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Petition by property owners to create the Las Vegas Valley Water District addressed to the Board of Commissioners, Clark County, Nevada, after 1947




1947 to open end


Text of the petition circulated to real property owners within Clark County to create the Las Vegas Valley Water District. Also included is a map of the area to be supplied with water, which is marked with the proposed boundaries of seven divisions.

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Box 13 Folder W23-1-C Water Conservation - Supply from Lake Mead


hln000912. Union Pacific Railroad Collection, 1828-1995. MS-00397. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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PETITION To the Board of County Commissioners of Clark County, Nevada: The undersigned owners of real property in the following described territory hereby present this petition to your board and represent and petition as follows: 1. Acting pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 167 of the laws of Nevada, 1947, we pray the Board of County Commissioners to establish a water district in Clark County to be known as "The Las Vegas Valley Water District." 2. We petition that the boundaries of said district shall be as follows" As shown on the map attached hereto, marked Exhibit A and by th is reference made part hereof; 3. We certify that all of the territory contained within the above described boundaries lies in the Las Vegas Valley. 4. We petition that said district be created for the following purposes; a. To acquire by lease, purchase, gift or otherwise, the lands, water rights, wells, water systems, properties, pipe lines, pumping plants, water facilities and all other properties necessary to the supplying of water for dometic irrigation purposes, to the inhabitants of Las Vegas Valley, as shown by map attached hereto; and to distribute and furnish said water to the inhabitants of Las Vegas Valley upon such terms and conditions as shall, in the opinion of the governing board of the proposed water district, best serve the interests of the inhabitants of Las Vegas Valley. b. To do any and all things mentioned and stated in Section 1, Chapter 167, of the 1947 Statues of the State of Nevada. c. To do any and all things necessary and proper to the accomplishment and advancement of the aforementioned purposes. 5. We certify that the signers of this petition constitute not less than 5 per cent of the owners of real property within the boundaries of said proposed district as evidenced by the current tax roll of Clark County, as prepared by the county assessors of said county. 6. We petition and represent that the creation of such district and carrying out the purposes above specified are necesary and essential to the health and well being of the inhabitants of such district, and all property within the boundaries of such district will be benefited by the construction of the proposed improvements, and that the proposed improvements are feasible and practicable, and that all property in such district will be benefited thereby in an amount greater than the cost of the proposed improvements. 7. We request that for the purposes of Section 3 of Chapter 167 aforesaid, the district be divided into 7 divistions, which divistions are marked, designated and outlined on Exhibit A, which is attached hereto. 8. We estimate that the probable cost of the organization of such district is $2500.00 and we state that we have secured and are accompanying this petition by a good and sufficient bond in double said amount conditioned that the bondsmen will pay all costs of the organization of such district in case its organization shall not be affected. WEREFORE, we pray the Board of County Commissioners proceed to hold the hearing on this petition required by law and do all things necessary to the organization of such district and after the holding of such hearing, create such district for the purposes hereinabove set forth with all of the powers and privileges now or hereafter granted and permitted by law. WITNESS our respective signatures: NAME ADDRESS