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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid, March 1998



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Congregation Ner Tarpid Tan u n?np The Reform Jewish Synagogue of Las Vegas ...A Special Place to Belong March 1998 - Vol. XVII No. 6 3 Adar - 4 Nisan 5758 Sanford D. Akselrad Rabbi Bella Feldman Cantorial Soloist Bob Unger President Monty E. Willey Jacqueline Fleekop Jill Ginsburg Executive Director Education Director Program Director The Parin* Clival! Presented by Congregation NerTamid?s M.B.Dalitz Religious School When: March 8, 1998 / 11:00 a.m - 2:00 p.m. i W Come one, Come all \ Ip v/?^f' Support our School Bring Family &. Friends for a fun filled time There will be games, prizes, raffle prizes, a book fair, food and fun! This year?s carnival promises to be the best yet!! Don?t miss this great event immediately following Religious School! IN Message from the President Board Member Profile Passover Seder B?nai Mitzvah E-Mail Havurah Torathon Auxiliaries & Committees ^tebbi?s Bar Mitzvah Supplement ^Bthdays & Anniversaries ^mbutes Yahrzeits & In Memorium pari'm FarrM'1 y Service When: March 13, 1998 Time: 7:30 p.m. Rabbi Akselrad will conduct a special Shabbat service which will also include his dramatic reading of the Megillah (The Book of Esther). The Rabbi will have gifts for all who come in costume. The gifts will be handed out by our surprise celebrity guests. Junior Choir will sing. We will all sing! Following the noisy but wonderful service of prayer, stories, songs, and groggers, Sisterhood will serve a special Oneg with Hummantashen. Don?t miss this Family Service! Our Shul will ROCK THIS SHABBAT! Conducted by Rabbi Sanford D. Akselrad & Cantorial Soloist Bella Feldman March 6 Tot Shabbat 6:30pm Brotherhood Shabbat 7:30pm Guest Soloist - Frances Klamian Oneg sponsored by the Brotherhood March 7 Rachel Kornstein Bat Mitzvah 10:00am Guest Soloist - Maxine Molinsky Kiddush sponsored by the Kornstein Family March 13 Purim Family Service with Junior Choir 7:30pm Guest Soloist - Frances Klamian Oneg sponsored by the Sisterhood March 14 Second Saturday Torah & Minyon Discussion 9:00am Led by David Stahl & Eileen Kollins March 20 Ryan Ellis Bar Mitzvah 7:30pm Guest Soloist - Frances Klamian Oneg sponsored by the Ellis Family March 21 Jenna Levy Bat Mitzvah 10:00am Guest Soloist - Maxine Molinsky Kiddush sponsored by the Levy Family March 27 Kimberly Adler Bat Mitzvah 7:30pm Guest Soloist - Maxine Molinsky Oneg sponored by the Adler Family c/t Spje/daL rf)laee Q'a fBelwupTemple Board Members Bob Unger President Drew Levy VP Administration David Mendelson VP Ways & Means Ira Spector VP Membership David Stahl VP Religious Activities Scott Stolberg VP Education Scott Dockswell VP Social Rita Goldstein Treasurer Ruth Urban Secretary Mel Hallerman Trustee Sylvia Beller Trustee Frances Klamian Trustee Jacky Rosen Trustee Jon Sparer Trustee Robin Greenspun Trustee Esther Saltzman Trustee Kenny Epstein Trustee Janis Rounds Sisterhood Jeff Markewich Brotherhood Helen Herzog Golden Chai Dustin Tiep NTTY Jill Ewan TNT Jerry Gordon Past President Cal Lewis Past President Eileen Kollins Past President Kenneth Schnitzer Past President Dr. David Wasserman Past President Dr. Steve Kollins Past President Michael Cherry Past President Dr. Bernard Farrow Past President Eugene Kirshbaum* Past President Leo Wilner Advisor Rabbi Sanford Akselrad Ex Officio *Deceased Coping With the Aging of Your Loved Ones Please join us Sunday, March 15, from 10:30am - 12:30pm, as CNTs Adult Education Committee hosts the third session in the series of seminars focusing on the care and understanding of our aging loved ones. This session will address ?The Jewish Way of Death and Dying: The Practice and Meaning of Burial Rituals and Grief and Recovery.? The speak?ers for this seminar will be Rabbi Akselrad, Jay Post?er of Palm Mortuary and Dr. MarvGIovinsky, clinical psychologist. CoNQREQA T/OM NeR TiMl'd sr ESSAGE FROM OUR TEMPLE PRESIDENT ? At last months Board of Trustees meeting, the board approved funding to bring a stu?dent rabbi to Las Vegas on 22 weekends during the next school year. The student will assist Rabbi Akselrad during his visits here. We have already notified the UAHC of our request and will receive in?formation on the student to be se?lected in the coming months. Our Rabbi is very happy to have the opportunity to help teach a young rabbi; this is a win-win for our con- fregation and the lucky student to e selected. We are excited to be able to provide this opportunity. If you haven?t been through the school courtyard recently, you may want to check out the new playground in the center courtyard and the second set of equipment in the enclosed toddler yard. As part of our agreement with the Jewish Community Day School, we were provided funds to buy this equipment. The board approved a minimal increase in the amount in order to go all out and get some great stuff! These areas are wonderful additions to the Temple and will be especially beneficial to our new CNT Pre-school which opens this coming fall. Our Menorah Level Mem?bership program keeps growing. We now have 17 participating families who collectively have com?mitted to contribute over $50,000.00 annually to allow us to help other temple members who cannot pay full dues. Thank you again to those who have already participated. If you would like to help, please call me. We are all thankful to see Jackie Fleekop back at school. Take it slow and easy Jackie, we want to see you back to 100%. Special thanks to Lauren Eisenberg for helping out during Jackie?s absence and for her continuing help during her recovery. We were all equally thankful to learn that Bella?s surgeiy went well and our prayers wilF be for her full, painless, ai^i speedy recovery. We certainly n^A hearing her voice and I know ol^ religious school students can?t wait until she returns. lBo5 Board Profile Rita Goldstein - Treasurer My POSITION ON THE EXECUTIVE BOARD OF CONGREGATION NER TAMID IS THAT OF TREASURER* PRIOR TO THIS I SERVED ON THE BOARD AS A TRUSTEE/ WHICH I FOUND EXTREMELY ENJOYABLE* MY HUSBAND AND I MOVED TO LAS VEGAS APPROXIMATELY FIVE YEARS AGO FROM THE $AN FERNANDO VALLEY/ IN CALIFORNIA/ WHERE WE WERE BOTH BORN* WE HAVE TWO SONS HERE WITH THEIR WIVES AND CHILDREN/ AS WELL AS OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS* I JOINED THE CONGREGATION NOT SO MUCH AS A STRANGER, BUT AS A FAMILIAR FRIEND* MY FAMILY HAS BEEN INVOLVED AT THE Temple for a long time* I have worked on the membership COMMITTEE AS WELL AS CHAIRING SEVERAL WORKING COMMITTEES* MY EXPERIENCE ENABLING ME TO ACT AS A TREASURER for the Temple is many years of working as a COMPTROLLER IN ADVERTISING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS firms in Los Angeles* I'm currently WORKING WITH ONE OF MY SONS AS OFFICE MANAGER* MarcIiI 998 & ?PunitK td- fane and we foyfeMy, weictwte (fade new me*ttfane fo <um (2o*yneyatioK to- faCfi ceiefaate tfa 'Jeadt of ?dtfan, do- fradd. tfa ^(MUMUttddfatt- to?: 7K/i. & 7Hnd: Steve Podley OaeoK 7ft. Sun/b & A&fae ?S. (2fainted. Tftn. & Tftnd.. &iaiq. Tftn.. & Tftnd.. tyaKf TZawudt *7fa>*ttad. Tinned. (Zonal Tt. ^cuonence 7ftn. & Tftnd.. Tftonti*, ff. Stnfa Ttunnuf. "Seth, tyieenfanq. ?Pteade faefc tfa celednotio*. youtf Sidtenfaoct. Snotfanfaxod on. (Zfati - Se Active - TiftotvKk &*ae '?i*& /Wrth. Tftentdenofafi. 4^) Meade i -Joi*& tyotden. TChc Passover Se&er Shabbat Services zvdl be held at 5:15pm, room to be announced. There zvibb 9(091 be services at the Syna?gogue that evening! The Passover Seder zvdl be in the ?Desert Inn Country Chib. The seder unCC begin promptly at 6:00pm. There are stilb seats available, ?you are ashed to get uour reservation made in advance, yourchedfis required no later than ?March 30th. There zvill be no money collected at the door! Dues will %e^billEd on an annuaI bAsis, From January to Deceiver. MEMbERship Fees are duE January 1st- Dues must bE pAid at Ieast on a OUArterIy bAsis iN AdvANCE, unIess spsciFicAlly cooRdiNATEd wiTh TbE ExecutIve DIrector. MEMbERship will bs coNsidEREd dsliNOUENT aFter no Payment is RECEivsd For 90 dAyS PAST EAch ouarter. RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FEES: CoNqREqATioN Ner TAMid REliqious School runs From SEpTEMbER ThRouqh May. REliqious School Fees are duE at tIie tIme oF REqisTRATioN. IF NECESSARY, ARRANqEMENTS CAN bE MAdE wiTh ThE ExECUTivE DIRECTOR TO pAy REliqious School Fees over a six montIi pERiod. SANCTUARY/BUILDING ASSESSMENT: Our SANCTUARy/BuildiNq Assessment is a FivE year (60 montIi) commitment, pAyAbU at Ieast on a MONThly bAsis. ThE FollowiNq are spsciFic crIterIa REqARdiNq payment oF Assssssd Fees: 1 . MEMbER ACCOUNT MUST bE CURRENT, 75% pAid, iN ORdER TO RECEivE Hiqh HolidAy TickETS. 2. MEMbER ACCOUNT MUST bE CURRENT iN ORdER TO CONduCT ThE FollowiNq: A. TO SChEdulE ANd RESERVE A BAR / Bat MiTZVAh dATE to hold a Bar / Bat MiTZVAh to schEduU ANd hold a wsddiNq to schsduU ANd hold a bAby-NAMiNq to REqisTER child(ren) For REliqious School b. c. d. E. <J)o -^ou have a Jamity member or friencf wfio is hospitafiEed? Rabbi Akselrad would like to help you and your family by visiting Temple members and friends of our congregation who have been hospitalized. Since there is no notification from the hospitals, please contact Karen at the Temple office at 733-6292 when a family member or friend is hospitalized. Hebrew Marathon Hebrew on One Foot: A Crash Course for Absolute Beginners Would you like to be able to follow along in services? If you have been wanting to learn Hebrew, NOW IS THE TIME! Come join us for a day of study and luncn on Sunday, May 17, 1998 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM Instructor: Melissa Roth Fee:$36, lunch included and book Come Join Us On* March 6 ;:i:?| fA(e# year In Israel! ? ilifUl Israel trip has yim been postponed until 1999. To put your '?::??? name on a list of interested participants, ffff contact Ofen Scfmitzer at 798-7988. March 1998 ( f (Special r()lace CJo fidom/Kfazel Tov to our March B'tuitStudents Rachel Kornstein Kimberly Adler % On January 29, 1985, I, Rachel Kornstein, was born. I will spare us both the embarrassing details of my childhood. Now I am thirteen. My how time flies. I attend Las Vegas Day School but besides school I love to sing. I also enjoy hiking and all outdoor activities, but my favorite is definitely rock climbing. In rock climbing, I have entered a number of competitions in state and out of state. Recently, I won first place in a ?comp? in Utah. I am a very outdoors-type person, as you can tell. On March 7th, my Bat Mitzvah will be held. It will be a gala event that I am looking forward to. 1 am very ecstatic and 1 hope that my quests will have a blast. Although these studies have been difficult, 1 am sure they will prove to have been worth all my efforts. Jenna Levy ? mm ?in n* 1' pina ?MrtWi 'Mrti fnsi bx ?a pi M nnaStt sfett h%> M W JVi&a ?h in h snnn ava pia'a jina'a ff* pa fnatVr Hi, my name is Jenna Levy. 1 am a seventh grader at the Meadows School. I enjoy watching TV, hanging out with my friends, snowboarding, and playing sports for my school. I am very excited about being with all of my family and friends at my Bat Mitzvah. I am very proud of myself for how very hard I have worked for this day. Ryan Ellis Hello, my name is Ryan Ellis. 1 am a seventh grader at Cannon Middle School. 1 enjoy all sports. I am currently playing baseball, and soon I will be playing football. 1 am very excited about my Bar Mitzvah. On March 20, 1998, 1 will officially become a Bar Mitzvah, and 1 will start my climb toward manhood. Hello! My name is Kimberly Adler, but everyone just calls me Kimi. 1 attend Helen Cannon Middle School and I am in the seventh grade. I enjoy playing basketball, talking on the phone, and hanging out with my friends. On March 27, 1998, I will become a Bat Mitzvah. 1 hope all my family and friends will share this very special day with me. Conqreqa rioN Ner Tamu1 MarcIiI 998 E-Mail Hawrah ?s E-Mail Havurah started out with less than 20 members. With the addition of Richard and Dolores? Bales names in December, the membership went over the 100 mark. Temple members who are not yet listed may be added by contacting the Rabbi ( or Gil Shaw ( Due to the na?ture of the way people change ser?vices, several addresses are no longer valid. Those marked ?(ad?dress?)? were not able to be reached. If you know the correct address for any of these members, or are one of these members, please make contact so that the list can be corrected. College students names are included, so if you have children in college and their names do not appear, please let us know. Various subjects including informa?tion from the Rabbi and Internet locations of interest to Jews are sent out about once a month. Akselrad, Rabbi Sanford (Temple) Ales, Mary ales@wi2ard.c0m B Bale, Richard/Dolores Beauchamp, Julie jebeauchamp@dmci .net Beller, Sylvia Beyer, Gaby GabyH@webtv. net Blumenfeld, Stewart Boruszak, Allan womenshca@mem. Chenin, David Cohen, Aaron Cracraft, Joe cracraft@ccsn. nevada. ed u Cutter, Sara Docksweli, Scott Doctors, Lois Doctors, Malcolm Eisen, Barry Eisner, Pat Epstein, Ronnie (Federation) Etcoff, Lou/Marilyn Ewan, Sandy/Roger SEWAN75559@aoLcom Feldman, Bella Fessier, Marty Fleekopjackie Fleekop, Joel edu Fleekop, Ron Flores, Gilbert Flushman, George Freid, Ron Ginsburg, Jill CNT progd i r@aol .com Gold, Doug (address?) Goldstein, Libby Gratz, Maxine Greenspun, Danny Gross, Susan (address?) H Hallerman, Debra/Me! Harsh, Michael Henley, Joyce (address?) Herman, lay/Terry Hoffman, Doalane (address?) Hollander, Vic fk Loretta Honig, Sheryl ' '??XvXsv/Xv.;..... J ......W- Joseph, Stephen K Katz, Jeff Kaufman, Melissa mel i ssa. r. kaufman@vanderbilt.ed u Kaufman, Norman kaufman 1 Klein, Joel Kollins, Eileen Kollins, Judy jmk91 Letizia, Marla/Tom MLetezia@aol .com Levine, Karen Levy, Drew Lewis, Judie/Neil BEjF62A@PRODIGY.COM Lewis, Phyilis/Cal M Mahon, Dr. Kathy Mann, Alan Markewich, Jeff Mehr, Michael TrpnStn@aol .com Mehr, Susan Mendelson, David NKTQ59A@PRODIGY.COM Mishalow, Joel N Nathanson, Jeromy flattus 1 O Ober, Scott GoDad 1 @aol .com Palladino, Debbie DSP0526@aol .com Perla, Andy fk Ella Peterson, Wayne fk Lois Poster, Jay Price, Marvin R Rips, Avram Robbins, Freema iiK$i,ra? Robbins, Marni Rogers, Glenda (address?) Rosen, JackyLarry Siegfried 7@aol .com Rounds, Janice/Drew c t SpeaLaL MARch 1998 rP la ei' (Belong. E-Mail Hawrah (con?t.) s Sant, Kelly Sasso, Lariy squeegamus@aol .com Schnitzer, Allison Schnitzer, Ken Schutz, Tim Schyman, Jeff Serruya, Raphael Shaw, Gil Shaw, Natalie Siber, Shawn (address?) Singer, Fran Sparer, Jon Spector, ira/Nannette Stahl, David Steinberg, Leonard Stolberg, Scott Swiller, Jill/Dick (address?) T Tiep, Darin Tiep, William U Unger, Julie Unger, Robert BobMakena@aoi .com W Wadkins, Jim & Mindy Walton, Brian Wikler, David (address?) Wikler, Judi/Abby Willey, Monty Wisnosky, Roberta Wolson, Denise You don?t need to buy Internet ac?cess to use free Internet e-mail. Get free e-mail from Juno at http:// or call (800) 654- JUNO [654-5866). COME TO THE TORATHONII Well, folks ? it?s that time of year again! Time to make yc^fc plans to attend CNT?s second annual ?Torathon!? The event wnW take place on Saturday, March 28, 1998. As anyone who attended last year can testify, last year?s ?Torathon!? was a complete success. Dozens attended and participated in the lectures, discussions and arts and crafts that were offered ? and much interest has already been shown in attending this year?s event. In keeping with the desire of CNT?s Adult Education Committee to further the growth of Jewish education in our community, the theme for this year?s ?Torathon!? is ?Jewish Ethics.? Covering a variety of topics that are both timely yet timeless within Jewish tradition, the talks and discussions will include: Rabbi Sanford Akselrad, on the topic of ?Pirke Avot,? (ethical sayings of rabbinic sages); Eileen Kollins will speak on ?Ethics in Exodus,? a discussion of ethical dilemmas in the Passover tradition; and Rabbi Akselrad, joined by Pam Dalinis (medical ethicist at Columbia Sunrise Hospital), will also offer a discussion entitled ?Medical Ethics? ? focusing on Jewish beliefs concerning euthanasia, organ transplants and donations, and an outlook on the always controversial issue of abortion. Following dinner and the last discussion and question/answer period, tne day?s events will be capped off by the celebration of a Havdallah service. And if you?ve never experienced a Havdallah service before (or it?s been awhile), then this is the perfect time! But wait! There?s more! Children, too, will have the opportunely to participate, with events including Rugrats Passover vide^B puppet-making, storytelling and making their own Havdallan^ spice packets, to be used at the concluding service. In addition, during the dinner hour, the children shall perform a puppet show for the adults ? by creating their own storyline and backdrops. In all, it promises to be an unforgettable event ? and an opportunity to keep informed of current Jewish solutions to today?s societal issues. ?Torathon!? will take place at Congregation Ner Tamid, 2761 Emerson Ave., Las Vegas, Saturday, March 28, from 2:30pm - 7:15pm. The cost of $ 10.00 per person includes dinner. RSVP?s are requested ? to reserve your spot now, call 733-6292, or mail your check, along with information on the names and number of adults and children to attend in your party. SECOND SATURDAY We Nave bsquN a new REliqious/EducATioNAl AcriviTy at Ner TAMid. On tIie SECONd SATURdAy oF EAch montIi, a bRisF SAbbATh SERvicE is hEld iN tFie Beit TEFilUh at 9:00am. This is FollowEd by a discussioN is tFie libRARy oFtIie WEEk's ToRAh pORTioN, doNE iN A CASUAl MANNER WTrh pARTidpATiON by aLL who ATTENd. CAlUd a "Learners' MiNyAN" at some syNAqoquEs, WE ENCOURAqE EVERyONE who hAS AN iNTEREST TO joiN US. In OUR FiRST TWO SESsiON WE hAVE FoUNd ThoSE who ARE ATTENdiNq REPRESENT A bROAd spectrum, From ThosE wrrh no ToraIi sTudy experience to ThosE who come wiTh ThsiR OWN REFERENCES. All ARE WElcOME ANd ENhANCE ThE UveL^ discussioNs tIiat Iiave Followsd. You are Also iNviTsd to ATTENd jusT Tlflfc SERvicE (TO MiNUTES) OR juST ThE disCUSsioN. ThE choiCE is yOURS. LEAdiNt^ ThE SERviCES ARE DAvid STAhL, RiTUAl VicE PREsidENT, ANd EilEEN KoIMns. Conqreqa TION Ner TAMid MarcIiI 998 The Caring Community The Caring Community launched its first project: the Bikur Cholim Committee. Bikur Cholim literally means "visiting the sick." In fulfillment of this important mitzvah our volunteers agreed to participate in a five week training session led by health care professionals and Rabbi Akselrad. Additional training will take place in the months ahead. Volunteers will make visits to various hospitals in the Las Vegas, Hender?son and Summerlin areas. The five-week training session began with Rabbi defining the philosophy of Chesed, the Jewish ethical and theological foundation of the pro?gram, and teaching the obligation of all Jews to care for one another. Dr. Bernard Farrow and Arlene Farrow, gave us a better understanding of issues faced on a daily basis by sople who are ill. Nanette Spector I revealed what the hospital settings and vocabulary would communicate to us. Nadine Cracraft and Nanette Spector counseled us as to what we needed to understand when making our visits, what to expect, and what issues we would confront while making the visitations. of nq phone miners of is to We also trained a group volunteers who will be makinq calls to the homebound me me the community. Our goal provide a word of cheer and friendship from our Temple commu?nity. If you are aware of someone who would appreciate a phone call please let Jill Ginsburg know. Each of these volunteers exemplifies what we can do as a caring community. Please join us on April 17,1998, at the Shabbat service. We will thank the members of the Chesed Committee for helping Congregation Ner Tamid bring the philosophy of ChesedTo our congregation. Mivurot at O^T 'The hazmrot movement is aCive and weCCat C9jT. We have eight very active havurot at this time, But there is alzvays roomfor more, even at this time in the Tenmbeyear. Ad members of the Temple are invited to join a havurah. Occasionally, an existing havurah has a current opening and you can Be put in touch zvith that havurah?s Ciaison person to discuss the havurah?s interests, activities, meeting times and current membership possibili?ties. When this is not the case, we are prepared to facilitate the development of nezu ones. Stezvart and Shama ?Blumenfeld are our dlavurah Coordinators. If you are interested in joining a hazmrah, please contact them at 254-9211. 9jote to current havurah members: Tlease ash your liaison person or someone else to either call Stezvart (254-9211),f(vc him (243-7959) or e-mail him ( a list of your membership shozving names, addresses and phone num?bers. We're trying toget an idea of zvhich Temple members are in zvhich havurah. Todahrabah. Golden Chat Hello again. I?m pleased to say that Golden Chai had two terrific programs for Febru?ary. Now we have lined up some more excellent pro?grams for March. One is ?Luke?, a first class musical entertainer. The other is former Governor Mike O?Callahan, who now writes for the Sun. He is known in the Jewish Community for his annual trips to Israel to serve in the army in place of a regular soldier on leave. He will have much to tell us, and he is an exceptionally good speaker. We hope that the seniors of the Temple will join us for these programs. You are always very welcome. Watch for our announcements every Friday night as well as in the monthly bulletin and in local newspapers. Also we will be sending postcards to you for a few months to inform you of our activities. Several outings are in the planning stage, some of which should interest you. For these you just need to phone me (436-5188) to be included. Love Sv Shalom, 9lelen9leTzog, President Rabbi Akselrad Elected to PARR Mazel Tov to Rabbi Akselrad for being elected to the executive board of the Pacific Area of Reform Rabbis (PARR). PARR is the regional rabbinic organization for the West including Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. Among their projects are the support of Camp Swig and Camp Newman, continuing education projects for reform rabbis, and selected social action projects. MARch 1998 (1 (Special 77o (Belong.AUXILIARIES & 5 rothfrhoo Stuff Thank you to all of you who attended last months Brother?hood meeting with speaker, Kenny Keenan (Regional Pres. Of the National Federation of Tem?ple Brotherhoods). He shared some great ideas about what Brotherhood can do to foster growth and fellowship within a congregation. Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome too! These next two months are busy ones for CNT Brotherhood. Yom Hashoa (April 23) is right around the corner and should prove to be a very educational one. We will, as usual, be sending out candles with instructions on when to light them (also the prayers to say), to commemo?rate the Holocaust. We will have a program of some sort around that time to further your appreci?ation for those who perished in the Holocaust. On March 6, Friday night, please join us as Brotherhood hosts and leads Shabbat Services for the ?98 Brotherhood Shabbat The night should be a lot of fun! Sincerely, JeffreyS.Morfgtvicfi GIFT SHOP HOURS SuNdAys 9:00aM'12:1?pm (DurInq Reliqious School) TiiEsdAys 10:00AM'6:00pM ThuRsaAys 1:00'4:00pM FnidAys 6:50'7:15pivt Trusts Position Opcn UUe hove on unfilled Trustee position on our board. If anybody might be interested in more information on what uuould be expected and the role of a Trustee is, please call Monty at 733-6292. Sister flood Xews Dear CNT FAMily, January an<I FeBruary were FantastIc montBs For our SisTERhood! I would likE to ThANk DEbbiE HaIIerman For tBe TERRiFic job tBat sBe Bas doNE as VicE- PRESidENT oF PROqRAMMINq. Our January pRoqRAM on Breast cancer, FEATURiNq GaU AUen was ouTSTANdiNq. We hAd aImost 60 women ANd men iN ATTENdANCE. The MEETiNq WAS bOTh iN' FoRMATivE ANd pROVOCATivE. I AM SURE tBaT All who ATTENdsd CAME AWAy wiTh VAluAblE iNFoRMATioN. I hAVE RARsly SEEN our UdiEs so totaIIy AbsoRbEd iN wBat tBey were hEARiNq! TBe RAbbi's book REviEW iN FeBruary WAS Also VERY WEll ATTENdEd. As USUAl Be did an ouTSTANdiNq job. It is TRuly one oF tBe hiqhliqhTS oF SisTERhood's Year wBen Be doss his book revIew. This Year, For a chANqE oF pace, we hAd luN' cBeon bRouqhT iN ANd sERVEd by Toto's Mexican Restaurant. TBe MExicAN buF' Fet was TRuly delicious ANd qREATly ENjoycd by aII. (This Also qAVE tBe WON' dERFul UdiEs oF our Party Shop a cIiance to ENjoy The Book RevIew AloNq whh tBe REST OF OUR MEMbERS.) TBese were boTh qREAT events, buT wBat pERSONAlly qAVE ME tBe MOST SATisFACTiON was tBe cIass which we ARRANqEd on MirzvAh Day. ThiRTy oF our TEMpU mem' bERS, boTh youNq ANd old chosE to TAkE ThEiR TiME to Iearn CPR From tBe Amer' icAN REd Cross! This was a pRoqRAM tBaT I hAd WANTEd TO SEE For SEVERAl YEARS, ANd I AM SO plEASEd AT TllE response. It was one oF Ths Fastest J houRS I hAVE ever spENT. IF you Missed iT This year WATch For Future nonces, I am sure ThAT we will oFFer iT AqAiN iN ThE Future, iT was so wortB whiU. I would liks to ThANk MAxiNE Gratz For AqREEiNq TO chAiR tBe NOMiNATiNq COM' MiiTEE For SisTERhood's upcoMiNq eIeC' TioN This May. SBe ANd Iier commIttee hAVE bEEN busy at woRk SElECTiNq NOMi' nees For next years boARd oF diRECTORS. A8 CONQREQA TION N eR TAMld I will announce who ThEy are iN ThE NEXT bullETiN. I would like to weIcome ThE FollowiNq new MEMbERS to our SisTERhood: Mary AIes, Lor! Anne EMpTAqs, EilEEN Gar' bER, SBSrIee LevIne, ANd Laura UNqER. ThANk you so Much For suppoRTiNq This very vaIuaHe AuxiliARy oF our TempIe. ThANks to ThE hARd woRk oF OUR MEMbERship VP's Dotty HENkiN ANd Bette StaBI we are at 206 ANd qROW' iNq. TBey Bave doNE a TRuly ouTSTANd' iNq job This year! PIease hold tBe dATE ApRil 16tB For tBe 5tB AnnuaI All Women's SsdER. You won't want to Miss This FANTASTic ANd ENliqhTENiNq EVENiNq. WatcB youR MAil ANd RSVP as soon as possibU. UNTil NEXT MONTh.......... SBaIom ANd......... "ThANks For youR support" Jams?Rounds MarcIi1998 mm : ? ? mm mm ? ? 1 sm >5ci Rabbi?s Bar Mitzvah and Tenth Anniversary ? Bulletin Supplement ? My Dear Congregants: Words can not describe my delight and appreciation for the beautiful 10th anniversary/Bar Mitzvah affair held to honor my work at the Temple and my 13th year in the rabbinate. For those of you who might have missed this milestone in my life and that of our Congregation, permit me to recount some of the wonderful events and feelings from that weekend. Beginning with the beautiful Service Saturday morning, I was deeply moved by the remarks of Rabbis Thai and Marder. As long time friends it was wonderful to share this event with them. Also appreciated were the comments of our regional President Jay Geller who?s presence served to reinforce the tie that our Congregation has to our movement and the respect that we have garnered. Highlighting the mornings talks though were my wife Joni?s beautiful opening remarks and the ?Bar Mitzvah Charge^ given by my father. Who would have dreamed 27 years ago that I would be having yet another ?Bar Mitzvah? with my wife and family?...and have my Dad bless me once again with his wisdom and love. I was especially delighted with our choirs conducted by our Cantorial soloist Bella Feldman. To listen to the melodies that have been a part of my religious life over the years was like listening to a concert dedicated to G-d. Our Temple President Bob Linger, and Trustee Jacky Rosen, Sisterhood Presi?dent Janis Rounds and Brotherhood President Jeff Markewich all surprised me with beautiful gifts and comments that touched my heart. The gorgeous menorah designed and presented by Sisterhood is wonderful. Jacky Rosen presented a three volume collection of letters sent by members of my previous Congregations and Congregation Ner Tamid. Reading these letters reminded me of just how many lives I have been able to touch over the years. From the cute remarks of our religious school children to the heartfelt appreciation of families whose lives I touched through sadness or simcha, I felt really good to have made a difference in people?s lives. Thank you Jacky, Christy Molasky and my wife Joni for putting together this remarkable gift. The Brotherhood gave me a pen, of course! But also a ?mysterious? envelope which Jeff ad?monished me to ?open only after Saturday nights? dinner. What could it be I thought?...dessert?! No, it was a generous gift of blockbuster coupons to go along with the Temple gift that evening of a Television and Home Theater. What a surprise! Special thanks go to Bob Unger who learned first hand of my technical prowess?zero! Thanks for coming to set the TV and Home Theater up! Of course I need a few more nights home now to watch all my favorite shows in surround sound! Before it didn?t matter if I missed a favorite show, but now! The morning ended with a beautifully prepared kiddush sponsored by Judy Hopson and David Applebaum. Your generosity is truly appreciated. I was so proud of our Sisterhood, ?Party Shop? which under the direction of Frances Klamian always creates a joyous atmo?sphere for every event. Ladies, once again ?you out did yourselves!? For this spedal kiddush and for all the many onegs and kiddushes that you sponsor throughout the year-thank you so much. As we say at Passover time. If all that we had was our Shabbat morning celebra?tion, dayenoo! But the festive atmo?sphere continued on into the evening with a ?traditional" and ?not so traditional? Bar Mitzvah party! Chaired by Jerry and Yvonne Gordon, who worked along side a large and dedicated committee for months, this was an evening I will never forget. The sponsorship of the dinner by the Greenspun Family allowed the celebra?tion to be especially beautiful. Every detail and beyond was looked afterincluding the ?Bar Mitzvah? boy picture (in this case oil painting); a sign in board, special Yarmulkas (lovingly and painstak?ingly created by Yvonne Gordon and at least a dozen assistants from her committee); a jazz band and a DJ (who tried but failed to get me up on the chair- -maybe next time!) The tone of the evening was set from the moment that people walked through the doors to the Temple. Brentwood Photography gener?ously donated all of their time and talent to both the morning and evening events. In the evening, Scott and Sandy Stolberg arranged for each person who came to be photographed with me and presented with the picture at the end of the evening. Thank you Scott and Sandy! The event was catered by Rainbow Catering who served a delicious dinner. The tables were beautifully decorated by Lottie Polis and were adorne