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Audio clip from interview with Arlene Blut, May 28, 2015

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In this clip, Arlene Blut discusses the Meadows Theater, a professional theater that she and Joan Snyder established in Las Vegas.

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Arlene Blut oral history interview, 2015 May 28. OH-02421. [Audio recording]. Oral History Research Center, Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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So those Jewish doctors who came in '71 and many gentile doctors I am still friendly with. I got the friends and the children in the divorce; Michael got the [Las Vegas] Country Club, is how I put it. I don't think he was real well liked. So I got divorced and I still wasn't highly connected to the Jewish community. A dear friend of mine from the theater department was Joan Snyder. She was married to Jerry Snyder here. She was about my only Jewish friend because she was in the theater and we started the Meadows Theater together that was down the street. Were you here? No. Oh. It was a black box theater before they thought of it here. And we were down on the corner near Tropicana [Avenue] in that little shopping center, tucked in a corner. I think it's still some kind of theater. Haven't gone by it. It makes me sad. It was the Meadows Theater and it was a professional theater. There was not good feelings between the university and us. Somehow they were angry that Joan left; that I left; that we took some instructors. And incredibly enough? So did you just do performances there or did you have classes? Yes, we had classes. We traveled the state so that we could get grants and had children's classes. My daughter was?that's another story. I'll tell you stories because they have nothing to do?well, sort of they do have something to do with that. So she [Joan] was pretty much my only Jewish friend, I think. But at the same time, when I got divorced I started working. I was hired on a straight job at the Jockey Club. And the reason I think I was hired as concierge?I didn't know what the word meant when I was hired as concierge; had no clue?and that was because he realized I knew a lot of people in town. So I knew that whole doctor community. I knew the whole theatrical community.