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11th Anniversary Issue of the Sands Times magazine from the Sands Hotel and Casino, December 1963






The 11th anniversary issue of the Sands Times from the Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Headlines in the magazine include: "If It Happens in Vegas It's Usually at the Exciting Sands Hotel", "Sands Casino Execs - The Friendliest", "Hosts in Las Vegas!", "New Faces in Sands Family of Stars", "Sands - Grounds for Marriage", "Sands is Convention Executive Center", "Sands Conventions", and "Sands Guests".

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jhp000791. UNLV Libraries Collection of Sands Hotel and Casino Promotional Materials and Reports, 1958-2014. MS-00934. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Sands TimesIF IT HAPPENS IN VEGAS IT'S USUALLY AT THE EXCITING Sands HOTEL- "VIVA VEGAS" FILM Starring ELVIS PRESLEY, ANN MARGRET, HEADQUARTERS AT SANDS Famous Hollywood producer George Sidney is shown here directing some of his 150 man crew as they use the Copa Room for scenes in his new Technicolor epic ?Viva Vegas? ? Film was the 27th major motion picture using a Sands locale. ? Logistics problems, as in the case of all major motion picture productions, were huge, involving 340 technicians and crew, hundreds of lights, miles of cable, which all had to be worked on during the regular operation of the hotel itself. The results in Entratter?s words, ?will be well worth it, with a million dollars worth of publicity and promotional value for the area and the Sands!? SINATRA?S "COME BLOW YOUR HORN" HAS UNIQUE IN-AIR PREMIERE ENROUTE TO SANDS Frank Sinatra, producer of ?Come Blow Your Horn!? staged a unique premiere of his picture with an in-air showing aboard a chartered TWA jet liner which flew here from New York with 150 of the nation?s top motion picture press. ? Newsmen saw the premiere of the picture in the air and then landed in Las Vegas in a surprise move where a personal meeting with Sinatra and other stars of the movie was held at the Sands. The ?B.W!? chats with Sinatra for a taped radio interview for her husband?s program 3,000 miles away?that is, Mrs. Earl Wilson. Sinatra meets with Irv Kupcinet of the Chicago SUN-TIMES, one of the most beloved newsmen in the country. Tony Zoppi of the Dallas MORNING NEWS, whose column ?After Dark? is a morning must in Dallas and other parts of the country, chats with Sinatra during the unique premiere. ?Come Blow Your Horn? stars line up with Sands President, Jack Entratter, for press picture Tony Bill, Barbara Rush, Jack, Frank Sinatra, Jill St. John, Lee J. Cobb, and Greta Randall. 2 ONE, TWO, TEN... KICK! Danny Thomas, the Sands? first star, leads a bevy of bright names in an impromptu dance routine on the Copa Room stage celebrating the Sands 10th Anniversary last year. Danny has returned to the same stage every year for 10 years to lead the Anniversary celebrations. Shown 1-r : Jerry Van Dyke, Sid Melton, Carol Burnett, Patty Duke, Jack Entratter, Danny Thomas, Jayne Mansfield, Bruce Cabot, and Sheldon Leonard. VICE PRESIDENT JOHNSON FETED BY SANDS STARS At a recent rally for Vice President Lyndon Johnson at the Las Vegas Convention Cen?ter, Sandstars Dean Martin, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme headed the 2Vi hour program presented by producer Jack Entratter which climaxed a Democratic rally for the Vice President. Johnson asked to meet the stars in person after the show and thanked them for their help. MISS NAT?L PRESS PHOTOGRA?PHER HERE FOR ANNUAL PRIZE Miss Karen Marney of Houston, Texas, elected the 1963 Miss National Press Pho?tographer over 40 other contestants, relaxes at the Sands on her prize vacation, in much the same way her 10 predecessors have done since 1952. The Sands is headquarters for the Miss National Press Photographer Queen elected each year by the news pho?tographers of America. Sands guests and visitors were startled recently to see this unusual marquee sign for Dean Martin?s engagement?but it turned out to be the truth! Sinatra and Sammy Davis had hinted they MIGHT also appear with Dean?but so as not to mislead the public, the Sands advertised it just that way?MAYBE! As it turned out?the three stars entertained together for much of Dean?s engagement. VP CARL COHEN?S BIRTHDAY SURPRISE Highlight of a surprise birthday party tendered Sands Vice President Carl Cohen by close friends and partners was this ?talking? parrot given by Danny Thomas to Carl and his lovely wife, Fran. 120 guests crowded the Emerald Room for the surprise affair in an affectionate token of esteem for the Sands Casino chief. 3 CASINO EXECS-THE FRIENDLIEST AARON WEISBERG CHARLES KANDEL brought to Sands by Jake Freedman 11952. Now Treasurer and member of Board of Directors. CHARLES TURNER SANDY WATERMAN Casino Manager LEON LEVY BUCKY HARRIS Assistant Casino Manager Credits MOE MILLER ABE GOLDBERG JAMES TESSMER DAVE SILVERMAN DON JACOBS FRANCIS CAMPAU TOMMY RENZONI Early A. M. Hosts Baccarat Manager NATE ST ADLER JOE PHELAN LOUIS SELMAN CHARLES WATSON MIKE BRADYHOSTS IN LAS VEGAS' SAM HOGAN DAVE SCHNEIDER JOE UNROT LOUIS GOVENDO HICKEY RABIN WALTER RABITTAILLE 21 Games Su pervisor JOHN ASKEW HY BEDOL In the picture above, Jackie stops to chat with one of his closest friends, Ruby Keeler, famous screen star. Famous Song Star Jackie Heller Joins Sands as Lounge Host One of the most popular performers in show business who rose from night club stages to own his own showplace in Pittsburgh and then finally settled here in Las Vegas, Jackie Heller, is now in the Sands lounge as Host, meeting and greeting old friends and new customers nightly. The little package of dynamite that is Jackie Heller is 61" tall and weighs 1 12 pounds dripping wet, his usual condition at the end of each night?s work in the Sands lounge, is one of the most beloved figures to come out of show busi?ness into the entertainment capitol of the world. Jackie was signed by Sands President Jack Entratter as Host on the premise that his many years in show business had prepared him well for the job of managing the most exciting lounge in Las Vegas, where stars from all over the world and the other Las Vegas hotels come to relax after their own shows. Jackie, in a short span of time, has become an integral part of the Sands team, working from 9 PM until the wee hours of the morning. On the average, he takes care of 700 people and at least four stars a night whom he hosts and makes feel at home. Heller started as a 107 pound prize-fighter in his home town of Pittsburgh at 15, turned to show business in his later teens, and rose to become one of the most sought after performers in the industry. He has worked with all the top names and his relationship with them has proven to be a fine asset to the Sands organization. After giving up his own Carousel night club in Pittsburgh several years ago, he retired until Entratter had the idea that a fellow with his background and reputation shouldn?t be kept away from performers. The Sands welcomes Jackie Heller, and proudly presents him to our many guests as YOUR Host in the famous Sands lounge.NEW FACES IN Sands FAMILY OF STARS Frankie Avalon Alan King THE INTERNATIONAL COMIC Nipsey Russell Corbett Monica Tommy Sands Bob Melvin Martin Denny 6 Gary Morton Bobby RydellSands - GROUNDS FOR MARRIAGE MR. & MRS. DESI ARNAZ \rnaz marries lovely Edith Hirsch of Los Angeles in the Presidential Suite at inds with Judge David Zenoff officiating, as Sands President Jack Entratter on. LANA TURNER HOSTS MR. & MRS. DELL ARMSTRONG y movie actress Lana Turner arranged for the wedding of her nal make-up man, Dell Armstrong, and the former Lani rts of Hollywood at the Sands. /ision people from all over North America gathered at the Sands Hotel in Las s recently for the wedding of Don Cameron, host of the popular C.T.B. program, Tell the Truth;? and Toronto girl, Beatrice Thomas. Singing star, Robert Goulet best man. Pictured above are a group of Canadian TV personalities and execu- , left to right: Ray Peters, Vancouver; Robert Goulet; Norris MacKenzie, nto; Don and Beatrice Cameron; Herb May, Toronto; mother of the groom, Cameron; Jerry Johnson, Winnipeg; Gordon Carter, Calgary. ALLEN LUDDEN AND BETTY WHITE The popular star of ?Password? married vivacious TV star Betty White in a Sands ceremony several months ago. VIC DAMONE AND JUDY RAWLINGS It happened here. Vic Damone, singing heart-throbber to millions, married his own personal heart-throbber at the Sands recently.Sands IS CONVENTION EXECUTIVE CENTER In the past year, some 122 meetings and events have been held in the Sands by the executive groups of conventions meeting in Las Vegas. The sumptuous Emerald Room has proven to be a popular meeting place for busy executives who want to ?get more done ?then have more fun! Following is a letter from the Buick Division of General Motors which best expresses the value of the unusual Sands convention facilities ? ROLAND WITHERS, President of the Buick Division of General Motors, addresses his convention group at Sands. Buick Motor Division GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION FLINT 2. MICH OFFICE OF OCI IERAL SALES MANAGER December 18, 1962 Mr. Jack Entratter The Sands Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada Dear Mr. Entratter: It has been part of my job over the years to conduct many meetings around the country with General Motors personnel while 1 was with AC Spark Plug, United Motors Service, and Buick, and we have had these gatherings in Puerto Rico, Nassau, Fort Lauderdale, Acapulco, Hawaii, and many other places. I think this is the first time I have ever voluntarily written a letter to any organization compliment?ing them on the way a General Motors group was handled. At this time I would like to tell you that we at Buick think the Sands Hotel organization and you should be highly complimented for the efficient manner in which our entire group was taken care of. We have had nothing but fine comments from the people who won the awards, and all have maintained that it was a delightful stay. I think, as a result of this, we can make the meeting more competitive for the trips next year. Once again, our compliments to your entire organization for the business-like way in which we were treated. RSW:jl R. S. Withers 9 Sands CONVENTIONS GENTLEMEN CHEFS OF SAN FRANCISCO Honoring Red Skelton are (I. to r.) Henry Cherry, Cal-Neva Lodge; A. D. Ghirardelli, Manager, Bank of America, Oakland, California, Presi?dent of the Gentlemen Chefs; Red; Mitch Hoffman, Mitch?s Restaurant, Oakland, California. WESTWOOD SHRINE CLUB Left to Right; Leona Kates; 1 st Vice President, Jack Kates; Joyce Black; Jerry Wilner; Stanley Black; Esther Wilner; Past President, Michael Shapiro. MINNESOTA MINING MANUFACTURING COMPANY SALES CONFERENCE The Reflective Products Division of the 3M Company convened at the Sands for a special selling skills con?ference, headed by J. E. Van Kirk, National Sales Manager. PAN AMERICAN ASSOCIATION DELEGATES TO AAOO CONVENTION Headed by Presidente Jorge Valdeavellano, M.D. of Lima, Peru (second, left). 0 COSMETOLOGY BOARD HONORS SANDSTARS Mrs. Evelyn Wilburn, President, National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology, from Jackson, Miss, (left); Mrs. Bernice Riggs, Las Vegas; and Mrs. Edith Stenovich, Lovelock, Nevada; present trophy to Marty Allen and Steve Rossi in appreciation of their entertaining at group convention at Sands. LYNN AND BROOKS MANUFACTURERS? REPRESENTATIVES MEETING 11 SANDS V.P. CARL COHEN HOSTS EX-PRESIDENT HARRY TRUMAN AT ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE DINNER Ex-President Harry Truman returned to Las Vegas on November 10 at the invitation of Sands Vice President, Carl Cohen, to spark a fund raising dinner for the Anti-Defama?tion League of the B?nai Brith. Mr. Truman addressed more than 500 peo?ple of all faiths and in his talk encouraged the audience with his visions of a future where there might not be much work for an Anti- Defamation League to do. The Ex-President stayed at the Sands Sun?day and Monday, then returned to his home in Independence, Missouri, where he is hard at work on building his library of Presidential papers. Behind him he left a town full of people admiring his selfless efforts on behalf of all creeds. At 79, Mr. Truman is still bright eyed and peppery ?and still outwalked many admirers at 6 AM on his daily constitutional ?round the Sands grounds. CHAT WITH CARL COHEN, VICE PRESIDENT, SANDS HOTEL Perhaps the most exciting things about our work here at the Sands ?and certainly one phase that makes up for the many hours of detail handling in our busy casino ?is meeting a wide range of interesting people. Just recently we had the pleasure of host?ing Ex-President Harry Truman at the Sands when he addressed the Anti-Defamation League of B?nai Brith. Here is one of the most exciting figures in American history?his presence here as a guest of the Sands seemed to perk up the entire hotel?guests and per?sonnel alike. It is quite a job handling reservations, arrangements, etc., for the thousands of guests who pass through the hotel weekly, but when Ex-President Harry Truman becomes one of them, the work seems lighter for days before and after his stay. CARL COHEN Footnotes in the Sands BY JACK ENTRATTER, PRESIDENT, SANDS HOTEL Dean Martin and Walter Cronkite (right), famous CBS News Commentator, joke with Mr. Entratter. THE SECOND DECADE -----------------i? ----------------- With the first year of our second decade of operation tucked away in the record, we wish to pause at this time and thank the many guests and friends who have helped make the Sands successful. In the past year more than 13 million people have passed through Las Vegas and there is a tremendous upsurge in expansion and building in the town to accommodate these people. At the Sands we feel this heavy boom and growth?we too are expanding and build?ing to accommodate the greatly increased number of our customers, old and new. But here at the Sands we have decided we will not lose the warmth and congeniality that we have tried to build into our surroundings since the day we opened. We recently opened the ?Aqueduct? building, perhaps the costliest hotel room struc?ture in the world?83 rooms and suites built at a cost of $1,000,000 plus another $250,000 for furnishings. Our regular Sands guest list has received a brochure, but you have to see these rooms and suites to really enjoy and believe them. Each bed has a ?massage-a-rest? mattress feature?each room is bigger than any similar type accommo?dation in Las Vegas ?and some of our suites even contain swimming pools! Luxury doesn?t always have to be expensive ? and here at the Sands we offer these lavish accommodations and our other services at prices which still amaze guests using them for the first time. Our plans for the future?an exciting new Copa Lounge with top flight attractions; more hotel rooms and suites (especially the very popular petite suites) and some exciting new stars in the Copa Room?but all still served up with the same friendly and pleasant attitude and surroundings. Besides our regular top line of stars such as Red Skelton, Danny Thomas and the others on the cover of this issue, we have been building some great new names into future Copa Room attractions?Alan King, Alan Sherman, Frankie Avalon, Bob Melvin, Bobby Rydell, Gary Morton, Jan Murray, Tommy Sands, Shirley Bassey, Diahann Carroll, Nip- sey Russell, James Darren. The past year has been tremendously exciting?with the Jerry Lewis network TV show from our Copa Room on November 9 capping an unusual year of excitement. Most of these events are briefed for you inside the pages of this issue, but just to sum?marize?we have had Martin Block taping his great network Radio Show; four full length movies have used the Sands as their locale; the Sands has been featured on 12 network TV shows; and we have hosted 42 executive conventions here. Some of the ?names? staying at the Sands this year were Ex-President Harry S. Truman; Count and Countess Brandolini; the Sultan, Sultana and Queen Mother of Kedah, Malaya; Major General Bernard Schreiver, Head of Air Force Missile Program; Lawrence Spivak, publisher of Reader?s Digest; and William Miller, Republican National Chairman. We hope this coming year will see your name on our guest roster. -----------'!? ---------------------------------------- 12 JERRY LEWIS TV?ER FROM SANDS GETS HIGHEST RATING TV ratings for the Jerry Lewis 2-hour ABC network show originating from the Sands Copa Room on November 9 were the high?est the program had ever received. Lewis was appear?ing at the Sands during this period and for the TV show brought down his entire staff of 114 technicians from Hollywood. Appear?ing on the show were Jimmy Durante, Kay Stevens, Freddie Bell, with guest acknowledgements from Sonny Liston, Joe Lewis, Roberta Linn, Henny Youngman, Bobby Darin, Lionel Hampton, and spe?cial appearance by Sammy Davis, Jr. GUESTS Mrs. W. McAllister, the Hon. Walter M. McAllister, Mayor of San Antonio, Texas; and Mr. and Mrs. W. W. McAllister, Jr. Lindsay Crosby, John Smith (star of ?Laramie" TV show), Mrs. Smith, Patricia Lyons, Robert Fuller (another ?Laramie? star), Col. Charles Baron, and Nick Venet. Frank Gibney, editor (left), and Allan DeLynn, assistant to Huntingdon Hartford, publisher of the Magazine SHOW, pause for a photographer as they discuss upcoming feature on the Sands. Mr. and Mrs. Marinus D. Ferdinandusse from Amsterdam, Holland. (He is the editor of ?Vrij Neder?land??a weekly newspaper in Amsterdam, Holland.) 13 Dr Tom Dooley, stops at Sands on his visit to Las Vegas to accept American Legion Malcolm Dooley (third from left), brother of the late Malcom Dooley; Martin McKneally, Past National Commander of American Legion; Award. 1-r: Mr. Ed McGinnis, Boston; Jack Entratter, American Legion. Mrs. McGinnis; Father Edward Carney, Past Nationa SAnds quests Mr. Asher Z. Rahav (right), Mr. Victor Bennahum (center), and Mr. Meir Vidar, at the Israeli Government Tourist Office cocktail party in the Emerald Room, in Las Vegas for the ASTA Convention. I Mr. T. J. Cuzalina of Ponca City, Oklahoma, with Sandstar Patti Page and Sands credit manager Buck Harris. ??N' Mr. Jimmie MacKenzie, Mayor of Waikiki, Hawaii. 'n ^as ^e!=as f?r exhibition game, stay at Sands, and pose for pictures with resident manager Lloyd Cope and Bell Captain Lou Pearl. 14 Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Cohen of Phoenix, Arizona host wedding anniversary party at Sands with: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chambers, Phoenix; Mr. and Mrs. Mac Gluck, Phoenix; Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Cohen; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Greenstein Kansas City, Missouri; and Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Shultz, Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. and Mrs. Bailey K. Howard, Chicago, and Mr. and Mrs. Donald McKellar, Lake Forrest, Illinois. Mr. Lawrence Spivak, READER?S DIGEST publisher and producer of TV program ?Meet the Press? with Gen. Joe Battley, Sands exec; and Mrs. Spivak. Mr. and Mrs. William Minkhoff, of Sherman Oaks, California, celebrate wedding anniversary with family and friends in Copa Room at Sands. SANDS TIMES 11TH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE, DECEMBER, 1963 Published by the Sands, Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada Editor................A1 Freeman Photography Las Vegas News Bureau Entered as second-class matter, June 24, 1955, at the Post Office, Las Vegas, Nevada, under the Act of March 3, 1879. From left to right: ? Brig. Gen. Harry Lewis, ' Jv USAF Ret., Mrs. Boyd l m Hubbard, U.S. Senator j Margaret Chase Smith f of Maine, Brig. Gen. Boyd Hubbard, USAF , Commanding General, Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas.Star of the Red Skelton Hour (CBS-TV, 8:00 p.m. Tuesdays) relaxes in one of the opulent new Penthouse Suites at the Sands complete convention facilities including Private Meeting and Dining Rooms, now booking future reservations: Call your Local Travel Agent or our Nearest Office: ? Chicago/CEntral 6-3317 ? Dallas/Riverside 2-6959 ? Houston/CApitol 8-6292 ? Las Vegas/735-9111 ? Los Angeles/BRadshaw 2-8611 ? New York/PLaza 7-4454 ? Pittsburgh/391-4028 ? San Francisco/EXbrook 7-2287 ? Toronto!EMpire 3-6728 ? Washington, D.C.1347-2644 or Teletype direct 702-248-7069 THE LAS VEGAS, NEVADA U.S. POSTAGE BULK RATE PAID PERMIT No. 124 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA