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Minutes from Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors meetings, May 1974 - May 1975




1974 to 1975


The meeting minutes of the board of directors of Temple Beth Sholom include the proceedings of meetings held from 1973 to 1974.

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ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING, TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM, MAY 15, 1974 Board of Directors present: Mel Exber Nate Adelson Irving Steinberg Flora Mason Dave Gordon Dr. Leon Steinberg Dr. Eugene Kirshbaum Mike Katz Bernie Otis Dan Goldfarb Etta Harmell Eli Welt Dr. Victor Schiller Bobbi Gang Oscar Goodman Art Marshall Temple President, Mel Exber, called the meeting to order at 8:20 P.M. He welcomed all members of the Temple, especially those who were attending their first annual meeting. Rabbi Shnairson delivered the invocation, honoring the memory of the Israeli children killed in today's Palestinian raid. President called upon those Board members who had annual Committee reports for the membership. DR. MAURICE PEARLMAN, ADULT EDUCATION: (read by Mel Exber) Copy attached. Mel expressed the thanks of the entire Board and the general membership for Dr. Pearlman's efforts for the past 3 years on behalf of Temple Beth Sholom. Dr. Pearlman's term is expiring and he is not running for office again. DR. LEON STEINBERG, BOARD OF EDUCATION: Copy attached. IRVING STEINBERG, BUDGET AND FINANCE COMMITTEE: After report from Treasurer Irving Steinberg, questions from the general membership on Temple expenses and financial standing were answered. GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS, MEL EXBER: 1) Cantor Joseph Kohn was appointed by Governor Mike O'Callaghan to fill post of University of Nevada Regent left vacant after the death of Flora Dungan. Congratulated him on this honor. 2) General report on this year's Passover Seder held at the Dunes Hotel and very successful. Over 600 attended. Congratulated all those responsible for excellent job; especially Dave Goldstein of Dunes Hotel. 3) Temple Bulletin, asked for reactions from membership about con?tinuing Bulletin in its present form and twice a month. Comments ?all favorable and ask to continue as now. Recommendation that cost of printing might be underwritten thBugh contribution in honor of event or person. DR. EUGENE KIRSHBAUM, CENTER COMMISSION: Copy attached. (Gene took over when Harry Zumar moved out of town.) MIKE KATZ., HOUSE COMMITTEE: Copy attached. FLORA MASON, MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Copy attached. -2- ELI WELT, RITUAL AND HIGH HOLIDAY COMMITTEE: Copy attached. A vigorous discussion by the membership on the seating proposal, including financial aspects of such a program. The general membership voted against the recommendation to have social hall seats on a non-reserved basis for the High Holidays. Consecutive services were also discussed. Defeated by the member?ship. Consensus that services to continue as in the past with supplementary service in Kolod Youth Center, so that Temple Beth Sholom never has to refuse seats or tickets for these services. GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENT, MEL EXBER: Temple Beth Sholom maintains membership in the United Synagogue of Israel. We send them our check for dues each year. Letters from them indicate that the organization is growing and they express invitation to members to stop and visit them when visiting Tel Aviv. DR. VICTOR SHCILLER, WAYS AND MEANS: Copy attached. IRVING STEINBERG, YOUTH COMMISSION: Copy attached. (Youth Commission includes only USY AND JR. USY; Center Commission serves all Temple youth.) DAVE GORDON, BUILDING AND PLANNING COMMITTEE: Copy attached. BOBBI GANG, SISTERHOOD _ Copy attached. BERNIE OTIS, MENS CLUB: Copy attached. RABBI SHNAIRSON: This is Rabbi Shnairson's first annual TBS member?ship meeting. CANTOR KOHN: (Read by Mel Exber.) - Cantor is away on convention. Copy attached. ART MARSHALL, LVCJA: Art Marshall, Past President of Temple Beth Sholom, co-chairman of this year's campaign with Billy Weinberger. Art noted the CJA campaign for this year is culminating in the annual May Ball to be held at Caesars Palace. Asks for community support. ELECTIONS: President Mel Exber noted that 5 seats on the Temple Board of Directors are to be filled this evening. The 5 members going off are: Dave Goldstein, appointed July 1972 to fill out the term of Dave Gordon, who at that time was the President of Mens Club and was automatically a member of the Board. Eli Welt, appointed February 1973 to fill out the term of Morry Spencer who moved to San Diego. Irv Waller, appointed to the Board July 1973 to fill out the term of Harry Zumar who moved to San Francisco. Dr. Maurice Pearlman, who ends his first term. Dr. Pearlman will not be seeking reelection. Congregation expressed its thanks to Dr. Pearlman who served devotedly for three years. Sidney Peilte, who has completed his second consecutive term and is not eligible to run again tonight. President Mel Exber paid tribute to Sid who actually served 9 consecutive years on the Temple Board of Directors, the first three as Mens Club Representative. He has served on many committees, particularly as Chairman of the Ritual Committee and more recently as Gabbai on the pulpit. Membership applauded Sid Peilte's dedication. -3- Meeting turned over to Flora Mason, Chairman of the Nominating Committee. Flora Mason announced those members recommended by the Nominating Committee to fill the positions available: Dr. Barry Fisher, Dave Goldstein, A1 Levy, Ralph Plotkin, Irving Waller, and Eli Welt. Nominations from the floor accepted. Bernie Otis nominated Etta Harmell. Seconded. Nominations closed, there being no other names put forth. Each nominee was introduced and asked to speak to the membership, while ballots are being prepared. Tellers (5) were appointed to distribute the ballots, collect and count them. Members were reminded that each ballot mus t have 5 names checked in order to be valid. Ballot with more or less names marked will be invalid. Ballots were distributed. While being counted,refreshments were served. Elected to serve three year terms on the Temple Board of Directors were: Dave Goldstein, Etta Harmell, A1 Levy, Ralph Plotkin and Eli Welt. Meeting back to Mel Exber. He congratulated newly elected Board members. Thanks expressed to Flora Mason as Chairman of the Nominating Committee, with Mike Katz, Dr. Eugene Kirshbaum, Irving Steinberg and Oscar Goodman. Thanks expressed to Committee chairmen and their committees, members of the Executive Committee, and other members of the Board of Directors. Mel noted he felt it had been a privilege to serve as Temple President again this past year. ANNOUNCEMENTS: 1) On Friday night, May 31st, T.B.S. will dedicate a special plaque in memory of our Past President Harry Wallerstein. This plaque was ordered by the Temple Board to be placed in the Temple lobby as a tribute to the efforts and inspirational service given to the Temple by Past President Harry Wallerstein. 2) Installation of officers will be held Wednesday evening June 12th. This will be a joint installation for Temple, Sisterhood, and Mens Club. Hope that all will attend, refreshments, dancing and special installation program. 3) Registration now open for Summer Day Camp. Brochures have been sent out and members are asked to sign up early to guarantee child's place in the camp. Mel Exber then addressed the membership about his hopes for the continued growth and success of the Temple. He hopes they will bring in new members and support the Temple through the Fair Share Dues Plan to the best of their ability. Good wishes expressed to Bunny Kaufman, newly elected President of Sisterhood and to the man who will be elected June 5th to serve as Mens Club President. There being no further business on hand, President Mel Exber thanked everyone for coming and wished them a happy summer. Meeting adjourned. Flora Mason, Recording Secretary REPORT OF ADULT EDUCATION DEPARTMENT TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM 1973-1974 Your Adult Education Committee had a fairly successful season with a program of classroom sessions and lectures which included: 1. HISTORY OF OUR PEOPLE - reviewing its major and significant periods. 2. ELEMENTS OF JUDAISM - reviewing the fundamentals of its tenets, customs and practices. 3. ELEMENTARY HEBREW - teaching the simple aleph-bet , reading and simple conversational phrases. 4. THE CONTEMPORARY JEWISH SCENE - A series of addresses by visiting outside speakers. These included Publisher Hank Greenspun's account of the Yom Kippur War and Rabbi Bernard Mandelbaum's talk on "Is the Religious person necessarily a good person". We are grateful to Rabbi Shnairson and Cantor Kohn for their prime efforts in designing and teaching a majority of these classes. We also thank Mrs. Shnairson and the Temple teachers for th eir fine efforts this year. A valuable by-product of our program is a proposed book on Judaism by Cantor Kohn which is an amalgam of his stimulating lecture material of the past two years. The Committee has initiated steps to publish it under Temple auspices. Respectfully, Maurice Pearlman, Chairman Roberta Gang Eli Welt BOARD OF EDUCATION COMMUTE REPORT - May 15, 1974 As the school year is coming to a close, I am happy to report to you that the school year has been an extremely successful one. Our enrollment held around 400 throughout the year, which is, of course, almost 20% above last year. The progress in all departments of our religious school has been very satisfying* .mil i tiMTinl.inmt nn ri jjJfct! lids^. This report should by no means be misinterpreted to mean that we have had absolutely no problems. What I am saying, however, is that problems were taken care of as they occurred. Parents' visitations were held throughout the school. The exchanges between parents and teachers were extremely helpful, and we hope to continue this program during the coming year as well. ran^nr Kflhn Inn I I I II I I 11 l lllllhll I II lllllllll fllll 111 Mill llllllll 11 I MM" 1 II , <?<*.?_ IT ors ? TTrvfc tfce Sabbath dinners for older students^which were well attended^, As Chairman of the Board of Education, I would like to give acknowledgement and express my thanks for myself, for the Board and for the School to all of the members of the Sisterhood and parents who were instrumental in assisting us in these various projects. Special thanks go to Geraldine Kramer and Bernard Reznick. For the first time in the history of our Temple, having young people called up to the Torah and chant tiiaqp' Haftorah not mi ll u ilTTTTT~n f'Yhr'ivr it Mitz vah has become a frequent occurrence. The progress made in this area is something that we are especially proud of. In conjunction with this, a special "Trop" Class (the melody to which Haftorahs are chanted) will be conducted by Cantor Kohn the first and last week in August; one for students from next year's 2 Hay class and High School 1', and an other for learning the script with which the scrolls are written. This will be limited to students in the High School departments only. Amira Markovis, our new teacher, will be on the premises most of the Summer to give remedial lessons for those who need it. Confirmation this year will be held in the Fall, as the class was organized a little too late this year. -2- Under the direction of Cantor Kohn, Annette Graziani has been working with our Junior Choir on Saturday afternoons. This was done because the time allotted on Sunday morning did not seem to suffice. Plans for next year call for Junior Choir rehearsals to be held on Sunday mornings as well as Saturday afternoons. By the way, Annette Graziani should be commended on the wonderful job she has done with the Junior Choir, and may I take this opportunity to invite you all to our concluding program, which will take place on Thursday evening, June 6 at 7:00 PM in our Social Hall. Junior congregation was well attended throughout the year, but more important^, towards the end of the year the services were already conducted by the students themselves. I might add that the turnout for the first day of Passover was grati?fying, as well as the turnouts for Simcha^ Torah and the largest turnout ever for Purim. Cantor Kohn started a new program this year to name the Saturday of Mothers' Day weekend as Mothers' Day Sabbath. Carnations were handed out by Rabbi Shnairson to all the mothers in the congregation. The Rabbi and Cantor plan to make this an inte gral part of our school year in the years to come. ^ A, fcl \ Rabbi Shnairson and Cantor Kohn are working in continuous consultation both in regard to the ongoing administration of the school and in making plans for next year. With their leadership and continued cooperation of the parents, we hope to continuously improve the Hebrew School of Temple Beth Sholom. Respectfully submitted, } A-Aw Leon H. Steinberg, MD, Chairman BUILDING & PLANNING COMMITTEE REPORT TO THE ANNUAL TEMPLE MEMBERSHIP MEETING MAY 15 197^ AS YOU HAVE HEARD FROM THE BOARD OP EDUCATION COMMITTEE CHAIR?MAN THERE HAS BEEN A SUBSTANTIAL INCREASE IN THE NUMBER OP STU?DENTS ATTENDING THE RELIGIOUS SCHOOL, THEREBY CREATING AN EXCESS?IVE DEMAND UPON USE OP THE EXISTING CLASSROOMS, THE END RESULT BEING AN URGENT NEED POR MORE SPACE. THE BUILDING & PLANNING COMMITTEE HAS BEEN ENGAGED IN INVESTIGAT?ING THE POSSIBILITY OP HAVING ADDITIONAL ROOMS CONSTRUCTED AND IS PRESENTLY CHECKING THE COSTS AND DIMENSIONS OF ROOMS THAT WOULD BEST SERVE OUR NEEDS. THE PROPOSED CLASSROOM ADDITION IS A ONE-STORY UNIT EXTENDING A-CROSS THE LAWN -TO--TUB- EAST OP THE MAIN BUILDING TO THE EXISTING PRE-SCHOOL ROOMS, THUS CREATING AN ENCLOSED PATIO AREA. A REN?DERING OP THIS PROJECT IS ON DISPLAY IN THE LOBBY. THE INITIAL PLANS THAT WERE PUT OUT POR BID CAME IN WITH COSTS THAT WERE EXCEEDINGLY HIGH AND THEREFORE COULD NOT BE CONSIDERED. THESE PLANS HAVE BEEN REVISED, WITHOUT ANY SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION IN DIMENSIONS, AND ARE PRESENTLY OUT POR BID. IT IS FELT THESE FORTHCOMING BIDS WILL BE REASONABLE SO THAT WE CAN PROCEED WITH CONSTRUCTION. MEANWHILE, WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN THE LONG OVERDUE NEED POR RE?MODELING THE KITCHEN FACILITIES. THERE HABEEN PRELIMINARY PLANS DRAWN ON THIS SPACE AND HOPEFULLY THE NECESSARY STEPS CAN BE TAKEN IN THE NEAR FUTURE TO PLACE THIS PROJECT INTO MOTION. DAVID GORDON, CHAIRMAN 1) IPfr0- 2) UJau^ v W A%SCs?C<*-~-4^ JL ^-uV j(ocL HOUSE COMMITTEE REPORT - MAY 15, 1974 There are two items which I would like to report on specifically tonight. During this past year we completely repainted the Ruby Kolod Recreatioi^C^S1/^, and out. the entrjPway ' q make it .cflMnr and we mounted the name "Ruby Kolod Recreation 1 Ce nter" on the^uild^ig*, proper. We paneled the two hallways, front and rear, TirfTinH in the future pain t ing t will nut bu imnuoary every ymr ^? The work that was done was necessary even though the building i s only a few years old. Our Center facilities are used very extensively and require constant maintenance and upkeep just as any other p ortion of our buildings. The second item concerns our Parish House', the house for our Rabbi and h is family. It was badly in need of a complete rejuvenation, and under the guidance of a special committee, headed by Irv Waller, we are right now in the process of doing everything necessary--painting, carpeting, draperies, etc. One item which still remains to be done is the remodeling of our kitchen, and I have the feeling that you will hear more about this in our Sisterhood's report. I also have the feeling that this will be the year whe n the kitchen will be completely remodeled and brought up to o ur required standards. I want to take this opportunity to specifically say "thank you" to our custodian, Don Sears, who is not only a gentleman but who serves our Temple with devotion and personal concern. He is always sincerely interested in seeing that everything is in good repair. We appreciate his loyalty and we want him to know that we do. In general, the physical needs of our buildings are constantly being looked after, and whenever a problem comes up it is taken care of a s quickly as possible. The House Committee, of course, hopes that this coming year will not bring about any repairs and expenditures of an y great consequence. We hope it will be a quiet year with nothing but normal expenses necessary. Thank you. Mike Katz, Chairman REPORT OF THE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE, TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM, 1974 ivlgmhorsi-Harwell-,-- Eli Welt, Elaine Resnick, Jerry Kaufman, Art Engler Temple membership is now approximately 8&Q families . This represents an increase of 40 families since last year. This is a net increase, as there is a mobility factor in our community. The Temple membership committee sponsored a Welcome Sabbath for the ?ft new members who joined in the 1973 calendar year. This took place January 18th. Temple Board would also like to extend thanks to Sisterhood for sponsoring and preparing a Sabbath dinner for the membership this fall. The dinner was very well received. In other business regarding membership, the Temple Board passed a resolution recommended by committee that all local couples married at the Temple or by our clergy, receive their first yearjs membership free as a gift of the Temple. The membership committee, with the cooperation of the Temple Board, is instituting informal socials. These socials will be for small groups of Temple members and prospective Temple members. We feel that this program will help acquaint and re-acquaint people with each other and the Temple. We hope that each Temple member will consider himself a committee of one to invite new people to our Temple and make tham feel welcome and at home. Although not an official function of the membership committee, we are currently planning a joint installation of Temple, Men's Club, and Sisterhood officers and boards. This will take place June 12th in our Social Hall and will be a social evening. Invitations will be ^ ^ ? - Respectfully submitted, Flora Mason, Membership chairman. 15 May 197h Subject: Annual Report; High Holiday and Ritual Committee The High Holiday services this year were essentially the same as previous years. Two services were conducted, one in the main building and one in the recreation center. An attempt was made to provide a full service in the recreation center. Consequently, a Rabbi, Cantor, and choir were utilized. Changes involving seat?ing and other physical arrangements were also implemented at the suggestion of Dr. Maurice Pearlman. At a de-briefing session at the conclusion of the Holidays it was agreed that even though the overflow service was improved over previous years, it was still not acceptable and other approaches are necessary. Recommend?ations will be made at the conclusion of this report. During the year a daily minyon was re-instated under the chairmanship of Jerry Blut. It has been meeting on a regular basis serviceing both members of the community and visitors who seek us out when arriving in town. Jerry can still use more minyonaires and if you can spare just one or two mornings a month, please call him. Also, during the year we initiated the practice of having Board members and officers sitting on the Bima at Friday evening services. This is a small change that might permit the congregation to become more familiar with the people who represent them. The Passover Seder was held this year at the Dunes Hotel. From all reports, both the physical and spiritual needs of the guests were satisfied.??In keeping with the United Synogogue decision on "The place of women in today's Synogogue" Bat Mitzvah's are permitted on Saturday when requested. In addition Aliyot are open to women of the congregation. During the year, considerable help has been extended by the Men's Club at High Holiday time under the leadership of Bernard Otis; Jerry Blut in handling the daily minyon, Dr. Maurice Pearlman at the overflow service, and Sid Pitlte, who up to the time of becoming incapacitated by illness, acted as Gabbai at High Holidays and regular services. My thanks to all of them as well as to Cantor Kohn and Rabbi Shnairson for their advice and council. The Ritual committee has recommended^the Board of Directors as approved the following decision regarding the High Holiday services: "The overflow service for new members and guests that has previously been held in the Ruby Kolod Center be discontinued and all adult services be held in the main building. To facilitate this change, only those seats in the Sanctuary proper be sold on a reserved basis. All other seats in the main building to be occupied on a "first come basis"". Respectfully Submitted, E. Welt, Chainnan Ritual Committee WAYS & MEANS COMMITTEE REPORT?DR. VICTOR SCHILLER. CHAIRMAN - MAY 15. 1 Q74. A series of circumstances took place this past year which necessitated delaying the two major fund-raising projects which hafe been planned. Our plans now, however, are to launch both these projects as soon as possible after the close of this year's Combined Jewish Appeal campaign. First will be the item of dedicating the Sanctuary seats in the names of the regular seat holders. There are only 324 such seats, and those members who regularly sit in the Sanctuary for the High Holidays will be given first opportunity to dedicate their seats. A formal name pfacc will be placed on each seat so dedicated. Secondly, we will launch a campaign to sell the various items in the buildings which were all described in the beautiful brochure you received in the mail about a year or so ago. Such items as the windows in the Sanctuary, the pulpit, the Ark, the offices, the class rooms, etc. etc. These are the traditional fund-raising methods used by just about every Temple in the United States, and we have been looking forward to this project for several years. As Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee, I assure you that we will expend whatever energy is necessary to carry these projects to what I know will be a successful conclusion. The Temple is depending on it greatly, and our Ways & Means Committee will do everything possible to achieve our goal. Donating items in a Temple building is a beautiful and appropriate way to either perpetuate the names of loved ones who are deceased, or to simply give as a gift from the living to the Temple. We ask that you be ready to respond when called upon to do so. Thank you. ; P 0 fM iss/o (o?njJTft- g JV> QLA. r?k*A._ ?^JU/V <TJ\X- #J1 I.< rt0. . *fr X J .< - 1 I /VJulsv AJ 9 _ "V'A.lA ~P l i , t-/ . - . A. _ M (j- * -v >^A-V ?\ \L *U. s. X ~ ~ ^ -^c J? ^ -/^=UAA"AXi? " ^^"Ya_a_ S i c p /.m q_ ,, s. J) n t .5 n . v Lx V_JL OsA Ayy'A o>- _ Qv^W'VAX ;A^O*-G.) /k A. \i 1 1 . 0 \ i " r - -"j^am? CWcla rQ <p( IV-^ ? 1 Uvx \?.< )J,v s A- -J. ^ o 1 .*-?c9 /'V.JvVw /-. ' ^ V\ U*v>try, ''-okA, _ "\L K-s.V: . 0 tjL k u Tit ^0 MM iss /sl//.. . (o>*/?/nt-fc- /Y^ /?7~ 5rJU> CkA JlcSW^i ^ 4v^ -^-^Av <ft\jL i'? / I /V*\ j^-^-Vrv^yy.,^/; \jL ? iM <P ^SJLIuC&SLL 4A? ?t?L 0- ?pjACv-v'A^. ,>-\ sL ~U ? S . X L /\u*j?:JyJ>.?L Vx C^T>v^ un*u, BI -C-CXVVVNJL -V.^m4A_ Jj/-4- ->''.J/"-A? r V/a/';, <,//?->.a' X? ? v'- iL Lk ^A/V^V-x_ -^O'.-r-'^ 1 XAAA^J^ _ _ _ 4 jv^XAut A <M-A C_ g AAjm4| -4) ^ r\ /VA, /S A. JL. 4_X. /AVJ " v/ AAA--4_ ?42 \ * iy-xL *v ? c,. y. o UAJiilA^A. ^ JttL V . c , V <.J) (Y. - TLs^h T JL:.a -S^ Avluji Aji^. r l.^S Y-?rd ^ <v>.A' C0_ fl 1 *"? //V V<5?^' ' ' * f '? ' ^ 7 O-^CL ? Y^-r^ JL?^S i-'tp r? o \ ? - v^A "V ' > <* /-?>- Xir-^Sr^Ji VVW C ^S> XXEL v.? /Vv v,\? Ay^ *y\<- r.f yi.y ?/> ./ ,? s* J O)? !Um -* O yj .Q j \ JU -fx. 4 { \ u_. "j. s y L^ta^s W-*-Q 4:, > -4.A tAXO^A t "xTT^Z 4jU^_^?Sv.yJlv^ _ ' -- O ^v-A-yi ^ y^LcvA r*J>,y. x cv-Ok \ ? ys*'CJ 1- S l: VJUjO^JP yi-'i -uJ rr^j..S:'^^/)_ C^O-A-V-^, yJkK I iA^U^ \> V . cP- -t~xA^ *w ^L-*- J3**aa. Cyy^yy^ ^> . f A l, *\ , ft) QXcJXjSL. <XA XII CT iSA/vs-.... |^L_0 LjuQ U)0 WA _wl I ? I ?- I- f.-- ??? ??'Tr .-??? ^Zv-^ P^Cty /<; /77y Lv/jx XlL JKhv* ?? '*/ jt-\^ X# dP<-J *. -f 6 Corfi. As /"X>W- i^VV ^ - i / /Ctr**+ ?XXlu\j sV-v^&AXfc Ju , ^ t ^ c B ? yw d) .^ ^!&JL^ucM clXZ^ z&L sT*-e~isz _/t^(LJl c^X) ux JLJ? Zv X^UAJU /^PJ?sr\ -Zp^i ^^Xs^caP >. V~^~ sXtPx. /-J2-1 | /773'"7K jf^~* US-C^jz_ I^^Aao *k. ^ ZL?-jP cuiiX^ZXP-j, /$y^~y^<i-*A->~Q --wv. tuX@*-*Pj^_. (f^ ? q,<x\P xLj Ajl^O CJLJI (z^ZXPPP-ZXX zzXzp i / 7%. Crtjju-o Cfyvs^jX^. (JjlaJLl &yio>^Jpk a^O Ak<L^ AausJZJ} sy* .yUlA^P ^<lSw^ LxJtO /-^Ajl ^A.7JL^m , 77^ ^UA- ^ XZ-s jL^A^j X&Z r* % 3 % 6u~~^p t7 te^<, eiu ~ z /piss^ it-sjsJ 2- -?. 'Xtl '?*?-. :.:-l':i: T AFFILIATED WITH THE UNITED SYNAGOGUE OF AMERICA 5 emple Dear Friends: AFFILIATED WITH THE olom May 13 UNITED SYNAGOGUE OF AMERICA rabbi PHILIP SHNAIRSON cantor JOSEPH KOHN executive director LEO A. WILNER , 1974 Let me express my appreciation for Willa and myself for the gift from my Bar Mitzvah from the Temple -- a trip to Israel. Though delayed two years, the tremendous spiritual excitement we experienced on our trip was not at all diminished by the fact that there was a delay. Indeed perhaps it w as heightened by the delayed anticipation. I cannot judge whether prayer is more accepted in one place than another. I do know, however, that the totality of mind and body which is engulfed in the mood of prayer at the tombs of our forefathers is simply not easy to describe. Though I cannot claim to have prayed for anyone in parti?cular, my prayers were for myself and for all of you. The emotional ex?periences and the excitement did not abate as we traversed the country back and forth. The Cantorial Concert, though I feel that not enough people have availed themselves of being present, was extremely well received, and I hope to present it to you again next year, but in the month of February instead of th e month of December. Perhaps more people will find it possible to attend. This year, we have experimented combining the Junior and the Adult Choirs, and from the r eactions I have received, I think we will increase the parti?cipation . I take great pleasure in announcing that, after many years of unsuccessful attempts, I was able to work with the University and we finally will offer Hebrew at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas beginning with the Fall semester. I hoped that such a program would encourage the young people who attend our r eligious school to continue their education beyond Bar Mitzvah or even a ye ar after that, as the realities of life are that receiving credit is a great inducement in these matters. Instructions in the Hebrew language as an accredited course at the University begins in the Fall, with Dr. Graziani, Head Teacher of the Hebrew Department of our religious school as t he instructor. May I urge those of you who possibly can spare the tim e to enroll in this course? You will have the experience of being m a college course, and at the same time while prayers would not be taught, the Hebrew for poetry is the same as it is for prayers, that by the way are partial poetry. N?t to make a Megillah out of this, may I just say that I regret that I am not with you this evening, however, I have missed two conventions because of circumstances in our Temple, conventions that for me are as 1 6 0 0 E A S T OAK E Y BOU LE VARD , L A S VEGA S , N EVAD A 8 9 1 0 5 , P HONE 3 8 4 - 5 0 7 0 : i ' - 2 - important as a well of fresh water, for I am somewhat shut off from the mainstream of the Jewish musical world, and these conventions help me to serve you better, with new insights and fresh ideas. Chazak v'ematz. May we grow stronger spiritually as well as physically. Shalom, JK/be Joseph Kohn ? D E V E L O P ME N T C O R P O R A T I O N F O R I S R A E L STATE OF ISRAEL BONDS 2 1 5 P A R K A V E N U E S O U T H N E W Y O R K , N . Y . 1 0 0 0 3 G AIA CIATES J I T E 2B 89104 34-9447 From the Office of AMUEL ROTHBERG GENERAL CHAIRMAN Mr. Mel Exber c/o Temple Beth Sholorn 1600 E. Oakey Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada Dear Mr. Exber I Since the fateful morning of October 6, 1973, the observance of Yom Kippur will be indelibly associated in Jewish history with the war that threatened to destroy the State of Israel. This Yom Kippur will mark the first anniversary of that tragic conflict which cost the lives of almost 3,000 brave Israelis whose sacrifice no Jew can ever forget. It has been a tradition since the founding of the Israel Bond Organization for congregations throughout the United States and Canada to have High Holiday Appeals for Israel Bonds, and this activity has been the backbone of the success of the Israel Bond program ? a fact which was dramatically demon?strated during and immediately after the Yom Kippur War. Therefore, we urge that you take the necessary steps now to schedule your Israel Bond effort on the first anniversary of the war that will memorialize the fallen heroes of Israel in a way which will guarantee a new era of security and peace for the State of Israel. In view of your excellent record of participation in the past, we hope that you will do everything possible to enroll the members of your congregation as Shomrei Yisrael through the purchase of Bonds to provide urgently needed resources to repair Israel1 s war-damaged economy and to create jobs for new immigrants from the Soviet Union and other parts of the world. With many thanks for your cooperation and understanding and looking forward to hearing from you soon, I am P.S. A similar letter has been sent to your rabbi. SR/mfl the office of SIDNEY E. G OLDBERG AIA A R C H I T E C T a n d A S S O C I A T E S May 30, 1974 557 EAST SAHARA AVE. ? SUITE 2B LAS VEGAS , NEVADA 89104 702/ 7 3 4 - 9 4 4 7 Mr. Leo Wilner Temple Beth Sholom 1600 E. Oakey Las Vegas, Nevada re: Classroom Addition Temple Beth Sholom Our Job No: 7306-R Dear Leo At our request, the REM Construction Co. of Las Vegas, Nevada developed a cost of construction for the revised classroom addition. The floor plan remains as previously detailed. The changes are the following: 1) roof framing system in lieu of second floor framing system, 2) lower parapet, 3) air conditioning system inside room instead of on the roof. The proposed cost of the project as redesigned is $115,000.00. This figure compares with the bid cost of last October of $150,941.00. Also the low bidder of last fall developed a cost of construction this winter for the multi-purpose room and the toilet rooms only of $100,000.00. The reasons for the drastically lower charges for the work are hidden in the bidding proceduqf,# in the time of year when bid, in the markup by the General Contractor, etc. etc. ad infinitum. I seriously do not know why there is such a marked difference. This contractor is reputable and is more than willing to work with our group, of course. Please present this letter to the Temple Board, and advise me of the attitude of the board. Sidney E. Goldberg TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM PRESCHOOL 1600 EAST OAKEY BOULEVARD LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89105 Phone 382-3116 my 31, 1974. Board of Directors Tempi? Beth Sholon Las Vegas, Nevada Gentlemen. tc Ladies s Enclosed, please find our annual check in the amount of 1,2800, to cover rent and insurance for th? year 1973-74. ?? are now in th? process of refurbishing the park area. The trees have boon planbod and additional play equipment is already in place. There is still more to be done, and "more park equipment ordered. Eventually, we hope to make this park area an inviting place for all Temple members, from pre-schoolers to senior citizens. We ares pleased to inform you that Ms. loan Weinberger has been named to serve as a member of our Pre-Sehool Board of Directors. Business manager: Ms. Fred Grafmam Board Members; Ms. James Katzman Ms. David Messing Mr. Norman Shlioky Ms. William Weinberger GGnpp pt LAS VEGAS AREA COUNCIL 3008 WEST CHARLESTON BLVD. LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89102 TELEPHONE (702) 870-7201 May 13, 1974 Mr. W i I ner Temp Ie Beth Sho Iom 1600 E. Oakey Blvd. Las Vega s, Nevada 89104 Dear Mr. Wi Iner, On behalf of the Las Vegas Area Council of Camp Fire Girls, we would like to thank you for the use of t he Temple's Social Hall on April 29th for our camp send-off. The room was so lovely and just suitable to our needs. Thanks again for allowing us to use the Temple. Sincerely, Dedee Nave and Karen Haren F i e.l d D i recto rs DN&KH:mc 6 MONTH REPORT 438 - 3