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Meeting minutes for Consolidated Student Senate, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, February 15, 1977






Agenda and meeting minutes for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Student Senate. CSUN Session 5 Meeting Minutes and Agendas.

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uac000128. Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Records, 1965-2019. UA-00029. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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SENATE MEETING #24 February 15, 1977 I. Call to Order Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Para Beury at 5:08 p.m II. Roll Call Roll Call was taken by CSUN Secretary. Members Present: Absent Excused: Absent Unexcused: Dan Newman Iris McCowan Joe Mann Greg McKinley Sharon Baker Warren Stief Brad Peterson Keith Terry Jeff Barta Tony Gwirtz none Dominick Cirone Andrew Sultan Debi Fields Leona Gonzales Richard Cole Bobby Lawson Gene Russo Bill Marion Marshal Willick Cathv McLaurin Tom Moreo Joe Warpinski Jim Bateman Ron McCormick Tara Corcoran Jim Rafferty Mike Whipple Dave Cavalieri III. Approval of Minutes Motion by Joe Warpinski to suspend reading of the minutes and approved as submitted. Seconded by Greg McKinley. Motion passes. IV. Open Discussion Period No minutes are to be taken of this particular agenda item. Open discussion period lasted for 15 minutes. V. Committee Reports Pam Hysell requests that the agenda be moved up to Organizations Council report as the representative must leave early. A. Organizations Council Pam Hysell moved to recognize the UNLV Anthropology Club as a CSUN organization. Seconed by Joe Warpinski. Motion passes unanimously. B. Activities Board Joe Warpinski submitted two contracts to the Senate to be voted on at the next meeting, March 1, 1977. They are: Keith Stroup of NORML for $1700 and Dusty Rhodes for $600. C. Elections Board Chairperson Sharon Baker announced that per the constitution, the elections must start next month. She stated that the most workable dates for the election are: Filing March 7-15, Primary March 23 & 24, and General April 13 & 14. Sharon moyed to approve these dates, seconded by Dan Russell. Motion passes unanimously. Sharon states that there is one slot open for the Election Board and interested parties should contact Dan. D. P.E. Investigative Committee Gene Russo told the Senate that this committee met yesterday. He noted that two of the major subjects discussed were students rights and ticket prices. Keith Terry moved that the CSliN Senate support the formation of a Committee for the allotment and distribution of tickets for University events. Seconded by Brad Peterson. Motion passes with one abstention. VI. Old Business A. Presidential Nominations and Appointments Dan Russell moved to approve Ron McCormick to the Activities Board. Seconded by Joe Warpinski. Motion passes with two abstentions. « Mr. Russell moves to approve George Kabolis as a Judicial Board member. Sec-onded by Keith Terry. Passes unanimously. Dan announces that anybody wanting to be on the Election board or the Appropri-ations committee to contact him after the meeting. Mr. Russell reminded the Senators of the importance of student representatives on the University Senate. He mentioned that much could be accomplished if these representatives were utilized. Dr. Cassese backed this statement. Student representatives for this year are Dan Russell, Pam Beury, Pam Hysell, Joe Warpinski, Tom Moreo, and Ricky Pipkins. B. Financial Report A financial report was prepared by Mike Whipple and Pam Hysell. (Attachment A). Discussion is now on the motion to reopen matching funds which is automatically lifted from the table. Marshal Willick moved to amend the main motion to state that any money-making organization be made to pay back matching funds or risk expulsion from being recognized for a predetermined period. Brad Peterson made a motion to move into informal discussion. Motion dies for lack of second. Joe Warpinski called for the question. Seconded by Tom Moreo. Motion passes to vote immediately with one opposed and four abstentions. Vote on amendment passes with 11-7-2. Vote on main motion to reopen matching funds passes with one opposed. C. Appropriations Committee Motion by Mike Whipple to approve the Appropriations Committee Operating Policy which was submitted but never voted on. Seconded by Joe Warpinski. Chair entertains a motion to recess for five minutes. So moved by Marshal Willick, and seconded by Sharon Baker. Motion passes with one opposed. Meeting called back to order at 6:09. Brad Peterson called for the question. Seconded by Bill Marion. Motion to vote immediately passes with one opposed and two abstaining. Vote on motion to approve Appropriations Committee Operating Policy passes with two abstentions. Mike Whipple moved to reinstate the Appropriations Committee. Seconded by Bill Marion. Call for question by Brad Peterson. Seconded by Bill Marion. Motion passes to vote immediately with one abstention. Motion to reinstate passes. D. Scheduling Committee Sharon Baker reported that 24 of the Senators schedules were in and 20 were clear for rescheduling to 4 o'clock on Tuesdays. Sharon Baker moves to move the Senate Meeting time up to 4 o'clock on Tuesdays. Seconded by Keith Terry. Discussion. Mike Whipple called for the question. Seconded by Sharon Baker. Motion passes. Vote on motion to move times up to 4 p.m. passes. The next meeting will be March 1, 1977, at 4 p.m. Dan Russell moved to adjourn, seconded by Marshal Willick. Dan Russell withdraws his motion. Mike Whipple made a motion that the Senate support an open college hour. Seconded by Marshal Willick. Discussion. Joe Warpinski moved to table until the Senators can survey their constituents. Seconded by Ron McCormick. Passes with one abstention. Dan Russell requests that the student members on the Academic Standards Board report to the Senate at the next meeting. Bill Marion made a motion that the Senate support the following petition and sign it. Seconded by Marshal Willick. The following concerned students of the University of Nevada wish to declare that the proposed allocation of budget funds does not meet the needs of the University. The estimated 9 percent increase will be insufficient to meet the demands of inflation and growth for the University to remain a respectable school of learning, adequate funds must be maintained. We understand that under the proposed budget, there will be a $22.5 million dollar surplus, which we feel could be put to further the growth of the state. We urge you, as our legislators, to relocate some of these funds in order to increase the budget of the University system. Joe Warpinski called for the question. Seconded by Marshal Willick. Passes with one abstention. Vote on petition passes with two abstentions. Joe Warpinski announced that the student representatives on the Union Expansion Committee are Greg McKinley, Gene Russo, Tom Moreo, and Mike Verchick. Para Beury announced that Senators should begin having their pictures taken by the Yell office for the Bulletin Board. For the Yell vs. CSUN Basketball Game, contact Greg McKinley. Joe Warpinski moved to adjourn. Seconded by Dan Russell. Motion passes, meeting adjourned at 6:27 p.m. UNIVCEORNSSITOYL IODFA TNEEDV ASDTAU, DLEANS TVSE GAS 4505 Maryland Parkway Las Vegas, Nevada 89154 Telephone ;702) 739-3477 MEMORANDUM February 25, 1977 TO: All Senators FROM: Pamela Beury, Presiding Officer CTWW^- The next regularly scheduled Senate meeting will be next Monday, March 1, at 4 o'clock in Lounge 202. Please note the time change in this meeting. AGENDA I. Call to Order 11. Roll Call III. Approval of Minutes IV. Open Discussion V. Committee Reports A. Activities Board B. Union Board C. Judicial Board D. Appropriations & Organizations VI. Old Business A. Presidential Nominations, Appointments, & Report VII. New Business A. Discussion of Out-of-State Tuition Increase yMolcfl +0 v. 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