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University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) 25th commencement program







Commencement program from University of Nevada, Las Vegas Commencement Programs and Graduation Lists (UA-00115).

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man001095. University of Nevada, Las Vegas Commencement Programs and Graduation Lists, 1953-2021. UA-00115. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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University of Nevada Las Vegas
May 22, 1988
University of Nevada Las Vegas
Thomas & Mack Center
May 22, 1988
Robert C. Maxson, President
Lyle Rivera, Vice President for Development and University Relations John Unrue, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Harold Scott, Acting Vice President for Business Affairs
Robert Ackerman, Dean, Student Services Dale G. Andersen, Dean, Education
David W. Emerson, Dean, Science and Mathematics Dwight Marshall, Dean, Continuing Education
Mary Ann Michel, Dean, Health Sciences Norval Pohl, Dean, Business and Economics Ronald W. Smith, Dean, Graduate College Jerome J. Vallen, Dean, Hotel Administration
William R. Wells, Dean, Engineering Thomas C. Wright, Dean, Arts and Letters
Mark Dawson, Chancellor Warren Fox, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Ron Sparks, Vice Chancellor for Finance Donald Klasic, General Counsel
June Whitley, Chairman Dorothy Gallagher, Vice Chairman James Eardley Joseph Foley Chris Karamanos Joan Kenney Daniel Klaich JoAnn Sheerin Carolyn Sparks
Published jointly by the offices of University News and Publications, Printing Services, and the Registrar—5-88/7M/PS.
University of Nevada, Las Vegas • Twenty-Fifth Graduating Class Sunday, May 22, 1988
PROCESSIONAL ..........................................................................................................................Dr. Isabelle Emerson
INVOCATION.................................................................................................................The Reverend Dr. Hal Cowart
INTRODUCTION OF PLATFORM GUESTS........................................................................Dr. Robert C. Maxson
GREETINGS.........................................................................................................................................Mrs. June Whitley
Chairman, Board of Regents
Mr. Kirk Hendrick, 1986-88 CSUN President
CONFERRING OF DISTINGUISHED NEVADAN AWARDS .................................................Mrs. Whitley and
Dr. Maxson
Roger D. Foley
James A. Gay III
Kenny C. Guinn
Johnny A. Ribeiro, Jr.
CONFERRING OF HONORARY DEGREE...................................................................................Mrs. Whitley and
Dr. Maxson
James I. Gibson, Doctor of Laws
CONFERRING OF DISTINGUISHED PROFESSOR AWARD............................................................Dr. Maxson
Dr. James Deacon
COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS .............................................................................The Honorable Shirley Chisholm
CONFERRING OF DEGREES ..................................................................................................................Dr. Maxson
CONCLUDING REMARKS ........................................................................................................................Dr. Maxson
Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copland
BENEDICTION .............................................................................................................The Reverend Dr. Hal Cowart
RECESSIONAL’...........................................................................................................................Dr. Isabelle Emerson
Mrs. Alice Mason
Dr. William Marchant, 1987-1988 Faculty Senate Chairman
Dr. Cheryl Bowles, 1988-1989 Faculty Senate Chairman
Mr. Kirk Hendrick, 1986-1988 CSUN President
Mr. Steve Evenson, 1988-1989 CSUN President
It is requested that guests remain in their seats until the Recessional is concluded.
Shirley Chisholm made history in 1972 by campaigning for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president. She was the first black woman to seek the nation’s highest office. Chisholm represented her New York district in the United States House of Representatives from 1969 to 1982. She was the senior Democratic woman in the House and the only woman and only black American to sit on the powerful House Rules Committee. She also served on the House Education and Labor Committee and was a member of the Congressional Black Caucus.
Chisholm earned national recognition for her efforts on behalf of black Americans, compensatory education, minimum wage for domestics, Indian Americans, the Haitian refugees, migrant farmworkers, and the poor. Her fierce individualism earned her a reputation as a maverick, an independent trait reflected in the title of her autobiography, Unbought and Unbossed. She is also the author of The Good Fight, the story of her 1972 bid for the presidency.
In February 1982, Representative Chisholm announced that she would not seek reelection to Congress and that she was dedicating herself to creating a new national state of mind that demands peace, prosperity, and equality for all Americans. She has since remained in the public eye as a writer, lecturer, and teacher. Chisholm’s educational background includes a bachelor of arts degree (which she earned cum laude) from Columbia University as well as a master’s degree in education and a diploma in administration from Columbia. She has been awarded honorary degrees from many prestigious colleges and universities.
High Distinction is accorded each graduating senior whose grade point average is 3.75 or higher. Distinction is bestowed upon seniors who graduate with an overall average between 3.50 and 3.75.
These designations in the Commencement program have been based on seven semesters of academic accomplishment, since final grades have not yet been tabulated. Students achieving the mark of Distinction or High Distinction during their final semester’s work will have this honor indicated on their diplomas and final transcripts.
In every university there are those rare faculty members who distinguish themselves and the university through their unique and scholarly contributions of national and international dimension. Beginning this year, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas will present a Distinguished Professor Award to an exceptional faculty member as a means of encouraging truly outstanding performance, enhancing the University’s national reputation, and rewarding the service of those who are making this University a greater institution by enriching the knowledge and the lives of its students.
The 1988 award will be presented by President Maxson at Commencement to Dr. James Deacon, a distinguished professor of biological sciences who is marking his twentieth-eighth year at the University.
Graduate College
Dr. Ronald W. Smith, Dean
Doctor of Education
Barbara Jean Chilson, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Bette Lynn Eichel, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Rebecca Joy King Kooyman, Special Education
Veldon Lee Law, Educational Administration and
Higher Education
James Charles Machinski, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Wendy Marie Smith. Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Carrol Lynn Steedman, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Mary Sheila Strike. Educational Administration and Higher Education
Master of Arts
Stavros Steve Anthony, Political Science Rene C. Aravena, Foreign Languages Beverly Kay Backa, Psychology
Murphy McCall Box, Foreign Languages William Bud Brown, Sociology
Danee Lynn Collins Campbell, Psychology
Denise Marguerite Clarke, Foreign Languages Michael David Collins, Sociology
Jeffrey Dennis Peter Crouse, Political Science Suzan Marie DiBella, Communication Studies Shonna Laraine Erickson, Psychology
Tamara Truman Felton, History Carmen Ferradans, Foreign Languages Linda Darlene Foreman. Sociology Kim Yvonne Foster, Psychology Cornelius A. Gaines, Political Science Michael Scott Green, History Dale Kevin Griffith, History Kittie E. Hair. History
Bret B. Hamilton, Political Science
Susan Kay Hammond, English Mark Steven Herwick, Sociology Anthony Carl Holm. Political Science Karen Cohen Holm, English
Ira Gardner Kimball, Communication Studies Monique Elaine Kimball, Anthropology
Wendy Marie Ogden King, English
Ronald Andrew Lackey, Political Science Helena Ann Mandarine, Political Science Flora Esformes Mason, English
Linda Carole Mitchell, English
Stephanie Moore Myers, Communication Studies Jason Matthew Payne, English
Xiaohua Peng, English
Susan Teckla Peterson, English
Nancy Ann Price, Communication Studies Kathy Sarah Quinn. Psychology Rose Marie Richardson, Sociology Jill Louise Sibert, Psychology
Stephanie Susan Stanigar-Crowley, Psychology Marie Tyler Stuver, Psychology
Linda Kim Todd. Psychology Gena Dorinda Wagaman, English Terry R. Weeteling, Communication Studies Patricia Roche Woods, History Alejandro Yarza, Foreign Languages
Master of Business Administration
Alan Brooks Blach, Business Administration Stephen L. Cavallaro, Business Administration Rebecca Lynne Counts, Business Administration Michael L. Diersen, Business Administration Rebecca June Dominic, Business Administration Dean Michael Donahue, Business Administration Joseph Alfred Donahue. Business Administration David M. Ellison, Business Administration
Sheryl Mantonya Ferguson, Business Administration David L. Forbis, Business Administration
George Walter Glendenning, Business Administration Dana Louise Grosenick, Business Administration Michael Glade Hales, Business Administration Deborah Rebecca Hargreaves, Business Administration Deborah A. Helbling, Business Administration Eugene Edward Hunt, Business Administration Presley Scott Johnson, Business Administration Amy Marie Jones, Business Administration Laurie Sloan Kalnin, Business Administration Debra R. Kochberg Kaner, Business Administration Peter Nicholas Kitos, Business Administration Douglas Paul Kodak, Business Administration Dean E. Lawrence, Business Administration Marcia Gayle Litera, Business Administration Philip Dixon Luna, Business Administration Deborah C. McGill. Business Administration Kerry Dwain McGowne, Business Administration Gregory Turner Miller, Business Administration Dolores J. Nast, Business Administration Seang-hong Ong, Business Administration Kevin Joseph Page, Business Administration Paul Christopher Page, Business Administration David D. Robeck, Business Administration Gerry Lee Rongey, Business Administration David Allen Roush, Business Administration Sylvia H. Saavedra, Business Administration Geoffrey Allan Sage, Business Administration John Phillip Schwartz, Business Administration Bruce L. Sillitoe, Business Administration
James J. Smalley, Business Administration
Margaret Nieznanski Taylor, Business Administration Carl Duane Upton, Business Administration
John Oliver Vineyard HI, Business Administration Michelle A. Ware, Business Administration Jay Robert Wenzinger, Business Administration Pamela Jane West. Business Administration Sharon K. Wheeler, Business Administration
Master of Education
Billy Ray Anthony, Special Education
David Marshall Barton, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Lorene Carol Boutin, Special Education
Leatena Owsley Bozek, Special Education
Sheila Davis Carroll, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Nancy Lois Cecil, Special Education
Roselyn Cohn, Curriculum and Instruction
Belinda L. Duncan, Curriculum and Instruction
William Leonard Edwards Jr., Curriculum and Instruction Robert Barry Eith, Educational Administration and
Higher Education
David W. Erbach, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Lori Christine Feher, School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Karen L. Fifield, Curriculum and Instruction
Carole Louise Freiermuth, Special Education Debra Wallace Gallagher, Curriculum and Instruction Gary Joseph Gardia, School of Health, Physical
Education and Recreation
Douglas Leroy Garner, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Marc David Gieck, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Roxanne Lynn Gums, Curriculum and Instruction
Mary Alice Guski, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Marian Ranae Hagen, Curriculum and Instruction
James Willard Hanson, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Nancy Jean Henry, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Karen Ann Hodapp, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Shirley Stevens Howlett, Curriculum and Instruction Marsha Lynn Kazen, Curriculum and Instruction Yong Uk Kim, Special Education
Joan Elise Kissling, Curriculum and Instruction Janet Letts, Curriculum and Instruction
Joanne Louise Litchfield, Special Education
Marcia Dawn Auer Lowman, Curriculum and Instruction Sharon A. Maroushek, Curriculum and Instruction Betty J. Martin, Special Education
Diana Cherise Martin. School of Health, Physical
Education and Recreation
Mary Dolores Martinez, Special Education
Alvin Wesley Matthews, Educational Administration and
Higher Education
Jerri L. Mausbach, Special Education
Donna Coyle McKay, Curriculum and Instruction
Linda Knoller Mendenhall. Secondary. Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Therese M. Mika, Curriculum and Instruction
Lynda Caldwell O'Connor, Special Education
Hemalata Patel, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Debra Lee Payne, Educational Administration and
Higher Education
Rita Theresa Peal, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Linda Sue Ogletree Pfeifer, School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Tod Dennis Phelan, Educational Administration and
Higher Education
Mary Ann Quick, Educational Administration and
Higher Education
Jill Anne Radzavicz, School of Health, Physical
Education and Recreation
Martha Julia Reedy, Special Education
Sharon A. Kozak Rhizor, Special Education
Joyce Marie Rickwartz, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Lynda Gay Riddle, Curriculum and Instruction
Timothy James Riley, School of Health. Physical
Education and Recreation
Saundra Kay Rust, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Linda Jean Schmidt, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Richard Thomas Schmiesing, Secondary. Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Tracey Lee Schmiesing, Special Education
Diana Dolores Schneck, Special Education
Sara Lewis Schult, Curriculum and Instruction
Helen Marie Schumacher, Curriculum and Instruction
Ana Leigh Schweich, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Cheryl Anne Shupe, Special Education
Karen Lyn Smith, Curriculum and Instruction
Scott J. Smith, School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Jerrilynn E. Sommer, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Evelyn Lucille Sorensen, Curriculum and Instruction
Laura Jean Stoddard, Special Education
Patricia Ann Stoebling, Curriculum and Instruction
Kathryn Millar Strike. Secondary, Postsecondary and
Vocational Education
Michael Joseph Syverson, Curriculum and Instruction Debra J. Taylor, Special Education
Patrick Wesley Thomas, Secondary. Postsecondary and
Vocational Education
Michael W. Thompson, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Penelope Ann Thompson, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Susan Marie Thompson, Secondary, Postsecondary and Vocational Education
Jacqueline Gentry Totten, Special Education
Donna Lee Williams, Educational Administration and
Higher Education
Joucee Laraine Woodhouse, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Sandra L. Workman, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Master of Music
Rod Lee Henley, Music
Michael William Kiefer, Music
Gregory Stephen Macaluso, Music
Anne Marie Dilorio Stephen, Music
Alisa Carol von Goerken, Music
Master of Public Administration
Thomas R. Buist, Public Administration
Johanna Debra Ferrell, Public Administration
Craig Peter Kenny, Public Administration
Estelle Marina Murphy, Public Administration
Karen Lynn Smith, Public Administration
Douglas P. Spring, Public Administration
Richard A. Thompson, Public Administration
Master of Science
Gail Ellen Ackerman, Biological Sciences
Melissa Kelly Adams, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Joyce Mott Anderson, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Eileen Anes, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Diana Sue Banto, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Thomas Mark Bartanen, Biological Sciences
Nancy Sue Marie Bates, Secondary, Postsecondary and
Vocational Education
David Ross Britton, Hotel Administration
Charles Leonard Calvert II. Hotel Administration
Jerome Alan Carter, Geoscience
Pamela J. Cousins, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Joseph Alfred Donahue, School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Peggy-Lynn Dursthoff, School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Melanie Rene Edmonds, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Ilene Lorane Farley, School of Health, Physical
Education and Recreation
David A. Gahr, Geoscience
Judith A. Gannoe, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Michael F. Garcia, Hotel Administration
Heather Ann Hellenbrand, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Irene Elizabeth Hine, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Lisa M. Hohl, School of Health. Physical
Education and Recreation
Thomas Lincoln Hurst, Geoscience
Warren Jay Klein, Hotel Administration
Jane A. Kolberg, School of Health, Physical
Education and Recreation
Connie Rose Lambert. Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Thomas A. Lettero, Accounting
Barbara J. Lewis. Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Anne Renee Lindsay, School of Health, Physical
Education and Recreation
Terry Lynn Miller. Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Richard Eric Noack, Geoscience
Cherri Ann Nowotny, School of Health, Physical
Education and Recreation
Shirley Sokol Paris, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Anthony Carl Passaretti, Hotel Administration
Jeanne W. Quain, Special Education
Evelena Reese. Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Rosemary Ring, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Gail Sammons, Hotel Administration
Nancy Lee Sanner, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Casey Susan Schmidt, Geoscience
Allan J. Scott, Geoscience
Angela Jean Sewall, Geoscience
Emilie Marlene Smith, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Edward Frank Thomas, Geoscience
Patrick Alan Todd, Mathematical Sciences
Ellen Wendt, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Nicholas D. Winzenried, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Evelyn Marie Wood, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Chingshan Yeh, Hotel Administration
Kyong-Neo Yeon, Hotel Administration
Geneva Wheeler Zawistoski, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Master of Science in Computer Science
Martin E. Flatebo, Computer Science and
Electrical Engineering
Suleiman Sadroodin Lalani, Computer Science and
Electrical Engineering
David Allen Lane, Computer Science
Youhong Ling, Computer Science
David Edward Orcutt, Computer Science
Rudolpha M. Turner, Computer Science
Paul Viraphone Vansomphone, Computer Science
Master of Science in Engineering
Russel Jacob Baker, Electrical Engineering Craig Michael Campbell, Electrical Engineering Mohamed Said Rouas, Civil Engineering Youssef Nicolas Zakharia, Computer Science
and Electrical Engineering
Specialist in Education
Ann Marie Bernadette Termini, Special Education
College of Arts and
Dr. Thomas C. Wright, Dean
Bachelor of Arts
David Mitsuo Adachi, Communication Studies
Corinne C. Rose Allen, Psychology (with High Distinction)
Kathleen M. Anderson, Criminal Justice
Tori Elizabeth Ascolillo, Criminal Justice
Deborah Lee Ashenfelter, Dance
Michael B. Bailey, Psychology
Frederick A. Banks, Social Work
James Ronald Barlow, Sociology
Susan Marie Barragato, Communication Studies
Wendy Kara Bass, Communication Studies
Jean Marie Beardsley, Psychology
Gary J. Beaudry, Communication Studies
Joanne L. Beck, Communication Studies
Deborah Bedgood, Communication Studies
Kimberleigh J. Bell, English
Tami R. Belt, Communication Studies
Marion Carol Biron, English
Michaelyn Jane Bixler, Psychology
Nancy Lee Bjornsen, Sociology (with High Distinction) Rebecca Lynn Kline Bohorques, Sociology
Michelle Bongiovi, Psychology
Bonni Lyn Bostian, Communication Studies
Nina Lynne Boyle. Social Work
Mary Kay Brandt, English
James Alan Brasier Jr., Communication Studies
Terry Robert Bratton, Criminal Justice
Darren Scott Bresee. Psychology
Valerie Anne Britsch, Psychology
Elaine J. Brown, Political Science (with High Distinction) Elizabeth Ann Brownlee, Criminal Justice and Sociology Paul Andrew Brozovich, Sociology
Vernon A. Bulot, Criminal Justice
Barbara Lynn Stauffer Butler, Psychology
Maylene Ceniza Cabatingan, Criminal Justice
Janet Kay Campbell, English (with High Distinction)
A. Jene Carey, Criminal Justice
Daniel Lee Carilli, Criminal Justice
Tammie S. L. Carter. Psychology
Leonard P. Cash, Psychology (with High Distinction) Lizabeth Jennifer Cervera-Iler, Communication Studies George M. Chamberlin III, History
Daniel R. Chapman. Criminal Justice
Michelle Marie Ruiz Chaseton, Criminal Justice
Susan Gayle McGrath Christensen, Sociology
Angela L. Christian. Criminal Justice
Erlinda Gamboa Clary, Criminal Justice
Joan C. Kovarik Coleman, Psychology
Eva Margarete Richter Collenberger, Criminal Justice
(with High Distinction)
Angela Anne Colonna, Psychology
Michael Contreras, Criminal Justice
Diana D. Kowal Costello, English
Cathy M. Cox, Communication Studies
Susan Marie Cummings. Political Science
James Leo Curtis, Interdisciplinary Studies
Tammy Ann Daileda, Art
Nancy Teresa Dandy, Communication Studies
Robert T. Danner, Communication Studies
Patricia Lynn Dark, Sociology
Caron Deborah Davies, Psychology (with Distinction) Gabrielle Ward DelPino, Psychology
Carla J. Williams DeMauro, Sociology
Paul DiAmbrosio, Psychology
Allison Leigh Dickson. Communication Studies
Diane Elizabeth Dickson, Communication Studies
Sharon Yvonne Adams Dockter, Criminal Justice and
Political Science (with Distinction)
Diane Marie Doubrava, English
Stephanie A. Doucette. Psychology (with High Distinction) Tamia Lanette Dow, Criminal Justice
Michele Simone Dupont, Psychology
Joan Ratcliffe Dussault, Social Sciences
(with High Distinction)
Marian Alice Ecker, English
Donna Lynn Eggers, Communication Studies Tonia Fae Ellis, Communication Studies Robert James Erickson. Political Science Lillian Djuric Eversole, Political Sciences
(with Distinction)
Stacey Diane Runyon Everson, Spanish Deborah Lynn Faso, Criminal Justice Adam Scott Felderman, Interdisciplinary Studies Kathleen Diane Barnett Femia, Social Work
(with Distinction)
Jerry Edward Ferguson. Communication Studies Caroline S. Fitzpatrick, Art
Marian Giannini Fodge, Social Work Ike Montell Freeman, Social Work Thomas Charles Fry, Criminal Justice Brian Michael Fuller. Political Science Stacy Ann Riddle Funderburk, Social Work Phillip Franklin Galvan, Criminal Justice Barbara A. Gann, English (with High Distinction) Patrick G. Gann, Political Science (with High Distinction) Charles E. Garrison Jr., Criminal Justice Jacqueline Ann Garvey, Psychology
Charles Stephen Gellner, Criminal Justice Micheline Ghazal, English
Steven Eugene Giddings, Communication Studies Armon Gilliam, Communication Studies Marcus L. Glasgow, Communication Studies Brian E. Graf, Political Science Dawn Grasso, Communication Studies Kenneth Broderick Graves, Theatre Arts Sidney Green, Sociology
Debra Marie (Garner) Grundy. Theatre Arts Karen L. Hall, Communication Studies Carmen Ruggeroli Hamel, Theatre Arts Jeanne B. Hamrick, Psychology
Shawn D. Hansen, Psychology and Anthropology Phillip John Hardy, Communication Studies Karen Ann Hare, Communication Studies Robert Maxwell Harris, Anthropology Antionette Louise Tonjua Hawkins, Dance Daniel C. Heath, Communication Studies Maureen Ann Heher, English
Craig Leon Hendrick, Political Science Kirk Duane Hendrick. Communication Studies Carolyn L. Braxton Hensley, English Pamela Hertz, Sociology
Kurtis R. Hildebrand, Communication Studies
(with Distinction)
Lura Hirsch. Interdisciplinary Studies (with Distinction) Michael Hnatuick Jr., Criminal Justice
David R. Hofstede, Communication Studies David R. Hofstede, Interdisciplinary Studies Catherine Winslow Hope, Social Work Andrew C. Horan, Political Science Eldridge Hudson Jr., Sociology
Renee Dorothea Hughes, Anthropology
Sharon Marie Hulihan, Communication Studies Linda Marie Iniquez, Communication Studies Jana G. Jackson Jensen, Spanish Benjamin B. Johnson. Criminal Justice Charles H. Johnson, Criminal Justice F. Matthew Johnson, Psychology George Kolya Johnson, Criminal Justice R. Lane Johnson, Psychology
Nancy Laura Jones, Spanish (with Distinction) Michelle Margaret Jordan. Theatre Arts Martin A. Judd. History
Steven Peter Kapellas, Communication Studies Gloria Sandrowitz King. English
David Caleb Kister, Communication Studies Craig S. Klatt. Political Science Cheryl Klim, Theatre Arts
Robert Eugene Klingman. History
Constance Joy Knight, Psychology (with Distinction) Joanmarie C. Vlach Kolesar, Psychology Darciann Koranda, Psychology Kelly Kym Korb, Criminal Justice Sylvia A. Kranz, French (with Distinction) Frank Kwiatkowski, Political Science
(with Distinction)
Steven S. La-Sky, Communication Studies Reginald Michael LaFrance, Communication Studies Kathleen Rene (Fluhart) LaMay, Political Science Linda Lambert, Psychology
Susan Kathleen Langenbach. Communication Studies Rudolph Lara, Criminal Justice
Eric Richard Larsen, Communication Studies Mark James Lestelle, Criminal Justice Christopher Charles Leyba, Political Science Douglas Richard Lloyd, Criminal Justice Joyce Frances Wargin Long. History Charles Joseph Lybarger, Political Science Jeff Ray MacMillan, Political Science Linda M. Madill, Communication Studies Robert James Maloney Jr., Communication Studies Lynne M. Martin, Social Work Bernardita B. Martines. Theatre Arts Roberta Lynn Mayor, Communication Studies Cynthia L. Ellsworth McCoy. English (with Distinction) Candy E. McCurdy. Psychology Kimberly Joi McDonald, Psychology Steven Dale McDonald, Criminal Justice Nancy Lynn Duncan McGahey, Psychology Carlton Gene McGee, Criminal Justice Willie Mae McIver, Communication Studies Robert Joseph McKee, Sociology Holly G. McKinnis, Theatre Arts
Monica Joan McNabb, Communication Studies Ana Marie Medica, Communication Studies Mary Ann Lipps Merren, Social Work Wendy Dianne Hoffman Meyers, Social Work Ernesto Monroy, Political Science and
Interdisciplinary Studies
Dorothy Louise Montague, Psychology
Sherry Lynn Nichols Montandon, Sociology
Ruby M. Moore, Political Science
Amy Elizabeth Morris, Political Science
Daryl L. Morris, Communication Studies
Suhaila Mustafa, Art
Rebecca Ferris Navaian Amoli, Theatre Arts
Jerry Scott Newcomb, Communication Studies
Jacqueline Denise Nichols, English (with Distinction) Robert William Nimmo, Political Science
Deborah A. Ogaz, Criminal Justice
Mark J. Olejnik, Psychology
Elizabeth Ann Oram, Communication Studies
Muriel Jean Lehman Osborne, Social Work
Dorothy Arlene Ostrom, Social Work
Andy Vincent Owens. Psychology
Sandra Denise Owens, Social Work
Gregory DeAngelo (Drewery) Pace, Criminal Justice
Christine M. Padro, Psychology
Claire Marie Padvaiskas, Social Work
Paul A. Page, Criminal Justice
Arsola Palm. Psychology
Sharon Lee Louft Parelman, Criminal Justice
Mary Christine Parrish, English (with High Distinction)
Joan Therese Pasterak, Interdisciplinary Studies
Bradley A. Patterson. Political Science
Jamie Louise Payne, Sociology
Arlene F. Galburt Peikoff, Communication Studies
Beverly Pell, Psychology
Amy Eden Pittie, Communication Studies
Marc Thomas Pittman, Psychology
Linda Ellen Prater, Psychology (with Distinction)
Heather Fleming Pressley, Interdisciplinary Studies
Brett Alden Primas, Sociology
Lisa Denise Rabello, English
Susan E. Ramey, History (with High Distinction)
Gregory A. Randall, Political Science
Andres Rene Rappard, Communication Studies
Andrew Ellis Rausch, Criminal Justice
Lynnette Louise Neal Reece, Psychology (with Distinction)
Helena Donna Reluga, Art
Darlene Rawlings Richards, Psychology
Juanita Lloyd Riggs, Criminal Justice
Megan C. Riley, Communication Studies
Maria C. Roa, Spanish
Judy Lynn Robbins, Communication Studies
(with Distinction)
Martha Elizabeth Roberson, Anthropology
(with High Distinction)
Paula D. Roberts, Theatre Arts
Jean Marie (Goodall) Robertson, Criminal Justice
Nikki Marie Robone, Criminal Justice
Angelita Renardo Rodriguez, Communication Studies
Gregory Mark Roehm, Criminal Justice Henry John Roehr Jr., Art
Victoria Regina Rost, English
Andrew B. Russell, History
Anthony Francis Sanchez, Political Science
Chere Melissa Savage, Communication Studies
Vincent Bernard Savage, Social Work Rochelle Jean Durato Sax, Criminal Justice
Barbara Lynn Schamanek. Psychology (with Distinction) Barbara Jean Gouin Schell. Criminal Justice
Eva Marie Turkovic Schofield, Communication Studies
(with Distinction)
Sheila Anne Schramm. Criminal Justice
(with High Distinction)
Gabrielle U. Wittenauer Scott, Social Work
(with Distinction)
Linda Poperecnjak Shaffer, Criminal Justice
James Francis Shallow Jr., Criminal Justice
Duranne Crain Singer, Communication Studies
Christanne Hutton Smith, History
Victoria Jo Smith, Theatre Arts
Kira Diana Spigel, Art
Denise Sprofera, Communication Studies
Gregory Allan Stanphill, Sociology
Tula Marie Strasburger Starck, Criminal Justice
(with Distinction)
Vincent Patrick Stretch Jr., Sociology (with Distinction) Thomas Hugh Sweeney, Communication Studies
Teresa Lynn Switzer, Psychology
Deana J. Szabo, Political Science
Steven Eric Tarpley, Political Science
George Ray Thomas Jr., Social Work
Priscilla Ann Thomas, English
Jennifer Therese Thompson, Political Science
(with High Distinction)
Neil Lamarr Toliver, Criminal Justice
Diana Lynn Tomlin, Psychology
Valerie Duana Riley True, English
Maria Valdes, Criminal Justice (with High Distinction)
Nancy Diann Vanderslice, Social Work
Elizabeth Ozi Voisen, Psychology
Mary I. DeViok Webb, English
Sherryl Lynn Nulton Weber. History (with Distinction) Mary Laabs Whalen, Communication Studies
Terry Lee Wheaton II. Criminal Justice
Theodore Paul Williams, Psychology
Elizabeth Mary Mydlowski Wilson, Sociology
Shann Dee Winesett, English (with High Distinction)
L. Melody Winting, Social Work
Larry D. Woods, Art
Genice L. Wooldridge, Communication Studies
(with High Distinction)
Wendelin Jane Woyski, English (with High Distinction) Flossie Valare Wyatt, Communication Studies Kari Ann Yelenich, Criminal Justice
John Joseph III Yokay, History and Sociology Catherine L. Hodges Zubel, History (with Distinction)
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Rodney D. Beasley, Art
Gina Marie Cinque, Art
Nancy Lou Leeper Deaner, Art (with High Distinction) Rhonda L. Roban Levitt, Art
Jacqueline E. Jacobs Robeck, Art
Wayne A. Schwisow, Art
Lavina Maria Vernazzaro, Art
Christopher Thomas Waller. Art
Shannon Doah Webb. Art
Bachelor of Liberal Studies
Marla L. Connelly. Liberal Studies
Mark Raynard Dixon. Liberal Studies
Paul R. Kirst, Liberal Studies
Kaye Larson, Liberal Studies
Bachelor of Music
Tony Michael Curtis, Music Daniel W. Jordan, Music Keith Jones, Music
College of Business and Economics
Dr. Norval Pohl, Dean
Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Rebecca Parr, Economics
Bachelor of Science in
Business Administration
Debora A. Abadie, Accounting
Sandra Kay Austin Ackerman, Accounting
Jody Marie Adams. Management
Rene Alcaraz, Marketing
Ruby Gonzales Aquino, Marketing
Debra M. Armagost, Accounting
John Edward Avery, Management
Michael R. Baker, Management
Sharon Baker, Finance
Douglas Lawrence Baptist, Finance
Nathaniel S. Barnhart, Finance
Alexandra P. Barrantes, Management Information Systems Joseph Patrick Barrett. Finance
Julia Ann Covert Barry. Marketing
Antony Edward Baucom, Management
Robert Darren Bay. Management
Robert Troxell Beers. Accounting (with Distinction)
Susan May Benedict, Finance
Charles John Benneman, Management
Larisa Betdavoud. Marketing
Robert Stephen Bingham, Finance
Thomas Kevin Bingham, Accounting
Jeffry S. Bisbee, Finance
Loretta Ann Clover Bivins, Accounting
Susan Kay Finley Blanchard, Management
Steen Steensen Borg, Finance
Julie Jay Borovetz, Management
Glenna M. Borrego. Management
Anthony L. Boscutti. Management
Janice Marie Bott. Management
Della D. Boyd, Management
Kevin H. Boyle, Marketing
Robert Alan Bravin, Marketing
Scott Lee Brigman, Accounting
Michael William Brueske. Management
Laura Ann Brundy, Accounting
Harry Fletcher Brunelle Jr., Accounting
Joseph S. Buczek, Accounting and Finance
(with Distinction)
Phyllis Marie Burnett, Accounting
(with High Distinction)
Nicholas Patrick Butera, Marketing
Karen M. Cale, Management
Cathleen Belle Callahan. Marketing
Vincent Alan Capko, Finance
Annette Barbara Compagnoni Capurro, Accounting
Elois Carroll. Management Information Systems
Gerald L. Carter, Finance
Jane M. Centrella, Marketing
Linda M. Chadburn, Marketing
Keith Leroy Chaffin, Management
Clasina Wilhelmina Charles, Marketing
Mark Douglas Cheak, Finance
Donna Marie Cheneyworth, Management
Jack Ciulla Jr.. Finance (with Distinction)
Christy Velardi Cleek, Finance
Gregory Alan Coats, Accounting (with Distinction)
Warren D. Cobb, Management
Kelly Jack Colvin, Accounting
Linda Joyce Conger, Management
Gina L. Confer, Accounting
Clarence James Cotten. Finance
Holli Sue Craik, Marketing
Kirk Anthony Cresto, Accounting and Finance
Patrick Ralph Crockett, Accounting
John Patrick Crowley, Management Information Systems
John D. Curtis, Management Information Systems Steven D'Angelo, Management
Jeanine Marie D'Errico, Finance (with Distinction)
Jayne Ann Daane, Accounting (with Distinction)
David Alen Darby, Accounting
Kurt Davis, Management
Cynthia Louise Powers DeBord, Accounting
Gregory Dembskey, Marketing
Steve A. DePonte, Management
Bettyann Davis Derrick, Marketing
Richard Allen Derrick, Accounting
Robert Michael DiAntonio, Marketing
Tio Stephan DiFederico, Finance
Damencele Ona DiPasqua, Marketing
(with .High Distinction)
Larry Estle Dobbs II, Management
Timothy J. Dobias, Management
Tammera Ninette Dowler, Management
Bill Sid Drobkin, Management
Stephen Gregory Dyson, Marketing
Tamara Jane Eckles, Marketing
Brad D. Edwards, Marketing
Julie Marie Effertz, Finance
Judith Anne Davis Ellyson, Accounting
John Robert Erb, Management Information Systems
(with Distinction)
Justina F. Ercole, Accounting and Finance
Anthony Mark Fahr, Marketing and Finance
Tiffany Ann Farr, Accounting
Ivan Shawn Farris, Management
PeterF. Ferris, Finance
Anne Louise Figlia, Accounting
Eric Michael Fine, Management
Penny Carol Fiore, Management
Alan S. Fitzhugh, Marketing
Terry Fletcher, Finance and Management
Information Systems
David C. Fortner, Finance
Allan D. Frank, Marketing
Charolette Yvette Franklin, Management and Accounting
Michael A. Gallagher, Accounting
Matthew Paul Gardner, Management
Kevin Clay Garris, Marketing
Denise Louise Gentile, Accounting
Michelle Morris George, Accounting (with Distinction)
Stephen Lloyd George, Management
Wharton Drew Gibson, Management
Veronica Linn Gilbert, Marketing
Lance Little Gilman, Economics
Stephanie Annette Givens, Management
Alan Jay Glassman, Management Information Systems
and Economics
Tracy Lea Gottschalk, Marketing
Ralph Anthony Goudy, Management Information Systems
Vernon De Graviet, Finance
Tony R. Griffiths, Finance
Steven Charles Grunert, Accounting
Robert Lloyd Guinn, Finance
Michael William Ham, Management Information Systems
Stephanie Christine Hanlon, Marketing
Kimberly Shelor Hansen, Accounting (with Distinction)
Linda Gail Schinderling Harder, Accounting
(with Distinction)
Christopher Lewis Harmon, Finance
April Marshaun Harris, Management
Bob D. Harris, Accounting
Donald Kirk Hartle, Accounting
David B. Hehn, Management (with Distinction)
Carmen Elena Henriquez, Marketing
David Allen Hensey, Accounting
Brian Kim Hitchcock, Management
Diana Lynn Hoag, Marketing
Jason L. Holt, Marketing (with High Distinction)
Kimberly R. Honrath, Marketing
Frances Kay Blair Horner, Accounting and
Management Information Systems
Robert Thomas Hornyak, Management
James D. Horton, Accounting
Cheryl Ann Hotkowski, Management
Terry W. Houston, Accounting
Leanne E. Hull, Management
Thomas B. Humiston, Finance
Gregory W. Hyde, Management
Marcia B. Ingersoll, Management
Jeff Paul Jarvis. Management
Glenn T. Jenkins, Management
Ricardo Jimenez, Marketing
Diana Dorine Jobe, Management
Jeff Allen Johnson, Marketing
Katherine J. Johnson, Accounting and
Management Information Systems
Rosanna Jones, Management (with Distinction)
Kimberly S. Kanaley, Accounting and Finance
Warren Wade Karosa, Marketing
Gail Anne Kaster, Accounting (with High Distinction)
James M. Kato, Finance
William E. Keena, Finance
Lee Carol Kell, Management
Raymond William Kellogg, Finance
Richard R. Killian, Management Information Systems
Rebecca Jane Sine Kinnee, Accounting
Anthony A. Knodel, Management
Diane E. Knopoff, Management Information Systems
John William Kohler, Management and
Management Information Systems
Senn Randell Koppel, Marketing
David Scott Krasn, Accounting and Finance
(with High Distinction)
William Shane Kurr, Accounting (with Distinction)
Estanislao N. Laeno, Accounting
Michael D. Lambermont, Finance
Barbara Laudati, Finance
Teresa Lyn Linton, Accounting
Ralph J. Litton III, Accounting
David Allen Longoni, Management
John Michael Lowes, Management
Randal Lukas, Management Information Systems
and Management
Pamela Kay Lusk, Marketing
Marcus John Luthiger, Management and
Management Information Systems
Sek Kuen Ma, Accounting (with Distinction)
Georges Gabriel Maalouf, Finance
Katherine Elaine MacLeod, Management
Jill Catherine Maddy, Accounting
Susan J. Magar-DiFederico, Finance
Laurie P. Makeeff, Accounting
Lance Matthew Malone, Marketing
Audrey M. Mandarino, Marketing
Mary Frances Mangarella, Accounting and Management
Richard Ramon Marquez Jr., Accounting
Robert E. Marshall, Marketing
Veronica Marsico, Management
Evelyn Maria Martinez, Accounting
LynnAnn Matteo, Marketing (with Distinction)
Donald Jay Mattson, Marketing
Robert S. Maxwell. Finance
Shelly L. McAllister, Accounting
Randie Jo McCarthy, Management
Kimberly Stacy McDermott, Marketing
Dennis N. McGarry, Management
Constance E. McGinley, Management (with Distinction)
Linda Nies McLaughlin, Accounting
(with Distinction)
June Monique Meaden, Management
Marjorie G. Meana, Marketing (with Distinction)
Marjorie Jennie Mickens, Accounting
Thomas 0. Mikulich. Finance
Edward Joseph Miller, Management
John Joseph Miller, Finance
Robert E. Miller, Management Information Systems
David R. Mogensen, Finance and Management
Kelly Osborn Molnar. Management
Theresa Anne Monroe, Management
Dennis James Morris, Accounting
Michael Scott Morris, Management
Amelia K. Johns Morton, Accounting
Theresa A. Mosca, Management
Anthony Vernon Mosley, Management
Linda Diane Hetland Natale, Finance
Otto Keith Neidert, Management Information Systems
Theodore R. Nelson III, Management
Russell Kay Nelson, Management (with Distinction)
Jason Samuel Neumann, Accounting
(with High Distinction)
William R. Newton, Accounting
Gabrielle Elizabeth Nienaber, Accounting and
Management Information Systems
Jeffrey Joseph Novack, Management Information Systems
Tamara Lynne O'Dell, Marketing
Tracy F. Okuda, Marketing
Gregory Jon Olson. Finance
Michael Agustin Orci, Accounting
Robert William Orr, Management
Flavio Jr. Ostolaza, Marketing
Kelly Ann Owens, Accounting (with Distinction)
Raelene Kelly Palmer, Accounting (with Distinction)
John Michael Pappageorge, Finance
Lisa R. Brancucci Pappas. Finance
Fe A. Pascual, Management
John R. Patton, Marketing
Michael Everett PeQueen, Finance
Jens Ingvar Petersson, Marketing
Michelle Lynne Peveler, Marketing
Claudia Piccoli, Finance
Sue Lynne Pilkington, Marketing
Eris Pollesche, Accounting
Angela R. Predmore Powell, Management Information
Systems (with High Distinction)
Michael Wayne Powell, Accounting
Gary Kenneth Prater, Finance
Joy Amelia Priddie, Management Information Systems
Judith Ann Marhefka Prucnal, Finance
(with Distinction)
Susan Mary Lang Pudvah. Accounting
Andrew Lyman Quinn, Marketing
William Rathner, Management
Debra Lynn Reed, Management (with Distinction)
Todd Daryl Reeves, Management
Maria Rocio Revollo. Accounting
Steven Mark Rice, Marketing
Flint C. Richardson, Accounting
Rodney Spencer Richter, Economics
Renee Darleen Riddick, Accounting
C. L. Roark, Management
Linda Annette Roberts, Management and Economics
Michael Rodriguez. Management
Colleen Mary Romano, Management Information Systems
Brian Howard Rose, Finance
Kim-Sue Roth, Economics
William Birger Rydell III, Accounting
Richard Douglas Ryerson, Management
Robert Scott Ryerson, Management
Daniel William Sabol, Management
Suellen Sanchez. Finance
Dale R. Sarver, Finance (with Distinction)
Bryan Keith Scott, Management
Stacey Beth Scruton, Management
Elizabeth Sedeno, Management
Monica A. Sedeno, Marketing
Ginger Yvette Seities, Marketing
Barbara A. Sheehy, Accounting (with High Distinction)
Darren Wayne Shelledy, Finance
Scott Adam Shingleton, Management
Priscilla Kyriakakis Shugars, Management
Mindy Sileo, Accounting
Mark Anthony Sirianni, Accounting
David Curtis Sloan. Management Information Systems
Karl A. Smith, Finance
Theresa Marie Palya Smith, Marketing
Donita Rae Snider, Finance (with High Distinction)
Dawn Edwina Snow, Management
Rosa Isela Solis, Finance
Mary K. Sondej, Management
Gary Soresman, Marketing
Jack E. Spicer Jr., Management
Kimberly Anne Stahl, Finance (with Distinction)
Warren Thomas Starks, Finance
Bertha Steinberg, Accounting
Jacquelyn Marie Stephens. Accounting
Christopher John Stimson, Finance
Richard C. Stott, Management Information Systems
Denise Magarita Sullivan. Marketing
Melissa G. Gerner Sullivan, Accounting
Ray Talarico, Accounting
Eileen M. Tapia, Finance and Management
Vincent M. Telles, Finance
Christina Maria Ternora, Accounting and
Management Information Systems
John R. Thacker, Management
Sosha K. Thomas, Management
Richard Lloyd Tobler, Accounting
Craig Alan Tomlinson, Management
Andrea Lyn Tomsik, Marketing
Dana Sue Toon, Management
Richard Malcolm Trontoski, Management
Information Systems
Raymond D. Tuntland, Marketing
William Gregory Turpen, Management
Information Systems
Charles 0. Usigbe, Marketing
M. J. (Roger) Utterback, Management Information Systems
Gustavo Antonio Varona, Finance and Economics
Jeffrey Blake Vincent, Finance
Vanessa Margaret Wachtel, Management
Stephen Lawrence Wahl, Accounting
Donald William Walker, Management
Robert Marsh Walton, Management
Scott R. Warner, Marketing
Rhonda Watts, Accounting and Finance
Connie Marie Rodgers Wesolowski, Marketing
David Brian West, Finance
Danny K. Westover. Accounting
Cindy S. Wichael, Marketing
Sharon M. Taylor Wilkerson, Accounting
(with High Distinction)
Karen Marie Wilson, Finance
Timothy R. Wilson, Finance
Joseph J. Windolph, Management Information Systems
Stuart Wishengrad, Finance (with Distinction)
Robert W. Withrow, Management
John Wolslegel, Marketing
Karen Wood, Accounting
Brenda R. Holman-Morgan Wright, Accounting
Rudolph Leo Wyland. Accounting
Robert H. Yoneoka, Marketing
L'Donna Kay Daniell York. Finance (with Distinction)
Kerry Marie Maglio Yug, Marketing
Patricia Ann Zaccagnino, Marketing
Gerald Allen Zalla. Management Information Systems Lisa Marie Znosko. Accounting (with High Distinction) Nor Asiah Zulkifli, Management
College of Education
Dr. Dale Andersen, Dean
Bachelor of Arts in Education
Marcia Annette Turner Brown, Secondary Education Pamela Lynn Cantrell, Secondary Education
(with Distinction)
Bachelor of Science in Education
Janice Lee Addison, Physical Education
Chris L. Arnold, Physical Education
Linda S. Nolte Arnone, Elementary Education
(with Distinction)
William A. Avery Jr., Secondary Education
Gabrielle Barel, Physical Education
Karen Arlene Benson. Elementary Education Bonnie Lynn Blanthorn, Elementary Education
Theresa Marie Jackson Boisvert. Secondary Education Nina Marie Boland, Secondary Education Ilene J. Fried Brieger. Elementary Education
Derinda Terice Brunk, Athletic Training
Susan Devroy Bullen, Elementary Education Kevin L. Burr, Secondary Education Rey Clark Calvert, Recreation
Luz Lorena Ramos Carrera, Elementary Education
Jan C. Cederberg Carroll. Secondary Education
(with Distinction)
Cynthia Anne Cates, Elementary Education
Kenya B. Clark. Health Education
(with Distinction)
Rhonda B. Cohen, Elementary Education
Kathleen Patricia Colbert, Elementary Education
Francis Marion Comstock IV, Secondary Education Brenda R. Cooper, Secondary Education
Regina Maria Gonzalez Davis, Physical Education Sandra Renee Davis, Elementary Education
Andre Brent Denson, Secondary Education
(with Distinction)
Gary Charles Desch. Physical Education
Kathy Rose Diehl. Elementary Education Roeshell Annette Dodge, Special Education Suzanne Lynn Lesher Doggrell, Special Education Anne Constance Doyle, Elementary Education Maureen Ciciliano DuBois, Secondary Education Mary Catherine Fiala, Secondary Education Patricia Veronica Fina, Elementary Education Terry Lee Portlock Freberg, Secondary Education Suzanne Lynn Frisco, Elementary Education Melissa Ann Gabriel Fryman, Special Education Curtis D. Funk. Elementary Education Deborah Jean Geddes. Elementary Education Wendy Susan Gilmore, Secondary Education Kami L. Griffith, Elementary Education Teri Lyn Hale, Physical Education Adrian D. Harris, Physical Education James Arnold Hodges, Secondary Education John T. Hogan. Recreation David Lanier Hollis. Recreation
Jonathan Richard Holman. Elementary Education Jeffrey Michael Horn, Secondary Education Pamela J. Hymas. Special Education Sandra Marie lannuzzi. Physical Education Jill Nanette Jacobson, Physical Education Cecelia Irene Johnston, Secondary Education Keith Jones, Secondary Education William Robert Kane, Athletic Training and
Health Education
Claudia Maria Ranieri Keyes, Physical Education Gene Alan Kretske, Health Education Marilyn A. Kreutzer, Elementary Education Melony Ann Kukal, Athletic Training
Phyllis J. Bontrager Lambert, Elementary Education Rebecca Louise Couch Leier, Secondary Education Daren Michael Libonati, Physical Education Marc Ellery Likens. Physical Education Terri Lynn Low. Elementary Education
Deborah D. Dice Lucero, Secondary Education Sherri Beryl Marc, Special Education
Jannie Lee Greig Mathis. Elementary Education Randall Kent Matthews, Secondary Education Michelle Letitia Matthias, Elementary Education Cynthia Jo McDaniell, Elementary Education Nadine Caroline McNally, Physical Education Karen E. FitzGerald Meuir, Elementary Education
(with Distinction)
John Craig Midby, Secondary Education James Vai Miller, Athletic Training
Michelle Anne Kravitz Mitchell, Elementary Education Barry Keith Moore, Health Education (with Distinction) Barry Keith Moore. Athletic Training (with Distinction) Toni Margit Moreland. Secondary Education Shelly Renee Muller, Physical Education
Stephanie I. Nys. Elementary Education (with Distinction) Thomas F. O'Mahar III, Secondary Education
Cynthia Ann Breer Ochoa, Secondary Education
(with High Distinction)
Bonita Rae Clark Orchard, Elementary Education
Kerry L. Owens, Recreation
Sylvia E. Pachinger, Special Education
Sharon Isabel Paulucci, Secondary Education
Lisa Ann Pettit, Elementary Education
Michael Petullo, Athletic Training
Marcella Louise Beardsley Posthuma,
Elementary Education
Jacqueline Marie Pribyl. Elementary Education
Mitchell N. Pritchard, Elementary Education
Carrie M. Overton Reed, Elementary Education
(with Distinction)
John Edwin Rehill. Health Education
Barbra Allyn Reid, Elementary Education
Joellyn L. Robinson, Secondary Education
(with Distinction)
Cory Lee Russell. Athletic Training
Kristin Yoshiye Sakahara, Elementary Education
(with Distinction)
Elizabeth Adele Davis Schneider, Recreation
Rebecca Jane Walsh Schumacher, Secondary Education
Theresa Marie Shockley. Physical Education
Stephanie Ann Skandros, Elementary Education
Madelyn J. Smith, Secondary Education
Sheila Kay Smith. Special Education
Charlette Elise Snider, Physical Education
Ricardo B. Sobers. Secondary Education
Lynda R. Yates Spann. Secondary Education
Richard Floyd Stevens, Health Education and
Physical Education
Heather Gaye Stewart. Special Education
Susan Elizabeth Perrill Stordeur. Elementary Education
(with Distinction)
Juliana Eleanor Veneziano Stratton. Secondary Education
Anthony Wayne Streater, Secondary Education
Debra J. Echard Tautvid, Secondary Education
Herbert D. Thompson, Secondary Education
Mari DelCarmen Thompson, Athletic Training and
Health Education
Allison Frances Tiffany, Secondary Education
Diane C. Utterback, Recreation
Carol A. Liska Van Dinter, Elementary Education
Nelson Charles Vincent, Secondary Education
(with Distinction)
Gary Walker, Recreation
Carol A. Wamhoff, Elementary Education
(with Distinction)
Amy Allison Watner, Secondary Education
Michelle Lucy McKinley Weber, Secondary Education
Patrick M. Welby, Physical Education
Bonelle Arnette West, Secondary Education
Letitia Sue Medina Worth, Elementary Education
Kathleen L. York, Secondary Education
Professional Development Degree
Richard Monte Bay. Biological Sciences Ilene Hope Morgan. General Science Theodore Carl Showalter, Physical Science
College of Engineering
Dr. William R. Wells, Dean
Bachelor of Arts
David Mitchum Brown, Computer Science
Michael John Eggert, Computer Science (with Distinction)
Christopher Dion Yates, Computer Science
(with Distinction)
Bachelor of Science
Tuan Cong Dinh, Computer Science
Mark Andrew Fuller, Computer Science
Luis Alejandro Herrera, Computer Science
(with Distinction)
Marco A. Herrera, Computer Science
(with High Distinction)
Vikas B. Patel, Computer Science
Douglas Ruesch Seastrand, Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Craig Randall Adams, Mechanical Engineering
Adriana Boland, Civil Engineering
James Lee Brewer, Civil Engineering
Ian Glenn Duff, Mechanical Engineering
Joseph D. Giordano. Electrical Engineering
Neil S. Grayson. Electrical Engineering
Joseph Guarrella, Electrical Engineering
Robert Ben McFarland III, Mechanical Engineering
Michael E. Morrison, Mechanical Engineering
Robert E. Pahor, Mechanical Engineering
Shital Kanti Patel, Civil Engineering
Andreas 0. Ranz, Mechanical Engineering
Gregory Carl Slater, Civil Engineering
John Joseph Stammetti, Mechanical Engineering
Randall Jonathan Tarr, Civil Engineering
Leslie Kay Thompson, Civil Engineering
David W. Whitehead, Electrical Engineering
Charles G. Willems, Mechanical Engineering
Lynn Ann Yamhure, Civil Engineering
Ali Zareei, Mechanical Engineering
College of
Hotel Administration
Dr. Jerome J. Vallen, Dean
Bachelor of Science in
Hotel Administration
Ronald James Alfera, Hotel Administration Philip E. Altschuler, Hotel Administration George Andrews, Hotel Administration Kevin Michael Ayres, Hotel Administration C. Boyd Barker, Hotel Administration John Philip Barnes, Hotel Administration Hollis Thompson Barnhart, Hotel Administration Jamie Denise Barton, Hotel Administration Henry Charles Becker IV. Hotel Administration Jay William Bedsworth Jr., Hotel Administration Douglas Neil Bennett, Hotel Administration Kathleen Berger, Hotel Administration Jody Lynn Berwick, Hotel Administration Ute Andrea Birkmeier, Hotel Administration Robin Carol Black, Hotel Administration Kevin Dale Brendt, Hotel Administration
William Michael Brodfuehrer, Hotel Administration Daniel Paul Brown, Hotel Administration Patrick J. Butler. Hotel Administration James Frank Calvello, Hotel Administration Dean Anthony Carnesi, Hotel Administration Douglas E. Carney, Hotel Administration Lisa Cervantes, Hotel Administration
William James Cesano, Hotel Administration Gil-Soo Cha, Hotel Administration
Peter Anthony Chervo, Hotel Administration Michael William Chesley, Hotel Administration Wai Vida Chow, Hotel Administration Su M. Chung. Hotel Administration
Susanna L. Continenza, Hotel Administration James Curtis Courtney, Hotel Administration Kimberly Ann Cox, Hotel Administration James Patrick Craig, Hotel Administration Curtis E. Cribbs, Hotel Administration Scott Peter Cudek, Hotel Administration Laura Marie Cullen, Hotel Administration Raquel Denese Culmer, Hotel Administration Brenda Lynn Curry, Hotel Administration Mary Elizabeth Cutshall, Hotel Administration Hubert Joseph Daniels IV, Hotel Administration E. Donald Davis, Hotel Administration Steven C. DeBella, Hotel Administration
Steve Matthew Dekker, Hotel Administration Eileen G. Desrochers, Hotel Administration Amy Wright Dominick, Hotel Administration James S. Dransfield, Hotel Administration Darlene Marie DuBrock, Hotel Administration Gordon L. Ehler, Hotel Administration Paul Joseph Ellbogen, Hotel Administration Richard H. Elton, Hotel Administration Ramy M. Ernst, Hotel Administration Sandra Gaye Esterbrooks, Hotel Administration Lori A. Fehrenbacher, Hotel Administration Aaron J. Fein, Hotel Administration Sidney T. Fingerhut, Hotel Administration Rita Maureen Fisher, Hotel Administration Bruce Nathan Flyer, Hotel Administration Robert P. Foresta, Hotel Administration Raymond A. Gambardella, Hotel Administration Kristi Lynn Garabedian, Hotel Administration David D. Garcia, Hotel Administration
Douglas Vincent Garner, Hotel Administration John Patrick Garrity, Hotel Administration Jolie Renae Gaston, Hotel Administration Janyce Lynn Gee, Hotel Administration Robert J. Gonzales, Hotel Administration Joseph Francis Grace, Hotel Administration David Kennedy Greenback. Hotel Administration Miles Greve, Hotel Administration
Daniel Thomas Gunderson, Hotel Administration Tamzon W. Hanley, Hotel Administration Timothy Thomas Harding, Hotel Administration Michael A. Hazard, Hotel Administration Martin Heim II, Hotel Administration
Eduardo Victor Hernandez Jr., Hotel Administration Ronald Edward Hofsdal, Hotel Administration Barbara Ann Holliday, Hotel Administration Todd Alan Huchendorf, Hotel Administration Keith Wayne Hunter, Hotel Administration Robert Lawrence Hurd, Hotel Administration Patrick John Hydar, Hotel Administration Howard Harry Jacobs, Hotel Administration Ted Anderson Jones, Hotel Administration Sheema Vohra Kalianpur, Hotel Administration Tom Kaminski, Hotel Administration Susan Beth Katz, Hotel Administration James Francis Kenney, Hotel Administration David A. Kern, Hotel Administration
Elizabeth Anne Kern, Hotel Administration Salil N. Keswani, Hotel Administration Pamela A. Key, Hotel Administration Moosung Kim, Hotel Administration Young Kyu Kim, Hotel Administration Timothy John Kinsella, Hotel Administration Philip K. Klezmer, Hotel Administration Cynthia Dawn Knauer, Hotel Administration Eric Richard Koff, Hotel Administration Boon Thong Koh, Hotel Administration
Thomas J. Kondrich, Hotel Administration Susan M. Lackner, Hotel Administration Joseph Roger Laliberte, Hotel Administration Kevin Louis Latin, Hotel Administration Jonathan Michael Lazarus. Hotel Administration Donna Marie Leahy, Hotel Administration Guy Michael LeClaire, Hotel Administration Robert John Lehn. Hotel Administration Ralph Anthony LePore. Hotel Administration Ah Lak Lim, Hotel Administration Gerald George Link, Hotel Administration Kenneth Stuart Mackenzie, Hotel Administration Thomas Sheppard Mahoney. Hotel Administration Rolf H. Maile, Hotel Administration Timothy Joseph Mair, Hotel Administration George J. Maloof, Hotel Administration Michele Marie Manca, Hotel Administration Cary Michael Margolis. Hotel Administration Sharon Denise Martin, Hotel Administration William Patrick McBeath, Hotel Administration Carolyn Therese McClanahan, Hotel Administration Andy I. Melrose, Hotel Administration Kimberlee Ann Meyer, Hotel Administration David Joaquin Monasterio, Hotel Administration Scott Darrin Monette, Hotel Administration Daniel F. Moore, Hotel Administration Jack D. Moore, Hotel Administration James Joseph Moreno, Hotel Administration John Howard Mueller, Hotel Administration Michael Convey Muir. Hotel Administration Charles Hugh Mullison, Hotel Administration Kimberly Havens O’Brien, Hotel Administration Jeffery Brown O'Dell, Hotel Administration Amir Mordechai Odents, Hotel Administration Lori Beth Ondecko, Hotel Administration Cheng Teng Ong, Hotel Administration John William Marvin Pace, Hotel Administration Jeffery Lee Pearson, Hotel Administration Frances Shirley Pease, Hotel Administration Gary Andrew Peckman, Hotel Administration Paige Elizabeth Peirce, Hotel Administration William A. Pell. Hotel Administration Charles Pellegrini, Hotel Administration David R. Penczek, Hotel Administration Annamarie Perez, Hotel Administration Lome David Peters, Hotel Administration Maxine Dian Peterson, Hotel Administration Robert Alain Piccus, Hotel Administration James Gregory Picone, Hotel Administration Daniel John Piotrowski, Hotel Administration Nicholas George Podar III, Hotel Administration Jose Ponciano Jr., Hotel Administration
Robert Michael Powers, Hotel Administration Jeffrey Todd Preston, Hotel Administration Richard Matt Prinz, Hotel Administration Nedra Ann Pudberry, Hotel Administration
Gobie Raju, Hotel Administration Scott Rhode, Hotel Administration Dee Ann Rice, Hotel Administration Anthony Rinaldi. Hotel Administration Robin Drew Roane, Hotel Administration Jeffery Allen Rom, Hotel Administration Robert N. Rosenthal, Hotel Administration Ilan H. Ross, Hotel Administration
Abram Hirsh Rothenberg, Hotel Administration Robert Glen Routh, Hotel Administration Jonathan David Rowe, Hotel Administration Tanya Rubin, Hotel Administration
Michael Stephen Ryan, Hotel Administration Michael Anthony Santoro, Hotel Administration Denise Sarnelli, Hotel Administration S. David Schreiber, Hotel Administration Joseph Salvatore Sefcovic, Hotel Administration Orrin H. Shearer, Hotel Administration Scott Alan Shellman, Hotel Administration Ko-1 Shen, Hotel Administration
Gregory Mark Shulman, Hotel Administration
(with Distinction)
Lou Ann Martello Sieberg, Hotel Administration Jeffrey Daniel Simons, Hotel Administration Bruce John Soli, Hotel Administration
Heather Ann Mariger Sorenson, Hotel Administration Lisa Lynne Squire, Hotel Administration Arthur N. Starankovic, Hotel Administration Carolyn Faye Susag, Hotel Administration Lora A. Swatko, Hotel Administration Kwak Siam Tan. Hotel Administration Carol Ann Taylor, Hotel Administration Gary Dwayne Thompson, Hotel Administration
(with Distinction)
Marcus Wayne Threats, Hotel Administration Hani Albert Toutounji, Hotel Administration Diana F. Tso, Hotel Administration
William Gregory Turpen, Hotel Administration Lyn Mikie Utsugi, Hotel Administration Barry James Vaccaro, Hotel Administration Bart J. Van Betten, Hotel Administration Daun A. VanSickle, Hotel Administration Joseph Anthony Volpi, Hotel Administration Matthew James Walsh, Hotel Administration Priscilla Ann Warn. Hotel Administration Harold David Waxman, Hotel Administration Scott Vincent Weiland, Hotel Administration James Robert Widaman, Hotel Administration David Michael Widlowski, Hotel Administration Curtis Lee Wills. Hotel Administration Felicia Ya-Lien Wu, Hotel Administration
Wing-Lok Isabella Tsang Yim, Hotel Administration John A. Young, Hotel Administration
Simon Shih-Hsi Young, Hotel Administration Farouk Sadeq Zaidan, Hotel Administration
College of Health Sciences
Dr. Mary Ann Michel, Dean
Associate of Arts in Nursing
Lori Rene Acuff-Jarrett, Nursing
Stacy Lynn Ashford, Nursing
Tamara A. Asson, Nursing
Melinda K. Bauer, Nursing
James Mark Bonaffini, Nursing
Christine Braunroth, Nursing
Christine E. Brown, Nursing
Louise E. Blake Burns, Nursing
Doreen Yvonne Caton, Nursing
Helen Chandler, Nursing
Kyo Sun Choi, Nursing
Peggy-Jean Clarke, Nursing
Vikki A. Holt Courvoisier, Nursing
Patricia S. Davis, Nursing
Rebecca Lee Dorgan. Nursing
Laura L. Duke, Nursing
Carol B. Epstein, Nursing
Diane A. Lockwood Erbele, Nursing
Eva Rozanne Evans, Nursing
John R. Fina, Nursing
Anthony J. Giambrone, Nursing
Joseph Peter Gray, Nursing
Michelle J. Hamilton, Nursing
Louise Ruth Herman, Nursing
Barbara Jean Herrman, Nursing
Martha Hickerson, Nursing
Deborah Ann Hill, Nursing
Patrice Rene' Hopkins, Nursing
Sherri D. Howell. Nursing
Kimberly R. Hudson, Nursing
Bridget Theresa (O'Boyle) Jordan, Nursing
Nancy Kelly, Nursing
Jack Cheung Lau, Nursing
Joanna Lazuchiewicz, Nursing
Michele Lee. Nursing
Thomas G. Logan, Nursing
John Kim Lucas, Nursing
Ardith Lupori, Nursing
Sandra Izabell Madrid, Nursing
Joyce Marie Jenkins Manuel, Nursing
Linda L. Martinez, Nursing
Patricia R. B. McCarrick, Nursing
Therese B. (Gibson) Mendelson, Nursing
Dawn Marie Miller, Nursing
Carol A. Minnifield, Nursing
Denise 0. Sorweide Monaco, Nursing
Jan F. Monaghan, Nursing
Denise Darlene Nelson, Nursing
Lora L. McPhee Nelson, Nursing Marjorie G. Lough Niemeyer, Nursing Taisia A. Ivanova Nikolaev, Nursing Louise Barkley Osiecki, Nursing Barbara Shear Pennock, Nursing Elizabeth Ann (White) Petet, Nursing Thomas Kevin Rooney, Nursing Carla V. Ross, Nursing Carolyn Roy, Nursing Linda Kay Gray Rubin, Nursing Monica R. Pumphrey Saunders, Nursing Revekka Shpak, Nursing Kathryn L. Sneed, Nursing Joyce Elaine Souhrada, Nursing Mary Spriggs, Nursing Dierdre M. Stearns, Nursing Kathleen N. Thompson. Nursing Tina S. Trout, Nursing Lorie L. Turner. Nursing Claudia J. Vampatelia, Nursing Cynthia Ann Vertson, Nursing Catherine A. Winslow, Nursing
Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology
Sandra L. (Pettit) Backus, Radiologic Technology Kelvin V. Berry, Radiologic Technology Alivna Diaz, Radiologic Technology
Michelle Christine Donovan, Radiologic Technology Serdar Erdinc, Radiologic Technology Christopher L. Gallegos, Radiologic Technology Karen Sue Guerra, Radiologic Technology Tonya Lee Hartzell, Radiologic Technology Andee Hayward, Radiologic Technology Mary S. (Cox) Helton, Radiologic Technology Wendy M. Hopkins, Radiologic Technology Andrea Hubrich, Radiologic Technology Randal A. Kimbrough, Radiologic Technology Vickie A. Church Lyck, Radiologic Technology Patricia Maciques, Radiologic Technology Tami L. Melanson. Radiologic Technology Terri L. Pengelly, Radiologic Technology Shelly L. Rienhardt, Radiologic Technology Patricia A. Rohrbaugh, Radiologic Technology Melody A. York, Radiologic Technology
Bachelor of Science
Mary-Jane Askew, Radiologic Technology Sandra Lee Butterly Bartman, Nursing Vivian Cordilia Beaty, Radiologic Technology Karen Kaye Beckley, Radiologic Technology Tikva Darvish Butler, Nursing
Brenda A. Boudreaux Chastain, Nursing Troy Vincent Curnutt, Radiologic Technology Ellen Irene Eversole, Nursing
Helena Margaret Greenslade Henley, Nursing
Suzette Dee Hensel, Nursing
Angela Peragine Hubbell, Radiologic Technology
(with Distinction)
Nanci-jane Hurtado, Nursing
James S. Jarvis, Radiologic Technology
Carol Christopher Jones, Nursing
Kimberly Ann Roberts Kandt, Nursing
Alice Barnes Lancaster, Nursing (with High Distinction)
Debra Ann McDaniel Minagil, Nursing
Connie Lucille Hammons Patterson, Nursing
Sheryl T. Petersen, Nursing
Lynne Marie Popadak, Radiologic Technology
(with Distinction)
Edmundo Rivera, Radiologic Technology
M. Reza Sadoogh-Abbasian, Radiologic Technology
Brenda Marie Berry Sage, Nursing
Patricia Marie Sauer, Nursing
Lynn Mary Sedgwick, Radiologic Technology
Nancy Jean Pranger Slattery, Nursing
Norma Lee Johnson Tanner, Nursing
College of Science, Mathematics and Engineering
Dr. David W. Emerson, Dean
Bachelor of Arts
Irene Marie Meyer Farnham, Chemistry
Margaret Mary Hogan, Computer Science
Susan Ann Ivanovic, Chemistry
Marilyn Jane Littlepage. Chemistry
Felicia Yvette Toliver, Mathematical Sciences
Tracy J. Wakefield, Chemistry (with High Distinction) Alyce Lynn Wasden, Chemistry
Bachelor of Science
Katayoun Alaei, Biological Sciences
Terri Ellen Beckett Bigler, Biological Sciences
Scott Bradley Boman, Biological Sciences
Jennifer Seungyun Cha, Biological Sciences
Jeffrey Stewart Chadwell, Computer Science
Karen Leslie Crites, Biological Sciences
(with High Distinction)
Kimberly D. Cutler, Biological Sciences
Edward Ibrahim Dagher, Biological Sciences Joyce Ellen DuVall, Chemistry
Eric Howe Emerson, Computer Science Kevin Wayne Forcade, Applied Physics Carrie Lynn Ford. Biological Sciences Brian David Green, Biological Sciences Faustina Del Valle Guzman, Earth Sciences Lisa G. Heki, Biological Sciences Connie Ann Herr, Biological Sciences
(with High Distinction)
Cynthia Sue Kerekes, Biological Sciences Timothy James King, Applied Physics Francisco Kole, Physics
Kurt Mason Krueger, Computer Sciences Suzanne E. Leavitt, Biological Sciences Kris Alan Lyon, Biological Sciences Eric Von Mattern, Biological Sciences Kathleen Patterson McLaren, Biological Sciences Douglas J. Myszkowski, Mathematical Sciences and
Computer Science
Maheshkumar Hirabhai Patel, Biological Sciences and Chemistry (with Distinction)
Craig Alan Phillips, Computer Science Judith Diane Pinjuv, Biological Sciences Jeffrey Martin Piorkowski, Biological Sciences Douglas Russell Prince, Biological Sciences Mark Daniel Rawson, Biological Sciences Lydia Flatman Reed, Computer Science
Maria Elizabeth Reluga, Biological Sciences Jack Lund Schofield Jr., Biological Sciences
(with Distinction)
Franklin Paul Shubert, Biological Sciences James A. Snyder, Mathematical Sciences Janet L. Steele, Biological Sciences
Deborah Welty Stewart, Biological Sciences Karl Weber, Biological Sciences
Lori Ann Whipple. Applied Physics Grant Edward Wright, Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in Engineering
John Joseph Catanese, Civil Engineering Kristi L. DuBois, Civil Engineering Benjamin Emerson, Civil Engineering Roni Dayna Frost, Electrical Engineering Jay Herman, Electrical Engineering David T. Jacobs, Civil Engineering
Allison Jeanne Krueger, Mechanical Engineering Caron Lee Lingel Richardson, Civil Engineering Troy William Thrun, Electrical Engineering
Professional Development Degree
John Colonel Francis Jr., Mathematical Sciences
The Nevada Centennial Medallion is presented annually to the graduating senior earning the highest four-year scholastic average at UNLV. Due to the early date of Commencement this year, it is impossible to determine by the time of the ceremony the name of the student who has achieved this award for 1988.
However, as soon as all grades have been checked and verified, the 1988 recipient will be identified and presented the medallion at a special ceremony.
One-hundred-and-one medallions were given to the university by the Rotary Club of Las Vegas at the time of the state's centennial celebration in 1964. The last medallion will be awarded in 2064, the year of Nevada's two hundredth birthday.
Previous recipients are listed below in descending order from 1987 to 1964.
Celeste Marie Williams
Dinah Louise Beggs Janice Etta Woodford
Connie Maria Morantes Julia C. Angelica Joanne Andrews John Surina Nancy M. Forni Judi D. Record Martin D. Schaffer Diane N. Aiello
Steven B. Sedlacek Mary V. Dibble Kathleen Ashton Phyllis J. Zagortz William M. Brown
Chris A. Beecroft. Jr. Michael G. Carlson Analie A. Austin
Carol James Myrna D. Selwyn Janet N. Monson
Jacqueline Mongeot Dominic 1. Daileda
Graduating seniors who have been initiated into UNLV's chapter of Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society are presented with bronze medallions hung on a scarlet cord to wear at the Commencement exercises. Each year Chapter 100 at UNLV invites to membership the top 10 percent of the senior class and the top 5 percent of the junior class in all academic disciplines.
The Presidential Medallion is the official insignia of the President's Office and is worn at Commencement and other ceremonial occasions. It was a gift to the university from the Student Senate and Activities Board of the Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada (CSUN).
Cast of sterling silver, the medallion embodies the official seal of the State of Nevada. Links of the chain carry the names of current and former presidents of the university with their terms of office, and symbolize the continuity of responsibility in the office.
The University Mace, which has its traditions deeply rooted in history, is carried on ceremonial occasions at the head of the academic procession by the Grand Marshal, whose symbolic duty is the protection of the university, its persons and its processes.
Originally a weapon, the earliest mace was made of iron and was capable of breaking armor. Bishops, forbidden by canon law to bear swords, sometimes took the mace with them into battle. The mace consisted of a long club with a ball of iron, steel or brass at one end, and was used in warfare as late as the 16th century.
The use of the mace as an instrument of ceremony, however, began about' the year 1250 in England and France, and is still used widely today in university commencement programs as well as in governmental ceremonies.
The UNLV Mace has been cast from polished metal and features a black hardwood staff. Facets of the cubical top embody the university’s seal; a symbolic depiction of the Statue of Liberty; a likeness of Renaissance scholar Leonardo da Vinci, representing the integration of knowledge from many fields; and a shelf of books flanked by artists’ brushes.
The mace bearer today is Mrs. Alice Mason, associate professor of physical education, who recently marked her thirtieth year with the University of Nevada System.
The history of academic dress reaches far back into the early days of the oldest universities. It appears that academic clothing was first introduced and worn at Cambridge and Oxford Universities in the thirteenth centuries.
The European custom was carried to America with the establishment of our own colleges and universities. In 1895 an academic code of dress was adopted, and the standards were accepted by most of the colleges and universities in the United States. Today, the black robe, hood, and cap are generally worn.
Three different types of black gowns may be distinguished in the academic procession. The bachelors’ gowns have long pointed sleeves; the masters’ gowns have oblong sleeves with an arc cut away in the front. The doctors’ gowns are faced with velvet and have bell-shaped sleeves with three bars of velvet.
The Oxford cap, the so-called mortarboard, is black and has a long tassel fastened to the middle of the top that is worn pendant over the left front of the cap. The hood, draped from the shoulder, denotes by its length and colors the degree and the institution which conferred the degree.
To Present
Frank S. Wartman
Boulder City metallurgist Doctor of Science
Malcolm Love
President. San Diego State College Doctor of Laws
Dean E. McHenry
Chancellor, University of California. Santa Cruz
Doctor of Laws
Lt. Cen. Frank T. Mildren
Local military commander
Doctor of Science
Herbert E. Grier
Founder, EG&G Inc.
Doctor of Science
Nevitt Sanford
Director. Institute for the Study of Human Problems. Stanford University
Doctor of Humane Letters
Francis H. Horn
President, Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities
Doctor of Humane Letters
Bob Hope
Doctor of Humane Letters
Del E. Webb
Builder and developer
Doctor of Humane Letters
Howard W. Cannon Nevada Congressman
Doctor of Laws
David Bruce Dill
Noted scientist
Doctor of Laws
Bishop Joseph Green
Bishop of Reno Doctor of Humane Letters
Gov. Mike O'Callaghan Governor of Nevada
Doctor of Laws
No degree awarded
Walker R. Young
Engineer in charge of construction of Hoover Dam (Accepted by Leo Dunbar. Sr. of Boulder City)
Doctor of Science
Frank Sinatra
Doctor of Humane Letters
Frank Church
Idaho Congressman Doctor of Laws
Herman M. Greenspun Publisher, Las Vegas Sun Doctor of Humane Letters
John C. Mowbray
Justice. Nevada Supreme Court
Doctor of Laws
Paul F. Sharp
President. University of Oklahoma Doctor of Humane Letters
Paul Laxalt
Nevada Congressman Doctor of Laws
Bart J. Bok
Noted astronomer
Doctor of Science
Daniel J. Boorstin
Librarian of Congress Doctor of Humane Letters
Wayne Newton Entertainer
Doctor of Humane Letters
Donald H. Baepler
Former UNLV president and chancellor
Doctor of Science
Frank Waters
Doctor of Humane Letters
Lucile Bruner
Local artist and teacher
Doctor of Humane Letters
Rev. Caesar Caviglia
Pastor, St. Peter's Catholic Church, Henderson
Doctor of Humane Letters
Frank H.T. Rhodes
President, Cornell University
Doctor of Letters
Charles Vanda
Director. UNLV Master Series
Doctor of Humane Letters
E. Parry Thomas
Chairman, Executive Committee, Valley Bank of Nevada
Doctor of Laws
Simcha Dinitz
Vice president, Hebrew University Doctor of Humane Letters
Major Gen. Robert E. Kelley
Superintendent, U.S. Air Force Academy Doctor of Science
Jerome Mack
Vice chairman of the board, Valley Bank of Nevada
Doctor of Laws
Harry Wald
President, Caesars Palace Hotel-Casino
Doctor of Laws
David P. Gardner
President, University of California
Doctor of Laws
Jihan El-Sadat
Wife of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat
Doctor of Letters
Diana Ross Entertainer
Doctor of Humane Letters
John Theodore “Ted” Sanders Nevada Superintendent of Public Instruction
Doctor of Letters
Major Gen. R.G. “Zack" Taylor Retired Air Force General Doctor of Laws
Majorie A. Barrick UNLV Benefactress Doctor of Humane Letters
Thomas T. Beam
Local engineer, land developer, and UNLV benefactor Doctor of Science
Joseph N. Crowley
President, University of Nevada, Reno Doctor of Letters
William Boyd
Las Vegas attorney and UNLV benefactor Doctor of Laws
Margaret Elardi
Hotel-casino owner and UNLV benefactor Doctor of Humane Letters
Elaine Wynn
President of University Foundation and UNLV benefactor
Doctor of Humane Letters
Artemus W. Ham Jr.
Las Vegas Attorney and UNLV benefactor Doctor of Laws
Robert B. Griffith
Archie C. Grant
Albert E. Cahlan
A.L. Scott
Roger T. Foley
J. Kell Houssels, Sr.
Bertha Ronzone
Cyril 0. Bastian Harriett G. Spann Clare W. Woodbury
George E. Franklin, Sr.
Reed Whipple
Leonard R. Fayle Sebastian Mikulich Richard F. Perkins
Judy Bayley Woodrow Wilson
James Cashman, Jr.
Juanita Greer White
Paul D. McDermott (posthumously) James I. Gibson
Mary L. Woitishek
Alan Bible
John F. Cahlan
E. Parry Thomas
Monsignor Thomas F. Collins
Elton M. Garrett
Oran Gragson
Mabel W. Hoggard
William W. Morris William Peccole
B. Mahlon Brown Addeliar Dell Guy Artemus W. Ham, Jr.
Ruthe Deskin William V. Wright
Marion D. Bennett, Sr. Ann Brewington
Harley E. Harmon, Sr.
Marjorie A. Barrick Eileen Brookman Irwin Molasky Thomas T. Beam
No award given
Rosemary K. Clarke William G. Flangas
Bob Brown (posthumously)
William Boyd
J.A. Tiberti Fred Gibson, Jr.
John Moran
Donald M. Clark
Florence Lee Jones Cahlan
Herbert McDonald John F. Mendoza
Daniel F. Byron Charlotte Hill John H. Midby Vassili Sulich Joe Williams
1987 Dr. Sheilagh Brooks
1968 Wing Fong
E. Parry Thomas
1979 Helen West
Rita Deanin Abbey
Emeritus Professor of Art
Bert Babero
Emeritus Professor of Zoology
Richard Basile
Emeritus Professor of Hotel Administration
Edward Billingham
Emeritus Professor of Chemistry
Eva C. Bortman
Emeritus Associate Professor of •
Curriculum and Instruction
Alice Brown
Emeritus Librarian
William D. Carlson
Emeritus Professor of Education
William Dakin
Emeritus Director of
Career Planning and Placement
Brock Dixon
Emeritus Vice President
Michael Drakulich
Emeritus Professor of Physical Education
Pat Fellman
Emeritus Administrator
Malcolm Graham
Emeritus Professor of Mathematics
James Harper
Emeritus Associate Professor of Accounting
Holbert H. Hendrix
Emeritus Professor of Education
Charles A. Jacobi
Emeritus Professor of Radiological Sciences
Agnes L. Lockette
Emeritus Associate Professor of
Curriculum and Instruction
Kathleen Lyons
Emeritus Associate Professor of Education
Sigrid Moe
Emeritus Professor of English
Muriel M. Parks
Emeritus Dean of Admissions and Records
Margaret E. Simon
Emeritus Associate Professor of Nursing
John T. Standish
Emeritus Director of Financial Aid
Richard E. Strahlem
Emeritus Professor of Accounting
Verdun Trione
Emeritus Professor of Education
John G. Tryon
Emeritus Professor of Engineering
Herman W. Westfall
Emeritus Vice President for Business Affairs
William T. White
Emeritus Professor of Economics
John S. Wright
Emeritus Professor of History
Roman J. Zorn
Emeritus Professor of History
In Memoriam
W. Glenn Bradley
Emeritus Professor of Biology
Richard H. Byrns
Emeritus Professor of English
Howard R. Chase
Emeritus Professor of Music
Herbert A. Derfelt
Emeritus Professor of
Educational Administration
Jacob S. Orleans
Emeritus Professor of Psychology
4505 MARYLAND PARKWAY • LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89154 • (702) 739-3662
Congratulations to the 1987-88 graduates. The UNLV Alumni Association requests your presence and that of your guests at a reception immediately following the commencement ceremony. The reception is hosted by Nevada Federal Credit Union and your Alumni Association in the Si Redd Room located in the Thomas and Mack Center. Refreshments and light snacks will be served.
As our graduation gift to you, the UNLV Alumni Association is providing your first year of membership in our organization at no cost to you. You will be receiving a letter in the mail from our Alumni Office. Return this letter to the Alumni Office, and your membership card will be prepared for you at that time.
Come by and meet the directors of your Alumni Association and share the joy of graduation with your fellow alumni.
Thomas L. Brooker, President Alumni Board of Directors
UNLV COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE Dr. Donald E. Schmiedel, Chair Dr. Robert Ackerman Steve Evenson Nancy Flagg Jeffry S. Halverson Kirk Hendrick JoAnn Jacobs John Martin Nick Paul Les Raschko Michael Stowers