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Transcript of interview with Robert, Ann, Joseph, Patrick, & David Genoves by Shirley Emerson, August 29, 2013






In 1960, the same year the original Ocean’s Eleven was filmed at the Sands Hotel and Casino, Robert “Bob” Genovese moved to Las Vegas to pursue a career in music. Bob’s band, The Jets, quickly got a gig at the Fremont Hotel, working opposite Wayne and Jerry Newton. Seven years later, Bob met and married Ann. The couple spent much of their early years of marriage on the road for Bob’s work, with Las Vegas always as their home base. A few years later they bought a home in McNeil Estates, and ceased their nomadic life when their eldest son, Joseph, started school. Over the years, Bob’s music career flourished, and he played showrooms across the valley, including Caesars Palace, the Flamingo, and the Driftwood Lounge, working opposite legends like Duke Ellington and Lionel Hampton. Bob and Ann’s personal life also thrived, and they had three sons: Joseph “Joe” Genovese, Patrick Genovese, and David Genovese. By all accounts, the children enjoyed an ideal upbringing. Neighbors watched out for neighbors, and all the children were friends, and spent equal parts getting in and out of trouble. After her sons grew up, Ann used her skills to start and run a travel agency. Joe, Pat and David have all remained in Las Vegas, and live back in their childhood neighborhood in the heart of the city. Joe is a successful land developer; Patrick worked for the City of North Las Vegas’ Parks and Recreation Division for 12 years before joining Gibson Guitars; and David has spent his career working at the Station Casinos. Following in both their father and mother’s musical footsteps, the Genovese sons formed a band as young adults and continue to play together informally. Having lived in Las Vegas for several decades, the Genoveses all have a unique and informed perspective on the growth and development of Las Vegas. They have witnessed hotels and casinos being erected and being demolished; experienced schools being segregated and then integrated; and seen the city transition from mob-run to corporate-dominated. The family remains committed their community, and being a part of its renaissance to ensure that it is still a great place to be a local.

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The Genovese Family oral history interviews, 2013 August 20, 2013 August 29, 2013 September 05, 2013 September 13. OH-02079. [Transcript]. Oral History Research Center, Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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i INTERVIEWS WITH THE GENOVESES: ROBERT, ANN, JOSEPH, PATRICK & DAVID Oral Histories Conducted by Shirley Emerson West Charleston Neighborhoods: An Oral History Project of Ward 1 Oral History Research Center at UNLV University Libraries Universit