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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid, September 2002



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Correlation Ner Tarpid Tan *13 n5ns The Reform Jewish Congregation of Las Vegas ...A Special Place to Belong September 2002 - Vol. XVI No. ft Sanford D. Akselrad Rabbi Jennifer C. Weiner Assistant Rabbi Bella Feldman Cantorial Soloist Stewart Blumenfeld President "Why Ed Nigro?" 24 Elul 5762 - 24 Tishri 5763 Irv Duchowny Jacqueline Fleekop Lois Bergman Andrea Brunner Executive Director Education Director Preschool Director Bulletin Editor HIGH HOLIDAY SERVICESCHEDULE About six months ago several of us were sitting at the Rabbi?s kitchen table. We were tossing around names of individuals we could honor as CNT?s first ?Mensch of the Year?. We had decided that this inaugural event for CNT was going to be different than most of the men/women of the year dinners that we attend from time-to-time. The individual?s connection to CNT would be more than simply knowing how to spell Congregation Ner Tamid and being able to find its location without the need of a GPS finder. While mulling over names, the Rabbi suggested Ed Nigro. All deliberations stopped. The perfect choice! An ^Bividual with significant relationships with CNT and its congregants. Ed is a multi-faceted individual. In addition to his successful career in the gaming industry, Ed, along with his sons, has built from scratch, a successful contracting and development company. About 10 years ago when we commenced the renovation of our present facility, I called Ed and asked him for a little advice. This began a long and intensive involvement by Ed in the project. Ed and Lee?s names are prominently displayed on our donor wall. Ed was a recipient of one of the five commissioned mezuzahs for those individuals who made a significant contribution of time to the project. But Ed?s efforts didn?t stop with the construction of the project. Ed assisted in procuring major gifts to the Sanctuary Fund. Whenever we have requested Ed?s assistance and advice he has responded. Mensch means a special person worthy of respect. We are honoring Ed as Congregation Ner Tamid?s first ?Mensch of the Year? on November 16,2002. We urge you to attend and support the Congregation. Rosh Hashanah Evening Friday, September 6 Family Service 6:00-7:15 PM (oriented to families with children 7-11 years old) Late Service 8:15 PM Rosh Hashanah Day Saturday, September 7 Morning Service 10:00 AM Youth Service 10:00 AM (ages 5-11) in the Beit Tefillah Toddler's Service 10:00 AM (under age 5) in Classroom 6 Kol Nidre Sunday, Spetember 15 Family Service 6:00-7:15 PM (oriented to families with children 7-11 years old) Late Service 8:15 PM Yom Kippur Monday, September 16 Morning Service 10:00 AM Youth Service 10:00 AM (ages 5-11) in the Beil Tefillah A Healing Service 2:00 PM Afternoon Service 3:00 PM Yizkor Service 5:00 PM Concluding Service 6:00 PM In This Issue... Worship Services 2 Rabbi's Message 2 Message from our President 3 Executive Director Message 4 Religious School/Preschool 5-6 Auxiliaries 7-8 September Bat Mitzvah 9 Anniversaries 18 Birthdays 18 Tributes 19-20 In Memoriam 15 Yahrzeits 21 (the Bulletin is published monthly) A Special Btace T0 BeCongWorship Services Conducted by Rabbi Sanford Akselrod, Rabbi Jennifer Weiner, & Cantorial Soloist Bella Feldman Rosh Hashanah Evening Friday, September 6 Family Service 6:00-7:15PM Late Service 8:15PM Rosh Hashanah Day Saturday, September 7 Morning Service 10:00AM Youth Service 10:00AM Toddler?s Service 10:00AM Friday, September 13 Shabbat Services 7:30PM Oneg sponsored by the Sisterhood Saturday, September 14 Bible Study 9:00-10:00AM Minyan and Torah Study 10:00-11:00AM Kol Nidre Sunday, September 15 Family Service 6:00-7:15PM Late Service 8:15 PM Yom Kippur Monday, September 16 Morning Service 10:00AM Youth Service 10:00AM A Healing Service 2:00PM Afternoon Service 3:00PM Yizkor Service 5:00PM Concluding Service 6:00PM i Friday, September 20 Shabbat Service 7:30PM Oneg Sponsored by Sisterhood Saturday, September 21 Marina Rankow Bat Mitzvah 10:00AM Kiddush sponsored by Rankow Family Bible Study 9:00-10:00AM ? Minyan and Torah Study 10:00-11:00AM Friday, September 27 Shabbat Service 7:30PM Simchat Torah Oneg Sponsored by Sisterhood Saturday, September 28 Bible Study 9:00-10:00AM Minyan and Torah Study 10:00-11:00AM This year brings with it many emotions. So much has happened to us personally and as a nation. So much has happened to us as Jews and as Americans. On a personal level we have suffered losses of friends and family members. People so much a part of our lives just last year are no longer with us. I think especially of my own Grandmother and Aunt who died this year. Some of us are facing illnesses and we are partners with prayers and physicians each day in trying to return to good health. Health that once we took for granted. For others, we are in the midst of divorce or financial set backs that were unexpected and we search for ways to recover emotionally and mone?tarily. On a national level we have watched the stock market take us on a wild ride unseen since the great depres?sion. The threat of terrorism still looms large in our minds. And recent stories of kidnapings remind us that terrorism is only one threat to our security. As Jews we have watched our brethren in Israel fight for their very lives in an Intifada that is frustrating in its character and ter?rifying in its toll on human life. Suicide bombers at times almost daily grip the head lines and our attention. Only two years ago, peace seemed so promising- what happened? As we approach our New Year in just a few days, I think that it is both fitting and ironic that the first anniversary of 9-11 falls during our aser- et yemai teshuvah-our 10 days of awe. For us as Jews, these 10 days are meant to be solemn days in which we pray for forgiveness for the wrongs we have com?mitted against God; and we seek forgive?ness from those we have wronged. It is a time in which the metaphor of the book of life has strident appee'-that only our deeds will insure that we are written into the book of Life. That is, we have a choice on how we can respond to the circumstances around us, the people that we meet, and those loved ones who are daily in our lives. What meaning then will this period of time have for us as Jews and in particu?lar, as American Jews this year? Looking back at nearly every Jewish holiday, we find that there are roots of tragedy. Chanukah for example is based upon a war against the Jews that sought to wipe out our Jewish identity. Purim is based upon a despots war to wipe out our people because we were different. Passover, the exodus from Egyp?tian bondage. Fascinatingly we find that though these holidays are rooted in sorrow and tragedy non of them is celebrated in a somber fashion. As a religion we have al?ways found the ability to find the good even in the darkest moments of our history, and even in the darkest periods of our own per?sonal lives. Perhaps the first anniversary of 9-11 will be too soon for us as a nation to find any ?good? in what happened. Perhaps even the term ?good? is an inappropriate term to use. But, my feeling is that with time, we as a nation will recognize that this was a day that we as a nation were attacked be?cause of our values and our freedoms, and that the proper way to memorialize this d? is to celebrate those freedoms and valueS Yes, we will always remember the victims. And we will remember the horror of that day. But we will also remember the heroism of our police and firefighters and ordinary citi?zens who helped save co-workers and strangers alike. We will remember a nation that banded together to give thanks for who we are as a country and with resolute re?solve we decide to protect those freedoms for generations yet to come. Yes, a lot has happened over the past year. But perhaps, this year we can re affirm those values that make our nation a beacon of lib?erty for all peoples throughout the world. And as Jews, we can re affirm our support for Israel and those values that form our identities vowing never to let others take those values from us as well. In so doing, we will bring special meaning to the first anniversary of 9 - 11, and allow the period of the 10 Days of Awe to be a time of per?sonal transformation and redemption. L?shana Tova, to a good year filled with much joy and blessing. (RaS6i Sanford SifseCrad Congregation N e r Tam id V1 September 2002 Temple Board Members ? ? m L Stewart Blumenfeld President :ott Stolberg VP Administration Cookie Lea Olshein, esq VP Membership Ira Spector Hillary Torchin Mindy Wadkins Gina Polovina Ira Miller Doug Unger Lynn Sasso Maxine Molinsky Yvonne Gordon Beth Bromberg Aimee Knox Cecilia Schafler Stacey Yahraus Leon Marco Jordan Primack Ruth Urban Howard Layfer Samantha Willey Sandy Pittle/Herman Steiner Drew Levy Bob Unger Esq. Jerry Gordon Esq. Cal Lewis Eileen Kollins Kenneth Schnitzer Dr. David Wasserman Dr. Steve Kollins Hon. Michael Cherry Dr. Bernard Farrow ?,jgene Kirshbaum* avid Goldwater* Rabbi Sanford Akselrad Rabbi Jennifer Weiner VP Religious Activities VP Education & Youth VP Member Activities VP Social Action VP Ways & Means Treasurer Secretary Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Sisterhood Brotherhood NTTY Golden Chai PastPresident Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Ex Officio Ex Officio Se.ptem.6eT ?Torah Study T)ates Saturdays zaith ?Rabbi ?Weiner Study & Minyan September 14,, 21 & 28 9am/ Library ESSAGE FROM OUR TEMPLE PRESIDENT SHANAH TOVAH At the turn of a new year, it is cus?tomary either to look back retrospec?tively at the closing year or to look forward prospectively to the upcom?ing year. My preference this year is for the latter, that is, to contemplate the excitement that the new year will bring to CNT. The first big temple event is, obvi?ously, celebration of High Holyday services. I love the electric atmo?sphere of the sanctuary as it fills to overflowing at Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, of seeing fellow-Jews who may not come to services very often during the year responding to a near-primordial instinct to affirm their Jewishness by coming together with everyone else to mark Judaism's holiest days. Less enjoyable is our parking lot, also filled to overflow?ing. We're working on a scheme to ease that situation considerably this year. [Quick digression: Referring to this commemoration, the Torah calls us to a "holy convocation" on the first day of the seventh month of the year. So why is the day we cele?brate called "Rosh Hashanah", the "New Year"? The practical answer is that during the Babylonian diaspo?ra, our ancestors pretty much adopt?ed the Babylonian calendar, which designated the Fall harvest month as the beginning of the year. When they returned from exile, they brought this custom with them. Subsequently, this concept was strengthened as the sag?es infused the observance with "Day of Judgment" implications set against the anniversary of the day the world was created. End of history lesson.] Our next big event is our Mensch of the Year dinner on November 16, at which we will honor Mr. Ed Nigro, a prominent Las Vegan who has been a good friend of Congregation Ner Tamid for many years. The black- tie affair, to be held at the Four Seasons Hotel, will be our major fundraiser of the year, in fact?we expect?the most successful fund?raiser in CNTs history. While we anticipate that many of the attend?ees will come from outside the tem?ple family, certainly anyone from our own congregation who wishes to par?ticipate is more than welcome. Sat?urday night's dinner will be followed by a golf tournament on Sunday at Bob Unger's brand new course. So get your tux cleaned, guys, buy a new cocktail dress, ladies, polish up your clubs, everybody, and follow Ira Miller's planning committee's news releases for more information. It's hard to specify one event in an entire temple year as the highlight of the year, but if there is one, in my mind it will be the day in Janu?ary when we take possession of the land on which the new campus of Congregation Ner Tamid will be built. I hate to personalize it (but hey, it's my column, after all), but for me that will be the moment when we assure the future of CNT as the preeminent synagogue of the coun?try's fastest growing Jewish com?munity, and, more importantly, an instant in time when a new link is forged in a chain stretching back 3500 years. Closing escrow on our land will not mark the completion of the task, but it will constitute a ma?jor milestone on the path to this mag?nificent gift we are giving to ourselves and to our children and grandchildren. continues on page 10 August 2002 A Special Place To Belong Why JoiN A TempIe? I?ve been the Executive Direc?tor here at CNT for 6 months now, and the past 2 months have been very different from the first 4 months. There are several reasons for this (aside from my being able to find my way from my home to Temple much easier, and, finding out what ?Las Vegas summers? are really all about). However, I?m thinking of why so many people join a temple, especially just before the High Holidays. When I first arrived, Rabbi Akselrad sat down with me, and shared some insights into some parts of temple life that are different from all other businesses, and especially, this time of year for temples. I was told that, during the 2 months prior to High Holidays, we will add 75-80% of our new members of the year?s total. Why do people join a temple just before the Holi?days, or, to be more direct, why do people join a temple at all? I?ve come up with a few choice words of answer to those who come in, and ask just that question. These are not the only answers, but these are the ones I?ve come up with so fan Please help me add to the list: For those of you who have other reasons of why you?ve joined, invite you to share them with me, so that I can share those excel?lent reasons with others who ask ?Why join a temple?? By the way, in answer to why so many people join a temple just before the High Holidays, it?s the same reason that the Rabbis all ask their congregations on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year, for addi?tional funding - because that?s when the people are all at temple. People want a temple, their temple, to go to, to acknowledge their own life cycle, their own mortality, those who have come before us, and those who will be here after we?ve departed, and they want to do it with the Rabbis who they have known, and seen, all year long, for as many years as they?ve been coming. So, that leads me to the last reasons people join a temple - Consis?tency & Continuity - with so many things changing in the world today, people want something that they can hold onto, and be?longing to a temple gives people that satisfaction, that fulfillness, that completeness, that they seek. Come to our temple, and see just what makes CNT ?A Special Place To Belong?, Thank you, and to be continued....... Jrv V To be connected to a temple, to a Rabbi, to have access to Rabbis and Cantors during various life cycle events that are so important to us, making those days special and standout versus our ?everyday lives?. 2i To raise their children with Jewish traditions and cus?toms, whether they had that upbringing or not (we have many Jews by choice who have chosen a Jewish life for themselves and for their children. 3- To support a Jewish wav of life, and to offer those who choose, a place to worship and belong. 4z To directly or indirectly support the Jewish State of Isra- ei, especially in times of need such as these times have been as of late. 5z To experience fulfillment, by belonging, by praying, and sometimes, simply just by being, with those around you who believe in the same Jewish values, customs and traditions. & To feel a sense of belonging, with an inner peace that comes from being part of a much bigger, older-than-time con?cept - going back to our ancestors, and all the generations before us, and after us. ]z To experience the feeling of knowing it?s ?The Right Thing to Do? - to help ourselves, our families, our neighbors, our community, our nation, and the State of Israel. 8- And lastly, to feel the fulfillment of Tikun Plum, the heal?ing the world. We, as Jews, have taken the burden of making this earth a better place to be, and have done so with vigor, and with a sense of purpose. CNT's Second Friday Musical Shabbat Services are back! Beginning: October 11, 2002 at 7:30pm Don't miss the Shabba-Tones in action! t w Congregation N e r Tam id September 2002 Religious School News Religious School Calendar September 2002 Sunday Tuesday Wednesday Thurs, 1 No R/S 5 4 5 8 No R/S 10 11 12 15 No R/S 17 18 19 22 29 24 25 29 1st Labor Day Weekend, 8th Rosh Hashanah, 15th Kol Nidre/Yom Kippur How do we get through: Sometimes things seem so bad that we cannot believe we get through the tough times. ^^metimes we get so tied up with the happenings in the ^^rld, the problems in our families and jobs that we forget to look for the joys in life. me to turn and return the lessons and gift of Torah. The chance to start again: School has just begun and the joy of starting the process of teaching your children is a great joy in my life. (My own children and granddaughter are first). Everyone knows that my life has not been the smoothest road but boy do I LOVE LIFE. The holidays are such a wonderful chance to set aside time to reflect and create new goals for us. As sad as Yiskor can be, isn?t it wonderful that these people we pray about were in our lives. Sukkot is like a Jewish Thanksgiv?ing enjoying dinner, singing and decorating the Sukkah with our temple family. Simchat Torah reminds I think I get through the tough times by counting smiles, sharing joys and measuring the amount of hugs I get in a year. The number of these things helps me to realize that tough times are part of everyone?s lives, but friends and family are like the steamroller that helps to smooth out the bumps on life?s road. Shalom, Jactqe fleelfep Torah 2 U We live in an age of convenience. We e-mail and we use the Internet for almost everything. It sometimes makes us feel as if the personal touch is missing. Torah 2 U is a program for adults that comes to you. Several friends get together to Study Torah in someone?s house. The portion is discussed in an informal manner. Then the evening seems to take off on a magical journey of its own with everyone sharing their opinions and learning with each other. We conclude with some desserts and beverages. If you are interested in being part of this program contact.. .Jackie Fleekop at the Temple office 733-6292. ? A Special Place To Belong W5W ^w? September 2002CUT raEI(H?ei AN? KIN?EICARTEN What a busy month we are having here at CNT Preschool and Kindergarten. All of our young students are excitedly learning about the High Holy Days, and all of the beautiful traditions that are part of this special time of the year. The boys and girls are learning the blessings over ?Apples Dipped in Honey? and enjoying the opportunity to blow the Shofar( Ram?s Horn). We are busy making Shanah Tova Cards for our parents family and friends. It is delightful to hear these little ones wish each other a hearty L?Shanah Tova Tikatevu (Happy New Year Greeting). Our students will have the opportunity of tasting the delicious round Challah with raisins. And we will all say we are sorry for the things we have done , that are not so nice, this last year. We all promise to be kind to each other and our parents for this new year of 5763. Our classes will even get to take a TASLICK WALK TO CAST OUR SINS AWAY. It is surely an interesting experience to hear these 2-5 year olds express their feelings of hope and renewal at this most holy time of the year. | We will all have the opportunity to decorate the Sukkah and perform the Mitzvot of sitting and eating in our own beautiful Sukkah hut. Our entire school will celebrate the happy holiday of Simchat Torah. We will make our own flags and Torahs and even have a parade to celebrate this joyful time of the year. Our preschool classes are almost completely filled we have only two spots remaining. Our Kindergarten is almost full as well. If you would like your child or grandchild to participate in our innovate and dynamic preschool or kindergarten programs please call me at the Temple office at 733-6292. Lois ?Bergman Early Education Director On Circus Day we learned to balance things on our nose Katie Johnson and liana Levy enjoying ice cream Out by the pool enjoying W K : Congregation N e r Tam id The gang having fun blowing balloons on our Circus Day September 2002 Auxiliaries Shalom and L'a Shana Tova, It is hard to believe that Summer is over and that our New Year is upon us. As they say, Rosh Hashanah is either early or late and never on time. However, this year it is the earliest I can remember. If you think High Holidays are early, check out Hanukah. Sisterhood has been busy through out the summer, especially planning events for this coming year. If you haven?t renewed your membership, we really hope you will, and if you aren?t a member, please join us because we have a very fun and meaningful year planned. Some of the highlights are a ceramic mosaic art project lead by our very own resident artist Rita Malkin, cooking demonstrations, a theme dinner, bowling, wine and cheese under the Sukkah, the Rabbi?s annual book review and luncheon, a bingo and pizza party for the whole family, food sampling and recipe exchange, and two exciting joint ventures with the Men?s Club, in partnership with the membership retention committee of CNT, sponsoring one of the films at the Jewish Film Festival, and a dinner with entertainment from the Celebrity City Chorus. More specific information about the upcoming events will be sent out directly to members and available on our new Sisterhood website, ^anks to Maxine Gratz. Maxine has done an outstanding job on this Banks to the help from Stu Solomon of the Men?s Club to get us Started). Please visit our site at You won?t want to miss our annual ?paid-up luncheon? scheduled for September 29 at CNT. It is always a lovely and fun event and an opportunity to have lunch on us as a thank you for your membership. Remember, you need to be a member in good standing before the luncheon, so please get those applications and renewals in the mail ASAP. Thanks to Sisterhood?s Administrative V.P. Fern Percheski, our summer has been fun filled with Sisterhood activities. Rosh Chodesh has continued monthly with very meaningful spiritual programs that celebrate the new moon and Torah portion. Fern also spearheaded the Mishaberah Tallit project. I want to thank her and all the women who helped design and decorate the tallits, which will be used at High Holidays for the healing service. Everyone who attends Shabbat services looks forward not only to the wonderful service conducted by our Rabbis but also the beautiful Onegs prepared by the Sisterhood Party Shop. We are known for our Onegs and that is what helps to make CNT ?a special place to belong?. The women behind those wonderful Onegs is Frances Klamian and she is assisted by Susie Sernoe-Plotkin. Each week these women work very hard at making sure out Shabbat evening is special by putting a great deal of TLC into the planning and preparation of our Oneg. Recently, Sisterhood?s Board struggled with the issue of the increasing costs for the Onegs. Sisterhood was being asked to do more and more with less and less sponsorships and donation. We compared what we do with other Sisterhoods in our region and learned that many Sisterhoods have gotten out the Oneg business altogether due to the cost. Others have cut back their involvement in the Oneg preparation, set up, serving, clean up and covering the cost for their synagogues. We learned that if it weren?t for Frances Klamian, a veiy special woman, whose mother did the same thing she does for us in the synagogue where she was raised in Alabama, we wouldn?t have what we have. We have all been guilty of taking our Onegs for granted. Next time you are at Shabbat services, please extend a special thanks to Frances, Susie and all the Sisterhood volunteers who make this possible. Or better yet, in addition to saying thanks, volunteer to help us with your time or contribution in helping sponsor an Oneg in honor of a special occasion. Please feel free to call me at 768-8529, or email me at ruth@ruth-urban- if you have any questions about Sisterhood. I welcome your input and questions. My best wishes for a sweet New Year, Ruth Sisterhood members Susan Rodin and Janet Schlesinger working on the design of one of the Meshaberah Tallits. Sisterfiood Congregation 9s[er?Tam-id A Special Place To Belong A September 2002 Auxiliaries Continued Men 's First Loves, Friendships and Men?s Club At an Oneg about two years ago I was doing my job as Membership VP when the Rabbi introduced me to a couple who were considering joining temple. What caught my attention was that the women he introduced me to is named Lynette Solomon. You see, my first grade school crush was on a girl named Lynette Solomon. (of course, it was a different woman). Lynette and her husband Stuart and I began reminiscing about childhood loves and the time flew by. The Solomon?s joined the temple and I convinced Stu he should join Men?s Club. I mention this incident because since that time Stu and Lynette have become very close friends. Friends I never would have made without Temple and without Men?s Club. One of the reasons why I became active in Men?s Club was that it did provide me with a chance to make new friendships and strengthen old ones. Don?t get me wrong, I am proud of all the contributions Men?s Club makes to the temple, and I enjoy the events we sponsor, but the thing I?m most proud of is the opportunities we provide to make and nurture friendships. If you?re one of our members who only sends in your dues, or attends one or two events, that is fine. But I want you to consider becoming more active. We have a great group of guys of all ages. When you get to know them, it makes your temple visits more enjoyable and provides you with new people to have fun with. The best way to get to know ?the guys? better is to attend our board meetings. They are open to all our members and provide a smaller and less structured environment than our general membership meetings. We meet the third Tuesday of every month in the Library at 7 PM. We are always looking for men who want to get involved and when you work together you come to know each other. Congregation N e r Tam id This month is a very active month because of the High Holidays. Ushering is one of our oldest and most important jobs. We are making many changes this year to be sure your holiday experience will be pleasant and safe. I want to thank Allan Nathanson and Irv Dochowny who have been working since early summer to insure success. Several other members have been busy too. Don Marcus and T.J. Coon have been planning and preparing for our membership meetings. Joe Jolcover has been working on the Paid Up Membership Barbecue while Don Marcus planned the program. One event that we are very excited about is Project Kid Care. Men?s Club will provide every student in our schools with ID kits in case of their disappearance. Alan Popowcer is providing leadership and I?m glad to say it will be held Sunday, October 6th and Monday, October 7th. " One last thank you goes to David Nathan, Dave is our treasurer and has been busy sending out dues notices and keeping track of our membership. If you haven?t joined, we need your support. Shalom, Jboward Layfer President Friends Needed to Befriend Out-Of-Town and International UNLV Students The Home Away From Home Program, affiliated with the UNLV Division of Student Services, needs families and individuals to befriend out-of-town and international students for the fall semester. Participants see their students a few hours every month and answer questions the students might have about Las Vegas and our culture. There is no financial obligation. If you would like to ?adopt a student? please call Program Coordinator, Sharlene Flushman at 794-2888. September 2002 Marina Rankow September 21, 2002 Hi, my name is Marina Rankow and I am going into eighth grade at Thurman White MS. At School I am in the National Junior Honor Society, Student Council, honor Roll, and in the school chorus. I love to sing, be with my friends, dance, ice skate, read, tennis, chess and photography. I look forward to my Bat Mitzvah on September 21st to spend this day with my closest friends and family. NEW CAMPUS CAMPAIGN ENTERS COMMUNITY PHASE Just a year ago at Rosh Hashanah services in September of 2001, our Congregation embarked on |our L?Dor VaDor, Yod b?Yod Campaign. We began our efforts to greatly expand the concept of synagogue in Las Vegas - to create a campus with multiple structures and places of worship designed to meet not only the current needs of our congregants, but those of our children and grandchildren. As we approach the Days of Awe one year later, we?ve come a long way! As part of the on-going New Campus Campaign, a series of informational/planning ?town meetings? and coffees will be held in the following months. If you?d like to volunteer to host a coffee for a group of friends or acquaintances , please contact Yvonne Gordon through the temple office or online at These ?coffee klaches? are for information only - YOU WILL NOT BE ASKED FOR MONEY. (All congregants have received several publications and letters regarding the L?Dor VaDor, Yod b?Yod Campaign. However, if you?ve mislaid these, or would like to review everything at once, contact Yvonne ' through the temple office, or at the above address. September 2002 NTTY Are you in grades 9-12? If so, NTTY is the youth group for you! NTTY has a very exciting year ahead and want you to be part of it! NTTY kicked off the new year by participating in a Limo Scav?enger Hunt on August 24th. This was a very successful event and a fun way to start off the year! Each month NTTY will be hosting a social action drive. Septem?ber is blankets and linens month. Please donate all unwanted blankets and linens to NTTY. There is a box in the temple lobby. High Holidays is another opportunity to spend quality time with NTTY. Please join us for a Teen Service during Rosh Hashanah services. NTTY will be hosting a program following services. Come see what we?re all about! NTTY is part of the North American Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY) and participates in programming with the Southwest re?gion of NFTY. January 23-26, 2003, NTTY will be hosting over 200 teens from all over the southwest for a Social Action Week?end. Please save this date on your calendar, as NTTY will be looking for host families for that weekend. This is a very exciting event that you won?t want to miss! Our calendar is packed with wonderful programming that includes, social, religious, educational, fundraising, and social action. If you would like more information about NTTY, feel free to visit our website at ?In Search of Peace and Security? UAHC National Teach - In on Israel September 29,2002 Please save this date More information to follow shortly A Special Place To Belong continued from page 2 There will be many other outstanding events and occasions at CNT in 5763. Certainly our rabbis, musical staff, program committees, Sisterhood, Men's Club, and youth groups have exciting plans for the coming year that are best described by them. Suffice to say that there is little danger that CNT will not live up to its reputation as one of Las Vegas' most interesting, exciting, and in?spiring Jewish venues. Shanah tovah tikatevu. Stewart High Holiday Parking Spaces As part of an annual fundraiser, CNT is providing RESERVED parking spaces for the High Holidays in the rear parking lot. The spaces are $400 each. Your check to CNT is your reservation. Please note: General parking will be available at no charge for all High Holiday guests in the front CNT parking lot and on Emerson Avenue. Congregation N e r Tam id 70e Acute neaeAecC tAe Season to &it (Mr tAe SuAAaA Friday September 20, 2002 6:00 PM Decorate the Sukkah Bring fruit for decorating 6:30