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University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) 41st commencement program







Commencement program from University of Nevada, Las Vegas Commencement Programs and Graduation Lists (UA-00115).

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man001136. University of Nevada, Las Vegas Commencement Programs and Graduation Lists, 1953-2021. UA-00115. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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9:00 a.m. Ceremony
College of Business
Howard R.
E Harrah College of Wtel
2:00 p.m. Ceremony
VMiam S. Boyd
College of Fine Arts
DiviSn of Health
College of Sciences
Prelude music by the UNLV Symphonic Winds
William Woodworth and Greg Sinclair, Graduate Teaching Assistants
Cause For Celebration I William Hines
Marching Song of Democracy - Percy Grainger
Divertimento for Band Op. 42 - Vincent Persichetti
Symphonic Suite I Clifton Williams
Carol C. Harter, President
Fred Albrecht, Vice President for University and Community Relations
Paul Ferguson, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies
Rebecca Mills, Vice President for Student Life
Richard Flaherty, Business
Gene Hall, Education
Stuart Nfann, Hotel Administration
Kenneth Marks, University Libraries
Stephen Rosenbaum, Honors College
Martha Watson, Urban Affairs
Richard Curry, Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs
Stavros Anthony, Chair
Thalia Dondero
Douglas Roman Hill
Thomas E. Kirkpatrick
Jack Lund Schofield
Douglas Seastrand
Bret Whipple
h > iversity of Nevada, Las Vegas.
Guests of graduates will not be allowed on the floor of the Thomas & Mack Center during Commencement.
If you would like to order photographs, contact your graduate for proofs and ordering information.
2004 Commencement 1
Voluntary in C Major ................................................... Henry Purcell
Trumpet Tune in D Major .*David Johnson
Pomp and CircumstanceSir Edward Elgar
Dr. Paul 1 lesselink, Organ
America the BeautifulSamuel Ward, Arranged by Dragon/Dawson/LaBounty Lyrics by Katherine Lee Bates
Dr. Alfonse. Anderson, Tenor, UNLV Symphonic Winds • Anthony LaBounty, Conductor
INTRODUCTION OF PLATFORM GUESTS ........Dr. Carol C. Harter, President
GREETINGS Stavros Anthony, Chair
Board of Regents
Harry E. “Buster” Neel
ViK Chancellor for Finance and Administration
CONFERRING OF DISTINGUISHED NEVADAN AWARDS ..........................Stavros Anthony and President Harter
SiegfriS and Roy Horn Michael Kinnaird
M. Kent “Tim” Hafen Jerry Tarkanian
CLASS 011004 PROFILE President Harter
CONFERRING OF DEGREES ...President Harter and
Provost Raymond W. Alden III READERS
Mr. Phillip Burns Dr. Victor McGuire
Dr. Juanita Fan Dr. Rebecca Mills
UNLV ALMA MATER MusW by Eric Whitacre,
Orchestration by Anthony LaBounty Lyrics^by Robyn Lemon and Thomas Leslie
Jeanette Fontaine, Outstanding Graduating Senior in Music Performance UNLV Symphonic Winds • Anthony LaBounty, Conductor
..President Harter
Grand March in F
Felix Mendelssohn
Dr. Paul Hesselink, Organ
Dr. Sadanad Verma
2 2004 Commencement
Voluntary in C Major...................................................................................1 lejrry Purcell
Trumpet Tune in D Major....................................David Johnson
Pomp and CircumstanceSir Edward
Dr. Paul Hesselink, Organ
America the Beautiful.............................................................Samuel Ward, Arranged by Dragon/Dawson/LaBounty
Lyrics by Katherine Lee Bates
Dr. Alfonse Anderson, Tenor, UNLV Symphonic Winds • Anthony LaBounty, Conductor
INTRODUCTION OF PLATFORM GUESTS .....................................................................Dr. Carol C. Harter, President
GREETINGS............................................................................................................Kenny C. Guinn,
Stavros Anthony, Chair Board of Regents
Harry E, “Buster” Neel
Vice Chan®lor for Finance and Administration
MAY 2004 UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT SPEAKER ...........Melissa Beevers
MAY 2004 GRADUATE SPEAKER...... Sabrina Prud’homme
CONFERRING OF DISTINGUISHED NEVADAN AWARDS ..Stavros Anthony and President Harter Madison B. Graves II Glenn Schaeffer
Joyce Mack, Doctor of Laws Mikhail Gorbachev; Doctor of Laws (conferred on March 22,2004)
CONFERRING OF PRESIDENT’S MEDAL.................President
Lynn M. Bennett
CLASS OF 2004 PROFILE... President Harter
CONFERRING OF DEGREES...................................... President Harter and
ProvSt Alden
Mr. Nate Bynum • Dr. Juanita FairS* Dr. Joseph McCullough • Dr. Rebecca Mills
UNLV ALMA MATER Music M Eric Whitacre,
Orchestration by Anthony LaBounty Lyrics by Robyn Lemon and Thomas Leslie
Jeanette Fontaine, Outstanding Graduating Senior in Music Performance UNLV Symphonic Winds • Anthony LaBounty, Conductor
Grand March in F.....................................................................................Felix Mendelssohn
Dr. Paul Hesselink, Organ
GRAND MARSHAL • Dr. Felicia Campbell
2004 Commencement 3
Board of Regents of the University and Community College System of Nevada to recognize prominent individuals who
State of Nevada.
that contribute to the cultural, economic, scientific, or social advancement of Nevada and its people and for constructively the well-being of society. The recipient
provided very special and distinguished service to the presented to each honoree.
DISTINGUISHED PROFESSOR AWARD selecting an exceptional faculty member to hold the title of serious consideration of a highly select group of university
achieved national and international recognition in their
The Presidential Medallion is the official insignia of the other ceremonial occasions. UNLV’s Presidential Medallion the University of Nevada (CSUN) in 1973.
Nevada in sterling silver. Links of the chain are engraved office.
chapter of Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society are
senior class and the top 5 percent of the junior class in all academic disciplines.
juniors and seniors of all academic disciplines who have earned a 3.30 grade point average or higher. Graduating
and gold cord.
scholastic average at UNLV. A total of 101 medallions were he
at the time of the state’s centennial celebration i
he year of Nevada’s
degree who have earned 60 credits at UNLV and have a
students graduating from their college.
the top 1 percent of their college graduating class. Magna
the top 2 percent to 5 percent, and cum laude is bestowed
The designations in the commencement program for
cum laude, magna cum laude, or cum laude after their final
diplomas and final transcripts. The Honors College has
Inna Bashta, Departmental Honors, Summa Cum Laude
Beard, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
James Corney, University Honors
Summa Cum Laude
Stephanie Freer, Departmental Honors, Summa Cum Laude
Genevieve Generaux, Departmental Honors, Summa Cum
Angela George, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
4 2004
Magna Cum Laude
Amaia Guenaga, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Amanda jWgensenj
Natalie Melchiorre, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
David Menard,
Maria Diana Mu
Myklebust, I fcixtMmcrWMnrMi^WUMMMWn^
Adam Nakata, University Honors, Cum Laude
Abdul MuristanMllDDWWWi^^NmWW^S^^WM^I
Maja Obrenovic, University Honors/Departmental Honors,
Magna Cum Laude
MicnHas Orton, University Honors, Cum Laude
Michael Pandullo, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Lauren Pena
Summa Cum Laude
Elham Roohani, University Honors
Brandi Segura,
Bohong Slul^lSjnijSsiCTHi >n< >rs
Sherry Sin.uuW'-i i kij
Edw in So, University Honors, Cum Lai ide
Stephanie Strebel,
Corrin Sullivan,
Amy Young, University Honors
sion so colorful are part of an 800-year tradition. Academic bridge, Oxford, Paris, and Bologna. The gowns and hoods
an academic code of dress was adopted, and the standards nt a black robe, hood, and cap were accepted by most of the
Different types of black gowns may be distinguished in pointed sleeves; the masters’ gowns have oblong sleeves with with velvet and have bell-shaped sleeves with three bars of
The Oxford cap, the so-called mortarboard, is black and
i e
of study and the institution that conferred the degree.'
The University Mace, which has its traditions deeply rooted of the academic procession by the Grand Marshal, whose and its processes.
at one end, was used in warfare as late as the sixteenth
Ilk eicommv^
The UNLV Mace, cast by UNLV art professor emeritus process. Erik Gronborg’s design for the cubical head of the ing of the Statue of Liberty, a likeness of Renaissance scholar
The mace bearers today are Dr. Sadanand Verma, Professor of Mathematics, and Dr. Felicia Campbell, Professor of respectively.
the Millennium
the number of Nevada students who perform well in high
Nevada. Through the scholarship initiative, students who
continuation of the Millennium Scholarship at UNLV include maintaining at least a 2.6 cum iil.u i
age and the satisfactory completion of at least 12 credit hours
2004 Commencement 5
Lynn M. Bennett - President’s Medal
Lynn M. Bennett has long been known as an advocate for children and
late husband William G. Bennett, Mrs. Bennett has worked
with numerous donations to the William Bennett YMCA
Nevada. Mrs. Bennett was instrumental in
the Dewey Animal Shelter and the creation of the program
animals at no cost. The Bennetts have been generous
College of Education,
Professional Development Center and the Lynn Bennett
L\ nn Bennett
childhood educational services in an inclusive setting for
infant to kindergarten.
Madison B. Graves II - Distinguished Nevadan
to 1998, Madison B. Graves II served the State of Nevada system. His tenure on the one term as Board
in UNLV and worked during his tenure with the Board to
having on the university system, and UNLV in particular
to accommodate this growth. Mr. Graves also worked to
also has served the Las Vegas community through his
Ja,'Hbme Bi
was honored with a U.S. Senate Commendation Award for
Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn Distinguished Nevadans
Fischbacher and Roy Horn have performed nearly 5,000 1990. This sell-out show has attracted more than 10 million in economic activity for the city of Las Vegas. Throughout most popular and recognizable entertainers in Las Vegas, global awareness programs on behalf of endangered species oriented projects. Following the 9-11 attacks, Siegfried and donated proceeds from their performances to local Las Vegas following 9-11.
M. Kent "Tim" Hafen - Distinguished Nevadan
developers in Pahrump and owner of Pahrump Utilit y Company, M. Kent “Tim” Hafen served four terms as
(1966-1974). He served as speaker pro-tem, chairman of the
number c)f the Ways and
Mr. Hafen is past president and board member of both the
member and past chairman of
involved in numerous capacities for the town of Pahrump, the town
Planning committee. Mr. Hafen has received many honors
new elementary school in Pahrump be named in their honor.
6 2004 C
Michael Kinnaird - Distinguished Nevadan
School District in 1970 as a social studies teacher at Bridger
Jun ior er, he became the
later went on to become
Kinnaird served as principal of the Advanced Technologies
Technologies Academy High School, he guided the school
I s efforts led to the school achieving
publication entitled Reflections on Leadership by Nevada Administrators of Color in 1990. In 1996, he was awarded Nevada Secondary Principal of the Year followed by the
1998, Mr. Kinnaird was inducted into
ol Fame.
Glenn Schaeffer -? Distinguished Nevadan
Group, Glenn Schaeffer is the longest serving president and in gaming history. During his tenure, he has been vital to the set an depicted him as one of the top 10 corporate financiers in America. In 2000, Mr. Schaeffer founded the International institute that trains, promotes, translates, and - with its in Las Vegas and abroad, in alliance with
writers of imagination. The institute provides an annual or her homeland. Mr. Schaeffer endowed a chair in creative
Nobel Laureate
Joyce Mack - Honorary Doctorate of Laws
of the top athletic and entertainment venues in the country, Commencement ceremony. Together with her late husband, generosity and support to the community, and especially,
Mrs. Mack, along with the Thomas family, in support of the much-needed Thomas and Mack Legal Trustees and has been inducted into the UNLV Foundation millk>n dollar contributors. In 2001 she was recognized with the Hero Award from the Nevada
Nevada Institute of Contemporary Art and is a member of
Jerry Tarkanian - Distinguished Nevadan basketball for more than 40 years. He has coached at the levels. During his career he made 18 NCAA tournament the NBA, including 12 first-round selections. In 43 years as and has had the highest all-time career wins at the collegiate Rebel s for 19 years. During the 1989-1990 season, Mr. Championship w it h
1982, Mr. Tarkanian started the first academic advising his fifth-year scholarship program to allow players to stay finished his coaching career at his alma mater, Fresno State,
he remenff'i'iWMi^M
2004 CmmMHmM
Graduate College
Katherine Lankford Baker, English
Sondra K. Cosgrove, History
a 11-Patton, Sociology iK^tWR^niMA anson, English Kyle Brian Konold, Special Education
Catherine Doyle Lyons, Special Education
Nelse M. Ostlund, Psychology
Rachel Sheli Shinnar, Hopitality Administration Jason Paul Steed, English
Judith E. Terpstra, Special Education
Doctor oft Engineering
Jason Charles Viggato, Mechanical Engineering
Doctor of Education
Patricia Ann Green, Educational Leadership
Carlton R. Insley, Educational Leadership
Dennis Michael McLaughI
Mark Allen Rivero, Educational Leadership
Ar lie
Wanda Brister, Performance
Angela Allotta Brooker, Special Education
1 ema
Leota Tucker Idgunji, Special Education
Elizabeth Ohta, Special Education
Kelly Paolisso, Special Education
Bridget Kirsty Theakston, Special Education
Master of Architecture
Vincent Louis Esposito, Architecture
Justin W Lam, Architecture
Steven Southern Moore, Architecture
Ahtahschwin Rex Noble, Architecture
Alison Marie Warren, Architecture
Stacy Lois Beeson, Psychology
Melody Shurron Benton, Science
Becky L. Bruce, History
Summer J. Decker, Anthropology
Christina R. Drum. Ethics & Policy Studies
Hal S. Edwards, Criminal Justice Anthropology
Britt Johanna Hansen, Anthropology
Flora Studies
Judith A. Jason, Communication Studies oski, Psychology unication Studies
Lydell Lauro, Economics
Dennis M. Lay, History
I racy Liang, Science
Heather Ly nn Lusty, History
Alexander David May, Communication Studies
Megan Suzanne Milligan, Communication Studies
& Policy Studies
Tina FilKrenceL^lMliMRZWMMKMW^^W
Brandon Steven Park, Psychology
Josette Nicole Perrone, Communication Studies
Travis M. Pullen, Political Science
Hilarie Hicks Robison, Ethics & Policy Studies
Brian A. Roskoski, Economics
Gregory Paul Strauss, Psychology
Cecilia Araujo Turman, History
Shanna A. Donahue VanBuren, Political Science
8 2004 Commencement
Robert H. Vickrey, Communication Studies
Master of Administration
John Arfuso, Business Administration
Matthew Robert Buehler, Business Administration
Jia Ding, Business Administration
ness Administration ^M^uMMSMMUsK-anai. Business Administration
Frederick H.
Riikk-iMMNtakLWMHWWMMmWMM^B Mark Hen Lemon, M^W^Mdnu msEStiaB^M
Michael Moore, Business Administration
Clayton A. Paul, Business Administration
Sutassa Sangkawisit, Business Administration
B r i
Hua Wang, Business Administration
John T. Windon, Business Administration
r Master of Education
Amy Addante, Educational Psychology
Jeff Glenn Arvizu, Instructional & Curricular Studies Baird, Special Education
Juliann Marie Barron, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Vanelda A. Bratt, Special Education
Aaron Thomas Bronson, Educational Leadership
Butera, Educational Leadership
Elizabeth Capozzi, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Nicole S. Carter, Health Promotion
Erin Chappell, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Man Yin
Matthew John Chigas, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Kelly Colleen O’Rourke Cruz, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Dennis M. Crine, Physical Education
Tom L. Dahlgren, Instructional & Curricular Studies Jeffrey M. Dalton, Educational Leadership
Nicole Jolie Davis, Special Education
Tricia Lynn Deley, Educational Leadership
Laura Jean Dickensheets, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Phillip W. Dodge, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Jeff Matthew Downs, Educational Leadership
Kelly A. Epperson, Educational Leadership
Andrew D. Espinda, Educational Leadership
Lisa Marie Fazio, Educational Psychology
Leigh A. Filipazzo, Educational Leadership
Sue G. Fullmer, Educational Leadership
Shannon Lindsay Gallagher, Special Education
Bobbi Dene Gardner, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Cassandra Gentry, Educational Leadership
Elizabeth Kellam Goodman, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Kathy M. Grant, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Lynda Faye Hamilton, Physical Education
Carolyn M. Harbour, Special Education
R. Harris, Educational Psychology
Mendy Melena Henry, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Betty L. Hiller, E
Gerald Brian Hinkley, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Victoria A. Howell, Educational Leadership
Ashley Christine 1 som, Instructional & Curricular Studies
J. Larry Jack, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Jona Macale Johnson, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Wynona Raye Karriman, Speci
Hyungsuk Kim, Health Promotion
Heather Elizabeth Kocinski, Educational Leadership
Rebecca Ladd-Johnson, Special Education
2004 nt g9
Kelly Jo Latham, Instructional & Curricular Studies Christie LeBeau, Health Promotion
Raymond A. LeBoeuf Jr., Educational Leadership Sarah Benedict Ledon, Instructional & Curricular Studies Wendy Cristine Lesage, Educational Psychology Tiffany Lynn Lewis, Instructional & Curricular Studies Jill Littlefield, Instructional & Curricular Studies Tamatha Macedo-Naftaly, Special Education
Jennifer J, Maggio, Instructional & Curricular Studies Lynn Brings Light Manning, Educational Leadership Louis J. Markouzis, Physical Education
Katherine Elizabeth Martin, Health Promotion Joanna Martino, Instructional & Curricular Studies Tania N. Mason, Instructional & Curricular Studies Andrea C. May, Instructional & Curricular Studies Deborah A. May, Instructional & Curricular Studies Sylvia Marie Mayers, Special Education Tara Marie McAdorey, Health Promotion
Macaela Lee McClure, Instructional & Curricular Studies Delores J. McInnis, Instructional & Curricular Studies Nathan Oliver Miller, Educational Leadership Judith M. Milligan, Instructional & Curricular Studies Brandon L. Moeller, Educational Leadership Michele L. Monaco, Educational Leadership Mark G. Montano, Special Education
Jennifer Dawn Moore, Instructional & Curricular Studies Morgan McKay Murdock, Educational Leadership Kristi Lyn Neeleman, Instructional & Curricular Studies Deborah L Nevius, Instructional & Curricular Studies Stacey Newman, Special Education
Heidi Nichols Doxey, Educational Leadership Sarah Kay Nishikawa, Educational Leadership Caroline R. Northrup, Health Promotion Lisa Rizzuto O’Keefe, Educational Leadership Kari A. Ostermiller, Special Education Joanna M. Rovira Otis, Special Education Glen Thomas Owen, Instructional & Curricular Studies Susan M. Packard, Special Education
Irene Palamar, Instructional & Curricular Studies Brin Frances Parks, Instructional & Curricular Studies Todd Christian Petersen, Instructional & Curricular Studies Jaimie Ann Peterson, Instructional & Curricular Studies Vanessa Ericson Philippus, Instructional & Curricular Studies Nicholas Pinizzotto, Instructional & Curricular Studies Richard Kenneth Powell, Health Promotion
Eric Thomas Preston, Instructional & Curricular Studies Dolores Gutierrez Pruitt, Educational Leadership Glenn V. Pugh, Educational Leadership
Jason Thomas Rapoport, Educational Radership Kimberly Ann Reed, Instructional & Curricular Studies Wanda M. Renfrow, Educational Leadership Jason D. Reub, Instructional & Curricular Studies Teresita Rios-Conde, Instructional & Curricular Studies Stephanie Yvette Hood Ritz, Instructional & Curricular Studies Allison Alexandra Robinson, Health Promotion
Jennifer Adele Rowland, Instructional & Curricular Studies Lisa Marie Sajna, Special Education
Terese Carol Saulski, Instructional & Curricular Studies Aileen Schwartz, Instructional & Curricular Studies Carolyn M. Schwitters, Special Education Robyn Marie Shea, Health Promotion
Gillian Justine Sherwood, Instructional & Curricular Studies Bruce Shocket, Instructional & Curricular Studies Rory Brown Sipp, Educational Leadership
Norman E. Smith, Instructional & Curricular Studies Sherrie Jane Smith, Secondary, Postsecondary & Vocational Education
Vicki Elizabeth Smith, Instructional & Curricular Studies Renetta M. Stevens, Special Education
Monica Ann Stone, Instructional & Curricular Studies Colin Matthew Sully, Instructional & Curricular Studies Vivian Jane Tapia, Instructional & Curricular Studies Dorothy Janine Taylor, Instructional & Curricular Studies Deborah Thaggard, Instructional & Curricular Studies Matthew Totaro, Instructional & Curricular Studies Valerie Ann Tucker, Educational Psychology Joseph Arturo J. Uy, Educational Leadership Dawn Marie Vier, Instructional & Curricular Studies Cynthia Spilker Villafuerte, Special Education Tracy L. Viscosi, Educational Leadership Kylie Wade, Instructional & Curricular Studies Ouiza N. Weber, Educational Psychology Brian Eli Weems, Physical Education Kristin A. Weidlein, Educational Leadership
Desiree Yvette Weston, Instructional & Curricular Studies Sean Stephen Whisler, Educational Leadership Jack Dean Whitefoot, Instructional & Curricular Studies Ann Michele Murphy Widmeyer, Instructional & Curricular Studies Christina K. Wilkins, Instructional & Curricular Studies Mary Anne Willequer, Educational Leadership Abe Williams Jr., Educational Leadership Yerie Roschone Williams, Health Promotion Michelle L. Wooldridge, Education Leadership Rebecca Lynn Wright, Special Education Erica Margaret Yanez, Special Education Andre D. Yates, Educational Leadership Dean Yin, Educational Leadership Ilene J. Zavat, Health Promotion
Master of Fine Arts
Jessica Dawn Betts, Theatre Arts Sean C. Boyd, Theatre Arts Susanne Irene Burns, Theatre Arts Maggie Chapin, Theatre Arts Paul Edward Finocchiaro, Theatre Arts Andrea Rose Gregovich, Creative Writing Julie Ann Heaton, Theatre Arts James Hough, Art
Dan lonascu, Creative Writing Carrie Lynn Jenkins, Art Dawn Elizabeth Larkey, Theatre Arts Adam Stuart Littman, Theatre Arts James Cory Ness, Creative Writing Han P. Quek, Creative Writing Ricardo Reyna Jr., Screenwriting JeriLyn Dawn Salvo, Screenwriting Jonathan E. Shultz, Theatre Arts Sean Michael Slattery, Art Bryant Jonathan Turnage, Theatre Arts Tywayne B. Wheatt, Theatre Arts
Master of Hospitality Administration
Julie Ann Price, Hospitality Administration
10 2004 Commencement
Master of Music
Rodney Antonio Arnett, Music Cheryl Baker, Music Spencer J. Baker, Music Kasey Jay Carmody, Music Jennifer Jean Flegel, Music Claudia Bessette Goetz, Music Christina Joy Hadley, Music Daniel Wayne Johnson, Music Richard Allen Kaminski, Music Craig W. Lewis, Music Victoria Busk Ligon, Music Xin Mai, Music Sean McCone, Music Maribel Lineros Pluenneke, Music Emily Slade, Music Lukas Swidzinski, Music Kathleen Ruth Turner, Music Yasuko Ueda, Music
Master of Public Administration
Ellen Jean Anderson, Public Administration Steven F. Farshid, Public Administration Gayle Mathis Hornaday, Public Administration Scott Edward Jelinek, Public Administration Christophe James Jones, Public Administration Salome Kidele Kapella, Public Administration Erick Eleazar Medina, Public Administration R. Kent Miles, Public Administration London R. Porter, Public Administration Lynda Christine Portice, Public Administration Jorma Liane Sansom, Public Administration Grayson J. Soukup, Public Administration Jill Shanelle Steinhouse, Public Administration Christina Ilene Fincher Twelves, Public Administration Sherese Marie Warren, Public Administration Wendi Lynn Whitteker, Public Administration
Master of Science
Eric R. Akiyama, Accountancy Malika Baghzouz, Biological Sciences Sandra L. Barnes, Accountancy Julie Anne Bertoia, Chemistry Mary L. Bonine, Biological Sciences Juanita Margaret Buck, Counseling Cheong Donald Chan, Accountancy Pui Yu Peggy Chung, Accountancy Sasha Lynne Decania, Counseling Jack F. Degree, Accountancy Tammy A. Diaz, Geoscience Anna Corrine Draa, Geoscience Daniel E. Ezekwudo, Chemistry
Ashley Jennifer Forgey, Educational Psychology Eric Fossett, Geoscience
Andrea N. Golli, Environmental Science Yuri V. Graves, Environmental Science Lisa Ann Grew, Physics
Todd M, Haushalte®Iotel Administration Christine Therese Herndon, Environmental Science Sam Mark Hudson, Geoscience
Christy Huntsman, Special Education
Deborah Jean Kargard, Accountancy
Suhas Sampatrao Karke, Construction Management Kihun Kim, Hotel Administration
Jeremy E. Koonce, Water Resources Management Timothy Moe Bun Lam, Hotel Administration Suna Lee, Hotel Administration
Jared D. Lubben, Geoscience
Catherine Anne Lytle, Counseling
Peter J. Manna III, Instructional & Curricular Studies Nairne Medina, Special Education
Shannon S. Okada, Hotel Administration
Huailian Pan, Special Education
Anthony Michael Parsons, Accountancy Gregory Scott Ramin, Hotel Administration Deanna Christine Rule, Educational Psychology Deanna Nicole Russell, Counseling
Scott David Russell, Accountancy
Daniel Samaila, Chemistry
Kala M. Sathappan, Mathematical Sciences
Yayun Song, Health Physics
Elizabeth Kay Stickney, Geoscience
Tomeka R. Sullivan, Educational Psychology Robert Von Taylor, Hotel Administration Chun Wan, Accountancy
Zhuo Joel Wang, Hotel Administration Courtney E. Wenleder, Accountancy Hao Wu, Accountancy
Christopher E. Zakrzewski, Hotel Administration Qin Zhang, Mathematical Sciences
Jonathan George Zybala, Geoscience
Master of Science in Computer Science
Natasa Brajkovska, Computer Science Yan Chen, Computer Science
Ramzi Wasef FJ-Khater, Computer Science
Supriya Kamaraju, Computer Science Oksana Kubushyna, Computer Science Xiaojun Liang, Computer Science Preethi Linga, Computer Science
Isai Arasu Marichamy, Computer Science Douglas Scott Price, Computer Science Venkatakrishnan Trichy Ramasubramanian, Computer Science Hong Zhang, Computer Science
Master of Science in Engineering
Kety MJ. Allred, Civil & Environmental Engineering Phillip T. Bury, Civil & Environmental Engineering Kaniz Fatema, Civil & Environmental Engineering Gerald Grant Gunny, Civil & Environmental Engineering Fabiola D. Icasiano, Mechanical Engineering
Dong Kwan Lee, Mechanical Engineering Tsung-Han Lin, Mechanical Engineering Isaac Y. Mahderekal, Mechanical Engineering Kondala Rao Mantri, Civil & Environmental Engineering Thomas Anthony Misiak, Civil & Environmental Engineering Ahmed Kamal Abdel Fattah Moustafa, Mechanical Engineering Michael J. Mullin, Mechanical Engineering
Georges Nader, Civil & Environmental Engineering Venu Parimi, Civil & Environmental Engineering Bharat Reddy Pemmireddy, Electrical Engineering
Kongkeo Diane Phomninh, Civil & Environmental Engineering
2004 Commencement 11
David Christopher Swallow, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Tan, Mechanical Engineering
Wiesner, Civil & Environmental Engineering Erik J.
peering Jean-Paul Woyton, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Master of Science in
Delilah Susanne More, Exercise Physiology
Tracey Alyson Bargas, Kinesiology
Leland Samuel Hanson, Kinesiology
Aaron Tatum R
David Tomchuk, Kinesiology
Master of Science in Therapy
Maria Louise Curtis, Physical Therapy
h crapy "
Stephanie O’Neil Vanzandt, Physical Therapy
^^^teHo^^W^Win Sport 8c Leisure Studies
Monica Hope Gregory, Sport & Leisure Services Management
Benjamin E. Mazal, Sport & Leisure Services Management Jillian Leigh McNiff, Sport & Leisure Services Management
Suzi Alicia Scott, Sport & Leisure Services Management Misty Ann Spencer, Sport & Leisure Services Management
Lev Alexander Tambor, Sport & Leisure Services Management
mvi asteMairocial Work
Lorea Arostegui Zirkle, Social Work
Stacy Marie Bart, Social Work
Constance Jeanine Brooks, Social Work
Eric Nathan Call, Social Work
Diana Daimon, Social Work
Scott De Selle, Social Work
Anya Lynne Hillstead Earl, Social Work
Shana-Lee Flame Ewing, Social Work
Launa Katrelle Hall, Social Work
Megan K. Harshbarger, Social Work
Perris Yvette Kent, Social Work
Kevin C. Liu, Social Work
Maria Esther Madrid, Social Work d athryn I. Curry Manard, Social Work
a rti
Julie Uba
Sonia Maturana, Social Work
Martha A. Morgan, Social Work
Nicole Chuckaline O’Hartz, Social Work
Rianne Kay Padilla, Social Work
Scott M. Rasmussen, Social Work
Melinda S. Rhoades, Social 'Work Marci R. Roiter, Social Work Rochelle Saludes, Social Work i fcGKcaaTOL'M^^alliamr k Salvadora A. Schulte, Social Work
Michelle Sherman, Social Work
Lora J. Watkins, Social Work
Cindy Lynette Young, Social Work
William S. Boyd School of Law
Juris Doctorate
Jared Bryan Anderson
Brooke Allison Bohlke Santino Christian Bonaventure
John Clifford Brown
Adam Kyle Bult Kevin M. Bumstead
Dina M. Christiansen
Shelly Booth Cooley
Nicholas Daniel Crosby
Janis Kay Dearman
12 2004 CWmencement
Colt B. Dodrill
Richard L. Doxey
Scott David Forbes
Zachary Anton Fritz
Gilbert Rojas Garcia
Kristen R
Christopher Francis Geiger
John G. George
Kimball Clayton Hakes Kafhleen Michelle Hamers
Larry Dale Hankins
Nancy R. Harkess Soheila Nazarian Harouni
Dale Alan Hayes Jr.
Christopher E. Jones
Shawn E. Alexandria Jones
WilliamjMicliael Kapalka
Jayant S. Karmarkar
Rebecca Kern
Scott Allen Knight
WWtM Lynn Lanzkowsky
Algirdas Mykolas Leskys
Akke Levin
Jennifer Nicole Lustig
William Jacob Merback
Joseph John Mugan
vsMDkMw n Neff
Christine Marie Owen
Clark W. Patrick
Cami Marie Perkins
Jonathan L. Powell
Vivienne Rakowsky
Sandra Paola Gwinn Rebolledo
James Harlan Robison
Rygg III
Jennifer Gloria Sandoval
Judy Matteuci Sheldrew
William W. Simmons
Ben j
Jeffrey Markham Skov
Kelly Marie Smith
Lisa Ann Stassi
Andrea Georgette Swift
Gregory Rex Thompson
Michael Bertel Viellion
Michael Jeffrey Watson
Henry G. Wilks
rances Wi I h, i ms
Anthony Mark Wright
Colkge of Business
College reception following Commencement
Thomas & Mack Center - Board Room
Michael A. Atherley, Economics
Jay B. Brow n Jr., Economics (Magna Cum Laude)
Michael L. Davies, Economics (Summa Cum Laude) University
Maverick C. Freilinger, Economics (Cum Laude) University
Jamie Johnson, Economics
John L. Ligon, Economics
Bachelor ofU^ENKMii Business Administration
Agazi Abebe, Management Information Systems
Lavonna Monique Adams, Finance-Managerial Finance
Lisa Nasrin Afroze, Management Information Systems
Etsegenet A. Alemu, Accounting
Paul D. Allen Jr., Management
Victorina Jessica Almeida, Finance-Managerial Finance
Jose A. Aruiza, Finance-Managerial Finance
■2QQ4«sbmmencement 13
Abiola O. Fapohunda Atobatele, Accounting
Anne M. Aznarez, Marketing
Cari C. Baalman, Management Information Systems
Christine E Backman, Marketing
Human Resources Management
I rehner Baldwin, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Jim Leslie Bandy III, Management
Yana S. Barinova, Accounting
Veronica Becerra, Accounting
Angel Beltran III, Management Information Systems
Aaron K. Bird, Management
Garret L. Boivie, Accounting
Diana M. Bradasch, International Business
Robert W. Branch, Management Information Systems
Tatyana Brown, Economics
Jay Daniel Bullard, Accounting
Frances Ann Butvich, Human Resources Management
Ryan S. Cable, Management
Julia M. Capano, Management-Supply Chain Management
Marlen Carrasco, Finance-Financial Services
Maria Castillo, Management
Azucena Chaidez, Accounting
Nathan Scott Chambers, Management
Matthew Daulton Channel, International Business
J. Chavez, Accounting
Serene Chomsavee, Finance
Anna Sylvia Chudoba, Management
Derek S. Cogan, Management
Maria Shelley Aldas Colon, Management
Jennifer Lee Copeland, Management
Noel Corral, Management Information Systems
Fritz Martin Coscolluela, Accounting
Jeremy Ryan Cowan, Human Resources Management
Christina Brandi Crouch, Management
Jasmine N. Danner, Management
Melissa E Davis, Marketing
Syndiee Lee Delk, Accounting
David Lang DeMarco, Finance-Financial Services
Human Resources Management
Dana M. Dingee Jr., Management Information Systems
Deanna M. Doria, Marketing
Tyler T. Drake, Real Estate
Iboro Ekpoudia, Marketing
Deborah Ann Elkins, Accounting
William R. Erskine III, Finance
Jerry W. Ewell, Management Information Systems
Erwin Glenn Macaraig Ferrer, Management anagan, Finance
JR’ic h ard A. Friesz, Finance-Financial Ser vices
Marsha Renee Sewell Garcia, Management
Aaron Mark Geller, Accounting
Angela George, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude) University
Stacie LynnGerlock,Accounting
Jenn ifer Giaco, Finance
Abiselom Teferra Gizachew, International Business Samuelson M. Go, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
Sheila Lorraine Gomez, Accounting
Thomas Andrew Graham, Finance ng «
Jennifer L. Griffith, Human Resources Management
Joshua David Hainsworth, Finance
Shiaw-Shian Han, Finance
Hiroko Hashimoto, Accounting
Maribel Jaramillo Hernandez, Management
Ishan H. Hettiarachchi, Management Information Systems
Brian P. Higgins, Management
Stuart Otoshi Ho, Management Information Systems
Adam J. Howard, Management
Greg B. Hulett, Real Estate
Finance-Managerial Finance
Hung, Accounting
Chang Hyok Ignacio, Management
Lacie L. Jackson, Marketing
Courtney L. Jantz, Marketing
Alisha M. Jipson, Accounting (Cum Laude)
>ku, Management
David Alexander Kallao, N
Tiffany Raney, Marketing
Young I.
Jin-Young Kee, Accounting
Jennifer Corey Kern, Marketing
Finance-Managerial Finance
tSu miWikna n
Scott K. Kingham, Accounting
Robyn A. Kobayashi, Management
Shannon R. Krumick, Management Information Systems
Vanessa Lapena Kruz, International Business r ze min s
Mandalei Marie Kuhn, International Business
Todd Michael Lange, Marketing
Stephanie A. Lau, Management Information Systems
Kyong-He Leary, Fina
Robert A. Leavitt, Accounting
Jenny M.
Kelly J. Lobeck, Finance-Financial Services
RA ma
Barry T. Lockhart, Marketing
Elizabeth Ann Londot, Accounting
Melissa A. Madrigal, Management
Alexander Manakov, Finance-Financial Services e th
Jason E. Mann, Management Information Systems
Dorothy A. Marsili, Management
Jason G. Mathews, Finance-Financial Services
Chris Mark Maxwell, Management (Magna Cum Laude)
David W. McAllister, Accounting
Michelle Denise McDonald, Management Information Systems 111nan Resources Management
Joshlynn Alberta McDowell, Accounting
Melisa Mederos, International Business
University Honors Scholar
Joel Matthew Menendez, Management Information Systems
Nicolas C. Mesco, Management, University Honors Scholar
Dana Elaine Minagil, Accounting
Tricia Haunani Mei Lin Mita, Management
Royi Moas, International Business (Magna Cum Laude)
Rayna M. Moise, Accounting
Carla J. Moore, Management
al Business
Dwayne A. Murray, Accounting
I r iforma tion Sy stems Needham, International Business
Michael M. Nelsen, Finance-Financial Services
Paul Nicolas Nihiser, Finance
Alyson R. Noble, Finance
Duane David Oakes, Real Estate
Department Honors Scholar
Yasuko Okumura, Accounting
formation Systems
Aivelhyn O. Palaroan, Human Resources Management Holly Lee Palser, Accounting
Jason William Parris, Finance-Financial Services
Marty eting
Brian C. Peart, Marketing
James E. Pettit Jr., Marketing
Barbara B. Phillips, Management Information Systems
Candice M. Pietrafeso, Marketing
Delsi Dawn Plummer, Accounting
Olivia Ch
Kim be rly A. Pratt, Human Resources Management
Namphol Puntuwongsa, Finance-Managerial Finance Putman, Accounting
Matt David Ray, Finance-Managerial Finance
ional Business
I luman Resources Management
Allison Marie Reynolds, Marketing
Byron Keith Richardson, Management
Timothy G. Rivera, Finance
Skye Marie Robino, Marketing (Cum Laude)
Marisa Rodriguez, International Business
Patty Patsaporn Rotroxsa, Accounting
Patty Patsaporn Rotroxsa, International Business
Hanan Safieddine, Management Information Systems
Robert J. Sandhu, J inance
Igor Sarik, Finance
Frank M. Schnapf Jr., Finance-Financial Services
Diana B. Scott, Finance
Irene Marie Sereno, Accounting
Chinam Seto, Management Information Systems
Joshua N. Shamai, Management
r i
MaT|il 1H rra aemtS
Bo-Hong Shih, Finance University Honors Scholar
Nelli Shnayder, Management
Rita H. Simon, Management
Heidi rketing
Justin William Smerber, Economics
WWWIM^Mm i tlWTl aryet in^^B
Brian J. Solomon, Finance
DH < >11
Harry l Information Systems
Jennifer L. Stadtlander, Accounting
Scott J. Stater, Management Information Systems
Joel Richard Suguitan, Finance-Financial Services
Jeremy J. Summers, Marketing
B^S^^SA^eefen|pXwi^aietWtS<m^^a^^snm^M Amber Nichole Thorpe, International Business
Marketing (Magna Cum Laude)
i vices
Kelly A. Toyama, Management Information Systems
> n
\ a rc(5gjM anagembh^
Juan P. Vielma, Management-Supply Chain Management
Villaluna, Accounting
Erica M. Villanueva, Finance TheW sa Annie Vo, Management MLWMiM^^^W^MMmrlmtinL^I
Douglas Ryan Watson, Finance-Financial Services * Donnie R. Watts, Management
Jr., Management
WWWUAWX hitsel 1 Sr., Human Resources Management
I ).i
Amber MicheRAWWMNWWWcononiics (Cum Laude)
Kristin Lea Williams, Human Resources Management
Mary Rose Wilson, Accounting
Jae Y. Woo, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
Chad Takaesu Yamada, Finance-Financial Services
Craig Yamaoka, Finance
16 2004f£ommencement
Nathan Matthew Young, Marketing
Sasha M. Zeedyk, Economics (Cum Laude)
tS'usWilA. Zie
David M. Zygmont, Finance-Managerial Finance
College of Education
College reception following Commencement Thomas & Mack Center - Concourse
Bachelor of Arts in Education
Batton, Elementary Education
Ryan Carque, Secondary Education
Ernestine Z. Escalante, Elementary Education
Brian A. Kahre, Secondary Education
Lizeth Mejorado, Secondary Education
Jennifer Raye Moore, Elementary Education
Halie Ann Peterson, Secondary Education
Jennifer V. Ranney, Elementary Education
Stefanie Lynn Sauntman, Elementary Education
Sara M. Vasquez, Elementary Education
Bachelor of Science
Jessica D. Baker, Early Childhood Education
Teresa Gail Cain, Early Childhood Education
Jana Leigh Clark,
Ginger L. Davis-Merritt, Early Childhood Education
Vanessa P. Garbutt, Health Education-Community
Jayme Elizabeth Green, Early Childhood Education
Landaz Guanlao, Early Childhood Education Hansen,
Tamar a L. Hartley, Early Ch 11 d hood Education
Sharmetta D.
Gregory Edward James, Physical Education
Joseph Mercado Kloeckner, Physical Education Physical Education
Casey Elizabeth Lektorich, Physical Education
u n mj
Andrew Bradley McCulloch, Physical Education
Christopher Owen Monette, Physical Education
Iss i u c atio n
Genevieve Ann Orris, Physical Education
Delia Alyce Panici, Early Childhood Education
Lauren Elizabeth
Hoai-My T. Winder, Physical Education WUMMW^bMWM^c. Physical Education
Bachelor of Science in Education
Linda Penny Perryman Allen, Elementary Education iBaTliaMBMgtSlmamllsJWira'm^^'ereSt ion "»■
Brenda G. Armstrong, Special Education
Kathy A. Arwine, Elementary Education
Michele Emily Aurelio, Elementary Education
Rachel Alison Barajas, Secondary Education
Heidi R. Barney, Elementary Education
1 -Ed ucation
Michael James Bauder, Ele inentary Education
Heather Raye Bennett, Elementary Education
Melissa Rae Berger, Elementary Education
Brooke Beth Bonney, Elementary Education oelliker Bor sella, Elementary Education
Shar<>n S. Sherman Brooks, Workforce Education
Ro se
Denise Marie Butz, Elementary Education
Nicole 1 ee Carter, Elementary Education
Consuelo Clavijo, Elementary Education
Christine Ann Colussy, Elementary Education
2004 CommenGemenF 17
Rosa A. Contreras, Elementary Education
Brian L. Cooley, Elementary Education
Lucie M. Cooper, Special Education
Diana Lynne Deal, Elementary Education
n, Elementary Education
Olivia Marie DiMartini-Ahammer, Elementary Education
Picholo Ballon Dulay, Secondary Education
Erin Egertson, Elementary Education
Erik D. Fabre, Postsecondary & Adult Education
Tara Lynn Ferro, Secondary Education (Cum Laude)
Angelique April
Erin G. Frisby, Elementary Education
L. Fuson, Elementary Education
Vanessa Galvan, I kt ternary Education
Ciara C. Galvin, Special Education
Cheryl Giarmo, Elementary Education
Deborah J. Gifford, Special Education
Megan Jeanne Glanfield, Secondary Education
Shane Cory Goffstein, Elementary Education
Laude) University and Department Honors Scholar
Debrah Rae Goldman, Special Education
Kelly Christine Goodall, Elementary Education
Carla Lynnette Green, Special Education
Stacey Lynn Guck, Elementary Education
Amanda C. Hagen, Elementary Education
Brooke A. Hahn, Elementary Education
Angelique A la rie Ham i 1
Kimberly T. Ha rri s<
Adam Wayne Hathaway, Elementary Education
Suzanne X try Education
Emi I y - R. Hert, Elementary Education
Daniel Paul Hinojos, Secondary Education iJmHmu y Education
Michaela Jahr, Elementary Education
January, Elementary Education
Sarah Joy Johnson, Secondary Education
lementary Education
Christine A1. Kachnik, Secondary Education
Debbie C. Kimura, Elementary Education
Melissa L. Kirkpatrick, Elementary Education
Kristi Lynn Kruse, Elementary Education
W^MDAyAjD^sDFl ementary Education
Elementary Education
Elementary Education
Roxanne E. Lennon,
Anne Lomelo, Elementary Education
Brian Matthew Lowery, Secondary Education
Angelene Manning, Elementary Education
Crystal Jean McConnell, Elementary Education
Jessica M. McQuillan, Elementary Education
Monica Messologitis, Elementary Education
Melody Ann Meyers, Elementary Education
Gina Lea Miller, Elementary Education
Curtis Brock Mitchell, Secondary Education
Adrianne Lynnette Moses, Elementary Education
Mina Naziri, Elementary Education
Miadora Luisa Genevieve Nelson, Elementary Education
Deniece N. Nicolas, Elementary Education
i n
Kristi Amber Moyer O’Donnell, Elementary Education
Samantha M.
Anthony E. Orsini, Elementary Education
Jennifer S.
Sara Lorraine Owens, Elementary Education
18 2004 Commencement
Joanne Xladarasz^raKRElemenm^vL^IuMm^^W
Elena XiWreslll^MfemenmH^^^^^^^^^
Elysia A. Prieto, Elementary Education
pIodi^MWD^vecial Education
Beth Ralston, Elementary Educ^^^^
Sherrill Lynn Bell Rasmussen, Workforce Education
WHMifZTBq R edd.^MUN^M>^W»WW^^
Rond M^a^A^^^W^WWWWlrm8»F
Brian Rehfeldt, Secondary Education (Cum Laude)
Laurie E. Rice, Elementary Education ^^^^^M.iddlMS_cc<
Josephine Soledad Robles, Elementary Education
Vincent I<os’ati^^^Sai^^PmSSOT^M
Christine MW8WMMMM lei nentary Education
Tara J. Schnitzer, Special Education
David ,
SheriAnn llvtenmNsJimaLakM. Elementary Education
Jasmine Arlene Shutt, Elementary Education
Shanna P. Silva, Workforce Education
Heather Ft Speaklu«!i ri
Cheryl Louise Spezzi, Elementary Education
Steele, Elementary Education ^^MVlVteme^ Elementary Education
Calene A1. Stewart, Elementary Education iGhristi na ucation
Lara Dionne Greene Stonesifer, Elementary Education
entary Education
Heather R. Sut herI a n
Audrey May Taylor, Special Education
Thesing, Elementary Education
Pamela Virginia Thorson, Elementary Education
Jenny Marie Valdez, Secondary Education
Morgan Michele Vollmer, Elementary Education
Dennis Maurice Washington, Elementary Education jEaM^^Efvet^^'elj'lafcpe^a'lfEaaSTOM^M BI
LK<irtnilK“aeBXjF?n> n, El emen tary Education
Emily Anne Wheeless, Secondary Education
u cation
Kevin Lynn Williams, Secondary Education
Elementary Education
Tiffany Leigh
Kimberly G. Wolfe, Elementary Education
Tierra N. Education
Necole Leslie Zemp, Elementary Education
Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering
College reception following Commencement Thomas T. Beam Engineering Complex - Great Hall
Bachelor of Arts
Anthony Robert Giordano, Gomputer Science
Wen-Hsia Wang, Computer Science
Bachelor of Science
Matthew C. Churchman, Computer Science
Charles Anthony Gillerson, Construction Management
Elizabeth Goodall, Computer Science
Richard Dale
Jin Yong Kim, Computer
Doyle Albert Martin III, (. '<
Kane M. McIntosh, Construction Management
Beha i 1
- Pa nesa r, Computer Science
Brad M. Schaffer, Construction Management
2004 Commencement 19
Nicholas John Scheib, Computer Science Edwin Charn-Wah So, Computer Science (Cum Laude) Paul Joseph Valen, Construction Management Patrick G. Wolf, Construction Management Kristina J. Wood, Construction Management
Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Christopher D.S. Ader, Civil Engineering Brett Phillip Barney, Electrical Engineering Sherron Lee Bell, Civil Engineering
Driss Benchekroun, Mechanical Engineering Roger Paul Boisselle Jr., Electrical Engineering Patricia A. Brock, Electrical Engineering Sandra D. Castro, Electrical Engineering David Kwokwai Chan, Electrical Engineering An M. Chung, Civil Engineering
James William Corney, Civil Engineering (Magna Cum Laude) Honors Scholar
Bryan Czerniakowski, Mechanical Engineering Woodbine Devonish, Mechanical Engineering Karina Diestra, Electrical Engineering Maria G. Estrada, Civil Engineering Jin Yip Eu, Electrical Engineering Willie Lee Belkins, Civil Engineering Anthony J. Fiti, Computer Engineering Marco Nicolas Furlan, Civil Engineering Isidro S. Gomez, Electrical Engineering Todd Eric Goshorn, Civil Engineering Karl Orlando Graham Jr., Civil Engineering Peter Hoang, Electrical Engineering
Nichole Celeste Rooks Horton, Civil Engineering Zheng Ji, Computer Engineering (Cum Laude) Stephen M. Jones, Civil Engineering Scott S. Kelderhouse, Mechanical Engineering Adanu I laile Kidane, Electrical Engineering Cindy J. Kinzer, Civil Engineering (Cum Laude) Marc Kenji Komatsu, Civil Engineering Richard Ngai-Hung Lee, Civil Engineering Gari Lea Lindsey, Civil Engineering Alexander Altino Markham, Civil Engineering Layne Matthew Maxfield, Electrical Engineering Joshua R. Mendenhall, Civil Engineering Adam fl Nakata, Electrical Engineering (Cum
University Honors Scholar Suzanne M. Newsom, Civil Engineering Jonathan K. Oba, Civil Engineering Yaseen Ali Qureshi, Civil Engineering Michael Wayne Rodrigues, Civil Engineering Brian David Ruegge, Civil Engineering Nicole Mary Scelsa, Civil Engineering Joseph Christopher Schmidt, Mechanical Engineering Chi-Ying Seto, Civil Engineering
Vance A. Skidmore, Civil Engineering Cuneyt Soylemez, Computer Engineering Benjamin Carl Taylor, Civil Engineering David A. Turner, Civil Engineering Mark C. Ulep, Civil Engineering
Sean A. Vallesteros, Electrical Engineering Michael Johnathan Walters, Computer Engineering Nicholas Charles Warnke, Civil Engineering
Jay C. Williams, Civil Engineering Nathanial Ray Wilson, Civil Engineering
College of Fine Arts
College reception following Commencement Alta Ham Fine Arts Building - Inner Courtyard
Bachelor of Arts
Elham Aghabala, Theatre Arts Dusti Luisa Banazzio, Film Yana S. Barinova, Art
Amber P. Beard, Art (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors Scholar
Amber P. Beard, Film (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors Scholar
Amber P. Beard, Theatre Arts (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors Scholar
Brooke Lee Benson, Dance
Richard Lance Bickerton, Film Steve Edwin Booth, Theatre Arts Grade Ann Buckner, Theatre Arts
Derek D. Bullard, Film
Benjamin Michael Campbell, Theatre (Cum Laude) Pamela Rose Castiglione, Art
Heidi Lynn Colkitt, Theatre Arts & Film Lora Ann Crammer, Art
Michael Larkin Creighton, Film Trina Coleen Dayley, Music Maylor Judith Denton-Pratt, Art Sherida Latriece Devine, Theatre Arts Derek Adam Douglas, Art
Bryan C. Elder, Art
Kenyon R. Elliott, Art
Douglas E. Emery, Film
Regan B. Engebretson, Art
Mundana Ess-Haghabadi, Theatre Arts Brandon R. Fleszar, Film
Abbey Christina Gardner, Theatre Arts
Dolores Anita McDonald Gardner, Art (Magna Cum Laude)H JoLynn Arm Geissler, Dance
Alexandra Jessica Goot, Art Benjamin Wade Goulart, Film Sarah Kymberly Goulder, Art Nicholas Meredith Groff, Film Brian C. Guinitaran, Film
Stephanie Dawn Hairgrove, Art
Kelly Anthony Hansen, Film (Cum Laude) University Honors Scholar
Devra Hess Hollis, Art
Robert D. Howard, Theatre Arts
Jeffrey Richard Hoyt, Film Sara Yoonji Hwang, Theatre Arts Da Mi Jeong, Art
Matthew Miles Klipper, Film
Kirsten Elizabeth Kuhn, Art History Darrick M. Kurihara, Art
Michel Joseph Landry II, Art
20 2004 Commencement
Crystal Chaundra Langdon, Dance Melissa Marie Larrabee, Dance Annikki Larsson, Theatre Arts
Louisa Karen Lawson, Theatre (Magna Cum Laude) Robert Felix Laxamana, Art Jason S. Lee-High, Art Celeste Lero, Theatre Arts Brian H. Lim, Art Andrea C. Lloyd, Art Giuseppina LoBaido, Art Damien E. Long, Theatre Arts Sean Christopher MacAdie, Film Donna Marie Machon, Dance Tracy Lynn Maenaka, Dance David E. Matthews, Film
Candice Lynn Nelson, Theatre Arts Petrina Olson, Dance Matthew M. Orlich, Art Craig Sean Palacios, Art History Robert J. Pruse, Film Judith Link Ruth, Film Benjamin E. Saikin, Film
Kevin William Saunders, Theatre Arts Cara N. Scarano, Film Mickey J. Sprott, Art
Micha Marie Stevens, Theatre Arts Cormac Kevin Sullivan, Art History Elise Emi Tanaka, Art
Matthew Lee Tennie, Theatre Arts Nathan Daniel Terry, Film Tara A. Thielke, Art History Marielle Steffen Thorne, Theatre Arts Christina Ann Traen, Art
Adriana Valencia-Kascher, Art History Hugo Villarreal, Art Anna Vishnevsky, Art
Bonny Kathryn Wentz, Dance Danielle Shanne Wesley, Film Peggy Evelyn Williams, Theatre Arts Darcy Mae Wright, Theatre Arts Tate Alexander Wright, Art Curtis W. Zwart, Theatre Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Tracy Michele Duran, Art Daniel Ray Garland, Art Gayle G. Jones, Art
Estelle Kutz, Dance (Magna Cum Laudejfl Natalie Soraya LaBellarte, Dance Michael T. Todoran, Art
Yuen F. Wong, Art Yuen F. Wong, Art History
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
David Lee Dang, Landscape Architecture Debora Diane Hahn, Landscape Architecture Elizabeth Susan Jones, Landscape Architecture Katrina Madsen, Landscape Architecture Harold C. Miller, Landscape Architecture Maureen T. O’Shea, Landscape Architecture
Bachelor of Music
Christopher Charles Beville, Music Jenny L. English, Music (Summa Cum Laude), H Renato Nardo Estacio, Music (Magna Cum Laude) Jeanette M. Fontaine, Music (Summa Cum Laude) Julian Ho Ting Lam, Music
Brian J. Marsh, Music
Marta Menendez-Pistiner, Music
Mary Elizabeth Meoli, Music
Mary Elizabeth Meoli, Music-Education
Daniel LeeRoy Owens, Music
Robert W. Rakich, Music
Nolan Ryan Stolz, Music-Composition (Cum Laude) Nolan Ryan Stolz, Music (Cum Laude) Robert J. Thalhuber, Music (Cum Laude)
Robert J. Thalhuber, Music EducationKum Laude)
Bachelor of Science
Marko Blagojevic, Architecture Jacob Slater Bunting, Architecture Vivian Vela Doctora, Architecture
Zerdan Navarro Dominguez, Architecture Steve Anthony Falardo, Architecture Yasunobu Kato, Architecture
Rieko Kawashima, Architecture
Mary Rose Lucy Kazarian, Architecture
Mayumi Koshiba, Architecture
Gustavo Alonso Lopez, Architecture Craig Sean Palacios, Architecture Steven F. Sporcic Jr., Architecture Cinthy Maribel StausflArchitecture Vasiliki Stavropoulos, Architecture
Division of Health Sciences
School of Health And Human Sciences
Bachelor of Science
Joel E. Abbott, Kinesiological Sciences
Sarah Danielle Ames, Fitness & Sports Management & Kinesiological Sciences
Aaron John Ashley, Kinesiological Sciences
David A. Baca, Athletic Training & Kinesiological Sciences Cum Laude)
Cynthia K. Bahr, Clinical Laboratory Sciences Keith Anthony Baldonado, Sports Injury Management Catherine E Baptista, Nutrition Sciences
Kenneth Vitan Bell, Kinesiological Sciences Dina R. Berson, Clinical Laboratory Sciences Serina Lynn Bidnick, Sports Injury Management Bliss Nicole Bolton, Sports Injury Management Thomas Mathew Bouck, Nuclear Medicine Anissa Sakinaa Brooks, Kinesiological Sciences Ron M. Cajala, Kinesiological Sciences Ryan J. Canada, Sports Injury Management
2004 Commencement 21
Alex Bernard Chen, Kinesiological Sciences
Lisa Ann Comastro, Kinesiological Sciences
Chantelle M. DeCroff, Sports Injury Management (Summa Cum
Justin L. Dennis, Fitness & Sports Management
Andrew Kelly Eddington, Kinesiological Sciences
Anna Marie A. Espinoza, Kinesiological Sciences
Na nnette Elaine Fader, Kinesiological Sciences
ip.r m Lande)
jtR’el I x£j
John Michael Hebert, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
rjq uez.
Stacy R. Henry, Kinesiological Sciences
Melissa T Johnson, Kinesiological Sciences
Paul J. Jonas, Athletic Training & Kinesiological Sciences
Ross Graham Klemczak, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Kainoa S. Kobayashi, Sports Injury Management
Dana L. Layton, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Joshua Alan Litt, Kinesiological Sciences
Mark R. Livingston, Sports Injury Management (Magna Cum
Jeremy Mangum, Nuclear Medicine
Anthony L. Morales, Fitness & Sports Management
Catherine Leiana Oswald, Nutrition Sciences
Prode Brandon Pascual, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Andy Purdy, Kinesiological Sciences
Julie Quan, Kinesiological Sciences
Rees, Kinesiological Sciences
LeAnne L. Rice, Sports Injury Management
Sarah Elizabeth Rothman, Sports Injury Management
Michael Dudley Russell, Kinesiological Sciences
Courtland B. Smith Jr., Fitness & Sports Management
Hea th
Allison M. Stone, Kinesiological Sciences
1 .eigh Tuccitto, Kinesiological Sciences Leonard
Trish M. Weber, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Seung Y. Woo, Nutrition Sciences
Noelle A. Yagi, Kinesiological Sciences
Andrew Zurek, Kinesiological Sciences
School of Nursing
Sherryle Jose Abad
Soline Lazarre Altidor
Ana Gabriela Anaya
Emily A. Beals
e&Brynne Atwood
Teresa M.
Georgina Rene Callaway
Barbara J. Conton
Doris Ingrid Craft
Jaesen Abary Cruz
Rowena D. Dacumos
Maria Sofia Veniegas Deano
Joanne Q. Gapasen
Rebecca S. Harmon
Farah L. Herrera
Breiene Sarah Hoopii
Maria Claudia Huerta
Gloama L. Kennedy
Rachel Perez Kincaid (Cum Laude)
Terressa M. Stowell Love
Brandy L. Manzonie
Shelley Jo Eagle McCurdy
Patrick N. Miranda
22 MWUAom
Charelie M. Puray Ka Kelli
Tiffany Dawn Williams Reich
Catherine B. Silva
Shiela Marie Grandea Tiapon
Bryan James Topp
AdeLynne Grace l , ban
Allison Marie Yost
William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration
College reception following Commencement Frank & Estella Beam Hall-Atrium
Culinary Arts Management
Hekili T. Apao, Culinary Arts Management & Beverage
Melissa Chang, Culinary Arts Management
Lindsay Pauline Pieri
Janna N
Myke Holloway Minnich, Culinary Arts Management Eri
Erik M. O’Connell, Beverage Management
-Al image" iridnt-
Tate K. Takahashi, Culinary Arts Man ij—nirhr k^WWlW^^MNulmaM.^ i ts Management
Eunice Goyeneche Vasquez, Beverage Management
in Hotel Administration
as pj i e’WMorsWWWWMwWt
Su-Kyun Ahn, Hotel Administration l[i nnifer Angell, Hotel Administration
Ericka L. Aviles, Hotel Administration <)tel Administration
IwBfiaR. Bae, Ht)tel Administration
Dustin K. Baksh, Hotel Administration otel Administration
Jeffrey A. Barish, Hotel Administration
Jeffrey H. Battaglia, Hotel Administration
<)tel Administration
Department Honors Scholar
Natalie Kristin Binder, Hotel Administration (Cum
< mMW
Ricci L. Bordwell, Hotel Administration (Magna Cum Laude)
Elizabeth Grace Bristow, Hotel Administration
1 ai ie Brown, Hotel Administration
I <>tel Administration
Tasia A. Cammack, Hotel Administration (Cum Laude)
Paul M. Carlson, Hotel Administration
Melissa Chang, Hotel Administration
Chien-Wei Chen, Hotel Administration
Michael Tae Cho, Hotel Administration
Heekyung Choi, Hotel Administration
in i st i an i
Jaehun Chung, Hotel Administration
Bruce Iain Cole, Hotel Administration
Donald Andrew Crowe, Hotel Administration
St n Filippis, Hotel Administration
EMen P. 1 WMtDsJ»UlMWW^M tn i sJMtoom^M
Murli Desai, Hotel Administration
Manish Duggal, Hotel Administration
Jacob R. Ellis, Hotel Admini
Melissa D. Ernstine, Hotel Administration
Jeremy S. Falk, Hotel Administration
stopher Falcinelli, Hotel Administration
Mary Elizabeth Fanok, Hotel Administration
Stephanie Danielle Filson, Hotel Administration (Cum Laude)
i d 1
Brian E. Fogg, Hotel Administration
Wyndee L. Forrest, Hotel Administration
Danny Charles Gibson, Hotel Administration (Cum Laude)
Cheree Lynn Goch, Hotel Administration
Brad J. Gold, Hotel Administration
Nils Goldschmidt, Hotel Administration
Stephanie R. Gray, Hotel j\ dministration Franky Victor Greger Jr., I lotel Administration Cynthia K. Guerrero, Hotel Administration
)tel Administration
Heesun Han, Hotel Administration
tMmsaW^i'mc>.iaWMiiflaSt^(>^|Hotel Administration Jill K. LWW«^^EWotel-AdmiW«Etidn *_*
1 i nclat^MluMMmWW^^tel Administration Administration
otel Administration ^^^fflHernandez, Hotel Administration MtehiSelL Hernandez, Hotel Administration
Eric M. Hoffmann,
M1MMWUNMW!rlL«^Wiot el Administratio^^B Matthew J. Hovorak, Hotel Administration nnHSk Hotel Administration
Tzu-Hui Hung, Hotel Administration
E-l .an
>M-MM«LnniiiiW!?MW Hotel Administration iWWWMAWWJTeW^ dim nistratior^ Jorine M. Irvine, Beverage Management
Diana C. Ishii, Hotel Administration LySn^lSa saKWlslMD!<MWW^^ME^^I Anisa E. Izzolo, Hotel Administration
Yong Seung Yu Ji, Hotel Administration hs^Jll^^LkstekvAnm'inistraH^qBi Nathaniel R. Jiron, Hotel Administration
wa ng Ju
Heywon Jung, Hotel Administration
1 lustration
d mil
Sandra S. Kang, Hotel Administration
Robert B. Katz, H<
Keller, Hotel Administration
Ellie K
MMM^^MMLMeUMnmWtra t i on Dametz^^^^^^M Administration Dongho Kim, Hotel Admin istration ^^^^sD^W^HEyMmmstmtior^D Greg Joo Kim, H< Han Sung Hikyong Kim,
Hyon J. Kim, HlMSUWsWW^^W^I Hyung Duck Kim, Hotel Administration
Hotel Administration
««LtE In Is111
, Ho tel Administration
■taaggriu n Kim, Ho tel Administration
Administration iMW^WS^MWWel^ Administration
Erin Koh, Hotel Administration (Cum I
Pil Sun Kong, I lotel Administration
Admi nistration ion
Clayton Edward Lake II, H
Crystal Chaundra Langdon, Hotel Administration laojcSon I ee. HosmtalrMMMWLVWr^^I
Hyung Shim Lee, Hotel Administration
Hotel Administration
Jihae Lee, Hotel Administration
i iiWffeeWMelWWWMEI^Mn^I
Jung Wook Lee, Hotel Administration ^swWWlreeWHdtei^raminiStranon
Hotel Administration
Hotel Administration
Lee, Hotel Administration Lee, H o
'I umi Lee, Hotel Administration
li \ilininistration (Magna Cum Laude)
Department Honor s Scholar
Ki mAvra^^^ffljHotel Administration
Seong Jun
Tai Peng Lin, Hotel Administration
Jeffrey P. Long, Hotel Administration
Low, Hotel Administration
dcachel A n ministration
Lauren A. Lundgren, Hotel Administration
mi stration
Jiyoung Ma, Hotel Administration
Darren B. Mandel, Hotel Administration
Jesus Mariscal Jr., Hotel Administration.^
c>tel Administration
Kulia L. McDowell, Hotel Administration
otel Administration
Jennifer Louise Metzger, Hotel Administration
ini stration
24 2004 CornfRencement
Paul Robeson Mooney, I
Kyle D. Morris, Hotel Administration
Thane I I. Muramoto, Hotel Administration
'I iik^NakadaWHotejlr^ministraticin
Lee M. Nakahara, Hotel Administration
Kevin A. Nance, Hotel Administration
»ke Enn Nec.lMZ^^DmmiMtration C
Keiko Niitsu, Hotel Administration
David lotelKiRiSmsSS^^M
Patrick D. Now
Susan M. O ’Hearn, Hotel Ad him
Thomas E. O’Shea, Beverage Management (iMiWnMktvavM^W
Michael Anthony ()IivaWl<>mlBA*dm)* tSfawiM ]
^^^^^AMsef-pMS^M^Klniinistration J Errol A. Ovaldson, Hotel Administration Toig^KagaiM^otelWIininismitidn^M
Michael A. Palmeri, Hotel Administration
W!^W-^^^Mletm-P:i:renti. F^MMclimmstmtuM^^
Kyungbae Park, Hotel Administration
^WHWn Park, Hotel Administration
Sunghee Park, Hotel Adminis^^^^H
Me^WMLtzPavlbvich. HoteWWMmsMaW^^
Dillon J. Pieffer, Hotel Adm
Kanisa Pooreanrom, Hotel Administration
Feng Qi, Hotel Administration
Nliri Ra, Hotel Administration
Susan Candeloro Ray, Hotel Administration
I. Ristow, Hotel Administration
Matthew Andrew Romero, Hotel Administration
Jennifer M. Saxe, Hotel Administration
ra’ Hotel Administration
Masataka Shimatani, H<>tel Administration
Hungsheng Shih, Hotel Administration
Hyun Seung Shin, Hotel Administration
WWWMMMMliMMlWmm i i 11 s i'i a ft
Naoya Shirakami, Hotel Administration
>tel Administration'
Nicholas O. Smieszek, Hotel Administration
Soo Ok Sohn, Hotel Administration
Stephanie K. Strebel, Hotel Administration
Tneresa Ann MmWMM^lk-VdnWu^itMi^W
D^N^mrTWWrTE)W7W«IAnWI^Ml mini stration
Joon Seok Suh, Hotel Administration (Cum Laude)
Amy C. Swope, Hotel Administration
Aja S. Takata, Hotel Administration
Danielle C. Tenny, Hotel Administration
M. Tojo, Hotel Administration
Patrick Thomas Tryhane, Hotel Administration
Nicole L. Tucker, Hotel Administration
Eunice Goyeneche Vasquez, Hotel Administration
Shawn W. Waldman, Hotel Administration
Chen-Hui Wang, Hotel Administration
Jeffrey Riddiough Weisbroth, Hotel Administration
Lindsey D’Ann Whipple, Hotel Administration
Wing Suet Wong,
Ryan Jung Hyun Woo, Hotel Administration
ininistration (Magna Cum Laude)
^^^^W8Vynnj Hotel Administration
d ministration
Hans A ang, Hotel Administration
Seung-Ah Yoo, Hotel Administration
Keumhee Yoon, Hotel Administration
Jung Hee Yu, Hotel Administration
Chong Choi Yun, Hotel Administration
Natalia Z. Zelazny, Hotel Administration
2004 Commencement 25
Jie Zhang, Hotel Administration
Alison H. Bastacky, Recreation
Shelli Marie Brevik, Recreation
Matthew S. Brown, Recreation
Brady W. Dehn, Recreation
David J. Forrest, Recreation
Jeryl Austriaco Jamias, Recreation
Connie Marie Lucero, Recreation
Ryan Adam Martasin, Recreation
Leah C. Partier, Recreation
Kt i sten Pool, Recreation
Lee R. Schiff, Recreation
Christopher Malberta Seevers, Recreation n Obra Williamson, Recreation
College of Liberal Arts
College reception following Commencement Thomas v^wlcffCenter Board Room
Bachelor of Arts
Patricia R. Adams, Interdisciplinary-Social Science Studies
Lacey Alderson, History
Tamar Aprahamian, Psychology
Tiffani Augusta-Gaines, Psychology
Christine R. Barnett, Psychology
Arsen V. Baziyants, Philosophy
Melissa Ariane Beevers, Psychology
Jennifer Sachie Bishop, Psychology
Matthew James Bommarito, Psychology
Carmen Raquel Bridges, Psychology
Kenneth R. Browder Jr., English
James Lawrence Buchanan, Political Science
Heather L. Cable, Interdisciplinary-Social Science Studies
Lucas A. Cavener, Political Science
Michael J.
Candy Rose Chrisman, Psychology
Shanna L. Clark, Psychology
Shane E. Clatterbuck, Sociology
Aisha A. Collins, Political Science
Brice J. Crafton, Spanish
Mason Trevor Cromer, Psychology
Tobin E. Crossen, History
Felix Crowder, History
Jose L. Cruz, Psychology
Jennifer Jill Danieluk, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
Tobe Daniel Dansereau, History
Jethro Stephen De Lisle, Psychology
Sarah Emily del Valle, Psychology
Michael D. Detmer, Psychology
Paul James Duome, Psychology
Veronica Duran, Psychology
Political Science
Jennifer Lynn Eddlemon, English
Natalie E. El-Kouz, Political Science Kacey Dawn Ellis, Psychology
Pamela S. Erickson, Interdisciplinary-Social Science Studies
Jaime I. Espinosa, Political Science
Dallas A. Ewing, Psychology
Andrew J. Faga, Sociology
26 2004 Commencement
Angela Marie Flores, Political Science
Michael A. Fortunato, Philosophy
Kcrie Ann Francis, Sociology
WWan 1
Timothy Joel Friden, History
Cory S. Fuqua, History
Adrian B. Garcia, Psychology
Lee G. Gaston, Political Science
Department Honors Scholar keren E. Gesund, Psychology Melissa V. Giaconia, Sociology
Ashley Sarah Glassman, Psychology
Munah Adela Gomes, Sociology Bianca Delgado Gonzales, Psychology
Lazara Maria
Alison Victoria Gramenos, Psychology
Jared Andrew Groos, History
Diana Habr, Psychology
Marisela Hadzimujic, Psychology
Kendra M. H
Holly Hales, English
Marta Halford, Psychology
Camille Lauren Hannah, English
Megan E. Hardy, Sociology
AdriaAnn Denielle Hash, Psychology John Robert Heiner, Anthropology
Jodi Anne Hendricks, Psychology Jennifer Dawn Hermance, Psychology
Kimberlee S. Horibe, Psychology
Jennifer A. Houck, Sociology
Nancy I. Howe, Psychology
Matthew Thomas Hudgins, Political Science
Ben M. Ishizuka, Psychology
Ryan Michael Janet, Political Science
ni H
Adam R. Jimenez, History
Michael A. Johnson, Sociology
William Steele Jones, History
(Magna Cum Laude) University Honors Scholar
Lucille P. Justen, Interdisciplinary-Social Science Studies
Kumiko Kawachi, Interdisciplinary-Latin American Studies Lisa N. Kerr, Political Science
Alyssa N. Kindrick, Psychology
R. Isar King, Anthropology
Rodney J. Knuckles, Psychology
Iphi stina Ann Kolk, Political Science
Jillian Marie Konst, English (Magna Cum Laude)
Laura A. Lamont, English
Stephen Lawrence Legault, Psychology
Altamit Domonique Lewis, Sociology
Kristopher S. Little, Psychology
Aaron Lynn Luman, History
Sarah Marie Lyne, Psychology
Sean L. Mackey, Inter disciplinary-Social Science Studies
David Mason, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Justin Evan Maxwell, Psychology
Kelly Suzanne McIntosh, Political Science (Magna Cum Laude)
Honors Scholar
Ashley E. Meyers, Psychology
Wendy Lee Miller, Psychology
Yoko Morita, Psychology
Eric Francis Morrison, Interdisciplinary-Social Science Studies
Robert S. Morvay Jr., Psychology & Political Science
Joseph John Munninger, Political Science
Honors Scholar
Margaret N1. Naughton, Psychology
Sherese D. Nelson, Psychology
Neubauer, Psychology
Deborah A. Noble, Psychology
Daniel J. Norland, Psychology
Nitra D. Olsen, Psychology
Rolando Paez, English
Sarah Parlow, Psychology
Patricia Marie Peacock, English
Raphael Alexander Peterson, English
Cynthia Pierrott, Psychology
TyAnna Kayce Pollard, Psychology
Benjamin E. Radakovich, Psychology amundo, Psychology
Megan Roxann Ranftl, Psychology
Hazeer Razack, Psychology
Tiffany Marie Reardon, Sociology
Stephanie N. Redelings, French
Kara Beth Reinford, Psychology
Priscilla Rose Ricci, Psychology
Bonnie Elaine Robbins, Psychology
Stacy Lunn Rodrigues, Psychology
Steven Michael Rolling, Psychology
Michael L. Ross, English
Amy Julia Rusinoski, Psychology
Jeffrey B. Sanders, History
Adam M. Scerini, Anthropology
L. Schexnayder, Psychology
William A. Schmutz, Sociology
Trevor Alan Scott, English (Magna Cum Laude)
Glenda G. Sessums, Philosophy
Jason Sexton, History
Charles A. Smith, Sociology
Alycia-Marie Snow, History
Francis M. St. Arnault, Psychology
Jameson V. Steed, German
Corrin Claire Sullivan, Political Science (Magna Cum Laude)
Lorna Dee Ashmore Tadych, Spanish (Magna Cum
Joseph Damian Taglieber, English
Rickelle Carlson Salinardi Tallent, Psychology
Brandy Dawn Taylor, Psychology
Tia Lee Taymar, Psychology
Brandi Leah Thomas, Political Science
Donna L. Thomas, Psychology
Joshua Michael Thompson, Sociology
Danielle Toliver, English
Melanie Opal Trotter, Sociology
Jonathan R. Uriegas, Interdisciplinary-Social Science Studies
Victoria Vaillancourt, Psychology
Tamara Christine Vannah, Psychology
Christina Nicole Wagner, English
Kimberly Weaver, Psychology
Hubzetta Graves Williams, Sociology
R. Chad Williams, Psychology
28 2004 Commencement
Donielle Niikole Woods, Anthropology
Jonathan Robert Wotell, Psychology
Chie Yatame, Interdisciplinary-Asian Studies
Jennifer M. Young, Political Science
College of Sciences
Bachelor of Arts
I *111 II ICS
John W.
Nathan A. Roeth, Chemistry (Cum Laude)
Kathrine Ann Sahagun, Mathematics
Bachelor of Science
Farnaz Athari, Biological Sciences
Dianne N. Bangle, Biological Sciences
Wx n y A. Barney, Physics
Inna Nicolaevna Bashta, Chemistry (Summa Cum Laude)
Department Honors Scholar
Bitar, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude) University Honors
Kelley S. Caldwell, Biological Sciences
Wanwalai Charoenchote, Biological Sciences
Danae L. Cummings, Biological Sciences
Candice M. Deguzman, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Todd Richard Dukes, Biological Sciences
Sandra E. Elkouz, Chemistry
Amir F. Elsakr, Biological Sciences
Cara M. Evangelista, Biological Sciences
Steve M. Frazier, Earth Science
Department Honors Scholar
Honors Scholar
Sean M. Harris, Biological Sciences
John W. Hess, Biological Sciences
K ex in James Howerton, Earth Science
Kristie Etsuko Kawano, Birrchemistry
Stephenie Dian Kelley, Biological Sciences
Mia Kim, Mathematics
I agna
Cum Laude)
Nicholas J.
Arthur J. Lee, Mathematics
Jaymi L. Lindsay, Biological Sciences
M ichael McKinney, Biological Sciences
Ernesto Moran, Earth Science
urry, Mathematics ((
Maria Diana N. Musngi, Chemistry
Department Honors Scholar
Kathleen Yvonne Ogle, Biological Sciences
John ovenzam>, Mathematics
Rizzetto, Biological Sciences
Tammy L. Ruzi-Sedillo, Biological Sciences
John Milton Sandru, Geology
Ellen J. Sheld, Biological Sciences
Jasmine Marie Stepanek, Biological Sciences
John J. Stiever, Biochemistry
Shannon C. Trelease, Biological Sciences
Julian Jon Trujillo, Biological Sciences
Shawn M. Wiley, Mathematics
Amy M. Young, Biological Sciences
Greenspun College of Urban Affairs
College reception following Commencement
Artemus Hall Concert Hall - Lobby
Bachelor of Arts
Nancy Acosta Gomez, Communication Studies
2004 Commencement 29
Stefan Bachrach, Communication Studies Garrett Wayne Bailey, Criminal Justice (Magna Cum Laude) Dusti Luisa Banazzio, Communication Studies Cheryl F. Barbee, Communication Studies Jaime Marie Barto, Communication Studies Shannon Raye Bearden, Communication Studies Rainbow Hannah Bee, Communication Studies David Joseph Bermudez, Criminal Justice Carl John Bernstein, Communication Studies Autumn Rebbecca Beza, Criminal Justice Zachary J. Blackwood, Criminal Justice Jessica Ann Bolton, Communication Studies Aaron Evens Borner, Criminal Justice Nancy Ann Boone, Communication Studies Brande D. Bourgault, Criminal Justice Jessica E. Bray, Criminal Justice
Courtney Eileen Bridges, Communication Studies Alicia M. Bryan, Communication Studies Nicole M. Bullis, Communication Studies
Jessica Ann Owings Buchmiller, Communication Studies Lajuanna Burrell, Communication Studies Lea Pia Cahayag Cabalar, Criminal Justice Crystal M. Cardenas, Communication Studies Valen J. Carey, Communication Studies
Garrett Kawika Carpio, Communication Studies Brooke Elizabeth Carrillo, Criminal Justice Gerardo Castillo, Criminal Justice
Jorge Adrian Castrejon, Criminal Justice George Castro, Criminal Justice
Julie Arradaza Chapman, Communication Studies (Cum Laude) Kevin Scott Chomintra, Communication Studies Michelle Cicchini, Communication Studies
Jonathan Blake Cisowski, Communication Studies Ranada C. Coleman, Communication Studies Chelsea S. Collins, Criminal Justice
Kainani Christine Collins, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude) Brandon Phillip Jeffrey Cox, Communication Studies Patrick W. Crawford, Communication Studies Timoteo J. Creque, Criminal Justice Ilan Dascalu, Criminal Justice
Brandi Michelle Davis, Communication Studies Starr K. Thompson Davis, Criminal Justice Rachael Lynne Dawson, Criminal Justice Brenda S. DeCuir, Criminal Justice Ronni J. DeFazio, Communication Studies Donnalle Denise Denham, Communication Studies Neana E. Del Rio, Criminal Justice Jaclyn Kadin Del Rosso, Criminal Justice Patricia M. Del Valle, Communication Studies Shawn J. Deutsch, Communication Studies Sarah Michelle DeWater, Communication Studies Kimberly Anne Diller, Communication Studies Justin Dreyer, Communication Studies Jennifer J. Egurrola, Communication Studies Kristina M. Eschenburg, Communication Studies Anna Maria Escoto, Communication Studies Donato E Faoro, Communication Studies Logan Cole Farrar, Communication Studies Amanda Gaye Fleming, Communication Studies Rose Marie Fleming, Communication Studies Gina Ann Fopiano, Communication Studies
Ryan M. Foy, Communication Studies
Ryan Victor Franco, Communication Studies Andrew C Freeman, Communication Studies
Logan H. Fujise, Criminal Justice Zoe-Ann Gabonia, Criminal Justice Betty Nasalga Galenzoga, Criminal Justice Lindsay M. Gambit, Criminal Justice
Keri Nicole Gammell, Communication Studies Aubany Elizabeth Gandi, Criminal Justice Loreen Therese Garcia, Criminal Justice
Jennifer Michelle Gardner, Communication Studies Ashley Nicole McCord Gehrig, Criminal Justice Matthew Curtis Ginnow, Criminal Justice
Alan Richard Giron, Criminal Justice
Marcel Thomas Giron, Communication Studies & Criminal Justice
Evan Richard Glusman, Communication Studies Christina Jo Gonzales, Criminal Justice
Priscilla Leah Gonzales, Communication Studies (Cum Laude) Jenna Maria Gonzalez, Communication Studies
Andrea Ann Goodman, Communication Studies Jennifer Sue Greenwood, Communication Studies Brian Keith Grisham, Criminal Justice
Jason Richard Guerra, Criminal Justice Kari K. Hagedorn, Communication Studies Che’Noa L. Hall, Communication Studies Pamela Han, Communication Studies
Robb Dennis Hardin, Criminal Justice Heather Lynn Harding, Criminal Justice
Carrie Marie Harland, Communication Studies April L. Hibbard, Communication Studies Erica L. Higashi, Criminal Justice
Kasey Higham, Criminal Justice
Nick Ryan Hills, Communications Studies Jill Lynn Hineman, Criminal Justice
Amber K.P. Hisatake, Communication Studies Kim T. Ho, Communication Studies
Rebecca J. Horacek, Communication Studies Christine S. Houghton, Communication Studies Abbey Lynn Hudson, Communication Studies
Jamie K. Hughes, Criminal Justice
Jackie Hwang, Communication Studies Gilbert Hyche Jr., Criminal Justice Michael R. Iglinski Jr., Criminal Justice Melissa Mie Jenner, Communication Studies DeAnn Marie Jensen, Communication Studies Blake J. Jewett, Criminal Justice
Heather F. Johannessen, Communication Studies Devereaux C. Johnson, Criminal Justice
Jenifer Nichole Johnson, Communication Studies Jerry K. Jory II, Criminal Justice
David A. Joyner, Criminal Justice
Jane Kadin, Criminal Justice
Mandy Jean Keefer Cox, Communication Studies Sandra Denise King, Communication Studies Kalen M. Koga, Communication Studies
Kristina Ann Kolk, Communication Studies Ellen Kominsky, Communication Studies Voula Konstantarakis, Criminal Justice Jennifer Kathryn Koonce, Criminal Justice Joshua R. Koop, Criminal Justice
30 2004 Commencement
Melissa S. Kowal, Communication Studies Imelda Kronman, Criminal Justice Randy Scott Kyes, Criminal Justice
Cora Denise Lane, Communication Studies Pris Marie Laragan, Communication Studies Daniel E. Leath, Criminal Justice
Robert J. Leavitt, Criminal Justice
Justin Langdon Lee, Criminal Justice
Yvette Marie R. Leon Guerrero, Communications Studies Joseph Louis LePore Jr., Criminal Justice
Rebecca Leah Livingstone, Communication Studies
Victoria Lynn Leven, Criminal Justice Samuel Lizarraga Jr., Criminal Justice Kelly Kristine Lloyd, Communication Studies Nora Vanessa Lodigiani, Criminal Justice Sheri Ann H. Lopes, Criminal Justice Vita B. Lopez, Criminal Justice
Stephanie M. Grade Lowrey, Communication Studies Nicole Tracy Lucht, Communication Studies Joseph Toshi Lybarger, Communication Studies Jaclyn M. Lynch, Communication Studies Victoria T. MacKenzie, Criminal Justice
Michael James Madden, Communication Studies Jeffrey P. Madlambayan, Communication Studies John Walter Maier, Criminal Justice
Rabia R. Malik, Communication Studies
St. Glenn Gloriani Malimban, Criminal Justice Michael E. Martin, Communication Studies
Christina Francesca Martinez, Communication Studies Jan E. Mason, Communication Studies
Jeanne L. Maust, Criminal Justice
Terrence Joseph McCarthy, Criminal Justice Amanda J. McCary, Communication Studies Lukas B. McCourt, Communication Studies April D. McCoy, Communication Studies Benjamin Ray McDonald, Communication Studies Stephanie Suzette McDonald, Criminal Justice Brenda Jean McNair, Communication Studies Cindy Ann McNulty, Communication Studies Trevor Martin Mead, Criminal Justice
Matthew Robert Medcalf, Communication Studies Mary Grace Mendoza, Communication Studies Christina Ann Hynes Mesco, Communication Studies (Cum
Laude) University Honors Scholar Samuel Alan Miner, Criminal Justice Avi Moas, Criminal Justice
Thomas Arnold Moilanen, Communication Studies Kelli Renee Monts, Communication Studies
Rebecca Marie Myers, Communication Studies
Christine Abigail Expression Narciso, Communication Studies Jeremian Clay Neal, Communication Studies Rita Fayrous Nesheiwat, Criminal Justice
Leanne Marie Nester, Criminal Justice
Cia Renee Newell, Communication Studies
Melissa Sue Old, Criminal Justice
Angela Olekson, Communication Studies Tony M. Olguin, Criminal Justice Dustin T. Olson, Criminal Justice
Nicholas Olson, Communication Studies Kelly Ann Oshay, Communication Studies
Joseph William Pacheco IV, Communication Studies
Michael R. Pandullo, Communication Studies (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors Scholar
Stacey L. Park, Criminal Justice Adam V. Parmelee, Criminal Justice Dani Mignon Pasqualicchio, Communication Studies Elizabeth A. Passarelli, Communication Studies
Lauren Anne Pena, Communication Studies (Summa Cum
Laude) University & Department Honors Scholar Lyle R. Persch III, Criminal Justice Rodrigo Pizarro, Communication Studies Jamie Brown Poort, Communication Studies Tasha Lee Pope, Communication Studies Zaneta D. Pope, Communication Studies Russell A. Pratt, Criminal Justice
Rebecca Annamarie Price, Criminal Justice (Magna Cum Laude) Brian Houston Proffitt, Criminal Justice
Nicolle Elizabeth Quick, Communication Studies Tracy A. Rankin, Communication Studies Yvette Batese Rawls, Communication Studies Douglas Arthur Reed, Environmental Studies Craig K. Reilly, Communication Studies Jason Ryan Reuss, Communication Studies Bobbi Marie Robles, Communication Studies Becky J. Rock, Criminal Justice
Tiffany Lynn Roques, Communication Studies (Cum Laude) Lisa Marie Gerda Sampson, Criminal Justice Ryan M. Schaffer, Criminal Justice
Sara Anne Schiele, Communication Studies Paul Douglas Lee Scholten, Criminal Justice Cristine Marie Schrader, Communication Studies Crystina L. Scott, Communication Studies
Bree-Annette Seaton, Criminal Justice & Psychology
Brandi Michelle Segura, Communication Studies (Magna Cum
Laude) University Honors Scholar Kimberly A. Sharp, Communication Studies Meghan A. Shaw, Communication Studies Michael Shenier, Criminal Justice
Somalia Anthoni Shephard, Criminal Justice Beth Anne Short, Communication Studies Ben Paul Siegler, Communication Studies Michael J. Sims, Communication Studies Conor M. Slife, Communication Studies Amandah Noel Smith, Criminal Justice Justin Elliott Sowards, Communication Studies Bradley W. Spetnagel, Communication Studies Sheria Marie Spleen, Communication Studies Stacey A. Stanger, Communication Studies Molleen Stapol, Criminal Justice
Brian Robert Sternberg, Communication Studies Damian A. Storla, Criminal Justice
LaTosha Strickland, Communication Studies Dawn Nicole Strong, Criminal Justice Arnie M. Swang, Criminal Justice Daniel Terry Tacheny, Criminal Justice Kimberly Lynn Tafoya, Criminal Justice Shay Felicia Tailard, Communication Studies Mary Katherine Thoennes, Criminal Justice Teresa Lee Thomason, Communication Studies Edward Deshaun Thompson, Criminal Justice Christina M. Turk, Criminal Justice
Benjamin R. Turner, Communication Studies
2004 Commencement 31
Amber L. Tyrrell, Communication Studies Sandy J. VanGelder, Communication Studies Erica O. Vargas, Communication Studies Rolando Villarreal, Criminal Justice Loretta Ray Walker, Criminal Justice Rashonda Lynne Walker, Criminal Justice Matthew Scott Walterscheid, Communication Studies Justin Ashley Watts, Communication Studies Timothy King Watts, Communication Studies Jennifer L. Weiser, Communication Studies Diane L. Sprague Welch, Criminal Justice
Karen Christine Wendling, Communication Studies Windord Lee Westmoreland, Criminal Justice Ryan L. White, Criminal Justice
Erica Anne Wiatt, Communication Studies Katherine Marie Wiebold, Communication Studies Kori M. Wiggins, Criminal Justice Nancy R. Wilce, Communication Studies Shomari L. Williams, Communication Studies Kris Allan Winder, Criminal Justice Joseph E. Winn Jr., Criminal Justice
Christopher L. Winter, Communication Studies Sosefina Darlene Wongwui, Criminal Justice Jillian B. Wright, Communication Studies Robrick Michael Wright, Communication Studies Anthony Samuel Wyban, Communication Studies Alyson Brooke Young, Communication Studies April Brooke Orlando Yturralde, Criminal Justice Jamie Lyn Yuenger, Criminal Justice Erin Rene Zaskoda, Communication Studies Jon M. Zeh, Criminal Justice
Anna Marie Zehnder, Communication Studies Zlata Zujic, Communication Studies
Bachelor of Science
Sultan Saif Al Sadi, Health Care Administration Danielle Christina Alegre, Environmental Studies Lynne Marie Altimier, Health Care Administration (Cum Laude) John C. Branner III, Health Care Administration Philip S. Childers, Environmental Studies (Cum Laude) Crystal D. Kesling, Health Care Administration Jay C. Deogracias, Health Care Administration Naziha Dhahbi, Health Care Administration Zarina Dias, Human Services
Lateef Femi Durosinmi,Wealth Care Administration Kelsie L. Fahey, Human Services
Noelle Sarina Geraci, Human Services Monique Marie Gomez, Human Services Amaia Guenaga, Human Services (Summa Cum Laude)
University Honors Scholar
Jeremy W. Hardie, Human Services
Maxene K.M. Hironaka, Health Care Administration Shelly Gail Klingensmith, Human Services Niki S. Lee, Human Services
Jason E. Mann, Health Care Administration Dishawn Elette McCracklin, Human Services Anna LaRae McDaniels, Human Services Sherese Marvilyn Neal, Health Care Administration Phila P. Nowell, Health Care Administration Lindsay LeeAnn Patterson, Human Services Rosario Ramirez, Health Care Administration
Maegan J. Reimann, Human Services
Danet Mercedes Robaina, Human Services
Lisa R. Sorenson, Health Care Administration (Cum Laude)
Sarah M. Stern, Human Services
Kristi M. St. John, Human Services
Christopher Gene Tufele Su’euga, Human Services
Betty J. Taylor, Health Care Administration
Graciela Tena deLara, Health Care Administration
Wendy Ann Terrell, Environmental Studies
Stacy E. Travers, Human Services
Annah-Lizah DelRosario Vaquilar, Human Services
Nicole M. Velasquez, Health Care Administration (Magna Cum Laude)
Rona Cressida Almeda Bugarin Yee, Health Care Administration Daniel J. Yi, Health Care Administration
Bachelor of Social Work
Nicole A. Avilez
Tara C. Baker
Lawrence Bernard Bax
Sparkling Water Cox
Heidi L. Esslinger
Tamra Ruth-Frances Groen
Sonja Vonanette Hooks
Kyra Jones
Jennifer L. Koemans
Margaret Marie Oliver (Cum Laude)
Karen Denise Roby
Stacy Scott
Christopher Charles Selcer
Maria Aurora Kruz Serrano
Ericka L. Severs
Lillie Harris Smith
Stacey Nicole Taylor
Diana M. Thomson
Felicia Tucker
32 2004 Commencement
......Frank S. Wartman
Doctor of Science
......Daniel J, Boorstin
Doctor ffljHumane Letters
......Margaret Elardi
Doctor of Humane Letters
......Bob Miller
Doctor of Laws
......Malcolm Love
Wayne Newton
Elaine Wynn
Robert Venturi
Doctor of Laws
Doctor of Humane Letters
Doctor of 1 lumane Letters
Doctor of Letters
......Dean E. McHenry
......Donald H. Baepler
......Artemus W. Ham Jr.
......General Colin ■ Powell
Doctor of Laws
Doctor of Science
■tDoTiojrfjl .aws
Doctor of Laws
.....Herbert E. Grier
Frank Waters
sKnames I.
James E. Rogers
Doctor of Science
Doctor of Humane HMIDW
Doctor IgLaws
Doctor of Laws
Gen. Frank T. Mildren
..... Lucile Bruner
.....J, A. Tiberti
LMis Wiener Jr.
Doctor of Science
Doctor of Humane Letters
Doctor of Laws
(posthumously) Doctor MLaws
.....Nevitt Sanford
Rev. Caesar Caviglia
.....Marvin Sedway
Doctor of Humane Letters
.....Francis H. Horn
Doctor of Humane Letters
Doctor of Laws
.....Richard H. Bryan Doctor ®taws
Frank H. T. Rhodes
.....Steve Wynn
Doctor of Humane Letters
.....Bob Hope
Doctor of Letters
Doctor of Laws
Wole Soyinka
Doctor of Humane Letters
E. Parry Thomas
.....Christina Hixson
Doctor of Humane Letters
.....Howard W. Cannon
Doctor of Laws
of Humane Letters
.....William G. Bennett DoctcMf Laws
.....Jean Nidetch
DoctcSf Laws
. Del E. Webb
Doctor of Humane Letters
Doctor of Science
.....Simcha Dinitz
Fred W. Smith
Doctor of Humane Letters
....David Bruce Dill
Doctor of Humane Letters
Doctor of Humane Letters
James R. Dickinson (posthumously)
Major Gen. Robert E. Kelley
.....Takatoshi Takemoto
Doctor of Laws
Doctor of Laws
.... Bishop Joseph Green
Doctor of Science
Doctor of Humane Letters
Donald D. Snyder
Jerome Mack
Claudine Williams
of Laws
Doctor of Humane Letters
Gov. Mike O’Callaghan
Doctor of Laws
Doctor of Humane
Emilio N. Wanderer
Harry Wald
Simon Zentner
Doctor c®.aws
Doctor of Laws
.... No degree awarded
it. Doctor of Humane Letters fl
....John Irving
.... David P. Gardner
.... Kitty Rodman
Doctor of Humane Letters
Doctor of Laws
Doctor of W
.... Walker R. Young
Glenn Schaeffer
Engineer in Charge of
Jihan El-Sadat
Richard Tam
Doctor of Humane Letters
Construction of Hoover Dam
Doctor of Letters
Doctor of Laws
George Sidney
Doctor of Science
Diana Ross
Melvin B. Wolzinger
of Humane USfggtgiB
Doctor of Laws
Doctor of Humane Letters
.... Frank Church
ji >
John Theodore “Ted" Sandef^
.... Brian Cram
Dr. Roman Zorn
Frank Sinatra
of Letters
of Education
Major Gen. R. G. “Zack”
.... Robert Laxalt
Doctor of Laws
Doctor of Humane Letters
Author, Doctor of Humane
.... Anthony M. Marlon, M.D.
.... Herman M. Greenspun Doctor of I lumane Letters
Doctor of Laws
Doctor of Laws
.... Marjorie A. Barrick
.... Stanley E. Fulton
William C.
.... John C. Mowbray
Doctor of Humane Letters
Doctor of Laws
Thomas T. Beam
.... Denise.Scott Brown
Doctor of Science
Paul F. Sharp
Doctor of Science
Doctor of Letters
Anthony E. Zuiker
Of Humane Letters
Joseph N.. Crowley
John Goolsby
Doctor of Humane Letters
... Bart J. Bok
MBbctor of
Doctor of Laws
... William Boyd
Barbara Greenspun
Paul Laxalt 1'Do'ctor of Laws
Doctor of Laws
Doctor of Humane Letters
2004 Commencement 33
Donald D. Snyder
Marion D. Bennett Sr.
John Goolsby
Archie C. Grant
Mildred Remy
Eileen Brookman
Dr. James Deacon
A. L. Scott
Thomas T. Beam
Richard W. Bunker
Dr. Mohamed Yousef
Louis Wiener Jr.
Dr. Lawrence Golding
Bertha Ronzone
Bob Brown
Dr. Catherine Bellver
Cyril 0. Bastian
William T. White
Rosemary K. Clarke
Clare W. Woodbury
Dr. Martha Knack
Jack Cason
William Boyd
Dr. Joseph A. Fry
Reed Whipple
William Bennett
John Moran
Sebastian Mikulich
Florence Lee Jones
Grant Sawyer
Carolyn M. Sparks
Judy Bayley
Lucille S. Rogers
Donna Jo Andress
James Cashman Jr.
John F. Mendoza
Bonnie Bryan
Dr. Jerry Cade
Dema Guinn
James I. Gibson
Charlotte Hill
Brian Greenspun
Don Snyder
Joe Williams
Wing and Lilly Fong
Morse Arberry, Jr.
Alan Bible
Sandy Miller
Jay H. Brown
James A. Gay III
E. Parry Thomas
Johnny A. Ribeiro Jr.
Philip M. Pro
Milton I. Schwartz
Fred W. Smith
Elaine Wynn
Joyce Mack
Mabel W. Hoggard
Claudine Williams
Kenneth G. Ladd
Arturo Cambeiro
Wayne Newton
Addeliar Dell Guy
Barbara Greenspun
J. Terrence Lanni
Artemus W. Ham Jr.
C. Kitty Rodman
James and Alice Smalley
William V. Wright
William Woodworth and Gregory Sinclair, Graduate Teaching Assistants
Donna Haddock
Angela Kanduth
Justine Crawford
Ralph Mariani
Bass Clarinet
Tom Schmidt
Rebecca Vansteenkiste
Makoto Ochida
James Nelson
Jan Lovell
Adam Moses
Sally Braybrooks
Kristina Thacker
Kyle Vaden
Shigefumi Yamaura
Teresa Smith
Walter Biggham
Justin Truitt
Gaspar Garcia
Eben Smith
Matt Seltzer
For spirit, the eternal flame.
Exalted Scarlet and Gray.
Truth and wisdom from your
And in days that are yet to he, Our voiees let us ever raise
Capture the moment of a lifetime for a lifetime.
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Dr. Jane McCarthy, Chair Mr. Joseph Aldridge Dr. Judy Belanger Ms. Karen Calder Ms. Suzan DiBella Dr. Isabelle Emerson Mr. Tom Flagg Ms. Betty Hanseen Mr. Larry Henley Ms. Carole Hoefle Ms. Donna McAleer Ms. Monica Moradkhan Mr. Mike Newcomb Ms. Schyler Richards Ms; Jocelina Santos Ms. Lea Sexton Dr. Rainier Spencer Dr. Robert Tracy
Flowers by Jon Tullis
Greens provided by Primrose Lane
Pre-Commencement videos were produced by Greenspun School of Communication students Dani Pasqualicchio Dianna Ballash Tara Shuttleworth
Published jointly by Reprographics/Design Services and Student Enrollment Services
36 2004 Commencement