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Newsletter from Congregation Ner Tamid (Las Vegas, Nev.), November 1988






Congregation Ner Tamid's bulletin for November 1988. The bulletin contains pictures, notes, and news.

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'' A SPECIAL PLACE TO BELONG'' Rita Moses, Executive Director Katherine E. Scott, Bulletin Editor 2751 Emerson Ave., LV. NV 89121 733-6292 Sanford D. Akselrad, Rabbi Kenneth J. Schnitzer, President Sandra Cohen, School Principal NOVEMBER 1988 ? CHESHVAN - KISLEV S749 SCHEDULE OF SERVICES FRIDAY, NOV. 4 ____________ _ Oneg sponsored by Sisterhood Friday, NOV. 11 _____________ _ Kristalnacht Rememberance Oneg sponsored by Teens of Ner Tamid RABBI'S MESSAGE 8 PM 8 PM FRIDAY, NOV. 18 ____________ _ Oneg in honor of DeDe and Claude Rosenthal FRIDAY, NOV. 25 ____________ _ Oneg sponsored by Sisterhood 8 PM 8 PM "Reawakening our Jewish Identity" ? I once heard a joke told about a man who received a phone call to make a pledge for a local Jewish charity. The man responded with anger saying. "I don't know why you are calling me! I keep telling you people that I am not Jewish . Further my sister and brother are not Jewish . My mother is not Jewish and my father, Alav Hashalom is not Jewish . .. " Generations ago Jews who sought to deny their heritage changed their names , left their Jewish neighborhoods and shaved off their payes as a means of assimilating more fully into American society. Today there are still too many Jews who seek to deny their roots or their responsibility to their religion. The bitter irony of this joke is that it reminds us that our Jewishness is often more compelling than we realize . Sometimes there are events that occur which remind us undeniably that we are Jewish and that we feel our Jewishness down to the core of our being. The recent controversy surroun-ding a local casino is such an event . The disturbing and disgusting reports that emerged almost daily of a room glorify-ing Adolph Hitler combined with the alleged birthday parties held two years ago sent shock waves throughout the entire Jewish (and non Jewish) community. Rarely have I seen such a spontaneous outpouring of rage and anger so quickly mobilized in response to an outrageous community activity . On the one hand I am proud of the fact that our united voice combined with that of other concerned people in the community managed to result in the dismantling of this " war room". Clearly our message was heard loud and clear : " We will not tolerate any ? attempt to glorify or affirm the values of Nazi ideology." And yet . on the other hand, I would not like to think that the only way to obtain a spontaneous cohesive response from our community is to react to the Holocaust . The lesson of the Holocaust is not only ??never again ", it is "Remember." Remember what being Jewish means. Remember why you are Jewish . Remember not just the sorrow of Jewish history, b,ut its glory . If the latest episode in the history of Jewish Las Vegas has taught us anything , it is of our great need t o reafirm positively our Jewish iden - tities. Our loving, living, and involved presence in the Jewish com-munity is the greatest protest that we can ever make to the horror of the Holocaust, and to all those who seek to glorify or diminish its impact upon human history. MEAL & A SCHPEIL Everyone is invited to an informal discussion on any subject with Rabbi Sanford Akselrad at the second Meal and a Schpeil on November 5. Refreshments will be served. No reservations are needed. The first session on October 8 was well-attended. PROJECTS PLANNED The Ways and Means committee has several fund raising pro-jects planned for the year. Congregation members interested in serving on one of the sub-committees are asked to call the chairperson or Rita Moses. The activities are: 1 . Gin Rummy Tournament Chairperson. Fran Sanoff 2. Art Auction Chairperson. Steve Koll ins 3. Rummage Sale Chairperson. Jerry Cohen 4. Award Banquet Chairpersons. Sam and Hortense Alper 5. Fireworks Booth Chairperson. Michael Cherry The Art Auction is scheduled December 10. More information will follow. MEMBERSHIP SOCIAL An evening of fun took place in the home of Malcolm and Lois Doctors on October 16. New members and existing members mixed and mingled over coffee and dessert . These informal evenings will continue to take place throughout the year. All new congregants will eventually be con - tacted . If you'd like to host an evening in your home. please contact the Temple office at 733-6292. Rona Mendelson SPECIAL NOTES On November 18 Rabbi Akselrad will give a report on the Council of Jewish Federations ' General Assembly , which is scheduled in New Orleans star-ting November 16. The Rabbi will attend this 57th General Assembly and inform congregants during the Friday evening services. Subjects will include challenges facing Jewish communities. On November 11 there will be a special Kristalnacht Rememberance. The service will be in memory of the 50th anniversary of the infamous " Night of the Broken Glass ... A Thank You from Eileen Kollins I want to thank the Membership Committee and the entire con-gregation for honoring me as the first Congregant of the Year. Ne ? Tam id has always been very special to me and I have been glad to b able to contribute to its stability and growth. The award actually belongs to all of us. new congregants and especially the "old" con-gregants whose efforts. determination, and belief in the viability of out temple have become a reality. With our innovative and hard-working new Rabbi, we are actually the Congregation of the Year. I will be continuing to contact congregants throughout the year for the honors of blessing the candles, dressing and undressing the Torah, and the Torah aliyot. lfthere is a specific Shabbat you would like to participate, please let me know. Thank you for your support . Try to make it to this month ?s "Meal and a Shpeil " on Saturday, November 5th at 10:00 a.m . The first session last month was in-teresting and informative, as well as tasty I PARENTS Are you interested in helping with the Gift Shop on Sunday mornings? Call Lil Eisner at 734-6659! GIFT SHOP HOURS Sunday 9:30 - 10:30, Wednesday 12:00 - 3:00 Wednesday 12:00 - 3:00, Friday After Services SPECIAL CHANNUKAH HOURS November 28 - December 2 12:00 - 3:00 The TNT Junior Youth Group will be involved in planning the service . Save this date: December 9 services will include a Channukah family dinner. and consecration of our first and second graders. ----------?---------- ? s I M C H A T T 0 R A H At Simchat Torah Services Friday , October 7, congregants lined up along the middle of the sancturary as Rabbi Akselrad unrolled the ? Torah . Fingers gently supported the scroll, and as people saw the Torah p close for the first time. The rabbi explained where people "stood" in history ... those in front were at the beginning of time, others were at Noah 's Ark. etc. Then Rabbi Akselrad read the evening's Torah portion, and the Torah was rolled up again and replaced in the ark. r ; ? #/Ifftf( .?. -,.. :?._.:. . - 9pm ? 0 ? ? The UAHC Announces its ? 15th Regional Biennial Convention ? Edward R. London, President of the UAHC"s Pacific Southwest Council. has announced that Mr. Albert Vorspan and Rabbi Daniel Syme, will be the featured speakers at the region?s bien-nial convention on which will occur February 10 - 12, 1 989 at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel in Newport Beach. In addition to these two widely known and outstanding speakers. Convention Co-Chairpeople Jean Abarbanel (Temple Israel - Los Angeles) and Dr. Irving Klasky (Temple Judea - Tarzana) said that the convention will feature some 35 colloquia and seminars covering a vast array of subjects of concern to Reform congregations everywhere. More detailed information will arrive shortly according to the UAHC Regional Director Rabbi Lennard R. Thal. If you are interested in attending, please notify our Temple President or contact Ms. Helen Rosenbaum at the UAHC (21 3-635-9962). ? NTTY NEWS The first regional event is always exciting - going away for the weekend without parents. SWFfY's Retreat in Tucson. October 21 - 23 definitely lived up to "excitement" as new members of NTTY attended their first event. The weekend was devoted to leadership development and fun. November will be an eventful month as NTTY prepares to travel to Phoenix for SWFfY's next regional event - Fall Conclave 1988, hosted by Beth Israel Temple Youth. November 24 - 27. A-Aeanwhile. NTTY will be holding regular meetings at 7:00 p.m. Sunday's in the youth lounge. NTTY'ly, Sharon Dunn. President ATTENTION: Parents with Toddlers We are interested in starting a weekly morning "Mommy (Daddy) and Me" class for children age 2 to 4 years . There would be a minimal cost for this program. which will in-troduce your toddler to Jewish holidays and stories along with arts and crafts. and playtime . If interested, please call (as soon as possible) Cindy Milmeister at 454-5028, or the temple office at 733-6292. This program would be open to both members and non-temple members. "TOT SHABBAT" The first Tot Shabbat had more than 30 children attend. The next is scheduled December 3 at 10:30 a.m. Tot Shabbat is a special Sabbath Service which is geared to young children. Tots. (i.e .. children 1st grade and younger) as well as their older brothers and sisters are welcome. Other dates are February 25, 1 989 and May 6. 1 989. There will be a special service and craft projects geared around a special topic . A light lunch will be served. If you would like to come to this Tot Shab-bat or would like more information about this and other pro-grams for young children sent to you. please fill out this form and return it to the Temple: ??? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ?? ?? : Yes. we would like to know more about : : the Tot Shabbat and other programs: : ??? ??? I Name:_____________ ? ?? I? : Address: _____________ : ?? ?? ? Phone: ? . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . ?? ?? : ___ We are planning on attending : : December 3rd. : ??? ??? : Children's Names__________ : .?? ?? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - .??? .??? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ??? .?? ? ??? ___ We are unable to attend. ??? ???? ???????????????????????????????????????????? OP~ ~o:3o 9:30 - 3:00 sunda'j '\ z:OO -. '1-Jednesda'j p._-ftet' ser\J\ces fr\da'j ? ? ? //////////. /////////1/, ? ? ? ? Ner Tamid Religious Schoo1 A Shabbat Tradition A Trip to Israel The custom of having a "classroom" shabbat dinner could only have been invented in modern times but the feeling of Jewish togetherness welcoming in the Shab-bat is ancient and deep. The Congregation Ner Tamid Religious School held its first Class Shabbat Dinner on Friday, October 21st at 6:30 p.m. The third grade class. under the direction of their teacher, Lori Frankl. con-ducted the blessings at the tables. The tables were decorated in Shabbat finery . with challah covers made by the students. The delicious dinner was prepared in the kitchen of Debra Schreck. room mother. who baked chicken and Kugel for the entire class family; the side dishes and dessert were prepared by the individual families . And, finally, under the direction of Rabbi Akselrad, the third graders led our Shabbat service. During the month of November. the Congregation Ner Tamid 6th grade religious school class will be going to Israel I (Because it is an imaginary trip. no fundraiser was necessary to sponsor it.) The class will be visiting the State of Israel in order to observe its culture. kib-butz life , government and leaders. Their teacher, Aliza Narbonne. says that her students have been preparing for their trip for the past month . They have taken their pictures . have their passports , and have bought their tickets. While some parents are invited to say "Shalom " to their youngsters upon their departure on Sunday , November 20th, others are ac-tually participating in the flight as the pilot. stewardesses. and guards of El Air Israeli Line. While in flight . the passengers will dine on pita. chumos. salad . and "Gazaz," a strawberry soda . Israeli gum will then be passed out . A surprise guest will greet the travelers as they enter the land of Israel. Mrs. Narbonne will keep her students in the State of Israel for the entire semester. Shalom . bon voyage and a good studying trip to all! Sandra Cohen Jewish Family Service offers Interfaith Workshop Weddings are made in heaven - marriages are hard work. Jewish Family Service Agency is planning a four session workshop on building a Jewish Family for interfaith families. The decision to get married may seem like the easiest or most difficult decision of one's life. When you decided to get married, did you wonder how you were going to bring your two cultures together; How would you raise your children; What holidays would you celebrate; How would you relate to each other's family; etc.? This workshop for Interfaith couples will be led by Rabbi Sanford Akselrad of Congregation Ner Tamid and Bill Feldman, Executive Director of Jewish Family Service Agency. ? The workshop will meet on November 10 & 17 and December 1 & 8 from 7 - 8:30 p.m. at Jewish Family Service Agency, 1555 E. Flamingo, Suite 125. There will be a limit of 12 couples. The fee will be $25.00 for the entire series. To register please con-tact Lorraine at JFSA - 732-0304. Fees may be adjusted accor-ding to circumstance. RELIGIOUS SCHOOL AIDS Wendy Novik is a senior at Chaparral High School . She has been working in early education as an aid since the age of ten. and earned her pre-school teaching certificate this year at the age of 16. She enjoys working with children very much and hopes to some day open her own pre-school. Denise Rounds will be 14 in January. She is the daughter of Janis and Drew Rounds, and has a brother. David . She at-tends Woodbury Junior High School and enjoys be-ing a Sunday School aid. More features on Religious School staff will follow in future bulletins. The Jewish Community Lecture Series Foundation of Las Vegas The Jewish Community Lecture Series Foundation of Las Vegas is finalizing arrangements for the winter/spring 1989 series. Now in its seventh year, our southern Nevada community will continue to experience leading Jewish personalities just as communities throughout the United States and Canada have for years. These speakers and their relevant topics on Jews and Judaism aid in filling the intellectual and cultural needs of the Las Vegas community. Three nationally known speakers have been chosen. one to come each month starting with January. The March program will bring a cultural evening of Jewish folk songs in concert by three young ladies that will include Ladino. Yemeuite, Yiddish, Hebrew and Russian vocal and instrumental harmonies arranged by their accompanist. This year's facility - host is Congregation Ner Tamid. All five Las Vegas congregations are among the community - spirited organizations. individuals and couples who make the four events available to the general public at no charge. Full details are to be published early in December. listing the three speakers. their backgrounds, topics chosen. dates of ap-pearance, and the concert ensemble. The Foundation has issued an appeal for more individuals, couples. organizations and those wishing to memorialize a loved one as sponsors. The cost is a tax-deductable low figure. One hundred contributors at $5 would be welcomed. All regular sponsors are listed in the brochure of that year. For more infor-mation. please call 735-2300. Harry L. Goldberg, O.D. Las Vegas Match Provides Home Sharing Program The Board of Jewish Family Service Agency announces the establishment of a Senior Home Sharing Program. This is a program that matches seniors with other adults to share housing. This is a way of dealing with the high cost of housing and sense of loneliness and isolation . It enables homeowners to remain in their own homes and neighborhoods. promote self autonomy and dignity for elderly adults. Home sharing is a means of providing for the basic needs of the elderly. The potential for intimate and mutually beneficial sharing in cooperative arrangements can provide social recogni-tion . confident relationships. control over social interaction and a better standard of living for the elderly. Jewish Family Service Agency is a non-sectarian counseling and community service agency . JFSA provides individual and family counseling and "life supportive" services to the Las Vegas community and the Southern Nevada area, promoting and strengthening healthy family life . The agency receives its primary support from voluntary financial contributions from in-dividuals. the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas . and United Way of Southern Nevada . Anyone interested in Home Sharing. please contact Evelyn Schramm at Jewish Family Service Agency. 732-0304. G OLDEN CHAI NEWS Dear Seniors . ..... ..,.,_. _ My husband and I sincerely wish that all of you enj oyed th e Holidays in good health . Just a reminder again. that we meet on the first and th ird Thursday of each month. for socializing . card playing. and plann-ing lots of fun things to do. Many of our new members with their beautiful voices are now singing with our choir . under the direction of Martha Olson . It is so gratifying to see all that we have accomplished. Please keep up the fine efforts as we are that special place to belong t o. A special date to remember is November 3. This is our first meeting in November and very important. Miss Suzzane Ernst. who is with the division of aging. has sug - gested that we have Mr. Daniel Hawley as a speaker for our seniors. He is National President of S.A.C.C.A. This represents Senior Coalition against catastrophic acts. enlightening seniors about minimum benefits they will receive . and the catastrophic funding impact on the seniors alone . He will speak to us on November 3 prior to election. Please attend and bring your friends to get an understanding as to what may happen to our Medicare and Social Security. _,.,_<>-<>_0_()-()-()-()---()-()---9 I A Special Thank You to Donors of our 1 I Kol-Nidre Appeal 1c i as of October 15, 1988 , . c Aberman. Ida Kaufman. Sh eila & Norm'- I Alper. Hortense & Sam Kerner. Shern / Lenore Am es. Georgi a & Stanley Keste wba um. Irving tc Amira. Robert Klamian. Frances & Richard i- Anderson . Mariane Kohnen . Sig , Berg er. Art / Nat alie Kollins. Dr . Stephen _ ' cc Berger. Kat hleen & St uart Kollin s. Eileen I Bernstein. Lo uis Kravit z. Louis & Shi rley Bleier . Sol Lang . Steven Bloom. Florence Lazowick . Frances ' Bock. Howard Levine. Ira Borgelt . Bruce / Ka ren Lew is. Phyllis & Cal ' c Bor uszak. Dr . Allen & Amy Mandel. Hilda I Bradfield . Lo ui s Mann . Alan Brand . Wyn Mendelson. Ben & Helen 1- c Brew st er. Rut h & All en Mendelson. Rona / Davi d Bronsky . Julie Mickler. Robert Bro nsky. Robin Mil ker . Michael v Buffm an. Roney & Lo u Milmeister . Cindy I Burkons . Earl Minsey. Hen ry Bycel Mishalow. Joel & Audrey - Calvello. Rhea Malasky. Alan t Chenin . Dr. Stephen & Lind a Newman. Lawrence ! Cherry. Michael & Rachel Newmark. June & Stephen le_ ' - Cohen. Jerry & Sandi Novick. Mi ke Cohen . Paul & Sharon Ohsman Comfort. Ted Pressler. Jerome Iv Dalitz. M.B. Rabin. David ,- Domingues. Luis & Rose Raichelle. Nat _ (Discovery Travel) Raynes . Glenn tC Dunn. Leslie & Joan Raynes. Moris i Dunn. Rose Robbins. Free ma , ! Dunn. Steven & Bernice Rogers. Paul - ' v Eisner. Harvey Rosen. Sylvia I Eisner. Lill/Don Rosenberg. Natalie _ Eisner. Sophia Rosenthal . Claude v i- Elman. Rudolph Roth Harold , . Estrin. Rache l Roth. Renee & Harold '"' Etcoff. Louis Rounds. Drew & Janis _ -i Ewan. Roger & Sandy Sano ff. Fran & Harvey t - Feldman. Herman / Evelyn Schaefer. Randy / Kathleen , Feldman. Katie Schnitzer. Linda & Ken - -, Feldman. William / Sally Schramm. Eugene & Evelyn ' Finkelstein. Paul Schreiber _ Fleisher. Mervyn Schuchmann. Robert/Lynne ,_- ' - Fox. Mary & Jerry Seeman. Richard Gatov. June Sefman. Ben Gell in . Shirley & Art Seigel. Hannah & Max - i- Gelt . Monroe & Eleanore Seltzer, Philip t Ginsburg . Morris/Helen Shack. Michael / Ethe l ! - Glasser. Edie & Harold Shapiro. Dr. Norton & Lillian - -, Goldberg. Allan /Clarice Shapolsky . Mildred & Louis I Goldberg. Solomon Shaw. Gil _ Goldman. Doug Simon. Dr. Roger & Leslie v ' - Goldman. Marcia & David Simons. Jerry I _ Goldstein. David & Estelle Singer. Edward _ - Goldst ein . St even Smith. Faye v i Goodman. Barry Smith Sylivia , Gordon. Lynne Salowit z. Rose ! c Gordon Miriam & David Special Selections ,-_ I Gordon. Yvon ne & Gerald Ste in. Joan & Dennis Grady . Dyane Stern berg. Gary Grassman. Nettie Stevens . Muriel - Gross. Dotty & David Stone . Alan & Debbie I Heit . Jeff Stuart . Thomas & Donna _ i Herman , Dorothy & Al Sugarman. Anne ,- Herman . Jay & Terri Sussman. Carol/ Nor m _ Hertzog . Bebe & Leonard Tiep . Nina & Darien _ Hirsh. Robert & Lavern e Ungar . Doug ,- Horo w itz. Barry Vogel. Allen Itzkow itz . Ph ili p Walt on. Sandy Jackson. Dr. Myron Wasserman. Dr. David & Juanita i Jaroslow. Min Wasserman. Milton Joffe. Dr. Irving & Mrs . Weiner. C. Jones. Randy Weiner. Louis --c . Kamer. Bonnie & Gregory Weinstein. Florence Kamer. Michael Wilensky. Terri I Kaminsky. Brent Wilner. Dr. Martin/Linda I Kaplan. Roger & Jan Wilner. Leo Katz. Jeffrey. Worth. Ron & Hyla ' v Kaufman . Ida Yablow. Joseph i Kaufman . Melissa Zimmerman. Ben C~,__o,a1.c>a~<H1--<>4_H> __ IIH:'41??<>---<>__.0_ C .. DONOR NEWS It's time to start thinking about making your donor credit for Sisterhood this year. Each $75 in earned donor credit will entitle you to attend a very special event we are planning for the ? Spring. This will be an exciting event with awards to honor special volunteers and will be open to everyone who wishes to honor our people who have earned their donor credit . The following is only a partial list of how you may earn donor credit. More suggestions will be forthcoming and all suggestions are welcome . 1. Volunteer your time . We need your help at Sisterhood func-tions or Oneg Shabbats and you will earn a donor credit of $4 an hour for work preparing an event or $5 an hour for work the day of the event. 2. Your cash donation to Sisterhood because you want to. 3. 25% of the profit Sisterhood makes on your admission to our events will be donor credit - you come to our events and get donor credit II 4. If you cook, bake or donate food for a Sisterhood function . or to be frozen and used for Onegs. the cost of the ingredients will be ad-ded to your donor credit . 5. Tributes - Cost a minimum of $4 each and all but $1 goes toward your donor credit. ca11 Bernice May at 871-9155 or Audrey Mishalow at 458-7307 for t ributes. 6. Sell ads for the Sisterhood Calendar. You will receive the full amount in donor credit if the ad is a new one. and half if it is a repeat . This can be a major source of easily earned donor credit. 7. Donate a nice gift that can be used for a raffle or doorprize at a Sisterhood function . You will earn credit for the amount of the cost of the item. ? 8. Host a brunch. luncheon. or evening in your home playing cards. Mah Jongg . Trivia. or have a guest speaker . etc . Earn donor credit with the profit you make for Sisterhood. ? REMEMBER: The object of making your donor credit is t o con-tribute your time or anything of value that will help earn money for Sisterhood . We have a form which will be mailed to you to help you keep track of donor credit. Bring or mail the form to the Temple in care of Julie Ross. or call Julie at 795-2732 with your totals. We hope to see all Sisterhood members at our Spring Event! Sisterhood Hosts Guest Speaker Elliot Krane at New Members Luncheon l SW Sisterhood Board of Officers: L-R Barbara Rosen (Gift Shop), Lill Eisner (Gift Shop). Bernice May (Tributes). Dyane Kohnen Prog ramming), Mary Fox (President), Elliot Krane, Hortense Alper (Ways & Means). Phyllis Lew is (Treasurer). Lois Doctors (Historian) & Kathleen Schaefer (Recording Secretary). , SISTERHOOD WANTS TO KNOW - Do you have an upcoming Bar-Bat Mitzvah. new birth. baby nam-ing. birthday. engagement. anniversary. or even a special date of rememberance? You can name the occasion and we ?11 help you with your Oneg Shabbat . Many dates for the upcoming year are still open and we need your help in filling these dates. Many families in the past have also shared in sponsoring an Oneg. combining more than one occasion. Our goal at Congregation Ner Tamid is to hear from every Temple family helping to fill in those open dates. Let us all share in your special occasion by getting together with your sponsorship of an Oneg Shabbat. Share your simcha with your Temple family and let us help you honor that special person. ca11 Temple office 733-6292 for that special Friday night . Kathleen Schaefer & Mary Fox THE SISTERHOOD CONNECTION Here are some names and some telephone numbers to keep handy. For the gift shop please call these ladies listed when you are planing to purchase something at our gift shop. Make an appointment with them. to be sure they will be there when you are . Lill Eisner 734-6659 Barbara Rosen 454-5060 Our telephone committe will gladly assist the needs to "get the word out" . Please call these ladies and ask them to help. Dorothy Herman 732-9576 Florence Weinstein 732-8773 Anyone interested in baking items for the Channukah Bazaar on November 20. please call ... Kathleen Tamas 731-0103 It is always nice to send a Sisterhood tribute. Please call these ladies and they will assist you in that area. Bernice May 871-9155 Audrey Mishalow 458-7303 We always need your help for Friday night services , including the oneg. If you feel you can give that helping hand. please call Sophie Pisetsky 362-6588 or the Temple 733-6292 We always need ideas for fundraisers and would appreciate any ideas you might have . Please call . .. Hortense Al per 732-1311 Dyane Grady 870-2204 If you have any questions about your donor credit please call . .. Julie Ross 795-2732 10% Discount Invitations are wonderful for all occasions. Bar Mitzvahs. weddings . etc . are being sold now by Sisterhood . Please call .. Marilyn Glovinsky 870-9790 We always need new members and we also need you to attract them . When you find an interested party please call Debbie Stone 876-6218 If you need a computer flyer please call . . . Maxine Gratz 438-7512 I hope this is helpful to you and needless to say if there is anything I can do for you . feel free to call me. Mary Fox 456-4452 cP.\...'c.~oP.?-' November 20 November 20 Sisterhood annual Channukah Bazaar is our major fundraiser this year. We are looking forward to Temple members. friends & of course all of Sisterhood turning out for this fun fi lled afternoon & evening. beginn ing at 4:00 p.m. Please call the Temple office to sign up to help - 1 hour of your time will be greatly appreciated. We need help selling our items. tickets. movies for kids. baking. handling food. manning booths. Your participation at the Bazaar goes toward your Donor Credit. Channukah arrives early this year (December 3). so November 20 is a good time to do all your shopping wit h us. Pl ease sign up to help. we need all of you! Sisterhood's New Members L-R Marcia Goldman. Rose Klein. Lillian Hilde. Nancy Sloane. Frances Kia mien , Sandy Greenblatt. Sharon Krasn. Rachel Estrin. Marian Masden. Elynor Rosenberg, Georgia Ames. Welcome New Members (not pictured) Terri Herman. Cindy Milmeister Bobbi Newman. Joan Stein. Debra Schreck NOVEMBER Y AHRZEITS November 4 Rebecca Shapiro Anne Master William Moses November 18 Max Kollins Bertha I. Stone Charlotte Kishner Lillian Davis Phillip Brown Henry Levoff November 11 Jennie Goldstein Ann Baer William M. Tiep Mina Elman November 25 Jack D. Israel Isadore Mendelson Frieda Shaw Abraham Goldberg TRIBUTES To Rita Moses Congratulations on grandson ?s Bar Mitzvah From Steve. Maxine and Andy Gratz To Sophie Pisetsky Best of Good Luck From Steve. Maxine and Andy Gratz To Harriet and Rudy Elman On 55th Wedding Anniversary And Harriet's 75th Birthday From Phyllis and Cal Lewis To Phyllis and Mark Leone In Memory of Nick Leone From Phyllis and Cal Lewis To the Mendelson Family In loving memory of your Dad From Audrey and Joel Mishalow From Debbie and Alan Stone From Marilyn and Lew Etcoff To Janice Rounds Best Wishes in your new office Love. Sisterhood To Helen Mendelson In Memory of Ben Mendelson From the Kaufman Family From Edna Schwartz From Frances and Louis Alkadeff From Mike and Helen Shack From Esther and Bernie Rothenberg From Sheila and Norm Kaufman To Rona and David Mendelson In Memory of your father From David and Marilyn Glovinsky From the Kaufman Family From Dr. and Mrs. Fredh Sherman From Dr. and Mrs. George Flushman From David. Estelle. Alison and Amy Goldstein From Sheila and Norm Kaufman To Harriett and Rudy Elman In honor of Anniversary and Birthdays From Seyman Rubinson To Rudy Elman Happy 88th Birthday From Helen and Moe Ginsberg To the Matisoff Family In Memory of Jack Matisoff From Lou and Frances Alhadeff To Dyane and Sig Kohnen In honor of their wedding From Natalie and Art Berger To Helen Mendelson and Family In Memory of Ben From Helen and Moe Ginsberg To Eileen Kollins In your honor From Shirley and Label Kravitz ? ? ? ? PRAYER BOOK FUND OTHER DONATIONS FROM IM MEMORY OF From Sandra and Eddie Mintz Al Rostov Ben Mendelson In memory of Benjamin Mendelson The Kollins Family Gil & Natalie Shaw Ben Mendelson Ben Mendelson From Noreen, Gary and Adam Sternberg In memory of Ben Mendelson Selma & Louis Katz Benjamin Mendelson Lori and Bob Frankl From Mrs. Sophie Aptaker Hyman Mittleman In memory of Benjamin Mendelson FROM IN HONOR OF Mr. and Mrs. Harvard Bock Thank you for the typewriter. Noreen. Gary & David and Rona Mendelson ?s Mary and Jerry Fox Thank you for Kupah Box. Adam Sternberg 20th Anniversary Phyllis Lewis Thank you for Rabbi ?s discretionary fund. CHOIR FUND From Hortense and Sam Alper In honor of the Oct . 13 birthday of Martha Olson . From Sam Alper In honor of the Oct. 8 birthday of Hortense Alper. From Helen and Moe Ginsberg Happy Birthday to Martha Olson From Helen and Moe Ginsberg In condolences to Joseph Sweet's family . From Sam and Hortense Alper In condolences to Phyllis Mark on death of husband, Nicholas Leone . From Sam and Hortense Alper In condolences to Rona and David Mendelson on death of father. Ben Mendelson. To Advertise In This Space Please Call The Office 733-6292 STEVE FORTANG, THE # 1 BAR MITZVAH BAND for 1 S Years in Miami . Florida. is relocating in Las Vegas . He is accepting Bar & Bat Mitzvah dates for the fall of 1989. FOR INFO CALL (305) 823-7765 16401 Stonehaven Road ? Miami Lakes. 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