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Film transparency of the Old Buck Station, Newark Valley, Nevada, 1955


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The Old Buck Station, where the Hill-Beachy freight line stopped to trade horses. To get to Buck Station from Illipah, head west on U.S. 50 for 20.2 miles. Exit right onto the old Elko-Hamilton Stage road (very poor, heavily rutted) and follow for 11 miles. Bear left at fork and continue for 9 miles to Buck Station. Buck Station was an important stop on the Elko-Hamilton stage line. The station was the scene of bustling activity during the late 1860s as travelers rushed from northern Nevada to Hamilton. The Hill-Beachy freight line used Buck Station as a place to switch horses. All was not safe and secure at Buck Station, however. In May 1869, the Wells-Fargo stage was held up. $40,000 was taken, and four men were killed. The money was never recovered, and legend has it that the treasure is buried somewhere near the station. When the robbers were caught, only a few miles away, they had already hidden the money. Once Hamilton began to decline in 1870, Buck Station lost its importance, and by the late 1870s the station was no longer used. In the 1880s, a small and very successful ranch began operations, continuing in business until the 1930s. Today there are extensive and fascinating remains at Buck Station.

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