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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid, December 1998



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Congregation Ner Tarpid Tar u n?np The Reform Jewish Synagogue of Las Vegas ...A Special Place to Belong December 1998 - Vol. XVIII No. 3 Sanford D. Akselrad Rabbi Bella Feldman Cantorial Soloist Bob Unger President Leah Malmon Student Rabbi 12 Kislev - 12 Tevet 5759 Monty E. Willey Executive Director Jacqueline Fleekop Education Director Lois Bergman Preschool Director Shawna Parker Programming Director Marine Qratz -1998 Congregant oftfie ?year Maxine was bom in the Bronx NY to Pearl and Arnold Bennett. She has an older broth?er Steve who she adores. She met Steven Gratz when they both worked for the Wel?fare Department in NYC. It might have been considered love at first sight. In 1975 they became engaged after dating for 2 1/2 months, and married 9 months later. One of this couple?s claim to fame is that Steve is exactly one day older than Maxine. Maxine never lets Steve forget he is older. After they married, they moved to Yonkers NY and resided there for about 9 years. During that time, their son Andrew was bom. Maxine then decided that Las Vegas was a place for her family to flourish and Steve just figured no point in arguing and they ?loaded up the truck? and moved to Las Vegas in 1984. Maxine, Steve and Andrew immediately joined Congregation Ner Tamid and became one of the then 80 family/mem- bers of the Temple. The Gratz family has watched Ner Tamid go through many chang?es and couldn?t be happier to watch the Temple grow as beautifully as it has. Max?ine has helped in the office as a volunteer and through that experience learned how to operate a computer. She has answered the telephone and welcomed many a new member. She even filled in as Rabbi Aksel- rad?s secretary for a short time, as he wait?ed anxiously for his new secretary to join the Ner Tamid team. Maxine worked volun?tarily as the very first Religious School sec?retary. Maxine has been on the Congregation Ner Tamid Board of Directors and has held many Sisterhood offices. In 1994, she was elected Congregation Ner Tamid?s Sisterhood President - a position she held for 2 years. After a successful mn as Congregation Ner Tamid?s Sisterhood President, Maxine found that her life wasn?t as fulfilling as it should be and, through the grapevine, found out a new program was being launched within our Congregation. It was called the IHN - the Interfaith Hospitality Network. This was a way our temple could help the homeless. (continued on page 12) Cb^nvttab Dinner / Ctanwtab Services December 15,1995 Dinner 6:l?pm <\nt> Services 7:30pm AOnlts - 10 over / $12 Children 4-9 / $5 Decline is December 10. CaII 733-6292. Worship Services 2 Rabbi?s Message 2 Message from Our President 3 Notes from our Cantorial Soloist 4 School News 5 December B?nai Mitzvah 6 Auxiliaries & Committees 7 Birthdays/Anniversaries 9 Tributes 10 Board Beat 12 Yahrzeits & In Memorium 13 December Events Back Cover (the Bulletin is Published Monthly) CNT Logo Apparel * MOW AVAILABLE! Place your order for Chanukah giro now! Polos and Sweatshirts in Blue T-shirts in Blue and White Polos - $20 Adult Sweatshirt - $15 Adult T-shirt - $10 Youth Sweatshirt - $12 Youth T-shirt - $8 Call Jere' Davis at 655-1170Last month I talked briefly about the history of the Reform movement. In this column I thought I would discuss the theological underpinning of Reform Judaism. To start with. I ask you to imagine a particular person. He is Jewish, doesn?t drive on Shabbat, keeps a kosher home, and is very knowledgeable about Judaism. Ques?tion: ?Is this Jew reform, conservative or orthodox?? Answer: From the information given, we just don't know. This person could belong to any of the movements of Judaism. A common misconception among peo?ple-even people who profess to belong to the reform movement?is that rituals and customs such as these are solely in the province of orthodox Judaism. As ?reformed? Jews we do not do these things. In fact there is a whole list of things that we ?do not do?. This begs the question of course, as to what it is that we do embrace, and what is it that we believe? Future columns and lectures will address these broader questions, but we must start with the beginning of all distinctions. The difference between reform Judaism and orthodoxy is in our theology, and notin our actions perse. In the example given, the person might belong to the reform movement, but the reasons why he would observe those customs would be because of personal choice and how that individual has come to understand Jewish histo?ry, Jewish law, Jewish custom and practice. A true orthodox Jew would observe the above mitzvot because it is an obligation of halacha, of Jewish law. One of the most significant differences between the two movements is that while orthodox Judaism teaches that halacha is an unchanging traditionthat is G-d given; reform Judaism teaches us that halacha is dynamic and has always changed with the times. In short, for Reform Judaism, halacha has a voice, hut not a veto. It informs our decisions but does not govern what we do. In this respect, it is often much more challenging to be a ?good? reform Jew. Because at the hea rt of our faith is the importance of making informed choic?es, and not choices out of ignorance or indifference. Reform Judaism challeng?es the mind, and it celebrates our individuality, but at the same time it recognizes our loyalty to Jewish histo?ry and our obligations towards ?klal yisraef-the Jewish people. in this month we celebrate the holiday of Chanukah which recounts a battle for religious freedom nearly 2,000 years ago. At that time too, there were various movements of Judaism. In fact the true story of Chanukah was in our desire to protect ourselves not only against oppression from without, but from the assimilation and indifference that attacked us from within. The miracle of Chanukah was in the ability of a few Jews to be victorious in preserv?ing and sustaining Judaism at a time when outsiders sought to destroy us, and many Jews had lost interest in preserving theirfaith. It is for us today, a cautionary tale of the importance of embracing our tradition, and being proud of our reform heritage which has made Judaism meaningful and relevant to millionsof our people throughout the world. May this holiday season be for you and yours a joyous one, and may the miracle of Chanukah be kindled within your heart and within in your homes. B?shalom, tRgBbiSanford'D. JtfselhuC C onqreqarioN Ner Tam id (Worship l Conducted by Rabbi Sanford D. Akselrad & Cantorial Soloist Bella Feldman December 4 Steven & Mitchell Polasky B'nai Mitzvah 7:30pm Oneg Sponsored by the Polasky Family Alternate Service in the Beit Tefillah December 5 Gerald Sloane Bar Mitzvah 10am Kiddush sponsored by the Sloane Family Morning Minyon & Torah Study in the Beit Tefillah 10:00am December 11 Tot Shabbat 6:30pm Shabbat Services 7:30pm Oneg Sponsored by the Sisterhood December 12 Jordon & Amanda DelValle B'nai Mitzvah 10am Kiddush sponsored by the Goldberg Family Morning Minyon & Torah Study in the Beit Tefillah 10:00 am December 18 Chanukah Dinner 6:15pm Family Services with Jr. Choir 7:30pm December 25 Shabbat Services 7:30pm Oneg Sponsored by the Sisterhood * D ECEM bER 1 9 9 8 ? Temple Board Members ob Unger Drew Levy David Mendelson Ira Spector President VP Administration VP Ways & Means VP Membership David Stahl, PhD VP Religious Activities Scott Stolberg Lynn Sasso Rita Goldstein Ruth Urban Mel Hallerman Sylvia Beller Frances Klamian Jacky Rosen Jon Sparer Jere' Davis Esther Saltzman Sharna Blumenfeld Mindy Unger-Wadkin Sandy Stolberg Steve Joseph Shawn Scott David Lieberman Jerry Gordon Cal Lewis Eileen Kollins Kenneth Schnitzer Dr. David Wasserman Dr. Steve Kollins Michael Cherry Dr. Bernard Farrow JSugene Kirshbaum* |\bbi Sanford Akselrad ?Deceased VP Education VP Social Treasurer Secretary Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee-Membership Trustee Trustee-Membership Trustee-Youth Trustee-Library Trustee-Bulletin Sisterhood Brotherhood NTTY TNT Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Ex Officio ESSAGE FROM OUR TEMPLE PRESIDENT If you are one of those people who has always wanted to get involved and help at CNT and never got around to it because you were afraid that it would get out of hand, this is the time to go for it. Many of our regular volunteers have tola me that the first thing they did for the Temple was participating at the gift wrap booth. Theu tell me how much fun they had and how many mem?bers they met while working, etc. It is a common story among our temple family. When we first started gift wrapping at the Galleria Mall we had certain financial expectations and hoped it would become a great annual fund?raiser. It has already succeeded financially but the real surprise is how many of our members tell me that they look forward to working there each year. It really is a great way to get to know lots of other members and it feels good to help out. Try to sign up for one of the busy times. You really learn a lot about people when they are "under fire". Try it this year and you will be back every year. You will be glad you jumped in to help. I prom?ise, we won't recruit you for any other committees while you are there! Another great volunteer opportuni?ty involves our upcoming 25th an?niversary celebration. This is sure to be a great event this coming June 26th. Many committees are forming right now. This is another great way to "get your feet wet" and become more involved at CNT. If you like planning parties, partic?ipating in skits, or would like to learn more about the history of our Congregation, this is for you. Please contact Rona or David Men?delson if you would like to help. Speaking of volunteers, I was thrilled by the selection of Maxine Gratz as our Congregant of the Year. Maxine has certainly earned this honor through years ot service to the Temple. She has worked hard on CNT's participation in the Interfaith Hospitality Network program for the homeless, has served as President of Sisterhood and always says "yes" when asked to do anything for her congrega?tion. This honor was long overdue. Congratulations, Maxine! Volunteers Needed!!! CNT Holiday Gift Wrapping at the Galleria Mall November 28th - December 24th Open most mall hours, Sundays through Thursdays Call Aydie Unger at 454-9331 to sign up ASAP! Hard work and fun at the same time... and a great way to make new friends! c/i (Special DECEMbER 1 9 9 8 rf)lace (Belong. ^ 3 Chanukah music is everywhere! Our Jr. Choir will be traveling all over the Las Vegas valley sharing their enthusiasm and great pride in Ju?daism through song. In addition to performing by themselves, they will also be joining with other Jewish youth choirs for an annual Chanu?kah sing along. They will be sing?ing at a convalescent home, Opportunity Village and the JCC Cnanukah celebration as well as leading our Chanukah family ser?vice. These kids are fantastic and we are having a wonderful time making music together. It wouldn't be possible to accomplish so much without all the help from Dustin Tiep and Lori Frankl. Thank you to all of the parents for your support as well. The adult choir will resume rehears?als on Thursday, December 10 at 7:00 in the Sanctuary. They will be debuting this year at our New Member Sabbath service in Janu?ary. Throughout the service we will be highlighting some pieces that were composed especially for our Synagogue and choir. These melo?dies are a taste of the upcoming Music Season Sabbath in March. The composer, Ami Aloni, will be joining us for our special music Shabbat. I hope to begin teaching these melodies over the next few months so everyone will be able to join together in song. Singing can bring a wonderful added sense of spirituality to your worship, I know it does to mine. I hope you and your families enjoy the holidays and have a happy, healthy new year. B'shalom, Bella lease AJote: yhe Social /Nativities (Committee is (coking far congregants to help plan and work on the next temple social event in /Npril Df i/ou ate interested in having fan, working with great people, and planning special events, YOe AJeed faoul/l please call fai/nn faasso (fa 263-1940. ?Tett and SKjpeH (Mazel Tov to (Paula and (Alan gold on the Birth of their son, Joshua. (Mazel (Tov to Micah Qoldsmith, son of (Harold and Haomi goldsmith, on passing the (Patent Par. Mazel Tov to faBBi Simon and Lois Perlman on the Birth of their new granddaughter (Arietta Chana (Etshalom. (Proudparents are Stephanie and yitz. Congratulations to (Rudy and Irene gold who celeBrated their 50th wedding anniversary. (Jday they celebrate at least another 50! David and iMarfan Cohen wish to announce the Birth of their 20hgrandchild Menachim Hooch to yehuda and Osnat Cohen in yerucham, Israel and their 9h straight Boy! C onqreqarioN Ner Tam id Golden Chai Golden Chai had a wonderful Octo?ber: a bus load went to Primm and became rich. Some even won the California Lottery. We bid a sad farewell to our nospitality person and mother figure, Adele Miller. Adele will be lost to Houston, Texas. She cannot be replaced in our hearts. Zei Gesunt Adele from all of us. In November, Golden Chai added a new feature: our first issue of our new newsletter, tentatively called The Golden Bagel. It will be a monthly newsletter, keeping Gold?en Chai members abreast of events and activities. November Activities included a cake sale at the Chanu?kah Bazaar; elections were held; and we had great entertainment from song stylist Renee Lee and singer and comic, Mike de Lucca. December plans include wondei entertainment from Rose Rosalink- si, professional entertainer from Hawaii who will do a special show in honor of her mom, Toby. We will honor our five and ten-year members at our Chanukah Party and be entertained by Cookie Becker. SandyfPittle President VsvQaaasav Friday, December 11, in the Beit Tefillah Service, Chanukah Party, food, fun, crafts. ............... Please bring a new baby blanket and new or nearly new children's clothing. D ECEM bER 1 9 9 8 School News CNT PRESCHOOL It seems we just started and now it is already break time. December is the time to celebrate Chanukah, New Year's Eve, family, friends and winter break (of course sometimes arents celebrate the end of winter reak). Our students have been working hard on not only their Hebrew, but their Menorahs. Join us December 13 from 11:30 to noon for songs, dreidel cookies and to see our Menorah display. Please share the season with your child by attending our Congregational Chanukah Dinner December 18th or the many community programs such as the lighting of the Fremont Street Menorah and the Community Party at the Sand's Expo Center. Just a note - some of our students will be visiting the Henderson Convalescent home on December 17th. On January 10th we will be holding a Camp Fair for parents and students interested in learning more about Jewish camps. There will be food, music and crafts and lots of information. Have a Happy Chanukah, Jackie November was an exciting Month for our Preschool youngsters as we all voted in the election (even if it was for what we would eat for snack). We learned about our Veterans and why we are so proud to live in America. Thanksgiving was the holiday we have all waited to celebrate. We had a Thanksgiving dinner with all of the trimmings. The youngsters dressed in traditional Pilgrim and Native American garb. We all enjoyed the turkey and pumpkin pie we made ourselves, as well as the delicious cranberry sauce. The children began our school Mitzvah project (we will be "adopting" several families and buying them gifts for the holidays). Docombor Religious School Schedule Sun Tues UJecI 1 - R/S 2 - R/S 6 - R/S 8 - R/S 9 - R/S 1 3 - R/S* 1 5 - R/S 16 - R/S 20 - Off 22 - Off 23 - Off 27 - Off 29 - Off 30 - Off * Holiday Campfair 1 1 :00-noon January Religious School Schedule Sun Tues UULed 3 - Off 5 - R/S 6 - R/S 10- R/S (Camp Fair after school) q> you have a Jamify member or jriemf who is hospitalized? Rabbi Akselrad would like to help you and your family by visiting Temple members ana friends of our congregation who have been hospitalized. Since there is no notification from the hospitals, please contact Karen at the Temple office at 733-6292 when a family member or friend is hospitalized. Me and Mine December M, 10.00-11:30 am. If you have a child, new to 3 years old, please join us for a Chanukah Latka, fun and craft party. For more information and to R5VP, please call Jackie at the Temple 733-62<?2. It is a pleasure to see our students working and playing together. The children have all become friends and watching them work and play and interact with their teachers is a rewarding experience. Our students all have learned a great deal in the last few months ana we look forward to them even learning more through?out the school year. December will bring our long anticipated Chanukah program to life. We have practiced and re?hearsed with Miss Jodi to make our program a special gift for our Moms ancfbads. This spectacular event will take place on Friday, December 18 at 10:00am. The Preschoolers will be learning all about Chanukah. We will make Latkes and sufgnanot and make our own Menorahs.This special time of year is always a favorite and we look forward to seeing this holiday through our childrens eyes. Happy Holiday from the staff and students of CNT Preschool. Lois?Bergman GIFT SHOP HOURS SuNcUys 9:00am-1 2:1 5pM (DurInq Religious School) TuesdAys 10:00AM'6:00pM ThuRsdAys 1:00'4:00piw FRidAys 6:70*7:1 5pM ------------------------------------------------------------- .. c l (Special rplace Jo (Belong. D EC EM bER 1 9 9 8 Hi, my name is Amanda del Valle and I am a 9,h grader at Green Valley High School. I am a native Nevadan. My hobbies include dancing, volleybalf, camping and swimming. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends. My brother and I are becoming B'nai Mitzvah together on Dec. 12,1998. I am looking forward to sharing this very specialday with all of my family including my nine brothers ana sisters, and all of my friends. Hi, my name is Jordan del Valle and I was born in Las Vegas. I am a seventh grader at Greenspun Junior High School. On December 12th, my sister Amanda and I will become B'nai Mitzvah together. My hobbies include biking, swimming, checkers, Elaying on the computer and playing asKetball. I am excited to be sharing this day with all nine of my brothers and sisters, as well as the rest of my family, and all of our friends. C omqkcqa now Ner Tam id Shalom. My name is Jerry Sloane, and it is with great pride that, like my father before me, I will become a Bar Mitzvah on December 5H?. I am presently a seventh grader at Thurman White Middle School. When I am not tending to my academic obligations, I have great respect and love for mu religion and I, along with my family, would be honored if you would help me celebrate this special morning. My name is Mitch Polasky and I am twelve years old. I will be a Bar Mitzvah on December 4, 1998. I hope all of you can join us on that special Friday night when I will read from the Torah and other prayers that I have worked on for about five years. I love to do other things when I am not doing homework or studying my Hebrew. I love to go boating, play golf, and skate. I also like to play basketball once in a while. Mab )oh$$ Hi, my name is Steve Polasky and I will become a Bar Mitzvah on December 4,h. I hope you can join my twin brother Mitch and me as we recite many prayers that we have worked on long and hard. When I am not doing homework or working on my prayers, I like to play golf, basketball, and I also like to roller blade. I hope later in my life that I can go to Israel and spend the n^^ shekel that the rabbi gave to me.^F It is once again time for flowers, cracks, bams, east, jokers and other words that mean something only if you are a Mah Jongg player. It?s time to take action because the new Mah Jongg Cards will soon be here. The Sisterhood makes money on every card sold. This year the cards are available in two forms. The small are $5.00 each and the large are $7.00 per card. Make your checks payable to and mail to: Natalie Shaw 249 Summit Vista St. Henderson, NV 69012 D ECEM bER 1 9 9 8 AUXILIARIES & A H?i?i?y Clumiiksih & ? ?SISISI uisli from yoor IBrotlierliooil The tip off has occurred and the Run- nin' Rebels hove started their quest for "March Madness" and the "Final Four". Help root the team on to victo?ry, Saturday Night at 7:30pm on Janu?ary 30, 1999 at the Thomas & Mack when the Rebels meet nationally ranked Colorado State. Bring the entire family, tickets are $12.00 per person and will be limited. Mark your calendar now and when you receive your order form in the mail, return it with your check in the provided enve?lope. Don't miss out! This is the first of many Family Cvents brought to you by the Brotherhood. ror m Please join in giving a warm welcome to our new Social Chairman, Gary Gilman. Gary has lived in Summerlin for 2 Vs years with his wife Sherri of 6 years and their two boys, Jared (io is 9 years old and Adam who is 6 ars old. They have been members of our congregation for two years. Gary is General Manager of Home Medical I would like to start off by saying thank you to Debbie Hallerman ana Judy Applebaum for their hard work on our Dinner at Hamada Of Japan.This was a great event, with close to 50 women in attendance. Sisterhood Is...... A woman with an idea-willing to see it through Anotner woman, adding an idea, willing to work To make them both come through And Sisterhood is the third woman- asked to help-Willing to lend a hand to make things work And it is the fourth woman waiting her turn To help, offering encouragement to those, Now involved (And it is the fifth-sixth and the ^seventh woman Looking for their places in the fullness of the group of America. He will be responsible for all Brotherhood Social Activities and the many family events presently being planned. Ulle are NOT our Father's Brotherhood! UUe are a group of men, young and old, from all walks of life with many things in common. So to prove it, along with your Rebel order form, which you will be receiving in the mail shortly, you will be receiving your Brotherhood Calendar of Cvents for January through June. It will be packed full of Social Cvents to include nights out to root for our UNIV Rebel's, the Las Vegas Thun?der Hockey Team and the Las Vegas Stars Baseball Team. In addition, there will be a Golf Tournament and a Putting Tournament. UUe will have speakers that will address Men?s Health Issues, the Yucca Mountain Repository and Financial Issues that concern us all. Join us and let us prove to you that we are the Brotherhood of the present and the future. Don?t forget, mark your Sisterhood Xews calendars in order not to have a conflict and miss out. Chanukah is approaching fast and furi?ously but you still have time left if you are wondering what to get those hard to please employees, friends and fam?ily members. Why not an enterfzusv- mevit?99 Book???? There is no better gift for it provides places to go, things to do and above all, the opportunity to save a bundle. Purchase your entertPU>unent''99 Book from your Temple Brotherhood for just $30. Call the Temple office or Steve Joseph at 656-9963 for more information. On be half of the Brotherhood, may I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a joyous Chanukah and a Healthy, Happy, Prosperous New Year. Stepftenjosepfi Brotherhood President Sisterhood is every woman concerned with Doing things that are worthwhile Lending her Heart and her Hands to those Who Share her concern Sisterhood is as much, or as little, as we Choose to make it As great or as small as we choose to be. Sisterhood. When I read this, passage written by Rabbi Harry Danziger, I realized this expressed what my feelings for sisterhood are. Maxine Molinsky and I had a great experience at the WRJ (Women of Reform Judaism) convention in San Jose. We spent the weekend learn?ing and bonding with 200 women from the Western District #24. The theme of the weekend was Tikun 01am: Repairing the World, One by One, Two by Two?You make the Difference. We had the chance to meet with some strong leaders with?in our District and to attend many workshops. I know the enthusi?asm I gained at convention will stay with me throughout the year. Ana I know that One by One, Two by Two this Sisterhood will continue to grow and be strong. We would like to welcome to Sisterhood our new members: Arnee Edgeworth, Ruth Granich, Lisa Lapidus, Juliann Shapin, and Chun- man Raimist. Mark your calendars for Thursday January 28, 7pm for our Personal Safety/Self Defense speaker/demo program. Shalom, Sarny c l DECEMbER 1 9 9 8 S p e c ia l r()laee Q'a Cheeed Committee The committee is up and running at full speed and the BIKKUR CHOLIM, hospi?tal visit training has started again. This very important MITZVOT is a huge part of the community seeing our temple as the CARING COMMUNITY that we all are. The first two training sessions have been completed. We still have a need of people who can give some of theirtime to help in the MITZVOT and we on the committee look forward to starting a second training session of five Monday nights sometime in Janu?ary of 1999. This committee is working to deliver to the community the traditional Jewish values of involvement through the performance of this Mitzvot. We all know that MITZVOT will always be returned to us in a way that is warm and filling. We have all learned from the Rabbis of old and today it is a MITZVAH to visit the sick and our BIKKUR CHOLIM is doing just this. We do need more help in this area and we seek out members of the temple to come forward to help us on our journey and this new odyssey to live up to the expectations in each of us to HELP. Please, if interested, call me, Bernie Farrow at my office 360-2800 and I will return your call. If you find it easier to call me at home you can reach me at 646-9313. Thank you. As chairperson of the Chesed Committee, I promise those who come forward to have a great and highly rewarding experience. New Member Coffee Our 1998 Winter New Member Coffee was a big hit this past month as many of our newly joined CNT members took the opportunity to meet and kibutz with board members, Bella Feldman, and the Rabbi. The event was held at the home of our Temple president and Sisterhood VP of membership, Bob and Aydie Unger. Board members dis?cussed their roles and their commit?tees while the new members introduced themselves and discussed where they were from and how they came to join CNT. Delicious desserts were served and gift baskets were presented to all 8 CoNffREffA t ?ion Ner Tam id new members in attendance. What a fun and warm way to introduce our new members to Congregation Ner Tamid! It?s also good to know our congregation will welcome them with open arms and warm smiles. Again, 5halom and wel- cometoall! IroSpector VP Membership CNT - A Caring Community Each year at High Holiday time we are given an opportunity to renew our com?mitment to creating a caring and responsive community here at CNT by offering to volunteer on a committee (through the Volunteer Opportunities questionnaire). This past High Holiday season netted several responses from Temple members who are willing to take on leadership and responsibility for making our temple a Caring Communi?ty. We thank those people for their inter?est and commitment, and invite others to help out as well. Currently, we are seeking people who are interest?ed in helping to welcome both new and old interfaith families into our Temple family by participating on the Outreach Committee. The Outreach Committee is responsible for planning and organiz?ing workshops, discussions and other programs designed to assist in the in?tegration of converts and interfaith families into our congregational family. The Committee will meet at least every other month at a time to be decided by the group. Your participa?tion can be small or large; whatever time you give, it will make a difference! Please call Jere1 Davis at 655-1170 if you are interested in being part of the Outreach Committee. Library Committee The Library Committee is well into our first project of trying to inventory and catalogue the existing library books and prepare them for proper checkout by CNT congregants. This is quite a job and is being diligently pursued by a growing committee, to whom we give many thanks! Rachel Klein started us off with some initial organization, and many others are giving time to this project, names to be announced so^k (More special thanks to Shawna Pa^B er and Arlene Farrow who took the lead in my absence last month.) We can still use many hands, so please call me at 254-9211 or Shawna Parker at CNT, 733-6292, if you can spare any time for the CNT Library Committee. We are beginning to receive donations of new and slightly used books for the library. Thanks to all who are partici?pating! Any donations to CNT for the Library Fund will be used to buy books from our recommended lists from now on. SfumiaQlimimfeld, Library Committee Chairperson Interfaith Hospitality Network i want to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who participat?ed in helping our IHN program for the week of November 1-8th. this was t^ first time our congregation dealt wfl such a large crowd, we fed and housed a total of 11 children and 4 adults, cha?otic yes but much more gratifying. The success was great and the pleasure of knowing we had so many volunteers jumping on that bandwagon to help, made it a proud moment for Congrega?tion Ner Tamid?s history. This time around we asked some of the havarahs to help out and it proved to be won?derful. Thank you office staff, custodi?al staff, administrative staff and of course Rabbi for your on going support, i want to thank all the volunteers and the donors: Your contribution to the IHN Homeless Fund of Las Vegas, whether you provided a dinner, made a financial donation, slept over, donated food, blankets, or gave from the heart, I thank you from the bottom of mine. In a world of Me, Me, Me, it's so nice that you have made this a priority to make a difference to someone else's well-being. You succeeded in helping the needy and saving a life. May you be blessed always. D EC EM bER 1 9 9 8 December 1 Lori Frankl December 1J December 19 December 27 Sharon Davidson Anthony Hampton Sara Boruszak Alex del Valle Brittany Lewis Evan Dodd Jessica Dushoff December 8 Abra Eisenman Jeffrey Heit Carol Raizin Jada Sturman Howard Adler Helen Krauss December 20 December 26 December 2 Adam del Valle Avriel Marcolis Rudy Gold Robert Hirsh Aubrey Goldberc Ike Epstein Anthony Messinger Laurel Lardent Brian Siecel Roger Mintzer Lawrence Epstein Madelyn Nitzkin Deborah Marcolis Michael Soderman Paul Finkelstein Rebecca Weiss Lawrence Sandell Marc Schorr December 27 Pamela Goldberc December 7 December 14 December 21 Daniel Goldstein Jill Jasienski December 9 Bonnie Jacob Bruce Borgelt Jessica Marshall Samantha Saltzman Jeffrey Sloane Rebecca Morcan Aaron Cohen Stacey Skolnik Shaun Naiman Paula Gold December 28 David Wasserman December 10 Fern Percheski Arthur Goldberg Eric Frankl Michael Cherry Susan Saskin Myra Greenspun Annette Friedman December 4 Laurie Day Nancy Sloane Howard Stronc Eucene Henkin Paul Levine Gloria Fine Janine Sweany Zachary Scheele Judy Luco Danny Gross December 22 Harry Schnoll Lois Orr Ari KleiN'Levine December 12 Kyle Moss Jacob Skoll Cal Lewis Kira Levy Jerry Sloane December 29 Adam Sternberg Janson Neff Erik Secel December 27 Jerry Davis Deidre Felcar December 2 December 11 December 16 Nicole Corzine Jerry Fox Shana Davidson Jordan del Valle Michael Kollins David Karlin Denise Gorelick Alexandra Epstein Marianne Ellis Zachary Morgan Jerry Keating Sonja Saltman Aaron Novick Mary Fox Barbara Rosenberc Oliver Lewis Rose Seltzer Alice Shapiro Ashley Frankl Harold Goldsmith Gilbert Yarchever Paula Newman Mitchell Polasky December 70 ^ December 6 Brian Greenspun December 17 Steven Polasky Liza Abrams Haley Boruszak Steve Glyman Karyne Morris Gale Husney Samantha Dias Mara Wanderer Aaron Morcan Melody Tashman Alan Evans Harold Stralser December 24 Jordan Ober Mayer Schlesinger December 12