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University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) 24th commencement program







Commencement program from University of Nevada, Las Vegas Commencement Programs and Graduation Lists (UA-00115).

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man001094. University of Nevada, Las Vegas Commencement Programs and Graduation Lists, 1953-2021. UA-00115. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Thomas and Mack Center ■ University of Nevada, Las Vegas - May 17, 1987
Robert C. Maxson, President
Lyle Rivera, Vice President for Development and University Relations John Unrue, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Herman Westfall, Vice President for Business Affairs
Robert Ackerman, Dean, Student Services
Dale G. Andersen, Dean, Education David W. Emerson, Dean, Science, Mathematics and Engineering Dwight Marshall, Dean, Continuing Education
Mary Ann Michel, Dean, Health Sciences Norval Pohl, Dean, Business and Economics Ronald W. Smith, Dean, Graduate College Jerome J. Vallen, Dean, Hotel Administration Thomas C. Wright, Dean, Arts and Letters
Mark Dawson, Chancellor Warren Fox, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Ron Sparks, Vice Chancellor for Finance Donald Klasic, General Counsel
Daniel Klaich, Chairman Joan Kenney, Vice Chairman James Eardley Joseph Foley Dorothy Gallagher Chris Karamanos JoAnn Sheerin Carolyn Sparks June Whitley
Published jointly by the offices of Information Services, Printing Services, and the Registrar—5-87/7M/PS.
University of Nevada, Las Vegas • Twenty-Fourth Graduating Class Sunday, May 17t 1987
PROCESSIONALUNLV Wind Ensemble Mr, Thomas Leslie, Director
INVOCATION................The Reverend Jerome Blankinship
GREETINGS .................................................................................................................................Mr. Daniel Klaich
Chairman, Board of Regents
Mr. Kirk Hendrick, 1986-88 CSUN President
Dr. Maxson Daniel F. Byron Charlotte Hill John H. Midby Vassili Sulich Joe Williams
Dr. Maxson Artemus W. Ham Jr., Doctor of Laws
Dr. Sheilagh Brooks
COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS.........Mr. Harrison Salisbury
CONFERRING OF DEGREESDr. Maxson CONCLUDING REMARKS Dr. Maxson Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copland BENEDICTIONDr. Dan R. Newbum
Dr. Gary Jones, 1986-1987 Faculty Senate Chairman Dr. William Marchant, 1987-1988 Faculty Senate Chairman
Mr. Kirk Hendrick, 1986-1988 CSUN President Ms. Denise Gentile, 1987-88 CSUN Vice President
It is requested that guests and graduates remain in their seats until the Recessional is concluded.
Harrison Salisbury was associated with The New York Times from 1949 through 1975, serving as a correspondent and editor and originator of the “op-ed” page. Mr. Salisbury is an expert on the affairs of Communist countries, particularly the Soviet Union and China, and Southeast Asia.
He has traveled extensively in China, most recently in 1984 when, after 12 years of trying, he was allowed to retrace the Long March of 1934-35. The Long March has come to be the symbol of China’s Communist revolution. In 1934 more than 80,000 Red Army soldiers started out on a westward march to escape Chiang Kai-shek’s government forces. One year and 6,000 miles later, Mao Tse-tung and about 4,000 survivors found sanctuary in northern Shaanxi and eventually overthrew the existing government. Salisbury’s ten- week trek into the past was the first time anyone undertook such a re-creation of a specific event, and resulted in his most recent book, The Long March: The Untold Story, published in 1985.
Salisbury has won numerous awards for journalism, including the Pulitzer Prize for foreign correspondence. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, a group whose number is limited to 50 drawn from among the 250-member National Institute of Arts and Letters.
In recent years, Salisbury has published Without Fear or Favor: An Uncompromising Look at the New York Times; The Unknown War, an account of the German-Russian battles on the Eastern front during 1941-45; Black Night, White Snow: Russia’s Revolution 1905-17, an account of the turbulent years that produced the Soviet state; a book on China, One Hundred Years of Revolution; and his memoirs, A Journey for Our Times.
High Distinction is accorded each graduating senior whose grade point average is 3.75 or higher. Distinction is bestowed upon seniors who graduate with an overall average between 3.50 and 3.75. These designations in the Commencement program have been based on seven semesters of academic accomplishment, since final grades have not yet been tabulated. Students achieving the mark of Distinction or High Distinction during their final semester’s work will have this honor indicated on their diplomas and final transcripts.
In every university there are those rare faculty members who distinguish themselves and the university through their unique and scholarly contributions of national and international dimension. Beginning this year, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas will present a Distinguished Professor Award to an exceptional faculty member as a means of encouraging truly outstanding performance, enhancing the University’s national reputation, and rewarding the service of those who are making this University a greater institution by enriching the knowledge and the lives of its students.
The 1987 award will be presented by President Maxson at Commencement to Dr. Sheilagh Brooks, a distinguished professor of anthropology who is marking her twentieth year at the University.
The Graduate College
Dr. Ronald W. Smith, Dean
Doctor of Education
Francis Xavier Brown, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Barbara Jean Chilson, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Judith Susan Gage Costa, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Beverly Jean Hall Daly, Educational Administration
.and Higher Education
Maurice Flores, Educational Administration
and Higher Education
Tbmrny R. Leavitt, Educational Administration
and Higher Education
Andrew Arthur Martinez, Educational Administration
and Higher Education
Wendy M. Smith, Secondary, Postsecondary
and Vocational Education
Specialist in Education
Lorene Austin, Secondary, Postsecondary
and Vocational Education
Nancy Briggs Master, Educational Administration
and Higher Education
Michael Dennis Mundt, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Linda Reed Skroback, Special Education
Master of Arts
Marcia Allen, English
Stavros Steve Anthony, Political Science Phyllis Winchester Bellver, Foreign Languages Lynda Marie Blair, Anthropology Jeffrey T. Bomboy, Political Science Murphy McCall Box, Foreign Languages Christopher S. Case, History
Linda Jean Celia, Communication Studies Denise Marguerite Clarke, Foreign Languages Carol Elizabeth Rainey Conder, English Jamie Bourland Coughtry, History Stephanie Susan Stanigar Crowley, Psychology Carmen Fomer de Bumeo, Foreign Languages William T. Dobbs, History Noel Cassandra Fisher, English Linda D. Foreman, Sociology
Cornelius A. Gaines, Political Science
Marie-Anne Micheline Girard, Foreign Languages Eileen Hardy Green, Anthropology
Michele Brochmann Haldeman, Anthropology Donald Eugene Hauth, Political Science Elizabeth Ann Hennessey, English Mark Steven Berwick, Sociology Ronald Andrew Lackey, Political Science James Reid Lapp, Communication Studies Julie Clarke Lashua, Sociology Kathy Lee Maxfield, Psychology Linda Carole Mitchell, English William J. Moody, English John David Newsom, English Steven E. Pilgram, Psychology Louis David Ramicone, History Rose Marie Richardson, Sociology Robin E. Scott, Political Science Bruce Ira Shapiro, Political Science Jill L. Sibert, Psychology
Dirk Carlston Thomas, Political Science Vera A. Walton, English Craig H. Wetzel, Psychology David Brian Wilson, Psychology Sundusah Said Yusuf, History Fadia A. Zannad, English
Master of Business Administration
Anne Susan Amster, Business Administration Sheila Kay Arnold, Business Administration Benedict Daniel Balmer, Business Administration David Paul Bartlett, Business Administration Margaret C J. Barton, Business Administration Alice A. Berly, Business Administration Virginia A. Bielman, Business Administration Timothy John Blackmer, Business Administration Richard J. Casey, Business Administration Maurizio Cok, Business Administration Theodore Kenneth Ewry, Business Administration Steven G. Felton, Business Administration Matthew Joseph Garban, Business Administration Audrey Lynn Hall, Business Administration Leslie Ann Hough, Business Administration Irene Elizabeth Jacobsohn, Business Administration Karen Anne Prescia Lastra, Business Administration Deborah Alcenia Epps Madison, Business Administration Daniel Mark Mandarino, Business Administration Steven James McCrary, Business Administration Lori Rene McGowne, Business Administration Scott Thomas Nash, Business Administration Robert Dale Nelson, Business Administration Sabri Ozun, Business Administration
Robert Eugene Perry, Business Administration Al M. Pitcher, Business Administration
Phillip Douglas Plentzas, Business Administration Mohammed Hamdi Risheg, Business Administration Lidia C. Sandonato, Business Administration Michael Louis Sauer, Business Administration Gary L. Sears, Business Administration William Glenn Shroads, Business Administration Stephen Lee Sitar, Business Administration Manville Frank Strand, Business Administration Jane E. Swerdlow, Business Administration Wayne Iwao Iho, Business Administration Ricardo M. Thijillo, Business Administration Steven W. Wendt, Business Administration David Allen Wiedrick, Business Administration Robert Thomas Wiesen, Business Administration Patricia M. Wilson, Business Administration
Master of Education
Earnest Wayne Adams, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Vicki Lynette Allen, Curriculum and Instruction Gerald Eugene Anderson, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations Janet Lynn Anderson, Special Education Michelle Cheri Anthony, Educational Administration and
Higher Education
Martha Gayle Arata, Special Education Pamella Ann Bailey, Curriculum and Instruction Deborah Ann Bichsel, Educational Administration and
Higher Education
'ferry Leigh Bobo, Curriculum and Instruction Priscilla Kathleen Bowman, Educational Administration
and Higher Education
Margaret Ann Bunker, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Joanna Kaye Callaway, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Barbara Lisa Carque, Special Education Norma Jean Carter, Educational Administration and
Higher Education
Marcia Lynn Cicotte, Curriculum and Instruction Sharon Therese Coogan, Secondary, Postsecondary and
Vocational Education
Janie Bee Cooper, Curriculum and Instruction Virginia Reynolds Crook, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Shirley Doud-Sommers, Curriculum and Instruction Cheryl Lee Gailey, Educational Administration and
Higher Education
Allen Robert Glitch, Special Education
Carolyn Ann Gochnour, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Kim Howard Grytdahl, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Anthony G. Guadagno, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Susan Regina Hannaway, Curriculum and Instruction Darrel David Hansen, Educational Administration and
Higher Education
Sheila Donnelly Harrington, Curriculum and Instruction Linda Kay Hays, Curriculum and Instruction
Vaughn Murry Higbee, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Jacqueline L. Hinderliter, Curriculum and Instruction Gary Lee Howlett, Curriculum and Instruction Patricia Lynn Jacobson, Curriculum and Instruction Jane Walker Johnson, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Carole Jean Kelso, Curriculum and Instruction
Brenda Carol King, School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Wilma Joyce Kistler, Curriculum and Instruction
Lynn Elayne Knauss, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Mary M. Knight, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Deborah Cuyler Lambert, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Jill M. Leone, Curriculum and Instruction
Janet Gail Letts, Curriculum and Instruction
Rita Dorothea Lewis, Curriculum and Instruction
Ruben Jacobo Lopez, Special Education
Irene Stavros Lovell, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Betty Jean Martin, Special Education
Jerri L. Mausbach, Special Education
Michael Dennis Milke, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Kathleen Ann Moffett, School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Arturo F. Ochoa, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Michael L. Osman, Curriculum and Instruction
Bessie Ruby B. Parrish, Curriculum and Instruction Cynthia S. McKay Pechman, Curriculum and Instruction Margo Rebecca Penrod, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Kent Thomas Reardon, School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Jann Holly Reizner, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Janice Bowler Rhea, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Judith B. Roach, Curriculum and Instruction Kathlene Marie Rohaly, Special Education Janet Yukiye Sakahara, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Frances L. Sandven, Special Education
John Robert Sena, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Allen T. Sharp, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Elaine Gayle Sherman, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Craig Mathew Simmons, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Frindia Yvette Simpson, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Dennis Craig Skivers, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Madelyn J. Smith, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Cheryl Lynn Souza, Curriculum and Instruction Michael Glenn Souza, Curriculum and Instruction Midgene Bjorklund Spatz, Special Education Crystal L. Stanley, Curriculum and Instruction Mary Lynn Steffens, Curriculum and Instruction Carolyn Louise Stoltz, Curriculum and Instruction Lee Strippy, Educational Administration and
Higher Education
Alan Thomas Strong, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Nora Jane Stuart, Special Education
Carla Delores Seefeldt Sullins, School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Marlene Joy Super, Curriculum and Instruction Louise Cooper Symonette, Special Education Debra Jeanne 'feylor, Special Education 'femela Jean Thompson, School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Marjorie Ruth Ttyon, Curriculum and Instruction Calvin Russell Valvo, School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Vera Louise Newton Vann, Special Education Anthony Frank Vicari, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Robert John Wacker Jr., Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Karen G. Walsh, Curriculum and Instruction Norman Eugene Walters, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Janet Kearns Wolf, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Master of Music
Debra Katherine Greschner, Music Maurice B. Rissman, Music Miriam Louise Thrdibuono, Music Scott Alan Tibbs Music
Mark Edward Wiegand, Music
Master of Public Administration
Lorraine Aiderman, Public Administration Patrick J. Christenson, Public Administration Eugene James Gans, Public Administration
Thomas James Hawkins, Public Administration Timothy Edward Jones, Public Administration Karen Elizabeth Larson, Public Administration
Master of Science
Deborah N. Aiello, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Laura Dutil Aird, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Paula Sue Askew, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Elizabeth Craig Ayers, Nursing
Melanie Lee Bailey, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Carolyn Borgeson Ballard, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
'ferri Jean Boling, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Thra Sue Brascia, Nursing
Stephanie V. Brewer, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Kathleen Mary Brooks, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Jerome Alan Carter, Geoscience
Cheryl Cornelius, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Joanne Louise Dahl, Hotel Administration
Arona Stephanie DeVore, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Marjorie Jean DiOrio, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Jean A. Duncan, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Virginia R. Dunstone, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Norita Vaughn Espinosa, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Daniel Lee Feuerbach, Geoscience
Ramona K. Finocchiaro, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Shaun Malcolm Fisher, Geoscience John Fountain Jr., Computer Science Sheryl D. Fried, Hotel Administration Michael Georgilas, Hotel Administration Eddie Gibson, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Richard James Good, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Patricia-Denya Griffith, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Dann Martin Halverson, Geoscience
S. Dian Edwards Hamrick, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
J. Kirk Hardy, Geoscience
Edna M. Harris, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Roberta Pace Hartman, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Wallace Don Hartman Jr., Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Yang Hwae Hub, Hotel Administration
Cyle Bryan Iverson, Mathematical Sciences
David A. Jones, Geoscience
Thrri Ann Putterman Jones, Hotel Administration
Laura D. Kalinevitch, Special Education
Warren Jay Klein, Hotel Administration
Timothy Richard Kruse, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Margaret Bukacek Lamkin, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Spencer Jerome Leibow, Computer Science
Donald J. MacLaurin, Hotel Administration
Jessie M. Maier, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Paula J. McHugh, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Michael Lee McKenna, Mathematical Sciences
Betsy Aileen Morgan, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Tterry Richard Naumann, Geoscience
Pamela Jean Nigro, Hotel Administration
Jeung-HO Park, Hotel Administration
Joseph R. Parolini, Geoscience
Michael J. Pinocci, School of Health, Physical
Education and Recreation
Christy Metz Pommier, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Julie Ann Reese, Geoscience
Jonathan Aaron Rice, Geoscience
Charles E. Russell, Geoscience
Shiela Black Sadberry, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Rodolfo Antonio Sanchez, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Patrick Joseph Sollberger, Biological Sciences
Karin Dawn Suhadolnik, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
William Thomas Sullivan, Hotel Administration
Edward Frank Thomas, Geoscience
Sheri Ukeiley, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Dorothy Ansley Wilbanks, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Nicholas D. Winzenried, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Judith Bracher Yeager, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Beverley Duke Young, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Master of Science in Computer Science
Mamita Anne Sheehan, Computer Science and
Electrical Engineering
Philip Kovilakath Thomas, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
College of Arts and Letters
Dr. Thomas C. Wright, Dean
Bachelor of Arts
Dennis Duane Aiderman, History
Linda J. Allf, Criminal Justice
Rita G. Ruocco Angres, Communication Studies
Veronica Anne Armstrong, Theatre Arts (with Distinction) Paulina Jimeno Azocar, Spanish
Kristi-Lynn Hamilton Bailey, Social Work
Michael S. Banak, Theatre Arts
Marci Diane Caldwell Banks, Music (with Distinction)
Jill Alison Bass, Communication Studies
Kimberly Ruth Batista, Criminal Justice
Joan E. Bennett, Communication Studies (with Distinction) Melvin Bennett, Social Work Nancy Bryan Bentley, Psychology
Lisa E. Berry, Criminal Justice
Marion Carol Biron, English
Deborah Karen Carter Boland, Psychology
(with High Distinction)
Jay Barton Bonar, History
Bonni Lyn Bostian, Communication Studies
Tbrri L. Brady, Communication Studies (with Distinction) Jennifer W. Smith Brigham, Communication Studies Juqita Denisia Brown, Social Work Phyllis Joann Bryan, Political Science
Julie Anne Bryant, History
Cassandra Charlotte Bundy, Social Work
Sandra Lee Jarrell Cameron, Music
Andy Carr, Psychology
Thmmie S.L. Carter, Psychology
Venus A. Carter, Theatre Arts
Leslie Dale Chapin II, Interdisciplinary Studies
Pratheep Charoenbanpachon, Criminal Justice
Robert Michael Cherhoniak, History (with Distinction) Margaret R. Grinnell Childers, Social Work Kimberly Eileen Clanton, English
Marie Patricia Collins, Sociology (with Distinction) Shelley Ann Collins, Interdisciplinary Studies
Timmy Ann Comer, Communication Studies Matthew Condon, Political Science Debra Lee Cone, History Danny B Crain, Psychology
Sandra Barkis Crawford, Communication Studies
Kelly Kathleen Crehan, Art
Laura Ann Crescini, Criminal Justice
Jeffrey John Critelli, Communication Studies
Nancy Tbresa Dandy, Communication Studies Jeanette Marie Danzak, Dance Aide Ruth Day, Criminal Justice
Janna Lynn Dettre, Art
Denise Louise Hamilton DeVito, English L Philosophy (with Distinction)
Lisa G. Klang Diaz, Political Science (with Distinction) Scott Webster Duncan, Music
Yvette Renee Eddy, Theatre Arts Bruce E. Edgar, Theatre Arts Clarke Damon Edson, Music
Suzan Skolaut Emerson, Political Science
Corinne Cynthia Parson Escobar, Anthropology
(with Distinction)
Dean R. Esposito, Communication Studies Bradley Dean Feehan, Criminal Justice Lynn Carol Feinn, French
Lisa Ann Fiorenza, Music (with Distinction) Veronica Fiscus, Social Work
Tmia Virginia Fish, Spanish
Eddie Ray Flores, Political Science Thomas Charles Fry, Criminal Justice John Christian Futrell, Psychology Mark Bradley Garrett, Psychology Sally Anne Gaylor, English
Mary Francis Gayson, Psychology
Lisa Ann Gentile, Communication Studies
Shakeh Ghoukasian, Music
George R. Gilbert, Communication Studies
Tbresa Murphy Gilbert, Sociology (with Distinction)
Karen Rae Cowen Giles, Psychology
Daphne Jo Gilman, English
Alfred Leland Gleghom, Criminal Justice Sandra Diane Sweat Glisson, Social Work Catherine E. Goldberg, Communication Studies Gary Gregory Graham, Sociology Gregory G. Grant, Criminal Justice Karen Elaine Grant, Sociology
Francine Linda Greenstein, Psychology (with High Distinction) Mary Catherine Guirsch, Criminal Justice
Steven Alexander Gunter, Communication Studies Alexsandra Christina Haidl, Romance Languages Tippi Cherisse Hall, Communication Studies Kathryn Marie Harris, Communication Studies Norman David Hartnett, Political Science
Judith Lynn Hebert, Psychology
Andre D. Helm, Communication Studies David Dean Hilton, English
Daniel Scott Holstein, Criminal Justice Shannon Leigh Hume, History Cindy Ann Hurst, Communication Studies Lisa Ann Hutt, Social Work Camilla D. Imming, Psychology Douglas N. Jablin, Psychology
Kimberly M. Jakwerth, Communication Studies Darren St Clair Jenkins, Criminal Justice Sandra Lee Jensen, Psychology
Florence W. Jiu, Spanish
Norman Leonard Johnson Jr, Political Science (with Distinction) Bobbie C. Jones, Social Work
Roland P. Jonville, Criminal Justice
Pat Kelly, Psychology
Victoria Louise Kennard, Anthropology Linda Elaine Benger Kennedy, Psychology Craig Peter Kenny, Communication Studies Marijohn Kirkland, Psychology
Schyler Michele Koon, Communication Studies Kelly Kym Korb, Criminal Justice Kimberly Rae Komer, Criminal Justice Susan A. Kulesza, Communication Studies Mark Andrew Kulla, Political Science Patricia Marie VanWinkle Lacroix, Psychology Joyce Ann Kent Lalley, Social Work
Marilyn LaMascus, Social Work (with High Distinction) Judith Ann LaMay, Psychology (with Distinction) Connie Jean Langford, Anthropology
Donna M. Plencner Lee, Communication Studies Jackie Lee, Anthropology
Christopher Charles LeGrow, Criminal Justice Linnda Dianne Leonard, Psychology Glen Lewis, Social Work
Christopher Charles Leyba, Political Science Sandra D. Lindsley, Communication Studies Keith David Lochner, Criminal Justice
Michael I. Loewy, Sociology (with Distinction) Robert Williams Maichle, Anthropology Diane Malloy, Social Work
Michael Lee Manning, Psychology
H. Marie Manthei, Communication Studies Sibyl Marina, Psychology (with Distinction) Douglas Keith Maul, Criminal Justice LaVeme P. Mayfield, Sociology Thomas Edward McCauley, Music Jacqueline Denise McClintock, Psychology Lori J. McDermeit, Communication Studies (with Distinction) Loya Vance McDonald, Music
Robyn LaTYese McGough, Social Work Vance Loren McHenry, Criminal Justice Anne Margaret McManis, Criminal Justice James Kevin McNamara, Art
Maria C. Medina, Dance
Justine Michelle Miller, Music Renee Miranda, Social Work Amy Elizabeth Morris, Political Science
Shaunna Kay Morris, Psychology (with High Distinction) Linda M. Mount, Criminal Justice
Raymond A. Mulherin, Political Science Cindy Gail Roragen Mullally, Psychology Thomas Michael Mullins, History Rosalynd Reid Munson, Psychology
September Rose Mushack, Criminal Justice Elizabeth Mary Wilson Mydlowski, Sociology Tbdd L. Myers, Music
Anne Marie Nicholl, English (with Distinction) Sheila Yvette Nicks, Social Work
Kevin Richard Nitzschke, Criminal Justice
Jennifer Lea/Ayers Nocerino, Communication Studies Denise D. Oien, Criminal Justice
Lori S. Orchow, Communication Studies Gideon Charles Oyeleke, Criminal Justice Maria Elizabeth Papp, Communication Studies Joan Therese Pasterak, Interdisciplinary Studies Colleen Marie Pautz, Psychology Jason Matthew Payne, English Rhean Hall Pendleton, Sociology
James Pierre Perdue Jr., Criminal Justice Lisa A. Peter, Criminal Justice Joseph Petrizzo, Theatre Arts
Stephanie E Pettit, Communication Studies Elizabeth Ann Whaite Pierce, English Richard Thomas Pierce, Music Ontson Fitzgerald Placide, Psychology Janet Lyn Porter, Communication Studies Charles Price Jr., Psychology
Patrick Nathan Pyles, Political Science
Susan Marie Clark Richardson, Communication Studies (with Distinction)
Brian Allen Robinson, Criminal Justice Susan F. Davis Rolland, Political Science Denise Lynne Rosch, Communication Studies
(with Distinction)
Eileen Ross, Communication Studies Dennis Michael Rowan, Criminal Justice Theodore David Sanchez, History
Giovanna Francesca Sardelli, Theatre Arts (with Distinction) Keith Allen Sargent, Interdisciplinary Studies
(with Distinction)
Virginia King Savage, Social Work
Louis Anthony Schiavone II, Communication Studies Janene Marie Schwan, Theatre Arts
Anna-Mary Scodius, Communication Studies Lea A. Sexton, English (with Distinction) Steven Michael Sheffield, Communication Studies
(with Distinction)
Beverly Jane Sherwin, English
Robert Silverman, Social Work
Jacqueline Susan Smallwood, Psychology Gregory M. Smith, Criminal Justice Sheila Mary Solomon, Psychology
Patrick Michael Spilotro, Political Science (with Distinction)
Dick Edward Stafford, Psychology
Steve T. Stallworth, Communication Studies Jana Kim Steele, Social Work
Russell J. Steele, Criminal Justice
Michael Stefenatos, Communication Studies Bernadette Marie Stepney, Criminal Justice Gina Renea Staffer, Psychology
Vincent Patrick Stretch Jr., Sociology Itacey Nora Strickler, Psychology Robert W. Supin, Sociology
Lori Beth Susman, Communication Studies Connie J. Thpia, Social Sciences
Kelly A. Thompson, Communication Studies
Michelle P. Dreiblatt Thompson, Communication Studies Michael DeMar Thurman, Political Science
Randy Tiner, Social Work
Donna Marie Toti, Criminal Justice Ramonia L. Hout, Social Work Lisa Marie Trujillo, Communication Studies Mindy Lynn Unger, Communication Studies (with Distinction) Barbara Jean Vess Urban, English (with High Distinction) Melanie Maria Van Betten, Theatre Arts (with Distinction) David Michael Vartuli, History (with Distinction) Anna Marie Vasquez, Criminal Justice
Frances Joanne Veglia, Sociology (with Distinction) James George Vbydat, Political Science Sarah Pauline Waghorn, Sociology (with Distinction) Ollie Gentry Walsh, Social Work
Rodney R. Walthers, Criminal Justice Nancy Ann White, Communication Studies Jerry Whitsett, Criminal Justice James Lee Whittington, English Carolyn Jean Thames Williams, Sociology Gloria Mae Williams, Social Work
Leslie Lee Willyard, Communication Studies Richard Z. Winget, Criminal Justice (with Distinction) Kelly A. Witcraft, Philosophy (with High Distinction) Floyd R. Wolcott, Communication Studies Kristen Renee Woods, Communication Studies Rosalie A. Wright, Criminal Justice
Lisa Elaine Wunderlich, Communication Studies Christopher Joseph Wynn, Criminal Justice Lorena Beth Lusardi Yonashiro, Social Work Lorena Beth Lusardi Yonashiro, Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Tferesa Bombard, Art
Diane J. Butner, Art
Becky Ellen Casale, Art
Michael Dommermuth, Art
Consuelo Estelle Emerson, Art (with Distinction)
Bruce Wayne Groff, Art
Jana L. Harry, Art
Billy Eckstine McCurdy, Art
Cory Michael Roth, Art (with Distinction)
Norha Serrano, Art
Loucinda Wilder Stevens, Art Donna Lynn DeCorte Swanson, Art
Bachelor of Liberal Studies
John A. D’Amico, Liberal Studies Douglas France Dansie, Liberal Studies Michael Lynn Elam, Liberal Studies Hilloah Piorkowski Reagh, Liberal Studies
Bachelor of Music
Darlene Gause, Music
Luis Ernesto Amao Homa, Music Annette Marie Olivas, Music Emma Lee Showalter, Music
College of
Business and Economics
Dr. Norval Pohl, Dean
Bachelor of Arts in Economics
William John Cato, Economics
Aaron Engel, Economics
Joseph Roger Pribyl, Economics
Thomas Michael Speaks, Economics (with High Distinction)
Bachelor of Science in
Business Administration
Steven Forrest Abel, Management
Donna Sileo Alderson, Marketing
Pamela Allred, Accounting
James Craig Amundson, Accounting
York E. Andrus, Finance
Mary Lynn Ashworth-Tanner, Finance
Brian Walter Astle, Finance
Jackeline Garcia Ayala, Accounting
John R. Ayers, Management
Maged Edward Aziz, Management
feresa Lynn Ballif, Management
William Baltas, Management Information Systems
Gloria Theresa Winder Banks, Finance
Guy Anthony Barbagallo, Finance
Nancy Ann Barnes, Management
Dianne Patricia Barrale, Economics
Alexandra P. Ban-antes, Management Information Systems Salvatore Anthony Basile, Management Lisa K. Bayley, Accounting Robert James Beach, Management Zohar Haim Ben-Rey, Accounting Susan May Benedict, Finance Robert Michael Bigelow, Finance Debra Rampton Blanco, Accounting Robert W. Bland, Accounting Eric A. Bordenave, Management Glenna M. Borrego, Management Cristine Ann Botzenhardt, Accounting
Aleyda I. Arriaga Bowman, Accounting & Marketing Joseph Michael Bowman, Accounting (with High Distinction) Ttacy Lynn Bowman, Finance Stephen Boyd, Accounting
Patrick J. Boylan, Management Information Systems Brian Lee Breed, Management Information Systems Jill Breslaw, Management
Robert Thomas Briare, Marketing Jonathan Dale Brickey, Marketing & Management Information Systems
Lawrence David Britt, Marketing Kathryn Jinx Brochmann, Accounting Shirley B. Brown, Accounting Thomas Allen Brown, Management Rita L. Brunetti, Accounting Michael Allen Bryant, Accounting Christi Lane Bundren, Marketing Michael E. Burist, Management Information Systems Timothy Kane Bums, Management Steven Lewis Busch, Management Leslie E. Bush, Accounting Carl A. Busse, Management
Jeanette Eileen Stump Butkus, Marketing "ferry Lee Butler, Accounting Karen M. Cale, Management
Clifton Robert Calhoun, Accounting (with High Distinction) Elois Carroll, Management Information Systems Paul Leslie Carroll III, Finance Michael Paul Carter, Accounting
Katherine Louise Chambers, Management Information Systems Joseph Chelhot, Management Information Systems Robert M. Cherhoniak, Management Information Systems & Management (with Distinction)
Peter Anthony Cherubina, Marketing Amy Tatyana Childs, Management Soon Yin Chin, Finance (with Distinction) Kim Keith Church, Management Kathryn Clark, Accounting (with Distinction) John J. Cleary, Management
Charles Sanford Coleman, Accounting (with High Distinction) Emanuela Elena Colleli, Marketing Jamie Kim Cook, Accounting
Pamela Jean Smiecinski Coon, Accounting, Finance, & Management Information Systems (with Distinction)
Dan Mark Cooper, Management Information Systems Glenn Rolland Crane, Management Information Systems Patrick Ralph Crockett, Accounting
Rebecca L. Crowell, Management Information Systems John D. Curtis, Management Information Systems Michael Joseph D’Alessio, Management
Steven D’Angelo, Management
Angela Susan Davenport, Accounting
Carol A. Mancebo Davis, Management (with Distinction) Debra Denise Davis, Management & Finance Brent Roman DeCracker, Marketing
Margaret Joan Haag Desruisseaux, Management Clifford A. Diamond, Management Information Systems Robert Michael DiAntonio, Marketing
Melissa D. DiGregorio, Management Patricia I. Dominguez, Management Shawn Taylor Driscoll, Marketing Lori A. Ebel, Finance & Accounting
Barbara Jane McKeman Edgerton, Marketing
David Richard Edwards, Management
Tamara Ghorbani Elizeh, Management Information Systems Michelle Marie Elliott, Management Information Systems Tammy Lynn Emmer, Accounting & Finance Danielle Marie Eshow, Marketing
Ricky R. Estes, Management (with Distinction) Yvette W. Fairbanks, Accounting &
Management Information Systems
Kathleen Ann Falvo, Finance
Alfredo Fernandez Jr., Marketing
Clifford E. Ferris, Accounting
Harry Scott Fields, Management Steven Hans Fischer, Management Stephen Randall Fish, Finance Brian Vincent Fitzgerald, Accounting Cynthia Rydzewski Fitzgerald, Management
Information Systems
John Charles Flaherty, Marketing
Ira C. Fogelman, Accounting
Carol Ann Frazier, Accounting
Gene Allen Friedman, Management
Valerie Sue Furlong, Management
Michael A. Gallagher, Accounting Michael Lee Gayle, Economics Sharon J. Geati, Economics Gina Lynn Geldbach, Marketing Seth Gilgor, Accounting
Mitchell W. Gill, Marketing
Denise Elizabeth Glennen, Marketing
Douglas Shawn Gomes, Accounting & Finance Gregory Ralph Gonzales, Accounting TYacy Lea Gottschalk, Marketing
Ricky Axel Gowdy, Accounting
Curtis Fraser Grant, Accounting
Brian R. Graves, Finance
Pamela Kim Green, Marketing
Angela Lee Guida, Accounting (with Distinction)
Edmon Hamilton II, Finance
Barbara Ann Hanson, Accounting (with High Distinction) In-Chul Har, Finance
John T. Harris, Management Information Systems & Management
Yvette Denise Harris, Accounting
Diana Hartzell, Accounting
Keith D. Harvey, Finance
Carmen Elena Henriquez, Marketing Sandra Amice Hess, Management Scott Brian Hetrick, Finance Tbny John Himes, Management
David Wayne Holland, Accounting & Finance Karen Cohen Holm, Finance (with Distinction) Andre Ernest Horwood, Marketing Christopher Neil Hudgins, Management Thomas B. Humiston, Finance Kenneth “Robin” Humphreys, Finance Cary Ann Hutchison, Management
Mark A. Hutchison, Management (with High Distinction) Larry Edward Jansen, Finance Jeff Paul Jarvis, Management
Wilbur R. Jenkins, Accounting Steven Michael Jeziorski, Finance Christine Ann Johnson, Management Michael Garrett Johnson, Management Timmy L. Johnson, Accounting Christopher D. Jones, Economics Stephanie Lynn Jones, Management Information Systems Stephan Jung, Management
Cindy Aline Kaelin, Accounting (with Distinction) Candye T. Kane, Marketing Anne N. Kaster, Management James M. Kato, Finance
Ven-Fan Kawakami, Economics Barbara A. Hamilton Kell, Accounting Khay-Lee Khoo, Management Information Systems Joyce M. Kissell, Accounting Kimberly Jo Klaholz, Marketing
Thmara Lynn Klapetzky, Accounting (with High Distinction) Michael David Klimek, Economics
Patricia Kim Knight, Accounting (with Distinction) Gregory Allen Koppe, Management (with Distinction) Jen-Yih Lai, Accounting (with Distinction) Kenneth Wayne Lathrop, Accounting Cynthia Lee LaVallee, Marketing Mirko Richard Lazenby, Finance Robert Brian Lear, Finance
Michelle Thelma Leavitt. Marketing Blanca Estela Leon, Management Andrew Francis Leoni DI, Marketing Teresa Anne Lester, Accounting Stanley S. Liang, Marketing Dana D. Lionel, Management Gary Scott Lipsman, Management Scott R. Lloyd, Management
Mark Andrew LoBello, Management
Robert D. LoBello, Management
Julie Rene Lokken, Accounting & Management
Michael Anthony Longi, Accounting (with High Distinction)
Mark Thomas Luca, Management Information Systems &
Caroline Dorothy Ludeman, Marketing
Randal Joseph Lukas, Management Information Systems &
Louise M. Olah Lupton, Finance
Francis Ignatius Lynch, Accounting
Keith M. Lyons Jr., Management
Cathy Lynn Magar, Marketing
Bemetta G. Maher, Management
Judy Patricia Maloney, Accounting
Jill Eileen Marsh, Management
Susan Stockton Martin, Accounting (with Distinction)
Walter David Mason, Finance
Barry Lee Mastrantonio, Accounting & Finance
Julie Ann Maust, Accounting
George Frederick Mayo, Management Information Systems
Elaine Marie McConnell, Accounting
Brenda Sue Pettyjohn McKee, Management
Kechi Patrece McKinney, Management
Lori Lynn McLeod, Finance (with Distinction)
Steven Ashley Mears, Finance (with Distinction)
Thrun Mehta, Accounting
Kimberly Susan Meinert, Marketing
Ellyn Ann Boral Mercier, Management
Edward J. Miller, Management
Frederick Jay Mirsky, Management
Ronald Mitchell, Marketing
Doris J. Mitchum, Management Information Systems
Suzanne V. Mondschein, Management
Donya Marie Monroe, Finance
Theresa Anne Monroe, Management
Larry Moreno, Management Information Systems
Raymond Leon Morley, Management & Management
Dennis James Morris, Accounting
Robert Lenord Morss, Accounting
James Howard Murphy, Accounting
Julia Marie Neel, Marketing
Linda Brady Nelson, Management Information Systems
Donna Goldbronn Neusch, Accounting & Economics
(with High Distinction)
William R. Newton, Accounting
Ky Le Nguyen, Accounting
John D. Nicasio, Management
Sharon Kay Hamilton Nichol, Accounting
Gregory Ben Nicholl, Finance
John Casimir O’Keefe, Finance
Daniel Andrew O’Reilly, Accounting
Mark A. Obialero, Finance
Vicki Jean Fuzzard Orr, Marketing
Peter H.C. Oskam-Mouton, Finance
Flavio Ostolaza Jr, Marketing
Kemal Sadri Ozun, Finance & Management
V. Karol Pacelli, Accounting
Steven John Pacheco, Management & Management
Patricia E. Palladino, Management Information Systems & Management
Costa L. Paraskeva, Management
TYoy Mitchell Parsons, Management Information Systems & Management
Kimberly Anne Pasquarello, Accounting Deborah Kay Patterson, Management &
Management Information Systems John Emery Pereszlenyi, Marketing Daniel Lewis Perlstein, Marketing James Michael Petrascu, Marketing Michelle Lynne Peveler, Marketing Anthony James Piazza, Marketing John Duane Pierce, Marketing Matthew Joseph Pinjuv, Marketing Mark Stephen Pirruccello, Accounting James Joseph Pisanelli, Finance (with Distinction) Leah Jalen Powell, Finance
Scott Edward Powell, Management Information Systems Lisa Christine Price, Management Information Systems Suzanne Marie Thomas Prine, Accounting (with Distinction) Theresa Elaine Pumey, Accounting Sherri Lynn Rabinowitz, Marketing Yvonne Randall, Marketing Bradley L. Randle, Marketing
Jeffrey R. Reber, Finance
Lana L. Reed, Management & Marketing
Ronald Doyle Reinschmidt, Accounting (with Distinction) William Thomas Remaley, Accounting
Brian David Retke, Management Information Systems & Management
John Keith Rhodes, Management James LaVem Rice, Marketing Robert Sims Rice, Management Michael H. Richardson, Accounting Pamela Anne Riches, Finance Thedee L. Robins, Accounting Michael Lee Rodgers, Accounting Theresa Dincecco Rodgers, Accounting
Cindy Lynne Campbell Rodriguez, Marketing Cynthia Lynn Romano, Marketing Gerry Lee Rongey, Finance
Anthony Rosiek, Management Information Systems David Michael Ross, Marketing Sheri A. Ross, Accounting
Gina Marie Rotondaro, Accounting
Daniel W. Ruff, Accounting
Charles E. Ruggeroli, Accounting
Joan K. Ryan, Accounting
Michael Harry Santrizos, Accounting Pamela L. Saunders, Management Rajai Wadie Sayegh, Management Frederick S. Scharar Jr., Marketing
Sunetra Schuchard, Accounting Damon A. Schuetze, Accounting Timothy Joe Schultz, Accounting Valerie Ann Scott, Marketing Joseph Scroppo, Management Michael David Sessa, Finance Caroil Denise Severinsen, Management (with Distinction) Martha Jane Shaffer, Management (with Distinction) Samir Jay Shah, Management Information Systems David Ross Sisk, Accounting Drew Robson Skeen, Finance LeAnne Frances Nielsen Skeen, Accounting Anne Carolyn Smith, Management Fred W. Smith, Accounting Lawrence LeRoy Smith, Management Fred Tbrrance Snyder, Finance Charles Chester Soberinsky, Finance Rosa I. Solis, Accounting Carrie L. Spargur, Marketing
Katherine Elizabeth Sparks, Marketing (with Distinction) Kent Benner Sprotbery, Economics Frederica Denise Stafford, Management "ferry Marie Sutherland Starks, Accounting James Joseph Steckbauer, Management Janet L. Stein, Management Information Systems &
Bertha Steinberg, Accounting Allison Jo Sterbens, Management 'ferry Dale Stewart, Management & Management Susan Adele Sturdivant, Management (with Distinction) Thomas Michael Sullivan, Finance Basil Wyle Sunder II, Accounting Paul Dennis Sweeney, Marketing Robert John Sweeney, Marketing Leon Richard Symanski, Management
Debra C. Thibet, Management L Management Information Systems
Rhonda Williams "fete, Marketing Karen Ann Thylor, Accounting Patricia J. Nepsha Thylor, Accounting Rodney Jackson Thylor, Marketing Sandy "fechavalitpongse, Accounting Vincent M. Tblles, Finance Joseph David Thomason, Management Mark Joseph Thompson, Accounting Susan Thompson, Management Kathleen M. Tighe, Management Rory-Ann E. Tbrsky, Accounting Paul Eugene Trainor, Accounting B. Adam Tout, Finance Bradley C. Tarek, Management Gregory G. Timer, Accounting Nancy Dillon Titera, Accounting
Ward Lincoln Tvitchell, Management Information Systems Robin Rae Martin Vela, Accounting Emile Lucien Vemazzaro, Accounting
MaryAnne S. von Hazmburg, Management (with Distinction) Larry P. Ward, Management
Marilyn L. Warner, Finance
Burton Kent Watts, Accounting & Finance
Scott David Weiss, Finance
Jay Robert Wenzinger, Management Information Systems Suzette Tacy Wheeler, Management
Thomas Joseph Wheeler Jr., Finance
Maceo Alexander Whitsett, Management
Donald P. Wilhelm, Finance
Celeste Marie Williams, Accounting
Glenn Robert Williams, Marketing
Lon Edward Willis Jr., Management Information Systems
Anne Christine Golio Wilson, Accounting
(with High Distinction)
Hugh Louis Winesett, Management Information Systems Bibianna Yuen-Ling Wong, Management & Management Akke A. Young, Accounting
Deborah Lynn Young, Management (with Distinction) James Zeiter, Finance & Management
Monte Richard Zwieg, Finance (with Distinction)
College of Education
Dr. Dale Andersen, Dean
Bachelor of Arts in Education
Sharon Alyse Drucker, Elementary Education Donna Marie Gannon, Special Education Marybeth Schroeder Siemens, Secondary Education
Bachelor of Science in Education
Marcia Celine Adamson, Athletic Taining Jeanne Gail Gray Allen, Elementary Education Lorin S. Altman, Physical Education Neddy Medina Alvarez, Secondary Education Robert Harold Ashley, Secondary Education Douglas Raymond Benoit, Secondary Education Charles Lee Bilberry, Secondary Education William B. Blair, Elementary Education Ellerie Theresa Boxx, Special Education Kim Renee LaBrant Bradley, Elementary Education Denise Diane Brooks, Athletic Taining Roger William Brown, Physical Education Arthur Kevin Cabrales, Secondary Education
(with High Distinction) Nancy J. McCoy Camera, Elementary Education Angela Marie Bolyard Carducci, Elementary Education Lynda Carlin, Secondary Education
Colleen Maxine Boulton Carpenter, Elementary Education
Rita Kay Roe Carter, Elementary Education (with Distinction) Tbi Lynn Bayer Chalker, Physical Education Joan Irene White Chappell, Physical Education Robert William Clements, Physical Education Denise Marie Curcio, Special Education Karen Lea Starkey Degelbeck, Special Education Bridgette DePalma, Physical Education Melissa Lee Ducharme DeSantis, Elementary Education
(with Distinction)
Eileen Desrochers, Elementary Education Gerald Anthony Edmonds, Recreation Michael G. Empey, Physical Education "feresa Ann Keayes Engel, Special Education Darla Kai Blake Enomoto, Elementary Education Katherine Sharon Mathis Faber, Physical Education Alyson Elizabeth Tbni Finelli, Elementary Education Jody Shealy Finnegan, Special Education Jeffrey B. Foley, Physical Education Leslie Ann Forese, Recreation
Leslie Lynn Fowles, Elementary Education
Nancy June Rittman Froistad, Elementary Education Richard K. Froyd, Elementary Education (with Distinction) Michael A. Garcia, Secondary Education
Judith Anne Irwin Gottlieb, Elementary Education Harve Steven Griffin Jr., Athletic Taining Tina Kay Reno Gupton, Elementary Education
(with Distinction)
Jason S. Hahn, Physical Education
Hope Ann Hammond, Secondary Education
Rowena Mitchell Hammond, Secondary Education Sharon L. Hancock, Special Education Lisa Harriett Herman, Special Education Michelle Annette Hickey, Special Education Robin Lynn Cookson Hicks, Special Education Jeffrey Dale Hobbs, Physical Education John T. Hogan, Recreation
Nancy Lynn Ellis Horn, Elementary Education
Diane M. Hovland, Secondary Education (with Distinction) Charleen A. Bunting Jacobson, Elementary Education Jill Nanette Jacobson, Physical Education David A. Jones, Elementary Education Jules I. Kendall, Secondary Education
Diane Kay Larson Kent, Elementary Education Christopher E. Kitt, Recreation
Michelle Marie Klimek, Secondary Education Rita Jacqueline Kniess, Special Education Jari Bari Kokko, Recreation (with Distinction) Gloria Lynn Smith Lake, Elementary Education Kathy Lynn Johnson Lancaster, Special Education Rhonda Elisabeth Steams Langager, Physical Education &
Health Education (with Distinction)
Louise Randall Lawler, Athletic Taining
Vickie Verbanic Leitera, Elementary Education
(with Distinction)
Lanny Wayne Leroy, Athletic Taining Marc Ellery Likens, Physical Education
Donna Rae Lindsey, Physical Education Debbie Kay Loerakker, Elementary Education Carla Bombara Lopez, Elementary Education Sharon Elizabeth Wright Lowell, Elementary Education Patsy Jean Gallion Lundberg, Secondary Education Marjorie J. Luongo, Special Education Wendy Kathryn Maly, Physical Education Kathryn Naples Manning, Elementary Education James Vai Miller, Athletic Taining
Jeanette G. Miller, Special Education (with Distinction) Ina Jarvis Mogensen, Elementary Education (with Distinction) Tbni Margit Moreland, Secondary Education Ramona Jane Mundy, Elementary Education Ruben Reyes Murillo, Special Education Paul Gerardo Newallo, Physical Education Chawn Marie Nolasco, Special Education Nancy Lynn Norris, Athletic Taining
Gail Annette Aldridge Nuttbrock, Elementary Education (with Distinction)
Steven Patrick OUiges, Physical Education Kathleen Lee Brant Pederson, Physical Education Valerie Joan Perkins, Health Education Karen Louizea Mims Peterson, Secondary Education Ruthann Elizabeth Smith Philips, Special Education Stephen Eugene Phillips, Elementary Education Regina Rose Quintero, Physical Education
Robin Ragan, Elementary Education (with Distinction) Thomas F. Reed, Elementary Education (with Distinction) Pennie Leigh Reeves, Elementary Education Patricia Ann Ross, Elementary Education
(with High Distinction)
Linda Marie Rossi, Physical Education Roy Lee Rost, Recreation
Derry Ann Ruyle, Special Education Paul Alan Seifer, Athletic Taining Clayton D. Sellers, Secondary Education Florence Rosa Doman Semon, Secondary Education Kathryn Bellows Sorte, Elementary Education
(with High Distinction)
Lonna Loving Stackpole, Elementary Education
(with Distinction)
Karen S. Sutton, Elementary Education Judith A. Thylor, Elementary Education Colleen Jamie Thompson, Secondary Education Steven Paul Thomock, Elementary Education Daniel Michael Wade, Secondary Education Leonard Howard Washington, Elementary Education Karen Lee Wasson, Elementary Education Bona E. Watts, Secondary Education
Jeniffer Lee Wells, Athletic Taining
College of Health Sciences
Dr. Mary Ann Michel, Dean
Bachelor of Science
Suzanne Cecilia Case, Nursing
Shauna Marie Crawley, Nursing Howard Epstein, Radiologic Technology Susan Jessie Harry Garlow, Nursing Victoria Dix Hale, Nursing
Karen Kaye Helbert, Radiologic Technology
Karole K. Hoffer, Nursing (with Distinction)
Susan Belle Lacey Larimer, Nursing
Valerie Ann Maddocks, Nursing
Martin Medvejer, Nursing
Chris Edward Monteforte, Radiologic Technology
Verna Wilson Motes, Nursing
Marlene Carol Womack Riley, Nursing
Marian Lee Samuels, Radiologic Technology
Michelle Jeanette Smith, Nursing
Carmen Eleanor Sterling, Nursing
Renee TYumbo Vincent, Nursing (with Distinction)
Reid Alan Wilke, Radiologic Technology
Christie Lynn Wilson, Nursing
Karen Lea Wingfield, Radiologic Technology
Associate of Arts in Nursing
Lena M. Acuff, Nursing
Jacqueline L. Bland, Nursing
Georgene R. Morrow Bratton, Nursing
Christine P. Bruce, Nursing
Mary Beth Cams, Nursing
Doris T. Crisostomo, Nursing
Lois J. Dainack, Nursing
Diana Mae Davis, Nursing
Karen Anne Dufiy, Nursing
Robert McCormick Elgie, Nursing
Agnes Mawanay Escalona, Nursing
Noreen M. Evans, Nursing
Teresa M. DeMarco Forrest, Nursing
Miljam Fuld, Nursing
Kellie Goodman, Nursing
Sonja Ann White Hamilton, Nursing
Michael L. Hill, Nursing
William Henry Hinton, Nursing
Sherri D. Howell, Nursing
Janet M. Jackson, Nursing
Jillyn Jappe, Nursing
Patrick L. Johnson, Nursing
Ronald M. Jolley, Nursing
Dianna L. Jones, Nursing
Sylvia Liberty Eliakis Karagienakos, Nursing
Kathy A. Henning King, Nursing Janet A. Coe Koch, Nursing Debra Libitsky, Nursing Carol R. Loughran, Nursing Lynn Marie MacLeod, Nursing Renee’ Matthews, Nursing Kathleen M. Ferreira Mazur, Nursing Janice E. Riches McIntosh, Nursing Debra L. Meyer, Nursing June Marie Milko, Nursing Barbara L. Davis Nakae, Nursing Lori Neubauer, Nursing Robert D. Nye, Nursing Vicki Eugenia Lambou Olson, Nursing Leah J. PeBenito, Nursing Rigoberto Ariel Pereira, Nursing Linda Mae Prezioso, Nursing Janice V. Price, Nursing Eloise Keeler Reese, Nursing Elizabeth A. Remmert, Nursing Sheila L. Romeo, Nursing TYacey A. Ryan, Nursing Maryellen Vallier Sadovich, Nursing Lisa Gloria Scarlet, Nursing Elizabeth K. Shadowen, Nursing Revekka Shpak, Nursing Sara Ensley Smith, Nursing Donna Marie Mizgalski Strike, Nursing Beth Ann Sundberg, Nursing Sonia J. Sutherland, Nursing Edward Drew Sweeten, Nursing Antoinette Thnchala, Nursing Pamela Ann Tims, Nursing Victoria N. Volz, Nursing TYacy L. Weistreich, Nursing Rhonda Louise Hayes Welinitz, Nursing Thna L. White, Nursing Mary E. Winslow, Nursing Christiane Zimmermann, Nursing
Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology
Eileen Arambula, Radiologic Technology Brent Doyle Brunson, Radiologic Technology Laura A. Cavaretta, Radiologic Technology Christine M. Cheney, Radiologic Technology Margaret E. Durrant, Radiologic Technology Gerald F. Ewanick, Radiologic Technology Ralph James Gaddis, Radiologic Technology Garrett D. Hasty, Radiologic Technology Coralei H. Ito, Radiologic Technology Bronwen K. Christenson Johnson, Radiologic Technology Sungsuk Ju, Radiologic Technology Frank Leon, Radiologic Technology Christine M. Marshall, Radiologic Technology Tbdd R. McCarty, Radiologic Technology
Rowena Jane PeBenito, Radiologic Technology William A. Robey, Radiologic Technology Carolyn D. Shoemaker, Radiologic Technology Wendy Zakrzewski, Radiologic Technology
College of Hotel Administration
Dr. Jerome J. Vallen, Dean
Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration
James Brenden A’Heam, Hotel Administration Lawrence Eric Altschul, Hotel Administration Therese Louise Bagley, Hotel Administration Timothy Lawrence Barna, Hotel Administration Jonathan E. Bayer, Hotel Administration Thomas Emmit Berberet, Hotel Administration Kathleen Berger, Hotel Administration Glenn R. Berk, Hotel Administration Eric Carstens Britt, Hotel Administration Joseph A. Bucci, Hotel Administration Thini Christian Budo, Hotel Administration Jill Denise Burkhart, Hotel Administration Ellen Clare Burrasca, Hotel Administration James Frank Calvello, Hotel Administration Sandra R. Cameron, Hotel Administration
Lillie Rena Canavan, Hotel Administration (with Distinction) Keith P. Caravelli, Hotel Administration Dean Anthony Camesi, Hotel Administration Kathleen A. Carolan, Hotel Administration Stephen C. Carpenter, Hotel Administration John Thomas Carroll, Hotel Administration Bernard C. Chamberlain, Hotel Administration Harold S. Channell, Hotel Administration Kamal Chaoui, Hotel Administration
Therese Lynn Chapman, Hotel Administration Peter Anthony Chervo, Hotel Administration Paul Axel Christensen, Hotel Administration Catherine Avery Clay, Hotel Administration Thomas Kelley Coats, Hotel Administration Davyd Carlyle Cohen, Hotel Administration Jacob Cohen, Hotel Administration (with Distinction) Jacqueline Collins, Hotel Administration Peter Anthony Connolly, Hotel Administration Susanna L. Continenza, Hotel Administration Coleman Eric Cook, Hotel Administration Cynthia A. Culliton, Hotel Administration Steven Mark Cyr, Hotel Administration
Alice Marie D’Alba, Hotel Administration Jawad Wafa Dajani, Hotel Administration Jon LeRoy Damoth, Hotel Administration Steven C. DeBella, Hotel Administration Alan Anthony DelBosco, Hotel Administration (with Distinction) Ragheb Dergham, Hotel Administration Scott Thomas Deveau, Hotel Administration James Patrick Dishaw, Hotel Administration Pamela Jean Dowling, Hotel Administration Kurt Christopher Draser, Hotel Administration John Joseph Duhig, Hotel Administration Suzanne Lyn Dunning, Hotel Administration Karl Leopold Edgerton, Hotel Administration Scott Corry Evans, Hotel Administration Barbara Louise Fannin, Hotel Administration Rizwan Faridi, Hotel Administration Aaron J. Fein, Hotel Administration
N. Joseph Ferrando, Hotel Administration
Tbny Angelo Ferrara, Hotel Administration (with Distinction) Patrick Michael Filippelli, Hotel Administration William H. Finnegan, Hotel Administration John Patrick Fitzmaurice, Hotel Administration Judith Suzanne Fleenor, Hotel Administration Steven Mark Friedman, Hotel Administration Heidi Ann Frissell, Hotel Administration Richard Austin Gallant Jr., Hotel Administration Ronald Irvin Galstad, Hotel Administration Paulo Alexandre Garcia, Hotel Administration Michael Timothy George, Hotel Administration Deborah S. Gilges, Hotel Administration
Lauren H. Goldstein-Geller, Hotel Administration William Joseph Govan, Hotel Administration Joan B. Gover, Hotel Administration Sharon L. Greene, Hotel Administration Vincent Lee Grega, Hotel Administration Tbdd Michael Griffith, Hotel Administration K. William Gunther, Hotel Administration Mya S. Hackett, Hotel Administration Douglas Charles Hardy, Hotel Administration Suzanne Roberta Hatch, Hotel Administration Martin Heim II, Hotel Administration Mark William Hines, Hotel Administration David A. Holden, Hotel Administration David D. Horn, Hotel Administration
Tbdd Alan Huchendorf, Hotel Administration Loren Rachel Hunter, Hotel Administration Dale Kenneth Jackson, Hotel Administration Maynard James Jarvis Jr., Hotel Administration Keith Johnson, Hotel Administration Burges Keki Jokhi, Hotel Administration Cheryl Lynne Kahn, Hotel Administration Jeannie Kim, Hotel Administration Jon Michael Kim, Hotel Administration C. Cindy Kohn, Hotel Administration
Thomas J. Kondrich, Hotel Administration Kyun Kong, Hotel Administration Lawrence Jay Korek, Hotel Administration Kevin Richard Krier, Hotel Administration Michael R. Krucky, Hotel Administration (with Distinction) Tracey M. Krupski, Hotel Administration Steten Edward Kuhn, Hotel Administration William Angelo Kunz, Hotel Administration
Judith Keiko Kuramoto, Hotel Administration (with Distinction) Kelly Kuzik, Hotel Administration
Susan M. Lackner, Hotel Administration Wai Hon Lam, Hotel Administration Karl Albin Larson, Hotel Administration Melinda Marie LeBlanc, Hotel Administration Lauren Ann Leonardo, Hotel Administration Michael Andrew Lepo, Hotel Administration Elisabeth Cristina Lichtman, Hotel Administration Ping-Homg Lin, Hotel Administration Daniel B. Lipton, Hotel Administration John Walter Litwin, Hotel Administration Richard Simon Livermore, Hotel Administration David E. Love, Hotel Administration Anthony Dominac Lovoy, Hotel Administration Michael P. Maguire, Hotel Administration Rolf H. Maile, Hotel Administration Judy Patricia Maloney, Hotel Administration Michele Marie Manca, Hotel Administration Randol Eugene Mapel, Hotel Administration David Maurice Marks, Hotel Administration Shuji Matsumoto, Hotel Administration Joy Christine Maurer, Hotel Administration Paul Joseph McCormick, Hotel Administration Dani Marie McDaniel, Hotel Administration Geoige McElhinney, Hotel Administration Brent A. McRae, Hotel Administration Steven S. Meatovich, Hotel Administration George Scott Menke, Hotel Administration Robin A. Mentnech, Hotel Administration
Jennifer L. Metz, Hotel Administration (with Distinction) Kimberlee Ann Meyer, Hotel Administration Brian Lee Miller, Hotel Administration Jennifer Lynn Miller, Hotel Administration Kevin Mills, Hotel Administration W. Karl Mingus, Hotel Administration Robert Phillip Mininger, Hotel Administration John J. Mogar, Hotel Administraion
Timothy Patrick Morrissey, Hotel Administration Timothy Francis Muir, Hotel Administration Steven Anthony Mutti, Hotel Administration Tterry A. Nash, Hotel Administration Jennifer Ann Nickel, Hotel Administration Kimberly Havens O’Brien, Hotel Administration Douglas Alfred Osborne, Hotel Administration Jeffrey Clark Rice, Hotel Administration (with Distinction) John William Marvin Pace, Hotel Administration Anthony Francis Pagliuso, Hotel Administration
William Matthew Paladino, Hotel Administration TYacy Lynn Palmer, Hotel Administration Jennifer Nichols Palor, Hotel Administration Geoige Stylianou Panaghi, Hotel Administration Penny Lizabeth Pomerantz, Hotel Administration Jose Ponciano Jr., Hotel Administration William Mackae Potter, Hotel Administration Gobie Raju, Hotel Administration Brad Robert Randall, Hotel Administration Devi P. Rao, Hotel Administration Gary Paul Rehaut, Hotel Administration Gary Paul Richenberg, Hotel Administration Pamela Anne Riches, Hotel Administration Robin Drew Roane, Hotel Administration Sanford E. Robinson, Hotel Administration Jose Carlos Rodriguez, Hotel Administration Jeffery Allen Rom, Hotel Administration Tbdd 8. Rosenfeld, Hotel Administration Helenann Rubin, Hotel Administration Keith John Ryan, Hotel Administration Lourdes Carreon Saldi, Hotel Administration Michael Anthony Santoro, Hotel Administration Doug G. Savoca, Hotel Administration Robert Scaletti, Hotel Administration Tbdd M. Scanlon, Hotel Administration Christopher B. Scavo, Hotel Administration Julia Suzanne Schieve, Hotel Administration Michelle Marie Schwan, Hotel Administration Sheila Ann Scott, Hotel Administration John Seier Jr., Hotel Administration
Michael Andrew Sheparovich, Hotel Administration Vina May Shirley, Hotel Administration Dennis Edwin Smith, Hotel Administration Jay Morgan Smith, Hotel Administration Simon Soh, Hotel Administration
Andrew James Soulia, Hotel Administration Debra Ann Stevens, Hotel Administration Alan Gregory Stewart, Hotel Administration Stoney Douglas Strange, Hotel Administration Raymond Edward Sullivan, Hotel Administration Kenneth Robert Svejkovsky, Hotel Administration James Edward Sweeney, Hotel Administration Anthony Vincent Tunaccio, Hotel Administration Darryl Richard Thtz, Hotel Administration Richard Larry Thompson, Hotel Administration Hani Albert Tbutounji, Hotel Administration Rustin Eugene lbwnsend, Hotel Administration Victoria S. Ticker, Hotel Administration Laurel Lynn Tisken, Hotel Administration Kenneth T. Uhl, Hotel Administration Lyn Mikie Utsugi, Hotel Administration
William Craddock Van Anda, Hotel Administration Michael Anthony Vasquez, Hotel Administration Barbara Ann Verbenec, Hotel Administration
(with High Distinction)
Phillip A. Wahlstrom, Hotel Administration (with Distinction)
Susan Waldman, Hotel Administration Colleen Elizabeth Wallace, Hotel Administration Eric Severen Wallin, Hotel Administration David Richard Weber, Hotel Administration Winne B. Wee, Hotel Administration Scott Vincent Weiland, Hotel Administration Timothy T. Wilcox, Hotel Administration Mary M. Winters, Hotel Administration Richard Anthony Winzen, Hotel Administration Yik Ting Wong, Hotel Administration Sherry L. Yee, Hotel Administration Gary K. Yeo, Hotel Administration John A. Young, Hotel Administration Kent Zittlau, Hotel Administration Manuel G. Zozaya, Hotel Administration
College of Science, Mathematics and
Dr. David W. Emerson, Dean
Professional Development Degree
Paul Edward Ponto, Mathematics Education
Bachelor of Arts
Angela Marie Andrich, Chemistry (with Distinction) Giana Marie Baker, Mathematical Sciences (with Distinction) Richard Monte Bay, Chemistry
Debbie Yong Cho, Chemistry
Michael Shawn Doyle, Chemistry Aaron Engel, Computer Science Juan Estrada Jr., Chemistry Randy M. Gayler, Computer Science Arnold Lopez III, Chemistry
Laura Marie McMahon, Mathematical Sciences Christopher David Nisi, Computer Science Kim Patricia Titus, Chemistry
Southida Vansomphone, Chemistry Scott Alan Wade, Chemistry
Bachelor of Science
Jack E. Alexander, Computer Science William Michael Alsup, Geology
Julie Tun-Yee Baker, Computer Science
Timothy L. Baker, Geology
Sean Arthur Barlow, Biological Sciences (with Distinction) J. Ticker Barton, Biological Sciences (with Distinction)
Gerald W. Baughman, Geology Keith Michael Burrows, Geology Charles Thomas Calder Jr., Mathematical Sciences Erin D. Cole, Geology
Robert Dennis Conway, Biological Sciences Jack Alan Coons, Biological Sciences Kimberly Kay Daffher, Biological Sciences John C. Ellsworth, Physics (with Distinction) Brady Gene Englestead, Biological Sciences Jackie Heikyung Farris, Computer Science Ann Mary Fenner, Geology
Kirk E. Fitzgerald, Computer Science (with Distinction) Mark Andrew Fuller, Computer Science
Charles Eugene Gagnon, Biological Sciences Charles Laurence Gardner, Geology Gregory A. Geddes, Computer Science Robert John Gegenheimer, Geology
Marshall B. Greene, Geology
Bradley Craig Grover, Biological Sciences Ralph Dickson Hargrave, Biological Sciences Somchai Hamkul, Computer Science Harry Richard Hendler, Chemistry
Jean Ann Hudson, Geology
Diane Leigh Hunt, Geology (with Distinction)
Donna Lynn Hunt, Geology
Tbmtip Hyatt, Computer Science Richard Leroy Jensen, Applied Physics Insuk Ju, Computer Science
Peter Wesley Jurutka, Chemistry (with High Distinction) Mark E. Karol, Computer Science (with Distinction) Emily Anne Kellogg, Biological Sciences Laura Jean Kennedy, Biological Sciences
Joseph William LaComb Jr., Geology
Louis Edward LaMancusa, Mathematical Sciences
(with High Distinction)
Susan Marie Lamski, Computer Science
John In Seung Lau, Mathematical Sciences (with Distinction) John In Seung Lau, Computer Science (with Distinction) Helen Claire Lawson, Biological Sciences
Denis Paul Lemay, Computer Sciences (with High Distinction) Robert Mu-Yuan Liang Mathematical Sciences (with Distinction) Michael Gene Maier, Computer Science
Graciela Isabel Martucci, Biological Sciences Michael David Mazzone, Computer Science Michael E. McCormick, Computer Science Thomas E. McDonald, Computer Science William B. Moulton, Computer Science Stephen Lawrence Myers, Biological Sciences
Richard Wayne Naylor, Biological Sciences (with Distinction) Monica Marion Niederhut, Applied Physics Nancy Lynn Norris, Biological Sciences Leena Olson, Computer Science
Paul B. Ostrenger, Biological Sciences
Harold Joseph Radke Jr., Biological Sciences (with Distinction) Brett Richaid Rae, Geology
Douglas John Rankin, Biological Sciences
John Alton Ring, Geology
Daniel Fuller Royal, Biological Sciences Robert Dean Scavetta, Chemistry
Gail Ann Schwartz, Biological Sciences
Roland LeRoy Sparling, Biological Sciences (with Distinction) Nathan Forrest Stout, Geology
Darin Swainston, Biological Sciences (with Distinction) Kent Thng, Computer Science
Elizabeth Theresa Thngredi, Biological Sciences
Robert Nelson Thompson, Geology
Susan Nobu Tbmiyasu, Biological Sciences
Raymond Kenneth Tripamer, Computer Science Randy D. Visser, Chemistry
Kevin Joseph Wall, Biological Sciences
Michael Elliott Weber, Geology
Aimee A. Miller Zabst, Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Adriana Boland, Civil Engineering Fidel Matute Calixto, Engineering
Robert Paul Crowley, Mechanical Engineering
Gary Dean Danner, Electrical Engineering
Kristi L. DuBois, Civil Engineering
Kenneth James Erlanger, Engineering
Siriphone Fu, Electrical Engineering
Frances Guarrella, Electrical Engineering
Keith Brent Helmuth, Civil Engineering
Gam Hal Iverson, Electrical Engineering
Richard Adam Jarmel, Civil Engineering
Aliasghar Ramin Kamali, Electrical Engineering
Robert Mu-Yuan Laing, Electrical Engineering (with Distinction)
Arnold Lopez IB, Engineering
Felder Michael McLaurin, Electrical Engineering
Eric Burton Olsen, Electrical Engineering
James Michael Pearce, Civil Engineering (with High Distinction)
Edward M. Rajnovich, Engineering
David Lloyd Rehm, Electrical Engineering
Mohamed Said Rouas, Civil Engineering
Samuel 0. Smith, Electrical Engineering
Roy P. Stone, Engineering
The Nevada Centennial Medallion is presented annually to the graduating senior earning the highest four-year scholastic average at UNLV. Due to the early date of Commencement this year, it is impossible to determine by the time of the ceremony the name of the student who has achieved this award for 1987.
However, as soon as all grades have been checked and verified, the 1987 recipient will be identified and. presented the medallion at a special ceremony.
One-hundred-and-one medallions were given to the university by the Rotary Club of Las Vegas at the time of the state’s centennial celebration in 1964. The last medallion will be awarded in 2064, the year of Nevada’s two hundredth birthday.
Previous recipients are listed below in descending order from 1986 to 1964.
Dinah Louise Beggs Janice Etta Woodford Connie Maria Morantes Julia C. Angelica Joanne Andrews
John Surina Nancy M. Form Judi D. Record Martin D. Schaffer Diane N. Aiello Steven B. Sedlacek Mary V. Dibble Kathleen Ashton Phyllis J. Zagortz William M. Brown Chris A. Beecroft, Jr.
Michael G. Carlson Analie A. Austin
Carol James Myrna D. Selwyn Janet N. Monson Jacqueline Mongeot Dominic I. Daileda
Graduating seniors who have been initiated into UNLV’s chapter of Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society are presented with bronze medallions hung on a scarlet cord to wear at the Commencement exercises. Each year Chapter 100 at UNLV invites to membership the top 10 percent of the senior class and the top 5 percent of the junior class in all academic disciplines.
The Presidential Medallion is the official insignia of the President’s Office and is worn at Commencement and other ceremonial occasions. It was a gift to the university from the Student Senate and Activities Board of the Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada (CSUN).
Cast of sterling silver, the medallion embodies the official seal of the State of Nevada. Links of the chain carry the names of current and former presidents of the university with their terms of office, and symbolize the continuity of responsibility in the office.
The University Mace, which has its traditions deeply rooted in history, is carried on ceremonial occasions at the head of the academic procession by the Grand Marshal, whose symbolic duty is the protection of the university, its persons and its processes.
Originally a weapon, the earliest mace was made of iron and was capable of breaking armor. Bishops, forbidden by canon law to bear swords, sometimes took the mace with them into battle. The mace consisted of a long club with a ball of iron, steel or brass at one end, and was used in warfare as late as the 16th century.
The use of the mace as an instrument of ceremony, however, began about the year 1250 in England and France, and is still used widely today in university’ commencement programs as well as in governmental ceremonies.
The UNLV Mace has been cast from polished metal and features a black hardwood staff. Facets of the cubical top embody the university’s seal; a symbolic depiction of the Statue of Liberty; a likeness of Renaissance scholar Leonardo da Vinci, representing the integration of knowledge from many fields; and a shelf of books flanked by artists’ brushes.
The mace bearer today is Mrs. Alice Mason, associate professor of physical education, who recently marked her thirtieth year with the University of Nevada System.
The history of academic dress reaches far back into the early days of the oldest universities. It appears that academic clothing was first introduced and worn at Cambridge and Oxford Universities in the thirteenth centuries.
The European custom was carried to America with the establishment of our own colleges and universities. In 1895 an academic code of dress was adopted, and the standards were accepted by most of the colleges and universities in the United States, Today, the black robe, hood, and cap are generally worn.
Three different types of black gowns may be distinguished in the academic procession. The bachelors’ gowns have long pointed sleeves; the masters’ gowns have oblong sleeves with an arc cut away in the front The doctors’ gowns are faced with velvet and have bell-shaped sleeves with three bars of velvet
The Oxford cap, the so-called mortarboard, is black and has a long tassel fastened to the middle of the top that is worn pendant over the left front of the cap. The hood, draped from the shoulder, denotes by its length and colors the degree and the institution which conferred the degree.
Bishop Joseph Green
1964 To Present
Frank S. Wartman
Boulder City metallurgist
Doctor of Science
Malcolm Love
President, San Diego State College
Bishop of Reno
Doctor of Humane Letters
Gov. Mike O’Callaghan Governor of Nevada Doctor of Laws
No degree awarded
Doctor of Laws
1966 Dean E. McHenry
Walker R. Young
Engineer in charge of construction of
Chancellor, University of California, Santa Cruz
Doctor of Laws
1967 Lt. Gen. Frank T. Mildren
Hoover Dam (Accepted by Leo Dunbar, Sr. of Boulder City)
Doctor of Science
Frank Sinatra
Local military commander Doctor of Science
Herbert E. Grier Founder, EG&G Inc.
Doctor of Science
1968 Nevitt Sanford
Doctor of Humane Letters
Frank Church
Idaho Congressman
Doctor of Laws
Herman M. Greenspun
Director, Institute for the Study of Human Problems, Stanford University
Doctor of Humane Letters
1969 Francis H. Horn
Publisher, Las Vegas Sun
Doctor of Humane Letters
John C. Mowbray
Justice, Nevada Supreme Court
President, Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities
Doctor of Humane Letters
1970 Bob Hope
Doctor of Laws
Paul F. Sharp
President, University of Oklahoma
Doctor of Humane Letters
Doctor of Humane Letters
Paul Laxalt
1971 Del E. Webb
Nevada Congressman Doctor of Laws
Builder and developer
Doctor of Humane Letters
Howard W. Cannon
Nevada Congressman
Doctor of Laws
Bart J. Bok
Noted astronomer
Doctor of Science
Daniel J. Boorstin
1972 David Bruce Dill
Librarian of Congress Doctor of Humane Letters
Noted scientist Doctor of Laws
Wayne Newton
Doctor of Humane Letters
Donald H. Baepler
Former UNLV president and chancellor
Doctor of Science
Frank Waters Author
Doctor of Humane Letters
Lucile Bruner
Local artist and teacher
Doctor of Humane Letters
Rev. Caesar Caviglia
Pastor, St Peter’s Catholic Church, Henderson
Doctor of Humane Letters
Frank H.T. Rhodes
President, Cornell University
Doctor of Letters
Charles Vanda
Director, UNLV Master Series
Doctor of Humane Letters
b- Parry Thomas
Chairman, Executive Committee, Valley Bank of Nevada
Doctor of Laws
Simcha Dinitz
Vice president, Hebrew University Doctor of Humane Letters
Major Gen. Robert E. Kelley
Superintendent, U.S. Air Force Academy Doctor of Science
Jerome Mack
Vice chairman of the board, Valley Bank of Nevada
Doctor of Laws
Harry Wald
President Caesars Palace Hotel-Casino Doctor of Laws
David P. Gardner
President University of California Doctor of Laws
Jihan El-Sadat
Wife of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat
Doctor of Letters
Diana Ross Entertainer
Doctor of Humane Letters
John Theodore “Ted” Sanders Nevada Superintendent of Public Instruction
Doctor of Letters
Major Gen. R.G. “Zack” Taylor Retired Air Force General Doctor of Laws
Majorie A. Barrick UNLV Benefactress
Doctor of Humane Letters
Thomas T. Beam
Local engineer, land developer, and UNLV benefactor
Doctor of Science
Joseph N. Crowley
President, University of Nevada, Reno Doctor of Letters
William Boyd
Las Vegas attorney and UNLV benefactor Doctor of Laws
Margaret Elardi
Hotel-casino owner and UNLV benefactor Doctor of Humane Letters
Elaine Wynn
President of University Foundation and UNLV benefactor
Doctor of Humane Letters
Robert B. Griffith
Archie C. Grant
Albert E. Cahlan A.L. Scott
Roger T. Foley
J. Kell Houssels, Sr. Bertha Ronzone
Cyril 0. Bastian Harriett G. Spann Clare W. Woodbury
George E. Franklin, Sr.
Reed Whipple
Leonard R. Fayle Sebastian Mikulich Richard F. Perkins
Judy Bayley Woodrow Wilson
James Cashman, Jr.
Juanita Greer White
Paul D. McDermott (posthumously) James I. Gibson
Mary L. Woitishek
Alan Bible John F. Cahlan
E. Parry Thomas
Monsignor Thomas F. Collins
Elton M. Garrett
Oran Gragson Mabel W. Hoggard
William W. Morris William Peccole
B. Mahlon Brown Addeliar Dell Guy Artemus W. Ham, Jr.
Ruthe Deskin William V. Wright
Marion D. Bennett, Sr. Ann Brewington Harley E. Harmon, Sr.
Marjorie A. Barrick Eileen Brookman Irwin Molasky Thomas T. Beam
No award given
Rosemary K. Clarke William G. Flangas
Bob Brown (posthumously)
William Boyd J.A. Tiberti Fred Gibson, Jr. John Moran Donald M. Clark
1986 Florence Lee Jones Cahlan (posthumously)
Herbert McDonald John F. Mendoza
1968 Wing Fong
E. Parry Thomas
1979 Helen West
Rita Deanin Abbey
Emeritus Professor of Art
Bert Babero
Emeritus Professor of Biology
Eva C. Bortman
Emeritus Associate Professor of
Curriculum and Instruction
Alice Brown
Emeritus Librarian
William D. Carlson
Emeritus Professor of Education
Brock Dixon
Emeritus Vice President
Michael Drakulich
Emeritus Professor of Physical Education
Pat Fellman
Emeritus Administrator
Malcolm Graham
Emeritus Professor of Mathematics
Holbert H. Hendrix
Emeritus Professor of Education
Charles A. Jacobi
Emeritus Professor of Radiological Sciences
Agnes L. Lockette
Emeritus Associate Professor of
Curriculum and Instruction
Sigrid Moe
Emeritus Professor of English
Muriel M. Parks
Emeritus Dean of Admissions and Records
Margaret E. Simon
Emeritus Associate Professor of Nursing
John T. Standish
Emeritus Director of Financial Aid
William T. White
Emeritus Professor of Economics
John S. Wright
Emeritus Professor of History
Roman J. Zom
Emeritus Professor of History
In Memoriam
Richard H. Byms
Emeritus Professor English
W. Glenn Bradley
Emeritus Professor of Biology
Dr. Donald E. Schmiedel, Chair
Dr. Robert Ackerman
Nancy Flagg
Jeffry S. Halverson
Kirk Hendrick
JoAnn Jacobs
Thomas Leslie
Mike Muir
Nick Paul
Les Raschko
Michael Stowers
4505 MARYLAND PARKWAY • LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89154 • (702) 739-3622
Congratulations to the 1986-87 graduates. The UNLV Alumni Association
requests your presence and that of your guests at a reception immediately
following the commencement ceremony. The reception will be held in the Si
Redd Room located in the Thomas and Mack Center. Refreshments and light
snacks will be served.
As our graduation gift to you, the UNLV Alumni Association is providing your
first year of membership in our organization at no cost to you. You will be
receiving a letter in the mail from our Alumni Office. Return this letter to the
Alumni Office and your membership card will be prepared for you at that time.
Come by and meet the directors of your Alumni Association and share the joy of
graduation with your fellow alumni.
Thomas L. Brooker, President
Alumni Board of Directors