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University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Spring 2021 commencement program





2021-05-13 to 2021-05-15


Commencement program from University of Nevada, Las Vegas Commencement Programs and Graduation Lists (UA-00115).

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man001157. University of Nevada, Las Vegas Commencement Programs and Graduation Lists, 1953-2021. UA-00115. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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May 13, 2021 at 8am at Sam Boyd Stadium

Graduate College (2020 and 2021)

May 14, 2021 at 8am at Sam Boyd Stadium

College of Fine Arts Integrated Health Sciences College of Liberal Arts School of Nursing
School of Public Health Greenspun College of Urban Affairs

May 15, 2021 at 8am at Sam Boyd Stadium

Lee Business School

College of Education
Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering William F. Harrah College of Hospitality College of Sciences






Keith E. Whitfield, President
Christopher L. Heavey, Executive Vice President and Provost
Vince Alberta, Vice President of Brand Integration and Chief Marketing Officer Bo Bernhard, Vice President for Economic Development
Robert Correales, Interim Vice President for University Compliance Juanita Fain, Vice President for Student Affairs
Adam Garcia, Vice President for Public Safety Services
Marclem Hernandez, Special Assistant to the President
Kyle Kaalberg, Executive Director for Strategy and Strategic Initiatives Marc J. Kahn, Vice President for Health Affairs
Rickey N. McCurry, Vice President for Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement Sabra Smith Newby, Vice President of Government and Community Affairs Barbee Oakes, Chief Diversity Officer
Lori Olafson, Interim Vice President for Research and Economic Development Desiree Reed-Francois, Director of Athletics
Elda Luna Sidhu, General Counsel
Ericka Smith, Vice President of Human Resources
Fred Tredup, Chief of Staff

Jean Vock, Senior Vice President for Business Affairs/CFO Victor Wei, Senior Advisor to the President - Strategy and Partnerships

Thursday, May 13. 2021

Angela Amar, Nursing
Ronald Brown, School of Integrated Health Sciences Eric Chronister, College of Sciences
Maggie Farrell, University Libraries
Lily T. Garcia, School of Dental Medicine Shawn Gerstenberger, School of Public Health Daniel Hamilton, William S. Boyd School of Law Andrew Hanson, Honors College
Danica G. Hays, Interim, College of Education

Marc J. Kahn, Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV

Jennifer Keene, College of Liberal Arts

Kate Korgan, Graduate College

Ann McDonough, Academic Success Center

Gerry Sanders, Lee Business School
Stowe Shoemaker, William 1 Harrah College of Hospitality

Robert Ulmer, Greenspun College of Urban Affairs Nancy Uscher, College of Fine Arts
Rama Venkat, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering

Mark W. Doubrava, Chair Carol Del Carlo, Vice Chair Joseph C. Arrascada Patrick J. Boylan Byron Brooks Patrick R. Carter Amy J. Carvalho

Jason Geddes

Cathy McAdoo
Donald Sylvantee McMichael Sr. John T. Moran
Laura E. Perkins
Lois Tarkanian


President’s Message
Recognition of Outstanding Graduates Student Commencement Speaker Class Profile

Conferring of Degrees Readers

Turning of the Tassels Concluding Remarks. Recessional
Class Songs

Grand Marshal

President Keith E. Whitfield Nevada System of Higher Education President Whitfield Mufaro Martina Hungwe

Provost Heavey

President Whitfield

................................................................................UNLV Faculty Ann McDonough, Ryan Romero, Kris Shay, Jacob Thompson

President Whitfield

President Whitfield

UNLV Fight Song

..............................Don't Start Now by Dua Lipa Feel the Way I Want by Carolyn Rose August by Taylor Swift You Should See Me in a Crown by Billie Eilish Sign of the Times by Harry Styles

LeAnn Putney


Melody Rose, Chancellor
Crystal Abba, Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Andrew Clinger, Chief Financial Officer
Joe Reynolds, Chief General Counsel


Keri D. Nikolajewski, Interim Chief of Staff to the Board

This is the official program for the May 2021 Commencement at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. It includes the names of students who have applied to graduate. Please note that participation in a commencement ceremony does not guarantee degree conferral. Degrees are conferred (granted) only when all requirements have been met and the final grades for a student's final semester have been computed. Degrees are conferred and diplomas mailed during alO-week period following the end of each semester.

Student and Dignitary Processional

Opening Remarks Presentation of Colors

National Anthem

UNLVAlma Mater.

..................................UNLV Jazz Ensemble with Master of Ceremony Tod Fitzpatrick

Provost Christopher L. Heavey

UNLV Air Force & Army ROTC Honor Guards Field Drummer Kyle Bissantz


..................................................................Haylee Glenn, Soprano The Star-Spangled Banner Accompanied by David Loeb, Piano

.........................................................................................UNLV Choral Ensembles Music by Eric Whitacre, Lyrics by Thomas Leslie and Robyn Lemon Chapman David Weiller, Musical Director

2021 Spring Commencement 3

Friday, May 14, 2021


Student and Dignitary Processional......................................................................................UNLV Jazz Ensemble with Master of Ceremony Tod Fitzpatrick

Opening Remarks....................................................................................................Provost Christopher L. Heavey Presentation of Colors..................................................................... UNLV Air Force & Army ROTC Honor Guards

Saturday, May 15, 2021

National Anthem

...........................................................Olivera Gjorgoska, Soprano The Star-Spangled Banner Accompanied by David Loeb, Piano

................................................................ UNLV Choral Ensembles Music by Eric Whitacre, Lyrics by Thomas Leslie and Robyn Lemon Chapman David Weiller, Musical Director

Field Drummer Dustin Smith

Christina Mata, Soprano The Star-Spangled Banner Accompanied by David Loeb, Piano

Student and Dignitary Processional.

Opening Remarks Presentation of Colors

National Anthem

UNLV Alma Mater.

.................................UNLVJazz Ensemble with Master of Ceremony Tod Fitzpatrick

Provost Christopher L. Heavey

UNLVAir Force & Army ROTC Honor Guards Field Drummer Gage Walker

UNLV Alma Mater............................................................................................................. UNLV Choral Ensembles Music by Eric Whitacre, Lyrics by Thomas Leslie and Robyn Lemon Chapman David Weiller, Musical Director

President’s Message

President Keith E. Whitfield

President’s Message
Recognition of Outstanding Graduates Student Commencement Speaker

Class Profile Conferring of Degrees Readers

Turning of the Tassels Concluding Remarks. Recessional
Class Songs

Grand Marshal

President Keith E. Whitfield Nevada System of Higher Education President Whitfield Allie Ryerson

Provost Heavey

President Whitfield

...............................................................................UNLV Faculty Joe Ervin, Steve McKellips, Ryan Romero, Jacob Thompson

President Whitfield

President Whitfield

UNLV Fight Song

............................. Don't Start Now by Dua Lipa Feel the Way I Want by Carolyn Rose August by Taylor Swift You Should See Me in a Crown by Billie Eilish Sign of the Times by Harry Styles

Russ Hurlburt

Greetings...........................................................................................................Nevada System of Higher Education

Recognition of Outstanding Graduates...................................................................................President Whitfield

Student Commencement Speaker.....................................................................................................Destiny Farley

Class Profile.......................................................................................................................................Provost Heavey

Conferring of Degrees................................................................................................................President Whitfield

Readers....................................................................................................................................................UNLV Faculty

Ann McDonough, Ryan Romero, Kris Shay, Jacob Thompson Turning of the Tassels................................................................................................................ President Whitfield Concluding Remarks....................................................................................................................President Whitfield Recessional....................................................................................................................................... UNLV Fight Song

Class Songs

Grand Marshal

..............................Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa Feel the Way I Want by Carolyn Rose August by Taylor Swift You Should See Me in a Crown by Billie Eilish Sign of the Times by Harry Styles

Satish Bhatnagar

4 2021 Spring Commencement

2021 Spring Commencement 5


Academic Traditions Ard Special Honors


Since its first classes were held in the 1950s, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) has undergone an amazing transformation, from a dusty outpost on the south edge of town to a thriving urban research institution. Along the way, thanks to its innovative frontier spirit, UNLV has kept pace with one of the country's fastest-growing and most enterprising cities.

The university’s origins were humble. In 1951, when the post-war boom had swollen the Las Vegas valley’s population to more than 50,000, the University of Nevada, Reno established an extension program here. Twenty-eight students began meeting for classes in the dressing rooms of Las Vegas High School's auditorium. In 1954, the Nevada Board of Regents founded the Southern Regional Division of the University of Nevada, popularly known as Nevada Southern. Twenty-nine students accepted degrees at the university's first commencement in 1964.

In 1969, with the Board of Regents’ approval, the university adopted its current name, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. By the following year, as the Las Vegas' metropolitan population reached 275,000, UNLV enrolled more than 5,500 students.

Over the next several decades, UNLV continued this heady rate of development - erecting more than 100 buildings, developing dozens of graduate programs, creating partnerships with the community, fielding nationally ranked sports teams, founding an alumni association, promoting scholarship, establishing a fundraising foundation, and recruiting diverse and talented students from across the country. UNLV has come a long way from the high school dressing rooms that once served as its classrooms. Thanks to the dedication of faculty and staff members, students, generous donors, and Las Vegas residents, the university has much to celebrate, especially at Commencement.


The academic caps, gowns, and hoods that make the procession so colorful are part of an 800-year tradition. Academic clothing was first worn in medieval universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Paris, and Bologna. The gowns and hoods served a practical purpose in the days of unheated classrooms.

The European custom was carried to America with the establishment of our own colleges and universities. In 1895 an academic code of dress was adopted, and the standards of a robe, hood, and cap were accepted by most of the colleges and universities in the United States.

Different types of gowns may be distinguished in the academic procession. The bachelors' gowns have long, pointed sleeves; the masters' gowns have oblong sleeves with an arc cut away in the front. The doctors' gowns are faced with velvet and have bell-shaped sleeves with three bars of velvet.

The Oxford cap, the so-called mortarboard, has a long tassel fastened to the middle of the top that is worn hanging over the right front of the cap. Upon graduation, the tassel is moved from right to left. The hood, draped from the shoulder, denotes by its length and colors the field of study and the institution that conferred the degree.


The University Mace, which has its traditions deeply rooted in history, is carried on ceremonial occasions at the head of the academic procession by the Grand Marshal, whose symbolic duty is the protection of the university, its persons, and its processes.

The mace, a long club with a ball of iron, steel, or brass at one end, was used in warfare as late as the sixteenth century. The use of the mace as an instrument of ceremony, however, began about the year 1250 in England and France. The mace is still used widely today in university ceremonies like commencements and inaugurations.

The UNLV Mace, cast by UNLV art professor emeritus Michael McCollum in 1970, was created using the lost wax process. Erik Gronborg's design for the cubical head of the mace included facets depicting the university seal, a rendering of the Statue of Liberty, a likeness of Renaissance scholar Leonardo da Vinci, and a shelf of books flanked by artists' brushes.


The Distinguished Nevadan Award is conferred by the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education to recognize prominent individuals who are present or former residents of the State of Nevada. The award is presented for significant achievements that contribute to the cultural, economic, scientific, or social advancement of Nevada and its people and for exceptional service to the state or nation that has influenced constructively the well-being of society. The recipient receives an engraved medallion and a special certificate.


The President's Medal was first conferred in 1996 on Governor Kenny Guinn. The recipients are selected by the university president to recognize individuals who have provided very special and distinguished service to the university. An engraved medallion and special

certificate are presented to each honoree.


Several years ago the university approved a process for selecting an exceptional faculty member to hold the title of Distinguished Professor. This award is given only after very serious consideration of a highly select group of university faculty. Nominees must have demonstrated extraordinary qualities both as teachers and scholars and must have achieved national and international recognition in their

fields of study.


UNLV has a long-standing tradition of honoring graduating students who have made a special mark during their time at the university. Undergraduate and graduate students are selected for the honor after a semester-long nomination process. Those students highlighted during Commencement are chosen based on such factors as academic achievement, community outreach, research and creative work, and

their ability to overcome adversity.


The Presidential Medallion is the official insignia of the university president and is worn at Commencement and other ceremonies. UNLV s Presidential Medallion was given to the university by the Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1973.

The medallion depicts the official seal of the State of Nevada in sterling silver. Links of the chain are engraved with the names of university presidents and their terms of office, symbolizing the continuity of responsibility in the office.


Students who have been initiated into UNLV's chapter of Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society may wear a bronze medallion hung on a blue ribbon to be worn at Commencement. Each year Chapter 100 at UNLV invites to membership the top 10 percent of graduate students and undergraduate seniors in their college class and the top 7.5 percent of the junior class in all academic disciplines.

The Golden Key National Honor Society is open to juniors and seniors of all academic disciplines who have earned a 3.30 grade point average or higher. Golden Key is also open to graduate students in the top 15 percent of their class. Students in this honor society wear a

gold medallion on a blue and gold cord.
Many disciplines have honor societies specific to their fields. Members wear their cords, pins, or medallions at Commencement.


The Ronald E. McNair Scholars Medallion is awarded to graduating seniors who have completed the UNLV McNair Scholars Program, in recognition of their dedication to scholarly pursuits and their already considerable research accomplishments.


The Nevada Centennial Medallion is presented annually to the graduating senior earning the highest four-year scholastic average at UNLV. A total of 101 medallions were presented to the university by the Rotary Club of Las Vegas at the time of the states centennial celebration

in 1964.


Summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude are the designations for students graduating with a baccalaureate degree who have earned 60 credits at UNLV and have a grade point average that places them in the top 10 percent of students graduating from their college.

Summa cum laude is bestowed on students who are in the top 1 percent of their college graduating class. Magna cum laude is bestowed on graduating students who are in the top 2 percent to 5 percent, and cum laude is bestowed on graduating students in the top 6 percent to 10 percent. The Honors College has different criteria for awarding honors.
The designations in the commencement program take into account both earned credits and credits in progress, along with the GPA for the last semester that the student has completed. Students should be aware that a final determination of honors eligibility is made after all courses are completed and final grades received. The designation that appears on a student's diploma and transcript is the accurate and

6 2021 Spring Commencement

2021 Spring Commencement 7

final designation.

8 2021 Spring Commencement

2021 Spring Commencement 9



Sinclair Grace Adams, Summa Cum Laude, University Honors, Research & Creative Honors Mark Austin Adriatico, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Marco Antonio Arias, Cum Laude, University Honors
Mimi Evangelina Arlt, Cum Laude, University Honors
Julia S Aronov, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Riz Walter N Articulo, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Anna Clara Ascencio, University Honors
Sebnem Aydogdu, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Hayley K Baker, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Chase Banton, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Ann Marie Beck, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Khadija A Bhatti, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Scott R Billings, University Honors
Blaine Antony Book, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Briana Terese Calacsan, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors,
Alvaro R Carbonero, Summa Cum Laude, University Honors, Research & Creative Honors Stella Marye Carroll, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Gianni Angelo Catanzaro, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Si Lok Chen, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors, Research & Creative Honors Mariah Joy Chianese, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Camryn Kaleimakamae Chinen, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Asad Chowdhry, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Isabella Dortha Chung, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors, Research & Creative Honors Constandina Maria Ciulla, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Jillian Monet Co, Cum Laude, University Honors
Kendra Nicole Coleman, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Braya Nicole Cook, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Jett R Cooper, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Michael Corpuz, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Hannah Elizabeth Coyle, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Ben Jairus Cancel, Cum Laude, University Honors
Halley Hope Darwin, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Savannah Dulcie D'cruz, Summa Cum Laude, University Honors
Carolina Dean, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Patrick Thomas-Ang Diaz, Cum Laude, University Honors
Tricia Domingo, Cum Laude, University Honors
Talia Risa Ethridge, Cum Laude, University Honors
Destiny Dawn Farley, Summa Cum Laude, University Honors
Solomon Joseph Song Feinstein, University Honors
Madison Erin Frazee, Cum Laude, University Honors
Judith Alejandra Fuentes-Retolaza, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Jessica Elyza Musong Galilo, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Chaela Joie Gundayao, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Ricardo Guzman, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Martha J Hall, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Carsyn Cay Hendriks, Summa Cum Laude, University Honors, Research & Creative Honors Mey Mey Heng, Cum Laude, University Honors
Alexandra Jeanette Hird, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Connor David Holmes, University Honors
Lindsey Frances Horne, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Elana Caitlyn Imasa, Cum Laude, University Honors
Shalini Sewandhi Jayaweera, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Benjamin Fredric Johnson, University Honors
Michael David Jones, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors, Research & Creative Honors Hannah Mackenzie Kerby, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors

Taimur Khalid, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Jacob Paul Kissman, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Mikenna Rae Klinger, Cum Laude, University Honors
Mckayla Kristine Kulman, Cum Laude, University Honors
Corey Takeshi Kuramoto, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Phuong H Le, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors, Research & Creative Honors Emi Yvonne Leong, Cum Laude, University Honors
Grace Marie Librizzi, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Carlena Renee Lim, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Mariah R Livingston, Cum Laude, University Honors

Lisa Ly, Summa Cum Laude, University Honors, Research & Creative Honors Jeanette Marquez, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Nathalie Sofia Martinez, Summa Cum Laude, University Honors, Research & Creative Honors Larissa Grace McNeil, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Roy A Mendez III, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Leonardo Alexander Mendizabal, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Katherine Danielle Metzger, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Harlee Jean Miscovich, University Honors
Samrawit Amare Misiker, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Hadley Mitchell, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Alexandra Moctezuma, Summa Cum Laude, University Honors
Taylor Nicole Murdock, Cum Laude, University Honors
Avery Lynn Newberry, University Honors

Mari Lei Nishimura, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Crysty-Ann Olaco, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Brennen Gerald O'Toole, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors Nadia-Christiane Ozone, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Vicki Pang, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Harli Rae Parker, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors, Research & Creative Honors Kiana R Parkes, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Aimy P Paulsen, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors, Research & Creative Honors Ron Peretz, Cum Laude, University Honors
Lucero L Pineda-Roman, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors, Research & Creative Honors Analy Ramirez Berber, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Natalie Kaye Rea, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Jehovana Rios Morales, University Honors
Isra Sabir, Summa Cum Laude, University Honors

Michael Joseph Saladino, Magna Cum Laude, Research & Creative Honors
Andrea Valeria Santillan, Cum Laude, University Honors
Michael Schwob, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors, Research & Creative Honors Madison Rose Scinta, Cum Laude, University Honors
Lea Lian Seibel, University Honors
Kendahl Romero Servino, Summa Cum Laude, University Honors, Research & Creative Honors Joanna Silva, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Javiera Antonia Sothers, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Sophia Elizabeth Stojanoff, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Kristin Wendy Stone, University Honors
Matthew Dillon Straub, Cum Laude, University Honors
Krista Patricia Talamante, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Megan Ariela Talamante, Cum Laude, University Honors
Sara Tegtmeyer, Cum Laude, University Honors
Gianni M Terrana, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Josephine Thean, Cum Laude. University Honors
Cassandra Anastasia Tipon, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors

Simona Yanakieva Topalova, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors


Fausto Vega, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
John Dougtas Watt, Summa Cum Laude, Research & Creative Honors Minghzu Yang, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Levi Yitzchak Yarmak, Summa Cum Laude, University Honors Anita Yegappan, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Neha Zafar, Cum Laude, University Honors


Jason Avedesian Linsey Belisle Jennifer Clark Visar Farhangi Brian Hollander Chengcheng Li Kayleigh Meighan Tsion Melaku Lorena Samentar Monica Sinha Jeremy Smallwood Jillian Socea Tereza Trejbalova

Graduate Cottege Spring 202 /


Doctor of Philosophy

Rosnidar Binte Arshad, Curriculum & Instruction Standardized Test and the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Phenomenological Multi-Site Case Study of Singapore and Southern Nevada Within a Culturally Responsive Evaluation Framework

Nicole Lynn Atwell, Special Education
Effects of an Online Learning Module for Pediatricians Regarding Early Intervention Services

Fatmana K. Deniz, Special Education
Cognitive Autonomy Supportive Teaching Behaviors: Perceptions of Four Groups of Educators

Paula F. Kerchenski, Special Education
Finding Ways to Increase Physical Activity in Students With Disabilities in a Social Distance World

Chengcheng Li, Teacher Education
School Climate, Teacher Self-Efficacy, and Teaching Practices: Evidence from TALIS 2018

Lashaun Duran Limbrick, Curriculum & Instruction
We Gon' Be Alright: A Narrative Inquiry With Black Male Doctoral Students

Yvonne Camille Morris, Curriculum & Instruction
Still We Rise: A Black Feminist Qualitative Inquiry Exploring Black Women's Experiences on Twitter

Marcela Rodriguez-Campo, Curriculum & Instruction Nos/otrxs Que Fuimos Separados: Recovering Testimonios of Separation and Resilience

Kyle Rogers, Curriculum & Instruction
Popular Culture as a Tool for Critical Pedagogy: A Case Study

Ebony E. Sherman, Curriculum & Instruction
Disrupting the Special Education Referral Pipeline: Teachers' Perceptions of African American Student Behavior in the General Education Class - A Combined Sequential Mixed Method Study

Catherine L. Turner, Curriculum & Instruction
Examining the Experiences of LGBTQ DPT Students: A Critical Ethnography

Yunying Xu, Curriculum & Instruction
Understanding Visual Language and Visual Literacy: A Case Study of Young Children's Meaning Making of Complex Wordless Picturebooks


Doctor of Musical Arts

Yaxin Chen, Performance
Yellow River Piano Concerto

David A. Coyner, Performance
Professional Instrumental Conductors Use of Feedback Styles in Rehearsals

Xin Guo, Performance
The Archetypal Female Image of Chinese National Opera: A Study of Xi Shi

loannis Protopapas, Performance
Dimitri Mitropoulos - A Champion of New Music

Yuxin Zhao, Performance
The Bridge from Etude to Repertoire: Hermann Six Concert Studies, Op. 18


Doctor of Philosophy

Tajanae LaBria Barnes, English
Black Women Have the Right to Choose: Understanding Personal Trauma, Physical Agency, and Progressive Mental Health of Fictionalized Black Women

Mirae J. Fornander, Psychology
Defining Problematic School Absenteeism: Identifying Youth at Risk

Carly A. Hunter, English
Death, Dying, and the Eternally Damned: Blood, Medicine, and the Occupation of the Female Body in Gothic Literature

Todd J. Martinez, English
"My World has Become One of Infinite Possibilities": Recoding Popular Culture and Transculturation in Modern U.S. Ethnic Fiction

Angela C. Moor, History
Getting Hitched and Unhitched: The History of Marriage and Divorce in Las Vegas 1931-1965

Andrew Joseph Rhoades, English
The Unfinished Enlightenment Novel: Studies in Indeterminacy and Democracy

Jennifer M. Stevens, Sociology
Blue Lives Matter: Identity and the Internet

Joseph P. Thomson, History
A Tale of Two Townsites: The Formative Years of the Las Vegas Valley 1902-1907

Cristina I. Tica, Anthropology
The Barbaricum Trilogy: A Bioarchaeological Approach to Deciphering Sarmatians' Saga on the Great Hungarian Plain

Breanne Danielle Yerkes, Psychology
Acoustic and Semantic Processing of Speech and Non­ speech Sounds in Autism Spectrum Disorders


Doctor of Philosophy

Adrienne Marrie Bugayong, Biological Sciences
Elucidating the Role of Tubby in Retinal Degeneration and Obesity

Cheng Chen, Astronomy
The Evolution of the Dead Zone in Circumplanetary Disk

Jennifer M. Clark, Biological Sciences
The Role of Hormone and Nutrition Signaling in Extended Larval Development and Obesity in Starvation-Selected Drosophila melanogaster

Christopher J. Defelice, Geoscience
Petrogenesis of Hawaiian Lavas: Investigations Using Radiogenic and Non-Traditional Stable Isotopes

David J. Linkletter, Mathematical Sciences Exploring the Choiceless Cardinal Hierarchy

Joshua Reagan, Mathematical Sciences Topics in Logic and Set Theory

Lorena Palma Samentar, Biological Sciences Development of a Novel Alzheimer's Therapy

Jeremy L Smallwood, Astronomy
Accretion and Debris Disc Dynamics Around Single and Higher-Order Star Systems

Jillian N. Socea, Biological Sciences
Implications of the Evolutionary Past on the Activities of VirB: A Key Transcriptional Regulator of Virulence Genes in Shigella flexneri

Casey Stamereilers, Biological Sciences
Comparative Genomics of *Paenibacillus larvae* bacteriophages


Doctor of Philosophy

Jason Avedesian, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences
The Influence of Sports-Related Concussion on Lower Extremity Injury Risk in Adolescent and Collegiate Athletes

10 2021 Spring Commencement

2021 Spring Commencement 11

Kevin Choe, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences
The Influence of Resistance Training on Post Surgical Outcomes and Gait Biomechanics in Individuals With Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Jason K. Longhurst, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Development of a Novel Cognitive-Motor Dual Task Assessment Battery in Neurodegenerative Disease

Cordero D. Roche, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Impact of Asymmetry During Jump Performance

Robert William Salatto, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences The Effects of Green Exercise on Perception and Connectedness to Nature


Doctor of Philosophy

Linsey A. Belisle, Criminology and Criminal Justice Exploring the Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences Among Gendered Racial/Ethnic Groups of Justice- Involved Youth

Ashley M. Hernandez-Hall, Public Affairs
Nonprofit Data Management: A Stage Model

Tereza Trejbalova, Criminology and Criminal Justice Predictors of Violent and Non-Violent Institutional infractions of Death Row Prisoners

Matthew P. West, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Bystanders? Willingness to Report Crimes and Cooperate With Legal Authorities: The Role of Individual and Contextual Differences

Doctor of Public Policy

Ivet Aldaba
Closing the Gap: Comprehensive K-12 Mental Health Curriculum

Jeffrey L. Buchanan
Policy Strategy for Assisting in the Reduction of Police Officer and Firefighter Suicidality

Nadia Celina Czesky
Bias Incident Reporting on College Campuses

Michele Freeman
Suicide Awareness and Prevention for Law Enforcement Officers

Michael P. Lawrence
The Battle Born Carryover Model: A Budget Carry-Over Incentive Policy Proposal

Cindy Lee-Tataseo
Safety of Cosmetics and Personal Care Products in the United States

Amber Lopez Lasater
The Hybrid Workforce Advancement Model: Addressing the Impact of Technology Disruption for At-Risk Workers

Maria X. Marinch
Inequity in Education: An Integrated Solution for Change

Jennifer Louise McCarthy
Prioritizing Campus Infrastructure Needs in Nevada

Ashton L. Ridley
Uniformity & Continuity Paid Family Leave

Christina Maria Vela
Identification of Children at Highest Risk of Commercial Sex Trafficking

Chad R. Warren
A Policy Plan to Coordinate Strategic Philanthropy Within the State of Nevada and the Nevada System of Higher Education


Doctor of Philosophy

Brandon W. Blackstone, Electrical Engineering
Dynamic Analysis of a Microgrid Powered With an Inverter and Machine-Based Distributed Resources

Visar Farhangi, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Development of LRFD Side Shear and End Bearing Resistance Factors of Axially Loaded Drilled Shafts in Soil Containing Caliche Layers, Using Monte Carlo Method

Md Shakhawat Hossen, Civil & Environmental Engineering Improving Pedestrian Safety With Implementation of the Demand-Responsive Transverse Rumble Strip as New Traffic Safety Countermeasure

Wenchen Ma, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Columns Subjected to High Sustained Stresses

Zakai J. Olsen, Mechanical Engineering
A Hyperelastic Porous Media Framework for Ionic Polymer-Metal Composites and Characterization of Transduction Phenomena via Dimensional Analysis and Nonlinear Regression

Maria D. Ramos Gonzalez, Mechanical Engineering Experimental Study of a Patient-Tailored Polycarbonate Urethane Knee Implant Using Custom-Designed Test Machine

Rubab Saher, Civil & Environmental Engineering
A Kaleidoscope of Urban Evapotraspiration: Exploring the Science and Modeling Approach


Doctor of Occupational Therapy

Karmella Castro Bognot, Post-Professional Occupational Therapy Essential Competencies for Occupational Therapy in End- of-Life Care

Teresa Liccardo, Post-Professional Occupational Therapy Health and Wellness Competencies for an Entry-Level Doctorate Occupational Therapy Course

Doctor of Physical Therapy

James Anthony Anderson
Description and Validation of a Novel Ground-Reaction- Force-Triggered Protocol for Simulation of Tripping Perturbations During Gait

Jynelle Marie Guerrero Arches
Effects of Altered Somatosensory Input on Lower Limb Mechanics via Different Shoes and Barefoot Walking in Individuals With Chronic Post-Stroke Hemiparesis

Eric Michael Bashaw
Quality Assurance of Service Learning Back School

Jordan Bowers
Stepping On Fall Prevention Project

Gavin Brady
Recruitment and Advocacy for Clinician Involvement in Pro Bono Physical Therapy Service-Learning Program

Rafael Lorenzo Cabrera
Effects of Bimodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Modulation of Spinal Circuitry in People With Chronic Post-Stroke Hemiparesis

Gilberto Alejandro Carrillo
Recruitment and Advocacy for Clinician Involvement in Pro Bono Physical Therapy Service-Learning Program

Zachary Alexander Clark
Is Decreased Trunk Flexion Angle a Contributing Factor to Patellofemoral Joint Loading in Runners With Patellofemoral Pain?

Felicia Katheleen Doblado
Recruitment and Advocacy for Clinician Involvement in Pro Bono Physical Therapy Service-Learning Program

Christine Angelica DuVall
Is Decreased Trunk Flexion Angle a Contributing Factor to Patellofemoral Joint Loading in Runners With Patellofemoral Pain?

Catrina A. Fabian
Description and Validation of a Novel Ground-Reaction- Force-Triggered Protocol for Simulation of Tripping Perturbations During Gait

Tavin G. Fox
Is Decreased Trunk Flexion Angle a Contributing Factor to Patellofemoral Joint Loading in Runners With Patellofemoral Pain?

Lea Fung
Stepping on Fall Prevention Project

James Gaddi
Stepping On Fall Prevention Project

John Patrick Dungca Gan
Effects of Bimodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Modulation of Spinal Circuitry in People With Chronic Post-Stroke Hemiparesis

Samuel Jackson Hadley
Description and Validation of a Novel Ground-Reaction- Force-Triggered Protocol for Simulation of Tripping Perturbations During Gait

Caitlin Ann Howden
Is Decreased Trunk Flexion Angle a Contributing Factor to Patellofemoral Joint Loading in Runners With Patellofemoral Pain?

Kameron Jacobson
A Vicious Cycle of Fear of Falling Avoidance Behavior in Parkinson's Disease: A Path Analysis

Megan Leigh Keohane
Effects of Altered Somatosensory Input on Lower Limb Mechanics via Different Shoes and Barefoot Walking in Individuals With Chronic Post- Stroke Hemiparesis

Lana Lorain Laudermilch
Effects of Bimodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Modulation of Spinal Circuitry in People With Chronic Post-Stroke Hemiparesis

Wee Jin Jed Lee
Effects of Altered Somatosensory Input on Lower Limb Mechanics via Different Shoes and Barefoot Walking in Individuals With Chronic Post- Stroke Hemiparesis

John Paul Lencioni
Dancer Screening Clinic

Kristen Manaloto
Dancer Screening Clinic

Nicole Emi Matsunami
A Vicious Cycle of Fear of Falling Avoidance Behavior in Parkinson's Disease: A Path Analysis

12 2021 Spring Commencement

2021 Spring Commencement 13

Hannah Elizabeth-Habighorst McCarl
A Vicious Cycle of Fear of Falling Avoidance Behavior in Parkinson's Disease: A Path Analysis

David Jim Miller
AM-PAC® Basic Mobility Inpatient Short Form (Low Function) Psychometrics/Clinimetrics

Cailin Mitchell
Patient Engagement in Cosmetic Designing of Prostheses: Current Practice and Potential Outcome Benefits

Cheuk Wing Denise Ng
Description and Validation of a Novel Ground-Reaction- Force-Triggered Protocol for Simulation of Tripping Perturbations During Gait

Laura Thao Nguyen
Dancer Screening Clinic

Tyler Parvin
Quality Assurance of Service Learning Back School

Ryan Auguste Pauly
Quality Assurance of Service Learning Back School

Vu Pham
Quality Assurance of Service Learning Back School

Michelle Lee Tortusa Regis
A Vicious Cycle of Fear of Falling Avoidance Behavior in Parkinson's Disease: A Path Analysis

Kenneth Repayo
Patient Engagement in Cosmetic Designing of Prostheses: Current Practice and Potential Outcome Benefits

Aaron Abraham Simon
Effects of Altered Somatosensory Input on Lower Limb Mechanics via Different Shoes and Barefoot Walking in Individuals With Chronic Post- Stroke Hemiparesis

Selena Mae Soria
AM-PAC® Basic Mobility Inpatient Short Form (Low Function) Psychometrics/Clinimetrics

Kathleen Mary Rae Stone
Inter and Intra-Rater Reliability of Dance Screening Tool

Matthew Douglas Tillitt
Patient Engagement in Cosmetic Designing of Prostheses: Current Practice and Potential Outcome Benefits

Braden Jeffrey Waters
Inter and Intra-Rater Reliability of Dance Screening Tool

Collin Robert Weber
Patient Engagement in Cosmetic Designing of Prostheses: Current Practice and Potential Outcome Benefits

Benjamin Wolkenhauer
Effects of Bimodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Modulation of Spinal Circuitry in People With Chronic Post-Stroke Hemiparesis

Meghan Nicole Wonderling
AM-PAC® Basic Mobility Inpatient Short Form (Low Function) Psychometrics/Clinimetrics

Alyssa Kiana Woo
Recruitment and Advocacy for Clinician Involvement in Pro Bono Physical Therapy Service-Learning Program


Doctor of Nursing Practice

Violeta Aguirre
Acute Care Nurse Practitioners’ Role in the ICU: A Retrospective Analysis of Central Line Access Delays for Patients in Septic Shock

Joe Alvarado
Implementation of a Protocol in the Freestanding Emergency Department to Screen For and Identify Possible Victims of Human Trafficking

Aysa Marcela Chavarria
Job Burnout: An Examination of Outpatient Clinics

Alena Grewal
Comparison of 12-Hour Biweekly Shifts versus 6-Hour Weekly Shifts on Learning Outcomes and Fatigue in Nursing Students on Dedicated Educational Unit

Crystal Celeste Huffaker
Improving Self-Care Measures of Hypertension Through Implementation of an Education and Action Plan

Zandra Kay Johnson
Transient Ischemic Attacks Evaluation and Management in Specialized Urgent Care Facilities

Patricia A. Nill
Improving Therapeutic Communication in Mental Health Nursing: A Quality Improvement Project

Christine Jane Oliver
Increasing Perioperative Outpatient Nurses' Knowledge of Pediatric Anxiety Through Use of a Clinical Guide

Andra Staff Scano
Developing Strategic Partnerships to Impact Population Health

Kayla Sullivan
An Intervention to Improve Nurses’ Knowledge, Perceived Safety, and Confidence in Identifying and Managing Workplace Violence: A Translation of Evidence into Practice

Stacy Sumpter
An Evaluation of Care Coordination in Reducing Depression and Emergency Room Visits

Allyson C. Waldron
Opioid and Naloxone Training in a Rural School District

Christine Amanda Young
Nursing Toolkit for Pediatric Patients With Suicidal Ideation

Doctor of Philosophy

Frank U. Akpati, Nursing
Investigating Acculturation, Health-Promoting Lifestyle, and Health Status of Nigerian Immigrants in the United States

Jayme G. Haynes, Nursing
Does a Discourse Intervention Help To Change Knowledge and Attitude About End-of-Life Care in BSN Nursing Students?

Keshia Ryan Kotula, Nursing
Factors Influencing the Self-Reported Palliative Care Practices of Acute Care Nurses


Doctor of Philosophy

Maria Amaris Knight, Public Health
Social Emotional Learning as a Universal Upstream Approach to Youth Suicide Prevention: A Secondary Data Analysis of a Prevention Program Evaluation

Iwimbong Kum Ghabowen, Public Health
Quality of Care: A Business Case for US Hospitals

Bertille 0. Mavegam Tango, Public Health
Food Insecurity and Risky Sexual Behaviors Among College Students


Doctor of Philosophy

Sungeun Kim, Hospitality Administration
Measuring Quality of Virtual Event: Scale Development and Validation

Hyo G. Song, Hospitality Administration
A Study on Mukbang User's Consuming Behavior

Graduate Coiiege

Artist Diploma

Rizwan Jagani

Specialist in Education

Maria Refugio Nunez Anaya, School Psychology Jose Andrade-Aguilera, School Psychology Amber Nicole Chesworth, School Psychology Allison Kelsey Cook, School Psychology

Kayla Marie Doyle, School Psychology
Uma Kittusamy, School Psychology
Camille Paige Layseca, School Psychology
Vincent Henry C. Limtiaco, Curriculum and Instruction Lindsay Aura Mathers, School Psychology

Michael Matthews, School Psychology Cassandra A. Millar, School Psychology
Alayna Michelle Sacca, School Psychology Kristina K. Schmid, Curriculum and Instruction Diana Zarate Schmitt, School Psychology Hannah Jeanette Steventon, School Psychology

Executive Master of Healthcare Administration

Amanda A. Annan, Executive Master of Healthcare Administration Christopher D. Bishop, Executive Master of Healthcare

Cassietta Jefferson, Executive Master of Healthcare

Lakeiwa Johnson, Executive Master of Healthcare Administration Brittany Ann Lewis, Executive Master of Healthcare

Thomas C. Urso, Executive Master of Healthcare Administration

Master of Architecture

Nick Calio, Architecture
Roger George Dey III, Architecture
Maria Dos Santos, Architecture
Skylar Michael Fontana, Architecture Jerry Jiang, Architecture
Andrew William Kennedy, Architecture Jose Ricardo Leon Serrano, Architecture John V. Mata, Architecture
David Navarrete, Architecture
Mike Oliver Puga, Architecture
Jaclyn Danielle Roth, Architecture

Master of Arts

Brian Phillip Alvarez, Urban Leadership Forynthia Byrd Andres, Urban Leadership Joshua Barney, Communication Studies Emily Bolshazy, Criminal Justice

Julio C. Borjas, Hispanic Studies

14 2021 Spring Commencement

2021 Spring Commencement 15

Darby Marie Buckley, Criminal Justice
Jordan Michael Buuck, Communication Studies Alexander Carmer, Anthropology
Elena Carrillo, Urban Leadership
Luke Coulter, English
Emily Ruth Edmonds, Anthropology
Maribel Estrada Calderon, History
Tsega Fasil, Criminal Justice
Chaz Anthony Fernandez, Political Science
Jeremy Brandon Freeman, English
Anne Clarice Fabian Ganadillo, Urban Leadership Dayonara Saufaiga Gaoteote, Journalism & Media Studies Ashley Bibiana Garrido, Urban Leadership
Megan Grace Giovannini, Criminal Justice
Jessica Hernandez, Criminal Justice
Faebahnna Gift Dean James, Urban Leadership
Megan Grace Kelly, Criminal Justice
Jennifer L. Kimball, History
Alexander Paul Kobelt, Urban Leadership
Huni Luo, Urban Leadership
Renee Ali Maalouf, English
Kayleigh Ann Meighan, Anthropology
Stephanie Milliner, Urban Leadership
Pranava Ballesteros Moody, Urban Leadership
Benjamin J. Morse, Journalism & Media Studies
Michael Mathias Mutzhaus, Political Science
Ei T. Myint, Economics
Jaimee Nix, Sociology
Guadalupe Ortiz, Criminal Justice
Kaylie Pattni, Political Science
Johansen Christopher Pico, Communication Studies Roxayn Lee Povidas, Anthropology
Christopher Alexander Rivers, Political Science
Ashley Shank, Criminal Justice
Alexandra Shear, History
Emily H. Sims, Criminal Justice
Gvidon Stamboltsyan, Hispanic Studies
Alexander Valle, English
Antonela E. Verdha, English
Daniel Allen Walsh, Communication Studies
Sara Ann Walters, Criminal Justice
Marc Wardle, Journalism & Media Studies
Sarah Warso, English
Kamali'ilani Theresa Elizabeth Wetherell, Criminal Justice DeAira Micole Williams, Urban Leadership

Leah Nicole Williams, Urban Leadership Stacey Glover Williams, Urban Leadership

Master of Business Administration

Arvin Alexander, Business Administration
Jungjoo Bae, Business Administration
Angela Monica Barbaryan, Business Administration 16 2021 Spring Commencement

Anthony Charles Castro, Business Administration Christina M. Ellis, Business Administration
Kevin D. Everage, Business Administration Andrew James Holbert, Business Administration Jun Jin, Business Administration

Chandra Sekhar Kamineni, Business Administration Deaudre Lecato, Business Administration
Jennifer Lin Lee, Business Administration
Jonathan R. Martin, Business Administration Uzoma K. Mbelu, Business Administration

Conner Gerald McCubbin, Business Administration Jamie Hyon Nam, Business Administration
Tanner Lee Nelson, Business Administration
Hailey C. Nicklin, Business Administration
Margaret Susanna Pacholuk, Business Administration Jason Amit Patel, Business Administration

Michael T. Sands, Business Administration
Zachary S. Singer, Business Administration
Philip H. Son, Business Administration
James Christopher Spatafore, Business Administration Kyle Richard Stefan, Business Administration

Kenneth Stojak, Business Administration
Brooke Alexandria Stover, Business Administration Francesca P. Strawther, Business Administration Tracy Katherine Strycharski, Business Administration Vincent Mu-Shyuan Wang, Business Administration Marcus Webster, Business Administration
Michael Sun Williams, Business Administration
Yanru Yang, Business Administration
Emma Chen Zeng, Business Administration

Master of Education

Julie E. Acheson, Curriculum & Instruction
Sara Libby Ackeret, Educational Policy and Leadership Aaron J. Ainsworth, Curriculum & Instruction
Nicholas James Ainsworth, Special Education
Breanna Jade Alamilla, Curriculum & Instruction
Carly Paige Albanese, Early Childhood Education Katelyn Nicole Anderson, Curriculum & Instruction Melissa Dee Angle, Special Education
Hayden Ashley, Special Education
Paige Marie Bagby, Curriculum & Instruction
Alyssa Ann Ballew, Special Education
Cheyna Baugh, Educational Policy and Leadership Jenny Marie Beissel Rosales, Curriculum & Instruction Kevin Allan Bennett, Curriculum & Instruction Jonathan Bilwani, Special Education
Anna Karine Blomdal, Special Education
Brianna Bolinger, Curriculum & Instruction
Kenneth Durrell Brown Jr., Curriculum & Instruction Monica L. Brown, Educational Policy and Leadership Vincent J. Bullard, Special Education

Joshua Bunzel, Curriculum & Instruction
Zoila Magdalena Burgara, Special Education
Brandon Buskirk, Curriculum & Instruction
Stacy L. Carpenter, Counselor Education
Amanda Cary Carrillo, Curriculum & Instruction
Dustin Kasey Carver, Curriculum & Instruction
Victoria Cattanach, Curriculum & Instruction
Danielle Chami, Curriculum & Instruction
Kaela Nicole Chantawansri, Curriculum & Instruction Justin Choi, Curriculum & Instruction
Minjung Choi, Special Education
Chui Shan Chong, Curriculum & Instruction
Theodore Addams Christian, Curriculum & Instruction Jessica Dawn Claborn, Educational Policy and Leadership Courtney Clark, Curriculum & Instruction

Darlene Renee Conwell, Curriculum & Instruction Joshua A. Dacres, Curriculum & Instruction Jeanette M. Danzak, Curriculum & Instruction Son Thanh Dao, Special Education

Lizbeth Marie Diaz, Special Education
Ashley Diggins, Curriculum & Instruction
Lauren Nicole Doolin, Early Childhood Education Jasmine M. Dortch, Curriculum & Instruction
Jessica Ann Drinkwine, Curriculum & Instruction Jillian Mitra Ebrahimi, Curriculum & Instruction
Ellie Edgar, Curriculum & Instruction
Mary Enwemaya, Curriculum & Instruction
Thomas Quinten Faber, Curriculum & Instruction Tessa Leigh Fabritius, Curriculum & Instruction Caroline Farah, Higher Education
Doreen Farmer, Educational Policy and Leadership Vanessa McCall Fuss, Curriculum & Instruction Christian Alexander Garcia, Curriculum & Instruction Chrysa Alexandra Gatsios, Higher Education
Amy Gault, Curriculum & Instruction

Kasey Getkin, Curriculum & Instruction
Michelle Lee Goldyn, Educational Policy and Leadership Jessica Isabelle Mercedes Gomez, Curriculum & Instruction DeAndra Faye Greer, Higher Education
Jennifer Grennan, Educational Policy and Leadership
Larry Griffin, Curriculum & Instruction
Allison Gruskin, Educational Policy and Leadership
Jessica Leigh Gunderman, English Language Learning Kellie Rochelle Hamrick, Special Education
Marlene Tara Hart, Educational Policy and Leadership Megan Hastings, Special Education
Jillian Hennessy, Curriculum & Instruction
Daisy Hernandez, English Language Learning
Ezekiel Herndon, Special Education
Liliana Herrejon, Curriculum & Instruction
Mary Ashley Hughes, Educational Policy and Leadership

Paige Hunt, Curriculum & Instruction
Ambreen Islam, Educational Policy and Leadership
Domonique Jeanette Jackson, Educational Policy and Leadership Sonya Jackson, Curriculum & Instruction
Dennis D. Jenner, Curriculum & Instruction
Bridget Johns, Curriculum & Instruction
Erica Jenise Johnson, Curriculum & Instruction
Taheesha Denean Johnson, Educational Policy and Leadership James W. Jones, Curriculum & Instruction
Timothy Ryan Keener, Special Education
Taylor Rose Kennedy, Curriculum & Instruction
Charles E. Klein, Higher Education
William Kreitler, Higher Education

Rita Kundanani, Educational Policy and Leadership Kimberly Kuretich, Counselor Education
Winston Tepace Lacuesta, Curriculum & Instruction Brian Laich, Curriculum & Instruction

Michael Brian Leary, Special Education
Daisha LeBeau, Curriculum & Instruction
Sydney Ledsinger, Curriculum & Instruction
Nicole Anne Leisy, Curriculum & Instruction
Kelly Leiva, Special Education
Roy Leon, Curriculum & Instruction
Caroline Liendo, Curriculum & Instruction
Dawn Lockett, Educational Policy and Leadership Jessica Raye Longhurst, Special Education
Jesus Yael Lopez, Curriculum & Instruction Samantha Lopez, Curriculum & Instruction
Lissa Pilar Love, Special Education
Jacob Luna, Curriculum & Instruction
Kiley Lynds, Early Childhood Education
Meera S. Maheedhariah, Special Education
Maggie Dean Manwarren, Special Education Michelle Nicholas Massis, Curriculum & Instruction Daniel S. Mast, Curriculum & Instruction
Laura McCormick, Curriculum & Instruction
Marissa Diane Medina, Early Childhood Education Schyler Merrills, Special Education
Courtney L. Merz, Counselor Education
Christina Molina, Higher Education
Michaela Julian Morris, Special Education
Kerrissa Morton, Early Childhood Education
Alize Mott Jones, Curriculum & Instruction
Stephen Nagle Murphy, Curriculum & Instruction Amanda Estee Newman, Curriculum & Instruction Angela Niemann, Educational Policy and Leadership Cori Nip, Educational Policy and Leadership
Kelly Jane Odor, Curriculum & Instruction Nathaniel Masashige Oishi, Higher Education

Patricia Ojeda, Educational Policy and Leadership Stephanie Olsen, Special Education

2021 Spring Commencement 17

Joseph Christopher Orosco Jr., Curriculum & Instruction Kassidy Christina O'Rourke, Special Education
Ashley Kay Ortega, Educational Policy and Leadership Jodean Oviatt, Educational Policy and Leadership

Paddy 0. Pang, Curriculum & Instruction
Patrick Ralph Panknin Jr„ Curriculum & Instruction Jeffrey Daniel Parfitt, Special Education
Danielle Parven, Curriculum & Instruction
Jazmin Kiani Pavon, Special Education
Nayda Peace, Curriculum & Instruction
Brittaney Pearson, Early Childhood Education

Janet Perez, Educational Policy and Leadership Ethan Marshall Perrigo, Curriculum & Instruction Maxwell Allen Pickens, Curriculum & Instruction Marilyn Rose Prosser, Curriculum & Instruction
Ana Laura Quiroz-Samayoa, Curriculum & Instruction Thea Leticia Racelis, Curriculum & Instruction Kristen Ramaila, Special Education

Anyssa Raven Ramirez, Curriculum & Instruction Stacey Reed, Curriculum & Instruction
Katlin A. Repetti, Special Education
Deven Richardson, Curriculum & Instruction
Kelly Sims Rickards, Educational Policy and Leadership Maria E. Rivera Quintero, Curriculum & Instruction Jada Monique Robinson, Special Education

Diana Rodriguez, Early Childhood Education Elias Rodriguez, Curriculum & Instruction Deisha Alisce Rojas, Special Education
Valeria Rojo, Curriculum & Instruction
Steven A. Romero, Curriculum & Instruction Stephanie Jean Root, Curriculum & Instruction

Wesley Rose, Curriculum & Instruction
Janet Susan Roth, Curriculum & Instruction
Jason E. Saltzman, Curriculum & Instruction
Austin Joseph Salvador, Curriculum & Instruction Lauren Victoria Sanchez, Counselor Education
Moises Santiago, Curriculum & Instruction
Marissa E. Sarandos, Curriculum & Instruction
Susan Elaine Schaller, Special Education
Stephanie Seitzer, Curriculum & Instruction
Maria Cecilia Serna, Educational Policy and Leadership Marline Shamlol, Higher Education
Ralphael Louis Shaw, Curriculum & Instruction
Reem Christine Shehata, Curriculum & Instruction

Jonathan Silva, Special Education
Kimberly Lynn Smolen, Curriculum & Instruction
Allyson Kathleen Stanley, Educational Policy and Leadership Samantha L. Steel, Curriculum & Instruction
Logan Creed Wilson Stumbo, Curriculum & Instruction
Eli Sambi Sugiura, Curriculum & Instruction

Ana M. Tervo, Educational Policy and Leadership 18 2021 Spring Commencement

Nanci Tischler, Curriculum & Instruction
John H. Todd, Educational Policy and Leadership
Thuan Thi Huynh Tong-Haase, Special Education
Jennifer Antionette Ure, Special Education
Elsy Carolina Urquilla, Counselor Education
Taliah T. Ursery, Special Education
Robert Anthony Valencia, Curriculum & Instruction Elizabeth Valle, Counselor Education
Nastassja Vargas, Educational Policy and Leadership
Sara Vuich, Curriculum & Instruction
Shante Linae Walker, Special Education
Shannon Marie Wallace, Educational Policy and Leadership Hayley Felicia Walton, Special Education
Akela Watson, Curriculum & Instruction
Chelbie C. Whitaker-Burton, Special Education
Danielle Williams, Educational Policy and Leadership Dolores Williamson, Educational Policy and Leadership

Jesus Eduardo Zarate, Curriculum & Instruction Korina Zepeda, Curriculum & Instruction
Dylan Michelle Zinszer, Early Childhood Education Gabriela Zuniga, Curriculum & Instruction

Master of Fine Arts

Therin Alois Alrik, Creative Writing Anthony Kelly Farris, Creative Writing Cody James Gambino, Creative Writing Matthew Ginovsky, Theatre Arts

Brian Hollander, Theatre Arts
Ruth Anne Larmore, Creative Writing
Chantelle Alexa Mitchell, Creative Writing
Larry Brandon Mowles, Writing for Dramatic Media Brittney Nicole Price, Theatre Arts
Xiaoqiu Qiu, Creative Writing
Marie E. Reff, Writing for Dramatic Media
Chelsi Lynn Sayti, Creative Writing
Kirt Matthew Siders, Theatre Arts
Mina S. Smith, Theatre Arts

Alan Stogin, Theatre Arts
Jordan Thomas Sutlive, Creative Writing Xiaomeng Tang, Art
Shelby Westika, Art

Master of Health Care Administration

Connor Joseph Gahre, Healthcare Administration Jenny Yuen Ying Ha, Healthcare Administration Iqbal Hanifzai, Healthcare Administration
Talih Kadi, Healthcare Administration

Sierra Larson, Healthcare Administration
Praise Obiezu, Healthcare Administration
Cameron Zachary Olson, Healthcare Administration

Master of Hospitality Administration

Kaitlin Elizabeth Cirillo, Hospitality Administration Jamell Dickerson, Hospitality Administration Debbie E. Ngai, Hospitality Administration
Holly Michelle Titanic, Hospitality Administration

Master of Music

Ryan N. Bond, Music Zachary A. Curtis, Music Haylee Jacoi Glenn, Music Dianne Katz, Music
Haeun Kim, Music Kyung-Jin Lee, Music Jeffrey M. Morgan, Music Micaela Nielson, Music Robert 0. Shipley, Music Susan Thiriot, Music Brenna Ward, Music

Master of Public Administration

Jayson T. Andrus, Public Administration Imad A. Bachir, Public Administration
Arturo Baltazar Jr„ Public Administration Andrew Jesse Carlson, Public Administration Jordan Coleman, Public Administration

Traci Maria Decker, Public Administration
Genevieve Uniza Enriquez, Public Administration Cassandra Marie Gyorkos, Public Administration Katrina Marie Juco-Hernandez, Public Administration Elizabeth Mares, Public Administration
Benjamin Rolando McFarlane, Public Administration Christine Nolan, Public Administration
Eva Nowinski, Public Administration
Erick Daniel Ochoa, Public Administration
Wences Perez, Public Administration
Karina Pozniak, Public Administration
Melissa L. Ramos, Public Administration
Sean Robinson, Public Administration
Joan Delos Reyes Robledo, Public Administration Nicole Marie Snytsheuvel, Public Administration
Mike Sutera, Public Administration

Master of Public Health

Nataly Arellano Rodriguez, Public Health Jessie Castelan, Public Health
Brittany Cobb, Public Health
April Saramosing Cruda, Public Health Elizabeth D. Kahane, Public Health Victoria Nicole Rich, Public Health Monica Sinha, Public Health

Adugna Teka Siweya, Public Health Kimberly Ann Dy Tomas, Public Health

Denise Vidal, Public Health

Master of Science

Alex Kaleialoha Ahia, Accounting
Neishan Ali, Health Physics
Ommar Francisco Alvarez, Data Analytics and Applied Economics Mariana Isabel Alvarez Perez, Accounting
Lucas R. Amorelli, Management Information Systems Shannon-Dorothy D. Austria, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Jungjoo Bae, Hotel Administration
Ameer Bahhur, Educational Psychology
Michael D. Bertetto, Hotel Administration
Taylor Robert Bickford, Emergency and Crisis Management
Aine Buckley, Accounting
Andrew Harley Buffington, Management Information Systems Jessica Abinal Caigoy, Accounting
Alexandra Michelle Carbone, Accounting
Corey Cleo Carter, Management Information Systems
Anthony Charles Castro, Management Information Systems Kelvin Chen, Oral Biology
Nianying Chen, Accounting
Hyein Cheong, Hotel Administration
Darrold L. Cordes, Applied Economics and Data Intelligence Samantha Ariel Cruzado, Accounting
Minhquan Dao, Oral Biology
Winnie B. David, Management Information Systems
Menh Diep, Hotel Administration
Josephine N. Dietrich, Management Information Systems Christopher Diluigi, Accounting
Dustin Daniel Donoher, Emergency and Crisis Management Maeve Katherine Dow, Accounting
Crystal S. Dubose, Geoscience

Taylor Nicolas Edwards, Educational Psychology
Jordan Eisinger, Data Analytics and Applied Economics Christina M. Ellis, Hotel Administration
Victoria Enriquez, Couple and Family Therapy
Cierra Paige Estrada, Emergency and Crisis Management Paul Ferlazzo, Biochemistry
Rodrigo N. Fernandez, Physics
Mallary Campbell Forrest, Oral Biology
Rachelle Ann Ronquillo Garduque, Accounting
Kenosha Jessica Deon Gee, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Erika Rocio Grata, Accounting
Jacqueline Guillen, Accounting
Timothy Scott Hill, Emergency and Crisis Management
inga Kirsten Homfeld, Geoscience
Nathaniel Jamal Hughes, Quantitative Finance
Nakia Jackson-Hale, Emergency and Crisis Management
Han Jang, Accounting
Jun Jin, Management Information Systems
Chandra Sekhar Kamineni, Management Information Systems Namgu Kim, Oral Biology

2021 Spring Commencement 19

Un Hyeok Ko, Hotel Administration
Carolyn Ruth Koehn, Biological Sciences
Megan Kolvenbach, Management Information Systems
Kiran Kaushal Kopalley, Management Information Systems Tyler James Kryst, Biomedical Engineering
Ashish Kumar, Data Analytics and Applied Economics Nirupama Mohan Latha, Data Analytics and Applied Economics Jun Hee Lee, Management Information Systems
Junghoon Lee, Hotel Administration
Ekaterina Lochocki, Accounting

Amy Echo Losee, Accounting
Johnathan David Lytle, Emergency and Crisis Management Janelie Cortel Macanas, Educational Psychology
Delsy X. Magana-Lopez, Mathematical Sciences
Olivia Nicole Mancuso, Management Information Systems Trenton Robert May, Accounting
Brian Mccambridge, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Eunice J. McKinnon, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Shalee Nicole Meier, Emergency and Crisis Management Tsion Melaku, Management Information Systems
Alexander Mena, Emergency and Crisis Management James Mifflin, Geoscience
Gala Milosavljevic, Clinical Mental Health Counseling James Anthony Moore, Emergency and Crisis Management Silvano Moreno, Management Information Systems Gabriela Morgan, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Jamie Hyon Nam, Management Information Systems Brittney Rose Ornelaz, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Joanna Packard, Emergency and Crisis Management Taylor Pegram, Hotel Administration
Caesar Pereira, Health Physics
Jonathan Pinko, Geoscience
Nikki Lyne Pirtel, Biological Sciences
Mythili Pragada, Construction Management
Omar Rahman, Management Information Systems
David Rivera Polanco, Emergency and Crisis Management Rebecca Marie Ross, Hotel Administration
Jason Christopher Rosser, Accounting
Burkey John Rothenberger, Accounting
Zussette Sanchez, Emergency and Crisis Management
Neil Patrick Savage, Biological Sciences
Katherine Schultz, Biological Sciences
Sydney Taylor Scruggs, Emergency and Crisis Management Lauren Serrato, Accounting

Christian Sierra, Management Information Systems Ethan Snyder, Biomedical Engineering
James Springer, Emergency and Crisis Management Kenneth Stojak, Hotel Administration

Shangming Tan, Accounting
Junda Tao, Management Information Systems Bailey Marie Thomas, Accounting
20 2021 Spring Commencement

Robert Thomas, Management Information Systems Noah R. Thorson, Accounting
Melissa Liu Fish Trumbo, Oral Biology
Lisa Tse, Accounting

Elijah Turner, Geoscience
Kyle Tuttle, Oral Biology
Maria Idalia Valdez Parra, Applied Economics and Data

Jackeline Ivette Villasenor, Accounting
Jennifer Vuong, Aerospace Engineering
Kotoe K. Wafwa, Accounting
John Whatley, Management Information Systems Yolanda Lynn Wibowo, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Chenoa J. Wilcox, Biological Sciences
Christopher D. Wozney, Accounting
Tiange Xu, Hotel Administration
Yanjia Yang, Hotel Administration
Yanru Yang, Hotel Administration
Eric Yoon, Data Analytics and Applied Economics
Ingrid J. Zarate Albarran, Accounting
Ahdee B. Zeidman, Water Resources Management Danijel Zekanovic, Accounting
Dongxuan Zhang, Hotel Administration

Master of Science in Computer Science

Deeksha Anniappa, Computer Science Tasmin Chowdhury, Computer Science Edward A. Friesema, Computer Science Manjari Ganapathy, Computer Science Trevor J. Gower, Computer Science Swati Gupta, Computer Science Samridhi Jha, Computer Science Xingwei Liang, Computer Science

Sri Kavya Tatikonda, Computer Science Swati Vishwakarma, Computer Science Jiani Ye, Computer Science

Master of Science in Engineering

Getachew Lakachew Ashenafi, Mechanical Engineering Umme Fatema, Electrical Engineering
Preetam Kapsikar, Civil and Environmental Engineering Kshitij Prashant Karnik, Mechanical Engineering

Usha Poudel, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Julia Ribeiro Rabello, Civil and Environmental Engineering Binita Shrestha, Civil and Environmental Engineering Krishna Chaitanya Solasa, Mechanical Engineering Vanessa Yip, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Master of Science in Kinesiology

Sapir Angel, Kinesiology
Brenna Barrios, Kinesiology
Sara Rebecca Bowker, Kinesiology

Bryson Carrier, Kinesiology
Sara Crawford, Kinesiology
Laura Kathryn Girgash, Kinesiology Mufaro M. Hungwe, Kinesiology Hailey Anne Pabst, Kinesiology Maijah M. Williams, Kinesiology

Master of Social Work

Wendy Del Pilar Acevedo, Social Work Michelle Adams, Social Work
Tristen Anders, Social Work
Camille Jessica Aquino Reyes, Social Work Allyson Shannon Arendt, Social Work Olivia Barajas, Social Work

Andrea Bodden, Social Work
Michelle Jeanette Boucher, Social Work Allysa Quinn Browne, Social Work
Janie Evelynne Bruno, Social Work
Eric Chamberlain, Social Work
James Chavez, Social Work
Miguel A. Corzo, Social Work
Lori Dwyer, Social Work
Kim Megumi Fiore, Social Work
Cinay Briana Flores, Social Work
Charmaine Fobbs-Clark, Social Work Chynna Kadee Galang, Social Work
Tyler Ann Grubbs, Social Work
Rose Hammon, Social Work
KC Harrison, Social Work
Irvin Hernandez, Social Work
Lindsey N. Hierro, Social Work
Latasha M. Hives, Social Work
Carolina Naomi Hodson, Social Work
Linda Donna Johns, Social Work
Kristine G. Kern, Social Work
Crista Janelie Vicente Lampaya, Social Work Deisy Guadalupe Landeros, Social Work Rebecca Lighthart, Social Work
Brianna R. Maxim-Trumbo, Social Work Malissa Rena McClain, Social Work
Anthony Craig Morton, Social Work
Pedro Navarro-Aguilar, Social Work
Hannah Denise Nelson, Social Work
Alexis Emily Portillo, Social Work
Krystal A. Press, Social Work
Ashley Nicole Price, Social Work
Andre Proctor, Social Work
Shelby Danelle Prows, Social Work
Sasha LaNay Quarles, Social Work
Shannon Joyel Sagert, Social Work
Maggie Jo Sandquist, Social Work
Christian Abigania Sanidad, Social Work

Gladys Iveth Santisteban, Social Work Stephanie Amanda Seiler, Social Work Mercedes Elizabeth Seyedin, Social Work Jasmine Smith, Social Work

Xena Tong Fa Stamm, Social Work Davielle Swinson-Spears, Social Work Natasha Leigh Tocco, Social Work Stephanie Michelle Torres, Social Work Demi Rae Tuuk, Social Work

Andy Villagomez, Social Work
Alexandra Christiana Wahlquist, Social Work Stephanie Danielle Watman, Social Work Shannon Williams, Social Work
Malik Anthony Wynter, Social Work

SchooL of DentaL Medicine

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Syed Musaddiq Ahmed, Dentistry Arvin Alexander, Dentistry
Jacob Dean Andersen, Dentistry Nathan Anderson, Dentistry Andrew White Berhold, Dentistry Garrett W. Berry, Dentistry

Noel Wayne Berry, Dentistry
Eric S. Boman, Dentistry
Joseph Brown, Dentistry
Charles Vidal-Gregory Buchanan, Dentistry Jin-Hao Chang, Dentistry

James Justin Chon, Dentistry Kriztine Mae Uy Chun, Dentistry Rolanda Chung, Dentistry Jeffery D. Coon, Dentistry Patrick S. Corpuz, Dentistry Astrid Cortez, Dentistry

Justin Wayne Denney, Dentistry Russell Jared Diehl, Dentistry Kevin I. Dionisio, Dentistry Bridget Ann G Elizan, Dentistry Jason Scott Emett, Dentistry Nareh Ossan Eshgian, Dentistry Alex B. Fisher, Dentistry

Katie Marie Flynn, Dentistry
Ryan Fong, Dentistry
Anthony J. Fusco, Dentistry
Alysa Rose George, Dentistry Patricia Grabowski, Dentistry Andrew Thomas Graves, Dentistry Rainer Jeongho Han, Dentistry Chauncey Hensley, Dentistry

2021 Spring Commencement 21

Jeremy Kamakana James, Dentistry Tyler Kuwamoto, Dentistry
Devon Clay Kvarfordt, Dentistry Natalie Su-Man Kwok, Dentistry Deaudre Lecato, Dentistry

Hoeun Lee, Dentistry
Patricia Lee, Dentistry
Sang Geun Lee, Dentistry
Jared Allen Link, Dentistry
Edna Frausto Loera, Dentistry Tyler Kayle Longfellow, Dentistry Adam Nicholas Lords, Dentistry Tiffany Lu, Dentistry

Allicia Marie Lucich, Dentistry Maninder Singh Matharu, Dentistry Wendy Mejia-Munoz, Dentistry Audrey Nicole Morris, Dentistry Bryan Macritchie Morrison, Dentistry Erika Nieto, Dentistry
Andrew J. Orr, Dentistry
Jacob Robert Ozuna, Dentistry Poonam Patel, Dentistry
Olivia Rhines, Dentistry
Jordan Bruce Ringer, Dentistry Matthew J. Rucker, Dentistry
Taylor Nicole Rucker, Dentistry Casey D. Sanders, Dentistry
Carly Rose Saxe, Dentistry
Mansi Kalpeshkumar Shah, Dentistry Max Daniel Smith, Dentistry
Philip H. Son, Dentistry
Derek Stutz, Dentistry
Martin Torres Jr., Dentistry
Jim N. Tran, Dentistry
Tiffany Tran, Dentistry
Davey Truong, Dentistry
Katherine Beach Urie, Dentistry
Nina Frances Victores, Dentistry Joanna Viemes, Dentistry
Catherine Emma Vukelich, Dentistry Vincent Mu-Shyuan Wang, Dentistry Jeremy M. Williams, Dentistry
Hailee Brielle Wilson, Dentistry
Ah Reum Yoo, Dentistry

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Deepika Dasari, Dental Surgery
George Ibrahim, Dental Surgery
Chenqi Ji, Dental Surgery
Helpis Kyrillos, Dental Surgery
Shikha Nandal, Dental Surgery
Sepideh Pourmonajemzadeh, Dental Surgery 22 2021 Spring Commencement

Praneeti Sodhi, Dental Surgery Junya Yin, Dental Surgery

Kirk Kerkorian SchooL of Medicire at UNLV

Doctor of Medicine

Anita Albanese, Doctor of Medicine
Allison Lynn Aldrich, Doctor of Medicine Monica Rose Arebalos, Doctor of Medicine Michael Bessen, Doctor of Medicine
Faun Lee Botor, Doctor of Medicine
Michael Tasic Briones, Doctor of Medicine Gregory Nicholas Calfee, Doctor of Medicine Doris Chan, Doctor of Medicine
Ginger M. Christian, Doctor of Medicine Cory Jacob Colombini, Doctor of Medicine

Kristina M. Cordes, Doctor of Medicine Shilpa Daulat, Doctor of Medicine
Brian S. Davis, Doctor of Medicine
Crystal Amber Dickson, Doctor of Medicine Toyokazu Endo, Doctor of Medicine William W. Fang, Doctor of Medicine William Gravley, Doctor of Medicine

Sarah Grimley, Doctor of Medicine
Horacio P. Guerra, Doctor of Medicine
Emily Guyaux, Doctor of Medicine
Diane Han, Doctor of Medicine
Lauren Camille Hollifield, Doctor of Medicine Jenny Hong, Doctor of Medicine

Hadley Johnson, Doctor of Medicine Danielle M. Jones, Doctor of Medicine Rachel Elizabeth Kelly, Doctor of Medicine Caleena Longworth, Doctor of Medicine Alex M. Ma, Doctor of Medicine

Marwa Kareem Maki, Doctor of Medicine Sierra A. Mastrantonio, Doctor of Medicine Eric Robert McClintock, Doctor of Medicine Damien Medrano, Doctor of Medicine Jordan Miller, Doctor of Medicine

Abebe Habte Muraga, Doctor of Medicine Sabrina I. Novenschi, Doctor of Medicine
Diana Marlene Pena-Garcia, Doctor of Medicine Hugo E. Peredo, Doctor of Medicine
Austin Stuart Pomerantz, Doctor of Medicine Ashley Colleen Prandecki, Doctor of Medicine Zarah Rosen, Doctor of Medicine
John Rovig, Doctor of Medicine
Maneesha Sakhuja, Doctor of Medicine Cameron Shawn Sarabi, Doctor of Medicine

Maran Shaker, Doctor of Medicine Colby Shreve, Doctor of Medicine
Chase A. Shropshire, Doctor of Medicine Erin Walsh, Doctor of Medicine

Johnnie Maurice Woodson, Doctor of Medicine Lennon J. Zimmerman, Doctor of Medicine

William S. Boyd School of Law

Juris Doctor

Joseph T. Adamiak, Law
Nicholas Mitchell Adams, Law
Alfa Alemayehu, Law
Jacqueline Diane Alvarez, Law
Radia Amari, Law
Ana P. Amezaga, Law
Dallas R. Anselmo, Law
Skylar Nicole Arakawa-Pamphilon, Law Julia Leeann Armendariz, Law
Chelsea L. Armstrong, Law
Rachel Endalkachew Ayele, Law
Collin T. Ayer, Law
John P. Bays, Law
Justin Berkman, Law
Kristina Marie Beske, Law
Isaiah R. Beyer, Law
Tayler D. Bingham, Law
Gillian L. Block, Law
Gabrielle D. Boliou, Law
Tyler D. Bonzo, Law

Milica Bosnjak, Law
Chelsea Marie Bravin, Law
Andrew James Brown, Law
Andrew Ryan Brown, Law
Cameron Brown, Law
Cassin T. Brown, Law
Samuel H. Bruketta, Law
Lauren Ghanem Candela, Law
Scott Gaisford Garden, Law Nathaniel Ryan Carlson, Law Edward Sebastian Cate-Cribari, Law Gina Marie Cervone, Law
Krysa Lynn Cieszko, Law
Jordan Gregory Cloward, Law

Benjamin John Coonan, Law
Elizabeth Margaret-Leon Davenport, Law Tania Dawood, Law
Christian Luis Delgado, Law
Trisha Ronnei Delos Santos, Law
Daniel Robert Cate Deluca, Law

Michael P. Desmond, Law David John Dzarnoski, Law Devin Ryan Earl, Law
Efrain Eduardo Espinoza, Law Kevin D. Everage, Law Andrew J. Fanizzi, Law Maverick Freilinger, Law Breanna Lynn Fritchley, Law Brianna L. Galasso, Law Jeffrey C. Garrett, Law

Alex Giuliani, Law
Christopher A. Gonzalez, Law Cristian G. Gonzalez-Perez, Law Salma Giselle Granich, Law Aubrey Savannah Griffin, Law Jeffrey Cole Gunn, Law Bryanna N. Gutierrez, Law Gregory T. Gutierrez, Law Nicholas S. Hagenkord, Law Taylor Rae Hammer, Law Celssie Rae Hardy, Law Amanda A. Harmon, Law

Reema Awad Hassanieh, Law Kyle Hill, Law
Robert M. Holley, Law Michael John Holthus, Law Kristy Hunter, Law

Lynsey Nicole Hutchins, Law Katarina Jaksic, Law
Yasmin Khayyami, Law Andre L. LaBonte, Law
Dylan J. Lawter, Law Brandon C. Lee, Law
William Reese Levins, Law Zahava M. Lieberman, Law Katie Lynn Ludwick, Law Danielle Maatouk, Law Amelia Macy Mallette, Law Jonathan R. Martin, Law Alexandra Jayne Matloff, Law Alisa Ann McAffee, Law

John M. McCormick-Huhn, Law
Jamie Nicole Mclnelly, Law
Ryan P. McPhee, Law
Jason S. Moore, Law
Stephanie Lissette Morales Cardenas, Law Naomi Andrea Tangonan Muhamed, Law Cherae N. Muije, Law

Jong Hee Nam, Law Hannah Denise Nelson, Law Jake Ordorica, Law

2021 Spring Commencement 23

Valentina A. Ortega Perez, Law Owen A. Osula, Law
Jessica D. Patton, Law
Samuel Lawrence Pezone Jr., Law John Joseph Pictum III, Law Chaisson James Prescott, Law Nicholas Fredrick Psyk, Law

Petya Ivanova Pucci, Law Misha K. Ray, Law
Taylor Renee Reeves, Law Pete Andrew Reyes, Law Tauja J. Riggins, Law Laura E. Rios, Law

Casey Raymond Rosenberg, Law Ryan Samano, Law
Anya Sanko, Law
Michael S. Scully, Law

Thomas J. Sertic, Law
John Patrick Sheehan, Law Paige S. Silva, Law
Dane W. Smith, Law
Erika Eve Smolyar, Law
Tiffany Solari, Law
Austin Lee Sorrels, Law
Abigail K. Stanley, Law
Katrina Maree Stark, Law Ashley Nila Sutherland, Law Jose Antonio Tafoya, Law
Nina A. Tahsini, Law
Alexis M. Taitel, Law
Brittni Amber Tanenbaum, Law Jia Jie Tang, Law
Jackson J. Tann, Law
Quoc Thai, Law
Jazmine E. Thompson, Law Casey Leigh Turi, Law

Elizabeth Adams Turner, Law Traysen N. Turner, Law
Graceanne Virginia Warburton, Law JerMara Chaunte Watkins, Law Katrina E. Weil, Law

Jenson Weng, Law
Jessica J. White, Law Cristiana G. Wilcoxon, Law Aariel C. Williams, Law Zachary T. Williams, Law Colton James Wilstead, Law Paul H. Wolfram, Law
Austin Michaels Woo, Law Austin Ray Wood, Law
Seth M. Wynn, Law
24 2021 Spring Commencement

Melissa C. Yeghiazarian, Law

Master of Laws

Erica K. Adler, Gaming Law and Regulation
Kathryn Elizabeth Coffman, Gaming Law and Regulation Scott Joseph Frederick, Gaming Law and Regulation Patrick Henry Lambert, Gaming Law and Regulation Matthew Campbell McCorkle, Gaming Law and Regulation

Lee Business Schooi

Bachelor of Arts

Omar Taher Abu-Eid, Economics
Alexander Amelburu, Economics
John Steven Avant, Economics
Ryan William Barnard, Economics
Christopher G. Calles, Economics
Alyssa Beth Formeister, Economics
Alexander Chin Garner, Economics
Mark Alan Hamblin, Economics
Tyler Donald Harris, Economics
William Joseph Jones, Economics
Yuliya Fohel Loving, Economics
Astha Mehta, Economics
Imani-Allyse Janai Mitchell, Economics
Aaron Morton, Economics (Magna Cum Laude) Alejandro Javier Rodriguez Lombeida, Economics Julian Alfredo Sarabia, Economics (Magna Cum Laude) Lauren Katherine Smith, Economics

Eric Cole Williams, Economics (Cum Laude)

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Nathan Austin Abitong, Accounting
Ailani Andrea Acey, Management
MiskyAdam, Marketing
Bethlehem Nehemiah Adgo, Information Management Kevin Aleman, Accounting

Marie Claire Alsanjakli, International Business Tamara Marwan Al-Sayegh, Finance
Jeimmy Alvarado, Finance
Kevin David Alvarenga, Finance

Brad Amador, Management
Lorena Ponce Amaya, Marketing
Adam Cole Anderson, Management
Jordana S. Andrada, Management
Christina Sanchez Aparicio, Accounting (Cum Laude) Madeleine Pauline Archibald, Management
Julia S. Aronov, Management (Magna Cum Laude) University

Thomas John Arroyo, Entrepreneurship
Anna Clara Ascencio, Management, University Honors

Savanha Helen Asfeha, Accounting (Cum Laude) Savanha Helen Asfeha, Finance (Cum Laude) Naree Asherian, Marketing
Jennifer Jannette Atton, Accounting

Brandon James Auschwitz, Management
Sebastian Anthony Avalos, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Katherin Kaelyn Avelar-Murillo, Finance
Ina Avxhi, Management
Reenu Babu, Accounting
Jose Baez-Ramos, Accounting
Austin Alexander Bagley, Economics & Information Management Brice Keli'l Bailey, Finance
Andrea N. Balcazar-Noriega, Management
Chase Banton, International Business (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Mariah Chanise Barela, Marketing
Dylan Austin Barker, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Jeffrey Alan Barth, Management
Giovanni Michael Battistoni, Marketing
Jaqueline Bautista-Romero, Management
Parlida Lynn Beck, Marketing
Aaron Beckman, Marketing
Logan Matthew Berends, Accounting
Bryce Chandler Betts, Marketing
Trevor Coleridge Bourdette, Finance
Emilee Mckayle Bowen, Management
Joaquin Daniel Bravo, Management
Austin David Brende, International Business
Zoe Jo Brill, Management
Leah Jo Broadaway, Marketing
Aaron Samuel Brodsky, Information Management (Magna Cum

Maya Taylor Buckingham, Marketing (Cum Laude)
Tiffany Bui, Marketing (Cum Laude)
Tamanun Bumrungjitt, Information Management
Erwin Burrell, Finance
Jacksir Buted, Marketing
John Nicolas Cabico, Finance (Cum Laude)
Cristiona Capri Caccamise, Accounting
Gianna E. Cagnina, Accounting
Tevin James Campbell, Marketing
Fabian Cardenas, Marketing (Cum Laude)
Stella Marye Carroll, International Business (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
John Robert Cascardo, Management
Bereniz Castaneda, Finance
John Joseph Harry Castillo, Accounting Grecia Castillo Alvarez, International Business Ervin Josh Castro, Finance

Octavia Chamberlain, Accounting
Hiu Kwan Chan, Accounting & Finance (Magna Cum Laude)

Sky Winglun Chan, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude) Javier Chavarria, Accounting

Trinity Jade Chen, Marketing
Daniel Kyong-Mook Cho, Management
Nikki Choi, Economics
William Young Chow, Finance
Constandina Maria Ciulla; Finance (Magna Cum Laude) University

Andre' Michael Colandone, Accounting
Lataysha D. Coleman, Accounting
Katharine Colton, Entrepreneurship
Jake Crawford, Marketing
Ryan Jordan Cruz, Real Estate and Urban Economics
Jessica Marie Curry, Accounting & Finance
Luna Daniel, Management
Alvaro Davalos, Marketing
Jose Luis C. De La Cruz, Accounting
Robert Paul Deady, Accounting
Carolina Dean, Finance (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors Kamryn Kathleen Deike, Management

Eric Del Valle, Finance Eriel Dennis, Accounting

Harinderjit Singh Dhaliwal, Marketing

Michael Leonard Di Asio, Marketing (Summa Cum Laude)

Onailyn Diaz, Accounting
Patrick Thomas-Ang Diaz, International Business (Cum Laude)

University Honors
Saray Diaz, Accounting
Long Diep Le Hoang, Management
Hristo Dikov, Information Management
Tyler Dinsmore, International Business
Alexander Custodio Diwa, Management
Eric Minh Do, Management
Maura Shea Donovan, Management
Sean Russell Dore, Real Estate and Urban Economics Anthony Gregory Dougherty Jr., Management
Lisa Ashley Duenas, Accounting
Hanh An Duong, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
Tessa Kate Dwyer, Accounting
Vanessa Dyson, Accounting
Eliel Oseriahure Ehimare, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude) Ariana L. Ellis, Marketing
Christian Phillip Emerson, Management (Cum Laude)
Kyle Matthew Emond, Finance
Samuel Thomas Engler, Finance
Daisy M. Escarpita, International Business
Brittany Deja Estes, Management
Charles Evan Feathers, Finance (Magna Cum Laude) Rainier Fernando, Marketing
Lily Catherine Fillman, Management
Blake Firestone, Marketing

2021 Spring Commencement 25

Krickett R. Friend, Finance
Judith Alejandra Fuentes-Retolaza, Finance (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Judith Alejandra Fuentes-Retolaza, International Business

(Magna Cum Laude) University Honors Nicole Christine Galindez, Accounting Ginille Faith Ganigan, Accounting Kristen Violet Garcia, Finance

Nanci Garcia, Economics
William Brandon Garrett, Accounting
Maggie Winkie Gee, Finance (Magna Cum Laude)
Stepan Gevorgyan, Economics
Noushin Gholami, Accounting
Victoria Gil, Entrepreneurship
Lexie Gilbert, Management (Magna Cum Laude)
Megan Michelle Gilbert, International Business
Curtis James Gilmore, Accounting
Lorraine Louise Givens, Finance
Jordan Hirsh Goldstein, Finance
Aimee A. Gomez, Accounting
Jacob Damian Gonzales, Management
Christopher Gonzalez, Accounting
Johana Gonzalez, Real Estate and Urban Economics
Leonardo Gonzalez, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
Veronica Fabiola Gonzalez-Jimenez, Marketing
Emily Nicole Gorski, Accounting
Sean Kyle Grey, Information Management
Alyssa Karen Gridiron, Accounting
Ricardo Guzman, Management (Magna Cum Laude) University

Taylor Elizabeth Halama, Marketing
Austin Benjamin Hamilton, Finance
Brogan Nicholas Hannon, Finance (Magna Cum Laude) Ila Nicole Harding, Marketing
Ashot Harutyunyan, Accounting
La Tia Vanette Hatcher, Finance
Dana Hawkins, Management
Hila Hechal, Accounting
Seth Tyler Hefferman, Finance
Maggie Rae Henderson, Finance
Connor Martin Hennebury-Medina, Finance
Daniel Felix Hernandez, Marketing
Jonathan Hernandez, Management
Luis Fernando Gil Hernandez, Information Management Marvin S. Hernandez, Marketing
Paola Anahi Hernandez, Accounting
Connor Watt Hetzel, Finance
Christine My-Phuong Hoang, Marketing
William Harrison Hodges, Marketing
Brendia Cheri Holcomb, Entrepreneurship
Raymond Huang, Accounting
26 2021 Spring Commencement

Alex Keith Hunt, Accounting
Jonathan Paul Jaictin, Management
Alejandro De Jesus Jauregui, Management
Ariana Day Jensen, Management
Erik M. Jensen, Finance
Eric Jiang, Accounting
Isis C. Johnson, Accounting
Jenny Lynn Johnson, Accounting
Lexi Monroe Johnson, Finance
Brian Phillip Johnston, Finance
Calvin Edward Jose, Information Management
Milton A. Juarez, Accounting
Aseem Kadr, Information Management
Neomi Kadr, Finance
Kassie Midori Mahealani Kanahele, Marketing
Mia Meny'a Kelly, Marketing
Nadia Kempf, Finance
Angela Cleopha Kerbow, Marketing
Madison R. Kesner, Accounting
Hyun Tae Kim, Information Management
Jacob Stephen Klein, Management
Kailey Lauren Koop, Management
Nastasia Alexandria Kossacky, International Business
Phillip J. Labarre, Finance
Goldsmith Lai, International Business
Allison Lam, Finance
Simon Lamsal, Information Management
Brandon Kyle LaRochelle, Accounting
Robert James Lawless, Management
Phuong H. Le, Accounting & Information Management (Magna

Cum Laude) University & Research and Creative Honors Laura Ellen Lebow, Accounting
Jonathan Michael Lee, Marketing
Kyeongmin Lee, Information Management

Ana Christina Lemus, International Business Jorge Giovanni Lemus, Accounting
Nil Leo, Accounting
Jia Li, Information Management

Michelle Wu Li, International Business (Magna Cum Laude) Ruixue Li, Accounting
Dan Lin, Accounting (Summa Cum Laude)
Donger Lin, Accounting

Orion Philip Linnehan, International Business (Magna Cum Laude)

Kraus Lindo Lipa, Accounting (Summa Cum Laude) Stephanie Ann Little, Accounting
Joseph Brandon Loria, Marketing
Lauren Renee Luz-Shah, Accounting

Mohamed Isse Mahamed, Management Ka Yan Mai, Accounting
Philip T. Mak, International Business

Courtlynne Mamian, International Business (Cum Laude) Austin Allen Mancuso, Finance (Cum Laude)
Mervin Savellano Manio, Accounting
Vannia Manrique, Accounting

Hunter Collin Manz, International Business Bryce Thomas Martin, Management Lauralee Mateo, Entrepreneurship
David Mazara, Finance

Christopher Erich McCarl, Information Management Kelly Orion Mccauley, International Business Michael McGeorge, Accounting
Mary McIntosh, International Business

Kyla Andrea Medina, Accounting (Cum Laude) Joseph Robert Melinchok, Finance
Katherine Mendez, Finance
Oscar Mendoza, Management

Yingze Meng, Accounting
Alexander Lee Merritt, Finance
William Meyerpeter, Information Management
Molle Ann Miller, Marketing
Matthew Justin Mitchell, Finance
Amber Moniz, Marketing
Kyle Montebon, Entrepreneurship
Preston Carmen Montoya, Management
Robert Gene Morrow, Accounting
Nabil Nassri, Finance
Avery Lynn Newberry, Management, University Honors Khanh Bao Nguyen, Accounting
Solange Nhan, Marketing (Summa Cum Laude)
Ryan Benjamin Nielsen, Economics
Carli Ann Nordstrom, International Business
Caleb Ochoa, Finance
Stephanie Ochoa, Accounting

Kevin Langston Olivis, Accounting (Cum Laude) Perla Rashel Orduno, Entrepreneurship

Tanya Elizabeth Ostorga, Economics
Djimon Khali Osuigwe, Information Management
Vicki Pang, International Business & Marketing (Magna Cum

Laude) University Honors
Kaprice Alexandra Pannell, International Business Felice NaLee Park, International Business
Trevor Parrish, Marketing
Oscar Miguel Flores Pascual, Management Herkarandeep Singh Paul, Accounting (Cum Laude) Katelynn Marie Pearcy, Finance
Yuliana Pedraza, Management
Chasen Gregory Peez, Management
Crystal M. Pena, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Benjamin Phillips, International Business
Cijay Jeyachandran Pillai, Marketing
Remy Dalton Pine, Marketing

Emily Rayann Pinkston, Management Juan Carlos Plascencia, Economics Samantha Plascencia, Finance Chance Vincent Pollak, Finance

John leong Popa, Accounting
Brandon Powell, Finance
Henry Power, Accounting
Gregory Dodson Price Jr., Finance (Summa Cum Laude) Melissa Priego, International Business

Esmeralda Yadira Pulido, Information Management Meitra Kirstin Que, Marketing (Cum Laude)
Michael Ross Quilici, Management
Erick P. Quinones, Finance

Glenda Sofia Quintanilla Valsse, Information Management Georgeen Quitugua, Entrepreneurship
Izelle I. Rafanan, Information Management
Rhett Donovan Raham, Accounting (Cum Laude)

Daniel Ramirez, Entrepreneurship
Iridian Suleimi Ramirez, Management
Moises Nicolas Ramirez, Accounting
Ryan Ricky Randolph, Accounting
Hannah Jo Ray, Marketing
Zulma A. Reyes, Management
Blake Anthony Rhynes, Finance
Tito Karl Vizcarra Ribo, Information Management
Joshua Lance Riel, Accounting (Summa Cum Laude)
Mario Alberto Rivas, Accounting
Kirsten Rivera, Economics
Jayden Jose Roberts, Information Management
Taylor Marie Robins, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Anthony Daniel Rock, Marketing
Samuel Rodriguez Perez, Finance
Curtis Lee Rossiger, Information Management
Kira Lynn Roth, Marketing
Austin J. Rowe, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
Ashlee Rowley, Accounting
Gregory Sean Russell, Finance
Allie Ryerson, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Jesse Brian Rieta Sablan, Finance
Kathrine Lyn Salazar, Management (Cum Laude)
Jose Sanchez Jr., Economics
Riley Rick Sanchez, Management
Alan Sanchez Gonzalez, Accounting
Jasmine Stephanie Sandoval, Management
Nadele Fye Santiago, Management
Sabrina Anne Santos, Management
Jake Saxe, Finance
Kyle Sayon, Marketing
Brandon Jesse Schaaf, International Business
Madison Rose Scinta, Management (Cum Laude) University


2021 Spring Commencement 27

Taylor Cinye' Scrutchens, Management
Benjamin Cados Cruz Sedano, Management
Anthony Thomas Serafini, Finance
Amir Sheta, Finance
Xiao Yan Shi, Information Management
Brian Christopher Siler, Accounting (Summa Cum Laude)

Alexis Nicole Silvis, Management
Nicholas Ryan Singh, Finance
Ryan Jacob Sipes, Marketing
Diamond Stevona Smith, Information Management Cynthia C. Soto, Management

Shane Soukaseum, Accounting
Tryston Stevens, Accounting
Ge Sun, Accounting (Summa Cum Laude)
Jessica Anne Szczepanowski, Management
Eric Paul Szukiewicz, Entrepreneurship
Ali Seena Tamim, Finance
Yuxin Tao, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Connor Frederick Taylor, Marketing
Lyle Terry, Finance
Anankan Thangaratnam, Information Management Brittany Anne Tiedemann, Marketing (Cum Laude)
Siliang C. Timineri, Management
Alexander Michael Todd, Management
Simona Yanakieva Topalova, Finance (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors '
Raphaelle Tordjman--Doukhan, Marketing Norma Leticia Torres, Management

Tung Lam Tran, Information Management (Cum Laude) Quentin D. Turner, Management
Rodrigo Uribe, Management
Jean Pierre Andre Vasquez, Accounting

Priscila Vasquez-Galicia, Accounting (Cum Laude) Briseida Vanessa Vega, Accounting
Reese Vertrees, Economics
Amylene Anne Urubio Viernes, Finance

Benito Villasenor Solorio, Accounting
Chryslin Jaide Vina, International Business
Diana Vuong, Accounting
Michael Walsh, Finance
Jing Wang, Marketing
Emily Anne Weaver, Management
Brandon J. West, Finance
Nia Imani Williams, Marketing
Haley Noel Wise, Marketing
Brandon L. Witt, Economics
Brandon L. Witt, Marketing
Chemen Wong, Information Management (Magna Cum Laude) Conner Brett Woods, Finance
Rebecca Kathleen Wristen, Management
Benjamin dialing Yan, Information Management
28 2021 Spring Commencement

Minghzu Yang, Finance (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors Sanghwa Yoon, Marketing
Zoha Zaman, Information Management
Ting Zhang, Marketing

Maggie Yuemei Zhu, Accounting Ethan Martin Zuniga, Accounting

College of Education

Bachelor of Science

Jaylen Desiree Abrego, Human Services
Hollie Annabelle Allen, Human Services
Jennell D. Andrew, Human Services
Khylsie Aparece, Human Services (Summa Cum Laude) Erika Lourdes Arriaza Chavez, Early Childhood Education Jillian Katherine Berg, Human Services

Deborah A. Britton, Early Childhood Education (Cum Laude) Raven Dominque Bromley, Early Childhood Education Monica Casuso, Human Services (Summa Cum Laude) Meghan Renee Chandler, Early Childhood Education

Annie J. Christensen, Human Services Alannah Leigh Chung, Human Services Jessica Mae Constantino, Human Services Johana Corona, Early Childhood Education Josephine De Cunzo, Human Services Amina Djesevic, Human Services

Alyssa Carlene Gardunio, Early Childhood Education Edith Minerva Garibay-Gutierrez, Human Services Patricia Daniela Gonzalez, Human Services Jasmyne L. Graham, Human Services

Kennedy Joan Hood, Human Services
Wyconda Rene Hopkins, Human Services
Penelope M. Hyderkhan, Human Services
Emily Marie Kazmierski, Early Childhood Education Valencia Michele Kline, Human Services

Andria Renay Lamb, Early Childhood Education
Zachary Scott Leavitt, Human Services
Shih Phyllis Ying Lee, Human Services
Victoria Lisette Longoria, Human Services
Jasmin Estela Lopez, Human Services
Jennifer Stephany Lopez Romero, Early Childhood Education

(Cum Laude)
Susana Magallon, Early Childhood Education

Jenelte Catherine Magbutay, Human Services Tyra M. Martin, Human Services
Toni Danielle Martinez, Human Services
Kayla Jene McClellan, Early Childhood Education Tabitha Moctezuma, Human Services

Breanna Desiree Morales, Human Services
Justine Analicia Morales, Early Childhood Education

Jamaal Xavier Neal, Human Services
Yamilex Pacheco, Human Services
Luz Marlene Palacios, Human Services
Braxton LeVaugn Richard, Human Services
Ronni Bienvenido Richiez, Human Services
Hannah Nicole Rohrbach, Early Childhood Education Leandra Rojas, Human Services

Lizbeth Cecilia Ruiz Castillo, Early Childhood Education Janelie Mae Pizarro Salcedo, Human Services
Kaitlyn Renee Salls, Human Services (Cum Laude) Shea Marie Sanchez, Human Services

Karla Carina Santana, Early Childhood Education Bethany Faith Scott, Human Services
Charlesia Rene Smith, Early Childhood Education Arion A. Stone, Human Services (Cum Laude) Julia Sarah Terrones, Human Services

Dominic Malik Terry, Human Services Karolina Trujillo, Early Childhood Education Laura Trujillo, Early Childhood Education Hilda Vega, Early Childhood Education Justine Andrea Villa, Human Services

Bachelor of Science in Education

Vinna Lyn Adrada, Secondary Education
Brittany Alexander, Elementary Education
Alyssa Marie Alonso, Secondary Education
Erick Adam Alvarez, Secondary Education
Alejandra Arias, Special Education
Samantha Christine Arteaga, Secondary Education Melissa Avila Esquivel, Secondary Education
Hailey Jenean Basner, Elementary Education QurNissa Tasneem Battle-Thomas, Special Education Bronwyn Nicole Beasley, Elementary Education Taylor Berg, Elementary Education

Cassandra Lynn Bozarth, Secondary Education
Vincent Frank Buffalini, Elementary Education (Summa Cum

Shayla Kapua Camero, Elementary Education
Jada Lyn Campbell, Elementary Education
Vanesa Caroline Carvallo, Elementary Education
Joseph Daniel Castellanos, Special Education (Summa Cum

Darla Rose Chandler, Elementary Education
Kumi Ori Magliquian Chua, Secondary Education
Alivia Marie Cordaro, Secondary Education
Brittany N. Cowen, Elementary Education
Courtney R. Dickinson, Elementary Education
Chelsea Renae Diedrich, Elementary Education
Kathryn Allyn Doty, Elementary Education (Cum Laude) Sophia Catherine Margaret Fields, Elementary Education Alyssa Brianna Garcia, Elementary Education
Guadalupe Garcia, Secondary Education

Oscar Garcia, Elementary Education
Mary Ann A. Gavino, Elementary Education
Cassandra Lynn Girard, Elementary Education
Morgan A. Gudjonis, Elementary Education
Branden James Hardie, Secondary Education
Emily Rose Haun, Elementary Education
Jennifer Hernandez, Special Education
Corin Nichole Hudson, Elementary Education
Michael Jackson, Elementary Education
Yvonne Stella Jackson, Special Education (Cum Laude) Marquelyn Shea Janda, Special Education
Jae Youn Jang, Special Education
Amelia Jara-Magallanes, Elementary Education
Alisa Joy Johnson, Secondary Education
Amanda Johnson, Elementary Education
Kenneth Givera Jose, Secondary Education
Jessica Nicole Kalen, Special Education
Julia Amanda Katz, Elementary Education
Haley Vaughn Kornychuk, Elementary Education
Brittany Ann Larson, Elementary Education
Zhi Li, Special Education
Grace Marie Librizzi, Secondary Education (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Audrey Cailtin Tan Locsin, Elementary Education Esmeralda Enriqueta Lopez, Special Education
Ryan James Marlowe, Secondary Education
Ryan Martorello, Secondary Education
Anneliese Gabrielle McKelley, Secondary Education
Roy A. Mendez III, Special Education (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Kayla Cameron Meyers, Elementary Education (Magna Cum

Alana Kathleen Milawski, Secondary Education
Ashley Moreno, Elementary Education
Ashley R. Mullins, Elementary Education
Quinten Kamanuwai Mundon, Secondary Education Diana Murcia, Special Education (Cum Laude)
Stephanie Mariana Murcia, Secondary Education Giovanni Niccolas Navarrete, Secondary Education Percy Maciel Neavez, Elementary Education
Tiffany Thai Nguyen, Elementary Education
Natasha W. Ortiz, Secondary Education
Ariel A. Osborn, Elementary Education
Amy Jordana Padilla, Secondary Education
Jordan Elizabeth Palasky, Elementary Education
Tiara Uryiah Parker, Special Education (Cum Laude) Nicholas Alexander Phillips, Secondary Education Danielle Irene Moon Prunty, Secondary Education Crystal Ramirez, Secondary Education
Martha Guadalupe Ramos Ochoa, Elementary Education Betsy Reyna Nunez, Elementary Education

2021 Spring Commencement 29

Tori Scout Riordan, Elementary Education Edgar Ivan Roa Calderon, Special Education Andrea Celeste Romero, Secondary Education Ruby Emely Rosas, Special Education

Lily Marie Ryan, Special Education
Tyler Janae Smith, Special Education
Roberta Nicole Snider, Elementary Education Hannah Renee Spencer, Elementary Education Elizabeth Katherine Spreitzer, Secondary Education Taylor L. Stonebarger, Special Education

Kimberly Marie Sturgis, Special Education
Stephanie Sutherland, Elementary Education
Brisa Del Mar Tenney, Elementary Education
Taylor Marie Tesar-Cicci, Special Education
McKenna Agamata Topps, Elementary Education Jocelyn Surisaddai Trejo Torres, Elementary Education Jazlin Yanni Valmonte, Special Education

Richard Paul Vecchione, Secondary Education Bailee Elise Walker, Elementary Education Catherine Rose Walsingham, Special Education Mary Francis Wantland, Special Education Taylor Paige Wiebke, Elementary Education Britney L. Willis, Secondary Education

Amanda Yates, Elementary Education Claire Yates, Elementary Education Yongchun Ye, Secondary Education Sophia Zaman, Secondary Education Hale Zorlu, Special Education

Project Focus

Solade Jonathan Adams Aubrey Markee Jorgensen Kayla Lynn Kincaid Michael William Martin

Brittany Morgan Parker Otischa Raychael Smiley Connor Adam Whitehead Alejandro F Yanez

Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering

Bachelor of Arts

Rosa Aguilar, Computer Science
Reza Faraji, Computer Science
John Edward Flores II, Computer Science Darius A. Jahan-Shahi, Computer Science Yunfei Lu, Computer Science
Jordan Luna, Computer Science
Seaborn Dan Mercer Jr., Computer Science 30 2021 Spring Commencement

Giovanni L. Mueco, Computer Science Chadmin Constantine Nash, Computer Science

Dylan Eric Obata, Computer Science .
Josephine Thean, Computer Science (Cum Laude) University

Kristina Elizabeth Tran, Computer Science

Bachelor of Science

Joseline Rosmery Ambrocio, Computer Science Tony R. Amin, Computer Science

Meisam Ardebiliha, Computer Science
Riz Walter N. Articulo, Computer Science (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Stephen Alan Baker, Computer Science
Nicholaus Cain Bloom, Computer Science (Cum Laude)
Josiah Pagcu Canlapan, Computer Science
Christian Edward Javier Castillo, Computer Science
Christina Cheung, Computer Science
Deirdre Amuel Chong, Computer Science
Brandon Scott Coffman, Computer Science
Gabriel Contreras, Computer Science (Magna Cum Laude)
Jett R. Cooper, Computer Science (Magna Cum Laude) University

Ryan Anthony Daza, Computer Science
Chad Michael Decker, Computer Science
Sean Lemuel Quinto Dizon, Computer Science
Mark William Dodds, Computer Science
Jae W. Doh, Computer Science
Gabriel Hitoshi Domino, Computer Science
Natalie Aileen Downing, Computer Science
Dario Quinten Yong Hun Ano Lani Drachen, Computer Science

(Cum Laude)
Reinhart Marcelo Fagel, Computer Science
Nima Faraji, Computer Science
Kevin Fines, Construction Management
Arthur Jay Flachsenhar, Computer Science (Magna Cum Laude) Brandon Franco, Construction Management
Justin Andrew Gelabert, Computer Science
Liam Joseph Harris, Construction Management
Daniel David Hartwig, Computer Science (Magna Cum Laude) Neil Raymond Himes, Computer Science
Ronnie Hong, Computer Science
Anthony Lee Iskandar, Computer Science
Daniel Jacoby, Computer Science
Andrew David Kelly, Construction Management
Brandon M. Kerman, Computer Science
Kaycie Akemi Kohashi, Construction Management
Gyuho Lee, Computer Science

Noah Benjamin Letkiewicz, Computer Science Kevin Gary Liao, Computer Science
Alex Christopher Liebig, Computer Science Joshua Taylor Lisoski, Computer Science

Christopher F. Lively, Computer Science
Abel Loya-Villalobos, Computer Science
Logan Kristi McHenry-Kroetch, Computer Science (Magna Cum

Monica Quion Merluza, Computer Science
Kelvyn Patrick Meyers, Computer Science (Cum Laude) Eulalio Joseph Moreno, Computer Science
Aristides Miguel Nunez De Villavicencio, Computer Science Alec James Patterson, Computer Science
Andrea Lois S. Peret, Computer Science
Luis Ignacio Perez Jr., Construction Management
Joey Due Pham, Computer Science (Magna Cum Laude) Ryan Paul Poppe, Computer Science
Andre Reyes, Computer Science
Evan Carson Robenalt, Computer Science (Cum Laude) Joanna M. Saguid, Computer Science
Yevgen Sakevych, Computer Science

Lea Lian Seibel, Construction Management, University Honors Jamie Elsie Shark, Construction Management
Ghali Tahiri-alaoui, Computer Science
Kirubel David Tesfaye, Computer Science

Thomas Chen Tong, Computer Science
David Alexander Van Heck, Computer Science (Magna Cum

Alexis N. Villarreal, Computer Science

An Thien Vo, Computer Science
Levi Yitzchak Yarmak, Computer Science (Summa Cum Laude)

University Honors
Junyan Zhu, Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Saaid Shariff Abdala, Mechanical Engineering Meral Raef Abu-Jaser, Computer Engineering Christian Bulatao Acosta, Mechanical Engineering Diego Alcaide-Velasquez, Mechanical Engineering Armani Dominick Alvarez, Electrical Engineering Edgar Amalyan, Computer Engineering

Manfreht Anicacio, Civil Engineering
Fernando Elias Aragonez, Civil Engineering
Richie Perez Arceo, Mechanical Engineering
Marco Antonio Arias, Mechanical Engineering, University Honors Rodolfo Ricardo Aveytia, Mechanical Engineering
John Avila, Civil Engineering
Fatemeh Azari, Mechanical Engineering (Cum Laude)
Evan David Barber, Mechanical Engineering
Antonio N. Bernardino, Mechanical Engineering
Kayla Rani Bhadra, Electrical Engineering
Bassam Abbas Bin Saleh, Mechanical Engineering
Jazmine Elizabeth Boloor, Electrical Engineering
Jordan Cagle, Computer Engineering (Magna Cum Laude) Phillip Jerome Cannizzo, Mechanical Engineering
Xianjie Cao, Computer Engineering

Nicholas K. Chai, Mechanical Engineering
Alex Andrew Chavez, Mechanical Engineering
Elu Chavez, Civil Engineering
Kellan A. Chavies, Mechanical Engineering
LeAnn Kim Chung, Civil Engineering
Alira D. Coffman, Computer Engineering
Ben Jairus Quitevis Dance'l, Civil Engineering (Cum Laude)

University Honors
Paulo G. Divinagracia, Civil Engineering
John Wilfred Duriman, Computer Engineering
Cade Kamehiko Echevary, Computer Engineering
Trevor Ensign, Electrical Engineering
Bernardo Espinoza, Civil Engineering (posthumously)
Jasper C. Estorco, Computer Engineering
Jean Green Flores, Civil Engineering
Marshall Thomas Force, Mechanical Engineering
Aydan Pastor Madreo Gagaring, Electrical Engineering
Roque Alexander Garcia III, Mechanical Engineering
Alfonso Gonzalez Jr., Civil Engineering
Navid Hamidy, Mechanical Engineering
Thomas Joseph Hockar, Mechanical Engineering (Cum Laude)

Benjamin Fredric Johnson, Computer Engineering, University Honors

Braydon-Mitchell Masao Keli’i Kaiama, Electrical Engineering Cameron I. Kirk, Computer Engineering
Brysen Kaena Teruo Kokubun, Computer Engineering
Meher Kouyoumdjian, Mechanical Engineering

Hicham Lamnaouar, Electrical Engineering
Stanley Chun Hun Lau, Mechanical Engineering
Do Viet Le, Computer Engineering (Magna Cum Laude) Joo Won Lee, Mechanical Engineering (Magna Cum Laude)

Edgar Lopez Collado, Civil Engineering
John Paulo Sinel Lumbres, Computer Engineering
Robert Anthony Majors, Civil Engineering
Blake Ryan Mandernach, Mechanical Engineering
Elizabeth Noemy Martinez, Civil Engineering (Magna Cum Laude) Quinton James Micheau, Electrical Engineering
Silverio Milian Castro, Civil Engineering
Oscar Navarro, Mechanical Engineering

Man Cheuk Ngan, Civil Engineering
Michael Binh Minh Nguyen, Electrical Engineering Jordan Nilson, Civil Engineering (Cum Laude) Celina Osborne, Mechanical Engineering
Osvaldo Antonio Padilla, Mechanical Engineering Clarisa Padilla-Cruz, Civil Engineering
Maia Paige De Beauchamp, Mechanical Engineering Brian David Payne, Mechanical Engineering Ramesh Rahul Pillai, Computer Engineering
Bruce Powell, Computer Engineering
Jake Pronenko, Mechanical Engineering
Arnold P. Rabacal, Electrical Engineering

2021 Spring Commencement 31

Omar-Francisco Alejandro Ramirez, Mechanical Engineering Keane M. Regner, Mechanical Engineering

Salar Riazati, Electrical Engineering
Jehovana Lorena Rios Morales, Civil Engineering, University

David Rouhani, Mechanical Engineering
Jesser Sanchez, Electrical Engineering
Ryan Henry Schilling, Mechanical Engineering
Hans Walter Schreier, Mechanical Engineering
Alfredo A. Sibucao, Mechanical Engineering
Fikir Haimanot Sileshi, Civil Engineering
Cesar Silva Rios, Mechanical Engineering
Caleb Dean Snook, Mechanical Engineering
Seung Ho Song, Civil Engineering
Ashley Marie Spielberger, Mechanical Engineering
Cayley Margaret Stanislaw, Civil Engineering
Worku Ephrem Tafara, Computer Engineering
Kristen Loise Perez Tagaytayan, Mechanical Engineering (Magna

Cum Laude)
Jonathan Thanh, Mechanical Engineering Lindsey Nicole Thein, Mechanical Engineering Nicholas L. Thompson, Mechanical Engineering Tanner Michael Tindall, Electrical Engineering

Holden Truong, Mechanical Engineering
Karlena Jean Tyburski, Civil Engineering (Magna Cum Laude)

Joe Uesato, Computer Engineering
Fausto Vega, Mechanical Engineering (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Sean M. Weir, Civil Engineering
Sean Michael White, Civil Engineering (Cum Laude)

Timothy James Yochum, Mechanical Engineering Benson H. Zhou, Mechanical Engineering

College of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Arts
Ahmad mohammad Abu shamma, Film Dawson Cade Antonucci, Film
Sandra Arellano, Theatre Arts
Dacen Isaiah Batara, Film
Evelyn Benitez, Theatre Arts
Julian Jacob Benzer, Film
Tabitha Erin Bleser, Film (Cum Laude)

Eric Thomas Boffelli, Film Christian Asia Botos, Theatre Arts Brett Michael Bradley, Art
Lyric Marina Brassard, Art
Blade Tristan Buzzerio, Film Brendan Robert Carnaby, Film Miguel Angel Castillo, Theatre Arts 32 2021 Spring Commencement

Skyler Lyn Castle, Film Kyle Cherney, Art

Angel Andrew Cifuentes, Film
Lourdes Beatriz Cuadrado Cruz, Theatre Arts (Magna Cum

Allison Catherine de Jong-Irving, Theatre Arts
Melissa J. Del Rosario, Film
Sara Kathryn Desautels, Theatre Arts
Rachita Dhakal, Film
Catherine M. Dixon, Theatre Arts
Liam Simon Donaldson, Art
Michael Aiden Dunbar, Theatre Arts
Talia Risa Ethridge, Film (Cum Laude) University Honors

Kaylee Fernandez, Film
lulia Octavia Filipov-Serediuc, Art (Cum Laude)

Ashley C. Fisher, Art
Travis Allen S. Flesher, Film Augustine Flores, Film
Thomas Vernon Ford, Theatre Arts Alyssa Annette Foreman, Art

Itxel B. Garcia, Film
Megan Yao Gaudinez, Art (Cum Laude)

Rachel Catherine Gilyard, Theatre Arts
Stefannie E. Gonzalez, Film
Martha J. Hall, Art History (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors

Marquise Hebbler, Film
Brandon Edward Holley, Art
Sara E. Homerding, Art
Emmalena Kathryn Hunt, Theatre Arts Alyssia M. Isom, Theatre Arts
Aries LeSha Johnson, Theatre Arts Denee Chantel Kong, Film
Chase Christopher Korzep, Film Danielle Renae Ladner, Film
Denise Renee Lehmer, Music
Ira Tj Macorncan, Art
Tavis Dwayne Malakius, Film
Karen Marquez, Art

Mary Catherine Yvonne Martinez, Theatre Arts Stephanie Matute, Film
Krishna Vijay Menon, Film (Summa Cum Laude)

Brock Michael Nakamura-Vierra, Film Tina Oh, Art History
Sienna Sky Patino, Art
Audrey Nicole Radef, Theatre Arts Aaron Joseph Bautista Rafael, Film

Rose Rai, Film
Tatum Savannah Rajsky, Theatre Arts Theresa Ramos, Theatre Arts

llyana K. Raymond, Art History (Cum Laude) Mason Glen Rempfer, Art

Leslie Reyes, Film
Coco Lane Rigbye, Theatre Arts (Summa Cum Laude)

Noel Rodriguez, Theatre Arts Sylvia San Jose, Film

Donovan Palani Sanchez, Film

Erika Santos Santos, Film (Summa Cum Laude)

Taylor Anne Schlobohm, Film

Jessica M. Smith, Film

Janeen Velasco Soria, Film
Alyssa Rose Stater, Theatre Arts (Magna Cum Laude)

Reginald Christopher Stewart, Art
Bryce Devon Stout, Film
Kylie Makamae Setsuko Tamaribuchi, Film
Tanis Fawn Tamberella, Film
John Nicole D. Teodosio, Film
Cody Nathaniel Thompson, Film
Megan R. Thompson, Theatre Arts
Olga Townsend, Art History (Summa Cum Laude) Alexandria R. Truelsen, Film
Bailey Noel Udin, Theatre Arts (Magna Cum Laude) Isabel Juliana Valadez, Art History
Jonathan Vazquez, Art
Joshua Redmon Voyles, Film
Anthony James Ward, Theatre Arts

Harold Nicholas Wells, Film
Krista Marie Wheatley, Dance
Angelica Marie Williams, Film
Timothy Counsel Winter, Theatre Arts (Magna Cum Laude) Eden Nichole Woolworth, Film (Summa Cum Laude)

Kalea Alexis Wright, Film Andrew Hebin Yau, Art Heather M. Young, Dance

Bachelor of Fine Arts Sophia Arredondo, Art Nicole Karin Boone, Dance Yeji Ha, Art

Martha J. Hall, Art (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors Brian Martinez, Art

Isis Dominique Peralta, Dance
Jannet Jennifer Pinacho, Dance
Katlin Quezada, Art (Summa Cum Laude)
Ariadna A. Ramirez Carrasco, Dance (Cum Laude)

llyana K. Raymond, Art (Cum Laude)

Daisy Sanchez, Art
Destinee Dazhane' Scott, Dance
Zoe Matison Dominique Smith, Dance Kayla Celine Thayer, Dance
Olga Townsend, Art (Summa Cum Laude) Ginsong Sonny Tsoi, Art
Krista Marie Wheatley, Dance

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
Mey Fa Choy Anicama, Landscape Architecture
lolani K. Domingo, Landscape Architecture
Candace Anne-Jones Gutridge, Landscape Architecture Brianna Noely Nava, Landscape Architecture
Roxayna Pais-Evia, Landscape Architecture
Grace Erika Rincon, Landscape Architecture
Fausto Saavedra Jr., Landscape Architecture
Phatsara Singhapanich, Landscape Architecture Fiorella M. Valdez, Landscape Architecture
Sara Younis, Landscape Architecture

Bachelor of Music
Austin Tyler Bailey, Music
Ethan Michael Blankfeld, Music
Jordan Bushey, Music
Casey Stephen Davis, Music
Cecelia Janine Farmer, Music
Andrew Alexander Garcia, Jazz and Commercial Music

Michael Lewis Gigante, Music Peter M. Goomroyan, Music
Kauri Ipo Masako Koizumi, Music Alessandra Patrocinio Las, Music Jenelle Catherina Magbutay, Music Christina Marie Mata, Music

Justin Mcdonald, Music
Anastasios Peltekis, Music (Magna Cum Laude)

Marshall Peterson, Music Michael John Plunkett, Music

Daniel K. Porter, Music
Joseph Nicholas Schaben, Jazz and Commercial Music (Magna

Cum Laude)
James Thomas Schulter, Jazz and Commercial Music (Cum

Louis Syrovy, Music (Summa Cum Laude)

Faith Thompson, Music Kristina Tullgren, Music Gracie Louise Vetter, Music

Bachelor of Science
Shania Aceret Abut, Architecture
Aranza Dafne Acosta, Graphic Design & Media Darienne T.K. Akana, Architecture
Lawrence Herrel Alves-Ward, Graphic Design & Media Keeanna K. Andres, Architecture
Sophia Arredondo, Graphic Design & Media
Brandon Christian Azar, Graphic Design & Media Nicole Renee Baker, Architecture

Evan David Barber, Entertainment Engineering & Design Rolfe Nicholas Barbosa, Architecture
Alex Akiya Blake, Graphic Design & Media
Mary Brooks, Architecture

2021 Spring Commencement 33

Phoebe Anna Brown, Architecture
Shecora Shanice Butter, Graphic Design & Media
Briana Terese Ponce Calacsan, Graphic Design & Media (Magna

Cum Laude) University Honors

Karson Michelte Casey, Graphic Design & Media

Ana Katarina Charvet, Graphic Design & Media

Sooyun Choi, Graphic Design & Media
Michaet Corpuz, Graphic Design & Media (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Stephanie Renee Cote, Architecture
Chaney X. Cui, Architecture
Danica Dane Caderao Dasmarinas, Architecture Gerald Dizon De Vera, Graphic Design & Media Cierra Elise Deleo, Graphic Design & Media Ngoc Kim Duong, Graphic Design & Media
Lori Dyer, Architecture

Riley Eldredge, Entertainment Engineering & Design Austin Estrada, Entertainment Technology & Design

Emma Farias, Architecture
Amanda Justine Galvan, Graphic Design & Media Grigor Gregory Giandjian, Graphic Design & Media Eduardo Gonzalez-Anaya, Architecture

Madison Desiree Gunier, Architecture
Haley Nicole Hitchcock, Graphic Design & Media
William George Hoeft, Architecture
Nikki Christel Hoggatt, Architecture
Connor David Holmes, Graphic Design & Media, University


Samantha Lyn Horcasitas, Architecture

Andrea Myong Hughey, Architecture

Andre Johnson, Graphic Design & Media

Sydney Paige Katz, Architecture

Amanda Laura Kuhlman, Architecture

Juni Koko Lee, Architecture
Emi Yvonne Leong, Entertainment Technology & Design (Cum

Laude) University Honors
Amanda Jean Lockridge, Graphic Design & Media Marlyne Abrihan Lopez, Graphic Design & Media
Megan Elyse Lufcy, Graphic Design & Media
Leigh Allison V. Macabuhay, Graphic Design & Media Gina Marie Manage, Entertainment Technology & Design

Kay Panahon Manansala, Architecture
Shaun Concepcion Mcdonald, Graphic Design & Media
Colin Dean Mchale, Architecture
Daniela 0. Medina, Architecture
Briana Teresita Mentel, Graphic Design & Media
Alison Mari Mercado, Architecture
Nicholas Meyer, Architecture
Alexandra Moctezuma, Graphic Design & Media (Summa Cum

Laude) University Honors Andrya Mojena Cutie, Architecture 34 2021 Spring Commencement

Ricardo Montanez, Architecture
Jhanna Rae Bordamonte Montimor, Architecture Tyler Naumes, Architecture
Kelsey Chrystle Broas Neill, Graphic Design & Media Alerys Ortiz-Amador, Graphic Design & Media
Ji Eun Park, Graphic Design & Media

Rakitha G. Perera, Graphic Design & Media Alejandro Pinon, Architecture
Marilyn Iveth Portillo, Architecture Alexandra J. Primm, Architecture

Alexa Belle Reynolds, Entertainment Technology & Design Rebeca Judith Rivera-Pelayo, Architecture
Jose Alberto Rodriguez, Architecture
Mario Rodriguez Jr., Architecture

Olivia Grace Rodriguez, Graphic Design & Media
Armandt Lance Adrian Camba Sacramento, Graphic Design &

Marcela Aragon Solis, Entertainment Engineering & Design Aundie Megan Zalameda Soriano, Graphic Design & Media Jonathan William Suarez, Graphic Design & Media Cameron A. Tenn, Entertainment Technology & Design Chanel F. Tinoco, Entertainment Technology & Design Jacob Stan Tolbert, Graphic Design & Media
Antonio Trejo, Architecture

Rachel Jacquelyne Ugarte, Architecture Naomi Valdez, Architecture
Brianna Paige Varner, Graphic Design & Media Jonathan Vazquez, Graphic Design & Media Cirilo Armando Vidales, Architecture

Nestor I. Villa, Architecture
Pedro Casino Villanueva III, Entertainment Technology & Design

Gabriela Villarroel, Graphic Design & Media

William F. Harrah College of


Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration

Jessica Isabelle Lazaro, Hospitality Management Olga Nabokina, Hotel Administration
Lois Ruyi Peh, Hospitality Management
Mayra Alejandra Soto, Hospitality Management

Bachelor of Science

Shihana Abulebdeh, Hospitality Management Christa Marie Adamski, Hospitality Management Cesar Alberto Aguirre Jr., Hospitality Management Hwa Sung Ahn, Hospitality Management
Clayton Axel Alenik, Hospitality Management
John J. Andrade, Hospitality Management
Edward Thomas Antos, Hospitality Management

Kristina U. Aquino, Hospitality Management Leslie Aragon, Hospitality Management Manana Arakelyan, Hospitality Management Brandon Bacanskas, Hospitality Management RuiBo Bai, Hospitality Management

Kalena Puanani Balingit, Hospitality Management Clare M. Barker, Hospitality Management
Maricelle Barrameda, Hospitality Management
Cesar Noel Barron-Rodriguez, Hospitality Management Aaron David Barton, Hospitality Management

Morgan Beasley, Hospitality Management
Jennifer Laura Berroth, Hospitality Management
Kevin Alexander Bitting, Hospitality Management
Justin Boileau, Hospitality Management
Makena Booth, Hospitality Management
Kyla Kaleialohilani Borja, Hospitality Management
Lily Bui, Hospitality Management
Evelin Cabada, Hospitality Management
Bianca Campbell, Hospitality Management
Kyla-Jo Theresa Carvalho, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Maryrose Bolasco Casila, Hospitality Management
Ricardo Alberto Casillas Carrizales, Hospitality Management Stella ShukTing Chan, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum

Caleb Chen, Hospitality Management
Li-Hao Chen, Hospitality Management
Siying Chen, Hospitality Management
Ariauna R. Cheney, Hospitality Management
LoLo Cheung, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude)
U Kei Cheung, Hospitality Management
Camryn Kaleimakamae Chinen, Hospitality Management (Magna

Cum Laude) University Honors
Taylor Sin Choy Kekauoha Ching, Hospitality Management Jabari Chipepo, Hospitality Management
Hyeongjun Cho, Hospitality Management
Yeseon Cho, Hospitality Management
Eun Young Choi, Hospitality Management
Jane E. Choi, Hospitality Management
Chansten Scott Chow, Hospitality Management
Sze Man Choy, Hospitality Management

Meshach Mario Cisneros, Hospitality Management
Daisy Cleto, Hospitality Management
Vicenta Margarita Colocho, Hospitality Management Darryl Antonio Colvin Jr., Hospitality Management
Drake Xavia Conner, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Julia Noelle Connors, Hospitality Management

Nicole Christine Cooke, Hospitality Management Naomi Coronado, Hospitality Management Monica Corral, Hospitality Management
Tamara Corral, Hospitality Management

Sean Coulter, Hospitality Management

Michael Samuel Courte, Hospitality Management
Hannah Elizabeth Coyle, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum

Laude) University Honors
Kyla Jo Greps, Hospitality Management
Yaileny Cruz, Hospitality Management
Meihui Dai, Hospitality Management
Chi Kim Dang, Hospitality Management
Mercedes Dominique Deets, Hospitality Management Jacob Samuel DeJong, Hospitality Management Jadylyn Anne Mactal Delacruz, Hospitality Management Luis Angel Delgado, Hospitality Management Christopher Thomas Deline, Hospitality Management Linlin Ding, Hospitality Management
Ariel Johanna Dozier, Hospitality Management
Grace Alana Duran, Hospitality Management
Takuya Endo, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Rachel Danielle Enger, Hospitality Management
Nestor Daniel Fabian, Hospitality Management
Jingyi Fan, Hospitality Management
Nikolas Fava, Hospitality Management
Ivy-Ann Baldovi Fernandez, Hospitality Management Alyssa Jade Ferrara, Hospitality Management
Travis Charles Fey, Hospitality Management
Victoria Lynn Flores, Hospitality Management
Courtney D. Freeman, Hospitality Management
Wenya Fu, Hospitality Management
Franco Nicandro Fuentes, Hospitality Management Ravianjan Garcha, Hospitality Management

Maggie Winkie Gee, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude) Taylor Lynn Gempier, Hospitality Management
Chloe - Amara Kaleleo'onalani Tsuyoko Gomez, Hospitality

Kyong Han Gook, Hospitality Management
Madeline Guia, Hospitality Management
Ana Gutierrez, Hospitality Management
Patricia Jean Gutierrez, Hospitality Management
Yadira Zenaida Gutierrez Castillo, Hospitality Management Christian Anthony Hall, Hospitality Management
Samuel Han, Hospitality Management
Silvia S. Han, Hospitality Management
Summer Jane Haness, Hospitality Management
Glenn Hayward Harris II, Hospitality Management
Abigail Haskell, Hospitality Management
Ashley Hassler, Hospitality Management
Yifei He, Hospitality Management
Daisy Penelope Hernandez, Hospitality Management Mariana Hernandez, Hospitality Management
Yazzeli Ayala Hernandez, Hospitality Management Francisco Herrera, Hospitality Management
Camille Alexandra Hoffman, Hospitality Management Elena Holtz, Hospitality Management (Summa Cum Laude)

2021 Spring Commencement 35

Shalena Hood, Hospitality Management Ashley Horan, Hospitality Management Qing Hu, Hospitality Management
Shuyin Huang, Hospitality Management Elliot F. Huffman, Hospitality Management Haley Orion Hunt, Hospitality Management

Hoi Fu leong, Hospitality Management
Dana Unique Jackson, Hospitality Management Austin L. January, Hospitality Management
Eunjae Jeong, Hospitality Management
Sumin Jeong, Hospitality Management
Xu Jiayi, Hospitality Management
Zachary W. Johsz, Hospitality Management Wonjeong Jun, Hospitality Management
Emily Y. Jung, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Alberto Wisam Kajue, Hospitality Management
Rima Karapetyan, Hospitality Management
Paige Elizabeth Kaskie, Hospitality Management

Damien Taylor Keller, Hospitality Management Jinho Ki, Hospitality Management
Gahyung Kim, Hospitality Management
Soo Yeon Kim, Hospitality Management

Yea Won Kim, Hospitality Management
Nayoung Ko, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)
Sarah Lynn Koering, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Misato Koiso, Hospitality Management
Austin Elisabeth Kotler, Hospitality Management
Natallie Brianna Kowalski, Hospitality Management
Mckayla Kristine Kulman, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)

University Honors
Corey Takeshi Kuramoto, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum

Laude) University Honors
Yuki Kurohata, Hospitality Management

Kiara Angelique Lake, Hospitality Management
Rachel Marie Lashley, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Arissara Lavangnananda, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Charlotte Leung Yan Lee, Hospitality Management
Jasmine ShihPing Lee, Hospitality Management
Seehyeon Lee, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude) Sewon Lee, Hospitality Management
Matthew Levandowski, Hospitality Management
Juliet Kimberley Lewis, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum

Wenxin Li, Hospitality Management
Xuan Li, Hospitality Management
Zhiyuan Li, Hospitality Management
Fallon Librach, Hospitality Management
Carlena Renee Lim, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
James Jung Myeong Lim, Hospitality Management Yahsuan Lin, Hospitality Management
36 2021 Spring Commencement

Emerald Huayan Liu, Hospitality Management (Summa Cum Laude)

Hua Liu, Hospitality Management
Jiahui Liu, Hospitality Management
Yidong Liu, Hospitality Management
Lauren Longworth, Hospitality Management Kaysha Jordan Love, Hospitality Management Yikang Lu, Hospitality Management

Julian Luis, Hospitality Management
Hung Chan Luu, Hospitality Management
Derrick Ly, Hospitality Management
Runyu Ma, Hospitality Management
Deziree Kaylin Mahamuth-Valdez, Hospitality Management Erick E. Maldonado, Hospitality Management
Leigha Nickole Mamula, Hospitality Management
Amber Marie Markofski, Hospitality Management
Melene Elana Martin, Hospitality Management Shaniya-Maris Pajarin Martin, Hospitality Management Clemence Maria Massis, Hospitality Management

Melanie Susanne Matsunaga, Hospitality Management Courtney Rene Matthews, Hospitality Management
Erik Matthewson, Hospitality Management
Rachel Evelyn Alexandria McCoy, Hospitality Management Christopher Anthony Lloyd McFadden Martin, Hospitality

Moreen Kiah Medallo, Hospitality Management Natasha Alexandra Medina, Hospitality Management Yingying Meng, Hospitality Management
Sepideh Mohebpour, Hospitality Management Jocelyn Alejandra Montes, Hospitality Management Isabelle Elena Moreno, Hospitality Management Veronika Moshkanova, Hospitality Management Maryam Mustafic, Hospitality Management
Neil Peter Nandwani, Hospitality Management Baylee Nicole Naples, Hospitality Management Tharun Sai Nayuni, Hospitality Management

Lan Thanh Thi Nguyen, Hospitality Management
Owen Taylor Nishibun-Pratt, Hospitality Management Brooke Taylor Noorda, Hospitality Management
Caroline Grace Nowack, Hospitality Management
Aliyah Haley Nunez, Hospitality Management
Sang Hyun Oh, Hospitality Management
Hailey S. Okada, Hospitality Management
Jiwon Park, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude) Saeyoun Park, Hospitality Management
Soyoung Park, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)

Sung Min Park, Hospitality Management
Nathan Parker, Hospitality Management Alejandro Parra, Hospitality Management
Amelia Elizabeth Parsley, Hospitality Management Lauren Noelle Peru, Hospitality Management

Lucy M. Poepping, Hospitality Management
Graelyn Pope, Hospitality Management
Samantha Leigh Pramshafer, Hospitality Management
Yonglin Quan, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude) Jae Rainier Alejandro Quito, Hospitality Management
Keisha Cacabelos Racadio, Hospitality Management
Natalie Kaye Rea, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Savannah June Reeves, Hospitality Management
Ryan James Ressler Jr., Hospitality Management
Parvaneh Rezaei, Hospitality Management
Dom'nnique vonytta marie Rice-Miller, Hospitality Management Jackson Theodore Ripplinger, Hospitality Management
Kyle M. Rix, Hospitality Management
Nicholaus Powell Roberson, Hospitality Management
Mily Rodriguez, Hospitality Management
Erica N. Rohnstock, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Teresita Rojas, Hospitality Management
Andrea Rosete, Hospitality Management
Eric Sieghard Samuelsson, Hospitality Management
Alejandro Sandoval, Hospitality Management
Adan Saucedo, Hospitality Management
Geovanni Andre Saucedo, Hospitality Management
Brandon Clifford Scarberry, Hospitality Management
Zachary Austin Sellen, Hospitality Management
Jung Hwi Seo, Hospitality Management
Ju Young Seok, Hospitality Management
Lina Sha, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)
Sungwook Shin, Hospitality Management
Jacqueline Sifuentes, Hospitality Management
Riley Nicole Simonton, Hospitality Management
Aaron Robert Smith, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Alexa Christensen Smith, Hospitality Management
Eunyong Song, Hospitality Management
Christina Spruiell, Hospitality Management
Chenyu Sun, Hospitality Management
Qianyun Tan, Hospitality Management
Lujie Tang, Hospitality Management
Emily Louise Teliska, Hospitality Management
Jason M. Thomson, Hospitality Management
Yue Tian, Hospitality Management
Cassandra Anastasia Tipon, Hospitality Management (Magna

Cum Laude) University Honors

Paityn Eva Toohey, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)

Quang D. Tran, Hospitality Management

Due K. Truong, Hospitality Management

Yiu Chung Tse, Hospitality Management
WoserTsomo, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude)

Marlyne Naomie Ulysse, Hospitality Management Luka van der Merwe, Hospitality Management Hannah E. Van Loan, Hospitality Management

Nadia Stephanie Villegas, Hospitality Management Mark Jericho A. Vilonia, Hospitality Management Joshua-caleb Barcas Viray, Hospitality Management Osae D. Wahab, Hospitality Management

Crislyn Janea Salazar Walters, Hospitality Management Yufei Wan, Hospitality Management
Austin Wang, Hospitality Management
Runzhi Wang, Hospitality Management

Zijian Wang, Hospitality Management
Madison Taylor Washam, Hospitality Management
Aneshia Nechelle West, Hospitality Management
Sil Whang, Hospitality Management
Jordan Marie Whisler, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Chloe Wild, Hospitality Management
Taylor Monee Williams, Hospitality Management
Alicia Xue Ning Wong, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum

Michelle R. Wong, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Jaewook Woo, Hospitality Management
Chih-Chun Wu, Hospitality Management
Ken Wu, Hospitality Management
Xiaoyang Xie, Hospitality Management
Chunhui Yang, Hospitality Management
Chad Lorenzo Yee, Hospitality Management
Xifan Yin, Hospitality Management
Hong Bee Yoon, Hospitality Management
Kecheng Yu, Hospitality Management

Tongxin Yu, Hospitality Management
Christine Heejune Yun, Hospitality Management
Caleigh Nicole Yurovchak, Hospitality Management
Mayte G. Zamora-Arauz, Hospitality Management (Summa Cum

Yajing Zhen, Hospitality Management
Rongzhi Zhu, Hospitality Management
Brooke Ashley Zorne, Hospitality Management (Posthumously)

School of Integrated Health Sciences

Bachelor of Science

Jeremy bonifacio Abacan, Kinesiological Sciences Carolyn Acosta, Kinesiological Sciences
Isel Acosta Lopez, Kinesiological Sciences
Enas Ajaj, Kinesiological Sciences

Klarika Meghan Vito Alquisada, Kinesiological Sciences Michael Anthony Alvarez, Nutrition Sciences
Hareg Ameda, Kinesiological Sciences
Jean Roxanne D. Angeles, Kinesiological Sciences Allen Paul Figueroa Aquino, Kinesiological Sciences Mckena Marie Arlt, Kinesiological Sciences

2021 Spring Commencement 37

Thunyaporn Atsawakaew, Kinesiological Sciences
Roxanne Mateo Aurelio, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)

Samantha Starr Bailley, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)

Jennifer Ann Barnum, Nutrition Sciences

Andrew Joshua Batshoun, Athletic Training
Ashley Nicole Bermudez, Nutrition Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)

Alexis Edgardo Berrios, Kinesiological Sciences
Alexa Marie Blazek, Kinesiological Sciences
Alexandria Marilyn Blazvick, Athletic Training & Kinesiological

Heather Ann Bonin, Nutrition Sciences

Damien Jacob Botello, Kinesiological Sciences
Brandon Lee Bowers, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)

Kailynn Riata Bray, Kinesiological Sciences Nicolette Brion, Kinesiological Sciences
Abbey Renah Broadhead, Kinesiological Sciences Christa Burks, Kinesiological Sciences

Frederick Lee Bynum Jr., Kinesiological Sciences Amaris Amparo Calderon, Kinesiological Sciences Carla P. Calderon, Kinesiological Sciences
Jenna Denise Carpenter, Kinesiological Sciences

Matthews Clark Rosindi Cartin, Kinesiological Sciences
Gianni Angelo Catanzaro, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum

Laude) University Honors
Courtney Lynn Cates, Kinesiological Sciences
McKenna Virginia Chaney, Nutrition Sciences
Colton Chapman, Athletic Training
Tiara Masako Chinn, Kinesiological Sciences
Taylor Alexis Collier, Kinesiological Sciences
Valentino E. Contini, Kinesiological Sciences & Nutrition Sciences Amber colleen Costello, Kinesiological Sciences
Camrynne Shaye Cruz, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)

Luis Dao, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Zachary M. Dao, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)

Andrew Haig Darakjian, Kinesiological Sciences
Erin Marie Davis, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)

Monzell Kaleo Davis III, Kinesiological Sciences Victoria Isabel De La Hoya, Kinesiological Sciences Alexandria Deaver, Kinesiological Sciences
Drew Defrancesco, Nutrition Sciences

Delancey M. Dessaints-Prince, Nutrition Sciences (Summa Cum Laude)

Luis Fernando Diaz-Lemus, Nutrition Sciences
Mariah Dominguez, Nutrition Sciences
Brandon Donohue, Kinesiological Sciences
Sabrina Tabata Duenas, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Jaclyn K. Duffy-Huerta, Kinesiological Sciences

Danielle Marie Dupre, Nutrition Sciences
Odaris Elias, Kinesiological Sciences
Spencer Elliott, Kinesiological Sciences
Jennifer Belle Embrogno, Kinesiological Sciences 38 2021 Spring Commencement

K'hanycia Keichon Evans-Salsberry, Kinesiological Sciences Ashley Erin Failes, Kinesiological Sciences
Earnest L. Falcon, Athletic Training
Justine Ancheta Federe, Kinesiological Sciences

Carla Flores, Athletic Training
Daniel Flores, Athletic Training & Kinesiological Sciences Sabrina Foster, Kinesiological Sciences
Eric Mcdowell Freitas, Kinesiological Sciences
Samantha Madison Frieden, Kinesiological Sciences Christina Lombardi Gaden, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Isaiah Gamble, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Natalie Ann Garcia, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Rita Cox Gomez, Kinesiological Sciences
Tori Maria Gonzales, Kinesiological Sciences

lleana Aurora Gruning, Kinesiological Sciences

Alekzander Durand Hall, Kinesiological Sciences

Aya Hamou, Kinesiological Sciences

Jayden Jaeeun Han, Kinesiological Sciences

Arrik Joesph Hansen, Kinesiological Sciences

Arthur Richard Hatch III, Kinesiological Sciences
Carsyn Cay Hendriks, Nutrition Sciences (Summa Cum Laude)

University & Research and Creative Honors
Lina Yumei Herbig, Kinesiological Sciences
Alma Yazmin Hernandez Contreras, Kinesiological Sciences
Ajia Elizabeth Heryford, Kinesiological Sciences
Austin Skyler Holloman, Kinesiological Sciences
Lindsey Frances Horne, Comprehensive Medical Imaging (Magna

Cum Laude) University Honors
En Pei Huang, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)

Cindy E. Huante, Kinesiological Sciences
Ayyoob Hussein, Kinesiological Sciences
Anthony Cecilio Ibanez, Kinesiological Sciences Timothy John Jamilia Jauregui, Kinesiological Sciences Micah Skyy Jordan, Kinesiological Sciences

Sabrina Kabbani, Kinesiological Sciences
Raisa Rabab Kabir, Kinesiological Sciences
Rediat Bedassa Kelecha, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Robert Victor Kelly III, Kinesiological Sciences
Hannah Mackenzie Kerby, Comprehensive Medical Imaging

(Magna Cum Laude) University Honors Kaitlin Ann Kieffer, Athletic Training

Kaitlin Marie King, Nutrition Sciences
Jacob Paul Kissman, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Mikenna Rae Klinger, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)

University Honors
Kurt Robert Kohls, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Makayla J. Kostiner, Kinesiological Sciences
Mara Daniela Kramer Said, Nutrition Sciences (Magna Cum

Megan Marie Kronschnabel, Kinesiological Sciences

Calvin Kwok, Athletic Training
Lauren Lai, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Garrett Lam, Nutrition Sciences
Kenyon Treasie-Jean Lashaul, Kinesiological Sciences
Cynthia Youngsun Lee, Kinesiological Sciences
Camryn Ann Licari, Kinesiological Sciences
Samantha Longo, Athletic Training & Kinesiological Sciences Enrique Daniel Lopez, Kinesiological Sciences
Michael B. Lowe, Athletic Training
Mari-Zoey Lunar, Kinesiological Sciences
James Todd Malabanan, Kinesiological Sciences
Jhovel Suyat Malabanan, Kinesiological Sciences
Siena Rose Mancuso, Kinesiological Sciences
Elana Christine Maurer, Kinesiological Sciences
Denzelle D. McAfee, Kinesiological Sciences
Maylani Mecenas, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Miguel Gabriel Goitia Mendez, Kinesiological Sciences
Katherine Danielle Metzger, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum

Laude) University Honors
Jose Luis Meza, Kinesiological Sciences

Cassie Lee Middleton, Kinesiological Sciences
Jasmin Di Ramos Miranda, Kinesiological Sciences
Cole Anthony Mitchum, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Melissa Montes, Kinesiological Sciences
Daniela Ylen Moreno, Nutrition Sciences
Jasmine Priscilla Morice, Kinesiological Sciences
Kayley Anne Murdock, Nutrition Sciences
Gabrielle Angelique Naccarato, Nutrition Sciences
Joana G. Naguit, Kinesiological Sciences
Brandon K. Nahina, Kinesiological Sciences
Karen Gonzalez Nava, Nutrition Sciences
Mari Lei Nishimura, Comprehensive Medical Imaging (Magna

Cum Laude) University Honors
Brandi Sanoe Ogawa, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Roxana Ortega, Nutrition Sciences (Cum Laude)
Dante Ortiz-Davila, Kinesiological Sciences
Mark Faro Osunero-Lanuza, Kinesiological Sciences
Cristy Khomhuck Outhone, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Denise Marie Parker, Kinesiological Sciences
Dayna-Lynn Haunani Pu'ukani 0 Ke Kai Peralta, Comprehensive

Medical Imaging
Nataly Perez, Kinesiological Sciences
Stacia Bre'Ann Porter, Kinesiological Sciences
Leah Nicole Racine, Athletic Training & Kinesiological Sciences Francis Isaac Talens Ramos, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Amber D. Regalado, Athletic Training & Kinesiological Sciences Brittney N. Rench, Nutrition Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) Ashley Mae Rengel, Kinesiological Sciences
Leeann Corcuera Reyes, Nutrition Sciences
Carolina Reyna, Comprehensive Medical Imaging

Caitlin Kealoha Reynolds, Nutrition Sciences (Summa Cum Laude)

TiYanna Aliena Rhodes, Kinesiological Sciences Asia Kealani Roberts, Nutrition Sciences
Madisen Tristan Roberts, Kinesiological Sciences Colin Robin, Kinesiological Sciences

Alyssa J. Roybal, Kinesiological Sciences
Brooke Reagan Ryan, Kinesiological Sciences
Jolena Andrada Sagaya, Kinesiological Sciences (Summa Cum

Freddy N. Sahagun, Athletic Training
Alexys Lauryn Saiz, Kinesiological Sciences
Anthony John Salazar, Nutrition Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) Rebecca Nicole Sanchez, Kinesiological Sciences
Sergio Sanchez, Nutrition Sciences
Mason Brady Sateren, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Gladys Soledad Saucedo, Nutrition Sciences (Cum Laude) Kurt Asly Punsalan Serrano, Kinesiological Sciences
Kalaneet Leetal Shahar, Nutrition Sciences (Cum Laude) Joanna Silva, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Christina Hien Simbahon, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Rivka Gittel Sirkin, Nutrition Sciences
Kiara Adele Smith, Nutrition Sciences
Samantha Smith, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Denver D. Snook, Athletic Training
Dinela W. Solorzano Pocasangre, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum

Kelly S. Sor, Nutrition Sciences
Frank L. Sosa, Athletic Training
Taiylor Kapua Sportsman, Kinesiological Sciences
Abigail M. Stockwell, Kinesiological Sciences
Dylan K. Storteboom, Kinesiological Sciences
Tyler James Swanson, Kinesiological Sciences
Thea Sannes Sweden, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum

Manel Tabet Aoul, Nutrition Sciences
Cheyanne Alohalio Tannery, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Brett Ryan Taylor, Athletic Training
Gianni M. Terrana, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Andre Toomians, Kinesiological Sciences
Gisselle Trujillo, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude) Sarah Ann Turner, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Joshua-Gabriel Ollado Ubungen, Nutrition Sciences Maja Vazic, Kinesiological Sciences
Justin Ryan Ang Versola, Kinesiological Sciences Austin Kyle Pascual Villanueva, Kinesiological Sciences Sheena Mary Wakisaka, Kinesiological Sciences
Wade Avery Warren, Nutrition Sciences
Rachael Leigh Watman, Kinesiological Sciences

2021 Spring Commencement 39

Christina Marie White, Nutrition Sciences
Carmen K. Wong, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Joyce Wong, KinesiologicaL Sciences
John J. Yim, KinesiologicaL Sciences
Genesis Marie Zamora, KinesiologicaL Sciences Shayna Zerbe, Nutrition Sciences
Thomas Zhou, KinesiologicaL Sciences

College of Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Arts

Adonai Abraham, Psychology Alondra Acevedo, Political Science

Hailey Anne Adams, Psychology
Sinclair Grace Adams, English (Summa Cum Laude) University &

Research and Creative Honors Oshea Nalea Ah Lee Sam, Psychology Alejandro Aguayo-Flores, Psychology Izabella Angelina Aguirre, Sociology Nely Aguirre-zuniga, Psychology Steven David Aiken, English
Areli Ester Alarcon, Political Science Charlie Alarcon Cabanas, Psychology

Gregorio Angel Alberto Jr., Political Science Brians Felice Aleman, English
Hiba Abas Aljaf, Romance Languages
Trent William Allan, Psychology

Ariel Anne Alvarez, History
Garen Romeo Soria Alvarez, Anthropology
Itzel Alejandra Alvarez, Sociology
Marinella Agape Amador, Psychology
Ali Kai Ancheta, Sociology
Reynafe Naol Aniga, Psychology
Amy Lee Apfel, Political Science
Kaitlyn Aquino Ramos, Political Science
Hannah Victoria Ariesen, English (Magna Cum Laude) Ashton Arizmendez, Psychology
Amanda Elissa Arteaga, Psychology
Liz J. Artiles Sisto, Political Science
Shanzeh Shahid Aslam, Psychology
Jeremy Matthew Atwell, History
John Steven Avant, Psychology
Carmen Priscilla Ayala, Psychology
Alana Cabuhat Banico, Psychology
Angel Ubaldo Barraza Villasenor, Psychology Hannah Elizabeth Barti, Psychology
Autumn Lynn Bassett, Psychology
Erin Begay, Psychology
Samantha Alizae Beltran, Psychology

Denise Michelle Beverstein, English 40 2021 Spring Commencement

Khadija A. Bhatti, Political Science (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors

Burak Birol, Sociology
Paige Yael Bister, Psychology
Filip Bjelica, Psychology
Sandria M. Bolden, Sociology
Blaine Antony Book, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) University

Daniela Borda, Psychology
Garrett Ryan Bresin, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary

Allessandra Macaindra Brice, English
Ricky Lee Broaddus, History
Martell D'Marr Brooks, Political Science
Amber Monique Brown, Sociology
Nate U. Bryan, English
Marquis Miles Buckner, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science

Kelly Thanh Bui, Psychology Rickeysha Shantae Burt, Psychology Taylor Ja'Ney Byrd, Psychology Adriana A. Caceros, English
Jelsy Cadenas-Santos, Psychology Brittany N. Callahan, Political Science Jaclyn Ariadna Candelas, Psychology Marcus Capobianco, English
Mariam Maher Casey, Psychology Noshua Maher Casey, Psychology Bianca Abigail Castillo, English Melissa Ceballos, Psychology
Eliana Celeste Chavarria, Sociology

Mariah Joy Chianese, English (Magna Cum Laude) University

Samuel James Cimino, Psychology
Drew Ashley Clayton, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary

Blaise Daniel Cohen, Political Science (Summa Cum Laude)

Meghan Taylor Copeland, English
Alexis Yvonne Cordova, Psychology (Cum Laude)

Paola Corona Villafana, Psychology Patricia V. Correa, Psychology Vanessa Itzel Cortez, Psychology Eric Cossio, English

Brooke Mikale Crabbe, Psychology Mattison Genine Cross, Psychology Reanna Dominque Crowder, English Gabriel Quiterio Cruz, English
Sharae Reiko Uluwehi Cua, Psychology Byron P. Culp, Psychology

Rosalina Curiel, Political Science Samuel W. Cutter, Philosophy

Dallon Danforth, Political Science
Drewmel Darby, History
Deon Oliver Day, Sociology
Donovan Ventigan David, History
Maria P. Davila, Psychology
Gabrielle Davila-Ortiz, Anthropology
Anne Marie Davis, Political Science (Magna Cum Laude) Julia Mae Davis, Psychology

Jonathan Spencer Day, Political Science Kristina M. De Castro, Psychology
Jessemae Donesa Delarmente, Psychology Gabrielle Elisabeth Diane DeLong, Psychology Melissa M. Dettlaff, Psychology

Brittany Simone Diamond, Psychology Samantha Alyssa Diaz, Sociology
Sonia I. Diaz De Smith, Political Science Miriam Diaz Martinez, Psychology Loren Riley Dilger, Philosophy

Cristina Lorraine Dolezal, Psychology
Jordan Sydney Donohue, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
Lou Danielle Lomotaan Doolittle, Psychology
Icesis Mariah Doyle, Psychology
Matthew Benjamin Duda, Psychology (Summa Cum Laude) Megan Dunn, Sociology
Miguel E. Dupree, Political Science
Aira Mae Tomboc Duyanen, Political Science (Magna Cum Laude) George A. Dzanakaridis, Political Science (Cum Laude)
Taylor Ellis, Asian and Asian American Studies
Donald Thomas Fagan Jr., Political Science
Marie A. Falcone, Political Science
Samantha Josie Farina, Psychology
Natalie Fayad, Psychology
Trinity Nicole Feliciano, Psychology

Karina Pauline Canillas Felizardo, Sociology J Colin Finney, English

Camila Flores, Psychology
Fernanda Flores, English (Cum Laude)
Stacie Danielle Flores, Psychology
Stefany Patricia Flores Martinez, Psychology
Alexandria Louise Flynn, Anthropology & Sociology
Daniel Enrique Fonseca-Garavito, Psychology
Audrey B. Forbes, English
Jonah Alyx-Thomas Foster, Psychology
Zachary Jay Fowler, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science

Madison Erin Frazee, Political Science (Cum Laude) University

Christina Brooke Fredrick, Psychology Alison Rose French, Psychology Reginald Gaines, Sociology
Andrea Galdamez, Psychology

Jessica Elyza Musong Galilo, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors

Jasmine Nicole-Lynn Gandy, Psychology Giselle Pamela Garcia, Political Science Meghan Alexandria Garcia, Psychology Michael Carlos Garcia Solaces, Psychology Ayla Suzanne Gelsinger, Psychology

Mia J. Getridge, Psychology
Nina Ashley Gharibian, English
Jonathan Anthony Giardino, Political Science
Emma R. Gilmore, English (Cum Laude)
Jason R. Glass, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science Studies Deidre Lee Gomez, Psychology
Iram Gonzalez, English & Philosophy (Magna Cum Laude) Sijifredo Gonzalez III, Psychology
Steven Goode, Political Science
Kari Lee Joe Goold, Anthropology
Melissa Granados-Rivas, English (Cum Laude)
Devin J. Green, Psychology
Joyce Christina Baria Grey, English
Maite Guerra, Political Science
Cecille T. Guese, English (Magna Cum Laude)
Chaela Joie Gundayao, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Bianca Nicole Haifley, English (Magna Cum Laude) Cassondra S. Hall, Gender & Sexuality Studies Michael P. Hanach, Political Science
Jazzmine Gail Heath, Psychology
Braedan Tyler Hedge, French
Ashamii Lashan Henderson, Psychology
Dakota Joseph Hendrickson, Interdisciplinary Studies-

Multidisciplinary Studies
Chelsea Lynn Henry, Political Science
Gala Vivianna Hernandez, Psychology
Melissa Hernandez, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Diara Yazmin Hernandez-Contreras, Political Science
Apia Monet Hickman, Sociology
Amanda Hill, Anthropology & History
Xaria Jocelyn Hobson, Psychology
Shakiya Hollis, Political Science
Kortney Janice Holmes, Psychology
Nia Adia Hopkins, Psychology
Meghan Elizabeth Hoss, Psychology
Joycelyn Hubert, Anthropology (Magna Cum Laude) Andrew WJ Huh, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
Isabel Huizar, Psychology
Andrea Vianey Ibarra, Philosophy
Taylor lida, Sociology
Negin Izadkhasti, Sociology
John Sterling Jahanpour-Burke, Interdisciplinary Studies-

Multidisciplinary Studies

2021 Spring Commencement 41

Maryam Jalal, Psychology
Maral Javanmard, Psychology
Ashton Marie Jenkins, History
Deshawn Jewel Johnson, Sociology
Elliott Brooks Johnson, African American and African Diaspora

Studies & Psychology
Kira Laureen Johnson, Psychology
Antonio I. Johnston-Schock, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social

Science Studies
Hakyah Janette Jones, Psychology
Michael David Jones, English (Magna Cum Laude) University &

Research and Creative Honors
Kiersten Kay Noilani Kalua, Political Science Amrita Kaur, Psychology
Kyle Anthony Kelly, Psychology
Morgan Renee Kephart, Psychology
Buffy Nicole Kerestan, Political Science

Mikayla Nicole Khoury, Psychology Sakari Latese Kierstedt, Psychology Alexis Kim, English
Eva Ji Kim, Psychology

Yeji Kim, Psychology
Brooklyn King, Psychology (Cum Laude)

Sydney Madison King, Sociology
Ryan Tyler Kole, Political Science
Noah Lucas Kollegger, Psychology
Steffen Ryan Kriss, History
Alexandra Madeline Lais, Psychology
Tenia Antoinette Landrum, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Moreen Roanne J. Lapitan, Psychology

Angel Lazcano, Political Science
Alexis G. League, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary

Nicole Shari Lightell, Psychology

Doris E. Linares, Spanish
Yang Liu, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies

Aisha Jona Lockhart, Psychology Cariann Di Logsdon, English
Graciela America Lomeli, Anthropology Heidi Renee Long, English

Minh Minh Lopez, Psychology
Vai Inocencio Loyola, Psychology Cesar Lozano Alvarez, History Christina Xin Lu, Psychology Charlene Debra Lucero, Psychology

Courtney Corrin Lyons, Psychology
Jade Mahaffey, Psychology
Zachary J. Mahoney, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary

Alexis Nicole Majidi, Sociology (Cum Laude)

Jerlyn S. Malasig, Psychology 42 2021 Spring Commencement

Ethan Edward Malik, English

Anna Mangasarian, Political Science

Sarah Anne Manning, Psychology

Agnes Mansaray, Sociology
Karla Isabel Manzanero, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science

Jeanette Marquez, Philosophy (Magna Cum Laude) University

Maya Domililia Martinez, Political Science
Nathalie Sofia Martinez, Anthropology & French (Summa Cum

Laude) University & Research and Creative Honors Matthew Curtis McCarthy, Sociology

Merissa-Elise Kalei Mcfarland, Psychology
Angelica Carlaiya McGee, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Ariana McGee, English
Molly Ann McKee, English
Kennedy Elizabeth Mckinney, Political Science
Augustin Cash McWillie, History
Theodore Mcwillie, English
Angelica Anahi Medel, Psychology
Jessica Meeks, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies

Stephanie Nicole Melrose, Psychology
Maria Alejandra Mencos, Sociology (Summa Cum Laude)

Trevor Neil Mendez-Nelson, English Isabel Lucia Mendoza, Psychology

Kacey Danielle Menge, Sociology
Malia Aniston Meyer, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary

Joseph R. Miesner, Psychology
Diante X. Miller, Psychology
Haylee Shamaine Miller, Psychology
Harlee Jean Miscovich, English, University Honors

Hadley Mitchell, Political Science (Magna Cum Laude) University


Imani-Allyse Janai Mitchell, Political Science

Alfa Mitchel Montiel, Political Science

Leidy Marian Morales, Psychology

Marilyn Lousiana Moran, Spanish
Taylor Nicole Murdock, Political Science (Cum Laude) University

Billy R. Murphy III, Political Science
Amanda Marie Murray, Psychology
Kristen Sachiko Roque Nako, Anthropology
LaTricha Y. Nathan, Psychology & Sociology
Nathaniel James Neal, Psychology
Travis Gene Nesheim, History
Christopher A. Newson, Sociology
Carmen Viviana Nieto, Psychology
Alan Nikoian, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies

Jonisha Machelle Nolan, Political Science
Marwa Madina Noori-Haneefzai, Political Science (Cum Laude)

Erika Nunez, English
Stefania Oliva-Garcia, Psychology (Cum Laude)
David L. Olsen, English
Kathleen Nicole Ortega, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science

Cassidy Sierra Osborne-Butler, Interdisciplinary Studies-

Multidisciplinary Studies
Kylie Oshiro, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science Studies Brennen Gerald O’Toole, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Nadia-Christiane Ozone, Political Science (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Mayra Pacheco, Sociology
Angelica Jacqueline Pallan, Psychology
Jochelle Tolentino Pallera, Psychology
Harli Rae Parker, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) University &

Research and Creative Honors
Kiana R. Parkes, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) University

Michael Jude Partipilo Jr., English (Cum Laude)
Jared Partridge, Psychology
Aimy P. Paulsen, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) University &

Research and Creative Honors
Sherice Lavonne Payton, Psychology
America Pedraza, Psychology
Lucas Karl Peltier, English
Ron Peretz, Psychology (Cum Laude) University Honors Estephanya Perez, Psychology
Gemma Perez, Psychology
Vivian Alexis Montano Perez, Sociology
Jessica Perez Vidrio, English
Brittany Chase Perry, History
Emily Nicole Peterson, English (Magna Cum Laude)
Kaitlin V. Peterson, English
Morgan Nicole Petit, Psychology
Harley Francis Phelan, Asian and Asian American Studies Bailey Lynn-Marie Phillips, Psychology
Jordan Anne Phillips, Anthropology
Chloe Ann Pierce, Psychology
Jannet Jennifer Pinacho, Sociology
Lucero L. Pineda-Roman, English & Psychology (Magna Cum

Laude) University & Research and Creative Honors Andrew Pineiro, Philosophy
Jada Pinkney, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Cody Aaron Pinzon, Political Science

Tracy Pledger, Sociology
Shaun D. Plummer, Psychology
Duncan Michael Poe, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Julianna Pool, Psychology
Noah Gabriel Price, English & History (Magna Cum Laude) Katelyn Kay Pritchard, Anthropology

Christopher Charles Probst, Political Science Michelle Punales, Psychology
Jesus Quintana Mendoza, Sociology Matthew Quintero, Political Science

Lizbeth Carelim Quiroz Lafon, Psychology Rayena Alissa Rael, Psychology
Arianna Moore Rahbaran, Psychology Leslie Ramales, Psychology

Jennifer Ramirez, Political Science
Fiorella Sofia Ramirez-Guasp, Psychology Roderick Tiu Ramos, Political Science
Daman Nicole Rapoza, English
Vivienne Rachele Reschman, Political Science Catalina Isabel Reyes, Psychology

Jackson Kade Reynolds, Psychology Maximilian Paul Ridenour, Psychology Kimberly Rios, Psychology
Jasmine Nicole Rivera, English

Bryce Anthony Robinson, Psychology
Daron A. Robinson, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary

Mayra Alejandra Robles, Psychology
Jennifer Rodarte-Pantoja, English
Luis Miguel Rodriguez, Political Science
Odallis Alina Rodriguez, Romance Languages
Cody Evan Rogers, Psychology
Alex Moya Ronquillo Jr., Psychology
Hennessey Nicole Lee Ross, Interdisciplinary Studies-

Multidisciplinary Studies
Nataya Tatiana Ross, Psychology
Amanda Rotzinger, Psychology
Janet Noemi Rubio, Political Science
Julia Rude, Psychology
Anthony G. Ruiseco, English
Jacob Nathaniel Ryan, Psychology
Alain Bernardino Sainz Jr., Political Science Janelle Mae Pizarro Salcedo, Psychology
Sam Sandoval, Philosophy (Magna Cum Laude) Genella Rose Santa Maria, English

Alexia Yvette Santell, Psychology
Alexis Santiago-Moran, Anthropology
Andrea Valeria Santillan, Anthropology & Psychology (Cum

Laude) University Honors
Macy Paige Vallido Sarmiento, Psychology Jennifer Jasmine Sasala, Psychology Rachel Anne Ordinario Sayas, Psychology Ramona Veronica Schafer, Anthropology Chelsea Maurie Schembri, Psychology Sydney Blair Schrum, Psychology
Kendahl Irish Scully, English
Scott Gerard Sharp Halpin, Psychology

2021 Spring Commencement 43

MelikabeLla Shenouda, Psychology

Anaeus M. Sherer, English
Robert Angelo Sinclair, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science


Lorenzo Bajo Sison, English

Elizabeth Benitez Smith, Sociology

Hannah M. Smith, English

Lauren Janae-Schultz Smith, Psychology

Delaney Alyson Snyder, Psychology

Sydney Austin Soder, Political Science

Isaac David Softer, Psychology
Javiera Antonia Sothers, Political Science (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors

Noah D. Stenehjem, Psychology

Kevin M. Stephens, Psychology

Emily Louise Stevenson, English
Sophia Elizabeth Stojanoff, Political Science (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Kinnedy Michell Storay, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science

Emily Madison Strong, History
Renice Dawn Sueno, Psychology
Kaitlyn Taylor Swanberg, Psychology Keane Maritess Valdez Talledo, Psychology Cody Po'okela Tanaka, Psychology
Sabrina Tarjan, Psychology
Kaleah Marie Tawatao, Sociology
Aysiah Lauren Taylor, Anthropology
Jade Alexa Taylor, English

Samantha Elizabeth Terranova, Psychology Johnny Thoew, Political Science
Janelie Jasmine Gacillos Thompson, Psychology Megan R. Thompson, Anthropology

Nelli Tonoyan, Psychology (Summa Cum Laude) Jonathan Viray Trinidad, Psychology

Jamie Joanne Truman, English Tyler Christine Tulman, Psychology Mary Frances Turpel, English Lauren Miquelle Tycksen, Sociology

Bailey Noel Udin, Psychology (Cum Laude) Kimberly Nathalie Usbeck, Psychology

Anthony Jay Van't Hof, Anthropology
Samrina Samir Vasani, Psychology
Callie R. Vaughn, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary

Roxana Vazquez, Psychology
Rolando Alexander Velasquez, Philosophy Tracy Vera Aguilar, Psychology
Lauren Nicole Verbanic, English
Gillian M. Vergara, Psychology
Theresa H. Vuong, English
44 2021 Spring Commencement

Jonathan Howard Wardle, History
John Douglas Watt, Psychology (Summa Cum Laude) Research

and Creative Honors Mikah Karlene Way, History

Emily Helen Weaver, Psychology
James Daniel Webster, Psychology (Summa Cum Laude)

Natalie Ann Webster, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) Jacob Wells, Political Science

Camryn Wheals, Psychology
Erin Noelle White, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary

Renton Scott Wilson, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)

Colin James Winner, Anthropology
Daniel Mehari Woldeab, Political Science
Polly Wong, Psychology
Angela Morgan Wood, Psychology
Rian N. Wright, Philosophy
Noa Ziv Yaron, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies Davilyn May Yates, Spanish
Emmanuel Yirdaw, Philosophy
Andrew M. Young, Psychology
Alejandro Yradi Saenz, Romance Languages

Belin Samson Zeleke, English

School of Nursing

Bachelor of Science

Nikule Monique Abel, Nursing
Zachary Matthew Bayang Abiva, Nursing Samer Abu-Huntash, Nursing (Cum Laude)

Ariel Noel Alba, Nursing
Mimi Evangelina Arlt, Nursing (Cum Laude) University Honors Minerva Ayaladelatorre, Nursing (Summa Cum Laude)

Vanessa Aracely Barragan, Nursing
Annika Francine Bainco Bay, Nursing
Mariah Ruiz Boozer, Nursing
Anthony Emmanuel Maliwat Bugay III, Nursing Vincent J. Capasso, Nursing (Magna Cum Laude)

Aron Solyip Choi, Nursing
Kimberly Anne Muyot Compuesto, Nursing

Emily Contreras, Nursing
Savannah Dulcie D'cruz, Nursing (Summa Cum Laude) University

Jeremiah Degidio, Nursing
Diana Michelle Delgado, Nursing (Cum Laude)

Aubrielle Hornilia Delos Reyes, Nursing Mary Margaret Diaz, Nursing
Natalie M. Edran, Nursing

Devan Marie Elliott, Nursing
Alexandria Nicole Fuzzard, Nursing (Cum Laude)

Janelie Bernice Baluyot Gabris, Nursing Christian Jordan Go, Nursing
Maricel Ahndrea Gomez, Nursing
Taylor D'Nae Grimmett, Nursing

Arline Guerrero, Nursing
Haya Hamdan, Nursing
Mey Mey Heng, Nursing (Cum Laude) University Honors Wenying Jiang, Nursing (Cum Laude)
Carissa Rachel Johnson, Nursing
Dawn Christine Johnson, Nursing (Cum Laude)
Vien Pearl Layugan, Nursing
Sandy Phuong Le, Nursing
Brittany Marie'Lepore, Nursing
Eric Lin, Nursing
Mariah R. Livingston, Nursing (Cum Laude) University Honors Hannah Kirsten Villar Lugtu, Nursing
Jasper Michael Maaba Maaba, Nursing
Kateleen Surdilia Macaraeg, Nursing (Cum Laude)
Victoria Maenner, Nursing
Iris Isabel Martinez, Nursing
Jared Ortega, Nursing
Junna Ota, Nursing
Jewel Kyla Pacol, Nursing
Jordanli Saldi Pahuriray, Nursing
Kevin Micheal Patridge, Nursing
Megan Nichole Pitman, Nursing
Matthew Qi, Nursing
Ira Camille A. Rebibes, Nursing
Ellisha Bridget Roberts, Nursing (Cum Laude)
Austin Michael Ross, Nursing
Kenneth Sanchez, Nursing
Rochelle Lynn Schweitzer, Nursing
Anna Valeryevna Simonenko, Nursing
Miguel Angel Solorzano-Madrigal, Nursing
Kyle L. Soto, Nursing
Marisa Yvonne Svet, Nursing
Dominique Malaquais Tayou Madjou, Nursing
Alyssa Tan Tiangco, Nursing
Allyson Jean Tingey, Nursing (Magna Cum Laude)
Bonnie Wing Yee Tsui, Nursing
Karla Fabiola Villalta Beltran, Nursing
Nicole Fomiloza Villanueva, Nursing
Leah Youen Wang, Nursing
Sara Marie Weaver, Nursing
Destini Cameshia Wellington, Nursing

School of Pubiic Heatth

Bachelor of Science

Scott Aaron Ake, Healthcare Administration

Kiley Robin Anderson, Healthcare Administration
Asia Katala Augustin, Healthcare Administration
Kolina R. Babauta, Healthcare Administration
Dawn Elizabeth Jacint Babilonia, Healthcare Administration Sammantha Caruso, Healthcare Administration

Tiffany Ann-marie Chuning, Healthcare Administration
Tejanae D. Collins, Healthcare Administration
Braya Nicole Cook, Public Health (Magna Cum Laude) University

Madeleine Lee Cook-Baker, Healthcare Administration
Ernest Rene Cornejo, Healthcare Administration
Marevna Cutting, Healthcare Administration
Rebekah Charlotte D'Amato, Public Health
Danawit Solomon Demeke, Healthcare Administration
Dalanda Mariam Diallo, Public Health
Maja None Djukic, Healthcare Administration
Brad M. Domingo, Healthcare Administration
Jillian Paige Edwards, Public Health
Sydney Eunice Foley, Healthcare Administration
Sienna Marie Gillespie, Healthcare Administration (Cum Laude) Gabriella Jean Haddad, Healthcare Administration
Samantha Hernandez, Public Health (Magna Cum Laude) Paxton Horiuchi, Healthcare Administration
Mahir Aman Hussein, Public Health
Maya Jalisa Jenkins, Public Health (Cum Laude)
Sterling Rain Jones, Healthcare Administration
Hyunwoo Kim, Healthcare Administration
Efrata Legesse, Public Health (Summa Cum Laude)
Joanne Ferguson Lim, Healthcare Administration
April Lofton, Healthcare Administration
Morgan Denae Lovato, Healthcare Administration
Julie Malonzo, Healthcare Administration
Kami Matsuura, Healthcare Administration
Dajonai Hanna-Marie McLin, Healthcare Administration

Yamna Nasir, Healthcare Administration
Kiara Elayne Nazareno, Healthcare Administration
Michael Ramon Noel Jr., Public Health
Jon Nicole Ocate, Healthcare Administration
Foluwakemi Tope Otitoju, Public Health (Magna Cum Laude) Sandra Nichole Pemberton, Healthcare Administration
Renee Diane Polci, Healthcare Administration
Lauren Savvy Price, Healthcare Administration
Ashlen Micah Biete Ramit, Public Health
Monica Jane Ritchie, Healthcare Administration
Antonette Clarisse Rolda, Healthcare Administration
Trevor Jack Rosenberg, Healthcare Administration (Cum Laude) Meron Marlign Shawul, Public Health
Cynthia Solis-Murillo, Healthcare Administration
Dasia Denise Stevenson-White, Healthcare Administration Jeffrey Marcus Stinar II, Healthcare Administration
Christopher Andrew Sy, Healthcare Administration

2021 Spring Commencement 45

Matilda C. Thompson, Healthcare Administration
Marc Erryel Costales Tolentino, Healthcare Administration

Leianni Walker, Public Health
Tiffany Luo Zhang, Healthcare Administration (Cum Laude)

Coiiege of Sciences

Bachelor of Arts

Monica Cordova-Medina, Mathematics Marie Curie Alegre Dizon, Mathematics Lyubomyr Lohin, Chemistry
Doralee Nunez-Escamilla, Mathematics Skye Pratt, Mathematics

Analy Ramirez Berber, Mathematics (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors Judith Tesfaye, Chemistry

Bachelor of Science

Sarah Shamim Aamer, Biological Sciences
Leora Megan Abrams, Biological Sciences
Mark Austin Virtudez Adriatico, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum

Laude) University Honors
Nabeel Afzal, Biological Sciences
Alejandro Aguayo-Flores, Biological Sciences Adriana Aguilar, Geology
Emarose Ahmed, Chemistry (Magna Cum Laude)

Sadaf Akram, Biological Sciences
Christian Ricardo Alcantara, Biological Sciences

Ryan Alexander, Biological Sciences
Kirsten Sandoval Alsua, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)

Diana Anguiano, Biological Sciences
Lynarose Zantua Aquino, Biological Sciences
Brooke Arave, Biological Sciences
Sarah Atrah, Earth & Environmental Science
Brennan James Atsatt, Mathematics (Cum Laude)
Sebnem Aydogdu, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Parisa Azarpour, Biological Sciences
Malena Babajanyan, Biological Sciences
Allen Kyungjin Bae, Biological Sciences
Hayley K. Baker, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Brianna Michelle Balsamo, Biological Sciences
Priscilla Banfro, Biological Sciences
Bianca Alexis Barin, Biological Sciences
Nihat Deniz Bayramoglu, Biological Sciences
Ann Marie Beck, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Marten Isahi Benuto, Biological Sciences

Antonio N. Bernardino, Physics
Madison Betts, Geology (Magna Cum Laude)

Khadija A. Bhatti, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Scott R. Billings, Biological Sciences, University Honors Kayla Bland, Biological Sciences
Thomas Jeffrey Boes, Geology
Annamaria Bower, Biological Sciences
Dylone Chin Braganza, Biological Sciences
Dylan Duy Bui, Biological Sciences
Theo Anthony Buna, Biochemistry
Jhiseel Amairany Bustamante, Biochemistry
Yingyu Cai, Chemistry
Jose Guadalupe Campos, Geology
Alvaro R. Carbonero, Mathematics (Summa Cum Laude)

University & Research and Creative Honors Jose Rafael Castillo-Garcia, Geology
Maria Kristin Ceroni, Biological Sciences Chanel Vanessa Chan, Biological Sciences

Si Lok Chen, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) University & Research and Creative Honors

Winnie Jade Cheng, Biological Sciences
Andrew G. Choi, Biological Sciences
Asad Chowdhry, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Isabella Dortha Chung, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)

University & Research and Creative Honors
Jillian Monet Co, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude) University

Kendra Nicole Coleman, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Paula Angela Cordero, Biochemistry
Aidan P. Cortney, Mathematics
Adelu R. Dalere, Biological Sciences
Izabela Daneva, Biological Sciences
Yonosuke Aoki DeJesus, Biological Sciences
Jacqueline Elisa Del Prado, Biological Sciences
Liana Rose Alexander Deleon, Biological Sciences
Gi Sun Dennis, Biological Sciences
Kyle Kristoph Chua Diago, Biological Sciences
Tricia Domingo, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude) University


Leilani Lozano Duldulao, Biological Sciences

Saba Ebrahimi, Biological Sciences

Jennifer Ann Agsalog Ednacot, Biological Sciences

Sana Fahim, Biological Sciences
Milagros Grace Barranco Famy, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)

Solomon Joseph Song Feinstein, Geology, University Honors Stephanie Lizette Fernandez, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)

Daniel Enrique Fonseca-Garavito, Biological Sciences Katherine M. Foronda, Mathematics
Jeffrey Allen Fuller, Biological Sciences
Yesenia Funes, Biological Sciences

Angelica Garcia, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) Melanie G. Garcia, Biological Sciences
Yanet Garcia-Rodriguez, Biological Sciences
Michael Ghattas, Biological Sciences

Kimberly R. Gonzalez, Biological Sciences Jeraldine Ermita Gonzalo, Biological Sciences Katherine Elise Grant, Biological Sciences Taylor Me Kenzie Gray, Biological Sciences Vincent Daniel Graziano, Biological Sciences Randy William Hagen Jr., Biological Sciences Allen Angelo C. Harina, Biological Sciences Khyl A. Harris, Mathematics

Alexandra Jeanette Hird, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors

Alexander Schell Hlebovy, Geology
Alexander C. Holmburg, Geology
Ying Huang, Biological Sciences
Ruby Yaritza Hurtado, Geology
Elana Caitlyn Imasa, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude) University

Michelle Anne Abrina Inocencio, Biological Sciences Aleksandra S. Ivanova, Biological Sciences
Elizabeth Jaggi, Earth & Environmental Science
Maryam Jalal, Biological Sciences
Shalini Sewandhi Jayaweera, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum

Laude) University Honors
Chris Hyunbin Jeong, Biological Sciences
Lisa Jia, Mathematics
Taimur Khalid, Biological Sciences & Mathematics (Magna Cum

Laude) University Honors
Hamed Khaneh-Angha, Biological Sciences
Aron Kim, Biological Sciences
David J. Kim, Biochemistry
Esther Yeonsook Kwon, Biochemistry
Sharyn R. Landskroner, Biological Sciences
Nidia Elena Larios, Biological Sciences
Ngan Nguyen Kim Le, Chemistry
Nicole Lee, Earth & Environmental Science (Cum Laude) Susana Leos, Biological Sciences
Minyi Lin, Biological Sciences
Drayson Ky Little, Biological Sciences
Omar Lozano-Tovar, Physics
Aziel Isai Macias, Biological Sciences
Spencer Thomas Mackel, Biochemistry
Caitlin Anne Maclean, Biological Sciences
Raul Enrique Marquez, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude) Grace Abigail Joligon Martin, Geology
David Anibal Martinez, Mathematics
Maria Guadalupe Martinez, Biological Sciences Maximillian Manuel Mata II, Mathematics

Larissa Grace McNeil, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors

Leonardo Alexander Mendizabal, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors

Tanaejah Miller, Biological Sciences
Samrawit Amare Misiker, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Raunaq Ali Mohsin, Biological Sciences
Joel Ryan Molina, Biological Sciences
Jeannettsy Mota Gutierrez, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude) Luisa Fernanda Najera, Biological Sciences
Jun Sik Nam, Biological Sciences
Ye Eun Nam, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Ajay S. Narang, Chemistry
Tomas Nava-Virrey, Mathematics
Hayley Rebecca Nish, Mathematics
Dylan Eric Obata, Mathematics
Crysty-Ann Olaco, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
Bryce William Ortiz, Biological Sciences
Jacob J. Osorio, Biological Sciences
Asli M. Ozdemir, Biological Sciences
Maria Rosa Palacios-Trujillo, Physics
Riya Mahendrasinh Parmar, Biological Sciences Kevin Parrish, Physics
Andrea Pasic, Biological Sciences
Thu H. Pham, Biological Sciences
Joyce Phan, Biochemistry
Zhea S. Price, Biological Sciences
Trinity Galanto Puno, Biological Sciences
Lilly Qian, Biological Sciences
Jesse Evans Quintero, Biological Sciences Daniela Quintero-lturralde, Biological Sciences Denise Alyanna Cueto Ramirez, Chemistry
Elvia Guadalupe Ramirez, Biological Sciences Fiorella Sofia Ramirez-Guasp, Biological Sciences Kemle Ramos, Biological Sciences
Mayra Alejandra Robles, Biological Sciences

Adam Russell Rock, Biochemistry
Isra Sabir, Biological Sciences (Summa Cum Laude) University

Ryan Tyler Sablan, Biological Sciences
Taylor Salazar, Earth & Environmental Science
Rosaline Salmeron, Biological Sciences
Cristian Sanabria, Biological Sciences
Chelsea Maxine Santos, Biological Sciences
Abdullah Sattar, Biological Sciences
Jackson Schaub, Biochemistry (Cum Laude)
Tai Schlesinger, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) James Guy Schrecengost, Biological Sciences

46 2021 Spring Commencement

2021 Spring Commencement 47

Michael R. Schwob, Mathematics (Magna Cum Laude) University & Research and Creative Honors

Brandon Chester Scott, Geology
Lydia B. Semereab, Biological Sciences
Kendahl Romero Servino, Biological Sciences (Summa Cum

Laude) University & Research and Creative Honors Tirth Vishal Shah, Biological Sciences
Diorra K'Rynn Shelton, Biological Sciences
Gozde Jade Shipman, Biological Sciences

Romi Jackie Sinai, Biological Sciences
Aldina Smajic, Earth & Environmental Science
Catalina Patricia Smith, Biological Sciences
Samantha Solis, Biochemistry
Eduardo Soto, Biological Sciences
Kristin Wendy Stone, Biological Sciences, University Honors Emily Lin Taing, Biological Sciences
Krista Patricia Talamante, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum

Laude) University Honors
Megan Ariela Talamante, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)

University Honors
Nicholas Scott Tan, Biological Sciences

Ashra Taslima, Biological Sciences
Bianca Elyse Tejeda, Biochemistry (Magna Cum Laude)

Janai Elaine Thompson, Biological Sciences Jon Edgar Thompson, Biological Sciences Dominique Aguilar Tolentino, Biochemistry Taylor Grace Tomassilli, Biological Sciences Daisy L. Torres, Biological Sciences Samantha Torres, Biological Sciences
Albert Thach-Thien Tran, Biological Sciences Phuong Tran, Biological Sciences

Myguan Jennifer Trinh, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude) Joshua Richard Van Cleave, Physics

David A.L Vanhoose, Biological Sciences
Lilly Abagail Vazquez, Geology
Roland Bredon A. Viernes, Biological Sciences
Carolina Marissa Villoria, Biological Sciences
Destyni Victoria Mildred Vincent, Earth & Environmental Science Oliver Walton-Williams, Physics

Stehnner Durham Warren, Biological Sciences Akna Disara Wijekularatne, Biological Sciences Ethan Daniel Winter, Mathematics
Daniel Wordsworth, Geology

Brian Worthington, Mathematics
Agnes Wypych, Biological Sciences
Michelle Shein Tzue Yang, Biological Sciences
Adnan Yaqub, Biological Sciences
Anita Yegappan, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)

University Honors
John J. Yim, Biological Sciences
Neha Zafar, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude) University Honors

Sayeda Tazim Fatima Zaidi, Biological Sciences Jazmyn Zepeda, Biological Sciences

Greenspan College of Urban Affairs

Bachelor of Arts

Chelsea Rose Abate, Journalism & Media Studies
Jenna Adams, Communication Studies
Sara Sheina Advent, Communication Studies (Cum Laude)

Zachary Charles Afualo, Criminal Justice Katie Aguilar, Criminal Justice
Javier Aguilar-Perez, Criminal Justice Evelyn Aguirre, Criminal Justice

Citlalli Alonso, Criminal Justice
Krystal Alvarado, Journalism & Media Studies (Cum Laude)

Jessica Anamaria Anaya, Communication Studies
David Neill Anderson II, Communication Studies
Louis Zheng ZhongYi Anderson, Journalism & Media Studies Nthabiseng Marilyn Helene Anderson-Bahr, Criminal Justice Manoela Angotti, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude)
Alex Arias, Criminal Justice
Elizabeth Renee Armiger, Criminal Justice
Chase Douglas Arnona, Criminal Justice
Chandler L. Austin-Bethel, Criminal Justice
Jorge Jose Baca Arzola, Criminal Justice
Ryan Alexander Balaz, Journalism & Media Studies
Ainsley Catbagan Banaga Sr., Criminal Justice
Jairo J. Banos, Criminal Justice
Allen Joshua Benedict De Veyra Barber, Journalism & Media

Tianna Marie Barnes, Criminal Justice
Allyson Kathleen Beard, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude)

Brittnie Beltran, Criminal Justice
Paola Inez Berrios, Criminal Justice
Amber Ray Best, Communication Studies
Louise Betdashto, Communication Studies
Eric Bradley Bigani, Criminal Justice
Taylor LaShae Bigsby, Criminal Justice
Rochelle Bitonio, Criminal Justice
Sydney Grace Blackburn, Criminal Justice
Ti’Ara J. Blais, Communication Studies
Emily Lynn Blakeney, Communication Studies
Joseph Andreas Bobowicz, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude) Natalie Bonilla, Criminal Justice
Robert Sterling Booker, Communication Studies
Jasmine D. Bradley, Criminal Justice
Edward Regis Brandstadter III, Journalism & Media Studies Tyler John Branton, Criminal Justice
Abigail Victoria Brebbia, Journalism & Media Studies

Raven Joyce Bridgeman, Criminal Justice
Brendan Allen Brooks, Criminal Justice (Magna Cum Laude) Abigail Morgan Brown, Journalism & Media Studies
Chanel Monique Brown, Communication Studies
Nicara K. Brown, Criminal Justice
Skylar Rae Busch, Journalism & Media Studies
Kevin Calderon, Criminal Justice
Mariah Terri Caldwell, Criminal Justice
Eduardo Campos, Criminal Justice
Jodi-Ann Cardia, Criminal Justice
Yanely Castaneda, Communication Studies
Joehrryl Catini, Criminal Justice
Jasmine Cazares, Journalism & Media Studies
Wei Chieh Chao, Criminal Justice
Sonia Chung, Criminal Justice
Nikolette Marie Clemons, Communication Studies
Harmony Patricia Cole, Communication Studies
Raymond Mark Collins Jr., Communication Studies
Cormasja Comeaux, Criminal Justice
Jada Monet Copeland, Criminal Justice
Alexis Yvonne Cordova, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude)
Marlena Cortez, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude)
Vanessa Itzel Cortez, Criminal Justice
Tawny Raye Cox, Journalism & Media Studies
Emily Marie Craig, Criminal Justice
Michael Croker, Criminal Justice
Sydney Margaret Cross, Communication Studies
Joey Lee Borja Cruz, Communication Studies
Logan Cruz, Communication Studies
Martha Cruz, Journalism & Media Studies
Matt Douglas Cull, Criminal Justice
Shanyla R. Curtis, Criminal Justice
Crystal Julia Davis, Criminal Justice
Daisy De Leon, Criminal Justice
Jadediah Therese De Leon, Communication Studies
Monica Buenaflor De Vera, Criminal Justice
Jackson Hays Delk, Journalism & Media Studies
Taylor Mari Denison, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude)
Denia De La Caridad Diaz Lopez, Criminal Justice
Ashly Elida Dickinson, Journalism & Media Studies
Matthew Dean Dobbs, Journalism & Media Studies
Jessica Abigail Dominguez, Criminal Justice
Jordan Sydney Donohue, Criminal Justice (Magna Cum Laude) Karina Elizabeth Duarte, Criminal Justice
Chase Ward Duncan, Criminal Justice
Braden TB Dunfield, Communication Studies
Rebecca Skye Dunfield, Criminal Justice (Magna Cum Laude) Miguel E. Dupree, Communication Studies
Haley Falk, Criminal Justice
Destiny Dawn Farley, Communication Studies (Summa Cum

Laude) University Honors

Trinity Nicole Feliciano, Criminal Justice
Blake Marshall Ferron, Criminal Justice
Christian James Fewer, Criminal Justice
Xitlaly Figueroa Leon, Criminal Justice
John Patrick Fitz, Criminal Justice
Charles Benedict Flores, Criminal Justice
Sean Robert Flores-Sahagun, Criminal Justice
Baylee Marie Folsom, Communication Studies
Hailey Renae Foster, Journalism & Media Studies (Magna Cum

Samantha Fuller, Communication Studies
Triana Louise Gando, Journalism & Media Studies
Sharokina Ganja, Communication Studies
JannieRose Guinto Garcia, Communication Studies
Juanita Cristina Garcia, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude)
Odalys Joanna Garcia Saldivar, Criminal Justice
Jacob Andrew Gasser, Criminal Justice
Ayla Suzanne Gelsinger, Communication Studies
Jelsy Gonzalez Sr., Criminal Justice
Jagat Raj Govan, Journalism & Media Studies
Jasmyn Destiny Green, Communication Studies
Adriana Greene, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude)
Olivia Rose Guarino, Journalism & Media Studies
Jeric Guinto, Communication Studies
Mayra Berenice Gutierrez, Criminal Justice
Valeria Guzman, Criminal Justice
Yasmin Guzman, Criminal Justice
David Abraham Hajjar, Journalism & Media Studies (Cum Laude) Joshua Mark Harmonay, Communication Studies
Dakota Mara Que Harris, Communication Studies
Mariena Jean Hayden, Criminal Justice
Mia Nicole Hayes, Criminal Justice
Michael Hempel, Criminal Justice
Albino M. Hidalgo, Criminal Justice
Jolene R. Hodges, Communication Studies
Kylie Rose Hoffman, Criminal Justice
Caitlin Lee Hollon, Criminal Justice
Robert Holmes III, Criminal Justice
Brittany Holmes-Sutton, Communication Studies
Kevin Elias Hoover, Criminal Justice
Cassandra Houston, Criminal Justice
Joycelyn Hubert, Communication Studies (Magna Cum Laude) Kaitlin Nicole Huddle, Criminal Justice
Jessica Alexandria Huger, Communication Studies
Ashlee lha, Communication Studies
Gianna Marie Iniguez, Criminal Justice
Nicholas Israel, Communication Studies
Mario Alberto Jacinto, Criminal Justice
Michael S. Janosik, Criminal Justice
David B. Jenkins Jr., Communication Studies
Christopher Joseph Joaquim, Criminal Justice

48 2021 Spring Commencement

2021 Spring Commencement 49

Yolanda Kassa, Criminal Justice
Heather Nichole Kaufmann, Criminal Justice
Ciera Marie Kemp, Journalism & Media Studies
Trevor D. Kephart, Communication Studies
Kristina 0. Khanoyan, Criminal Justice
Gayle Anna Kilgore, Criminal Justice
Cabria L. Kirby, Journalism & Media Studies
Hunter Kirsch, Criminal Justice
Chardonnay Knox, Journalism & Media Studies
Alexandra Madeline Lais, Criminal Justice
Destinee Larosee, Criminal Justice
Jasel Mallari Layson, Journalism & Media Studies
Mallory Louise Leake, Criminal Justice
Grace Lee, Journalism & Media Studies
Fiahna Joyce Lehnis, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude)
Aaron Zsavon Lewis, Communication Studies
Kennedy Alexis Logan, Journalism & Media Studies
Ryan Rabaino Lopez, Criminal Justice
Stephanie Brooke Lucia, Criminal Justice
Lisa Ly, Criminal Justice (Summa Cum Laude) University &

Research and Creative Honors
Ariel Maack, Journalism & Media Studies (Cum Laude)

Mathew MacLean, Criminal Justice
Julia Angelita Maese, Communication Studies Danielle Jayme Magana, Communication Studies Andrew Payton Malone, Criminal Justice
Jason Mancilla, Criminal Justice
Alexa Marban, Communication Studies
Jessica Martinez, Criminal Justice
Julissa Martinez, Criminal Justice
Madai Martinez, Criminal Justice
Janelie Alyssa Martz, Criminal Justice

Marcos Mata, Criminal Justice
Jackson Seamus McCullough, Communication Studies
Brooke Derin McDonald, Communication Studies
Chelsea Lyn McEachran, Criminal Justice
Angelica Carlaiya McGee, Communication Studies
Connor Patrick McHugh, Communication Studies
Nicholas Thomas McKibbon, Criminal Justice
Cindy Melendez, Journalism & Media Studies
Katherine Mendoza, Journalism & Media Studies
Dianne L. Mercado, Journalism & Media Studies
Grace E. Meyer, Journalism & Media Studies
Erica Michaelian, Criminal Justice
Malachi Joshua Miles, Communication Studies
Devoni Janay Mills-Catchings, Criminal Justice
Daniella Molina-Mota, Criminal Justice
Allyssa Marie Monteclar, Communication Studies (Summa Cum

Gage Colton Morgan, Journalism & Media Studies Fernando Abraham Morquecho, Criminal Justice 50 2021 Spring Commencement

Erika Mosqueda-Mancilla, Criminal Justice
Ryota Naito, Journalism & Media Studies (Cum Laude)
Kasia Nakagawa, Communication Studies
Jiries Rimah Nazzal, Criminal Justice
Audra G. Nelson, Criminal Justice
Alexis Kandice Dena'e Newell, Criminal Justice
Keoni Ray Newman, Communication Studies
David Brohn Niecikowski Jr., Journalism & Media Studies Raymond Maxwell O'donnell, Communication Studies
Junior Ornelas, Criminal Justice
Jennifer Ortega, Criminal Justice
Bailey Ann Owens, Journalism & Media Studies (Magna Cum

Eryn Pablico, Journalism & Media Studies (Cum Laude) Ashley Louise Palya, Journalism & Media Studies
Luana Tasia Panui, Communication Studies
Angelica Sibucao Parayno, Criminal Justice
Lucas Karl Peltier, Journalism & Media Studies
Janet Peralta, Criminal Justice
Andrea Perez, Criminal Justice
Mariangely Perez, Criminal Justice
Prisila Carmen Perez, Criminal Justice
Jasmine Tanida Phat, Journalism & Media Studies
Jaiden Phillips, Criminal Justice
Meghan Marie Phillips, Communication Studies
Makenna N. Pittman, Criminal Justice
Samuel Kenneth Pope, Criminal Justice (Magna Cum Laude) Cristian Alexis Portillo, Criminal Justice
Passhon Unique Pratcher, Criminal Justice
Timothy Milton Prescott, Criminal Justice
Courtney No'eau Pudiquet, Criminal Justice
Michael Anthony Quintero, Journalism & Media Studies Rayena Alissa Rael, Criminal Justice
Jonathan Randall, Journalism & Media Studies
Sidney Marie Ratigan, Journalism & Media Studies
Bailey N. Rego, Criminal Justice
Crystal Reyes Bravo, Criminal Justice

Priscilla Marie Chanel Rezai, Journalism & Media Studies Kobi Arianna Rich, Journalism & Media Studies (Cum Laude)

Nyeri Sidney Richards, Criminal Justice
Tara Richardson, Journalism & Media Studies
Raquel Rios, Criminal Justice
Skyler Lee Roche, Communication Studies
Alejandra P. Rodriguez, Communication Studies
Gabriela Raquel Rodriguez, Journalism & Media Studies Alejandro Javier Rodriguez Lombeida, Communication Studies Alexander Bryan Rojas, Criminal Justice
Anthony A. Romo, Criminal Justice

Mauricio Rosas, Criminal Justice
Landen Matthew Rowland, Criminal Justice Kyle Sydney Ruckle, Criminal Justice

Vilma Ruiz, Criminal Justice
Justin Thomas Russo, Journalism & Media Studies (Cum Laude) Freddy D. Saba, Journalism & Media Studies
Leah Kinue Sakaitani, Criminal Justice
Michael Joseph Saladino, Journalism & Media Studies (Magna

Cum Laude) Research and Creative Honors Claudia G. Samano, Criminal Justice
Yasmit Sanchez, Criminal Justice
Yesenia Sanchez, Criminal Justice

Laiz Santiesteban, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude)
Jennifer Saucedo, Criminal Justice
Kylie Michele Schaerer, Criminal Justice
Ethan Antonio Schneider, Journalism & Media Studies
Michael Andrew SCHNUCKEL, Criminal Justice
Jordan Alexander Schuck, Communication Studies (Cum Laude) Jazmine Victoria Scott, Communication Studies

Shania Jane Scott, Communication Studies
Brandon Josue Sermeno, Criminal Justice
Sofia Jade Serrato, Journalism & Media Studies Nicole Jailene Servellon, Journalism & Media Studies Jackson Sgovio, Criminal Justice

Pamela Kristine Shepherd, Criminal Justice
Maria Theresa Shoals, Criminal Justice
Joseph Chance Silva, Communication Studies Sarah Christine Simonson, Communication Studies Daniel Sklaris, Criminal Justice

Kai Kahani Smith, Journalism & Media Studies
Terence Timothy Smith, Journalism & Media Studies
Kiryn Smith Coleman, Communication Studies
Keenan J. Song, Criminal Justice
Marc Anthony Sotelo, Criminal Justice
Michael Spencer, Journalism & Media Studies
Bradley Michael Spooner, Criminal Justice
Amelia Sprague, Communication Studies (Magna Cum Laude) Parker Kent St. John Jr., Criminal Justice
Kevin M. Stephens, Criminal Justice
Destiny Elexus Stewart, Criminal Justice
Ethan Joseph Stott, Journalism & Media Studies (Cum Laude) Taylor Michele Strezlec, Criminal Justice
Aidan Desmond Subira, Journalism & Media Studies
Dejon Dupree Sullivan, Journalism & Media Studies
Kaitlyn Taylor Swanberg, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude)
Ellen Marie Swanson, Criminal Justice (Magna Cum Laude)
Ervin Tahirovic, Criminal Justice
Amanda Tan, Journalism & Media Studies
Sara Tegtmeyer, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude) University Honors Kamal Toktonov, Criminal Justice
Shailyn Gonzales Tolentino, Criminal Justice
Tamarah M. Townsend, Criminal Justice
Tamra Trainer, Criminal Justice
Benjamin Trejo Jr Jr., Criminal Justice

Sydney J. Tresvant, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude)
Tavai A. Tuitasi, Criminal Justice
JaRon T. Turner, Journalism & Media Studies
Kiara Valenzuela-Lozano, Criminal Justice (Magna Cum Laude) Michael Valeron, Criminal Justice

Kristen L. Vanhorne, Journalism & Media Studies
Vanessa Varela Solano, Criminal Justice (Magna Cum Laude) Lorena Madeline Vargas, Criminal Justice
Thomas F. Vasquez, Journalism & Media Studies
Cassidy Harris Vendramin, Criminal Justice
Mandelor Ventura, Criminal Justice
Tracy Vera Aguilar, Criminal Justice
Regia Vicente Diaz, Communication Studies
Karla Yadira Villalobos Ramirez, Criminal Justice
Lezly Sarahy Villalta, Criminal Justice
Devin Virissimo, Journalism & Media Studies
Tiffany Michelle Voss, Communication Studies
Joseph Patrick Waldman, Criminal Justice
Luke Austin Weyand, Communication Studies
Maya A. Williams, Criminal Justice
Sharon Tatiana Wilson, Criminal Justice
Jennifer L. Windom, Criminal Justice
Parker Bryn Wojciechowski, Communication Studies (Magna Cum

Kauanani Anuhea Wong, Criminal Justice
Marin Angelina Woomer, Criminal Justice
Jasmyne Nash Wynn, Journalism & Media Studies Siefanit Habte Yebio, Criminal Justice
Steven Fielding Yonce, Journalism & Media Studies
Sun Young Yoo, Journalism & Media Studies (Cum Laude)

Bachelor of Science

Theresa Clarise Butler, Urban Studies Nathaniel Jordan Drake, Urban Studies Gregory Micheal Francis, Urban Studies Jasmyne L. Graham, Urban Studies Jartierra E. Grissom, Urban Studies Geoffrey Clay Hartley, Urban Studies Samantha Ashley Malone, Urban Studies Brittany McGiffin, Urban Studies
Kennedy Elizabeth Mckinney, Urban Studies Angie Rojas, Urban Studies

Jorge Rosas, Urban Studies
Marreon Mac Stokes, Urban Studies
lonatana Ben Tuitasi, Urban Studies
Melissa S. Walter, Urban Studies (Cum Laude) Danni Wilke, Urban Studies (Magna Cum Laude) Brandon Sam Yousif, Urban Studies

Bachelor of Social Work

Elena Mariya Borisova Atanasova, Social Work Colleen Marie Bautista, Social Work

2021 Spring Commencement 51

Elisabeth Minnette Bingham, Social Work (Magna Cum Laude) George Campos, Social Work

Toni Carlsen, Social Work
Shakira A. Coston, Social Work (Cum Laude)
Maria Guadalupe Cruz-Garza, Social Work
Diondra Dion Darling, Social Work
Stephanie Lilian Dell'Acqua, Social Work
Colby Dyer, Social Work (Summa Cum Laude)
Vanessa Garcia, Social Work
Sabrina Lin Giammarino, Social Work (Magna Cum Laude) Raeyan Goff, Social Work
Martha Lilibeth Gonzalez, Social Work (Magna Cum Laude) Tristin Ann Gould, Social Work
Elena A. Goutsaliouk, Social Work
Sachae Layjanaye Haigler, Social Work
Cynthia Esmeralda Hernandez-Ruiz, Social Work
Sydney Jane Hill, Social Work (Magna Cum Laude)
Krista Adanna Jackman, Social Work
Sydney A. Jackson, Social Work
Tyler Jarley, Social Work (Magna Cum Laude)
Armanie Jones, Social Work
Ronald James Jones, Social Work
Sinia Jones, Social Work (Cum Laude)

Cassandra Lili June, Social Work Nicole Michelle LaBelle, Social Work

Kacey Danielle Menge, Social Work
Priscilla Katherin Munoz, Social Work (Magna Cum Laude) Grace Catherine Murray, Social Work
Caroline A. Paule, Social Work
Holly Ann Ravizza, Social Work
Lauren Rios, Social Work
Diana Elizabeth Rodas, Social Work
Fernando Rodriguez, Social Work
Olivia M. Salinas, Social Work
Christina Michele Sobczyk, Social Work
Karen Szwed Prieto, Social Work (Magna Cum Laude) Kaleah Marie Tawatao, Social Work
Selam Temtime, Social Work
Summer Rene Thomas-Harris, Social Work
Ana Paola Tinta, Social Work
Aundrea Martha Van Sickle, Social Work
Jeannette Vasquez, Social Work
Jessica Villanueva, Social Work
Gunter Wunderlich, Social Work
Adina Marie Zecchini, Social Work


Directed by David Loeb, Adam Schroeder & Nathan Tanouye

Gary Fowler '18 - Vocals Aries Harper - Trumpet Ricardo Arana -Trumpet Filip Rodriguez - Alto Saxophone Giovanni Lacala - Trombone Nathan Russell - Trombone Micah Smith - Piano

Brian Lawrence - Piano Ruben Van-Gundy -Bass Keegan Carter -Bass Amy Crosley -Drums Zach Guzman Mejia - Drums


(Composted by Eric Whitacre, Lyrics by Thomas Leslie and Robyn Lemon Chapman)

Alma Mater, we praise you For Spirit, the eternal flame. Strength which never falters, A tribute to your name.

Alma Mater, we thank you, Exalted Scarlet and Gray. Truth and wisdom from your Standard in our minds and hearts will stay.

Alma Mater, we cherish you. And in days that are yet to be, Our voices let us ever raise
In honor, U-N-L-V.

52 2021 Spring Commencement

2021 Spring Commencement 53

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas is proud to honor those who have served in the Armed Forces. Below is a list of veterans who are graduating.


Jeremy Abacan Christina Aparicio Getachew Ashenafi Ryan Barnard Tianna Barnes Aaron Barton Morgan Beasley Brittnie Beltran Taylor Bigsby

Jake Brandise Ricky Broaddus Andrew Brown Vanesa Carvallo Miguel Castillo Gianni Catanzaro

Thomas Boes Andrew Carlson Sara Crawford Traci Decker Luis Diaz-Lemus

Jeffrey Barth Phillip Cannizzo Drake Connor Larry Griffin

Clayton Alenik
Hana Amanuel
Olivia Barajas Annika-Francine Bay Aaron Beckman Brandon Bowers Edward Brandstadter Frederick Bynum Joseph Castellanos Eric Chamberlain

Joehrryl Catini
Jordan Coleman Michael Croker
Gi Sun Dennis
Brandon Donohue Vanessa Dyson
Chaz Fernandez
John Flores
Melissa Granados-Rivas Christian Hall

Christopher Lively Jupytericharianna Lotulelei Mari-Zoey Lunar Alexander Mena

Joseph Miesner Haylee Miller Manuel Montes Silvano Moreno RobertPadilla Angelica Parayno Benjamin Phillips Andrew Pineiro Rayena Rael Christopher Rivers Fausto Saavedra

Kenneth Sanchez Delilah Santos Maran Shaker Ralphael Shaw Daniel Sklaris Philip Son Christina Spruiell Ethan Stott

John Nicole Teodosio Melissa Trumbo
Kristina Tullgren
Villagomez, Andy Villagomez Joseph Waldman

Mingzhu Yang

Brian Siler Natalie Webster John Yim

Wesley Rose Matthew Rucker Alexander Todd Daniel Walsh

Evan Robenait Anthony Salazar Alfredo Sibucao Thomas Urso Chryslin Vina Jing Wang Ethan Winter

Rainer Han Jessica Huger Erik Jensen Linda Johns Ronald Jones

Matthew Duda Isaiah Gamble Neil Himes Raymond Huang David Miller

Francis H. Horn
Doctor of Humane Letters

Bob Hope
Doctor of Humane Letters

Howard W. Cannon Doctor of Laws
Del E. Webb
Doctor of Humane Letters

David Bruce Dill Doctor of Laws

Bishop Joseph Green Doctor of Humane Letters Gov. Mike O'Callaghan Doctor of Laws

Doctor of Science

1976 Frank Church Doctor of Laws

Frank Sinatra
Doctor of Humane Letters

1977 Herman M. Greenspun Doctor of Humane Letters


1964 Frank S. Wartman Doctor of Science

1965 Malcolm Love Doctor of Laws

1966 Dean E. McHenry Doctor of Laws

1967 Herbert E. Grier Doctor of Science

Lt. Gen. Frank T. Mildren Doctor of Science

1968 Nevitt Sanford
Doctor of Humane Letters

1978 John C. Mowbray Doctor of Laws

Paul F. Sharp
Doctor of Humane Letters

1979 Bart J. Bok Doctor of Science

Paul Laxalt Doctor of Laws

1980 Daniel J. Boorstin
Doctor of Humane Letters

Wayne Newton
Doctor of Humane Letters

1981 Donald H. Baepler Doctor of Science

Frank Waters
Doctor of Humane Letters

1982 Lucile Bruner
Doctor of Humane Letters

Rev. Caesar Caviglia Doctor of Humane Letters Frank H. T. Rhodes Doctor of Letters
E. Parry Thomas
Doctor of Laws
Charles Vanda
Doctor of Humane Letters

1983 Simcha Dinitz
Doctor of Humane Letters

Major Gen. Robert E. Kelley

Doctor of Science Jerome Mack Doctor of Laws Harry Wald Doctors of Laws

1984 David P. Gardner Doctor of Laws

Jihan El-Sadat
Doctor of Letters
Diana Ross
Doctor of Humane Letters John Theodore "Ted"

Sanders Doctor of Letters

Major Gen. R. G. "Zack" Taylor

Doctor of Laws

1985 Marjorie A. Barrick Doctor of Humane Letters

Thomas T. Beam Doctor of Science Joseph N. Crowley Doctor of Letters

1986 William Boyd Doctor of Laws

Margaret Elardi
Doctor of Humane Letters Elaine Wynn
Doctor of Humane Letters

1987 Artemus W. Ham Jr. Doctor of Laws

1988 James I. Gibson Doctor of Laws

1989 J. A. Tiberti Doctor of Laws

1990 Marvin Sedway Doctor of Laws

1991 Steve Wynn Doctor of Laws

1992 Christina Hixson
Doctor of Humane Letters

1993 Jean Nidetch Doctor of Science

Fred W. Smith
Doctor of Humane Letters

1994 Takatoshi Takemoto Doctor of Humane Letters

Claudine Williams
Doctor of Humane Letters Simon Zentner
Doctor of Humane Letters

Q navy

Robert Morrow Meitra Que
Tito Ribo
Jesse Brian Sablan Christian Sierra







1975 Walker R. Young

54 2021 Spring Commencement

2021 Spring Commencement 55

Heather Kaufmann Nicole Labelle Michael Lawrence Michelle Li

Enrique Lopez Mathew Maclean Mervin Manio Anthony Romo


Blaise Cohen Valentino Contini Sean Dore Jonathan Giardino Gregory Gutierrez Mark Hamblin Arthur Hatch Braedan Hedge Richard Hernandez Alexander Hlebovy

Candace Jones Charlene Lucero Stephanie Lucia Johnathan Lytle Erick Maldonado Imani-Allyse Mitchell Pranava Moody Kevin Olivis

Mark Pangelinian Arnold Rabacal


Irvin Castillo

No degree awarded



1995 Kitty Rodman
Doctor of Humane Letters

Richard Tam
Doctor of Laws Melvin B. Wolzinger Doctor of Laws

1996 Brian Cram
Doctor of Education

Robert Laxalt
Doctor of Humane Letters

1997 Stanley E. Fulton Doctor of Laws

1998 Denise Scott Brown Doctor of Letters

John Goolsby
Doctor of Laws
Barbara Greenspun Doctor of Humane Letters Bob Miller
Doctor of Laws
Robert Venturi

Doctor of Letters

1999 General Colin L. Powell Doctor of Laws

James E. Rogers Doctor of Laws Louis Wiener Jr. (posthumously) Doctor of Laws

2000 Richard H. Bryan Doctor of Laws

Donald D. Snyder Doctor of Laws Emilie N. Wanderer Doctor of Laws

2002 John Irving
Doctor of Humane Letters

Glenn Schaeffer
Doctor of Humane Letters George Sidney (posthumously)
Doctor of Humane Letters Dr. Roman Zorn (posthumously)

Doctor of Laws

2003 Anthony M. Marlon, M.D. Doctor of Laws

William C. McCool (posthumously)
Doctor of Science Anthony E. Zuiker
Doctor of Humane Letters

2004 Mikhail Gorbachev Doctor of Laws

Joyce Mack Doctor of Laws

2005 Brian Lee Greenspun Doctor of Laws

2006 Miriam Adelson Doctor of Laws

Carolyn G. Goodman Doctor of Laws
Gary Loveman
Doctor of Laws Robert L. Mendenhall Doctor of Laws

2007 Regent Thalia Dondero Doctor of Laws

2008 Andre Agassi Doctor of Laws

2009 Kirk Kerkorian
Doctor of Humane Letters

Irwin Molasky
Doctor of Humane Letters

2010 Kenny C. Guinn (posthumously)

1964 Robert B. Griffith

1965 Archie C. Grant

1966 Albert E. Cahlan A. L. Scott

1967 Roger T. Foley
J. Kell Houssels Sr.

Bertha Ronzone

1968 Cyril 0. Bastian Harriett G. Spann

Clare W. Woodbury

1969 George E. Franklin Sr. Reed Whipple

1970 Leonard R. Fayle Sebastian Mikulich Richard F. Perkins

1971 Judy Bayley Woodrow Wilson

1972 James Cashman Jr. Juanita Greer White

1973 James 1. Gibson
Paul D. McDermott (posthumously) Mary L. Woitishek

1974 Alan Bible John F. Cahlan

1975 E. Parry Thomas

1976 Monsignor Thomas F. Collins

1977 Elton M. Garrett Oran Gragson

Mabel W. Hoggard

1978 William W. Morris William Peccole

1979 B. Mahlon Brown Addeliar Dell Guy

Artemus W. Ham Jr.

1980 Ruthe Deskin William V. Wright

1981 Marion D. Bennett Sr. Ann Brewington

Harley E. Harmon Sr.

1982 Marjorie A. Barrick Eileen Brookman

Irwin Molasky Thomas T. Beam

1983 No award given
1984 Bob Brown (posthumously)

Rosemary K. Clarke William G. Flangas

1985 William Boyd Donald M. Clark

Fred Gibson Jr.

John Moran J. A. Tiberti

1986 Florence Lee Jones Cahlan (posthumously)

Herbert McDonald John F. Mendoza

1987 Daniel F. Byron Charlotte Hill

John H. Midby Vassili Sulich Joe Williams

1988 Roger D. Foley James A. Gay III

Kenny C. Guinn Johnny A. Ribeiro Jr.

1989 Carolyn G. Goodman Philip G. Satre
Fred W. Smith

1990 Reverend John J. McVeigh Claudine Williams

1991 Arturo Cambeiro (posthumously) R. Guild Gray

Barbara Greenspun C. Kitty Rodman Eugene R. Warner

1992 Stanley E. Fulton John Goolsby

Arthur Marshall Mildred Remy Jesse D. Scott

1993 Richard W. Bunker Mary "Mitzi" Hughes

Louis Wiener Jr.

1994 Jerome Blankinship William T. White

1995 Robert T. Bigelow Jack Cason

Thalia Dondero 1996 William Bennett

James Cashman II (posthumously) Christina Hixson
Grant Sawyer (posthumously)

1997 Donna Jo Andress Robert Broadbent

Dr. Jerry Cade Paul Christensen Brian Greenspun

1998 Ruby Duncan
Wing and Lilly Fong

Jean Ford
Sandy Miller Rafael Vega Melvin Wolzinger

1999 Patricia Mulroy Milton I. Schwartz

Stephen Wynn Elaine Wynn

2000 Alice Turner William Vassiliadis

2001 Elias Ghanem Wayne Newton Anthony Saville

2002 J. Terrence Lanni William U. Pearson

James and Alice Smalley

2003 Tony Alamo Sr. Willliam E. Martin Donald D. Snyder

2004 Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn

Madison B. Graves II M. Kent "Tim" Hafen Michael Kinnaird Glen Schaeffer Jerry Tarkanian

2005 Franny Forsman Jerry Keller

Joseph M. Neal

2006 Leonard E. Goodall
Marie E. Stever Daly McMillan Kevin Page

2007 Ralph L. Denton Sara P. Denton

Philip J. Kohn, Esq. Paul C. Page

2008 Michael Gaughn Cathy Ray

Edward D. Smith Bruce L. Woodbury

2009 Rossi Ralenkotter Jackie Robinson

Larry Ruvo
Linda Smith
Alden Levi Stewart

2010 Sheldon and
Miriam Adelson 2010

Jerry Bussell
James "Bucky" Buchanan II (posthumously)
Rev. Caesar J. Caviglia James Rogers

2011 Theron and Naomi Goynes Anna Lou Call Peterson

Genevieve Segerblom Richard Bryan



2021 Spring Commencement

2021 Spring Commencement 57

Wole Soyinka
Doctor of Humane Letters

William G. Bennett Doctor of Laws James H. Bilbray Doctor of Laws James R. Dickinson (posthumously) Doctor of Laws

2012 Joesph W. Brown Doctor of Laws

Guy Fieri Doctor of Laws

2013 James Christian "Jimmy" Kimmel

Doctor of Humane Letters Samuel S. Lionel
Doctor of Laws

2014 Fred B. Cox Doctor of Science

Carol C. Harter
Doctor of Humane Letters

2015 Diana Bennett
Doctor of Humane Letters

2017 Theodore B. Lee
Doctor of Humane Letters


Doctor of Humane Letters Sarann Knight Preddy Doctor of Humane Letters Edward J. Ted Quirk Doctor of Humane Letters

Kagemasa Kozuki,
Doctor of Humane Letters


Sheldon Adelson
Doctor of Humane Letters Ruby Duncan
Doctor of Humane Letters

2020 Sam Lieberman (posthumously)

Doctor of Humane Letters Harry Reid
Doctor of Humane Letters



1996 Kenny Guinn

1997 Carolyn M. Sparks

1998 Kitty Rodman

1999 Lucille S. Rogers Harry Reid

2000 Bonnie Bryan Joseph Crowley

Dema Guinn
Bill Raggio Donald D. Snyder Dina Titus

2001 Morse Arberry Jr. Shelley Berkley

Jay H. Brown Joseph E. Dini Jr. Franny Forsman Philip M. Pro Landra Reid

Larry Ruvo

2002 Selma F. Bartlett Joyce Mack

Joseph M. Neal J.A. Tiberti Claudine Williams

2003 A. Somer Hollingsworth IV Kenneth G. Ladd

Nevada Development Authority Michael A. Saltman
Sonja Saltman

2004 Lynn M. Bennett Carlos A. Garcia

Jane Nichols John Robinson

2005 City of Las Vegas Oscar Goodman

Thom Reilly
Bobby Siller
Andrew B. "Drew" Willison

2006 Gasper Lazzara Edward J. Quirk Hal K. Rothman

Deborah Faiman-Shoofey Daniel C. Van Epp

2009 Mark Alden
2010 Madison B. Graves (posthumously) 2012 Fred C. Albrecht
2013 Jim Rogers
2014 Chris Giunchigliani
2015 John H. Midby(posthumously) 2020 Jerry Cade


1987 Sheilagh Brooks
1988 James Deacon
1989 Marie-France Hilgar 1990 Mohamed Yousef
1991 Maurice A. Finocchiaro 1995 Lawrence Golding 1996 Darlene H. Unrue 1998 Catherine Bellver

1998 Joseph McCullough 2000 Virko Baley
2002 Martha Knack

Mark Weinstein 2003 Joseph A. Fry

2004 Robert Boehm
2006 Hal K. Rothman 2008 Thomas C. Wright 2010 Alan Simmons
2011 Christopher Kearney 2012 Dennis Lindle

2018 Kwang Kim Debra Martin Gabriele Wulf

UNLV Commencement Committee






2017 2018




Cart Christensen
Michael Goldberg (posthumously)

Pat Lundall
Bob Miller Rachakonda Prabhu

William "Bob" & Anna L. Bailey Robert D. Faiss
Pastor Paul Goulet

Monte & Susan Miller Raymond Rawson Michael & Sonja Saltman Robert Schofield, Jr. Carolyn Sparks

Bret Whipple

James Bilbray
Robert & Sandra Ellis
Gus "Billy" Flangas
Gard & Florence Jameson Anthony & Diane Pollard

Fred Albrecht (posthumously) Mark Alden
Amy S. Ayoub
Shelley Berkley

Bill D. Brady Nick M. Spirtos

Robert Fowler Mary E. Hausch

Jackie Brantley
Jay Coates
John Crear and Barbara Crear (posthumously)
Rosemarie Hartle (posthumously) and Kirk Hartle

Edward J. Quirk Randolph Townsend

Miriam Shearing
Stephen P. Shearing (posthumously)

Tony Sanchez III
Cliff and Donna Findlay

Selma F. Bartlett
Michael A. Cherry
Oscar Goodman
Sam Lieberman (posthumously) Harry Reid

Robert Stoldal

Jan Jones Blackhurst Hannah M. Brown William McCurdy Sr.

Tony Allen Michelle Bruner Valare Burke Rosita Chapman

Maria Aladjova

Kaliya Arnwine Melyssa Barrera Afsha Bawany Jaime Carbajal Cristina Correa Joseph Curran Nevena Cujetic Jeanine Dakduk Kristin Dellasala Shae Deschutter Morgan Ettinger Karintha Fenley

Marlena Gatlin Robin Grove Cory Grunwald

Seating Committee

Kelsie Gunderson Esther Herrera Janine Holsapple Megan Hullinger David Jackson Rosalyn Jimenez Julie Johnson Tracy Johnson Vaune Kadlubek Kyah King

Amanda Lange Allison McSwain Kevin McVay Mary Martin Robert Martin Rimi Marwah


2021 Spring Commencement

2021 Spring Commencement 59

Sam Fugazzotto, Chair
Larry Henley, Creative Director Cheryl Tillotson, Director of Seating Mike Newcomb, Thomas & Mack Kevin Coburn, Thomas & Mack

Katy Griffin Susan Ochoa Bill Robinson Fred Tredup Ariana Turiansky Kara Wada Ashley Weckesser

Alysse Medina Jeremy Meronuck Christina Molina Sal Mora Leah Morales Eric Morrow Carlena Pablo Chris Parker Nia Smercina

Jessica Soria Tony Terrell Kane Toomer Rochelle Walker Alisa Watjara Syndey Wendt

Pre-Commencement videos were prepared by journalism students in the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies

Flowers and Greens Provided by English Garden Florist

Published jointly by Integrated Graphics Services and Student Enrollment Services
3.25 M

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Dear Class of 2021,

On behalf of the UNLV Alumni Association, we extend sincere congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 2021! During these unprecedented times, you have been exceptional representatives of the university. We have no doubt you will continue to serve as notable ambassadors for your alma mater by building upon our reputation for


We believe the graduates of 2021 are unique in that, regardless of your chosen field, all of you are resilient! As you embark upon and progress through your careers, we urge you always to remember why you chose your respective field and the sacrifices you endured to make it happen. #RebelsMakeltHappen

Through our Rebels Forever program, all UNLV alumni now have access to benefits and services, including Career Services, Rebel Alumni Email, events, special deals, discounts, and more! We are pleased to welcome each of you into the Rebels Forever Family as graduates. To learn more, be sure to visit and bookmark

We would ask that you not forget your college or school, former professors, and fellow and future Rebels in the coming years. We encourage you to engage with and give back to the university by supporting activities, programs, and scholarships and keeping us updated on the many achievements you will experience in your careers and

personal lives.

On behalf of the nearly 130,000 UNLV alumni, welcome to the Rebels Forever Family! We are committed to supporting you as alumni and fostering a vibrant, lasting relationship between you and UNLV for life.

With Rebel Pride,

Stacey Purcell '90
President, UNLV Alumni Association

Blake Douglas
Interim Executive Director, UNLV Alumni Association Interim Associate Vice President, Alumni Engagement


60 2021 Spring Commencement