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Program for 30th Anniversary Dinner event for the Southern Nevada Chapter of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1988






The program for the 30th anniversary dinner for NCCJ includes dedications and highlights of the Southern Nevada Chapter.

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jhp000391. Eileen Brookman Papers, 1934-2002. MS-00620. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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30th Anniversary Dinner Tonight We Honor The World's Two Greatest Stars. To the members and past honorees of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, congratulations. And L'Chaim. We Make the Games People Play. And Play. And Play. D5I0NTNHE ARN CNOIVMEMRSITATREYE maWrkeilncogm thee a 3n0dt hth aannnki vyeorus aforyr joofi tnhien gS ouus tfhoer rann Neevveandina gC ohfa cpetelerb orfa ttihoen Nsoamtieo nvaelr yC sopnefceiraeln pceeo opfl eC.h Trhisetyia anrse atnhde J1e4w NsC (CNJC HCuJ)m. Tanointiagrhita,n w Ae whaorndo r Rtheeciirp isetrnotsn,g m speinr iat nodf cwoonmceernn ,w ahnod hcaovme mmiotmldeendt Stoo uetxhceerlnl eNnceve.a da through You are part of a very prestigious event. HaTrhleey lEis.t Hofa Nrmevoand, aCnhs ahrolontoter eHd ilbly, Mthaej oNrC GCeJn iesr iaml pRr.eGs.s "ivZea.c Nk"a mTaeysl osru, cGho va.s BMoiykde, OB'iCll a"lWlaiglhdacnat, "W Maoltrerri sK, Lanibe,e rEaicleee, nE .B Praororkym Tahno,m Waas,y nJee rNrye wMtaocnk, , SDarm. Rgooablesr at nMd aaxismons ,o af nthde J NacCkCieJ .G aughan have become synonymous with the paNleesv iand cao hmaps aar irsuogng etod tbheea cuhtya raancdt ecrh oafr tmhe usne emqeuna laendd a wnyowmheenr.e ,N beuvta idt ans pofr iddieff tehreinmgs fealivtehss oann dt hreaicre so paeren sftriolln wtieelrc formieen dtoli ncoesms ea nadn dh ocsaprvitea loituyt. tPheeoirp le nciitcihzee nisn athree sfeuctounred otfo a nno envee. n greater Nevada. The accomplishments of our fouWnhdeanti owne ohfo Nneovr athdea .1.4. tphraetv mioaursv reelociupsi eNnetvs atdoan ipgahstt,, wane dh tohneo Nr tehvea dvae rsyt ill to come. NaDtiro. nJaalc qEuxeelciuntei vGe . BWoeaxrdle, ra, nPdr etshied eonftf iocfe trhse a NndC CboJ,a trhde m meemmbbeerrss oof ft hthe eC lark sCpoeucniatyl cCihtiazpetnesr. are delighted to hold this banquet in recognition of these The Dinner Committee Wre Into the yBoeusrt w30isthhe s on Anniversary CENTEL Where people connect GENERAL CHAIRMAN John V. Giovenco JOURNAL CHAIRMAN Jeffrey A. Silver NCCJ EXECUTIVE BOARD Eric Cooper, Presiding Co-Chairman CO-CHAIRMEN Thalia Dondero Earl Johnson TREASURER Richard Carlson DELEGATES-AT-LARGE Rabbi Mel Hecht Nancy Houssels NATIONAL DELEGATES Judge Lloyd D. George Judge Phil Pro Maj. Gen. R.G. "Zack" Taylor DINNER COMMITTEE MEMBERS Gary Armentrout Bruce Banke Maureen M. Barrett Marjorie Barrick Selma F. Bartlett Ed and Cari Bernstein Rev. Jerome G. Blankinship Shannon Bybee Randall V. Capurro James Cashman III Maj. Gen. William S. Chairsell Michael A. Cherry John Chiero Glenn Christenson Steve Comer J. Glen Coon E. Leslie Combs, Jr. Charles E. Dixon Ivan Eisenberg Dick Etter Frank Fertitta JohnT. Fitzgerald Wing Fong Robert Forbuss Eva Garcia Dr. Leonard E. Goodall Raymond J. Gregor Dr. Kenny Guinn Ashley Hall Dennis Hetherington J.K. Houssels James J. Jimmerson Jim Joyce James J. Kropid George J. Levine Lemmuel E. Lewis Dr. Linda Littell Jack London Mayor Ron Lurie Jim Marsh William E. Martin Judge John S. McGroarty Robert M. McMonigle Steven and Barbara Molasky Irwin Molasky John H. Mowbray Ed Nigro Dennis and Elisabeth Nixon Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Quagliana Albert J. Rapuano W. Dan Reichartz Michael and Sonya Saltman David and Sydnee Smith Donald L. Stewart Peter Thomas Roger P. Thomas Gen. Harry Wald William S.Weinberger Dr. Robert Wentz T.L.Wright Steve and Elaine Wynn NCCJ STAFF Dr. Dennis Ortwein, Executive Director Sophia Hesbon, Assistant Program WELCOME NCCJ PreEsirdici nCg oCopoe-Cr hairman INTRODUCTION OF DISTINGUISHED CITIZENS AND ESCORTS Dinner ChairmJaonh ann Gd iMovaesntecor of Ceremonies PRESENTATION OF COLORS Basic High School R.O.T.C. Color Guard THE NATIONAL ANTHEM Las VegaRso Cseit yJ aCmhieesf of Staff INVOCATION TReambbpi lMe Bele tHh eAcmht DINNER JiMmU GSIaCri s NCCJ PROGRAM REMARKS NCCJ PreEsirdici nCg oCopoe-Cr hairman THE NED DAY LEGACY PWroidlluiacmer Eof. MCRarEtEinP Committee to Roast Especially Eminent Persons ANNIVERSARY AWARD PRESENTATIONS JoEhrnic GCiooovpenecr o ThaPlhiai liDp oPnrdoe ro Nancy Houssels BENEDICTION ThHeu Rmeavn. aJ eHroomspei taBll aSnuknirnisshe ip > % Congratulations to all the outstanding Humanitarians in our community. BALLYS CASINO RESORT ? LAS VEGAS 30th Anniversary NCCJ Menu CAESAR SALAD CheesTeo, sAsendc hToavbiieess &id eT, oPaastremde Csarno utons, Caesar Dressing MEDALLIONS DUAL MMeeddaallliloionn o of fV Beaele wfWithit hC hZainmfpanagdenle SSaauuccee JJuulliieennnnee ooff PCeaprproetrss Baby Squash MOCHA MOUSSE CAKE CShliocceodl aTtae bLieesaivdees & Topped with a Fresh Coulis of Raspberries IMPERIAL ROLLS RUTTER ROSETTES COLOMRIAN SUPREMO COFFEE FRESHLY RREWED DECAFFEINATED COFFEE ENGLISH TEA TIME - HERRAL TEAS PNeCoCpJle-A in C ao nDnievcidtoerd oWf orld phTyshiec aplr aongdra fminsa anncdia al crehsieovuercmeesn otsf tohfo tshee wNhCoC bJ ealireev me aind e" bpuoisldsiibnlge bbryi dthgee s of understanding." Your support makes it possible for the NCCJ to: ? Actively promote the concept of human rights ? Educate people in the beliefs of equality, fairness, and dignity for all ? Facilitate inter-group dialogue among diverse groups ? Provide educational activities which promote respect for individual differences ? Identify human relations needs at the local level ? aInncdr eoarsgea nciozlalatiboonrsa tion among the community's people-helping agencies TCRheE ECPl,a Mrka Cyooru'sn Ptyr aCyehra pBtreera k(8fa8s-8t,9 I)s spureosg rianm J uisnticcleu,d Heso: locaust LCuotnhfeerr eRnicneg, JOebffseerrsvoann cTeo,w Cno Mngereetginagti,o cnoaml Vmiusintaittyio insss,u Secsh fooorlu Amcst,i vMitaierst in e(tdeuaccahtiinogn auln imtsa, teesrsiaalys .c ontests), consultant services, and distribution of PaYrkowu aayr e( Sinuvitiete 2d1 t0o) ,v oisr itc athlle 7l3o2c-a1l3 N59C.C J office at 4220 South Maryland Clark County Chapter National Conference of Christians and Jews 1988 Officers and Board Members PRESIDING CO-CHAIRMAN Eric Cooper CO-CHAIRMEN Thalia Dondero Earl Johnson TREASURER Richard Carlson DELEGATESATLARGE Nancy Houssels Rabbi Mel Hecht NATIONAL DELEGATES Judge Lloyd D. George Judge Phil Pro Maj. Gen. R.G. "Zack" Taylor BOARD OF DIRECTORS Maureen Barrett Shelley Berkley Rev. Jerry Blankinship Bill Boyd Shannon Bybee Mike Cherry Eva Garcia Brian Greenspun Jeanne Hood Jim Jimmerson Jan Jones Danny Lee Lem Lewis Dr. Linda Littell Carl Lovell, Jr. Jerome Mack William E.Martin Dr. Robert Maxson Florence McClure Judge John McGroarty Bob Miller John Mowbray, Jr. Kitty Rodman Jeffrey A. Silver Mike Saltman Mike Singer Ray Vega Dr. Robert Wentz Claudine Williams EMERITUS BOARD Dr. Donald Baepler Rev. Marion Bennett Joe Denny Dr. Brock Dixon Dr. Leonard Goodall Judge Addeliar Guy Herb Kaufman Irwin Kishner A1 Levy Larry Luna Judge John Mendoza Berlyn Miller Bill Morris Louis Wiener Leonard Wilson REGIONAL DIRECTOR Dr. Dennis Ortwein Sophia Hesbon Assistant NATIONAL OFFICERS Nicholas V. Petrou Chairman, Executive Board D. Loring Marlett Ira A. Lipman William G. Sharwell Co-Chairmen Jacqueline G. Wexler President John Luongo Treasurer Lyn Revson Vice Chairman, Secretary ADVANCING SOCIAL JUSTICE REDUCING INTERGROUP CONFLICT (2lxcu? d'cicu*L (ZnizzfizL?s?, fJna. czJ^zcognLzzi tfis tcmsHs?? ?cgncfccuncs of tfiz contzcJjuicon? mctclz (jy ifis <^Nationci[ donfszzncz of d(viL?tixin? & ^suji unci t(i? cLtiz&n? Lt (icl? fionoizd OUEXtL w 1Q73 c^fazfzy ?.. cMaxmon 1975 Cfia%[otU cMiff 1976 J\Aajoi<f^znzia[^. . ' ^aytoz, (J&t.) 1977 (f^ouzmoz an 1978 OVafiEZ D<anz 1979 Bzoo&man 1980 ^Waym dMzvuton 1982 <?am Boyd J983 Sift '1 <WlCJea?'' <MoxxU1 1984 JliJjEZCLCE. 1985 ^Pany ^(tomai and ^Jzzzy <zA/{acli 1986 ^RoljErt eMax?on 1987 ?otin 2\ "^factzuL" (j^augfian WISHES (JrfmericatfBank of Commerce 362-7222 2800 W. Sahara in The Plazas ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft Deloitte Haskins-Sells ^e/e/wwfari^ ^Awia/iaMA and jfotm ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft Ann?iv Derisnanreyr Speciaaln dE scorts Representatives Harley Harmon Sons Jeff Harmon and Harley L. Harmon CDhauagrlhottetres HCialnl dy Schneider and Linda Hill Wade Gen. "Zack" Taylor Cranddaughter Allison Burns Mike O'Callaghan Grandson Michael Duke Eileen Brookman Son Michael Lewis Brookman Bill Morris Son Bill Morris and daughters Dawn Dudas and Jaynie Bodensteiner Liberace Represented by sister Angie Liberace RE.e Ppraersreyn Ttehd obmy asso n Peter M. Thomas Jerome Mack Peter M.Thomas Robert Maxson UNLV freshman Liz Barnes Jackie Gaughan Grandson Brendan Gaughan Special Thanks Entertainment Jim Garis Rose McKinney James Dinner Wine Donated By Jimmy Costello?J.W. Costello Beverage Co. Flowers Jontullis?By special arrangement Program Journal Artwork and Layout Maureen Barrett?Barrett & Associates Advertising Program Journal Chairman Jeffrey A. Silver?Weiner, Waldman, Gordon, and Silver Catering/Convention Services Gus Moser?Director of Catering, Las Vegas Hilton Jeff Gloeb?Director of Convention Services, Las Vegas Hilton Color Guard/Basic High School R.O.T.C. Sgt. Maj. Ogle Cadets: David Stroman, Peter Petruzzi, Scott Caldwell, David Flessati, William Barron, Eddie Molnar Hostesses . La Verne Drake, Rosemary Longo NaFtoior ntahle Cpoanstf ethreirntcye y oefa rCsh, rtihset ians and Jceriwsiss hraess obleuetino na aspnedc ihaul mreasnoiutracreia fno r oefd uthcea tNioCnC iJn BColaarrdk oCf oDuinrteyc. toOrns , bIe half wthhaon kh atvhee gmaatnhye rwedo nthdiesr feuvle nciintigz etnos en- sure the continuation of these efforts. paWst ec aitriez epnasr toicf uthlaer lyye agrr awtehfou lh taov et he tohnecier saugpapino rstt efporp eedff oorutts ftroo nelt itmo ianfaftierm imnutonlietyra. nEcaec ha nodf tbhiegmot rsyt ainn dosu tra lclo fmor- bsieginnigf.i cCaonltl eccotinvterliyb,u tthioeny se txoe mouprl iwfye ltlh-e edmerefurgl epnlaccee offo Cr alallr kto C loivuen, trye gasa rad lwesosn - of group affiliation. coIm ine vfioterw aallr dc iwtiiztehn ssu ogfg geosotidownsil la tnod acsokn tyroibuu atlilo tnos jfooirn owuirt hp rmoger ainm t. hAanndk -I tinhge tshuocscee sws hoof tchoins tvreibryu tsepde csioa lm euvcehn tt,o pesapriencgia tlhlyi sM ananuirveeerns aBrayr rjeotut?rnfaol?r parned- Jsotahfnf? Gfioorv egnivcion ga nodf thhies iHr islptoenci aHl ottaell- ents and resources in so many ways. Eric Cooper Presiding Co-Chairman Table Purchasers (as of Printing) Anderson Dairy Arthur Anderson and Company Bally's Casino Resort, Las Vegas Barrett & Associates Majorie Barrick Caesars Palace Centel Circus Circus Enterprises, Inc. Continental National Bank Deloitte, Haskins & Sells El Cortez Hotel First Interstate Bank of Nevada First Western Savings Association Golden Nugget, Inc. Holiday Casino and Holiday Inn HSST Nevada Corporation Humana Hospital Sunrise International Game Technology Jackpot Enterprises, Inc. Las Vegas Hilton Nevada National Bank Nevada Savings & Loan Association Nevada State Bank Nevada Title Company Pacific Properties Palace Station Hotel & Casino Sierra Construction Company Southwest Gas Corporation Summa Corporation Union Plaza Hotel & Casino Valley Bank of Nevada Vista Group Congratulations 30 Years f t GRAPHICS ^ ^ - J H COMMERCIAL L L K W L P R I N T I NG 3901 GRAPHIC CENTER DRIVE LAS VEGAS, NV 89118 (702) 798-9444 1978 whwo woa.rl kte rb eKhainned (t1h9e7 s8c reenceips iienn Lt)a, se Vxeemgapsl' icfriuedc itahl ee inntdeurstatriyn mgieanntt s business. friAesn dd itroe mctoanr yo fa enndt ekrntoawinnm beyn tt haet cthoem Spaanndys hHeo kteelp, th. eH weraes aar es pae fceiwal of their comments: fol"lAonw o huitmst.a"n -d Tinhga lciait iDzeonn wdehroo was an inspiration to those who would lif"eA." m- aFnr ewd hLoe pwriasc ticed the principles of brotherhood in career and - P"Ahi mlliapn R o. fH daenenpi fcionm passion and great wisdom in human relations." "He never lost touch with the human element." - Burton Cohen 1979 locEal NI iCleCeJn cBhraopotekrm. Aan f o(1r9m7e9r rNeceivpaidean tA), sisse omnbel yofw tohme faonu, nsdhee rcs oonf ttihneu - Balllayc ckh Aammperioicnaends ,t hHei scpaaunsiec oAf mtheer iNcaantisv,e a Andm tehroicsaen ws,i tshe nciroirp pcliitnizge ns, diseases. caHnceer rw roerske aornc hb eish awlfe lolf- mdoecnutmal ehnetaeldt.h , muscular dystrophy, and to Asint oinnn tohvea btoora radn do fa t hleea NdAerA, CBPr,o aonkdm tahne wfiarsst ofenme aofl et hme efmirsbt eCr a(uacnads ians chairman) of the Taxicab Authority. tioSnhse, ihna rse bcoeegnn ihtioonno oref dh uams a"Wnitoamriaann oef ftfhoer Ytse ianr "t hbey na asmcoer eo fo afl lo Nrgeavnaidzaa - citizens. onBe rdoaoukgmhatenr a(nDde hbei)r. husband, George, have one son (Michael) and 1980 w. career haaysn be eNenew wtoelnl c(1h9r8o0n ircelceidp,i efrnot)m i sh ais l aemgeanzdianrgy sptaerrtf oasr ma e1r2 w-yheoars-e old TV host to his current "Midnight Idol" marquee. tioEnqs.u Halely i sl eegspenecdiaarlyly i sa cNtievwe tionn t'sh ed eadriecaast ioofn h itso Nchatairviet aAbmle eorircgaann ihzear-i- tsapgeec iaanl ds uwpiptho rAt rfaobr itahne hSot.r Jsoesh n(a's pIansdsiiaonn aStceh oloovl ei)n. TAhriezsoen ea,f faonrdts winitchl ude handicapped children. FoNrceews toovne arlsseoa sh, aasn odf theans dsotenpapteedd hoiust toimn es etvo ebrraol aodcccaassti ofonrs Atom beer ican counted on human and individual rights issues. ceWrne dlla kilnyo; wnun rfsoinr gh ias sloicvke hoof arsnei mbaaclsk, tNo ehwetaolnth d, ewmaiotninsgtr faoter sa tchoilst ctoo n- aarrroiuvne,d ohri cs aLrains gV feogra sth heo nmuem. erous dogs, peacocks, deer, and Arabians 1982 fouUnademd Bono ytdh e( 1v9e8r2y rpercinipciiepnlet)s heassp obuusiletd a bgya tmhien Ng CeCmJp. iHrei si nfa Lmaisl yV egas ionw Nneevd aadnad, coopnetrraotlelidn gB ofiyvde Gseropuapra itse thhoe tlealr/gceassti ncoo rpproorpaetirotine so.f its kind hoAodn,d eaqtu aallli trye,s oarntds , rBesopyedc ftu frotrh oerusr tfheell ospwi rmit aonf .t hBeo yNdC wCaJ sc aomdeo; nbgr oththee r- fgiarmst icnags imnoa rhkeeatd, sw teol lo bpeefnolrye w theilsc obmecea mBlea cak fsa ashndio Wnaobmlee, na nindt oo ftth-e required, trend. suHchis a ms othset eLnaesr Vgeegtiacs cBoomy'ms Cunluitby. support targets youth organizations, 1985 MaBke'si l lG "oWodil"d. cFarto" mM hoirsr ihs iigsh l isvcihnog oplr aonodf ocfo tlhlee gfea mdaeyds aads afgoeo t"bLaollc aaln dB oy Aacsasdisetmanitc A atltlo-ernveeyry Gtheinnegr,a tlo, thoi sh lies gfaalr -treenaucrhei nasg Mcausninicoi pwaol rJku, dMgeo rarinsd has beMcoomrrei sa (L1a9s8 3V eregcaisp "ielannt)d, misa arkct"i.v ely involved in Southern Nevada's aPnodp Wthea rCnearn cFeoro Stboaclile, tPy.o Htoes iw Laesa rgeucee,n Atllyli eedle Actretsd Ctoo uUnNcLilV, U's nHitaelld oWf ay, aFnadm Re efboer lh Aist hslpeetcici aFl oeuffnodratsti toon i. nitiate the UNLV Football Foundation maFnoargminerg speacrrtentearr yo/ft trheea sNuorbe rH ailnl dC caosiunnos,e Ml foorrr tish eis H noolwid aoyw Cnaesri/npore, sain-d dent of the Landmark Hotel. daHuge hatnedr sh (isD wawifne,, VJaiyvnieinen, ea,n hda Wvee solenye Asonnn )(.W illiam) and three renLoiwibne, rdaecme,o an ssthroatwe db ugsrienaet scso pnecrefronr mfoerr h aunmd apneirtsyo tnharloituyg ohfo wuto hrlids mcaurecehr .b Aacsk a iCntloa rtkh iCs ocuonmtym ruensiidtye.n t, Liberace (1984 recipient), put proHme iwsiansg f anmewocuos mfoerr vsi sinittion gth ceh silhdorwen b'su shionsepsist aflise,l dan; dm foosrt hneoltpabinlyg, Barbra Streisand. whLiicbhe rsaecrve easn ads hthise bfruontdhienr,g Garemor gfoer, tfhoeu nndoend- ptrhoef iLt iLbiebrearcaec eM Fuoseuunmda, - tion for the Performing Arts. LiMbeorraec eth-gaenn 2e6r autneidv esrusbitsiiedsi easc froors ss ttuhdee cnotus nwtrhyo bmeenreifti ta fsrsoimst ance. atTAilvsoo,l is eGvaerrdael nlosc. al music organizations are supported by fund raisers 1985 VcoeEmgabsi cn Poeamdr rmtyo u Tpnrhiotoyvm.i dCaeso n-afunomdu enJerdoreourmss oeof p Mtphoae crltkou cn(a1il9t ic8eh5s acfpoot-re rmresc eiompf ibbeoentrthss ) to,h fhe ta hNvee CL CaJs faonrd f othrem Uinngi ttehde WUaNyL, VT hLoamnda sF aonudn dMataicokn ,a ares spurroibnagb tlhye b uensti vreermsietym bered adequate land space for a major university. invTohlovemda hs,i mchsealifr mdeaenp loyf twhiet he xtheceu Ctihvae mcbomerm oift Cteoem omf Vearlcleey, BBeatntker, hBauss i- nPeasras lBysuirse Faouu, nBdoayt Siocno.u Htse, Banody 'sh iCs lwubif, eS, aPlvegagtiyo,n h Aavrme yfo, aunr ds otnhse (IPnefatenrt,i le Roger, Steven, Thomas), and one daughter (Jane). UCMLaAc kF,o vuincdea-ctihoani,r mNeavna odfa t hTea xb oCaormd mofi Vssailoleny, BNaenvka,d ha aSsc sheorovle Sd tound yt he JAodyvcies,o hrya vBeo tahrdre, eB odya uSgchotuetrss, a(nBda rUbnaritae,d K Jaerwenis, ha nAdp pMeaalr.i lHyen )a. nd his wife, 1986 NCDCJ f ro. rR mobaenryt yCe. aMrsa. x"sIo'vne, aUlNwLaVys P croensisdideenrt,e dh aist (bNeCenC Ja) mtoe bmeb oenr eo f the soaf yths eM maoxssto inm. portant civic organizations in any community," theA ascealfd-epmroicc lraeimpuetda tiidoena laits tU, NMLaVx sino nh i(s1 9fo8u6 rr-epcliupsi eyneta)r, sh ians Laadsv Vaengcaesd, wfohr ial eu anti vtheres sitaym toe stiemeke t"rpurtoht eacntdin tgo tdhiastc ofrvaegr ialen de ncvrieraotne mneenwt necessary knowledge." at Mthae xUsonniv aenrsdi thyi so fw Tiefxe,a sS)y, lavniad, hoanvee d oanueg hsotenr ((TRoidmd;; aa jmuneidoirc aalt student Nevada-Reno). 1987 Gaugh4a0n- y(e1a9r8 7le raedceipr iienn tth) ee xloecmalp hliofiteesl /tcrausei n"oN ienvdaudsat rSyp, iJraitc"k. ie UnWiointh P ilnatzear,e Cstlsu bin B thineg Fo,l aamndin Hgoo,t eEl lN Ceovratedza, rWeseosrttesr,n G, Gauogldh aSnp ihkaes, con- sistently given back to the community from his vast array of resources. SoAnsls oof n Satm. Peadt rMickan, Gofa tuhgeh Yanea hr absy rbeogtuhl aBr'lNya si uBp'rpiothr taendd t hthe eB Foryi'es nCdlluyb , DUnanitceed WThaeya, tUreN.L V Rebels Club, Air Force Association, and Nevada boHthe parnodm hiinse wnti fien, BNeervtaied,a h gaavme tiwngo. sons - Michael and Jackie, Jr. - Thanks for 30 great years. Ill Km MARNELL CORRAO ASSOCIATES Construction / Design / Interiors / Import Las Vegas / Reno CHIC HECHT N E V A D A COMMITTEES: B A N K I N G . H O U S I N G . AND U R B A N A F F A I R S E N E R G Y AND N A T U R A L R E S O U R C E S S E L E C T C O M M I T T E E ON I N T E L L I G E N C E United States Senate WASHINGTON, DC 20510 October 20, 1988 STATE OFFICES: CARSON CITY OFFICE: 3 0 8 NORTH CURRY STREET ( 7 0 2 ) 8 8 5 - 9 1 1 1 LAS VEGAS OFFICE: 3 0 0 LAS VEGAS BLVD.. SOUTH ( 7 0 2 ) 3 8 8 - 6 6 0 5 RENO OFFICE: 3 0 0 BOOTH STREET ( 7 0 2 ) 7 8 4 - 5 0 0 7 John V.Giovenco 30th Anniversary Dinner Chairman National Conference of C h r i s t i a n s and Jews 4220 South Maryland Parkway S u i t e 210 Las Vegas, Nevada 89112 Dear F r i e n d s : Indeed i t is a p r i v i l e g e to give c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s to the Honoree's from 1973 to 1987 f o r the 30th Anniversary Dinner of the National Conference of C h r i s t i a n s and Jews. This a n n i v e r s a r y marks a momentous o c c a s i o n f o r the Clark County Chapter. Because the honorees have provided s p e c i a l support and guidance over t h e y e a r s , we are e s p e c i a l l y g r a t e f u l . Their c o l l e c t i v e s e r v i c e s to our community have provided an abun-dance of t a l e n t and s k i l l s to f u r t h e r the ecumenical r e l a - t i o n s w i t h i n our a r e a . The s p i r i t u a l w e l l - b e i n g and good w i l l of any community always preceeds the m a t e r i a l and eco-nomic p r o s p e r i t y . This o c c a s i o n i s a time to once again thank each one of you f o r h e l p i n g make Clark County a very d e s i r a b l e community in which to l i v e . Chic Hecht CH/lbs 5 0 7 CANNON BUILDING WASHINGTON, D . C . 20515 (202) 2 2 5 - 6 1 5 5 FEDERAL BUILDING 3 0 0 BOOTH STREET, SUITE 1 1 3 9 RENO, NEVADA 8 9 5 0 9 (702) 7 8 4 - 5 0 0 3 4 4 3 5TH STREET ELKO. NEVADA 8 9 8 0 1 (702) 7 3 8 - 4 0 6 4 POST OFFICE BOX A 2200 CIVIC CENTER DRIVE NORTH LAS VEGAS, N V 8 9 0 3 0 (702) 3 9 9 - 3 5 5 5 National Conference of Christians and Jews 4220 S. Maryland Parkway, Suite 210 Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 Dear Friends: BARBARA F. VUCANOVICH 2ND DISTRICT, NEVADA COMMITTEE ON INTERIOR AND INSULAR AFFAIRS COMMITTEE ON HOUSE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES ADMINISTRATION HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES SELECT COMMITTEE ON CHILDREN. YOUTH, AND FAMILIES WASHINGTON, D . C . 2 0 5 1 5 CONGRESSIONAL TRAVEL AND TOURISM CAUCUS October 20, 1 9 8 8 I wish that I could personally join you on October 20, 1988, as you commemorate the 30th anniversary of the National Conference of Christians and Jews. Congratulations and warmest wishes to a l l of the Distinguished Citizen awardees from 1973 through 1987 who are recalled and honored this evening. The l i s t of those honored tonight reads like a Who's Who. There are a small handful of community leaders who continue to give generously of their time and t a l e n t s . We a l l know the reward for good work i s . . . m o r e work! You are an inspiration to a l l Southern Nevadans and your good works ensure a better future for us a l l . God bless you a l l for continuing to give generously and w i l l i n g l y when called upon to do so. Sincerely, BARBARA F. VUCANOVICH Member of Congress BFV:jd J A M E S H. BILBRAY 1ST DISTRICT. NEVADA COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN AFFAIRS COMMITTEE ON SMALL BUSINESS SELECT COMMITTEE ON AGING Congrea* of tfje ?mteb States uae of fcepreaentattoea afiaafjington, BC 20515 1 4 3 1 LONGWORTH HOUSE OFFICE BUILDING WASHINGTON. D C 2 0 5 1 5 ( 2 0 2 ) 2 2 5 - 5 9 6 5 D I S T R I C T O F F I C E : 1 7 0 1 W CHARLESTON. SUITE 3 0 0 LAS VEGAS. NV 8 9 1 0 2 ( 7 0 2 ) 4 7 7 - 7 0 0 0 O c t o b e r 20, 1988 N a t i o n a l C o n f e r e n c e of C h r i s t i a n s and Jews 4220 South Maryland Parkway, S u i t e 210 Las V e g a s , Nevada 89119 Dear F r i e n d s : I am d e l i g h t e d to w r i t e t h i s l e t t e r of s u p p o r t t o commemorate the t h i r t i e t h a n n i v e r s a r y of the C l a r k County c h a p t e r of the N a t i o n a l C o n f e r e n c e of C h r i s t i a n s and Jews. The S o u t h e r n Nevada o r g a n i z a t i o n of the NCCJ has h o n o r e d so many f i n e i n d i v i d u a l s over the y e a r s . The c o n t r i b u t i o n s of p e r s o n s such as H a r l e y Harmon, C h a r l o t t e H i l l , Zack T a y l o r , Mike O ' C a l l a g h a n , Walter Kane, E i l e e n Brookman, Wayne Newton, Sam Boyd, B i l l M o r r i s , L i b e r a c e , Parry Thomas, Jerome Mack, Bob Maxson, and J a c k i e Gaughan are t o o i m m e a s u r a b l e to m e n t i o n . Yet, l e t i t be known t h a t t h e s e h u m a n i t a r i a n s e x e m p l i f y the h i g h i d e a l s and l o n g - t e r m commitment of t h e N a t i o n a l C o n f e r e n c e of C h r i s t i a n s and J e w s . I s a l u t e t h e s e p a s t h o n o r e e s and t h e i r s e n s e of d e d i c a t i o n , c o m p a s s i o n and h u m a n i t y . I s a l u t e a l l of you h e r e t h i s e v e n i n g f o r p l a y i n g an i n t e g r a l r o l e i n p r o m o t i n g v i t a l human r e l a t i o n s in our S o u t h e rn Nevada community. God B l e s s You. S i n c e r e l y , THE STATE OF NEVADA E X E C U T I V E C H A M B E R Carson City, Nevada 89710 RICHARD H. BRYAN TELEPHONE Governor (702) 885-5670 October 20, 1988 Dear F r i e n d s : Jews, in cTeol enbigrha tt,i o nt h eo f Ntahtei oi rn a l3 0tCh onAfnerneinvceer s aorfy , Cpharyi s ttirainbsu t ea ndt o t h e i r p a s t D i s t i n g u i s h e d C i t i z e n award r e c i p i e n t s . c o n t r i b u t i oTnhsi s t of i neen sgurroi nugp oofp pNoervt uadnaint ys , heasq ueaxl ihtiyb i taendd foauitrsnteasnsd i ntgo ot hf o sper ewj uhod i caer e, lbeostsh pcruilvtiulreagle da nadn dr ehlai vgei owu os r. kedI t f oirs tahpe p reolpirmi ai nt ea t itoon troe c odgenvioztee , tahgeaiir n , timt hee iar ndp aesnt e ragciheise v et om etnhtes , saams e mcanayu sheas vet h ac ot n tmianduee d them D i s t i n g u i s h e d C i t i z e n award r e c i p i e n t s in t h e p a s t . and t o t h e I psaesntd hmoyn obreeset s . t o Tarlul l yw, hoN eavtat edna d hat so n ai ngdh t 'cso n tcienlueebsr a ttioo n bacecnoemf iptl ishfreodm. t h e work t h e s e D i s t i n g u i s h e d C i t i z e n s have S i n c e r e l y , / / RHB/sc 0-3412?G045B PAUL J. CHRISTENSEN Chairman CLARK COUNTY BRIDGER BUILDING 225 BRIDGER AVENUE LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89155 (702) 455-3500 October 10, 1988 Mr. Eric Cooper Presiding Co-Chairman National Conference of Christians and Jews 4220 South Maryland Parkway, Suite 210 Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 Dear Eric: On behalf of the Board of County Commissioners, I extend congratulations to your fine organization for thirty years of invaluable community programs and involvement. Ihe men and women of the National Conference of Christians and Jews (NCCJ) have all served Clark County in many humanitarian ways, and we all have been the beneficiaries. We wish you a successful 30th Anniversary Dinner celebration which will recall individuals who have been previously recognized fo outstanding service. Further, we look forward to your continued presence and positive influence in the coming years. Sincerely, CPAhUaLir mJTan CHRISTENSEN /bd Injustoti jcues atincyew evheerryew ish aer teh.r eat - Martin Luther King, Jr. ADVANCING SOCIAL JUSTICE ^ a a n r ^ REDUCING INTERGROUP CONFLICT