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Minutes from Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors meetings, July 1993 - December 1993




Meeting minutes include reports from committees of the board, correspondence, and balance sheets.

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jhp000469. Temple Beth Sholom Records, 1945-2015. MS-00711. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

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EA - EXCUSED ABSENCE - PRESENT ATTENDANCE A - ABSENT BOARD OF DIRECTORS - TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM 1993-1994 '? A d e l e B a r a t z ?/? E d w a r d M. B e r n s t e i n / ? / D r . A l v i n B l u m b e r g /) ft .... J e r o m e B l u t ?A z 1 | A l l e n B r e w s t e r Z z M a r i e D a v i d ? z . . . . J ?1 B a r r y E i s e n / z B e v e r l y E i s e n / z I s a a c F a r r e l l ? z R e n e F e i n s t e i n z H e r b K a u f m a n R z L F r a n L e v i e n i / z __ S a n d r a M a l l i n ZA ?fi A r t i e N a t h a n E? i / M i t c h e l l O g r o n ED / J o r d a n P r i m a c k E? n I H a r v e y R i c e b e r g z ___ II___ S h a r o n E. S i g e s m u n d v J 1! . ___ L_ L..... D e n n i s S i n g e r / y 1___ . J o y c e S t r a u s ED & G e r a l d W e l t z z 1 - Leo A. W i l n e r z ?1 A r r ? ?r- r - it ir i \ 1 i NOTE: ARTICLE V, SECTION 6. OF OUR BY-LAWS, STATES AS FOLLOWS: "ANY DIRECTOR WHO SHALL BE ABSENT FROM TWO (2) CONSECUTIVE REGULAR MONTHLY MEETINGS OK THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS, OR WHO SHALL HAVE BEEN ABSENT FROM FOUR (4) REGULAR MONTHLY MEETINGS OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS DURING ANY FISCAL YEAR, WITHOUT REASONABLE CAUSE THEREFOR, SHALL BE SUBJECT TO REMOVAL FROM MEMBERSHIP FROM THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. ANY DIRECTOR WHO HAS BEEN SO ABSENT WITHOUT PROVIDING A WRITTEN STATEMENT OF REASONABLE CAUSE THEREFOR, SHALL BE SENT A LETTER REQUESTING SUCH A STATEMENT. FAILURE BY THE BOARD MEMBER TO RESPOND WITHIN THIRTY (30) DAYS SHALL BE DEEMED TO rni.Ki?m i T E HIS RESIGNATION FROM THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING JULY 26, 1993 AGENDA 1. Open meeting with welcome to everyone. 2. Roll call 3. Acceptance of minutes of last Board meeting. 4. GUESTS : 5. CORRESPONDENCE : a) Letter from North American Association of Synagogue Executives Re: 1994 Convention b) Letter from SIIS c) Letter from Jewish Community Center of Southern Nevada d) Letters from United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism Re: 1. Biennial Convention 2. Operation Isaiah 3. Regional Bet Midrash e) Thank-you note from Kathy Chilton 6. REPORTS : 7. OLD BUSINESS: a) Discussion Re: property in Green Valley and Summerlin 8. NEW BUSINESS: a) Discussion Re: Kol Nidre Appeal - Rene Feinstein b) Discussion Re: December Fund Raiser - Allen Brewster 9. MISCELLANEOUS : 10. PERSONNEL SESSION: 11. ADJOURNMENT: 1 < ' W? # * North American Association of Synagogue Executives in vites you to continue the Fantastic V oyage o f ?93 by join in g f ?A MISSION FOR SPIRITUAL RENEWAL? a t th e 1994 NAASE CONVENTION IN ISRAEL Sunday, F ebruary 13 - T uesday, F eb ru ary 22 ? Fly with us and El A1 direct n on-stop from JFK ? ? Five Star Accomodation in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem & Tiberias ? Watch for the exciting brochure and registration form for this very attractively priced package 1 HIS MISSION IS A MUST FOR REPEATERS AS WELL AS FIRST TIMERS MAKE PLANS NOW TO ASSURE YOUR ATTENDANCE!! :r D , 7 2 ? n , 2 r m a n BOB MILLER G o v e rn o r STATE OF NEVADA JAM ES J. KROPID G e n e ra l M a n a g e r STATE IN D U STRIA L IN SU R A N C E SYSTEM 515 E. Musser Street Carson City, Nevada 89714 July 21/1993 D ear Policyholder: O n Ju n e 18, 1993, S e n a te Bill 316 w a s e n acted , re fo rm in g th e w o rk e rs co m p en satio n law s a n d the State In d u stria l in su ra n c e System . O ne of th e p rim a ry goals of the refo rm w as to stab ilize w o rk ers co m p en satio n costs of N e v a d a em p lo y ers th ro u g h m o re efficient an d effective claim s m a n ag e m e n t, im p ro v ed loss co n tro l a n d g reater e m p h asis on the early re tu rn to w o rk of inju red em ployees. T h e success of the reform s req u ires th e coo p eratio n of all parties involved, in cluding em ployees, em ployers, health care p ro v id ers an d the State Industrial In su ran ce System. O ne p a rt of the n ew law m a n d ates th a t the State In d u strial In su ran ce System im pose a deductible of $100 or $1,000 on each claim occurring after June 18,1993. The higher deductible is lim ited to those em ployers w ho are d eterm in ed to have "excessive losses." SIIS is finalizing regulations defining w hich em ployers w ill be subject to th e h ig h e r ded u ctib le. T hose em p lo y ers m eetin g the d efin itio n of "excessive loss" w ill be indiv id u ally notified by m ail w h en such a d eterm in atio n is m ade. SIIS will bill em ployers for the $100 d eductible beginning in O ctober 1993 for all claim s occurring after June 18, 1993. The $1,000 deductible w ill also be b illed to em ployers beginning in O ctober 1993 for losses occurring after the effective d ate of the regulation. SIIS w ill bill em ployers for the d eductible o n a reg u lar basis, b u t not less often than quarterly. If you have any questions, please contact the SIIS Policyholder Services Section. Sincerely, Jam es J. K ropid G eneral M anager Jewish Community Center of Southern Nevada July 16, 1993 Edward M. Bernstein Board President Temple Beth Shoiom 1600 East Oakey Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89104 Dear Mr. Bernstein: The Singles Group of the Jewish Community Center of Southern Nevada would like, as a group, to attend Friday evening Shabbat services at Temple Beth Shoiom on August 6. We plan to meet at a different synagogue each month. As you may know, the JCC was formed more than two years ago with the goal of establishing a building where the Jewish community of southern Nevada could meet for social, recreational, and educational activities independent of religious affiliation. The Singles Group was formed in May, and I am pleased that members have expressed an interest in integrating cultural and religious activities into our busy social and professional schedules. I just want you to be aware of our presence on Friday, August 6. Thank you for your support, and the Singles Group looks forward to meeting and praying at Temple Beth Shoiom. Sincerely, Nancy Sirkin 658-1115 o*TN mv.3 n "? THE UNITED SYNAGOGUE QF CONSERVATIVE JUDAISM P a c i f i c S o u t h w e s t R e g i o n 15600 Mulholtand Drive o Los Angeles o California 90077 o (310) 472-1521 $ Fax: (310) 472-0179 The Association o! Conservative Congregations OFFICERS Pr?9*fWl DARWIN MILLER V<* Presidents RALPH BARNES JAMES DELSHAD ELLEN FREMED BENITA GETZKIN DA VIO KADER NORMAN KARCHEM DR BRUCE UTTMAN BURT MARGUUS JACKIE SALTZ MARSHAL TEMKW ALAN TEPLINSKY HELEN TOREM GERALD WELT MEL WYNN RecotOftg Secretary BARRY KLAT2KER INTERNATIONAL OFFICERS WreFVeidwm OR HAROLD KRAViTZ HAROLD UPCHIK FRANCIS (FRITZ) M1NTZ 4YTON A RAKOV naf Secftto y EPH HESS PAST PRESIDENTS Ernest Goodman Bernard Lehrer Dr Harold K ravlz Joseph Ha*s Marti F Samuote M M iloMandol Dayton A. Rakov Harold L?pe*vk * Frank FaNgn O Robert Cobtoos * Charte* L tp p rn Franco (Fritz) Mintz Irving Dubm f rod R Fme V idor Horowitz ?B o n L L w Benjamin Soowadk * Stephen M S*ngor Chartos Esensten Darnel Rothman Arthur Whizin Harold Easton * Aaron Gordon * O fltessed Memory July 23, 1993 Mr. Edward Bernstein c/o Beth Sholom 1600 E. Oakey Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89104 Dear Mr. Bernstein: RABBI MARVIN L. LABINGER Executive Director ROBERT D. FISHER Director Department ot Youth Ach?es NOVEMBER 11-15, 1993 THE UNITED SYNAGOGUE OF CONSERVATIVE JUDAISM BIENNIAL CONVENTION BONAVENTURE RESORT AND SPA FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA Plan to join us in a dynamic and inspiring Shabbat week-end experience, highlighted by 30 seminars of practical, up-to-date application; Leadership Development Programs; Mitzvah Fair; Award Winners; Exhibit Excitement. All of this will be enhanced with a full range of sporting events and spa relaxation. Register NOWI All the materials are enclosed. There are incentives for booking by October 1st as well as for synagogue groups of Five or more. Our region will have a hospitality suite hosted by our Regional President Darwin Miller. Stop at the front desk and ask for the number. Participants from our Pacific Southwest Region will also meet during the convention. Watch for the notices of time and place at the convention. Mark your calendar. Register Now. We look forward to seeing you at the international Biennial Convention, if you have any questions, call Mel Wynn at 310-271-1202. AFFILIATED ARMS Cantors Assembly Educator* AssomMy Federation of Jewish Men s d u b s Jowah Youth Dirodors Ass-coal ?00 Jewish Theological Som^raiy National Association of Synagogue Admrwslrators University of Judasm Rabbinical Assembly Woman'* League for Conservative Judaism 0 SCHOOLS ?.it Aj : j Day School Ji Am-Pressman Academy f-sh Studios Institute fo d n a Mobrow Acadomf Los Angeles Hebrew H $ * - JALA) S nai A kita Academy Solomon Schechtot Day School (Phoenix) ?ML> Darwin Miller President CENTRAL OFFICE P-wtont Atan J Tichnor cxecuiv* Vet Presadm k C.W cxearavtGfccer Rabbi Jerome M E p s t** Ditckx Dtfwvrml f le t t a / A ctvis? Dr Morion K Stogai B?Shalom, T O Mel Wynn Convention Representative ^ i 'S t& Y ? Rabbi Marvin L Labinger Executive Director To the Education Director y To the President To the Rabbi An invitation to enroll your congregation in the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism OPERATION ISAIAH 5754 Each year since its inception in 5750, participation in Operation Isaiah has grown tremendously. All over North America, United Synagogue congregations have joined together to observe this new Conservative ritual. Beginning with the collection of food and/or other necessities prior to Kol Nidre on erev Yom Kippur and extending throughout the year with holiday and everyday collections, Conservative Jews are answering the 2500 year-old call of the prophet Isaiah to: Share your Bread w ith the hungry, Take the homeless into your home. Clothe the naked when you see him, durn not away from those in need. We urge yguto add your congregation's name to this growing list. If you send in the form on the other side of this page by August 9, 1993, you will receive a packet of materials in time to help you educate your members, organize and publicize the program and provide substantial relief to the needy in your community. Please enroll us in OIPEHATHOM OSAflAH S7S4 Congregation/Schoo! (Circle one)------------------ --------------- ---------------------- A ddress______________________________ --------------- ------- --------------------- City, State, Zip _______ _? -----------------------------------------? ------ ---------------- Phone __________ ____ __________________ ____________ ______________ Contact Person's Name and Position ?_----------------------------------------------- How many years have you participated in Operation Isaiah? (Circle one) 0 1 2 3 4 Did you have a collection of food or other necessities prior to that time? Any comments about Operation Isaiah: For congregations: Please note that we are sending this form to the rabbi, president and education director. The education director may want to send in a separate form for the school. The rabbi ?21 president should send in a form for the congregation; please check to see you are not sending an additional form. To insure enough tim e to plan your program , return by August 9, 1 9 9 3 t o : Operation Isaiah Department of Education United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism 155 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10010 # ? ?f ?r S V ^ 9. ? * 8 & & ?____ i& S fc S R 3 * ? " , ^ r t II* ?v> " Annual Bet Midrash Margaret Carlton Women s League for Conservative luda ism Darwin Miller United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism Pacific Southwest Region Hazzan Lance Tapper Cantors Assembly Western Region Rabbi David Vorspan Rabbinical Assembly Western States Region |tabbi Robert Wexler "University of Judaism Peter Winkleman Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs Committee: Dr. Gordon Cooper Rabbi Elliot Dorff Linda Fite Benito Getzkin Rabbi Marvin Labinger Hazzan Jeremy Liplon Rabbi Stewart Vogel July 16, 1993 To: Rabbis, Cantors, Executive Directors, Education Directors, Presidents, Education Vice Presidents, Sisterhood Presidents, and Men?s Club Presidents From: The Bet Midrash Committee Subject: Heads Up .... The Calendaring of the Bet Midrash "Jewish Identity: When is a Jew not a Jew?" is the topic of next year?s Bet Midrash. We are proud to be beginning the third year of this outstanding program. The complete set of materials covering such topics as Defining the Issue: A Historical Perspective, Brit Milah, Conversion, Intermarriage, Apostasy and A Holy People will be available in October. They are currently being prepared by Rabbis Daniel Gordis, Gil Kollin, Perry Netter, Joel Rembaum, Paula Reimers, Ron Shulman and Steve Tucker. As you may know these materials are being developed specifically for use in our region-wide, movement-wide (and rapidly becoming nation-wide) Bet Midrash program and are ideal for adult education programs, confirmation programs, Sisterhood education days, board retreats and more. We will celebrate the completion of our study with the Third Annual Bet Midrash Siyyum on May 22, 1994, focusing on "Genetic Issues". We are writing to you now so that you will have the time to calendar the Bet Midrash as part of your congregation?s education programs. We suggest you plan on at least six sessions of two hours each (or some similar schedule) in order to adequately cover the material. You will receive the first lesson and publicity flyer in September. We hope you will take some time on Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur to encourage your congregants to participate in this unique study opportunity. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to call Linda Fife at (310) 472-1521. .. . Culminating in a Regional Siyyum at the University of Judaism, May 23, 1993 * f a ' f e r i ^ ^ y / , M> ?J ^ /? j^ A / /] , /n " / v / y r? /r& rt? ? ? ?>@ J /& ? i J fm jiV r i? J> A& ?> - ? J . sJ # //j> <??SJ y W r J ? /.'/j, Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for July 12, 1993 Present: Edward M. Bernstein Jerome Blut Allen Brewster Marie David Barry D. Eisen Beverly Eisen Isaac Farrell Rene Feinstein Herb Kaufman Fran Levien Artie Nathan Mitch Ogron Dennis Singer Gerald Welt Absent: Adele Baratz Dr. Alvin Blumberg Sandra Mallin Jordan S. Primack Harvey Riceberg Sharon E. Sigesmund Joyce Straus Leo A. Wilner Also Present: Sheldon Raphael Joanne Schwartz Ed Bernstein, President, called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m. Isabel Goldberg, Executive Director, called the Roll; those present and absent are noted. There being no additions or corrections to the June 7, 1993 Minutes, they were approved. Correspondence The President asked for discussion regarding the correspondence. In response to a question about the letter from Alan Tichnor, President of United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, regarding "Model" agreement, Isabel advised the Board that the letter was a "For Your Information" letter; a model agreement had been put together for congregations and clergy which, if we wanted to use, we could. Jerry Welt told the Board that the Rabbinical Assembly was not impressed by the model agreement. He advised that a copy of the agreement was in the office, for those who desired to read it. Reports Cantor: Cantor Bergman told the Board that the choir is rehearsing twice a month in preparation for the High Holidays. He also reported that he has spoken with Rabbi Kideckel and worked out a time for services for Selichot: the Selichot service will be held from 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 11, 1993; the social function will be held prior to the service. Cantor Bergman further stated that July 27 is erev TishaB?air, Services will be held the Monday, July 26 and the morning of July 27. The Cantor stated his committee had narrowed the selection of candidates for cantorial soloists at the auxiliary service during the High Holidays to two candidates: Sharon Omez and Julie Kaminer. He would like the Board to listen to tapes of the two women. After listening to short excerpts, the Cantor stated that both women were from Los Angeles. Ms. Omez would be participating in her first High Holiday service; Ms. Kaminer is more experienced. In response to questions by the President, the Cantor said he thought Ms. Omez would be less expensive, because she is less experienced. When asked by the President for a recommendation, the Cantor replied he felt it depended on the Board, and the ultimate cost. The President asked the Board if any Board members objected to either selection; when the b:\tbs\07-12-93.min Board did not object, the President requested the Cantor and his committee decide and negotiate with the candidate of choice. Treasurer: Rene Feinstein spoke to the Board and stated that since being elected Treasurer, she has learned things which, as a Board member, she could not possibly know; the Board has no idea how bad the financial situation is. Recently, the synagogue had to sell its Circus Circus stock to make payroll. She said we are close to a point where we are bankrupt; when we use our CD, we will have no money to meet payroll. In going through requests for reimbursement, Rene stated, she found requests from our bookkeeper, other employees, and Kadima, for moneys and supplies (such as stamps), provided by employees because we do not have enough. That is how serious the situation is: we are robbing our children?s piggybanks to pay operating expenses. Rene advised that payroll is $50,000 every month, which is too high. She said she will ask Rabbi Kideckel to take a look at the religious school and cut back on teachers; likewise, she will ask Isabel to review staffing needs. Rene said she and Allen Brewster signed checks while Isabel was gone, totaling payables of $30,000, dating back to April. She then passed around a list of $27,000 in unpaid payables, for which we do not have funds. After reviewing the list, Allen Brewster reminded everyone that in another few months we would be adding $25,000 in expenses for our new rabbi. This includes about $10,000 to redo the house and moving costs. Rene said, for example, she and Allen noticed expenses of over $3,000 for air conditioning and heating repairs for just a two-month period. She spoke with Jordan briefly during the week to see if there was something we could do on an interim basis to the system to improve it with a minimum amount of money that would save us repair expenses and high utility bills. Jordan will look into that matter and get together with Allen. Rene said it would behoove us to look into spending money to replace rather than repair the system. Artie Nathan asked Rene if we have a receivables list; Rene replied we did. She said it is a computer printout, approximately Vh inches thick. She said it is being reviewed and certain receivables have been highlighted with the intention of attempting to collect. She said a lot of the money will come in if we hold to our policy not to provide High Holiday tickets until all moneys have been paid. Herb asked why we owe the Federation $1,200. Beverly said $199 was Temple Beth Sholom?s share for Yom Hashoa (all the synagogues divided the cost). The rest is advertising. Rene said she had two things she would like the Board to consider this evening. The first is regarding Kol Nidre. Should we accept pledges for publication in the book if people still owe us money from prior years. Rene then asked the President if we should vote on that now, or wait until she presented her other matter. The President said Jerry Blut had something he wanted to add, and felt this would be a good time. Jerry Blut said we have current (1993) dues of $230,000 outstanding. A good portion of that will come in during July and August, because people pay in order to receive their High Holiday tickets. People have been slow in making payments, which is one reason we are in such a difficult position. Artie asked if that is historic. Jerry and Isabel said yes, but it is a little more so this year than in previous years. Jerry said that some time during the last week in July he would like to have a meeting called for the Budget Committee, to discuss the dues question and report to the Board in August. He will meet with Isabel to discuss scheduling Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors July 12, 1993 Meeting Minutes b:\tbs\07-12-93.min 2 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors July 12, 1993 Meeting Minutes such a meeting. He agreed with Rene that we should require payment of prior pledges before accepting new pledges. Herb asked why we owe Jewish Family Services $2,000. Isabel said that was our allocation put in this year?s budget for JFS for indigent needs. We have not yet given it to them because we do not have it. Isabel said she had a question about the United Synagogue bill; what is shown is the fourth quarter of our annual dues, which should have been paid a lew months ago. It seems obvious to Isabel that we simply cannot afford it. She wondered if the Board would sanction a letter going to the regional office stating that we simply cannot do it this year. 1 he President authorized Isabel to prepare such a letter. The President requested the Board not "nit-pick" the list of payables. The Budget Committee is working on matters. He said there were several things discussed at the Executive Meeting which need to be covered. One matter was our need to have some sort of Temple-sponsored event to bring in revenue. He thought perhaps something to welcome Rabbi Kideckel and perhaps bring in $20,000 to $25,000 in revenue. Fran suggested we also honor Cantor Bergman and Isabel. The President said that in all honesty, he felt people will not buy tickets to honor the Cantor and Executive Director. We need to properly market such a fund raiser. The second suggestion which the President had was to take a hard, long look at dues and come back with some proposals. 1 wo months ago the Board voted to come up with a new dues structure to take effect in January. In addition to raising dues, we need to change the criteria for reducing dues, such as mandatory volunteerism. The third suggestion was that of accepting pledges. We must identify those people who owe us money and make personal calls to them to collect those outstanding pledges. Rene said she noticed, while signing checks, that we are carrying term life insurance policies on all our employees, at a cost of about $500 per month; this is separate from the health insurance policies. Discussion took place amongst members as to which insurance companies were providing life, health and dental. Rene suggested we give employees the opportunity to pick up the premiums on these policies, so we can eventually cancel the term life. Jerry Welt said we cannot simply, on our own initiative, terminate the coverage. The President suggested we look into the matter, since the life insurance policy is separate from health insurance. Rene asked if we are prohibited from reducing employee benefits. Artie said no, but it is not good policy. Jerry Welt said he is not saying we may not end up reducing the benefits, but we may not do it tonight. Rene asked how many employees were on the policy; Isabel replied ten or eleven. The President asked Isabel to report to the Board at the August meeting, giving a breakdown of life, health and dental policy costs: how much each costs, and who is covered. Fund Raiser: The President stated we need volunteers to come back next month and make a report regarding fund raising activities. Allen Brewster will chair the committee; Isaac Farrell and Beverly Eisen will participate on the committee. The President suggested November or early December, around Chanukah. b:\tbs\07-12-93.min 3 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors July 12, 1993 Meeting Minutes Men?s Club: Herb reported that the planned gala is scheduled for April. The participants, other than Temple Beth Sholom, are Easter Seals, Opportunity Village, Nevada Catholic Welfare, the American Cancer Society and the LDS Church. Temple Beth Sholom will receive 50 percent of all profits derived, because it is doing all the work; the other participants will each receive 10 percent. Herb advised the Board that he has spoken with all four networks, and two networks are very interested in the event. He will hear further from them and report to the Board. Herb reminded the Board that the food served at this event will not be kosher. Youth Committee: Beverly Eisen reported that Ear West on Wheels will be visiting Las Vegas the weekend of July 25. Temple Beth Sholom is hosting, at no expense to the congegration, doing home housing and personal transportation. Old Business Rene informed the Board that the lottery ideas by the Fund Raising Committee have all been stymied, because of legalities, and we are looking at other ways to proceed. Jerry Turk said he would give a hand, and Rene will report further next month. New Business 1. Allen Brewster asked for discussion regarding outstanding pledges for those wishing to make a Kol Nidre pledge this year. The President suggested making telephone calls and then sending letters advising that if pledges are not paid, future pledges cannot be accepted. 2. The President addressed the Board regarding the Building Fund. Last year, we spent money for an architect to prepare a model in hopes of raising the $2 million required to renovate this building. We have gone nowhere in the past year with that fund drive. He said personally, to spend $2 million to fix up the building is like applying a band aid, that ultimately will force us out of business. There will eventually be a temple in Green Valley and a temple in Summerlin and we will be stuck in the middle of town, saddled with a $2 million debt. The youngest and best members will have migrated to either Summerlin or Green Valley. He does not see the Temple prospering in this location. The President said he had lunch recently with Mark Fine of Summerlin, There are five-acre parcels of land across the street from the Hebrew Academy which is allocated for churches and synagogues, all of whom pay the same (reduced) price for the land. The President said that whatever we do, it will create a big stir. If we are going to embark on a building fund, we have to decide what we are going to do. We need to be intellectually honest, he said, and make a commitment in one direction or the other. Of course, we do not want to offend anyone. He suggested instituting a small search-type committee to talk to the Greenspuns in Green Valley, and to Summerlin, and see what anyone can do for us. Spending $2 million here, he said, is not in our best interests. Jerry Welt asked if we had done a ZIP code analysis. Isabel said not for a few years, but it can be done through our mailing lists. We have a tremendous membership population in Paradise Valley, and a large number in Green Valley. Comments were made, however, that Summerlin is a new community and is still developing. Jerry Welt said he hoped to serve on b:\tbs\07-12-93.min 4 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors July 12, 1993 Meeting Minutes such a committee, but could not chair it. Committee members are Barry Eisen, Ed Bernstein and Jerry Welt. Mitch Ogron asked if we previously did a survey and determined that it is equally inconvenient for both sides of town. Mitch said that realistically speaking, if we cannot raise $2 million to renovate, we are not going to raise the $10 million it will cost us to build a new facility. Herb said we have a better chance o f raising money for a new synagogue. Mitch asked about the 20-minute drive from either Summerlin or Green Valley; he wondered if it was really the distance that is keeping people away, or is it something else. Rene said that she has friends who live in Green Valley who attend Ner Tamid. They say that the extra ten or fifteen minutes saved in driving is an important ten or fifteen minutes. Jerry Welt said that someone is going to open a legitimate synagogue in these areas and that is when we are going to be wiped out. Discussion took place among members regarding funding and location. Jerry Blut suggested the committee explore some discussion with Rabbi tlecht regarding Temple Beth Am?s land in Summerlin; perhaps a joint venture of some kind, for the land, could be considered. The President reiterated that we have a mandate from the Board to send out feelers in both Green Valley and Summerlin regarding the acquisition of land in either of those areas. Miscellaneous 1. Herb asked how much we owe Kadima. Rene said we owed $400, but we are paid up now. We also owed $400 to Jackie Boiman. Isabel said that $400 was an accumulation of months of expenses she had laid out directly for Kadima; Jackie waited to get reimbursed until she had tallied up a larger amount. 2. Isabel told the Board she had handed out programming information from the regional office of United Synagogue, for information only. 3. Isabel said that approximately three weeks ago, the President had sent out pulpit assignments and committee lists and had only received six back. She once again handed out the lists and requested they be returned. 4. Artie asked what we did with the policy manuals. The President advised him they had gone to the Personnel Committee. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m. Motions Carried There were no motions made at this meeting. Assignments 1. Jordan Primack, along with Allen Brewster, will look into a low cost replacement/upgrade for the air conditioning and heating system, to lower expenses for repair and utilities. b:\tbs\07-12-93.min 5 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors July 12, 1993 Meeting Minutes 2. Isabel will report to the Board at the August meeting, giving a breakdown of life, health and dental policy costs: how much each costs, and who is covered. 3. Allen Brewster will chair a committee regarding fund raising activities for 1993. Isaac Farrell and Beverly Eisen will participate on the committee. The Committee will investigate ideas and report to the Board in August. 4. Rene Feinstein will report to the Board in August as to the future Fund Raising Committee?s progress. 5. A committee, consisting of Barry Eisen and Jerry Welt, will send out feelers in both Green Valley and Summerlin regarding the acquisition of land in either of those areas. b:\tbs\07-12-93.min 6 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SHABBAT 14 AV 15 AV 7:30pm Board of Directors Meeting 16 AV 11: 30am Beth Sholom Seniors 7:30pm Choir Rehearsal 17 AV 18 AV 6:30pm Membership Committee Meeting- Straus House 21 AV 22 AV 23 AV 11:30am Beth Sholom Seniors 10 24 AV 11 25 AV 28 AV 15 29 AV 16 1:00pm Nate Mack Religious school Teachers Orientati 7:00pm Board of Education Meeting 30 AV 17 1st Day Rosh Chottee+ 9:00am Pre-School Teacher Orientatior 11:30am Beth otn Sholom Seniors 1 ELUL 2nd Day Rosh Ch 18 I d e aj ; 2 ELUL 5 ELUL 22 6 ELUL 23 7:30pm Choir Rehearsal--- >:0Gam Nate Mack religious School rlasses begin First day of Pre-School and Day School classes 12 ELUL 29 13 ELUL 30 >:00am Sisterhood Jew Member Tea ! :30pm New Member Consecration - ;traus House 7 ELUL 11:30am Beth Sholom Seniors 7:30pm Choir Rehearsal 24 8 ELUL 25 7:00pm Youth Commission Meeting 14 ELUL 31 11:30am Beth Sholom Seniors All events take pi otherwise indicated 9 ELUL 19 AV 7:23 6:00pm ESP Service 8:00pm Service MARIE DAVID 20 AV 7 9:00am Service MITCH OGRON 12 26 AV 7:20 13 8:00pm Service BARRY EISEN 19 27 AV 9:00am Service ARTHUR NATHAN 26 AUGUST, 1993 ce at Temple Beth Si by OP (Off Premisei 3 ELUL 7:07 8:00pm Service BEVERLY EISEN 20 10 ELUL 27 6:56 6:00pm Congregation Shabbat Dinner 8:00pm Service ISAAC FARRELL 4 ELUL :00am Service FRAN LEVIEN li 5 ELUL 2 9:00am Service 3ar Mitzvah JORDAN GREENFIELD HERB KAUFMAN olom unless > TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING JULY 12, 1993 AGENDA 1. Open meeting with welcome to everyone. 2. Roll call 3. Acceptance of minutes of last Board meeting. 4. GUESTS: 5. CORRESPONDENCE : a) Letter from Mr. & Mrs. Robert Greenberg Re: Cantor Simon Bergman b) Letter from Rabbinical Assembly Re: new Rabbi c) Letter from Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Eps