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The Bulletin of Temple Beth Sholom, September 2004



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Temple Beth Sholom THE BULLETIN TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM September 2004 Elul 5764- Tishrei 5765 Vol. 4, No. 9 INSIDE THIS ISSUE Rabbi's Message 2 Cantor's Message 3 President's Message 4 Executive Director's Message 5 Upcoming TBS Events L Dor V Dor 6 Upcoming TBS Events 7 Religious School 8 Education Department 9 Midrasha 10 Under the Dome 11 Donations 12 Membership/USY Neilah 14 Women's League S'lichot Under the Stars 15 Men's Club 16 TBS Cruise 17 Calendar 23 Temple Beth Sholom is a Conservative Congregation affiliated with The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism Start The Year With Your Friends and Family At TBS By Participating In All Of These Special Holiday Activities! ? Saturday. September 11?S'lichot Under The Stars " (See page 15) Wednesday, September 15?Erev Rosh Hashanah This is the start of the Holiday services. Saturday. September 25?Yom Kippur Make plans to stay through Neilah for a very special 'light ceremony' service to mark the end of Yom Kippur! Sunday. September 26 and Monday. September 27 Sukkah builders needed! (See page 7) Tuesday. September 28?L'Dor V'Dor Celebrates Sukkot (See page 6) ? Wednesday. September 29?Sukkah Decorating and Ice Cream Party (See page 7) ? Monday, October 4?Men's Club Sukkot Fishing Trip ~ (See page 12) Thursday, October 7?Simchat Torah Everyone is invited to join in the celebration, carry a Torah and nosh a bit. (See page 7) 2?Rabbi's Message My Favorite Prayer Rabbi Felipe Goodman Many people have asked me what my favorite prayer is. I am always hesitant to answer these questions be-cause different prayers have spoken to me in various ways throughout different stages of my life. We as Jews should never fix our prayers in such a way that we prevent our liturgy from speaking to us constantly. One of my teachers once taught me that even a single letter in one prayer can inspire us to find a way in which to com-municate with God. I must admit however that one of the prayers that I look forward to every year is perhaps one of the least popular ones in the High Holy Day liturgy. "V'chol Ma'aminim", which speaks about how we en-vision God and how we perceive God challenges me every year to redefine my relationship with God. The words of "V'chol Ma'aminim" give me a sense of hope that I don't experience with any other prayer. "V'chol Ma'aminim" never fails to teach me that there are different ways in which to sense the presence of God in my life and that it doesn't need to be identical to the way in which other people sense the presence of God in their lives. Above all, the words of this ancient prayer remind me that there is hope; that this world can still be a bet-ter place, not only if God wills it but if we will it too. I recently read a story about what hope means and I thought of sharing it with you so that our search for meaning in the prayers we utter becomes a little more real and less abstract. "V'chol Ma'aminim" is a prayer of trust, faith and hope. We are reminded of the importance of hope in our lives. Charles Revson, founder of the successful cosmetic manufacturing firm Revlon, once said: "In our factory we make lipstick. In our advertising, we sell hope." Smart advertisers know that one thing people the world round need is hope. Hence the popularity of lottery tickets. One poor mother, who was raising her children on a small salary earned from long hours of hard work, was asked, "Why do you waste your money on a lottery ticket when you can hardly make ends meet?" "Yeah, I buy a ticket every day," the woman acknowledged. "But a dollar is not too much to pay for 24 hours of hope." Though gambling on the lottery will usually disappoint, like all of us, this woman needs hope. Hope is a vital ingredient to life. Without it, far too many people come to the conclusion that their life is simply not worth living and finally give up. When hope is gone, they have nothing left. Norman Cousins in Head First: The Biology of Hope (USA: Penguin Books) illustrates the power of hope. He tells of two physicians who were to deliver a pa-per at a national meeting of cancer specialists. One was complaining bitterly, "I don't understand it, Bob. We use the same drugs, the same dosage, and the same schedule of treatment. Yet I get a 22% recovery rate and you get a 74% recovery rate. How do you explain that?" The other responded, "We both use Etoposide, Plati-nol, Oncovin, and Hydroxyurea. You put those letters together and tell people that you are giving them E-P-O-H. I put them together and explain to them that they are receiving H-O-P-E. I emphasize that they have a chance." You have a chance! You have a chance at LIFE. You have a chance at success. You have a chance at whole-ness. You have a chance at meaningful relationships and, though you may not believe it, at happiness! Don't give up, for with the help of God and sufficient hope, you have that chance you need. May this sacred time of introspection and forgiveness allow us to utter the words from our ancient prayer like V'chol Ma'aminim that need to prayed but also the words that need to be spoken to other human beings so that we may heal the world through hope and understanding.. Cantor's Messages?3 By Cantor Daniel Friedman I could hear her still small voice from fifty feet away. A tiny gurgle of sound floated into the air as she adjusted the bubbles in her tiny stomach; the tiny features of her face gently contorting into uncontrol-lable expressions, quickly alternating between joy and sadness, confusion and serious business. The innocent sounds of her soul permeated the air and surrounded me, sending shivers of awe through my spine. How pure and simple life can be, I thought? How truly miraculous life can be? I am for-ever changed by the magnitude of creation. How often I have used that word, "miracle," to describe an event? How often have I read accounts of miracles in the Torah? How far have I gone to try and understand God's way on earth only to come to an understanding of how utterly unimaginable every-thing truly is. Over the past three weeks I have spent hours staring at the face of my new born daughter. I am sure I am not unlike every other new father when I tell you I am completely, overwhelmingly in love with this bundle of chemical reactions. A love that is awesome and based upon no logical reciprocation. As of yet, my daughter can not do anything to respond to me in kind. I stare, moment upon moment, searching for signs of intelligent life, looking for resemblance, waiting for her soul to emerge into a cohesive form of expression other than gas or hunger pains. Who is this child? What shall she be-come? Who am I? What shall I become as a parent? As I jiggle, rock, cradle, sit, stand, burp my child, pace and change diapers, I ponder my humble exis-tence. I think of the High Holy Days quickly approaching. I think of the innocence of this child and I glimpse a parallel. How wonderful it would be to approach the upcoming Days of Awe like a child; full of innocence, an open book with blank pages ready to be written upon. To me this High Holy Day period will be a time to strip away the pretense of Life (with a capital "L") and allow the awesome na-ture of being human to entire into my hopes and dreams for the New Year. Perhaps, if we all think of how pure and innocent we can allow ourselves to become for a few days this year, we may truly open our hearts, cleanse our souls and become resolute to refresh our lives through more positive ways of living. How simple and open can you become? How transparent can you become? This is the time to become vulnerable to the process of prayer, for God is like a father and we are the new born child. During the High Holy Days we join with our friends to bare our souls; to become like new born babies ready to learn again, to grow again, to work hard again with new insight. This is our chance, again, as it is every year. This is our time to become renewed with vigor and energy; to clean the slate. This is our time to flow through all the emotions of our past year; to let the "bubbles" of our life gurgle to the surface, pop, and relieve us of tension, fear, anger and hatred. To allow the sounds of the Shofar to blast awake our senses; to allow the ancient chants of the High Holy Days to be like lullabies upon our souls, lulling us into deep self reflection. My thoughts wander to, Hineni, "here I am!" All of a sudden loud noises of bodily functions blast through the air piercing me back to reality, announcing the presence of my daughter, another call to "duty." I smile into her eyes deep with wonder. Sept 2004 4?President's Message Once More - Into The Breach By Jeff Zucker A few weeks ago, on Saturday morning, we had a special service at Temple Beth Sholom. It was not a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, though we have had many of them. It was not a baby naming or Aufruf, though we have been blessed with many of those too. As those of you who have already read Laura Sussman's article may have already guessed, it was our first L'Dor va Dor Shabbat. Laura's article describes the L'Dor va Dor program and how much the L'Dor va Dor Shabbat and other events mean to the seniors who participate in them. For many of these seniors it is the only time they are out of the house other than to see doctors and get medical treatment. No one who was at the Temple for the L'Dor va Dor service, or who has attended any of the other L'Dor va Dor events, can doubt the importance of these programs. However, this program, and all our other Temple activities, whether for young or old, scholarly or not, celebrating simchas or mourning losses, do not spring into being out of thin air. They exist be-cause members of our congregation recognize the importance of making these activities available to our community, even if the services are primarily for others than those who provide that support. Whether articulated or not, they recognize that a strong Jewish community strengthens all of its members, whether they attend services once a year or every day. As I have pointed out before, Temple dues do not come close to covering our expenses. It is im-portant for each of us who can to cover the gap between Temple dues and the cost of our programs by contributing as much as we can to the Kol Nidre Appeal. These activities, which mean so much, depend on us. The generations before and after us depend on us. If you haven't contributed yet, you still have the opportunity to help those who need it. If you have contributed, you still have the opportunity to reflect whether you have really given all you can for your community and, if not, to in-crease your contribution. It takes so little to help so many. Please do. Executive Director's Message?5 There's A Whole Lot of Warmth At TBS By Laura Sussman Last month, I wrote about hachnasat orchim, welcoming the stranger. This month, I would like to share two specific events that took place at Temple Beth Sholom, where the mitzvah of hachnasat orchim took place in a grand way. One Shabbat morning last month, tens of volunteers transported, fed, nurtured and enjoyed the company of approximately 100 seniors. The volunteers ranged in age from 8 to 80, I believe the oldest participant was 102. If you are not familiar with this program, L'Dor V'Dor provides a regular opportunity for homebound older adults to interact with others, enjoy a hot meal, and participate in a Jewish activity. This particular morning they were treated to a Shabbat service, something many of the partici-pants had not experienced for a number of years. Cantor Friedman gave the haftorah; you could feel the swell of emotion in the sanctuary as his beautiful voice brought back fond memories for many of these participants. The concept of L'Dor V'Dor, Generation to Generation, was brought to life as one family unit, with three generations of congregants, had an aliyah. After the service, the congregation and guests were treated to a delicious Kiddush, courtesy of the L'Dor V'Dor Committee. Thank you to everyone who drove around town picking up our homebound Jewish elderly, lov-ingly helped them into and out of their vans and cars, assisting with seating in the sanctuary and walk to the restrooms, kept track of which walker belonged to which participant, helped with set-up or clean-up, served as a table captain, provided warmth and good conversation; all with a Jew-ish spirit. A couple of weeks ago, on a Shabbat evening, the Membership Committee hosted an "It's A Small World Oneg." Almost 400 people filled the sanctuary to enjoy the energetic and uplifting Kabbalat Shabbat. After the service, everyone went into the social hall for a nosh and an oppor-tunity to play TBS's version of Jewish geography. Thanks to the creative Membership Committee and a group of volunteers, maps of the US and the world were displayed in the social hall. Atten-dees congregated around the map that identified where they came from. Many new friendships were kindled through this event. In addition, two members, who were born in South Africa and hadn't met prior to that evening, met and found out that they were cousins. It is a small world, is- One small note Thank you to everyone who read and commented on last month's column. I don't know if it made a difference, but I didn't anyone standing alone during the Y'varechecha at the last few Kabbalat Shabbat services! As we head into the New Year, I wish you and your loved ones a warm, fulfilling and peaceful year! n't it? Sept 2004 6?Upcoming Events at TBS I L Dor V Dor UPCOMING EVENTS AT TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM High Holiday Service Schedule?Have You Registered Yet? MAIN SERVICES YOUTH SERVICES CHILDCARE & JR CONGREGATION Rosh Hashanah Wednesday, September 15 8:00 PM Thursday, September 16 9:00 AM Thursday, September 16 8:00 PM Friday, September 17 9:00 AM Kol Nidre Friday, September 24 6:00 PM Yom Kippur Saturday, September 25 9:00 AM Yom Kippur/ Yizkor Saturday, September 25 12:00 PM Neilah Saturday, September 25 5:00 PM High Holy Day Services To Be Broadcast For the third year, Temple Beth Sholom will broadcast High Holy Day services on the radio. Dates, times and stations will be announced this week. Contact Carol in the Temple office for latest information. L'Dor V'Dor Celebrates Sukkot ? September 28 is the date for a trip to the TBS Sukkah, followed by lunch catered by Gustav Mahler, and a discussion with motivational speaker Joyce Straus, the Director of The School of Creative Thinking. This program is open to any homebound senior who would like to socialize outside their everyday environment. There is no charge to attend L'Dor V'Dor, and trans-portation is available when needed. For more information on L'Dor V' Dor, or to make a reservation call Shirley Greenfeld at 562.0693 or Stacey Tregerman at 837.7626. The Rick Recht Band ? Nationally known entertainer Rick Recht will bring his ruach to the Clark County Library, on October 16, 2004 located at Flamingo & Maryland Parkway at 7:30 pm. This is a special program brought to the community by: Congregation Ner Tamid, Hillel at UNLV, Midbar Kodesh Temple, Temple Beth AM, Temple Beth Sholom, and The Jewish Community Center. Tickets will be avail-able from all sponsors. Adults $20, Children and Students $10. For further information, contact Temple Beth Sholom at 804.1333. TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM'S HOMEBOUND SENIOR PROGRAM CELEBRATES SUKKOT Celebrity Chef Gustav Mahler and Motivational Speaker Joyce Strauss Highlight Event L'Dor V'Dor of Temple Beth Sholom invites homebound seniors to a special celebration of Sukkot on Tuesday, September 28th at 10:30 am. A trip to the Sukkah, with special prayer sby Rabbi Felipe Goodman and Cantor Daniel Friedman are planned. Interaction with the children of TBS's Sandra and Stanley Mallin preschool ? a mainstay at each L'Dor V'Dor event ? will be followed by lunch, catered by Gustav Mahler and, a lecture by Joyce Straus. "Life can be a challenge and a new adventure at ANY age," says Ms. Straus, Director of The School of Creative Thinking, and motivational speaker. "We'll talk about how changing our attitude changes our perception of our own life, and how 'the golden years' really are the golden years." The L'Dor V'Dor program encourages seniors who live alone to socialize outside their everyday environment and to join the group for periodic lunch and entertainment. There is no charge to attend L'Dor V'Dor, and transportation is available when needed. If you would like to volunteer to drive seniors to the event, or help at the Temple, contact program director Rosalie Lazer at 395.0117. For more information on L'Dor V Dor, or to make a reservation call Shirley Greenfeld at 562.0693 or Stacey Tregerman at 837.7626. 10:00 AM 10:00 AM 10:00 AM 4:30 PM 7:30 PM 8:30 AM 8:30 AM 5:30 PM 8:30 AM Upcoming Events at TBS?7 Help Stock The Food Pantry on Rosh Hashanah (September 15-17) When you come to services this Rosh Hashanah, in addition to your tickets and ID, bring some canned food to donate to the Jewish Family Services Food Pantry. Foods high in nutrition, such as peanut butter and tuna fish are most appreciated. Searching For Schach? No longer do you need to drive all over town searching for schach (sukkah covering). We will have a supply on hand in the TBS parking lot for you to pick-up and use on your sukkah. Call the temple office for more information. Sukkah Builders Wanted Energetic, coordinated and fun-loving teens and adults are needed to help erect the temple's Sukkah. Volunteers are needed to help move materials out of storage and build the sukkah. (If you've seen this sukkah, you know it is a major construction job.) People who are skilled with using tools are especially desirable, but others are needed as well. Please call the temple office if you can help on Sunday, September 26, or Monday, September 27 between 9 AM and 5 PM. Sukkah Decorating and Ice Cream Party Here is your chance to add your decorators touch to the temple's sukkah. On Wednesday, September 29, from 7-8:30 PM, bring a ladder, artificial fruit and other non-perishable Judaic decorations to help transform our shell into a beautiful sukkah. We'll have lots of ice-cream on hand! Call the temple office, prior to Monday, Septem-ber 27, to let us know you will be coming. Simchat Torah Simchat Torah begins the evening of Thursday, October 7. Simchat Torah, Hebrew for "rejoicing in the Law", celebrates the completion of the annual reading of the Torah. Simchat Torah is a joyous festival, in which we affirm our view of the Torah as a tree of life and demonstrate a liv-ing example of never-ending, lifelong study. Torah scrolls are taken from the ark and carried or danced around the synagogue seven times. During the Torah service, the concluding section of Deuteronomy is read, and immedi-ately following, the opening section of Genesis, or B'reishit as it is called in Hebrew, is read. Join this year's celebration. Everyone, young and old, will have the oppor-tunity to carry their own Torah in the synagogue and partake in a special nosh! Sept 2004 8?Religious School Welcome back! I'm so excited to welcome all of our returning and new families to another wonderful year at our Reli-gious School. I'm thrilled to tell you that our school is thriving and growing at a pace and in ways no-body believed possible. Our registrations hit a record high of two hundred students and our teachers are now teaming up to cover the growing student number in our first, third, fifth and sixth grades. This growth also, as you already know, forced us to change our schedule significantly. Our Midrasha middle school and high school program is rapidly gaining momentum thanks to our wonderful fac-ulty and parents' involvement. Starting with two middle school students in the beginning of last year, we are now opening our year with enough students to separate the program into middle school and high school. Please read the brochure for more information about the program. We are thrilled to announce the addition of Kehilat HaNoar (junior congregation) services every 1st and 3rd Shabbat of the month. Our students will be encouraged to take ownership over the services and lead the Torah readings. These services will also incorporate innovative and creative ways to learn and express our understanding of the Torah. Services will be 9:30am - 11:30am at the small sanctuary. All 5th to 12th graders are invited. The involvement of parents in the classroom last year was such a smashing success, we are thrilled to see parents already asking how can they get involved again. We saw parents helping teachers to create a Jewish sense of community within their classrooms. We saw parents learning together with their children. We also saw students drawing so much power from their parents and their peers' par-ents? a power that helped them in becoming an inseparable part of their classroom community. I do not have enough words to emphasize and describe the changes we saw in classrooms with more parental involvement. My personal wish is to see more and more and more of your incredible in-volvement this year. I would like to end with the thought that living Jewish life is a never-ending learning journey. It is not always going to be easy, but reaching those breath-taking places is the most wonderful feeling ever. May you all have a wonderful sweet year Shanah Tova Ayelet. Education Department?9 Summer Camp K'Ton Ton at Temple Beth Sholom What an amazing summer! For nine weeks this summer our preschool turned into the most wonderful day camp ever. From themes like Under the Big Top, Friend-ship, Western Round Up and Luau, our children discovered new corners of the world, enjoyed exotic foods and dressed up in costumes that made you feel like you were at a County Fair. Camp K'Ton Ton had a full enrollment through each of the sessions for both full and part time participation. Next year we will be offering more opportunities for our young campers. Registration will be in early March, watch for details! Because of the success of our summer program, the Early Childhood Department will be offering a Winter Break Camp during the full two weeks of December. Reg-istration will open October 11,2004. The School year starts September 7 with seven classes ranging from 2 year olds through Kindergarten. A Kick Off Open House will take place on September 2, from 4 - 6pm. Everyone is invited to come and meet their teachers, find out about our program and be intro-duced to the wonderful after school activities being offered this year. If you have not yet enrolled, there are only a few part time spots left in our younger classes and 5 spots left in our Kindergarten class. A program for children 18-36 months old will begin on January 3 and take place Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Registration is now underway for this new class, which will be taught by Mrs. Dona Pitegoff. We have many returning staff and some new teachers that are all raring to go. If you haven't visited in a while, come through the school doors and see why the Sandra and Stanley Mallin Early Childhood Center is an exciting start to a fabulous educational future. The Sandra and Stanley Mallin Early Childhood Center Sept 2004 10?Midrasha Midrasha: Exciting 8-12 Grade Program for Area Middle School and High School Students at Temple Beth Sholom Students say... -We are creating our lift; story by participating in our Jewish community. Most people think that when they are finished with their Bar or Bat Mltzvah, their Hebrew school education is done. Well it should be the complete opposite. Your B'nai Mitzvah should he the beginning of your new education as an adult, not the end. " "Not to mention thus isn't )>our a\>erage Hebrew school class. I mean what t\pe of class do you go to Starbucks for a lesson? Yasher ko'adi... Again keep learning. Make the Jewish clkiin stronger." "It's about finding yourself In Jewish traditions and values and using what you've learned to make every day decisions that effect you personally and those around you." "Would you far your kid) like to be tnwlved in Mutrasha? We are looking for some new classmates to Join us in our fun activities Involving the Torah, life, current events, projects, holidays, and other Jim things. So bring all of your Jewish friends to the Midrasha programs. IVe haw a lot of fun doing activities, talking about life, opinions on teverything, Torah discus-sion and study, and commu-nity service projects. This is the most fun Hebrew School class EVER!!!! Jewish Pride!!!!!!" You have a chance to make the world a better place! Will you take it? Wrestle with life's ques-tions, explore the answers, journey into the past, and find meaning in the present! Join other Jewish teens and make a difference today and tomorrow. n w i I D T T Midrasltt = n place to seek out to inquire 9th-12th Grade Monday Nights 6:30-8:30 p.m. 8th Grade Thursday Nights 6:30-8:30 p.m. ? Dynamic weekly classes with special monthly programs! ? Shabhnt Services j ust for you the I st and 3rd Shabbat of tlie month! ? October and November workshops "Combating Hale aixl Anti-Semitism" with the A D U ? Field trips! Movies! Social action activities! Fun! And of course, snacks! Register Today! Call 804-1333 x 114 Yon do not have to be a Temple Beth Sltolom member to participate. The program ts open to ALL area teens! TBS Bereavement Group The Bereavement group, which meets weekly on Tuesday at 10:00 am in the Temple, ex-tends a heartfelt invitation to anyone in the community who has experienced a loss of someone near to them. There are few things more helpful and comforting than being with others who understand and share your feel-ings . If you have had a loss of a partner, please join us at a meeting. Coffee and bagels are served . Call Rita Tell at 702-255-0043 for information or directions. Hold the Date and Meet the Candidates! A MEET THE CANDIDATES forum will be held on TUESDAY, OCT. 12 beginning at 7 p.m. at Tem-ple Beth Sholom. Candidates from various elec-tive offices will give presentations followed by a question and answer period. The moderator will be Judge Michael Cherry. The evening's event is open to the community. For more information, call Mimi Katz, at 233-3785. Special Person Morris, "Mo", Menasche is a Very Special Person at Temple Beth Sholom. In addition to serving as a member of the TBS Board Of Directors, on any given day, you could find Mo fixing, shlepping, and helping in many ways around the synagogue. A jack-of-all-trades, Mo has been available to assist wherever needed to help ensure that the synagogue always looks in tip-top shape. Many members give of them-selves in different ways at TBS. Mo is one ex-ample of someone who gives of himself in many ways! Thank you to Mo for helping to make Temple Beth Sholom a better place for all of us. Happy Chavurah Come join the Happy CHavurah. They have various activities open to singles of retirement age. For more information on this group, please call Debbie Lederer at 242-4612. Thank You Temple Beth Sholom would like to thank Paul Weil for keeping our website current. For the past year Paul has volunteered his time to act as w e b m a s t e r for TBS's site and has done an amazing job. From everyone here at TBS, thank you for your diligent efforts Paul. "Under the Dome" is an ongoing column of general information. Read "Under the Dome" to find out the latest tidbits about people and events at Temple Beth Sholom. Sept 2004 12? Donations, tributes & from the heart RABBI'S DISCRETIONARY FUND Aliza Geller Thanks for the Cholent Sally & Dick Eskenazi In Memory of: Neil Eskenazi Sally & Dick Eskenazi Anne Walker Dr. Leon & Faye Steinberg Misheberach: Hilde & Eric Mayer Annette Rosenberg An Aliyah: Sally & Dick Eskenazi Get Well: Jerry Murdock Dr. Stan & Audrey Abramow Mel Wolzinger Dr. Leon & Faye Steinberg Elaine & Irving Steinberg In Honor of: Rabbi & Alma Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Karpel Mr. & Mrs. Kuhn Mr. & Mrs. Sipelstein Dr. Leon & Faye Steinberg's 50th Wedding Anniversary Miriam & Maurice Sharp Happy Birthday/Happy Anniversary: Viola & Mort Goldstein Charlotte & Sam Showel L'Shana Tova: Rabbi Goodman & Family Cantor Daniel & Family Anita Lewy CANTOR'S DISCRETIONARY FUND In Honor of: Cantor & Kevyn's baby Zoe Claire Dr. Stan & Audrey Abramow Shirley & Sidney Chaplin Nadolyn & Ken Karchmer Hylda & Murray Leitner Debbie Lederer Anita Lewy Blanche & Phil Meisel Dr. Steven & Marcy Saxe & Family Paul Schmier Rochelle & Arnold Schneider Dr. Leon & Faye Steinberg GENERAL FUND Dale Epstein In Memory of: Lillian Echt Wendy Kraft & Laura Sussman Get Well: Eddie Moskovitz Nadolyn & Ken Karchmer PRE-SCHOOL EDUCATION FUND Get Well: Mel Wolzinger Ruth & Allen Brewster In Honor of: Cantor & Kevyn's baby Zoe Claire Lillian & Mike Radomsky JUDY & RON MACK RELIGIOUS FUND Get Well: Mel Wolzinger Jill & Adam Carmer In Honor of: Dr. Leon & Faye Steinberg's 50th Wedding Anniversary Edie Morein YAHRZEIT/MEMORIAL FUND In Memory of: Joseph Aitkin Karen & Jeffrey Langbert Frieda Applebaum Bobbee Finkel Simon Aprill Dr. Albert & Eunice Merkin Minnie Berenkrantz Hilda Stein Hadji (Avram) Borukh Susan & Irwin Molasky Robert Demby Dorothy Demby-Lasky Hyman Ehrenberg Mary & Alvin Ehrenberg Mollie R. Eisen Beverly & Barry Eisen & Family Neil Eskenazi Renee & Joe Premack Istuan Foldesi Dr. Joan Silverstein Moe Gardner Suellen Levy LeRoy Gentry Neil Genry Viola L. Goldstein Diane Ginsburg Dr. & Mrs. D. Ginsburg Bessie Goldfarb Diane & Stanley Goldfarb Samuel Goldstein Mort Goldstein Harold Green Allyce Schwartzbart Abe Groman Eunice Galsky Ida Groman Charles S. Gudovitz Albert A. Kulwin Anna Hager Shirley Chaplin Edith Jones Esther Jones Frankenstein Joseph Kirshenbaum Yvette & Dale Galsky Hannah Koester Teri & Ole Thienhaus Lillian Kronheim Dr. Joan Silverstein Carl M. Kwartler Sharon Gottlieb Lewis Langbert Karen & Jeffrey Langbert Marvin Lansky Karen & Jeffrey Langbert Jean Lasky Marshall Lasky Herbert Lewy Anita Lewy Rose Lipsky Doris Soroky-Aarenau William Long Blanche & Phil Meisel Abraham Mamlet Suzanne & Alan Feld Julius Mandler Carmela Mandler Emrick Mason Debbie Mason-Ginsburg Zelda Perlman Debbie & Jerry Smith Lucille Post Pat & Don Gordon Sam Reicin Charlotte & Sam Showel Toba Reiter Norma J. Wilensky Meyer Rosen Brenda & Jerry Katz Morris Aaron Rosenberg Philip Rosenberg Lorelei Rothman Lee Rothman Meyer Rozen Brenda & Jerry Katz Betty Schmier Paul Schmier Abraham Schofel Sarah Schofel Murray Schofel Ethel Shapiro Florence Sokoloff Philip Shapiro Florence Sokoloff Leo Silverstein Dr. Joan Silverstein Benjamin M. Simon David L. Simon Sarah Simon Connie Pectol Sam Simon Jack Simon Sally Siskin Laura, Stanley & Max Shuster Samson Stein Hilda Stein Mollie Straus Samuel Straus Jack Straus Paula Tepper Bernice & Jack Lazar Joseph Wechsler Phyllis & Ira Wechsler & Family Stanley I. Weiss Rochelle A. Thone Fanny Weitzman Ethel Koulange Lily Phillips Al Wexler Natalie & Artie Berger Ana Wexler Daniel Wexler Dr. Lawrence Wilchins Eleanor Wilchins Donations, tributes & from the heart ?13 WARSAW REMEMBRANCE GARDEN In Memory of: Ruth Boyle Edythe & Irwin Goldberg Anne Walker Lillian & Henry Kronberg In Honor of: Dr. Leon & Faye Steinberg's 50th Wedding Anniversary Judy & Ron Mack Lynn & Arne Rosencrantz Get Well: Mel Wolzinger Edythe & Irwin Goldberg Lillian & Henry Kronberg L'DOR V'DOR In Memory of: Jack Berg Shirley & Sidney Chaplin In Honor of: Cantor Daniel & Kevyn's Baby, Zoe Clair Ruth Goldfarb Dr. Leon & Faye Steinberg on their 50th Wedding Anniversary Florence Bolatin Priscilla & Abe Schwartz Naomi & Raymond Spector Get Well: Mel Wolzinger Lil & Ken Glicken Shirley & Sidney Chaplin L'Shana Tova: TBS Board of Directors, TBS Members & TBS Staff Anita Lewy HEATHER SAXE SCHOLARSHIP FUND Gail & Jerry Beale In Memory of: Dr. J. Barry Rubin Karen, Shel, Andrea, Richard, Neat & Beth Heather Saxe Lawrence Saxe Dr. Joshua & Felice Saxe & Family In Honor of: Karen & Sheldon Shore's 44th Wedding Anniversa