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Meeting minutes for Consolidated Student Senate, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, April 03, 1979






Includes meeting agenda and minutes with additional information about the requests for funds, tentative schedule, posters, and the judicial council meeting.

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uac000217. Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Records, 1965-2019. UA-00029. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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AGENDA SENATE MEETING 1139 April 3, 1979 Moycr Student Union building Room 201 I. Call to Order II. Roll Call III. Approval of Minutes H38 IV. Executive Board Announcements V. Executive Board Nominations A. Publications Board (vote) 1. Scott Gonzalez 2. Elaine Cody B. Elections Board (vote) 1. Robin Hunt 2. Pam Roberts (Chairman) VI. Committee Reports A. Elections Board B. Organizations Board C. Entertainment and Programming Board D. Appropriations Board E. Publications Board F. Radio Board G. S.E.F. Comm.i ttoe II. Bylaws Committee VII. Old Business A. Vacant Senate Seat 1. College of Education (nominations) VIII. New Business A. Request for Funds from General Funds ($75) 1. Student Arts Symposium (Presentation: Bob Aniello) IX. Open Discussion X. Adjournment MINUTES SENATE MEETING 1139 April 3, 1979 Moyer Student Union Building Room 203 I. Call to Order The thirty-ninth meeting of the Consolidated Student Senate was called to order by the Senate President at 4:00 p.m. in Lounge 203 of the Moyer Student Union Building. II. Roll Call Members in Attendance She 1 lee Willden Phillip Jackson Peggy Race1 My man Kirk Voelcker DeAnn Turpen (unexcused late) Lorraine Alderman Joyce Bridges Bill Haldeman (exucsed late) Pam Roberts Marie Ropell Byron Blasco Carol Tarpley Nina Ross "Skip" Kelley (excused late) Jeff Wild Nick Santoro Sandy Williams Danny Campbell Cindy Vannucci Dave Craddock Joe Matvay David Martinez Scott Gonzalez Cindy Simia Absent Scott Greene (excused) Lisa Wolfbrandt (excused) III. Approval of Minutes tt38 There were no corrections or comments about the Minutes of Senate Meeting 1138, therefore, the Minutes stood approved. (Bill Haldeman and "Skip" Kelley arrived at 4:03 p.m. - excused.) IV. Executive Board Announcements Senate Resolution to the Library The Senate President informed the Senate that the Library has replied to the Resolution administered by the Senate, and they indicated to us that they will leave the Library open for one Satuflay and Sunday during Spring break. He further informed the Senate that the Yell has the resolution and as of yet has not returned it, therefore, he does not the exact dates that the Library will be open. This information will have to be gathered from the newspaper. Constitution Revision Commit_tee The Senate President asked the members of the Constitution Revision Committee to please stick around after the Meeting because he needs to talk to you. He further announced that the Constitution has been completely proofread and the report was positive. There were two grammatical errors.and in all other aspects the document was clean and there were no obvious contradictions. Minutes - Senate Meeting 1139 April 3, 1979 Page 2 Academic Standards Committee The Senate President announced that he never did have anyone volunteer for a proxy for the Academic Standards Committee, and the Meeting will be held tomorrow. Jeff Wild volunteered to attend this Meeting as a proxy. Voter's Assistance Program President White announced that the Voter's Assistance Program will not be run in the primary, but will be run only in the General Election. UNI.V President President White announced that Dr. Coodall was elected as the new President ot: UNLV, and the Presidential Screening Committee had selected him overwhelmingly. He will be an assesst to the student body as well as to the campus as a whole. He has a great track record and is very open to the students. Softball Field President White announced that last week he announced that the soltball field wasn't going to be repaired and it was in the Yell. He then talked to Charles Moody who has assured him that the dug outs are leveled off, and on his one accord, he is going to keep the filed groomed at no cost to CSUN. (DeAnn Turpen arrived at 4:10 p.m. - excused.) M^._A. F. Question President White announced that because the Yell is writing the "con" side to the argument about the Mandatory Athletic Fee question, that doesn't mean that the Yell is against the athletic fee, they are just finding a person to write a "con" side to the question. The entire staff is not coming out against the Mandatory Athletic Fee. Cons tructi on Pernii t President White announced that the Construction Permit for the Radio Station was received yesterday. He further informed the Senate that in the near future we will be getting involved with purchasing equipment for the Station. Tommy will be meeting with the proposed parttime engineer of KULV. When the paper work gets drawn up, we will probably be hiring this man. He furthern informed the Senate that he hopes the station will be on the air in six months, in September. This is a monumental time for CSUN. Board of Regents' Meeting President White announced that: there will be a Board of Regents Meeting on Thursday, April 5 in the Teaching Education Meeting room which is Room 399 of the Education Building. Ways and Means Committee Meeting President White informed the Senate that there will be a Ways and Means Committee Meeting on Saturday, April 7 at Clark County Community College which is a main audit of the budget. Hearings and testimonies will be Minutes - Senate Meeting 1139 April 3, 1979 Page 3 hear and President White will be testifying for the student view point of changing the now 20 to 1 student to faculty ratio to an 18 to 1 student to faculty ratio. Senate Party Joe Matvay, Senate President Pro Tern, announced that we will be having another party and he will be accepting donations from anyone who would like to donate. Joe introduced the Senate to two members of the media who will be attending Senate Meetings regularly/ they were Ken Harris from KULV and Mark Barbusca from the Yell. Union Board - CSUN Cons titut.ion The Senate President announced that the Union Board clause of the CSUN Constitution will come up at the next Board of Regents Meeting which will not be the Meeting this Thursday, but will be the one after that. V. Executive Board Nominations A. Publications Board (vote) 1. Scott Gonzalez 2. Elaine Cody Dave Craddock moved to approve as a whole, was seconded, and passed with four abstentions. B. Elections Board (vote) 1. Robin Hunt 2. Pam Roberts (Chairman) Kirk Voelcker moved to approve, and was seconded. Discussion took place and John Hunt moved to amend the motion to vote on each nomination separately. The Chair informed him that he took this upon himself to divide the question any way. Discussion then took place on Robin Hunt. Joe Matvay then called for the question, was seconded, and passed unanimously. A vote was then taken on the first half of the divided motion to approve Robin Hunt as a member of the Elections Board which passed with two abstentions. Discussion then took place on the second half of the motion to approve Pam Roberts as Chairperson of the Elections Board. Jeff Wild called for the question, was seconded by Lorraine Alderman and passed unanimously. A vote was then taken on the second half of the main motion to approve Pam Roberts as Chairperson of the Elections Board which passed with one abstention. 910 Social Events Account President White made one more Executive Board Announcement and that was the 910 Social Events Account is now able to handle the reclassification of the money in the budget. $600 has been transferred for the expense of Mardi Gras and $2,500 will come out later. VI. Committee Reports A. Elections Board Pam Roberts read the Minutes of the last two meetings. The first Meeting was held on March 29 and the second one was held on April 3, 1979. Joe Matvay moved to approve both Minutes as read, and was seconded by Carol Tarpley. Much discussion took place on how the Elections Board was using their money. The Senate was informed that the Union Board Minutes - Senate Meeting 1139 April 3, 1979 Page 4 allotted $1,000 also to the Elections Board for the running of the Union Board Elections, therefore, the total budget for this year's election is $3,000. President White informed the Senate that ho thinks that the Elections Board is doing a good job and they are showing fiscal responsibilty and he called for the question, was seconded, and passed with one opposed. A vote was then taken on the wain motion which was the approval of the Minutes as read by Pam Roberts which passed with one opposed and two abstentions. B. Organizations Board Tim lierlosky reported that there was no Meeting last week, but there will be one this Thursday, April 5 at 3:00 p.m. C. Entertainment and Programming Board Tim lierlosky reported that there was no meeting last week, but there will be one on Wednesday, April 4 at 2:30 p.m. He further reported that there will be a Meeting for Mardi Gras on Monday, April 6 at 7:00 p.m. to finalize preparation and break downs. The Convention Center Marque will also have advertisements on it for the Blood Drive on the 17th and 18th of April and for Mardi Gras on the 19th, 20th, and 21st of April. This is a free service provided by the Convention Center. He also reported that the Royal Inn Dixie Land Jazz Band will put an ad in the paper that they will be playing at Mardi Gras. D. Appropriations Board President White reported that there was no Appropriations Board Meeting last week because of the lack of quorom, however, the next Meeting is on Monday, April 16. The Board did, however, generate revenues for the Yell and the Activities Account and the 1979-80 budget. He also reported that the second fee distribution is coming out and he will have a lot more information on this next week. He further reported that the Object Master budget transfer should have been in all of the boxes, because the Appropriations Board gave tacit approval on this at the last Meeting where quoroum was not met. These are done just automatically by the request of the Business Manager. $895 was transferred from the 906 Account to the 902 Matching Funds Acount. $995 was already sitting in that Account; $1,850 is the total in this Account now, however, there is an $850 outstanding expenditure in that Account, leaving $1,000 left in this Account. There were no further coinments on the report of the Appropriations Board so their Agenda and, therefore, their Minutes stood approved. The Agenda of that Meeting served as the Minutes for that Meeting. E. Publications Board There was no Meeting of the Publications Board, and, therefore, no report. F. Radio Board President White announced that there was no Radio Board report due to a lack of quorum, but he did report that Tommy Walker was in a Meeting with the proposed parttime engineer for KULV named Gordon Alsum. He further announced that there will be a Meeting of the Radio Board two weeks from today, April 17 at 11:00 a.m.. Minutes - Senate Meeting 1139 April 3, 1979 Page 5 G. S.E.F. Committee There was no Meeting of the S.E.F. Committee. H. Bylaws Committee Lorraine Alderman read the Minutes of the Bylaws Committee Meeting and read bylaw No. 1 to the Senate. She announced that Bylaw No. 1 will be placed on the Agenda for the next Meeting. There were no further corrections or comments to the Minutes of the last Bylaws Committee Meeting, therefore, the Minutes stood approved. I. Outstanding Senator Award Committee Lise Wyman read the Minutes of the last Outstanding Senator Award Committee Meeting. Joe Matvay moved to approve those Minutes as read, and was seconded. Discussion took place and Bill Haldeman moved to abolish the Outstanding Senator Award, and was seconded by Kirk Voelcker. Carol Tarpley then objected to the consideration to the motion to abolish the Committee, and was seconded by Joe Matvay. A vote was taken on the objection, a division of the house took place, and the objection passed with 17 in favor. David Martinez then called for the question to vote on the main motion to approve the Minutes, and was seconded. A division of the house took place and the motion passed with 22 in favor. A vote was then taken on the main motion to approve the Minutes as read in which a division of the house took place, and the motion passed with 19 in favor, 5 opposed, and one abstention. VII. Old Business A. Vacant Senate Seat 1. College of Education (nominations) The Senate President informed the Senate that he had not yet received any information sheets and he is removing this item from further Agendas until a nomination can be made. VIII. New Business A. Request for Funds from General Funds ($75) 1. Student Arts Symposium (Presentation: Bob Aniello) Bob Aniello addressed the Senate and corrected a few items on the request forms of which everyone had a copy of. Bill Haldeman moved to approve the request from funds from the General Funds for the Student Arts Symposium, and was seconded. Discussion took place and Byron Blasco called for the question, was seconded, and passed unanimously. The main motion to approve passed with one opposed, and no abstentions. B. Delay of Senate Meeting H40 President White moved to delay Senate Meeting 1140 by one week, and was seconded. This means that the next Senate Meeting will be April 17. The motion passed with two opposed and no abstentions. IX. Open Discussion Pam Roberts addressed the Senate as follows: "The hostility that I sense in these Senate Meetings toward the Elections Board is very disappointing. You, the Senate, has selected the membership Minutes - Senate Meeting 1139 April 3, 1979 Page 6 of the Elections Board, yet you constantly question are reliability. Everyaction that: the Board has taken has been completely above board. I do not believe this election or these Elections Board can be compared to previous elections and Elections Boards. First of all, we are in the midst of an Executive Election not a Senate Election. It seems to me that too many people are comparing this election to last fall's election. I don't mean to take away anything from the CSUN Legislative Branch, but the Executive Branch Elections are more in the public eye and get the greatest involvement here on campus. I just don't feel a reliable comparison can be made with the Senate and Executive Elections. As far as comparing the election boards, I don't think it can be down. Do you remembering seeing any agendas of last fall's Elections Board Meetings? Do you remember ever hearing the Minutes of previous Elections Board Meetings? Were Minutes taken? The actions of the previous Elections Board wore brought to light by the Press, not the members as I recall. Last fall the candidates that were impeachable read their names in the Yell. Some way to be notified. Yes, maybe those individuals did commit crimes - but their was very little solid evidence shown by the Elections Board. In closing, the present members on the Elections Board are merely trying to enforce the rules - and in essence give the Board a little credibility. We are seeking fairness for all concerned. There is very little if any dead weight on the Board - and this will set a precedent. We believe in what we do - even if it takes us to Judicial Council. By the way, the Judicial Council affirmed the Elections Board's decision concerning Robert Nielsen II. We arc just trying to do our jobs - and I'm looing forward to a new trend in Senate cooperation. Jeff Wild inquired if anyone had heard anything from the Political Sciencc Department and Dr. Johns. President White informed him that he had a Meeting with Dr. Johns and the head of the Ethics Committee and had come to an agreement with them; he would go and speak to Dr. Johns' classes. As of now, however, he has informed Dr. Moore, Chairman of the Ethics Committee, that he has declined the opportunity to speak; he wants to go through the formal Committee to settle these matters. Danny Campbell informed the College Senators that some of them might want: to go and talk with their Deans to ask about the cuts in their departments. Pam Roberts reminded the Senate that those people running for the office of Senate President and Union Board must have their expenditure forms in by the 5th of April. Dave Craddock informed the Senate that he supports the hard work that the Elections Board has done. Minutes - Senate Meeting 1139 April 3, 1979 Page 7 Joe Matvay informed the Senate that although he was pretty vocal against the Yell, and although he didn't want Mike Navarro dismissed, he wanted it changed, in last week's yell he felt that Mark Darbusca wrote a good article and complimented him. Bill Haldeman informed the Senate the Year End Publication has been scratched. President White informed the wenate that the Executive Board did get together and came to the conclusion both because the Yell didn't have the proper staffing and was deficient in several other areas, and they just decided that it was not feasible. Joyce Bridges informed the Senate that she was very disappointed with this whole matter because now the Seniors don't have anything to remember their senior year by. L.ise Wyman i/formed the Senate that the Henderson Toast Mistresses are offer.i. Parliamentary Procedure classes all through the summer. Kirk Voelcker informed the Senate that there was a S.E.F. Meeting one-half hou after this Senate Meeting adjourns. "Skip" Kelley questioned the Chair as how the Senate could investigate the possibility one having one hour during one or more days of the week where no classes are scheduled and activities can be scheduled. The Chair informed him that this will have to be done in a private situation, off the Senate floor. X. Adjournment Cindy Vannucci moved to adjourn, and was seconded. A division of the house took place, and the motion passed with a majority of 18 in favor. The thirty-ninth Meeting of the Consolidated Student Senate adjourned at 5:58 p.m. Respectfully submitted by: Respectfully prepared by: Rene Bernier Senate Secretary Marshal S. Willick Senate President REQUEST FOR FUNDS ORGANIZATION: CONSOLIDATED ENGLISH STUDENTS OF UNLV FUND REQUEST: $75.00 EVENT "PRESENT TENSE"- A STUDENT ARTS SYMPOSIUM ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION The Consolidated English Students ot UNLV is a newly formed non-profit organization. Active members include: 52 students, six associated members composed of small businesses in the Las Vegas community. English Department Chair-man John Irsfeld acts as faculty adviser. Club members share a common goal for the advancement of student arts in all forms and mediums. We are actively pledged to cultivate student talent in the Humanities and rela'gted fields. And we seek bo broaden student involve-ment in policy decisions. Our planned activities this Spring include: A student panel to review faculty grading proceedure (April 21), a presentation by Michael Loudon on May 9 entitled "Workshop In Alternative Press Publication", and a lecture series at local high schools to promote UNLV's undergraduate programs in the Arts and Letters. Membership in the club is open to all students attending an Arts and Letters class at UNLV. Acting President is Denise Miller. D,R. McBride is the graduate President. REASON FOR FUND REQUEST: The Consolidated English Students of UNLV is seeking $75.00 in assistance funding. Should these funds be approved you will be established as a sponsor for "Present Tense". Contributions must be submitted before July 3, 1979. Checks should be addressed to the above mentioned organization and mailed to "The Department of English at UNLV" Consolidated English Students of UNLV Maryland Parkway Las Vegas, Ny, "PRESENT TENSE" Tentative Schedule FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21,1979 11:00a.m. Tent assignments and registration 2:00p.m. Opening Comments Guest Speaker- Allen Ginsberg 3:30p.m. Workshops (A) Poetry Michael Loudon State University of N.Y. (B) Fiction (OPEN) (C) Playwriting (OPEN) 6:30p.m. Barbecue Readings In Comedy Kevin McNamara Walt Disney Productions Concert UNLV Students 8:00p.m. Open Podium Readinds In Poetry,Drama,Fiction KLVX Taping of Student-authored One-Acts. Student Panel "Special Problems:Creative Achievement in Academic Environments" "PRESENT TENSE" Tentative Schedule Cont. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 2,197 9 6:00a.m. Sunrise Music and Poetry presentation Chants of the Native Americans 7:30a.m. Breakfast Concert John Becca 9:00a.m Combined Media Presentation: "The Music of Poetry" Dr. Clark UNLV 10:00a.m. Poetry Readings: Billy Jean James (Las Vegas) Read-Street Group (Santa fe,N.M.) Michael Loudon (New York) Fiction Readings: Drama Skits: ll:30a.m Workshops: (A) Short Fiction "The Art of Description" D.R. McBride (UNLV) (B) Playwriting (OPEN)' (C) Fiction (OPEN) Student Panel: "Evaluation and Comparison of Academic Creative Writing Formats" 1:30p.m. Lunch 2:30p-m. Guest Speaker Frank Waters (Taos, N.M.) 3:30p.m. Open Podium- Student Readings KLVX Taping and Interviews 5:00p.m. Production of Student-Authored One Acts to the Public A list of: Contributions is attached in Appendix 1. ABOUT THE EVENT:. "Present Tense" is UNLV's first creative arts symposium. Students, teachers, and artists from Nevada, Utah, Arizona, California, and New Mexico will gather on campus September 21 and 22, 1<J79 tor two days of workshops, lectures and public readings. A tentative list of activities is included in Appendix two. Creative areas that will be explored are: Playwriting, music, poetry, and prose. The event is free to all graduate and undergrad-uate students attending UNLV, and Clark County Community College. Out-ot-State students will be assessed a $10. (JO registration fee to fund bedding and food costs. The purpose oJ: the symposium is to provide regional students with the opportunity to present their works and exchange ideas with artists of various fields. In doing so we will be promoting UNLV to the community and students from neighboring colleges. Out-of-state students will be asked to camp in front of the Student Union Building. UNLV food services will provide three meals ffor the event. A registration fee collected from out-of-state students will cover this expense. EXPENDITURES: See Appendix Three. ORGANIZATION FOR "PRESENT TENSE" D.R. McBride. Bob Aniello . Toni Frabotta Marith Hicks. Denise Miller Dr. Hudchens. General Chairman Finance Chairman Publicity Chairwoman Organization Chairwomai Theatre Organizer Chairman-Judging Panel CONSOLIDATED STUDENTS UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS FROM: Marshal S. Willick, Senate President SUBJECT: Continuation of Attendance at Senate Meetings During the Senate Meeting of March 27, I observed a rather large amount of motion in the Senate chambers and the repeated disappearance and reappearance of Senators. At one point a call for quorum was made; if one more Senator had been out of the room at that time, the Meeting would have been adjourned. It behooves the presiding officer to maintain quorum and decorum during the Meeting. I would, therefore, appreciate it if you would maintain your seats as long as is humanly possible during Meetings. I anticipate that this reminder shall obviate the ecessity of taking any further action. Thank you for your cooperation. 4505 Maryland Parkway Las Vegas, Nevada 89154 Telephone (702) 739-3477 TO: All Senators DATE: March 30, 1979 rbj ROBERT NIELSON II vs. CSUN ELECTION BOARD The Judicial Council finds five to one, with one absent, to affirm the decision of the CSUN Election Board. The Council is in general agreement on the issues involved in this dispute. We see them as: 1) the meaning of Article V, Section C, Subsection one of the "Election Board Operating Policy and Election Rules for Spring 1979"; 2) the effect of Nielson's classified ad in the "YELL"; 3) the degree of punishment imposed by the Election Board. Addressing the first issue, there is no ambiguity found in the Election Board rule that states, "Candidates may begin campaigning immediately after filing". The word "may" is quite clearly synonymous with "are allowed to". This effectively precludes all exceptions. Because the law says you "may" proceed through an intersection on a green light does not allow you to cross on the red simply because it is not specifically mentioned that you cannot. Prescribing an allowable instance inters all other options as unallowable. The effect of Rob Nielson's ad is the next concern. The majority holds that campaigning is publicizing onds name in association with election to public office. While this is not identical to the Webster's definition citied in hearing this dispute, we feel it more precisely defines the term. The appearance of Nielson's name in conjunction with the word "vote" is campaigning. It is irrelevant that the ad was for the office of President and Mielson switched his goal to the office of Vice-President.The word "vote" notified readers of page 2 Nielson's intent to run prior to the prescribed time, and that is a violation of the rules. The size of the ad is also of no concern, since the complaint demonstrates sufficient notice. The third issue is the most difficult to conclude. The province of making laws is occupied by the legislature and its officers,in this case the CSUN Senate and Election Board. The judiciary occupies the role of determining the validity of law and its application. In light of these two roles, we feel it is not our province to provide penalties other than those prescribed by written legislative rules. The Election Board Rules (Article II) state that "The Election Board shall determine the eligibility of candidates". The state of being eligible has only its converse as an alternative, the state of being ineligible. As those are the only possibilities, the Election Board was justified in its action, and we are not of the capacity in our judicial function to change it. Dennis Cobb Chief Justice, CSUN Judicial Council JUDICIAL COUNCIL MEETING Friday, March 30, 1979 9:00 a.m. Moyer Student Union Bldg. I. The meeting was called to order at 9:20 a.m. by the Chair. He announced there being no minutes for any previous meeting, they would move right into the business at hand. He also stated that there were three (3) Fraternities represented on the Jucicial Council and they had all agreed that nothing would prevent them from rendering a fair decision. Robin Hunt was the first to be called upon to state his official capacity and he stated he was the official Assistant News Director of the KULB radio station and he was also a non-official member of the Union Board. His reason for speaking at this time was because he is a representative of the student body. At the last meeting when it was decided that Mr. Rob Nielsen was in violation, it was decided that in all fairness it should be known there was no factionally involved. He requested that Justice Compan be disqualified not so much because he was a Fraternity brother, but because he was present at Mr. Nielsen's campaign organization meeting. Justice Compan declared he was not present at said meeting. Mr. Hunt said he did not wish to withdraw his request that Justice Compan disqualify himself, so his decision will be taken under protest. II. Rob Nielsen was then called upon to take the floor. Mr. Nielsen stated that in the three years he has attended UNLV, he has belonged to a lot of organi-zations. He then stated he would like to give them some background infor-mation and said that he did put that ad in and has asked himself "Why"? That placing that ad has caused him more trouble than wrecking his car. He further stated his reason for placing that ad was because students kept asking him if he was going to run for President next semester even though the elections were four (A) months away. He said he thought if he ran this ad, it would get the students to quit asking him if he was going to run — but, unfortunatley, he worded the ad wrong. What he should have said was, "Rob Nielsen will run for President!" Instead, he used the word "Vote" for Rob Nielsen for student body President. He said the dates in the ad were wrong, May instead of April. After the ad was run, both Marshal Willick and Chuck White asked him why he put that ad in — that it was pre-campaigning. Mr. Nielsen said he hadn't even thought of that — so he called the Yell office and told them to take out that ad. They didn't do it, so it went in another week and they said they had forgotten. So he went up to the Yell and Leon Levitt said he would take the ad out. He then went back downstairs to Marshal's office and asked him what was going to happen. Marshal told him that it was a long time off for the elections, so they would just have to wait and see... that hopefully people would forget. But he said, they did not forget. He wanted to run for President was told "no way", since he had pre-campaigned for President, and if he did run, he would be would be gotten for pre-campaigning because of that ad. So he said that since the ad was for President, he would run for Vice-President. So now they are getting him on the same thing. The ad was four months ago, the ad said different times for the elections. The ad ran for two weeks. He then spoke about his signs on campus which read, "Vote for Rob Nielsen" without stating what office. He explained those signs were left over from .last year when he Judicial Council Meeting Friday,March 30, 1979 "Rob Nielsen Case" Page 2 ran for the Senate. He had Buddy Smith cut off the part that said Junior Class as he was trying to save money — so the signs just said "Vote for Rob Nielsen!" He went on to state that he had also looked up the words "Campaign" and "Election" and for Campaigns it said a series of organized planned actions for a particular purpose as for electing a candidate. He admitted he had made a mistake — he had put that ad in, and if he had anything to do now, he would take that ad out. If he can go back and do it, he will. He said the definition in the dictionary was a planned action and what he did was not planned. He just ran up to the Yell and did it. He didn't do it to actively campaign. He also said he had an opponent whose name was in the paper every week — and that was certainly publicity. That just because he had that word "Vote" in there, he was being crucified. He said he felt the punishment should fit the crime — that he really did want to run for President but he was bending over backward now and running for Vice President — and that this didn't come up until he was halfway through his campaign. If it had come up at the beginning before he started to run, he would have had a lot less into it than he does now. He had to drop one class because it was during campaign rallies and she wouldn't let him miss the class, he had to spend a lot of time and effort into campaigning and that's not considering the money. He said he had spent over $100.00 for campaign material and there wasn't much of a market for "Vote Rob Nielsen campaign stickers. He said he didn't feel he should be stopped from running for everything in CSUN just because he made that one mistake. He questioned the fact that he ran the ad for "President" but is running for Vice President so if he should run for the Senate, would that ad also be considered as Pre-campaigning for the Senate? The Chair then called upon the Chairman of the Elections Board, Pam Roberts. Miss Roberts stated, "As Chairman of the Election Board, she comes before the Judicial Council to represent her voice concerning a campaign violation of Robert Nielsen II. She requests fitne'ss^ and impartiality in rendering their decision. The outcome will reflect on the Election Board, Rob Nielsen and the Judicial Council. The Election Board as well as the Judicial Council derives its power from the CSUN Constitution which is the foundation of our government. As CSUN entities they must be sure that student's rights within the university community are not abridged. In the eyes of the Election Board, Mr. Nielsen did in essence abridge the rights of his fellow students, and by the power of the Constitution invested in this Board, we took appro-priate action. There is no doubt in their minds that they made a sound decision and it is now the Judicial Council's responsibilty to reach what they f