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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid, September 2005



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Congregation Ner Tamid Looking Towards The Future.......... Worship Services Friday, September 2 7:30 pm Shabbat Services ~ Oneg sponsored by Sisterhood Saturday, September 3 9:00 am Bible Study 10:00 am Minyan (Beit Tefillah) 11:00 am Torah Study Friday, September 9 7:30 pm Prospective Member Shabbat w/Shabbatones ~ Oneg co-sponsored by the Stolberg Family & the Spector Family Saturday, September 10 10:00 am Grandparent's Shabbat and Luncheon 9:00 am Bible Study 10:00 am Minyan (Beit Tefillah) 11:00 am Torah Study Friday, September 16 7:30 pm Shabbat Service ? Oneg spoi^ored by the Moody Family S /^^day, September 1 7 10?SRn Rachael Moody Bat Mitzvah ~ Kiddush sponsored by the Moody Family 9:00 am Bible Study 10:00 am Minyan (Beit Tefillah) 11:00 am Torah Study Friday, September 23 7:30 pm Shabbat Service to welcome our new Education Director ~ Oneg sponsored by Sisterhood Saturday, September 24 9:00 am Bible Study 10:00am Minyan (Beit Tefillah) 11:00 am Torah Study 7:30 pm Selichot Program 9:00 pm Selichot Service Friday, September 30 7:30 pm Shabbat Services ~ Oneg sponsored by Sisterhood Saturday, October 1 9:00 am Bible Study 10:00 am Minyan (Beit Tefillah) 11:00 am Torah Study September 2 September 9 September 16 September 23 September 30 Candle Lighting Times 6:50 pm 6:40 pm 6:29 pm 6:19 pm 6:09 pm .rrr'pTj?: ? September 2005 Vol. XIX No. 9 Av/Elul 5765 Prospective Member Shabbat Tell your neighbors, bring your friends to the first Shabbatone Service of the season Friday, September 9th at 7:30 pm! Afterwards, enjoy an old fashioned "home-baked" oneg, mingle, and meet new people. Each family will also receive the NEW Shabbatone CD! We're Breaking Ground! Parents, children ~ don't miss the official ground breaking ceremony Sunday, October 9th, at 1:00 pm at our future location ? 1-215 & Valle Verde. Don't miss this memorable event! Watch for more information! Welcome our NEW Director of Education ^ _ Join us Friday, September 23, in welcoming our new 4 Director of Education, Ayelet Dagan-Blit and her family. Ayelet began working here in August and has an incredible year planned for our children, as well as the adults.From The Rabbi Early, late. The High Holydays never seem to be ?on time!? So, this year ?their late?. B It?s a good question if you stop to think about it a moment. How many times in life do we lEfPF take time itself for granted? We use time. We squander time. We lament that we wish we BgiPhic "Tfl hadmoretime. Time itself forms a paradox for humans. When we are young it would seem that we live life in slow motion. And when we are older it would seem that life goes by in the RoshHashana begins the night of October 3rd, about a month from the time you will read this bulletin article. So I would like to make a suggestion in keeping with these days prior to Wtm * M ? M the High Holydays. Traditionallyjews did not just ?show up? at services for the High Holydays. There was an acknowledgement that the power of the Holydays was that of change. But change had to have a foundation of reflective time. Time that was spent pondering one?s life. One?s misgivings. One?s mistakes. In short, the days prior to the High Holydays were given to soul searching. So here is my challenge to all of us. Here are thirty topics to reflect upon or in some cases, deeds to do and write about. They are in no particular order, but all important nonetheless. Keep a daily journal about your musings about these topics as a way of preparing for the High Holydays. Here are my suggestions. Perhaps you will come up with your own list or discuss this list as a family: 1. How would a stranger know that I am Jewish? 2. What do I do daily to increase my Jewish knowledge? 3. When was the last time I helped a stranger? 4. Tzedakah means righteousness. What does this mean to you? 5. Find someone that you have wronged in the past year and truly apologize. 6. Repeat number five and describe tb^^ experience in your journal. 7. Write a prayer of gratitude to God. 8. Write a prayer of petition. 9. What are you^ goals for the year to come? 10. Call a friend you haven?t called in a long time. Describe this experience. 11. Call a close relative you haven?t called in a long time. Describe this experience. 12. Start a new hobby. What is it and why did you pick it? 13. What are you worried about? 14. What are you most proud of? 15. Who is your closest friend? 16. Describe a conversation between yourself and a person in history you would most like to meet. 17. Read a Jewish bookandwriteyourthoughtsaboutitinyourjoumal. 18. What recent movie moved you the most and why? 19. Go to Temple for services and write down your feelings afterwards. 20. Go to a new place. A place you have never been to before. But make it within 1 mile from your home. What did you discover? 21. Who do you miss most and why? 22. What changes in your life would you like to make most and why? 23. If you could be anyone who would it be and why? 24. What stops you from becoming involved in tikun olam (the repair of the world?) 25. What drives you to become involved in tikun olam? 26. Read this weeks Torah portion and describe what the portion meant to you. 27. What do you most regret? 28. What is it that makes you happiest? 29. What is most important to you? And why? 30. How will you change in the year to come? I hope you find something on this list that brings you to a deeper reflection of yourself and your relationships with each other. B'shalom - 2 WWW.LVNERJAMID.ORG Adult Education ond Annual Adult Education Second Monday Program Beginning October 10th Classes are free and open to the public, PLEASE RSVP to the temple 733-6292. NOW Second Saturday Talmud Study Second Saturday of the Month 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Following our customary morning Minyan and Bible Study RSVP to the Temple 733-6292. ______A put t Learning 6- 6:50 pm Kabala taught by Laura Grau 7- 7:50 pm The Educated Jew taught by Al Esbin 8- 8:55 pm Las Vegas Jewish Community Leaders Different Speaker Each Month October 10 ~ Remember the Early Years: The History of Jews in Las Vegas Dr. Michael Greene PhD, Historian Interviewer: Michael Geeser Videography: Poppy Productions Nwsmber 14 ~ Speaker to be announced j December 12 ~ Speakerto be announced Join us in theTemple's social hall for our annual Kick Off Breakfast. As always we will have a special gourmet breakfast and an informative guest speaker. Free to all members; guests are invited for only $5. High Holyday Ushers TUESDAY, Sept. 20, 5:30 pm We will be having our High Holydays ushering meeting. This is open to all temple members, male or female, who wish to help with this important service to our congregation. A light meal will be served. Parents, Students.. Join us for PACKING FOR COLLEGE, WHERE DOES JUDAISM FIT? One of the most exciting and anxiety-producing times in a family's life cycle is when a teen prepares to transition from life as a high school student to life on a college campus. This college-prep program, created by the Union for Reform Judaism Youth Division for 11th & 12th graders, will help you answer questions such as: ? Not sure which college to choose? ? Concerned about Jewish life on campus? ? What will saying good-bye be like? Join us for a series of workshops to address these topics r/ML more September 20, November 15, February 21, April 4. r^more information and to sign up for class, contact the temple office or Yvonne Greenfield at 304-0605 or Jolie Alhadeff at 610-1858. October 8 November 12 December 10 January 14 ?Israeli Dancing February 11 March 11 April 8 May 13 / \ Committees / Auxiliaries V________________________________J Men's Club Kick-Off Breakfast SUNDAY, Sept. 18, 9:30 am S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 5 3 Philip?s Message Wow, hard to believe that September is here. That means two things. High Holydays will soon be here and the Shabbatones return. Besides the hustle and bustle of a busy summer, getting the kids ready for school (and yourself), plus getting all those projects done around the house, our thoughts begin to turn to the High Holydays. This month I thought I would talk a little about the music for our High Holyday Services; it?s roots and what goes into preparing for these Holy Days. You hear the finished product at Services, but here is some background about the music. Nusach is a term for a particular musical mode or melody. Each and every service in Judaism has it?s own particular musical theme or nusach i.e.: Weekday Services, Shabbat Evening, Shabbat Morning, Festival and High Holydays. Which means that most every prayer chanted during each of these services has a different melody depending on the holiday. However, the only time you would probably hear an entire service chanted with nusach would be at an Orthodox or Conservative Synagogue. Even so, I believe a Cantor from any movement should know the nusach for each and every prayer and holiday to truly understand the roots of our musical heritage. I have tried to bring a variety of different styles of music to our Congregation. You will hear some nusach, some of the melodies the Rabbi or I grew up with, and also some of the more contemporary compositions at most of our services. This year you will hear a traditional High Holyday melody for the Chatzi Kaddish. You will probably recognize this melody as several other prayers are chanted very similarly due to the nusach of the High Holydays. Our Adult Choir has been working since July to prepare for the High Holyday Services and I hope you will take the time to let them know that they are appreciated. I also welcome any feedback on the musical choices I have made and hope that you enjoy and are moved by this music. The Shabbatones return September 9th, with our new CD. The band members: Ira Spector, Glori Rosenberger, Alan Molasky, Jay Poster, Brad Torchin, Mike Adler, Ed Birch and our newest member Matthew Birch, will all return^ The power of music can teach, renew, revitalize and move us all. ^ We are quickly approaching the Season of Awe in which we engage in the act of returning to God. Similarly, during the month of Elul leading up to the Yamim Noraim, we are called upon to look for the simanim, the ?signs? that we have hurt someone in the past. We must search our souls for both the obvious and the subtle indications that obligate us to engage in teshuvah with those around us. If we wait too long to return, our loved ones may despair of ever finding a renewed relationship with us. As we make amends with all of those whom we have wronged in the past year, we return something which was lost to them. Perhaps we must return a family member?s sense of dignity; perhaps we must give back our neighbor?s sense of self worth; perhaps we must bring back our child?s sense of independence, our parent?s sense of honor, or our friend?s sense of trust. As we approach the New Year and Yom Kippur, we need help in attaining change in ourselves. I hope that we can help facilitate personal growth and continue to attract so many people to our vision in the months to come. Please tell your friends and family to come and worship with us. I wish everyone a happy and healthy new year! B?Shalom Philip Welcome Back! It's NTTY time again!!! Attention All 9th - 12th Graders! We invite you to be part of this fun, exciting youth group. If you would like to meet new teens, develop long lasting friendships, and experience Jewish traditions, then please contact Jolie Alhadeff at 610-1858 or Yvonne Greenfield 304-0605 for more information. Don't miss FALL KALLAH September 8-11th at Camp Pearlstein in Arizona it will be a blast!!! 4 WWW.LVNERTAMID.ORG B?nai M itzvah & Youth N ews A Letter To Parents of Jewish Kids j^pvould like to welcome all parents and students, returning and new, to a new year at the Religious School. I?m excited ancThonored to join your community and to have the opportunity to lead your children and you in the exciting path of Jewish education. A strong community of involved parents and open'minded dialogue are extremely important to me while creating a welcoming environment for Jewish education. I would like to start our relationship through sharing some thoughts about being a Jewish parent. How hard is it to raise your children in today?s world? How hard is it to raise your childrenjewish in today?s world? How hard is it to keep your family life Jewish? Beingjewish is a privilege not a burden (however farfetched this statement sometimes seems to be). Beingjewish is a journey not an obstacle on the road, and the Temple?s community is here to be a true companion in your most important family journey. Our family is the most important asset we have for as long as we live, and our Jewish tradition and heritage is the thread that goes through our family?s life. Sometimes thin, sometimes thick, but it is always there. How many times have you paused for a split second and thought: I need to get more involved with myjewish community? How many times have you briefly stopped the ?running through life madness? and made a mental note: I need to be more active in Jewish life?possibly with the children? How many times in the midst of ballet, gymnastics, piano, basketball, soccer, grocery shopping, office work, homework, dinner and baths (is it midnight yet?) did it cross your mind that oh my God, I need to put God on my list. I amjewish, my children arejewish, so how can I weave it more into our lives? After all, Judaism will be there long after they retire from their careers as ballerinas, doctors, computer programmers, financial analysts, and attorneys. Now for the ?big surprise.? You are the most important and influential people in your children?s lives! You are also the most dominant Jewish educator in your children?s lives. The values that are most important to you are the ones that become most important to them (although this fact may seem hard to believe). Whenever you, as parents, show your sense of ina^rtance, respect and gratitude, you plant those seeds within your child And don?t worry; sometime when puberty is over, ycSIwill get your rewards. There are many opportunities to be this great Jewish role model. You just need to recognize and grab them while they are there. Take advantage of programs like Tot Shabbat andjewish Holidays and special activities in the Religious School. Make participation in Shabbat services and holidays a special time for your family. When families are having fun and sharing our Jewish tradition together, a special treasured memory is created. Furthermore, and most importantly, you show your children that sense of importance, respect and gratitude that will remain with them forever. Don?t miss these opportunities because ?it is not mandatory, we have the day off.? These are the irreplaceable times when you can incorporate Jewish experiences into your family life. But just as important, is the opportunity to become the role model we all aspire to be, in between work, tennis, gymnastics, ballet, reading a story and saying goodnight, tomorrow is another day. B?Shalom Ayelet DagaruBlit Education Director Rachel Moody September 17 On Saturday morning, September 17, I will be called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah. I attend Garrett Middle School in Boulder City and will be entering 8th grade this fall. My favorite subjects are math and RE. I also enjoy being a member of my school's basketball team. My hobbies include basketball, playing piano and running. I am really looking forward to becoming a Bat Mitzvah and I hope you can join me on this very special occasion. S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 5 5 Your Executive Director Opportunities There are many ?Opportunities? here at Congregation Ner Tamid. The opportunity to pray with those who are close to you, the opportunity to study Torah with those who you may (or may not) kno\^^ the opportunity to attend classes, to attend services here on Friday nights with friends and loved one^P and many other golden opportunities. We also have many opportunities to help others. This can take various forms, such as extending a smile to someone you don?t know, holding a door open for someone coming into temple behind you, by explaining a religious ritual that we honor here to someone who?s new, or by saying ?Shabbat Shalom? ? on a Friday evening to those around you, helping to create a Jewish community we all enjoy. There are also financial opportunities that we all have here at CNT. It might be: In purchasing a High Holidays Reserved Parking space in the back, or By contributing to our annual Kol Nidre appeal, or By making a donation for dinner tickets, by donating items for the silent auction, or by placing an ad in the Commemorative J oumal for our annual Mensch of the Year fundraiser in December. ? It might be by taking advantage of the opportunity to join our Menorah Level Donors or our Sustaining Members, who have all committed to a higher level of annual dues, over and above the usual annual commitments, helping to offset the Mitzvah we offer to those who cannot pay full membership dues. In addition, we have opportunities all year long to contribute to CNTs financial well being. Some examples are, when you feel it: ? * * * ? To sponsor an Oneg in honor of an anniversary, a birthday, a B?nai Mitzvah, or any wonderful occasion, or T o contribute to any of our specific programs that we do, such as our Adult Education Fund, our Choir Fund, our Perpetual Trust Fund, our Religious School Funds, or any of our clergy?s Discretionary Funds, to allow them to contribute where they feel it?s best served in the sendee that our Rabbi and Cantorial Soloist perform, or * To contribute to our NCC (New Campus Campaign), to help us achieve the wonderful goal of building our new campus. We have met certain goals, but we still need your help in making sure that we have the quality facility th^P all Congregation Ner Tamid families and friends deserve and want, or ? To contribute your time, energy and desire - we always need volunteers to help around the temple, in many different ways, and the more help that we can get from our volunteers, the better off financially the temple is. There are many opportunities that we can take advantage of here at Congregation Ner T amid - educational, religious and financial. We ask that you take advantage of all of these opportunities, to make CNT truly a wonderful place to belong. to be continued. Irv High Holyday Tickets To clarify the Temple's policy, 75% of your Annual Commitment must be paid in order to receive your High Holy Day Tickets. This means 75% of your Annual Dues plus 75% of this year's Building Fund Commitment. For example: If your Building Fund Assessment Total were $2,500 (your full 5 year commitment), you would need to have a minimum of $375 paid towards your 2004 BF Commitment ($2,500 divided by 5=$500 X 75%=$375). If your Annual Dues were $2,000, you would also need to have a minimum of $1,500 paid towards your 2004 Annual Dues ($2,000 X 75% =$1,500). In total, you would need to have $1,875 paid towards your 2004 Annual Commitment in order t receive your High Holy Day Tickets. (These are only examples; your actual Commitment amounts m differ.) If you have any questions or need to speak about any of these numbers, please feel free to contact Irv in the temple office. WWW.LVNERTAMID.ORGPresident?s Message Temple Board Scott Stolberg; President Marla Letizia, VP Administration mletizia@aoLcom Mike Unger, VP Ways & Means ? Beth Falk, VP Education & Youth Maxine Mohnsky, VP Ritual Jay Poster, VP Membership Recruitment Marsha Goldberg, VP Membership Retention CindyJensen, VP Social Action Gregg Solomon, Treasurer Yvonne Gordon, Corporate Secretary Jordie Primack, Trustee David Shapin, Trustee Stacey Yahraus, Trustee Harry Sax, Trustee harry dotcom@cox. net Debra Cohen, Trustee Michele Fendel, Trustee Beth Bromberg, Trustee Barry Lewisohn, Trustee Daryl Alterwitz, Trustee No Email Maxine Gratz, Sisterhood President Dr. Fred Toffel, Men?s Club President ,^dam Bromberg, NTTY Co-President The biggest and most important thing happening at CNT right now is our impending building sale and move. Telling you what is happening in this article is jjK % difficult since 1 have to write it several weeks before fm i?'-? you receive it. However, you will receive more vl Twf information very soon and at high holyday services. 1 1* j would normally write my September article about the JPy. high holydays but this year neither holiday is until October. 1 actually find writing this article to be one of the BENEFITS of the presidency, however the topic is the hardest part. You've heard of writers block; 1 sometimes have topic block. Once 1 have a topic, though, the article is the easy part. This month 1 wantto talk about how being involved at the temple guides my life both at home and at work. Sandy and 1 work very hard to teach our children what is right and what is wrong. A friend of mine told me what she said when she dropped her oldest son off at college and 1 thought it was so great 1 have used it myself. She said, "If you have to think about whether it is right or wrong you probably shouldn't do it". A line like this works when you have done your job and taught your children those lessons long ago. 1 too can use this line because my children grew up involved at CNT and know right from wrong. Megan got her first job. She is 15 Viand thinking about a driver's license and a car; a parent's worst nightmare. I have put her on a matching program - every dollar she saves becomes two towards a car. While she was with Sandy picking up the dry cleaning one day, she saw a "help wanted" sign, applied for and got the job. Now, it is minimum wage but at least she is learning that anything you really want is worth working for. However, she came home after the first couple of days and told us that when they check people's pockets they get to keep any money they find. She kind of knew that really wasn't the right thing to do. Most time it is only a few coins, maybe a dollar bill, but something told her to come home and tell Sandy and I. So together we decided what was right - she will put it in a Tzedaka box and give it to a charity of her choice. I am proud to say that my daughter learns by example. Taking care of those that are less fortunate than us is important. I own a business with 90 or so employees. I have taken advantage of tax saving programs that are available to my company. We recently began a discussion about a wages scale adjustment. We felt that our starting wage in the plant was no longer adequate to attract the quality of employee we needed. We then received a notice that in order to continue receiving certain tax breaks we had to pay "a living wage". It was within a couple percent of the wage we were considering so our decision was now made and I really felt good about it. After all, these folks work hard and deserve a wage they can live on. It is good business, but more importantly, it is the right thing to do. I spent some time thinking about what I was doing at work and what we had recently gone through as Megan joined the work force. I came to the conclusion that the Torah had guided all of these decisions - to teach my child responsibility, to teach my child Tzedukah, to help those who are less fortunate than us. So, as my family goes through life, I am sure we will know what is right and what is not for the torah will be our guide. Hilary Scheele, NTTY Co-President B'Shalom, Scott S e p t e m b e r . 2 0 0 5 7 Special Announcements September Birthdays September ft nniversaries 1st-Victor Arriaza Mrs. Dolores Bale Jilt Ewan Mr. Eric Fisher Jason Goldberg Jennifer Guttman Austin Primack 2nd - Mrs. Sheryl Chenin-Webb Mrs. Rona Mendelson Mr. Gary Rosenberg Mrs. Nanette Spector Mrs. Carolyn Strong 3rd - Mrs. May Raichelle 4th - Mr. Brent Berger 5th - Mrs. Adele Engel Dillon Farrow Mr. Marvin Rosenthal 6th - Ellen Becker Ryder Holladay Stacie Marano Ms. Kelly Morris Joshua Wachs 7th - Drew Fisher ?Mr. Drew Rounds 8th- Ms. Linda Alterwitz Mrs. Michelle Blank Douglas Chenin Mrs. Debbie Karasik Jessica Simon 9th - Ms. Anita Getzler Russell Letizia 10th - Matthew Birch Mr. Marvin Levine Mrs. Phyllis Mark Dr. Bruce Shapiro 11th-Mr. Trevor Curran Mr. Jerry Grau 12th - Mr. Jeff Coleman Mrs. Jan Fleckner 13th - Mrs. Jennifer Garshofsky Mr. Joseph Jolcover Mrs. Helene Karp Mr. Steven Reiner Mrs. Nancy Silber Mr. Marcus Thuna Dr. Fred Toffel 14th-Leah Bloom Jasmyn Hardaway Mrs. Mary Levey 15th - Mrs. Cynthia Geiger Mrs. Vicky Hardaway Mrs. Jennie Litt Ms. Marilyn Moroknek Mr. Jordie Primack Mr. Nathaniel Raichelle Ms. Taube Rotter 16th -Mr. Bruce Familian Ms. Susan Fine Harrison Gale Mr. Michael Roe Mrs. Lisa Simon Mrs. Sybil Stenzel 17th - Dr. Jack Hirsh 18th -Samantha Berger Ms. Margot Colbert Mrs. Marilyn Goldstein Noah Lellouche 19th-Amanda Stuart Shayna Unger Ms Shelly Weiner 20th - Mrs. Adelaide Alter 21st - Mrs. Joanne Bernick Dr. Marvin Budgar Jenna Hardaway Allyson Milton Mrs. Stacey Milton Mrs. Marjorie Sheld Mr. Charles Weiner 23rd-Jenna Bromberg Mr. Christopher Fisher Geena Marano Mr. Eric Polis Mrs. Fran Sanoff Elizabeth Scheinman Mr. Daniel Socolof Alexander Swezey Matthew Unger 24th - Mrs. Sheri Cohen Mr. Arthur Marshall Mrs. Sheri Newman Sarah Pomerantz 25th - Jacob Bailin Leah Becker Mrs. Robin Greenspun Nicholas Roque Lora Smylie DanicaTorchin Mrs. Sheryl Zeitlin 26th - Christopher Luzaich Rachel Moody Ms. Robin Rankow Mrs. Hyla Worth 27th - Mr. Edward Birch Ariel Rosen Mrs. Carolyn Rubinstein Kennedy Weinberg 28th - Mrs. Marilyn Cohen Mrs. Clarice Goldberg Sarah Zeitlin 29th - Seth Butwinick Mrs. Patricia Roberts 30th - Mrs. Shanon Barnett Paul Unger September 1 Mr. & Mrs. Randall Brody Dr. & Mis. Leonard Raizin September 2 Mr & Mrs. Robert Brill Dr. & Mis. Joel Davidson Mr. &'Alrs. Malcolm Doctors September 3 Mr. & Ahs. Gary Beresid Mr. & Mis. Arthur Kinds September 5 Mr. & Mrs. R ichard Fenster September 6 Mr. & Ahs. Jeffery Eisenhart Mr. & Mis. Lawrence Epstein September 7 Dr. & Mrs. Abby IVikler September 8 Mr. & Mis. David Lugo September 11 Mr. & Ahs. Stuart Solomon September 12 Mr. & Mrs Norman Kaufman September 13 Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Chenin Mr. & Ahs. Joseph Jolcover Mr. & Ahs. Gavin Pelham September 15 Ah: & Ahs. Sheldon Colen Mr & Ahs. Howard Skoln ik Mr. & Ahs. Daniel Socolof September 16 Mr. & Ahs. deny Fox September 17 Mr. & Mrs. David Polis Mr. & Ahs. Michael Zone Cheek Out Our Gift Shop! Don?t forget to visit our Gift Shop before we move! Great gift ideas for B?nai Mitzvah, Birthdays, Anniversaries! Fridays 6:30 - 7:15 pm Sundays 9:15 am -12:15 pm (During Religious Sehool) ^ Weekdays by Appt. - Contact Bessie Levy 413-5171 September 19 Ah: & Ahs. Arthur Rachi/d September 21 Mr. & Mis. Alan Molasky September 23 Mr. & Mrs. Plenty Rouzaud Mr. & Ahs. Ron Mirth September 24 Mr. & Ahs. Harry Rubinson September 28 Dr. & Ahs. Steve Glyman Mr. & Mis. Scott Stolbe/g 8 WWW.LVNERJAMID.ORG IN MEMORIAM: Walter S. Kahn, beloved father of l^Plleen, beloved father-in-law of William and beloved grandfather of Billy Mike Wisnosky, beloved husband of Roberta Michael Friedman, beloved cousin of David Edelman Neil Fisher, beloved father of Abby Corpodian, bel oved father - in-1 aw of Greg and grandfather of Corey, Shaina and Carli Louis Friedman, beloved Temple Member Jose Lugo, beloved father of David, beloved father-in-law of J udy and beloved grandfather of Dania and Kelsey Simonetti, beloved aunt of Michael Milano MAY THEIR MEMORY BE FOR A BLESSING TELL & KVELL Mazel Tov! David & Marilyn Cohen have become great -grandparents for the 8th time! Their newest addition is Brooke Carolyn, born July 21. Stephanie & Ben Cohen of Phoenix are the proud parents. Mazel Tov to Joel Serling on the birth of his grandson, Skyler Philip Merrill born July 15,7lbs. 8 oz, 20 inches long. Proud parents are Meredith and Justin Merrill. Mazel Tov to Ari and Gita Stotland oi^he birth of their first child, Avi V^P^im, born August 11. Avi weighed 7 pounds, 4 ozs and was 19-1/2? long. Proud grandmom is temple member Betty Lowell. Yahrzeits ~ M emoriams - Simchas September 2 Yahrzeits September 23 cont. Howard 0. Aberman Mayer Frazier Harry Bale September 9 cont. Louis Glatzer Jennie Cavadlo J onathan Avrum Selinsky David Goldberg William Cohen Sara Simovich JohnHeely Morris B. Dalitz Jack Singer Leonard Isenberg Gertrude DeStefano Anne Wasserman Shirley Kamanitz ' Barbara Fadem Max Weinstein Beatrice Kaplan CarlFischbein Ida Zucker Sol Klein Maurice Fiegelman Lillian Krumholz Ida Goldstein September 16 Lawrence A. Lewin Leah Fromson Handler Frank Akselrad Herman Malkin Jack Hooker Mamie Anderson Ann Miller JosephJacobs Gertrude Sperling Carp Ida Miller Lena Levy Aaron Harry Cohen Jean Schnitzer Judith Liebert Harry Dockswell Lillian Silver Jack Marcus Esther Engel KarlWiesner Max Meyer Sadie Fox Mildred ?Mickey? Wilner Irene Mocugni Laser Gale Shirley Wolf Annita Pinsky Abraham Gellin Silvia Roetter David Glickman September 30 Rae Rosen Fredric Goldstein Solomon Adler Marvin Ross Helene Gorbena Rose Cowan Sylvia Rubin Luke Guggenheim Harry Diwald Emil Schwimmer LeonardHorowitz Irwin Feldman Miriam Watman Edward Klein Shirley Fisher Samuel Weiman Stanley Kline Pedro Garcia Barney Weingardt CaryKogen Gertrude Goldstein Julius Yarchever SolKuller Sadie Greenberg Rebecca Lander Abraham Haptor September 9 Lena S. Levy IrvHeytow JohnAkana Marty Miller Irving Kestenbaum Rebecca Benedict Caleb Rakov Irwin Lieberman Freda Bierman David Rosen Jerome David Mack Warren Davis Donald Rosen Herman Matusow Sidney Diamond Lawrence Sasso Mildred Meyers Milton Friedman Viola Schultz Anita Morgan Stella Gittelman Lawrence M. Schwartz Samuel Novak George Goldstein Norton Shapiro Dora Rudner Larry Greene Miriam Siegel Esther Shever Jacob Greenwald Hildegard Walrauch Mildred Stark Jessie Hodis Celia Watman SolStenzel Louis Hooker Saul Weil Sam Kabakov September 23 Herman Weinstein Jack Miller Nathan Barg KurtWeisner Rose Cecile Mink Deborah Blinder Ethel Zeidner Simon Prezant JackBrender Michael Rostek Annie Cohn S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 5 9 Ongoing Monthly Programs Community/Self-Help JACS TUESDAYS, 7:00 pm, Room 6 Are you a Jewish alcoholic or cheically dependant person? Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent and Significant Others is a self-help support group. Tell someone you love. Alzheimer's Support Group MONDAY, Sept. 12 6:30 pm This support group is open to caregivers, family, and friends of loved ones suffering from dementia related to alzheimer's disease. For more information please call 617-6430. Alcoholics Anonymous THURSDAYS, 7-9:00 pm In the Social Hall Now meeting at CNT weekly. For more information, contact the temple office at 733-6292. Do you have a family member or friend who is hospitalized? Rabbi Akselrad would like to help you and your family by visiting Temple members and friends of our congregation who have been hospitalized. Due to confidentiality laws, there is no notification from the hospitals. Please contact Karen at the temple office 733-6292 when a family member or friend is hospitalized. JFSA Needs Food Questions? Call Temple office CNT delivers food left in the bin in the front lobby to JFSA Community Food Bank all throughout the year. Baby formula, cereal, peanut butter, canned vegetables, pasta, soup, and canned chicken or tuna are always needed. Committees / Auxiliaries Rosh Chodesh THURSDAY, Sept. 8, 6:30 pm Each month the women of CNT gather to celebrate Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of the new Hebrew month. The evening blends learning, spirituality, and sharing. Presentation topics and speakers vary monthly. Annual Commitment To clarify the Temple's policy, 75% of your Annual Commitment must be paid in order to receive your High Holy Day Tickets. This means 75% of your Annual Dues plus 75% of this year's Building Fund Commitment. For an example, see page 6 of this month's bulletin. "Thank You" From IHN/Family Prom