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Newsletter, Las Vegas Nevada Chamber of Commerce, Your vote may be the important one, Vol. IV, No. 13, October 13, 1948


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A single subject newsletter encouraging people to participate in voting for the creation of the Las Vegas Valley Water District. The vote was to take place on October 19, 1948. The installation of water meters is mentioned.

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Box 13 Folder W23-1-C Water Conservation - Supply from Lake Mead


hln000923. Union Pacific Railroad Collection, 1828-1995. MS-00397. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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YOUR VOTE MAY BE THE IMPORTANT ONE This is a precedent setting news letter ? because it will be the first for some time that has been dedicated to a single subject. We feel, however, that the subject is the first in a long time that has been important enough to warrant this sole dedication. During the past weeks, the members of the Chamber of Commerce who have devoted a great deal of time to the problem of the creation of the Las Vegas Valley Water District have found an appalling ignorance about the need for this district. What little opposition was encountered was based on that lack of knowledge. It is often said "what people don't know won't hurt them." This is a proven exception. For, here, what people don't know could very easily hurt them. What everyone needs to know is the fact that without ample power and water the great dream that each Las Vegan holds for the promising future of the community may be quickly shattered. The water supply now serving the entire area, including Henderson, North Las Vegas and other contiguous sections, is sparse and it will warrant no expansion. The problem then resolves itself very simply will there be steps taken to assure increased water, or will we sit by and let the plans for growth fizzle and die? LAS VEGAS VALLEY IS ON THE THRESHOLD OF lTS GREATEST DEVELOPMENT ? WHETHER IT GOES FORWARD OR BACKWARD DEPENDS UPON SECURING AMPLE WATER. THE ONLY SOURCE OF THAT WATER IS LAKE MEAD. THE ONLY MANNER OF SECURING IT IS THROUGH THE FORMATION OF THE LAS VEGAS. VALLEY WATER DISTRICT. YOUR VOTE ON OCTOBER 19th IN FAVOR OF THE WATER DISTRICT IS A VOTE IN FAVOR OF THE FUTURE DEVELOPMENT OF LAS VEGAS. Some little opposition has stemmed from the obvious questions from potential water users who want to know ? will this raise our water rates, will there be meters, will we be assessed a special tax? As far as it can be determined now, the answer to all of these questions is No ? it would appear that the district, if created, could certainly operate as economically as any private interest; there does not seem to be any need for meters; and there will, in all probability, be no special assessment. BUT, the important thing which is overlooked in both these questions and their answers is the fact that whatever the answer might be, we cannot escape the inevitable. The answer to every question that is asked, no matter what the ultimate cost, is that the community and the surrounding areas have reached a point where more water is needed, and the administration of the supply and distribution of that water, to be effective, must be under one head ? a government controlled non-profit head. When you vote, remember that you vote for one elector from each district, not just the district in which you are located. You have an opportunity to select the board that will administer this vital project. Don't let George or John do the voting that will put this district across ? DO IT YOURSELF ? your vote may be the important one. SEE YOU AT THE POLLS OCTOBER 19th. VOL. IV. No. 13 October 14, 1948