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Pzazz 68!: interview script for "Famous American Stars Series"


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1967 to 1968


Series 3: Shows -- Subseries 3.3 United States -- Las Vegas and Reno

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ent000803. Donn Arden Papers, 1910s-1990s. MS-00425. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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FAMOUS AMERICAN STARS Series presents an "interview-special" with DONN AROEN Director of "PZAZZI '68" A NEW MUSICAL EXTRAVAGANZA at the DESERT INN and COUNTRY CLUB, LAS l/EGAS Total Time: 6:27 Script for use with record #965 ANNCR: DONN: ANNCR: DONN: ANNCR: DONN: ANNCR: DONN: ANNCR: DONN: ANNCR: DONN: ANNCR: DONN: ANNCR: This one' s them Count to be ev/eni talks Arden shows him, inter is look a big ry CI the ng of d wit ?╟≤ ?╟≤ . ?╟≤ 3 in t I ask rupte reporting. In Las Vegas, Nevada, every ing for something to put their chips on to give return. Well, the world-famous Desert Inn and ub there has a new show coming up which is certain safest bet in town for anyone looking for a great entertainment.....during a recent visit, we h the director of this new extravaganza....Donn gentleman with the longest winning streak of hit own. When we were finally able to catch up with ed him what part of the preparations we had d. OPEN CUE: "A rehearsal for the new revuew....n CLOSE CUE: "...We have titled "PZAZZI '68." Perhaps you'd better explain that title. OPEN CUE: "Uh...frankly.. was..." CLOSE CUE: "...costume-wise, decor-wise, choreographically." Donn, would you give us an idea of the format of the revuet..... something about the numbers and routines. OPEN CUE: CLOSE CUE: ?╟≤liiell. .uh.. .we fre living in, day, one of the #1 Box office attractions of the Also, you have about 20 beautiful gals, I hear. OPEN CUE: "Oh, I have more than that ?? CLOSE CUE: "...everything, mind you, with "PZAZZ". (LAUGH) Right! (LAUGH) Donn, I think our listeners would be interested in some background on how a show is conceived and put together. How do you go about this? OPEN CUE: CLOSE CUE; 'Well, I believe everyone who is., i." !...and I think that's what makes a great director, Along these lines, Donn, "spectacular" is, I think the word most often associated with your productions. Do you feel this is a good summation of your ideas and approach? OPEN CUE; I feel that all of my shows, CLOSE CUE: "...yes, I do feel that way, Well from your descriptions, "PZAZZ! f68" should be another in your long series of successful extravaganzas. With opening night fast approaching, how do you feel about the show? OPEN CUE: CLOSE CUE: !Uell that...let me tell you, Sept. 28, 1967, ?PZAZZ, 68' Well, I'd say the price of a ticket to your new show at The Desert Inn would be the best bet anyone could make in Las Uegas. (BEAT) Donn Arden, many thanks for taking time out from the preparations for your new show to talk with us, Best of luck to you and your new production for The Desert Inn opening September 28th,...."PZAZZ! f68" reporting. This has been ?╟÷ End ?╟÷