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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid, October 1992



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Congregation Ner Tamid Tan u n9np rfa ?he Reform Synagogue of Las Vegas J=J?L 2761 Emerson Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121 v October 1992 / Tishrei-Cheshvan 5753 Sanford D. Akselrad, Rabbi Cal Lewis, President Bella Feldman, Cantorial Soloist Rita Malkin, Interim Administrator Kathy Michaelson, Editor Jeanne Schomaker, Principal Julie Gruber, Pre-School Director Schedule of Services Conducted by Sanford D. Akselrad Rabbi Bella Feldman Cantorial Soloist Friday, Oct. 2nd 7:30 p.m. Oneg sponsored by Sisterhood. Friday, Oct. 9th 7:30 p.m. Oneg sponsored by Sisterhood. Friday, Oct. 16th 7:30 p.m. Sukkot Family Service. Oneg Sponsors! by Julie Crowder and Darin Lefkowitz in honor of their wedding Friday, Oct. 23rd 7:30 p.m. Simcliat Torah Family Service & K-l Consecration Oneg sponsored byK-1 classes & Carol Epstein in honor of Scott ?s Bar Mitzvah Saturday, Oct. 24th 10:00 a. m. Bar Mitzvah of Scott Epst ein ? ? Friday Oct. 30th 7:30 p.m. Bar Mitzvah of Scott Yahraus. Oneg sponsored by the Yahraus family. Sukkot & Sirnchat Torah celebrated at Temple On Friday night, October 16 th and on October 23rd the Temple will celebrate Sukkot and Sirnchat Torah family services. These services have become a family tradition at Congregation Ner Tamid. On Sukkot the Rabbi and Bella will lead a special children?s service followed by a special Oneg Shabbat held in the Sukkah. At Sirnchat Torah services all of our kindergarten children first graders and new second graders will be consecrated and blessed by the Rabbi. Each student will receive a miniature Torah and a certificate marking this special milestone event. In addition, a group picture of all the students will be taken before services and will be on permanent display in the Temple. Both services are for the entire family, but there will be free babysitting available for the little ones, ages 2 1/2 and over. MARK YOUR CALENDARS Monday Oct. 12 at 10:00 AM Sukkot Morning Service Monday Oct. 19th at 10:00 AM Yizkor Services for Sukkot The Holiday Of Sukkot. Sunday, October 11th is the beginning of the week long holiday of Sukkot. To prepare for the holiday we build a Sukkah, a special hut with a roof covered in branches so you can see the stars at night. Fruits and vegetables hang from the roof. We eat our meals in the Sukkah to remind us of our ancestors and to give thanks to God for all things that grow. The Lulav and the Etrog are used in the Sukkah to remind us that God?s goodness is everywhere. The Lulav is a palm branch tied with twigs of myrtle and willow leaves. The Etrog is a citrus fruit, like a lemon but sweeter. To say the blessing in the Sukkah with the Lulav and the Etrog, take the Lulav in your right hand and hold the Etrog in your left hand and wave them together pointing in all directions, North, South, East, and West while reciting the following blessing: Baruch Ah Is, Adon&i Elohaynu Melech Ha-Ohl&hm, Shehechyanu V?keeyamanu V?heegianu Lazman Hazeh.Rabbi?s Message, Congregation Ner Tamid "On Being Sorry" One of my earliest recollections is the time my parents encouraged me to say three simple words: * I am sorry*. I was playing basketball at a neighbors house. We got a little carried away and before you knew it the basketball flew past the hoop in the driveway and onto our neighbor?s car. 'Smash* went the driver?s side mirror. And away I ran. Upon reaching my house I began to cry. I was really afraid. What would my parent?s think? What would my neighbor?s think? If I hide they won?t know who did it and it will be my little secret. However, it was not to remain a secret very long. My mother watching me from the window saw everything. She came and asked me why I was crying. After an initial hesitation I spilled everything that happened. My mother listened to my pleading not to be punished, and of course my promise not to be careless again. Fine, except of course there was one thing that my mother wanted me to do. Sure there was restitution-I had to earn the money to pay far the broken mirror, but I also had to go to my neighbor and say, ?I am sony, I am sorry.* I thought to myself ? anything but that! Three little words imprinted in the mind of a little boy. A powerful lesson, but one that bears repeating. Why was it such a memorable moment? Perhaps because I learned how hard it can be to ask for forgiveness and to forgive myself Sure it would have been simple to go up to a neighbor and mutter a half meaningful, "lam sorry." But to really mean it, ah that was a different matter. Such honesty required introspection, recognition that I made a mistake, and a sincere intent not to do the misdeed again. A simple powerful formula stated by our sages 2,000 years ago. True repentance, they taught, must be sincere. As a young boy not learned in the ways of Talmud I discovered the lesson myself. It often puzzles me how often I and others have to relearn that same lesson. Perhaps that is what Yom Kippur is all about?the recognition that we humans will never quite be perfect, we will never quite fully leam the lessons of atonement and forgiveness, but we must indeed try. For it is in the sincerity of our effort that true repentance lies. Despite all my tears, and all my hesitations and protestations, that was a lesson I never forgot. L?shana Tova Tikatevu, May you be inscribed in the book of life for a Happy and Healthy New Year. Sanford D. Akselrad Rabbi It?s Never To Late The 2nd Adult B?nai Mitzvah class will be held on Sundays be girting on Nov. 1st, 1992. Class will run from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Melissa Glovinsky, our B?nai Mitzvah tutor, will be die instructor of the class. The B?nai Mitzvah will be held on June 4th, 1993. There will be a total of 18 classes where the students will leam to read Hebrew, as well as leam to chant many of the melodies we use in the Shabbat services. Throughout the year our Rabbi will take part in the course to add aditional insight and background into our religion. There will be a charge of S100.00 for die program, which is only open to Temple members. If you are interested, please call Judy at 733-6292 or Melissa at 895-9165. Do you Need to get into the Temple? In case of an emergency, call our custodian, Cliff Jamerson, at 734-1460 PAGE 2 B?NAI MITZVAH: My name is Scott Yahraus. I am a 7th grade student at Greenspun Jr. High School. I have played organized baseball for 7 years and this summer I made the Green Valley All Star team. On October 30th I will be called to the Torah. Besides my parents, Don and Stacey, and my sister, Brenna, I have family coming from New York, Florida, California and Texas. I hope you will join my family and friends on my special day. Scott Yahraus My name is Scott Allen Epstein. I have been going to Ner Tamid for 4 years. My Bar Mitzvah is October 24th, 1992. All of my friends and family will be there. My hobbies are basketball, rollerblading and writing. I am looking forward to my special day. Scott Allen Epstein THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU To Steve and Lisa Wiseman for donating chairs for Bella?8 Office. To Katherine Scott for the publicity on the political forum. To Ed Schwartz for helping us with the computers. To Symme Benoff, Sally Feldman, Eileen Kollins & Betty Stahl for giving up a Sunday morning to straighten up the Ner Tamid library. Soon we will have our library functioning so all of the congregation can take advantage of our constantly growing book collection. To Ken Herman for helping out around the Temple. To Don Schlesinger for organizing our political forum on September 20th. To Betty and Harry Schloss for enabling our Temple to have voter registration at religious school on September 20th, as well as at the political forum. To All of our Temple volunteers SHALOM At most Friday night services, Congregants can participate in a special way by accepting honors such as: lighting the Shabbat candles, dressing and undressing the Torah, or saying the blessing before and after the Torah reading. The Temple gives any of these honors to synagogue members who enjoy participating in the Shabbat service in this special way. If any congregant wishes to have such honors, please call the Temple office (733-6292) so we can schedule your honors on a convenient Shabbat for you. PAGE 3 Congregation Ner Tamid Message from the President, TEMPLE NEWS Gil Shaw has offered to make available at no cost a 'Living Will' for any interested congregant. If you would like to take advantage of his generous offer, please call the Temple Office and leave your name and telephone number 733-6292 Social Action Committee The Social Action Committee urges you to support our High Holiday canned food drive. Remember our goal is over 1,000 pounds of non- perishable food for distribution to those less fortunate in our community. Bill Feldman, Executive Director of Jewish Family Serive Agency, will assist us in finding those in need. NEWS FROM THE CANTOR September was a very busy month. Each Friday night before Services, we have had music teaching sessions. I?ve taught some new Friday night melodies and reviewed existing Shabbat and High Holiday songs. I want to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year. We are starting this year with a lot of growth- both our congregation family and our school. Our membership has grown to over 400 families and our school populaton is almost 250. Those are soma BIG numbers. It is my hope that each of these numbers becomes a real and participating member of Congregation Ner Tamid. I welcome all of the new members and I urge you to participate in the various activities planned by the auxiliaries of the Temple, Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Golden Chai, the various youth groups,and the havurahs. Applications and information about all of these groups can be found in the membership packet. If you need more information, contact the office. There are also many committees that remain active through the year and some that need help and participation. You will be doubly rewarded by your feelings of satisfaction in helping and in your new-found friendships. The Kol Nidre Appeal has been very good and I thank all of you for being so generous. Those who have not made a pledge need to remember that 35 % of our budget is covered by fundraising and Kol Nidre is our largest fundraiser. Another ongoing fundraiser is our SCRIP program. This is a fundraiser that doesn?t cost. Get in the habit of purchasing Scrip for Lucky?s, Albertson?s, Smith?s, or Von?s before going to the grocery. When you spend Scrip, the Temple benefits. Both Teen and Adult Choirs have worked very hard preparing for the High holidays. Their voices are uplifting and I appreciate all the time and effort each member has contributed. Our new accompanist, Lillian Kollar, began playing regularly each Friday night. Her talent is a great new addition. L?shana Tova Bella Tzedakah is alive and well at Congregation Ner Tamid. We are again collecting canned goods and other non-perishables to distribute to those in need. Bring your donations to the Temple during the High Holiday season. Again, Happy and Health New Year to all. Thanks to all who expressed condolences to me for the loss of my mother. I appreciate your thoughts. I look forward to greeting you all during the Holiday Season. Shalom, Cal PAGE 4 Congregation Ner Tamid THE SOCIAL ACTION COMMITTEE If you are interested in joining the Social Action Committee, please call me so you can join us. We have an active, enthusiastic, dedicated group of members who meet onoe a month and have projects and activities on a regular basis. Eileen Kollins 873-1413 (evenings). REMEMBER OUR SECOND ANNUAL BLOOD DRIVE DURING THE HANNUKAH BAZAAR Sisterhood Gift Shop We have new merchandise so come see us! Is there a wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah in your future? INVITATIONS, KIPOT, TALLTT BOOKS & GIFTS Madelyn Nitzkin 435-1932 Phyllis Lewis 458-8119 Rabbi Akselrad would like to be helpful to you and your family whenever possible, particularly by visiting Temple members and their families when they are in the hospital or nursing homes. The Temple office tries to maintain a current list of those who are hospitalized, so please call the Temple office at 733-6292 to let us know when you or your friends are going into the hospital. Bulletin Deadline Committees The deadline for the bulletin is the 10th of the previous month. This is necessary to ensure the timely arrival of our bulletin at your home or business. Please contact the Temple office if you have any questions regarding this policy. Anything arriving in the Temple office after the 10th of the month cannot be guaranteed publication. Thank you for your cooperation. i ... ?/ . - - ? A Temple Wish List i. Books for our library 2. Computer for the office: IBM Comp. 386 or higher w/4Qmeg hard drive or larger 3. Floor Scrubber or $150 4. Incidental kitchen items or $100 5. Fire proof file cabinets 6. Letter quality printer for School offioe 7. t____ Children?s video tapes __________________________J Committee. Chairperson Adult Education...........................Heather Zabinofsky Art & Beautification..........................................Yvonne Gordon Break the Fast... Helen Zliser & Rita Moses Malkin Budget............................................Sheldon Rosenberg Goods & Services.......Dyane Kohnen, Lois Doctors Historian.....................................................Sandy Ewan House.......................................................................Harry Rubinson Kol Nidre....................................................................Ken Schnitzer Long Range Planning...............................................Ken Schnitzer Membership...........................................................Dyane Kohnen Outreach......................................................................Lois Doctors Passover Seder..........................................Phyllis Mark Publicity.................................................Katherine Scott Preschool..................Denise Schnitzer, Debby Kaner Religious School.................................Denise Schnitzer Ritual..........................................................................Alan Mann Social Action...........................................Eileen Kollins Ways & Means...........................................................Jay Poster Youth Activities........................................................Ffiul Cohen PAGE 5 Congregation Ner Tamil Please Come and Join Us On October 29th at 11 a.m. for a luncheon meeting with Sandra Ziskrout, Ph.D., MFT who will present a disscussion on ? why don?t you understand me?" - dealing with the varied issues of communication skills. The program, with group participation, will explore the ?rules" of good communication: Honesty and non judgmental listening are the ?communication formula." Dr. Ziscrout is a member of the Temple and our Sisterhood and involved in the therapeutic community. Support our Scrip Program Scrip is available at: Temple Office: Monday-Friday 9-4 Religious School, Sundays 9-12:15 Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Golden Chai, and Board of Trustees meetings. Scrip is a very effective fundraiser that costs you nothing and is easy to use. SCRIP-Don?t leave home without it!!! Outreach to Interfaith Families Sunday October 11, the Outreach Program invites you to join other interfaith families in decorating the Temple?s Sukkah. Bring your own lunch, the Outreach Program will provide refreshments. You can bring your own decorations or make some at the picnic. We will meet at Congregation Ner Tamid at 12:30. Please bring colored paper, glue, tape, Crayons and anything else you can think of to use to make decorations. A Healthy, Happy and Sweet New Year. From the Golden Chai I _______________J PAGE 6 Congregation Ner Tamid Getting Ready For Israel - 1993 We will have our kickoff meeting on Sunday, November 1, 1992, at 7:00 p.m. for all those interested in our upcoming trip to Israel in 1993. Congregation Ner Tamid is sponsoring this exciting trip and close to 100 people have already expressed an interest. The meeting will be held at the Temple for all those who have signed up and anyone interested in joining in. An El A1 Airline representative and someone from Israel World Travel will be there to answer questions and give us a presentation. Light refreshemnts will be served. Join the fun and take your first step toward Israel - 1993. R.S.V.P. is requested. Please call Linda or Kenny Schnitzer at 456-4080 or Judy at the Temple 733-6292. MEMBERSHIP NEWS Now that the New Year is here and we?ve renewed our commitments, it is time to renew our commitments for membership in Ner Tamid. It is also the time for bringing new members into our Temple family and starting off the year with interesting and worthwhile events. New members bring new blood and start our Temple family life over as this season starts our lives over. To kick things off, we had a Prospective Member Sabbath on September 11, 1992 which was very successful in introducing new and prospective members to Congregation Ner Tamid and its various auxiliaries. The next event scheduled is a New Member Social to be held at Dyane and Sig Kohnen?s house on October 18, 1992 at 7:30 P.M. We are looking forward to a fun evening of desserts and discussions. This will be a great chance for new members to meet one another and get to know our Temple family. Representatives of all our auxiliaries, along with our Rabbi, will be there to answer your questions and introduce themselves. Stay tuned to future bulletins for updates on other activities that the membership committee is putting together throughout the year. Special Thanks For all of our Congregational friends and family who have seen us through our recent legal ordeal, a special heartfelt message of gratitude for your kind support. This is certainly a great way to start the New Year for us and all our friends. Sig & Dyane Kohnen PAGE 7 Congregation Ner Tamil RELIGIOUS SCH PRESCHOOL NEWS M.B. Dalitz Religious School News SHALOM and HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Preschool!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our 1992-93 school year got off to a wonderful start. We had a very successful parents orientation meeting where many of our new parents have already gotten involved. I want to welcome our new teachers, Dotty Gross and Lisa Roe. They have been doing a great job and I appreciate all their Committees are now being formed for the various activities and fundraisers done by the religious school. There are always openings for those of you who would like to become involved. Our basic committees are: help and support. We started our Music program with Bella at the helm. The 1. Purim Carnival 2. Model Seder 3. Passover Candy Sale 4. Room Parents children are really getting into the music and love Monday and Friday when Bella comes to visit. For Rosh Hashana the children made Torah New Years cards to If you would like to help on any of these committees, please call me at the Temple Sunday-Thursday. The number is 733-6292. On Sundays all day and Monday and Tuesday after 5:00 pm, call 369-8633. take home. We also had apples and honey to start off our SWEET new year. Our first Shabbat dinner for grades K&lst is Friday Oct.23rd at 6:00p.m. Family services for Simchat Torah will begin at 7:30p.m. This is the time when K-lst and new 2nd grade students will be Consecrated. If you have a child who would like to be Consecrated, and have not received a letter from me, please call me ASAP . Our Fundraiser is coming to a close. A special thank you to all that bought wrapping paper from the preschool. Next month I will let the congregation know how much we sold. At this point we seem to have done a great job. Our very enthusiastic Staff has been very busy getting the students "ready for the Holidays". Don?t forget our Youth Services at 10:00 am in room 5 for Yom Kippur. Once again, Melissa Glovinsky and Lori Frankl will be leading them. Also, our teen choir will be performing. If anyone has old puzzles that their children have grown out of, the preschool would love to have them. Our children really like to do puzzles and the ones we have are getting old. I really appreciate Our school is once again larger than ever, but our class size is just right for learning. Even as we grow, your input is valuable and appreciated, so please get involved. any donations, as puzzles are very expensive. SEE YOU ALL NEXT MONTH Shalom, Jeanne Julie Preschool Director PAGE 8 Congregation Ner TamidCongregation Ner Tamid DEE HARRISON 6 th Grade Dee taught 3rd grade at Ner Tamid last year. Dee owns a jewelry store. She enjoys teaching, sports and traveling. Dee spent time in Israel this summer and would like to spend more time there. LORI FRANKL Music Lori Frankl has been a member of CNT for four years. She was a 3rd grade teacher for CNT Religious School for three years, took a year off, and is now back as a music teacher. Lori conducts the Junior Choir with Bella, as well as our special High Holidays Teen Choir. BELLA FELDMAN Music, 6th Grade Hebrew Bella Feldman reoently joined us as our full-time Cantorial Soloist. Bella will be working with our Religious School students teaching a variety of music as well as leading both the Junior and Teen Choirs. Bella will also teach 6th grade Hebrew. GOLDIE ZAHAVA STEINBERG 5 th Grade Goldie was bom and raised in Bat-Yam, Israel. In 1984 her family moved to Las Vegas. Goldie is currently a senior at UNLV working toward a pre-med degree. In addition, Goldie is working at Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging, and will be tutoring Hebrew through the Jewish Student Union. Goldie is looking forward to meeting and working with both the Religious School staff and the students. DEBBIE STADT 3rd Grade Debbie Stadt is our new 3rd grade teacher. She moved to Las Vegas last year, and is recently employed by Hughes-Calihan, an office equipment firm. Debbie has three children, all of whom attend CNT Religious School. She is looking forward to a wonderful and fun-filled year teaching your 3rd graders.Congregation Ner Tamid GILLIAN WELLS 1 st Grade Gillian Wells is the new first grade teacher for M.B. Dalitz Religious School. She is very excited to be introducing Judaism to so many enthusiastic 1st graders. JODY COLEMAN 4th Grade Jody Coleman is originally from Southern California. She is married with two children. She is looking forward to ?n exciting year teaching here at Ner Tamid. She teaches fourth grade. BECKY MINTZ Art Becky Mintz has a B.A. in liberal arts and is currently working towards obtaining her teaching certification. At present, she works for the Nevada Pain and Rehabilitation Center as a test examiner. Becky will be teaching art for grades K - 2. This is her second year at CNT. PAMELA DAITCH Kindergarten Pamela Daitch is the new kindergarten teacher of the M.B. Dalitz Religious School. She is looking forward to a fun and exciting year. RICKY MINTZ 3rd Grade This is Ricky?s second year at CNT Religious School. He has a B.A. in communications and loves working with our children. He will be teaching 3rd grade this year. MELUSSA GLO VINSKY Hebrew, B?nai Mitzvah Melissa Glovinsky will be teaching Hebrew to 1 st and 4th grades on Sundays. She will also be teaching the B?nai Mitzvah classes for the 7th grade and Adult group. She has finished her final season as a lifeguard at Wet ?n Wild and looks forward to her eighth year teaching Hebrew. RACHEL LEON 2nd Grade, Aleph Hebrew Rachel Leon just returned from a year study program in Israel. She is now attending UNLV, majoring in education. She hopes to combine her love of kids and Jewish education into a life-long career. She is looking forward to an exciting year teaching our children. PAGE 11 Congregation Ner Tamid Be a kid again! Take a vacation from HIV at Camp Tikvah October 23-25, 1992 Camp Tikvah is an adult weekend camp retreat for people living with HIV/AIDS, and their significant others, who want to rest and renew while getting in touch with their Jewish spirit. Sponsored by the UAHC?s Pacific SouthWest council, Camp Tikvah will be hosted by Camp JCA Shalom in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains above Malibu. Camp Tikvah is open to everyone regardless of religious affiliation. Living with HIV is heavy enough. Lighten up! Swim, hike, study Torah or just rest if you want to. Explore your artistic and musical talents in professionally run workshops, and meet new people in a rustic setting. For more information Call: Rabbi Janet R. Marder at 213-653-9962 SISTERHOOD TRIBUTES I From The Gratz Family, Helen & Bill Zliser, Mami & David Diamond, CNT Sisterhood, Rose Dunn and Phyllis Mark to Cal Lewis, sincere sympathy on the loss of your mother. From Marlene & Irvin Sherwin to Florence Weinstein, best wishes for a speedy recovery. From Phyllis Mark to Florence Weinstein, best wishes for a speedy recovery. From Helen & Bill Zliser to Florence Weinstein, best wishes for a speedy recovery. From Phyllis & Cal Lewis to Florence Weinstein, best wishes for a speedy recovery. From The Gratz Family to Florence Weinstein, best wishes for a speedy recovery. From Audrey, Joel, Matt & Justin Mishalow to Debbie Gold, thinking of you and hope you feel better. From Janis & Drew Rounds to Carol Sussman, our sincere sympathy on the loss of your beloved mother. From Janis & Drew rounds to Lynn Leo, our sinoere sympathy on the loss of your mother, Isabel Shapiro. From Hera, Marty & Craig Rosenthal to Nina & Darin Tiep, thinking of you and wishing Jerry a speedy recovery. From Sisterhood to Carol Sussman, our sincere sympathy on the loss of your beloved mother. From Dyane, Sig & Jeremy Kohnen to Carol Sussman, our sinoere sympathy on the loss of your beloved mother. I PAGE 12 October Birthdays Sanford Akselrad, 10/6 Hortense Alper, 10/8 Mindy Archer, 10/10 James Arnold, 10/6 Harris Barnett, 10/12 Gia Berger, 10/19 Arin Coleman, 10/1 Nancy Colyar, 10/27 Ted Comfort, 10/5 Sara Cutter, 10/23 William Denton-Pratt, 10/8 Michele Diamond, 10/11 Beth Dias, 10/29 Jonathan Dowling, 10/3 Joshua Dowling, 10/24 David Edlow, 10/28 Scott Epstein, 10/20 Stephanie Epstein, 10/26 Cynthia Eskeles, 10/30 Charles Etcoff, 10/8 Lewis Etcoff, 10/17 Beth Fischman, 10/30 Sally Feldman, 10/14 Ramona Fessler, 10/8 Joshua Flushman, 10/11 Abe Fox, 10/6 Jane Gale, 10/20 David Glovinsky, 10/20 Harvey Godorov, 10/31 Micah Goldsmith, 10/20 Miriam Gordon, 10/1 Elayne Gousdovas, 10/26 Andrew Gratz, 10/1 Maxine Gratz, 10/16 Steve Gratz, 10/15 Jamie Gxeenspun, 10/7 Cody Grobstein, 10/12 Dee Gust, 10/4 Michael Gust, 10/26 Henry Harrison, 10/18 Michele Johnston, 10/18 Eva Kallick, 10/19 Erin Kane, 10/18 Mark Katz, 10/4 Melissa Kaufman, 10/9 Harper Klamian, 10/1 Richard Klamian, 10/16 Lisa Kollins, 10/2 Martin Kravitz, 10/3 Shirley Kravitz, 10/21 Jack Lazar, 10/4 Marilyn Lehmer, 10/3 Monique Lemer, 10/28 Ira Levine, 10/24 Phyllis Lewis, 10/23 Shira Lewis, 10/29 Judith Liebert, 10/18 Joshua Litt, 10/30 ErikLizar, 10/4 Nicole Lovelock, 10/19 Shirley Marcuse, 10/20 Cindy Milmeister, 10/5 Jolie Molinsky, 10/6 Michael Murillo, 10/6 Judith Mutnick, 10/23 Michael Newman, 10/9 Amanda Newmark, 10/29 Scott Ober, 10/23 Robert Polasky, 10/6 Mitchell Posin, 10/7 Jay Poster 10/16 Brian Robbins, 10/23 Freema Robbins, 10/5 Patricia Robbins, 10/24 Janis Rounds, 10/17 Harry Rubinson, 10/26 Midge Rubinson, 10/20 Michael Saltman, 10/9 Don Schlesinger, 10/19 Denise Schnitzer, 10/30 David Schwartz, 10/31 Debra Schwartz, 10/11 Shawn Scott, 10/31 Cheri Serlin, 10/11 Marlene Sherman, 10/20 Jordan Slocum, 10/23 Jason Smylie, 10/1 Alan Stone, 10/11 Richard Sturman, 10/12 Frederick Treat, 10/17 Michael Treat, 10/1 Lauren Vogel, 10/27 Eric Weiss, 10/28 Robert Weiss, 10/6 Aimee Worth, 10/5 Scott Yahraus, 10/30 Daniel Zabinofsky, 10/5 Rebecca Zuckerman, 10/08Your Name Could Be Her el l Call Congregation Ner Tamid to reserve this space for your business. 733-6292 PUT YOUR BUSINESS IN IT?S PLACE - CALL 733-6292 TO HAVE YOUR NAME HERE!! PAGE 14 Harold Gerecht, GRI Susan Gerecht, GRI, CRS Broker Owners Park 2000 (702) 798-8600 6380 S. Eastern Ave. #8 Home: 435-1966 Las Vegas. NV 89119 Cellular: 376-4158 13 Years Serving the Jewish Community Jeff Heit Plumbing Company, Inc. Authorized Service 2730 Edmond Street LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89102 (702) 876-5521 ARTISTIC VIDEO _______iiMumcmixs 2?t?0 (Ml Fiammoo Ho?d Surf* t . Lu v*o*i NmMa 691 Ifr PLANNING A WEDDING. PARTY. BARMITZVAH OR ANY SPECIAL EVENT? | KEEP THOSE MEMORIES FRESH HAVE IT VIDEO TAPE GIVE US A CALL (702) 733-1001 MENTION THIS AD FOR S10 OFF K R FREE PICK-UP b DELIVERY (east b west) TAX SERVICE Federal & State Income Taxes (702) 456-5767 WHY CO OUTTO HAVE YOUR TAXES DONE (PRICES STARTING AT $30) (702) 386-0506 M Ontui^ : 2! fit? Brentwood Studio BRENT MAYHEW Marketing Director 3863 s. VALLEY VIEW #6 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89103 MoneyWorld 3280 East Troptcana. iW Las Vegas. Nevada 89121 Bus. (702) 435-8300 / Res. (702) 896-0013 Cellular (702) 379-5148 Janis Rounds, ori. crs. crea Certified Residential Specialist 30 Year Resident Emch Offtcm a tndopmndtntry Ownmd and Oomrmfd HOURS BY APPOINTMENT (702) 454-4336 DR. MARK A. RUBINSTEIN, D.C. Southwest Chiropractic 4680 S. Eastern Ave. Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 CfOUR qPflVEL<PlflCE 3421 East Tropicana Avenue Suite D ? Pecos Center Las Vegas. Nevada 89121-7396 Untfe Schnltter Ken Schnitzer Owner (702) 456-4080 Jay Poster Jackie Brown MESHUGGINA KLEZMORIM weddings, Bor/Bot Mttruths, Prrvefc Romes Lee Schreiber (709) 955-4914 JLas Vegas Design 6* ?Trade Jay H. Poster LAZ-DOYp Allstate Kemper Securities Group, Inc. a**nrtrn Pi?k*?? C.A. "Cal" Lewis Vice President/lnvestmcnts BUSINESS FURNITURE 4680 Polaris Ave. Suite 290 Las Vegas. Nevada 89103 (702)791-8599 FAX: (702)798-0754 vVST*, .tef. SHELSBARRA Senior Account Agent (D I & Pecos. Cmemax 8 Plaza) 3025 East Desert Inn Road, a 19 Las Vegas NV 89121-3812 Bus 794-3600 ? Claims 456-2200 Suite 109 1850 East flamingo Road La> Vegas. NV 89119 (702) 7)2 4222 loll tree (800)231-697) Mcfntam New Soft ShkA luhinp and Mhet pnnopal etctunget Memhri SIK MICHAEL B. SILVERSTEIN 702-456-0131 (702) 877-6200 BUSINESS (702) 870-9790 RESIDENCE (702) 877-9843 FAX MARILYN B. GLOVINSKY RE Alton- UBQ DODOUOGDADDDT7 Weddings Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Portraits Publicity COLDWELL BANKER RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE HANC.Hf i ORiVt ||Tt 101 LAS Vf GAL NVH9I06 Glenn Raynes, C. P. A. Glenn Raynes, CPA, Chartered CLARK-WASHOE BUILDING. SUITE 1 500 SOUTH THIRD STREET LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89101 PHONE (702) 386-2888 FAX (702) 384-0433 ?*? **? ^ r<Y] 3 f** I Discount $+* NA/ Custom V#v Invitations And Stationary For All Occasions *4$ ^. *4^ lleen Spoor 8tephanle Schwartz ^ (702) 253-6600 .*? Ben Zimmerman?s STUDIO SOUTHWEST PHOTOGRAPHY portraiturecelebrationsadvertising-editorial BAR & BAT MITZVAHS - WEDDINGS 3370-B Pinks Place 362-3686Congregation Ner Tamki T EM P L E TRIBUTE S From J. Shalev to Cal Lewis & Family, in memory of mother, Rose. From Juanita and David Wasserman to Cal Lewis & Family, in loving memory of mother, Rose. From Shirley and Art Gellin to Zelda Cassatta, in loving memory of mother, Fanny Palter. From Shevy and Joe Shalev to Cal Lewis & Family, in loving memory of mother, Rose. From Linda & Ken Schnitzer to Florenoe Weinstein, wishing you a speedy recovery. Get well soon. From Lois & Malcolm Doctors to Florenoe Weinstein, wishing you a speedy recovery. Get well soon. From Carol and Norman Sussman to Rona Mendelson, in loving memory of cousin, Beverlyn. From Paul, Sharon and Aaron Kenneth Cohen to the Confirmation class of 1992, we are very proud of the wonderful job all of you did. From the the families and Confirmation Class of 1992 to Rabbi Akselrad, thank you for your guidanoe and love to the Confirmation Class of 1992. It was very special. From Paul and Sharon Cohen to Alan Hirsh, thank you for your guidanoe and love to the Confirmation Class of 1992. It was very special. From the Families and Confirmation Class of 1992 to Sophie Pisetsky, you did a beautiful job on the Oneg. Thank you. From Natalie & Gil Shaw to Lois & Malcolm Doctors, congratulations on Jerry?s being made a partner in his law firm. You must be very proud. From Helen Mendelson to Florenoe Weinstein, rapid recovery and stay well for many years to come. From Jennie Leff to Florenoe Weinstein, wishing you a speedy recovery. Get well soon. From Janis & Drew Rounds and Esther Corben to Florence W