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Menu for the farewell dinner to the Right Hon. Lord Randolph S. Churchill, M. P., April 18, 1891, Amphitryon Club


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Note: Menu is printed on fabric (possibly silk). "Joseph Guedalla, Esq." printed at top left. Guedalla was "a member of the Executive of the Reform League" in Great Britain. At the top of the menu is the coat of arms of the Churchill family with its motto "Fiel Pero Desdichado." Menu insert: Wine lists Restaurant: Amphitryon Club Location: 41 Albemarle Street, W., London, England

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men000239. Bohn-Bettoni Menu Collection, 1854-1939. MS-00793. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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JOSEPH CUEDALLA, ESQ. <br> FIEL PERO DESDICHADO <br> <br> <br> Farewell Dinner <br> TO THE <br> RIGHT HON. LORD RANDOLPH S. CHURCHILL, M.P. <br> At the AMPHITRYON CLUB, <br> April 18th, 1891 <br> <br> <br> VINS. <br> Montrachet <br> Laguiche, 1870. <br> Grand Madère, <br> 1836. <br> St. Marceaux, <br> 1884 Brut. <br> Château Larose, <br> 1869. <br> Châteaux Margaux, 1848. <br> Grand Vin de Musigny, 1865. <br> Perrier Jouet, <br> 1874. <br> Grand Porto, <br> Dorê Napoléon, <br> 1815. <br> Grande Fine <br> Champagne, <br> 1800. <br> Armagnac, 1811. <br> <br> <br> MENU. <br> Huîtres Royales. <br> Potages. <br> Consommé à la D’Orléans. <br> Crême de Fonds d’Artichauts. <br> Hors d’Œuvre à la Russe. <br> Poisson. <br> Truite Saumonée a la Chambord. <br> Entrées. <br> Baron de Pré salé à la Churchill. <br> Petits Pois à la Paysanne. <br> Poularde à la Montpensier. <br> Aspic à la Paddington. <br> Sorbet au Vin de Chypre. <br> Rôti. <br> Grand Chasse Impériale. <br> Salade de Romaine. <br> Pommes Georgettes. <br> Asperges d’Argenteuil, sauce Mousseline. <br> Entremet. <br> Soufflé Chinois. <br> Garffres. <br> Corbeille de Fruits. <br> CAFÉ. <br> <br> <br> Southwood. Art Stationer. 96, Regent Street. W. <br>