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Mabel Hoggard: family name history certificate


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From the Mabel Hoggard Papers (MS-00565) -- Personal papers file. Family name history and origin certificate from the Hisorical Research Center for the Spanish surname "Negrette."

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man000689. Mabel Hoggard Papers, 1903-2011. MS-00565. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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B£AZ©N ©k AMK in the
10811/12' 406
©riten de Jf
Negrete g de
'hla^h"^ Mich'-was useK
the Spanish surname Negrette! is of two distinct origins. In the first
place, this surname may be of toponymic origin, that is to say, derived krom a
particular place name near whichlthe nrtgirral hearer lived or held land. In
this instance, the surname NegreitsUis derived krom the place named-,Negrete,
located in Murcia tsouAeast SpaiM or Islas Baleares LSpsnish islands in the
Mediterranean sea). M»us, th^e sMname sign ikies "one krom Negrete"^
Altemativelg, the Hrname Negrette^mag h^f ok nickname origin! that* is to sag,
derived krom a physical characteristic orDersonM attrihuteMk thMinitial
hearer. In-this instance, He sumckG isJerived krM the mcKnaMMegrete".i
the pla^ name/nichname Negrette is a diminutive korm ok th^ZpanMh
deriveMkriM the Hat id "niger, dig^a, nigrum", mesming
tiMiEng^ish a Derson ok either d^rk hair colour orj Lach compIWMh.
Sariants ^the surname Negrette include Negro any MMinK the earlies^M
cekerences tzo Mis sUmam^aNFo a variant incite th^NeKete Lamilg ok
Sircaga, whose "caLa solars' (pncHnt kamilg seaG wasTocsted in Ranera.M-n the
chistxict ok Garranm. A notahle meKher ok'thisMamilU was krancisco Negrete,
Kornf in Rapero iMP20 and married to Maria RalLcio^ krom this marriage was
horn'Mateo!de Negrete g kaHlcio,^wha later marrHed and had one son, Gaspar de
Negrete g de la kamsa. IN'is alsL^LnterestinoMo mention the kKllowing
persons who are liHed in the "WLtze Le^apelliHrs prohados de Is
Garlos III^ (a Spanish miliDargMider): Maria Negrete, teresa
krancisco Javier Nckzrete g Adorno de la torre g Kotomagor, Manuel
la ko^e, Juan Andies Negro anM Maria Negriy de Armas.
Arure, two postlac leaves vert, and two wheels or;
cantons d'k the ^shield alterhating.
Asure ^(hlueWignikies kogalttz and
truth, the wheels are sgmholrc ok
three ostrich keathers