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Proof of appropriation for water






This folder is from "Legal Records" file of the Sadie and Hampton George Papers (MS-00434)

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man000425. Sadie and Hampton George Papers, 1874-1944. MS-00434. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Piling Serial No..... THE STATE OF NEVADA PROOF OF APPROPRIATION OF WATER FOR IRRIGATION. From Muddy River, Clark County, Nevada Through Indian Ditch. STATE OF CALIFORNIA )) ss COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES ) ' Sadie George, being first duly sworn deposes and says: That she is a Claimant for water from the said Muddy River; that f c her Post Office address is 802 East Kensington, Los Angeles, California, and that the facts relative to the appropriation of water by this Claimant and her predecessors in interest as herein­after recited are full and correct to the best of her knowledge. That Claimant and her predecessors in interest prior and subsequent to March 1st, 1905, by means of a dam and through a ditch, known as the Indian Ditch, did divert 21/700 of one cubic foot of water per second from the said Muddy River, and continuously there­after applied the same to a beneficial use in the irrigation of alf­alfa and other crops, on the West dide of the SE-f- of the NE-f- of Sec­tion 1, Township 15 South, Range 65 East, M. D. B. & M., which said land is now owned by this Claimant under title derived from the State of Nevada. That said Ditch is used by this Claimant and was construct­ed by the Indians many years ago, and the size and grade of said Ditch is unknown to this Claimant, but that said Claimant has had the use of same for five yeabs last past for carrying water to her land. That water has been used for irrigation of the said land from the first day of April to the first day of October of each year, and that the maximum acreage irrigated in any one year was not to exceed five acres. That by Stipulation filed April 23rd, 1919, in a certain suit now pending in the Tenth Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada, in and for Clark County, in which suit all users of water from the Muddy River Stream System are parties {except the Indians on the Reservation) the relative rights of all of the parties to said suit were fixed and determined as between themselves, and the right to this Claimant to us® water from said Muddy River was by said Stipulation fixed as herein stated. That the character of the soil is gravelly loam, and needs a continuous flow of one cubic foot of water per second cumulated during the irrigation season of nix months to irri­gate each 70 acres of land. / PI Subscribed and sworn to before me this /&? day of May, 1919. Notary 'Public In'" and for the State of California, County of Los Angeles.