.ia Sandy Williams Ray Corbett III. Approval of Minutes 113 Senate Presdient Pro Tempre, Marty Burzinski announed for Vice-Presi dent Nyman that there was no Appropriations Board Meeting due to lack of quorum. Senator Campbell said on page 3 under Item D that there should have been five abstentions instead of one. There was no further corrections, therefore, the minutes stood approved as corrected. IV. Executive Board Announcements Regent_McBride Senate President Alderman informed the Senate that: Regen McBride would be unable to attend the meetincfioday and he is postponed until a later date. Report on IBS Convention Bill Saxton gave a report on his trip to the IBS Convention. He talked briefly on the seminars that he attended. MAF Meeting President Campbell and Senate President Lorraine Alderman attended the meeting with the administration on Noveiriber 27, 1979. It was reported that the Committee will be coming out with a recommendation to the President. Senate Party Senate Presdient Pro Tempore, Marty Burzinski, announced that he is still accepting donations for the party fund. Minutes- Senate Meeting 114 November 27, 1979 Page 2' Thank-you Note A thank-you note was recieved from the sister of former Senator Onorato for the plague and scholarship fund that she received from the Senate. V. Executive Board Nominations A. Executive Board nominated Steve Giorgione to the Intercollegiate Athletic Council. Cindy Si.mia moved to approve, was seconded and the motion passed with eighteen in favor and one abstention. B. SEF Committee, Marty Burzinski "Skip" Kelley moved to approve Marty Burzinski, was seconded and the motion passed unanimously. IV. Committee Reports A. Entertainment and Programming Board Senator Si.mia read the Minutes of the meeting of November 21,1979. Moved to approve and was seconded. B. Election Board There was no report due to lack of quorum. C. Publications Board There was no report of the Publications Board. D. By-Laws Committee The By-Laws committee made "Skip" Kelley Chairman, Bill llaldeman, Vice Chairman, and Rick Oshinski Secretary. They estab!ished an Ex-official judicial council seat on the committee,voted to continue practice of alternating by exceptance with two alternates. They also gave their chairman power to call special meeting. It was also decided that they would hold their meetings on the even number Senate Meetings. E. Enery Committee Vice-President Wyman, announced that a regualr meeting would be held on Deceihber 5, .1.979 at 3:00 p.m. The meeting of Dec. 3, 1979 looked and discussed the lighting situation on campus. F. Ad Hoc CSUN I-'ee Investigation Committee Senator Martinez, Stamper, and Williams submitted their resignations. Senator Martinez, expressed his concerned for a fee budget restructuring of CSlJN in the future. G. CSUN Student Government Seminar Vice-President Wyman went over the agenda for the seminar. She needs to know how many Senators a planning attend. It will be held December 1, 1979. H. Cirriculum Committee. Senator Haldeman, reported that the committe is going through sections of the catalog revising some of the classes. The committee is trying to raise the standards for some of the upper division classes. Minutes-Senate Meeting 114 November 27, 1979 Page 3 VII. Old business A. President Campbell passed the floor the Boh Blaskey to speak about the movie "The Electrice Horseman". Bob Blaskey informed the Senate and explained the situation about sponsoring the movie for MDA. lie briefly explained that the Senate would sponsor the movie because MDA couldn't, due to their national policy. He told the Senate that UNLV would recieve all gross profit from the movies and no money would come out of CSUN to sponsor the movie it would come from the sell of the tickets. Bob Blaskey made one correction to the contract, saying that the only signature on it would be President Campbell's. "Skip" Kelley moved to approve the contract with the corrections that Bob Blaskey had mentioned and was seconded. The motion passed with fourteen in favor, one oppose, and four abstentions. Senator Martinez, requested to President Campbell that if any money be paid out of CSUN'S funds that the Senate be notified. B. Xerox Machine President Campbell reported that he had talked with Burt Teh about the Xerox machine. Sentor Ilulen, suggested that CSUN go in with the Union on purchasing the Xerox machine. C. Vice-Presdient Wyman asked that Senator Martinez get to her the information on the Day Care Center, it was due last Monday, November 26, 1979. VIII. New Business A. Amendment Proposal to S.E.G. By Law !!10 Marty Burzinski submitted a change to Article 112 Item C to read, •At least three other members, 2 of whom must he Senators. To the By-Laws Committee. B. .UNLV'Chamber Singer, Request for fund, $2062.00 President Campbell passed the floor to Dr. Peterson. Dr. Peterson informed the Senate about the convention that the Chamber Singers are planning to attend inFebruary. A motion was ammended to give the Chamber Singers $1,000 and was seconded. The motion passed with eleven in favor, 6 opposed and two abstentions. C. Senate Meetings Senator Martinez moved to postpone Senate Meeting, on Decmeber• 2,8, December- 25, and Jan. 1, 1980. Suggested to have the meeting of December 21, at 12 p.m., a meeting January 2, 1980 and January 9. The motion was seconded with 18 in favor and one oppose. D. CSUN Certificate of Appreciation Senator Hulen requested to establish a CUN Certificate of Appreciation Award, that would be different the "Done Good" Award. Senator Ualdeman moved to refer the ward to the Ad Hoc Committee there was a second. The motion passed with eighteen in favor and one oppose. Senate President Pro Tempore, Marty Burzinski, said, "Senator Ilulen should be put in charge". Also on the committee are Senators Simia, Levins, and Dennis Barry. Minutes- Senate Meeting 114 ivember 27, 1979 Page 4 E. USUNS Vice-President informed the Senate that Scott Koepf, President of USUNS, is requesting a funding of $1453.11. So she suggested to the Senators to do some research into this. IV. Open Discussion Senate President Alderman commended the Senators on making a decision on the funding of the Chamber Singers, it only took them an hour to do it. Senator Haldeman moved to ajourn the motion was seconded. : f-ffihe- motion passed with fourteen in favor and five opposed. X. Adjournment The Fourth Meeting of the Consolidated Student was adjourned at 6:17 p.m. Respectifully Submitted by. Lorraine Alderman Senate Presdient Robin Starlin LA :rs Res pec ti fu Hi] Prepared * 7 A