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Correspondence, Levi Syphus to Sadie George




Creator: Syphus, Levi


1925-02 to 1925-03


This folder is from the "Correspondence" file of the Sadie and Hampton George Papers (MS-00434)

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man000339. Sadie and Hampton George Papers, 1874-1944. MS-00434. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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rs Sadie B.George Los Angeles,Cal St.Thomas,Nevada Feb. 9th,1925 Bear Madam Yours 2nd,with enclosures received. First, may I enquire whether or not I ever forwarded to you your deed for your mesquite land(sold by the county for taxes,) from Mr Hinmans Land Company. You will recall that 1 wnote and told y ou they had delivered it to me, But I cannot recall whether or n ot I ever sent you the deed. I have hunted prittey well through all my papers and fail to finde it. Did I forward it to you f I note your recital of Me Namees statement that he made me a good offer for the magnesite. I am sure I informed you of thq^ffer. You will remember,that prior to our accepting the first five thousand dollars paid by Mr Stewart, said money laid in the Las Vegas Bank f or nearley one month before we accepted,or at least for a week or two. They gave us an option on the money conditioned upon our giving them the kinde of an agreement they ask for, which we finnalley did and had the $5,000 transferred to the Pioche Bank and paid out t o us from there. Me Namee came here while that money was so lying in the bank awaiting our acceptance and. offered us $60,000.00- for the property. Ten Thousand Dollars down and the remaining'$50,000 to be paid us in a lump when they had patented the property > X think you get themaaning” That was his fine to accept. offer wliich I refused No., I do not believe the present optionees of theAa&a:<& want tin salt at all. To use it they would have to have an abundance of Iron Sulphates to use with it to make the hydrochloric acid for treating the magnesite. The haul from the nearest sulphates is to far and the cost of raakeing the sulphuric acid with which to make’the hydrochloric acid from the salt is to expensive,if made here where the cost of fuel would be high. No, I dont think they wil want it at all. If I have the right idea, they are depending on a gravity process for seperating the sand and lime from the magnesite, but I dont know for sure, in fact, I am getting afraid they are going to drop it alltogether, but possibley that is because the money from it would come in so handeyjy at this time. Have you yet had a meeting with the Judge on the salt. The main thing we will be caught on in any deal they promote will be this; They will want it in such shape,that as soon as transportation facilities are available for moving their lower salt they will want to commence crowding it into the game,cutting down the product from the Salvation claim at least one half and possilhley to a larger extent. I thereffDre think it advisable for us to be a little carefull as to what we agree to if they have a proposition to make, however,there will be time enough for that when the proposition magnesite Mrs Sadie B.^eorge Los Angeles,Gal. 2)ear Madam: - St.Thomas|Nevada Feh.15th,1925 Just to say,th&t on the 13th I received a wire from David S Walker requesting another extention of time for Feh.Payment| suggesting two weeks, We therefore wired him an extention for ten days time,or untill the expiration of the 24th,inst. ' Inclosed herewith is a copy of the extention agreement which I wish you would please signe and return same to me at once, so that I can deliver,in the event they do, or do not come across with the payment. It is my opinion that if they do not meet the payment within the time stipulated we xfill cancell their contract, Under the agreement,it only requires two thirds of the owners to cancell it, therefore it will not he necessary to send the forfeiture notice to you. If you have any ohjectmns to such proceedure ,so advise me. Looks rather fishey hut you cant always tell. * Very truly yours 1 1 St.Ahomas,Nevada Mch.6th,1925 Mrs Sadie B,George Los Angeles,Cal. Dear Madam Herewith please finde enclosed copy of emflension agreement on Megnesite,extending time for payment ofbhe $10,000.00 up to the 10th inst. This briggs the matter up to date,and leaves it in good shape for cancelling, in the event they do not meet the payment,and we deem it advisable to cancell. The mail is now leaving,and ust close, Please signe and return the agreement to m e ^ T possible. Dont whether or not they will meet the payment, but it now looks as if they might do so* Very truly yours \