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Letter from Shelley Berkley (Washington, D.C.) to Foreign Minister James Huang (Taiwan), June 13, 2007, regarding visiting Las Vegas (1 page)


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SHELLEY BERKLEY 1ST DISTRICT, NEVADA 4 0 5 C A N N O N H O U S E O F F I C E B U I L D I N G W A S H I N G T O N , D C 2 0 5 1 5 ( 2 0 2 ) 2 2 5 - 5 9 6 5 F A X : ( 2 0 2 ) 2 2 5 - 3 1 1 9 2 3 4 0 P A S E O D E L P R A D O S U I T E D 1 0 6 L A S V E G A S , N E V A D A 8 9 1 0 2 ( 7 0 2 ) 2 2 0 - 9 8 2 3 F A X : ( 7 0 2 ) 2 2 0 - 9 8 4 1 Congress of the United States House of Representatives Washington, 20515-2801 June 13,2007 COMMITTEES: W A Y S A N D M E A N S SUBCOMMITTEE ON INCOME SECURITY A N D FAMILY SUPPORT SUBCOMMITTEE ON TRADE V E T E R A N S ' A F F A I R S SUBCOMMITTEE ON HEALTH SUBCOMMITTEE ON DISABILITY A N D M E M O R I A L AFFAIRS CAUCUSES: CO-CHAIR, GAMING CAUCUS CO-CHAIR, STOP D U I CAUCUS CO-CHAIR, TAIWAN CAUCUS His Excellency James Huang Foreign Minister Kaitakelan Blvd. Taipei, 100 Taiwan, R.O.C. Dear Minister Huang, I would like to invite you to visit Las Vegas, one of America's fastest growing cities, during your upcoming trip to the United States. Similar to your program with the World Affairs Council of Northern California, I would like to suggest that you participate in a program in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas World Affairs Council is a premiere internationally-focused nonprofit in Las Vegas, and can work with you to organize a visit that highlights the uniqueness of our wonderful city. I am privileged to co-chair the bipartisan Congressional Taiwan Caucus, a community of elected representatives that works diligently to strengthen the relationship between America and Taiwan. It is especially gratifying that the work calls for a longstanding commitment to human rights and democracy, two hallmarks of my term representing Las Vegas. Whether it is regarding trade, tourism, or gaming, the relationship between Las Vegas and Taiwan will continue to be strong, and I look forward to working with you on a number of issues on behalf of the Taiwan Caucus and the Americans I represent. Sincerely, ...ember of Congress PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER