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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid, February 2006



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Congregation Ner Tamid Looking Towards The Future........ t -f Bo i Worship Services Friday Services King David Memorial Chapel Saturday Services are at the NEW Temple offices Friday, February 3 7:30 pm Shabbat Services Saturday, February 4 9:00 am Bible Study 10:00 am Minyan 11:00 am Torah Study Friday, February 10 7:30 pm Shabbatone Service Saturday, February 11 10:00 am Joey Falk Bat Mitzvah 9:00 am Bible Study 10:00 am Minyan ijj^lam Torah Study pm Second Saturday Talmud Study Friday, February 17 7:30 pm Shabbat Service Saturday, February 18 10:30 am Tot Shabbat at Green Valley Library 9:00 am Bible Study 10:00 am Minyan 11:00 am Torah Study Friday, February 24 Scholar-in-Residence Weekend 7:30 pm Shabbat Service Saturday, February 25 Scholar-in-Residence 9:00 am Bible Study 10:00 am Minyan 11:00 am Torah Study Hi FEBRUARY 2006 VOL. XX NO. 2 SHEVAT 5766 Scholar-In-Residence February 24-25 Professor Susannah Heschel Join us as we welcome Dr. Susannah Heschel as she speaks Friday evening on "Jewish Philosophy and Social Activism: The Legacy of Abraham Joshua Heschel." Saturday morning hertopic will be "Jewish Philosophy and the Prophets According to Abraham Joshua Heschel." Abraham Joshua Heschel, a leading philosopher of the 20th century, collaborated with the Second Vatican Council to develop Pope John Vi's pronouncements, "Nostra inviolable right of a long-time friendship marching in Selma in wrote about civil opposed the Viet Nam Dr. Susannah Black Chair in Jewish Associate Professor in Religion at Dartmouth, from the University of at Southern Methodist Western Reserve the faculty at Dartmouth of numerous studies on including Abraham Geiger and the Jews and Multiculturalism. Professor Heschel served as the Martin Buber Visiting Professor of Jewish Religious Philosophy at the University of Frankfurt, Germany. She lectured frequently in Germany on topics related to Jewish-Christian relations and on feminism & religion. In 1992, she spoke on Judaism as part of a panel on religion and the environment at the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. The Scholar-in- Residence is funded by the Oscar Alterwitz Memorial fund. Aetate", claiming the religious freedom. He had with Martin Luther King, 1965. He often spoke and liberties and publicly War. Heschel holds the Eli Studies and serves as the Department of She received her PhD Pennsylvania and taught University and Case University, before joining in 1998. She is the author modern Jewish thought Jewish Jesus and Insider/Outsider: Mark Your Calendars! Temple Seder April 12th, 2006 Green Valley Ranch See Flyer For More Information!From The Rabbi Technology. Can?t live with it and can?t live without it. When did simple things start to become complicated? I sit at a meeting and I take out my day planner. No problem. I flip through the pages and I easily find my appointments and my ?to do? list. My colleagues have their mini computers in hand with their stylus, clicking away achieving the same thing. I am standing talking to someone only to realize that he is not listening to me at all. No, not because he is daydreaming but because he >/ Mm is talking to someone else. I look around and there is no one there. Only a small 3-inch M&aj1 Uf J M metallic like device fit over the person?s right ear. A miniature cell phone. I am sitting m m around the den with my family over the holidays. So good to have my daughter home ?* m M from college. In her hand is her lifeline to her ?other life?. Acell phone. It is not around her ear but in her hand. She isn?t talking at all, but every so often it beeps. And her two thumbs work furiously for about 25 seconds. This goes on for quite some time. She calls this text messaging ?communication???. I wonder how a simple 10- cent act can add up to a 150-dollar bill when talking on the phone is relatively free? This is better? High Definition TV. TIVO. E books and Wi-Fi. The terms go on and on. And I am running as fast as I can to catch up. I am so proud that I received my first I Pod this Chanukah. Though two weeks later it is still in the box, waiting for a teenager to come over and program it for me. Volunteers anyone? Without seeming like a curmudgeon, I sometimes wonder whether all of our technological advances have actually made our lives easier and families closer. My wife pointed out that I had become addicted to my e- mail. I was spending about 15 hours a week in the evening e-mailing and surfing the net. People who are on vacation now find that they can take their work with them. Who thought of this one? And why did we agree to it? Our paperless society has somehow become filled with more paper despite technology. We are more connected to each other and somehow we communicate less. We have more time saving devices and someho' we have less time for each other. Well, there is no turning back the clock. (After all who can program their digital clock anyway?) But we can take a moment to pause and think about what our societal goals are all about. We need to use technology to improve our lives. We needed to not become slaves to technology or the latest fad. We need to recognize that sometimes-simple things should remain simple. (Like TV remote controls). And we should recognize that even the greatest advances of technology do not match up to the greatest advances of man?s soul. Look around the world. The world is shrinking but we are not getting along any better. Issues of population control, pollution, war and peace, water, and health still challenge every continent. Technology may lead us to solutions for these problems. But only if the human will to get along and understand each other informs these Sometimes though it easier not to think about such things. For moments like these I just speak into my key which activates my car, hop in the car, and turn on my XM radio to the comedy channel, and drive, recognizing that technology is after all, good for a laugh now and then. p.s. This column was written while the Consumer Electronic Show was in town :) problems. B?shalom Rabbi Sanford Akselrad 2 WWW.LVNEIITA.MIID.ORGA dult Learning f Adult Education Remember Whem: Recollections From Jewish Las Vegas Leaders (km 11 111 \l I H\ M VAI A I I MAM III s) Sum City Anthem Rlc Center / Arlington Room BEGINNING AT 8:00 PM February 13, 2006 Edythe Katz-Yarchever & Honorable Gii Yarchever Marcei 13, 2006 Robin Greenspun & Danny Greenspun April 10, 2006 Honorable Miclafl A. Cherry May 15, 2006 Susie Molasky & Irwin Molasky Second Saturday Talmud Study Second Saturday of the Month 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Following our customary morning Minyan and Bible Study RSVP to the Temple 733-6292. February 11 * March 11 * April 8* May 13* *At New Temple Offices Located at 2920 N. Green Valley Pkwy, Ste 521 Interviewer ~ Michael Geeser VlDEOGRARHER ~ POPPY PRODUCTIONS a Other Adult Education class begins at 6 pm. B MORE INFORMATION CONTACT Tl IE TEMPLE OFFICE 733-6292. /------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\ Mark y?ur Calendars! Saturday, March 18th Progressive Dinner Appetizers at one home, salad at another, dinner at still another and everyone will gather at one surprise home for dessert! Eastside and Westside will be represented. Free door prize at each home with a Chinese Auction at the Dessert home! All the proceeds from the Chinese Auction to benefit FundM-Youth and Campership. All this for $18 per person! Your check is your reservation, payable to CNT Sisterhood. Mail to Maxine ^'atz, 1102 Elation Lane, #101, Henderson, 89015. For more information, contact Maxine at 566-T959. V_________________________________________________________/ February 2006 Committees / Auxiliaries Mah Jongg Card DEADLINE - FEBRUARY 10? Checks Payable to - CNT Sisterhood Mail to Sandy Stolberg 1904 Plantea Ct, LV NV 89117 Questions? Call Sandy at 228-6863 Take action - the new cards will be here soon! Regular size is $6.00, Large size is $7.00. Sisterhood earned almost $200 last year from all the cards sold! Menopause the Musical TH SUNDAY, MARCH 5 AT 2:00 PM $55 per person ~ Tickets are limited! Mail check, payable to CNT Sisterhood, to Brenda Tishk, 2017 Colvin Run Dr, Henderson, 89052 Kick up your heels and join in the fun! Fourwomen at a lingerie sale with nothing in common but a black lace bra AND memory loss, hot flashes night sweats and more! This joyful musical parody set to 25 classic baby-boomer songs will have you dancing in the aisles! 3 P hilip's M essage F unerals I recently attended a Christian funeral. Having gone to innumerable Jewish funerals in my life, this was my first experience at a Christian funeral service. Although I expected that the service would not in any way resemble a Jewish funeral, I was struck by a couple of marked differences. Firstly, the priest admonished those assembled for acting as though this were a sad event. Their tradition holds that the funeral is a celebration and that the deceased is now in a better place. I fully understand that belief and respect them for it. However, the service did not contain a eulogy as I had assumed it would. It is such an important part of a Jewish funeral and I guess I thought that others also have a similar tradition. I did not know the deceased very well and I had expected that there would be a detailed narrative of his life, his relationship with his family, his accomplishments, etc. I also expected to hear some amusing or poignant anecdotes as is so common at Jewish funerals. Instead, I left there not knowing any more about him than I did before I went. These observations are not meant to criticize or impugn the beliefs or traditions of others, but it made me realize how important the eulogy is to the Jewish funeral service. The word ?eulogy? comes from the Greek and it means ?praise.? In Hebrew, the word we use is hesped and it means ?mourning.? The custom of hesped or giving a eulogy at a funeral dates back to at least Talmudic times. Its purpose is to capture the essence of a person?s life including his or her major accomplishments; to honor the memory of the deceased; and to comfort the bereaved. According to the codes of Jewish law, the goal of the eulogy is to make those present feel the depth and pain of the loss they have suffered. Usually it is the Rabbi who delivers the eulogy. He or she spends time prior to the service with the family of the deceased. It is at this time that the family shares their stories about their loved one. It is then the Rabbi who, when delivering the eulogy, speaks through the eyes and hearts of those who knew and loved him or her best. This eulogy will consist of anecdotes, memories, and often-humorous stories that the family members have shared with the Rabbi. It is also common today for a family member or friend to speak at a funeral in addition to, or sometimes instead of, the Rabbi. This oration may include a poem, a song, a favorite reading or something that the deceased may have written in his or her lifetime. In Orthodox law, there are times that it is forbidden to give a eulogy during a funeral service. This includes theft month of Nisan and during Passover and Sukkot. These are the times when we celebrate God?s blessing of thrPP Jewish people and are therefore times of great joy. However, Reform Jews consider eulogies appropriate at any time and would not enforce these prohibitions. The eulogy is given at the funeral service just before the memorial prayer, the El Male Rachamim. The Talmud states, ?Just as the dead shall be called to account, so shall the eulogizers be called to account.? This implies that it is wrong to over praise in a eulogy and it is just as wrong not to eulogize as the person deserves. While there was a time when only dignitaries were eulogized, this is no longer true. Today, eulogies are given at all funerals. Although the Talmud reminds us that we should not exaggerate the virtues and accomplishments of the deceased, we are permitted to be charitable in offering praise. Also, a eulogy is seen as an opportunity ?to moralize and dwell on the meaning of life ?so that the living shall reflect.?? The Jewish poet Chaim Nachman Bialik wrote one of the better-known eulogies for his own funeral: When I am dead, thus shall you mourn me; There was a man, and see he is no more; Before his time has come, did this man die; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------n And his life?s song was hushed before it ended. ? ? And woe, and woe, yet one more song, Family Purim Carnival One more song he had within him, And lost forever is that song unsung. Forever lost, forever lost. B?shalom, Philip & Masillah Reading Join us Sunday, March 12, from 11am - 2pm. There'll be rides, games, food & fun! Watch for more details! y 4 VVWW.LV n c u ta m i d .o rg B?nai M itzvah & N ews Joey Falk February 11,2006 Hi. My name is Joey Falk. I will be called to the torah on February' 11,2006 at King David Memorial Chapel. I have one amazing brother who lives in New York. I attend Sig Rogich Middle School where I am a member of National Jr. Honor Society and Student Council. My hobbies include hanging out with my friends, shopping, playing cards, going to the beach, watching sports, and playing sports of all kinds. My favorite sport is dance. I have been a competitive dancer including jazz, tap and hip-hop since 1 was 6 years old. Through dance, I have helped raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. For my mitzvah project I will be raising money for the Debbie Blinder Scholarship/Library Fund. Please join my family and I as we celebrate this important day of my life, my Bat-Mitzvah. Coming to a Neighborhood Near You........ King David Memorial Chapel Friday Shabbat Services Temple Office Saturday-Minyan, Torah Study,Tdmud Study Committee Meetings Adult Ed Classes Confirmation Choir Rehearsals Green Valley Library Tot Shabbat Special Programs Sun City Anthem Adult Ed Classes Special Programs Flamingo Library Special Programs Gibson Elementary ______School______ Sunday Religious School Tuesday Satellite R.S. Ober Elementary _____School Thursday Satellite R.S. 2697 E. Eldorado Lane, Las Vegas King David Memorial Chapel Temple Office ~ 2920 N. Green Valley Pkwy, Ste. 521, Henderson Green Valley Library ~ 2797 N. Green Valley Pkwy, Henderson Gibson Elementary ~ 271 Leisure Circle, Henderson Ober Elementary ~ 3035 Desert Marigold Lane, Las Vegas Flamingo Library ~ 1401 E. Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas February 2006 5 Your Executive D irector View From My Desk We?ve now moved out of our facility on Emerson (and again, Thank You to everyone who helped to make this happen, timely, efficiently and safely). We?ve had several successful, meaningful Shabbau sendees at King David, and we?ve gotten our Religious School off to a wonderful start at Gibso* Elementary School. Let me share with you the view and sounds from my desk, at our temporary offices. I see Rabbi, walking past with a family that has had a loss recendy, and he?s doing counseling for and with them. I see Philip, walking past with Lillian as they prepare for our next Shabbat sendees. I see Karen talking to Mary, as they get our next bulletin ready for the press. I hear Ayelet in the office next to me, busy planning and coordinating our next Religious School activity. I see Roberta walking by with papers and ads being planned for the Review Journal and Jewish Reporter, for our next series of Adult Education programs and other activities. I hear Angie in the office next to mine, dealing with a vendor and payables. And I see Lynette at her desk on the phone, coordinating various activities for both myself and Ayelet, to ?keep the wheels on the wagon spinning in the same direction at the same time?. All in all, everything is normal. As Rabbi said at his first sermon at King David in December, [and I?m paraphrasing here] - ?It?s like moving from one house to another-you look around, and the surroundings are all different, but you look again, and you ?re surrounded by those in your family who you reeognize, care about and have wonderful relationships with - you?re home?. That?s just how I feel, as I go about doing my usual work and having those same interactions with staff, congregants and potential members that I have had for 4 years now. Different location, but there?s a wonderful ?Sameness? to it all. As I recall from a TV series long-ago, ?Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel?. Thank you, Adam West, and yes, it is the same, but a bit different. The view from my desk is very similar to what it had been. And I look forward to one more variation on this theme - when we move into our new facility, now strongly under construction. Come visit us, and see how we have set up our new home. Thank you and as always to be continued...... Irv To Sisterhood, Mens Club and everyone who volunteered during Gift Wrap. We had another successful year and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Michael Unger Gift Wrap Chairperson 6 WWW.LV N ERTAMI D.ORCP resident?s M essage Temple Board ^ ? Scott. Stolberg, President Marla Letizia, VP Administration Mike Unger, VP Ways & Means /iet/j Fa/k, VP Education & Youth Maxine Molinsky, VP Ritual Jay Poster, VP Membership Recruitment Marsha Goldberg, VP Membership Retention decagon 12@aol .com CindyJensen, VP Social Action Gregg Solomon, Treasurer Yvonne Gordon, Corporate Secretary Jordie Primack, Trustee David Shapin, Trustee david@sh apinm Stacey Yahraus, Trustee Harry Sax, Trustee Debra Cohen, Trustee Michele Fendell, Trustee Beth Bromberg, Trustee Barry Lewisohn, Trustee ble\visohn@aol .com Daryl Alterwitz, Trustee No Email Maxine Gratz, Sisterhood President CNTSisterhood@aoLcom Dr. Fred Toffel, Men?s Club President dam Bromberg, NTTY Co-President twism34821@aoLcom Hilary Scheele, NTTY Co-President As February begins, the construction of our new home is taking shape. All of the boring underground stuff is done and the foundations are complete - now the exciting part starts. In the next few weeks you should start to see walls going up and buildings taking shape. It is very exciting. With any project of this size there are many things happening at once. Sometimes there are decisions that need to be made by the ?owner? not the architect or the builder. We have a dedicated group who serves on our construction committee. This group meets with the contractor and our architect regularly to go over the progress, look at any issues that have arisen, and make decisions when necessary. They walk the site and see the progress for themselves. The board receives a report every month from the committee. Our fundraising continues and is on track. When the project is complete we will have, as promised, a manageable mortgage. We will continue to use new member building fund assessments to cover part of the debt service as well as funds from the general fund. The finance committee has already begun working on the 2007 budget. The transition to our temporary facilities has gone very well. Our staff is settled in their new offices, which also provides space for meeting and small worship programs. Friday nights at King David have been well attended and comfortable. Our religious school children are adapting to classes at Gibson Elementary. Just as we did after the building was sold, we are forming another transition committee to do the planning for all of the programs we will be able to do in our new home. After all, we need world-class programming to go along with our new world-class facility. Please let the board members know which program or activity you and/or your family like or which one you think we should add. If you are interested in a particular topic, others may be also. Several months ago I wrote to you explaining the CNT Perpetual Trust. This is designed to be a lasting endowment for the synagogue. A bequeath was received from a congregant, Avis Katz, who recently passed. It came to us with basic instruction that it be used to help pay for B?nai Mitzvah Tutors. Again our board has the restraint to not just spend this windfall but to move it to the trust so that the income from the money will help defray these costs in perpetuity. Please, when you do your estate planning, think of the temple and leave a lasting legacy. Make sure you have your bequeath directed to the CNT Perpetual Trust so the board will know your intentions. This also assures that what you leave will help those for many years to come. If you have questions or wish more information regarding the terms of the trust please contact Irv and he will have someone contact you. B?shalom Scott February 2006 7 Special Announcements February Birthdays 1st-Sarah Levy Robert Scholes 2nd ? Karen Goodheart Skye Holladay Mr. Leonard Newman Julie Unger 3rd -Mr. Joe Freiburger Mrs. Loretta Hollander David Lehmer Marc Rowland 4th - Mrs. Melody Benedict Mr David French Ashley Kabins 5th - Mrs. Sharlene Flushman Dr. Stephen Rowland Michael Rubinstein 6th - Mrs. Judith Gilman Mrs. Lisa Lapidus 7th-Alexander Roitman 8th- Mr. Howard Brill Mrs. Dorothy Isen Mr. Norman Kaufman Marisa Marano Mrs. Adrienne Miller Bryan Rosenberg Mr. James Serling Mr. Joel Serling 9th - Louis Carrillo Dr. Larry Lehrner Judy Stone 10th - Mr. Mark Fine Jessica Heller Knox 11th - Mrs. Eleanor Libby Spector Jules Wellinghoff 12th - Jacob Geiger Noah Pelham Mrs. Deanna Thuna 13th - Steven Gengo Jessica Gross Mrs. Gail Jolcover Emily Miller Mrs. Bonnie Pomerantz Joshua Raimist 14th - Ms. Kimberly Green Mrs. LaVerne Hirsh Mr. Ron Slocum 15th - Hannah Jordan Kelly Mr. Ira Miller 16th -Mr. Paul Aizley Mrs. Nancy Layfer Dr. Raul Meoz 17th - Mrs. Sharon Cohen Kellen Cornett Mr. Irv Duchowny Mrs. Barbara Greenspun Kaeli Wells 18th - Sara Einsohn Mr. Alan Molasky Mrs. Barbara Ober 19th-Spenser Blank Mr. James Mason Mr. Ben Sprague Mr. Allan Tarbet Alexandra Yuman 20th-Amanda del Valle Mr. Gary Jacobs Mrs. Barbara Nathan Mr. Allan Nathanson Mrs. Debra Peck Mr. John Wanderer 21st-Aaron Bossak Mrs. Natalie Shaw Mr. Bob Unger Mr. Richard Waxier 22nd - Mr. Jeffrey Cohen Mrs. Joan Dunn Mr. Jeffrey Gale Melissa Goldstein MiraAngelina Gollard Mrs. Stephanie Helms Kelsey Lugo 23rd - Niah Anson Mrs. Elaine Gothelf Mrs. Geraldine Gottlieb Mr. Arthur Rachild 24th - Hannah Barnett Eric Fleekop Dr. Gary Mayman Wynn Tashman Mr. Alan Weinstein 25th-Annika Freiburger Mrs. Ercy Rosen Danielle Simon Lindsay Slocum Rachel Toffel Mr. Steven Weinstein 26th - Mrs. Judy Applebaum Rhyanna Bredlau Shelby Mason Mr. Ralph Siletta Krystal Jo Weiss 27th ? Josie Molasky Mrs. Mindy Polasky 28th-Andrew Epstein Makena Markman Mr. David Shapin Mrs.Tami Shulman Dr. Roger Simon Mr. Gregg Solomon Amelia Jane Sprague Mrs. Beth Stahl TELL & KVELL Mazel Tov to Ruth and Arthur Rachild on the birth of their great granddaughter, Emily Ruth born May 2005. Proud parents are Helen and Raymond Hildenbrand. Emily will be named at Temple on March 31. Gift Shop Open for Business ~ Make ^our Appointment Today! While we don?t have regular hours yet, we are open for business! To make an appointment, contact Bessie Levy at 413-5171. 8 YVWW.LVNER.TAMID.ORG January Anniversaries February I Mr. & Mrs. Barry Lewisohn February 3 Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Everakes February 4 Mr. & Mrs. Cal Lewis February 10 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Berger February 11 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Schnitzer February 12 Dr. & Mrs. Allen R. Anes Mr. & Mrs. David Cohen February 13 Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Henkin Mr. & Mrs. K. Sam Moldave February 14 Dr. & Mrs. Donald Buchanan Mr. & Mrs. Tomas Diaz Mr. & Mrs. Randy Farrow Mr. & Mrs. David French Mr. & Mrs. Michael Geeser Mr. & Mrs. Alex Gottlieb Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rayburn February 15 Mr. & Mrs. Murray Posin February 17 Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Sanoff February 19 Mr. & Mrs. Gary Goodheart Mr. & Mrs. John Helms February 20 Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Shulman February 22 Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Rosenthal Mr. & Mrs. Ira Tishk Mr. & Mrs. Richard Zeitlin February 25 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bloom February 27 Mr.& Mrs. Todd ButwinickYAHRZEITS ' M emoriams - Simchas INMEMOR1AM: ^in Unger, beloved father of Doug Ruth Falk, beloved mother of Ken, beloved mother-in-law of Beth and beloved grandmother of J oey Sidney Barkan, beloved grandfather of Jessica Gordon Irving Chasn iek, beloved brother of Fay Schoenfeld, beloved brother-in-law of Leo Dean Webb, beloved father of Doug, beloved father-in-law of Sheryl and beloved grandfather of Justin Leo Diamond, beloved husband of Renee, beloved father of Jana, Felice, Ilene and Cliff Jj^ia Aarons, beloved mother of Eileen ^W?S, beloved mother-in-law of Allen Susie Ullman, beloved mother of Danny Socolof, beloved mother-in-law of Mary, beloved grandmother of Nicholas and Nathaniel Seymour Blumenthal, beloved step?father of Carol Flutner, beloved grandfather of Sarah Smith, beloved great-grandfather of Julia Sophie Doctors Hooker, beloved mother of Malcolm, beloved mother-in- law of Lois, beloved grandmother of Gillian and beloved great-grandmother of Kaeli MAY THEIR MEMORY BE FOR A BLESSING February 3 Morris Chasnick Murray Cherkinsky Barnett Golub Rose Greenwald Charnya Hathaway Bertha Horberg Isadore Kogan Rose Kogan RoslynLefcourt David Levey Benjamin Liebman Pete Lisoskie AnnLitwin Lorain Pearlman Molly Ruden Melvin Sanoff Marie Scolar Estelle Shapiro Adele Slotnick Alfred Tiffany Ann Witt February 10 June Altman Harvey Axelrod Fannie Berger Samuel Bernstein Vera Ann Brill Earl Frank Conrad Benny Dresher Tamara Drucker Samuel Emmer Alan Garboos Brett Howard Goldstein Mary Lou Grayner JayJ Harris Joseph Klinger Phil Levinson Max Rosenberg William Rosenthal Thelma Rouzaud Heather Santer RuthSchraier Anne Schwartz Harry Schwartz Yahrzeits February 10 cont. Benjamin Stollberg Mel Walton Frank Wuliger Marion Y archever February 17 Abraham Aaron Arthur Anhaltzer Sara Blumenfeld Rose Adler Bon wit Lena Brodsky Rose Charon Sylvia Cohen Jacob Cohn Jay Denny Ben Engel Frieda Freedman Ruth Friedman Martin Gerstler Adele Gilgor Dr.JayGoldfarb Debbie Green Pearl Green George Harris Randi Hicks Harr)-Hollander Samuel Kamanitz Mabel Ruth Kempenich Philip Klinger RuthKoffler Caroline Lewis David Lundy Florence Malkin Joanne Mullin Maria Nunez Maxine Pomerantz Minnie Prezant Dorothy Price Harriet Schiff Raymond Shapiro RoseSolovvitz Sidney B Stem Sewell Susler Harry Weinstein Dora Zerlin February 27 Gertrude Alexander SamueLAlper Elaine Axelrod Louis Davidson George Fischbein Beverly Frankl JackFronclorf Julius Glasser Saycle Golding George Goldstein Sheila Goodman Andy Grayner F.llena Fox Hauenstein Morris Isenberg Henry Kirschen Mildred Kishner Harry Lader Mildred Lasoff Ira Moss B J Phillips Louis Ponemon Dora Raizin Anna Reichel Ethel Richstone Abraham Rosenblum Adrienne Salsburg Harry Sampson Alex Sax Evelyn Scher Fannye Schlesinger Harold Schlesinger Sheldon Silber Robert Slate Annette Solomon Emanuel Stern David Welt Irving Wender Hyman YVerlin Esther Wolf February 2006 9 Ongoing Monthly Programs Community/Self-Help J ACS TUESDAYS, 7:00 pm At the Temple Office Are you a Jewish alcoholic or chemically dependant person? Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent and Significant Others is a self-help support group. Tell someone you love. Do you have a family member or friend who is hospitalized? Rabbi Akselrad would like to help you and your family by visiting Temple members and friends of our congregation who have been hospitalized. Due to confidentiality laws, there is no notification from the hospitals. Please contact Karen at the temple office 733-6292 when a family member or friend is hospitalized. Shabbat Transportation For Seniors Now Available! Transportation to the first Shabbat service of each month here at CNT for any senior citizen wanting to worship in the Las Vegas/Henderson area. Please contact Roberta Unger in the temple office 733-6292 for more information or to make arrangements for a ride. This program is coordinated by the CNT Chesed Committee through a grant from the United Jewish Community/Jewish Federation of Las Vegas. For information on the Alzheimer's Support Group please call 617-6430. Committees / Auxiliaries^ Rosh Chodesh TBA Watch Temple Happenings! Each month the women of CNT gather to celebrate Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of the new Hebrew month. The evening blends learning, spirituality, and sharing. Presentation topics and speakers vary monthly. Do You Get Help us Raise $$ ... for FREE! % Sign up for eScrip! It's Easy! It's Free! It's Powerful! No receipts to collect, no vouchers or certificates to buy, no hassles for you - every purchase counts! Our Emails??? The best way for us to keep you informed of everything going on and where is via e- mail. If you're not receiving the Shabbas e-mail, Roberta doesn't have your address. Please e-mail her @ runger@lvnertamid .org or call her at the temple office 733- 6292. Don't miss out! AVON AMERICAN AIRLINES MACYS BIG 5 PEPBOYS AUTO EDDIE BAUER PICK UP STIX VONS OFFICEMAX CLAIM JUMPER PLUS ON-LINE MERCHANTS Places you already shop can earn money for CNT! Register on-line or call 800-254-5405 10 VV W W . LV N EIITA M ID . O KG FEBRUARY 2006 ^pjnday Monday Tuesday Wednesday 1 Thursday 2 Friday 3 Saturday 4 R/S West 4:30 pm Shabbat Student Service Grades 6-8 7:30 pm Bible Study 9 am Minyan 10 am Torah Study 11am 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 1 R/S 9:15am-12:15pm Confirmation 12:45 pm 12 6:30 pm Adult B?nai Mitzvah 13 1st Tuesday w/Rabbi Noon R/S East 4:30 pm Conversion Class 7pm JACS 7:00pm 14 15 R/S West 4:30 pm 16 Shabbatone Service 7:30 pm 17 Falk Bat Mitzvah 10:00 am Bible Study 9 am Minyan 10 am Torah Study 11am Second Saturday Talmud Study Noon 18 R/S 9:15am-12:15pm Confirmation 12:45 pm The Educated Jew 6:00 History of Jews in Las Vegas 8:00 pm R/S East 4:30 pm Temple Board Meeting 7:15 pm JACS 7:00pm R/S West 4:30 pm Shabbat Service 7:30pm TotShabbat10:30am Bible Study 9 am Minyan 10 am Torah Study 11am 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 N0j^ NO^iRMATION Office Closed R/S East 4:30 pm JACS 7:00pm Men?s Club Board Meeting 6:30 pm Sisterhood Board Meeting 7:00 pm R/S West 4:30 pm Scholar-in-Residence Shabbat Service 7:30pm Scholar-in- Residence Bible Study 9 am Minyan 10 am Torah Study 11am 26 27 28 Mar. 1 2 3 4 R/S 9:15am-12:15pm Confirmation 12:45 pm Domestic Violence Seminar 1:00pm 6:30 pm Adult B?nai Mitzvah R/S East 4:30 pm JACS 7:00pm R/S West 4:30 pm Shabbat Student Service Grades K-3 7:30 pm Bible Study 9 am Minyan 10 am Torah Study 11am 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 1 R/S9:15am-12:15am Confirmation 12:45 pm First Tuesday w/Rabbi Noon R/S East 4:30 pm Conversion Class 7pm JACS 7:00pm R/S West 4:30 pm Shabbatone Service 7:30 pm Tot Shabbat 10:30am Bible Study 9 am Minyan 10 am Torah Study 11am Second Saturday Talmud Study Noon Upcoming March Events DVD's of Final Service Are Available! March 5 - Menopause the Musical 2:00 pm March 11 - Tot Shabbat @ Green Valley Library 10:30 am Contact the Temple March 18' Progressive Dinner 5:00pm Off ice for your copy! February 2006 11 Sustaining Members Sustaining members are those Seniors who are eligible for reduced dues and continue to pay more. This is truly a Mitzvah and we are greatful to each and every Sustaining Member. Lulu & Jack Lehman The OUT Mm*/ Olub in o//ociation with The Galleria at fua/at presents the Sunday. February 12!h from 11AM until 5 PM in the Galleria at Sunset 1300 Sunset Rd. - Henderson. NV See the latest in Healthcare Products and Services Free screening for Osteoporosis. Leg Circulation and more..... Receive your complimentary" Health Directory just for attending!! Supported in part by our Event Partners: Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada - CVS Pharmacies Mobil Medical Services - GlaxoSmithKline TOT SH&BBAT! Febpaapj? 18,2006! Now Or SaMas MoprIr?s! Join us for Tot Shabbat Saturday morning, February 18, at the Green Valley Library on Sunset and Green Valley Pkwy. Open to children ages 2-5, the half-hour service will begin at 10:30 am, followed by a craft. Bring a brown-bag lunch; we?ve got dessert covered! The Sisterhood of CNT has sponsored this fine program for several years. This wonderful