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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid, September 1998



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Congregation Ner Tanjid Tan u n9np The Reform Jewish Synagogue of Las Vegas ...A Special Place to Belong September 1998 - Vol. XVII No. 11 Sanford D. Akselrad Rabbi Bella Feldman Cantorial Soloist Bob Unger President Leah Malmon Student Rabbi 10 Elul 5758 - 9 Tishrei 5759 Monty E. Willey Jacqueline Fleekop Jill Ginsburg Lois Bergman Executive Director Education Director Program Director Preschool Director ROSH HASHANA EVENING Sunday Evening, September 20 Family Service 6:15-7:15pm (Oriented to families with children 7-11 years old) Late Service 8:15pm jvie w ROSH HASHANA DAY Monday, September 21 Morning Service 10:00am buth Service 10:00am (Ages 5-11) in the Beit Tefillah Toddlers? Service 10:00am (Under 5) in classroom 6 KOL NIDRE Tuesday, September 29 Family Service 6:15-7:15pm (Oriented to families with children 7-11 years old) Late Service 8:15pm YOM KIPPUR Wednesday, September 30 Morning Service 10:00am Youth Service 10:00am (Ages 5-11) in the Beit Tefillah Toddlers? Service 10:00am (Under 5) in classroom 6 Discussion - Topic to be announced Library 1:00pm A Healing Service 2:00pm Beit Tefillah Afternoon Service 3:00pm Yiskor Service 5:00pm Concluding Service 6:00pm Student Rabbi, Leah Malmon, joins CNT Please join us for a special Friday night service of uuelcome on September 4th at 7:30pm. Leah Malmon uuill be introduced as our Congregation's first rabbinical intern. Leah uuill be visiting us during the High Holydays and 18 selected uueekends throughout the year from the Hebrew Union fcpllege in Los Rngeles uuhere she W a third year rabbinical student. During her stay uuith us, Leah uuill be performing a uuide variety of duties including Shabbat Morn?ing Minyon, adult education, teaching in the religious school and Torah study. UUe are very proud to uuelcome Leah to our community and look foruuard to learning from her and assisting in her personal grouuth as a rabbinical student. Alternate Shabbat Evening Worship Schedules on page i. shabbat Morning Minmn and Torah Studr) Schedules on page 3. Worship Services Rabbi?s Message Message From Our President Notes from our Cantorial Soloist School News August B?nai Mitzvah Brotherhood Forum Yiskor/Yom Kippur Auxiliaries & Committees Temple Committees Brithdays/Anniversaries Tributes Yahrzeits & In Memorium c/f rSpeo!al (J)lace, OJo NletoiKf VD QC..I ONVJ> NJ'Worship Services September 4 September 29 Shabbat Services 7:30pm Kol Nidre Oneg Sponsored by the Family Service Sisterhood 6:15-7:15pm (Oriented to families September 11 WITH CHILDREN Tot Shabbat 7-11 YEARS OLD) Services 6:30pm Kol Nidre Family Services 7:30pm Late Service 8:15pm Oneg Sponsored by the Sisterhood September 30 Yom Kippur Morning September 12 Service 10am 2nd Saturday Minyon Youth Service 10am & Torah Study (Ages 5-11) in the Selichot Program 8pm Beit Tefillah Selichot Service 9pm Toddlers? Service 10am (Under 5) in classroom 6 September 18 Discussion - Topic Shabbat Services to be announced 1pm Oneg Sponsored by the Library Sisterhood A Healing Service 2pm Beit Tefillah September 20 Afternoon Service 3pm Rosh Hashanah Yiskor Service 5pm Family Service Concluding Service 6pm 6:15-7:15pm (Oriented to families October 3 with children Travis Sherman 7-11 YEARS OLD) Bar Mitzvah 10am Rosh Hashanah Kiddush sponsored Late Service 8:15pm by the Sherman Family September 21 October 5 Rosh Hashanah Sukkot Services 10am Morning Service 10am Rosh Hashanah October 9 Youth Service 10am Dairy Dinner 6:00-7:15pm (Ages 5-11) in the Tot Shabbat 6:30-7:15pm Beit Tefillah Family Service 7:30pm Rosh Hashanah Toddlers? Service 10am October 12 (Under 5) in classroom 6 Simchat Torah Yiskor 10am September 25 Shabbat Services 7:30pm October 16 Oneg Sponsored by the Consecration Sisterhood Picture 6:45pm Service 7:30pm CoNQHEQATioN NeR TAMid ra Alternate Shabbat Benina Worship Schedule Over the past year we have 6een experimenting with an aftemate Shah6at evening service in the ?Beit Tefillah which has Seen held concur?rently with our main service in the Sanctuary. This service provides members and visitors to our Congregation who wish to participate in a ?tradition?al? shabbat service to do so. Conducted this past year Sy lay leaders, in the months ahead our student raSSiLeah Malrnon will lead services assisted at various times Sy lay leaders andguest soloists. ?These IFriday evening services begin at 7:30pm Blease keep the following dates for future reference: November 13, 20 ?December 4 January 15, 29 February 5 March 5,19 April9, 30 Limited quantities of the booh for Rabbi's November 12th book revieuu to be held in the CNT Library ot 7:00 p.m. ore available in the gift shop. The book is "Finding Joy" by Donnel Schuuar^^ priced at $17.95. Get your co^^ before they ore oil gone. SEpTEMbER 1998Wtff I\mk "Preparing for fhe Holy days' J Before each service, whether on Shabbat or Holyday, I stop and pause and say a prayer. If there are people gathered in my study, then we stop together and worship...before begin to formally worship. ?> we From time to time, I am asked "why?" Why would I pray before I a? The answer goes back to a tion in which our rabbis of old used to immerse themselves in prayer a full hour before services began in order to prepare them?selves spiritually to meet G-d. The rabbis behavior has an impressive logic to it, even if at the face of it, the behavior seems a bit peculiar. But let's try an analogy from another realm?athletics. Before one begins formally exercise, what is it that e does? The person stretches out and prepares his body for what is about to occur. And so it is with prayer. While prayer may seem like a natural experience, in fact there are aspects of prayer that are not. We need time to remove ourselves from the multitude of extraneous thoughts that intrude upon our minds as we seek to think more about the holy and less about the profane; more about the sacred and less about the secular. To be sure, a few minutes isn't much time, and sometimes I wonder if it is better than "nothing at all". But it is a signal to myself, and all who join me, that yes we are about to embark on a duty, a task, a conversation that is extraordinary and special. Dri m If this notion is true for daily prayer, then it is especially true for the High Holydays. Perhaps this is why the rabbis asked that the shofar be blown each morning for a month rior to Rosh Hashana. It was a way ?? reminding people to take account their lives, to begin searching inward for ways to change, and to begin the long, arduous, sole searching necessary to be written into the book of life with a whole heart. 9uch personal accountability does not come easily, and for many, it does not come naturally. It must be learned, and encouraged. 9o the entire month of elul which precedes the High Holydays is a month of preparation, of stretching our spiritual "muscles" to places where they haven't been in quite a while, if at all. Se/ichof services, which take place on 9aturday evening prior to Rosh Hashana on 9eptember 12 are another such opportunity. The service takes place about 9:00 p.m. and is preceded by a thought provoking program at 8:00 p.m. in the Temple social hall. The music and prayer of the service echoes that of the High Holydays giving us a taste of the majesty and Deauty of this sacred time, encouraging us again to search inward and attempt to change our ways for the better by asking forgiveness (the meaning of the word Se/ichof) from those we have wronged. Our program this year is especially thought provoking. We will be lootcing at aspects of Jewish identity and now it affects us and relationship to Israel, others in the Diaspora, and the non Jewish community. Are we a unique people? A unique religion? A unique race? If so now? And for what reasons? Everyone from teenagers to adults are encouraged to join in this conversation of self-explora?tion. 9o come then, let us greet the New Year together...and may it be a sweet one, a joyous one for you and your families. Shana fova, %g55i?anfordAl(sdf(uC Shabbat Morning Minyon and ?Torah Study Join the ?minyonaires" cbub! ?Throughout the year there ivibb be Shabbat morning services con?ducted by our student rabbi Leah MaCmon. Services will be held in the ?Beit ?Tefitfah at 10:00am and zvidb be fobbozved by a CiveCy discussion of the ?Torahportion of the zveei Tbeasepost thefoCCozving dates on your calendar for reference: September 12 October 10,17 November 14, 21 December 5,12 January 16, 30 debruary 6,27 ?March 6, 20 Slprib 10, 24 May 1, 22 mr iiffr minrr mm? mm mmw mm m&GBij we mme mmcmc bagm oum youth mom mm graoes (trrr bittw mm) Gj GRAOES ?-f (mm nvrrf ? come to m mm fin# rabww to mcmoFF me mew program after me FIRST OAW OF RELIGIOUS school mm?aw SEPTEMBER fJ c / Special (JJlace SEpTEMbER 1 998 TJo belong. ^ 3 Temple Board Members Bob Unger President Drew Levy VP Administration David Mendelson VP Ways & Means Ira Spector VP Membership David Stahl, PhD VP Religious Activities Scott Stolberg Lynn Sasso Rita Goldstein Ruth Urban Mel Hallerman Sylvia Beller Frances Klamian Jacky Rosen Jon Sparer Jere? Davis Esther Saltzman Sharna Blumenfeld Mindy Unger-Wadkins Sandy Stolberg Steve Joseph Shawn Scott David Lieberman Jerry Gordon Cal Lewis Eileen Kollins Kenneth Schnitzer Dr. David Wasserman Dr. Steve Kollins Michael Cherry Dr. Bernard Farrow Eugene Kirshbaum* Rabbi Sanford Akselrad VP Education VP Social Treasurer Secretary Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Sisterhood Brotherhood NTTY TNT Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Ex Officio *Deceased CD? you have a family member or riencf who is hospitalized*? Rabbi Akselrad would like to help you and your family by visiting Temple members and friends of our congregation who have been hospitalized. Since there is no notification from the hospitals, please contact Karen at the Temple office at 733-6292 when a family member or friend is hospitalized. CONQREQA TiO N N e R T A M ld ESSAGE FROM OUR TEMPLE PRESIDENT The upcoming high holydays will be my third as President of our Congregation. While I am cer?tainly no authority on Judaism, my active par?ticipation at Congregation Ner Tamid has certainly had an affect on my view of Judaism, the issues of current importance to the Jewish people, and our future together. One of the things that has happened while serving as Pres?ident is that I have attended many more con?ventions, community meetings, seminars, torah study sessions, and workshops than I would have ever imagined. Many times my attendance was required as a representative of our Congrega?tion. At other times I attended to satisfy my curiosity about various topics which I had be?come aware of through my involvement at CNT. Regardless of how it happened, I have formed some opinions about Judaism, the Jewish orga?nizations that we are all familiar with, and Isra?el. Since the high holydays is a time for reflection, I thought this would be a good time to write about my feelings rather than my usual discussion of temple business or events. I would love to talk to anyone who reads this to see if you think I am off base, right on target or some?where else. First of all, we as American Jews have much to be thankful for. We have achieved success in the American society that has surprised our par?ents and astonished our grandparents. We nave been raised with a keen awareness of our Jewish heritage but also with a strong sense of Ameri?can patriotism. I have always tried to instill in my children the understanding of the signifi?cance of our family?s climb from immigrants in the lower Manhattan East Side garment ?sweat shops? to full assimilation and affluence within a few short generations. My hope has been that their sense of responsibility to previous genera?tions will be the catalyst for them to continue to move our family upward. I also recognize that many of the same things that have happened to my family may have hap?pened to yours and the rest of the Jews in Amer?ica. I do not view our assimilation into American culture as a negative. In fact, I have becomemore and more convinced that the Reform Movement has adopted the best approach to guiding us in our dual heritage as American Jews. Reform Judaism is a vibrant energetic movement of deeply religious Jews who have found the way to keep our religion a living and relevant factor in modern American life. It has a clear sense of tradition and understands that religious beliefs must be heartfelt and not based on legal jargon or legal principles. There is also a generational change going on that is effecting our relationship with Israel in a way we could not expect. For our parents, Israel was a symbol of Jewish significance in the world. They easily identified with the fight of David Den Gu- rion and the Jews of Palestine. Their connection to their own Judaism included an automatic con?nection to the State of Israel. Our parents sup?port of Israel also reflected an underlying but ongoing feeling that, although life for Jews was good in the United States, we could never be sure we would always be welcome. Without underestimating the level of continuing anti-Semitism in the United 5tates or the tre?mendous importance of the ADL, I believe the un?derlying fear of our parents must now be put to rest. We, as American Jews, can be proud of our participation in American culture and our own additions to it. It is time for us to concentrate on the things we as a people can do for our coun?try and the world, not just Israel. I am not anti- Israel. On the contrary, I believe that the continuing and expanding role of Jews in Ameri?ca will assure the long term life of Israel withaj the need for ?pressure from Jewish organ? tions? as our enemies put it. On the other hand, I do not believe that the fu?ture of Judaism and the future of Israel are en?tirely connected. In fact, with the overwhelming number of Israeli?s being entirely secular, the cur?rent path of the religious right in Israel may de?stroy Judaism in a country of Jewish people. The relevance that 901 of American Jews find in the Reform and Conservative movements is basical?ly non-existent in Israel. With few exceptions, Israel does not tolerate Reform and Conserva?tive Judaism. We, as American Jews can not con?tinue to let this happen and must take steps to bring about change in Israel. To me, this means the future of Judaism lies here in the United States. We must, during our gen?eration?s moment in the chain, understand the importance of our dual role in actively partici?pating in America?s cultural future and in advanc?ing our traditions of Judaism to the uninvolved Jews, the secular Jews of Israel and to Ameri?can society as a whole. The challenge of the fu?ture for Judaism is not whether we will always be welcome in the United 5tates but whether we will fully understand the importance of this next step. It is time to put aside our fears, be proud ofthe principles and traditions of Ameri?ca's form of Judaism and let unaffiliated Am^^K. can Jews, Israelis and non-Jews know how pr^M Septem ber 1998 ------L h ^Afote.? fvL rum, nun fT.rtnfr^nJnf ?/VV *? As we approach the High Holydays, I am anticipating the new year and am filled with a sense of appreciation for each new day. The process of healing and returning to my "normal activities" has proven to be my greatest challenge. I now look at everything from a much different perspective and am grate?ful for many of the day to day actions I used to take for granted. Preparations for the upcom?ing holidays have been well under way for months. As you are aware, this year we will be having double services in the evenings tor both Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. This addition to our High Holydays will bring some new changes. Cantor David Unterman, who was formally with our Rabbi's father's synagogue, will be our guest antor at the early Family Service. will be joined in song by an octet ade up of members from our choir. The full choir will join me at the late services. Cantor Unterman's warm voice and personality will lend a very "haimish" quality to our new Family service and I am very pleased to have his assistance. He will also be singing at the afternoon service on Yom Kippur. We Our choir has been workin: very diligently over the summer am they sound wonderful. My voice teacher, Peter Bugel, has stepped in to help out and he will be conducting the choir this year. Our very own guest soloist Maxine Molinsky will co-officiate with Rabbi at this year's Healing service. We are very lucky to have such talented people to assist our Congregation and I know they will bring special qualities to our newly expanded High Holy Day services. I also wanted to share with you a little about our Family Service. Several months ago, Rabbi and I began compiling a special "Mach- zor", prayer book, for the early Family Service. We pulled from several different sources to compile this prayer book and I hope those families who attend the service will find it "customized? just for them. The printing of this prayer book was made possible by the generosity of the Polis family. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year! B'shalom, ?Bella Congregation Ner Tamid Welcomes Cantor David Unterman This year our Congrega?tion will be hosting double High Holyday services for the first time. As has been mentioned in previ?ous bulletins, our early family services for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kip- pur evening will begin at 6:15pm. These services will be conducted by Rab?bi Akselrad, our rabbinic intern Leah Malmon and Cantor David Pijiterman joined by a special high clyday octet. Cantor Unterman will also Join us for Yom Kippur afternoon services. Beth Am in Los Altos Hills, made history when, for the first time, it hired a full time invested Cantor, David Unterman, in 1961. Cantor Unterman, has served congregations for over 35 years. His first Rabbi at Beth Am was Sydney Akselrad, father of our Rabbi. He has not only brought a beautiful baritone voice, but also the expression of joy to the services. He has succeeded in turning the congregation from a pas?sive audience into a singing participat?ing spiritual congregation. He has been honored by Beth Am with the title of Cantor Emeritus. IE5E5S5E5E5E5E5E5S5E5E5E5E5E5H5E5E5E5E51 Wok Right in and 3oin Sisterhood ior Dinner The Sisterhood of Congregation Iler Tamid inuifes you for an evening of delicious table cooking, sizzling entrees, entertain?ing chefs & cooking instruction as toe meet at: Hamada Of 3apan 598 ?. flamingo Road Date: Thursday, October 22 Time: 6:45pm Cost: members - $10.00 lion-members - $15.00 RSVP by October 15 Questions? Call 3udy flppledbaum 255-4420 or Debbie Hallerman 263-7068 make Check Payable to: CnT Sisterhood C/0 3udy Hpplebaum 8016 marbella Circle has Vegas, nv 80128 Join us for a special Tot Shabbat When: Friday, September 11, 1998 Time: 6:30 p.m. Place: CNT Beit Tefillah (small sanctuary) Your family will meet our student Rabbi Leah Malmon Join us for service, stories, song, and a snack Please RSVP by September 8th to the Temple Office 733-6292. ? ? IJZ cl (Special rf)laoe CJo Oielom/ 5 j\\ SeptemBer 1998School News Looking Forward and Looking Back The High Holydays are a time to reflect on our past and a time to plan for a more spiritual future. At the Holiday season last ear did you plan to have a Shabbat inner each week, once a month, or just once in a while with family and friends? Did you plan to attend services, programs at the religious school or the Torathon? Well now is uour chance. For the small cost of a Tittle time and one less meal at a fast food restaurant, you and your family can make one small leap into spiritual commitment. Read the bulletin every month and plan to participate with your extended family at Congrega?tion Ner Tamid. You cannot feel as if you are part of something if you do not participate or support it. Scnool begins September 13th at 9:15am. On that evening at 5:00pm. Confirmation class begins, and at 6:30pm. there is a special outreach program pertaining to holiday observance, everyone's welcome to attend. September 16 and 17 there will be adult classes offered in your own community (Check this bulletin or the Event Hotline for time and locations). Support our school by saving items for our parking lot sale which will be held Sunday, October 18, 1998. A very wise Jew said, "I learned after years of mistakes that only when I gave of myself was I truly alive." This man is Kirk Douglas. He found his Jewish identity at the age of seventy. Don't wait that long and have to look back regretfully at time wasted. Look forward now to educating yourself and your children. Look forward to a real commitment to your congrega?tion. Look forward to teaching your children by example that to give of one self is the best way of living. May you have a year of health, happiness, and spiritual growth. L'Shanah Tovah O')')')')')')')')')')'?')')')')')')')'? ? ??????????????????a O o 'rj The New *Four Questions": ? ? 1. Are you in High School? ? ? 2. Do you have a "B" ? 9 average? 9 O 3. Are you in, or have you sy ry completed confirmation? ^ ? 4. Are you in a Jewish ? ? Youth Program? ? ? ? 9 The Answer: O 9 You are the person we are ry ty looking for to be a class- 'ry }y room aide at The M.B. I ^ Dalitz Religious School ? If you are interested, 9 9 please contact Jackie 9 ry Fleekop before the 8th of ry ry September at 733-6292. ^ ???????????????????? ; .>y C onqreqa rioN Ner Tam id Familij Services September llth Please join us on September llth at 7&Opm for a very special Family Shabbat Service. Parentsare especially encourayed to briny their children and yreet the fall with the joy of shabbat. Rabbi Akselrod will share a deliyhtful story with the children in what has proved in the past to be a joyous eveniny Register Now for CNT?s a West Side Satellite SchocIP Congregation Ner Tamid?s West Side Satellite School has been a great success. This school which was originally planned for twelve students, reached more than twen?ty last year. There were two levels offered, 4th and 5th and 6th and 7th grades and these are still available. The satellite school meets at Bendorf Elementary School at Spring Mountain and Kevin Way (east of Fort Apache) on Wednes?days 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. If you want to give your student a positive experience of hassle free Hebrew School, the convenience of not having to drive to the main campus on a weekday, the chance to have more time for secular school study time and a normal dinner then please, Register Now! If you have 733-6292. any question, call yacQefteefQp Help Create a Jewish World for your child Join CNT's Me & Mine Group - Mom's, Grandpar?ents, Dads are invited too! You must bring a child from cradle to Preschool age First Class: Monday, September 14, 1998 10am Jewish Parenting ^Songs, Games, Crafts t Please R.S.V.P. bu September 8, 1998 at 733-6292 SEpTEMbER 1 998 Our school year is fast approaching. CNTs loving staff is hard at work preparing a rewarding school year for all of our students. The curriculum is geared to learning in a small friendly environment in our newly remodeled facility. The children will learn and partici?pate in a hands on approach to the Jewish Holidays. They will learn the Hebrew language through song and game. Your child will learn computer skills, as well as the ADC?s, numbers and pre-reading skills. We will be going on monthly field trips and participat?ing in several Mitzvah projects. The entire school will participate in a Thanksgiving Dinner, Chanukah and Mother?s Day production. I students will cook, and get to work with clay, crayons, paint, glue, markers to hone their fine motor skills. Gardening in ourown ?Special Space Garden? will allow the children to enjoy the fruits of their hands. Outdoor play will afford the young?sters the opportunity to work on their large motor skills, in addition they will have time to play with their classmates and enjoy friendships. We will offer enrichment classes in Gymnastics, Karate, Computer, Music and Art and before and after care is available from 7:30 a.m. thru 6:00 p.m. CNT is a special place for your child to belong. We are ready to meet the Peeds of your 2 Vz - 5 year old child. ome In and visit us or call our office for more information at 313-5270. Did you hear? The hottest come?dy club off the Strip turns out to be Congregation Ner Tamid? You heard right! On Sun?day, August 2nd Con?gregation Ner Tamid's Summer Fun Raiser was all that and more. As his card reads Rabbi Bob Alper comedian - intentionally, delivered jokes, stories, and one liners that kept the au?dience of nearly 200 congregants ana visi?tors laughing. The 110- degree temperature kept no one away and the laughter filled the rafters as he delighted us with his gentle humor. The noise did not die down as the evening continued in the social hall for ice cream, sweets and soft drinks. Rab?bi Alper has been performing pri?marily on the East Coast, with occasion?al visits to the West for Rabbinical events held by the UAHC. But, now who knows. A special thanks to the evenings sponsors: the Fleekop Family, Mike and Emily Novik, and David and Christie Ober and Family. The evening provided us with enough material to guarantee laughs from family and friends who were unable to attend. Board Meet?ings will never be the same. Hillel For Jewish Life at UNLV Interfaith Student Center 4765 Brussels Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89119 Web page: Phone: (702)736-0887 Fax: 891-0615 ALL JEWISH COLLEGE STUDENTS ARE INVITED: ? meet new friends and old ? participate in great events ? explore your heritage ? nelwork ? socialize ? find a place to study ? connect to Jewish life on campus ? use student computer room Mazel Toy to Travis Sh Hello, my name is Travis Sherman. I am in the 7th grade and currently attend Grant Sawyer Middle School. 1 am very involved in the sport of Martial Arts, specifically, Tae Kwon Do, of which I am a first degree Black Belt. I also enjoy playing the saxophone, skate boarding and being with my friends and family. On October 3, 1998, 1 will become a Bar Mitzvah. I am very happy that everyone I care and love most in the world will be together to share this very special and meaningful occasion with me. cJt (Special r()SEpTEMbER 1 998 lace (Jo (Belong, Brotherhood Forum On Thursday, Beptember 17,1998 at 7:00pm, CNT's Brotherhood offers a forum for men to share and discuss issues impacting men. The topics to be discussed including sexuality, sleep patterns, depression, stress, exercise, managing your time, and diseases including heart and cancer. The discussions will be led by Dr. Bernard Farrow. Dr. Farrow, a Psychotherapist in private practice has more than twenty-five years of professional experience ana a solid and extensive education including a doctorate in counseling psychology and is a Certified Diplomate in Psychotherapy by the American College of Forensic Examiners. In addition, Dr. Farrow is an educator and trainer who taught psychology, management and educational class?es for National University, Nova University and Embry Riddle Aero?nautical and Engineering University. He has also been certified by Blue Cross/Blue Shield as a Wellness trainer. He has been published in numerous professional journals as well as the Review Journal, Jewish Reporter and the Israelite. Dr. Farrow served as President of the Mount Charleston Advisory Board along with his wife Arlene, Chair of the Mt. Charleston Planning Committee and worked to establish the master plan for Mt. Charleston. He and his family have resided in Clark County for more than thirty years. Dr. Farrow received the Scroll of Honor from Congregation Ner Tamid, where he served as the second President and is one of the founding families. Other awards include the Outstanding Faculty Award from National University and Special Recognition Award from the Depart?ment of Energy. He is listed in Who's Who in the West and Who's Who Among Human Service Profes?sionals. Dr. Farrow's practice includes couple counseling, parenting, indi?vidual and adolescent counseling, as well as Cardiac recovery counseling, and addiction counseling. Havurah at CNT CNT sponsors a number of havurot. In case you don't know, a havurah (from the Hebrew root chaver ("friend") is a smaller group within the Temple family that gets together regularly?usually once a month and occasionally more often?to enjoy one another's company. Generally, a havurah comprises twelve to twenty people?sometimes all cou?ples, but we also have mixed couples and singles havurot. Some havurot have a membership whose age range is fairly wide, others more narrow. Each havurah is free to determine its own activities and its own member?ship. A havurah may decide to focus on a particular theme such as Judaica, dining, or theater, for example, but most vary their activities, participating in a Temple event one month, going out for dinner the next, holding some home- based activity the next month, and going to a snow the next. Active havurah members almost always report that their havurah experience is one of the most satisfying aspects of belonging to the Temple and many a close friendship has begun as a havurah acquaintance (we don't know of any marriages yet!). All members of the Temple invited to join a havurah. Once twice a year, we have a get-together for all tnose interested in joining a havurah. Our next get-together is a potluck scheduled for Sunday, October 4, at 6:30 at the Temple. Stewart and Sharna Blumenfeld are our Havurah Coordinators. If you are interested in joining a havurah, please call them at 254-9211 to let them know if you're coming and to get more details. ATTENTION PARENTS! CNT Sisterhood provides partial scholarships to Jewish summer oamps of your child?s choice. An applicaton packet and information on the requirements will be provided at the orientation for CNT?s Religious School on Sunday, September 13,1938. Ce sure to come if you are interested in your child attending a Jewish summer camp and need a little help to defray the cost in order to provide this meaningful experience to your child. If you have any questions, please call Ruth Urban 438-8329, Campership Chair.? Thanks, ?Ruth C oNQ REQ A TION N e r TA M l'd SEpTEMbER 1 998 ^isdor/fom Mippur 1998-5759 ""''i n : ? MildaAil Samuel Attiadeff Lee Beddia Lillian Better fortune Benhamou JacdBennett Ben Berman Marsha Bogach Nathan Bogoch BhoeSe Brown Irene Chenin Shirley Cohon Jessica Doctors Wttliam ?Ehrlich Melvin Ediasberg Tsther Engel Eva yarchever faberman Gordon find Martin foosaner ?Thomas franff ?Virginia Qalazda futh Qetzler MarryGlovinsfm Darlene (Jola Solomon (Joldberg Satty (Jordon Joseph Jreenberg Satty (Jreenspan Marvin (Jreenspan Charles Merman Odden Merzog Leonard Merzog MaroldJoelson Lore (Kahn Mat farchem Louis %(ene fmma %ohdenbrener Mina Leboff EhttLevinson fobert McQrazv Lmtty Mclnemey Carissa feetita Meritz Irene Mitter JacdMovacd fonald Ostrozv Bernard fab in fose fay Mimi feinschreiber James fobertson SLvram foitman Abbott fuby Mettie Samuels Maro bdSerbia futh Siegel Sylvia Simms Martin Susson 1Estelle Ungar Matthew Wagner Sidney ?Weidenfetd David ?Weinstein Judith ?Wilier Sheila ?Wolf David ?Wright BayliZucd If you have the name of a loved one you would life to add to this list, please call (Karen at the ?Temple. fiskpr services wttlbe conducted on ?Wednesday, September30,1998 at 3rd Annual Rummage Sale October 18, 1998 8:00am - 12:30pm Located in the Parking Lot Benefits the Religious School Donations will be accepted October 1-16. October 4 will be large item pickup day. Please call the Temple office to schedule your pickup. MEMORIES: PLACES AND FAMILIES If you've recently had occasion to visit the gift shop, you might have noticed the print "Street Vendors" by one of our congregants, artist Mayer W. Schlesinger. It was in 1946, just after World War II, that the artist's memory took him back to the street in Brooklyn, New York, where his Bubba and Zada lived, It was also where he often visited as a child, watching the pushcart vendors selling their wares. To remember that special place and time in his life, he decided to paint a series of water colors, one which was "Street Vendors." For those congregants whose families originated