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Report: Valuations of water facilities at Las Vegas, May 10, 1951






Value of water production facilities of the railroad the the water company exclusive of land minus depreciation.

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Box 24 Folder 80-11 Vol. 1 of 3 LVL&W Co. Proposed Sale of Water Production Facilities of UPRR Co.


hln001291. Union Pacific Railroad Collection, 1828-1995. MS-00397. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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(COPY) Sheet 1 of 2 WATER FACILITIES AT LAS VEGAS, NEVADA ELEMENTS OF VALUE Item LA&SLRRCo. LVL&WCo. Total EXCLUSIVE OF LAND $ $ $ 1) Investment Cost 773,554 835,583 1,609,157 2) Original Cost 787,412 927,321 1,714,733 3) Present Day Cost (Wehe's Report) (a) New 1,185,006 1,246,858 2,431,864 (b) Less Depreciation 15.5% 13.5% 1,001,678 1,078,829 2,080,507 4) Reproduction Costs (a) New 1,600,463 1,624,281 3,224,744 (b) Less Depreciation 23.39% 17.82% 1,226,114 1,334,834 2,560,948 5) Original Cost less Depreciation 603,236 762,073 1,365,309 (LA&SL 23.39% LVL&W 17.82%) LAND (excluding pipeline R/W) Original Cost $ 19,321 Present Value (Wehe's Report) 67,900 LA&SL facilities serving various industries Reproduction Cost new $ 16,874 Reproduction Cost less depreciation 11,584 May 10, 1951 Sheet 2 of 2 (COPY) WATER FACILITIES AT LAS VEGAS, NEVADA ELEMENTS OF VALUE LAND COSTS AND VALUES Water bearing lands 679.42 acres Original cost $ 19,321 Present value - Wehe's Report at $100 per acre 67,900 Present appraised value at $328 per acre 223,000 Water Rights ? Rights of Way for Pipe Lines; width 20 ft. Main transmission lines (water and power) Wehe's report 14.7 acres at $544 8,000 Present appraised value 14.7 acres at $952 14,000 Water Lines Serving various industries; width 10 ft. Present appraised value 1.31 acres at $13,618 17,840 Provision for relocating pipe lines on Rights of way at later dates ? May 10, 1951