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Invitation to the Copacabana New Year's Eve 1987 celebration at the Desert Inn, featuring a seven-course banquet prepared under the direction of Nat Hart






The oversized invitation to the New Year's Eve celebrations at the Desert Inn Hotel and Casino includes the description of a feast prepared by Food and Beverage Vice President, Nat Hart. The festivities also include a 1920s-style party at the Copacabana.

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jhp000303. Nat Hart Professional Papers, 1930-2000. MS-00419. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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1988 WE'RE GOING TO GIVE 1988 R BIG "Roaring 20s STYLE HELLO AT THE RIOTOUS, ROLLICKING AND SLIGHTLY NOTORIOUS YET CHIC, POSH AND ULTRA SPLENDIFEROUS COPACABANA! i i (Black-tie sophistication and elegant evenings gowns contribute exactly the right touch of balance to an atmosphere of whoopee and general New Year's Eve hilarity at the very exclusive, but not at all stuffy, Copacabana Nightclub.) You, Dear sir and madam, are invited to be honored guests at the Desert Inn on New Year's Eve to celebrate the arrival of 1988 with a rip-snorting "Roaring 20's" party in the fantastical and legendary Copacabana. Featuring: Monsieur Nat Hart's Feast Fantastique A seven-course epicurean banquet prepared under the personal direction of the most celebrated culinary artist of Las Vegas. THE COPACABANA BALL The bubbly rhythms of our Desert Nights orchestra bring back a more romantic era as you dance cheek-to-cheek with your favorite partner. THE COPACABANA NEW YEAR'S HURRAH 1 9 8 8 arrives on a floodtide of vintage champagne, noisome cheering, tooting horns, boisterous singing and a riot of ritual osculating.* "The Desert Inn provides champagne, horns and party favors in abundance; you supply the cheering, the singing and the osculating in amounts that suit your tastes. You got the feeling anything could happen. Sometimes, it did. Life was brighter than everyday life inside the big-city nightclub. Funny was funnier. Sultry songs sent chills down your spine. You danced on air. And beauty somehow became a paragon of itself. It was a magical place, a mirthful place, the big-city nightclub. And it will be once again come New Year's Eve. At the best of them. The Copa. ENTER A WORLD OF ENCHANTMENT The Celebrated Copa When you wanted to see the tops in live entertainment, the big-city nightclub was your place. When you wanted to be seen rubbing shoulders with cafe society, the big-city nightclub was your place. It was a preening ground for the leading lights. A hangout for the big-names in politics, sports, entertainment and the underworld. An intimate theatre in which the audience shared the stage with smooth-talking emcees, wisecracking comedians, crooners, leggy showgirls and?each other. The Copa Girl?the Princess of Glamour in America's Greatest Nightclub Show. Is this the Lola of Barry Manilow fame? We don't know. She won't say. THE GIDDY TWENTIES / Q / In those palmy yesteryears, black-and-white J ft formal elegance went nicely with hi-jinks. J t J 3 People dressed to the nines for fun. Tuxes flapped VvQ to the syncopated beat of the decade's popular Up? dance tunes. Fashionable gowns shivered to the I 6 Charleston, the Castle Walk and the J Q sophisticated Tango. ^ J 0 Historians refer to the Twenties as the Age of x }azz (Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, Bix 8 Beiderbecke and Bessie Smith), the Golden Age 8 of Sports (Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey, the "Four Q Horsemen of Notre Dame''), the Age of the ^ b r c f P ' Craze (dance marathons, flagpole sitting). And the age when Hollywood came of age, with millions A falling under the spell of the silver screen and a new A breed of entertainment star (Charlie Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino and glamorous " I t " girl Clara Bow). ^ Popular mythology enshrines the Twenties as a time \ of general euphoria, a decade when "I love my wife, 0 1 but oh you kid!", "Yes sir, that's my baby!" and . I ' 'Stop me if you've heard this one!" expressed a j/Cn certain devil-may-care attitude toward life and social convention. In retrospect, they seem like one long KY^ party ("the last time Americans really know how to / J enjoy themselves"). y Yes, they may have been flip and they may have been zany. But the Twenties were never called dull. Q They roared. And they're going to roar again for i Q one madly wonderful and joyfully frenzied night on / j December 31 st. At the grandest New Year's Eve Party Place on Earth: The Desert Inn. GRAND MASTER OF THE CULINARY ARTS Cookery has been respected as a form of art since the beginning of recorded history. According to the highest standards of this ancient tradition and its disciplines, Nat Hart qualifies as a Grand Master. He has labored more than 5 0 years to achieve the eminence he enjoys today. The most respected practicing professional in Las Vegas, he is also ranked among the top culinary artists in the world. Mr. Hart joined the Desert Inn recently following a brief and unsuccessful attempt at retirement. As he puts it: "We traveled, my wife and I. Then I mowed my lawn nine times and walked around the block A graduate of the La Point 6 2 times. It was too much. I simply couldn't retire." School in Paris, Mr. Hart apprenticed for many years in the finest establishments of Europe. A professional of 4 0 years standing in Las Vegas, he has personally organized and opened many of the city's top gourmet restaurants. Mr. Hart is a member of numerous professional associations and societies, including the American Federation of Chefs, the Wine Tasters Board of Bordeaux Wines, the Bacchus Association, the Fine Food Guild of North America, the Chef's Cuisine of Manitoba, Canada and the Guild of Sommeliers in London. Recognition of his service and contributions to the field is being perpetuated in the Nat Hart Scholarship Fund at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. You will, however, remem-ber Nat Hart best for his service to your palate. Fear not! His personal hallmark is the majestic meal. In his words: ' The whole idea of gourmet dining is to make that meal a special event?a memorable expe-rience. That will be our goal for 'New Year's Eve at the Copacabana'." THE DESERT INN CORDIALLY INVITES YOU TO COME AND SHARE IN ELEGANCE AND THE EXCITEMENT New Year's Eve 1 9 8 7 will be remembered by those who are here as a night of feasts: A feast of the imagination on the sights and the sounds of the stylish Copacabana and the reputedly riotous Twenties. And a feast of epicurean proportions for the body and the soul prepared by our cherished Vice President of Food and Beverage, Nat Hart. Now, as someone has said (or should have), feasting goes better with friends. That's why we want you here, to share our table in a spirit of celebration 'ear Friend of the Desert Inn: and warm conviviality. And to help us make our year-end fete truly festive. We're pleased to extend full complimentary room, food and beverage privileges for you and your guest for your three night stay from December 3 0 , 1987 through January 1, 1 9 8 8 . All you need do to let us know you're coming is pick up the phone and call our toll-free number: 8 0 0 - 4 9 2 - 4 4 0 0 . I look forward to seeing you in our midst as we give 1 9 8 8 a sparkling, Copacabana-style welcome. Sincerely, President AYHTOO USTTRHS EN CEWOP YAECAARB'SA NEAV E KEVIN MALLEY President HARRY GOODHEART Senior Vice President DUAL COOPER Vice President, Casino Games PATTHORNE Vice President Hotel Operations MIKE STIRLING Vice President Casino Marketing RICHARD WATERS Vice President Casino Administration POLLY BARNES Vice President Controller TOM AVRITT Asst. Vice President Credit Manager NAT HART Vice President Food and Beverage MIKE BONFIGLIO Executive Casino Host HARRY WILLIAMS Director Hotel/Casino Special Events LARRY KATZ Executive Casino Hosl JACK LEONARD Executive Casino Host JOE SPINUZZI Executive Casino Host BILL S o u Executive Casino Host JEANEEN DOW VIP Services Manager CURTFOLLMER Casino Shift Manager JOSE BETANCOURT Asst. Vice President ? Latin American Marketing TOM GAGNEBIN Casino Shift Manager OKLEY GRAY Casino Shift Manager JOETOMASZEWSKI Casino Shift Manager TONYVILLARREAL Director of Customer Relations/Mexico VINCEYIP Asst. Vice President Director of Oriental Marketing ROY KAWAGUCHI Director of Japanese Marketing JOHN BUYACHEK Director of Branch Offices JESSE LAY Executive Director Monterey Park, CA HARRY KRAY Regional Director Chicago STEVE SEPESY Regional Director Los Angeles ALBERT CANTONG Associate Director Los Angeles L. T. LASLEY Regional Director Dallas HAL BENISON Regional Director San Diego ORLANDO BAJOS Regional Director Miami DESERT INN