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Photographs of The Gables Motel, Las Vegas (Nev.), April 18, 2017






The Gables Motel sits at 1301 Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. Information about the sign is available in the Southern Nevada Neon Survey Sheet.
Site address: 1301 Fremont St
Sign owner: 1301 Fremont LLC
Sign details: The building was constructed in 1946 (Assessor). A postcard circa 1940's shows the property was named "Las Gables Court" and endorsed by AAA (Wikimedia Commons, 2015).
Sign condition: The sign is condition 1, very poor. The street side light box is missing over half of its plastic. About three quarters of the bottom of the light box is rusted through. Light bulbs are missing from the lower portion of the light box. The hotel side light box is badly dented on the east side. The paint on the cabinets is faded and flaking. Rust marks are beginning to appear along the seams on the pylon. The neon letters for "VACANCY" are missing from the lower portion of the hotel side light box.
Sign form: Pylon Sign
Sign-specific description: A metal rectangular pylon painted yellowish tan is located on the hotel side of the sign. The body of the sign is cantilevered out toward the street. Attached to the pole is a metal light box painted red and split into two sections. A second light box is attached to the street side of the first. On the west side, the top plastic section of the hotel side light box advertises "THE GABLES" in cartoon style lettering. The lower portion of the sign is a reader board. The lower portion of the plastic section of the reader board has been hand painted, "POSTAL AND SMOKE SHOP". Over half of the paint on the lower portion of the metal cabinet of the reader board has flaked off. The remaining sans serif skeleton neon on that part of the sign states, "NO". Also on the west side is a street side light box painted yellow. The remaining plastic panels spell out "M - - E " in san serif letters. The bottom of the metal cabinet is rusted out. The light bulbs are missing from the lower portion of the cabinet. On the east side, the plastic on hotel side light box is badly dented. The lower portion of the metal cabinet displays faded sans serif letters which spell out "ANCY". The remainder of the east side is similar to the west.
Sign - type of display: Neon, incandescent, lightbox
Sign - media: steel and plastic
Sign - non-neon treatments: lightbox
Sign environment: East Fremont St. surrounded by motels.
Sign - date of redesign/move: Yes, but date unknown
Sign - thematic influences: The Gables Motel was a country cottage style motor court. The cartoon lettering style of "THE GABLES" may allude to this theme.
Sign - artistic significance: Motor courts and cottages
Survey - research locations: Assessor's website
Survey - research notes: Wikimedia Commons. (2015 June 8). Las Gables Court. Retrieved from,_13th_and_Fremont_Streets_(U.S._93_- _95_-_466),_Las_Vegas,_Nevada_(80597).jpg
Survey - other remarks: The sign shown in a postcard circa 1940's (Wikimedia Commons, 2015) may have been modified to make the current sign.
Surveyor: Mitchell Cohen
Survey - date completed: 2017-08-19
Sign keywords: Neon; Incandescent; Steel; Plastic; Light box; Pole sign; Reader board; Internally illuminated

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neo000177. Southern Nevada Neon Survey Records, 2002-2018. PH-00401. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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