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Bill of sale from Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad to Union Pacific Railroad Company for water production and transmission facilities, 1953






Bill of sale by the grantor, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad Company to assign, transfer, and convey to the grantee, Union Pacific Railroad Company water production facilities including springs, spring houses, water wells, settling basins, reservoirs, storage tank, pipe lines, pumping stations, as well as transmission facilities including power lines, transmission lines, telephone and telemeter line, and other facilities. Approved May 19, 1953. Signed July 17, 1953. Map outlining conveyed land, pipe lines and wire lines is referenced below.

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Box 25 Folder 80-12 LVL&WCo. Transfer of Union Pacific Water Production Facilities to,


hln001122. Union Pacific Railroad Collection, 1828-1995. MS-00397. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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LAW DEP'T COPY APPROVED 5/19/53 EEB ECR:JSL LA&SL L.S.D. Audit No. 5251 Contract Dept. No. 39722-3 BILL OF SALE KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That the undersigned, LOS ANGELES & SALT LAKE RAILROAD COMPANY, a Utah corporation, Grantor, for a valuable consideration, does hereby assign, transfer and convey unto UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY, a Utah corporation, Grantee, 1. All water production and transmission facilities and all other improvements of every kind and character located upon the land shown tinted in pink on map attached hereto, marked Exhibit "A" and made a part hereof, it being agreed, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, that the said improvements include three natural springs and springhouses, 11 water wells, three settling basins, one concrete reservoir of 1,200,000-gallon capacity, one concrete reservoir of 2,500,000-gallon capacity, one 300,000-gallon, elevated, steel storage tank now in the process of construction, pipe lines connecting said springs and wells with settling basins and reservoirs, three pumping stations, power lines, transmission lines, fences and other facilities appurtenant to said water production and transmission facilities. 2. The facilities of the Grantor located outside of the boundaries of the land above referred to consisting of a power line shown by green line between points AA and BB, a -1- power, telephone and telemeter line shown by green line between points CC and GG, pipe lines shown by red lines and a pumping station shown at point HH upon Exhibit "A" and all appurtenances thereto. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the said Grantor has executed this Bill of Sale by its officers thereunto duly authorized this 17 day of July_, 1953. LOS ANGELES & SALT LAKE RAILROAD COMPANY By s/ A. E. Stoddard President Attest: s/ L. J. Bachman Assistant Secretary Approved as to Form: s/ E. E. Bennett, General Solicitor Approved as to Execution: s/ C. F. Bongardt, Asst.West.Gen.Counsel Approved: s/ W. H. Hulsizer, Gen. Mgr. of Properties Registered: s/ M. H. Mayhall, for General Auditor