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Herb Tobman campaign materials, item 03


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The 7 Best Reasons Why Herb Tobman Democrat Should be your next Governor of Nevada - Nevada needs a lottery

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The 7 Best Reasons Why Herb Tobman DEMOCRAT Should be your next Governor of Nevada 1. The benefits from the revenue earned from a lottery could be far reaching in the vital areas of education and in bettering the lives of senior citizens. A lottery will help eliminate the need to raise gaming taxes, thus encourage the gaming industry to add new rooms and expand gaming areas. This will automatically increase income from gaming and sales taxes and bring all the related dollars that tourism contributes to the economy of Nevada. The fact that tourism is significantly up, even when considering that many states (including California where Nevada draws its largest percentage of visitors) have lotteries, is proof that buying lottery tickets does not discourage vaca?tioners from coming to Nevada to enjoy all that Nevada has to offer including casino gaming. If I am elected your Governor, I will work toward legislation to have a lotten' in Nevada. 2. NEVADA NEEDS MORE SUPPORT FOR EDUCATION. 3. NEVADA NEEDS A BUSINESS?MAN TO MODERNIZE THE PRESENT BUREAUCRACY. 4. NEVADA NEEDS AN IMMEDI?ATE SOLUTION TO DRUG ABUSE. 5. NEVADA NEEDS MORE CONCERN FOR SENIOR CITIZENS. 6. NEVADA NEEDS LOWER HOSPITAL COSTS. 7. NEVADA NEEDS A DEPART?MENT OF TOURISM HEADED BY A PROFESSIONAL MARKETING DIRECTOR. Nevada Needs A Lottery Paid for by Citizens to Elect Herb Tobman