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Meeting minutes for Consolidated Student Senate, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, September 02, 1980






Includes meeting agenda and minutes. CSUN Session 10 Meeting Minutes and Agendas.

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uac000256. Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Records, 1965-2019. UA-00029. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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CONSOLIDATED STUDENTS UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS 4505 Maryland Parkway Las Vegas, Nevada 89154 Telephone (702) 739-3477 AGENDA SENATE MEETING //15 Moyer Student Union Building September 2, 1980 4 p.m. I. Call to Order Room 203 II. Roll Call III. Approval of Minutes #14 IV. AE.x ecuSttiavtee oBfo artdh e ACnanmopuunsc eAmdednrtess s, President Chanos B. Board of Regents Meeting / V. Executive Board Nominations VI. Committee Reports A. Appropriations Board B. Elections Board C. Entertainment and Programming Board D. Radio Board E. Ad Hoc Transportation Committee F. Ad Hoc Fee Investigation VII. Old Business A. Approval of Vita Plus Program (from table) VIII. New Business A. Election Board Operating Policy Amendment B. Ad Hoc Committee, Rebel Mascot C. Student Directory Project, Request of Funds D. Nominations for Vacant Senate Seat, Allied Health E. Nominations for Vacant Senate Seat, University College IX. Open Discussion X. Adjournment MINUTES Senate Meeting #15 September 2, 1980 Moyer Student Union Building Room 203 4 p.m. I. Call to Order The fifthteenth meeting of the Consolidated Student Senate was called to order at 4:00 p.m. by the Senate President. II. Roll Call Members in Attendance Dorothy Halpin " Ray Corbett Kelly Campbell Skip Kelley Tom Foskaris Joe Petrizzo-excused late Tim McGarry David Martinez Martha Boos Scott Karosa Derrek Yelton Dale Hulen Mac Jackson Rick Oshinski Lisa Rollins Howard Reign Claire Dowell Sandy Williams- excused absent III. Approval of Minutes ffl4 Senate President Burzinski announced that the meeting of Senate Meeting #14 was adjourned because of loss o5 quorum. There being no further additions or corrections the minutes of Senate Meeting If 14 stood approved as corrected. IV. Executive Board Announcements A. State of the Campus Address, President Chanos The first item I want to bring to your attention as part of my state of the campus address prior to the body of my presentation is the resignation of our Business Manager, John Purvis. We will be loosing John on September 30, to the Vice-President of Business Services, Herman Westfall. I regret deeply the loss of John for over two years he lias served CSUN offering continuity, compassion, and concern. Me has improved our credibility and he has made our concerns his concerns, tie has earned our trust our respect, and our admiration and this organization and everyone that it touches will feel his absence. I feel happy for John receiving this new opportunity and advancement and I wish him on behalf of CSUN all the best in life he truly deserves it. The campus as I see it is in a state of productive growth. We have accomplished and embarked on a number of great things. As I reflect on the future today, we have reason for great hope. We have since May turned the tide of our declining Senate Meeting if 15 September 2, 1980 Page 2 relationship with the Board of Regents. We have appeared before t h e board four times since May, and in each of these meetings we have made intellegent well developed professional presentations. We have proven true interest, organization, formata-bility, and concern. Our encounters have resulted in success and in terms of our over all rapore with this body, we have gone far beyond that. We are respected, liked and supportedand in each subsequent meeting our stature has steadily increased. You can feel secure that it will continue to increase. The imxjortance and benefit of this early supportive relationship with the Board of Regents will become apparent through the year in every area of our organization. I am extremely proud of it. CSUN our reason to be proud of this accomplishment. The fee restructure proposal, conceived by Chairman of the Finance Committee, Regent John McBride, and proposed by the two University President's, President Crowley of Reno and Goodall of UNLV, intended to remove CSUN'S guarantee of funding and farce CSUN into competition for funds with the Athletic Department, the Union, Library, and Health Services. If anyone were to say that in the future years CSUN would receive any significant funding under that system which wi^s void of any guarantee they would be making a statement that could be nothing more than an optimistic assumption. Without a guarantee1 we could say nothing with authority about the prospect of our future financial condition. There can be no contesting the fact that this proposal represented the most significant threat to CSUN. In fighting it we took on the Chairman of the finance committee both University President, and the Athletic Director, Dr. Al Negratti, all of which were in support of the fee restructure proposal. I am again exfefcemely pround to report that as of Auqust 29 in a vote by the Board of Reqents of 5 to 4 we won that landmark struggle. The threat of financial uncertainty has been removed and we will continue to be funded by a guaranteedformula. I regard this as the most significant accomplishment possible throughout the term of my administration because of what it represented to student governance at UNLV. We have physically and fincially supported USUNS far beyond that which was expected of us. We have demonstrated our recoqnition of it importance, and its needs. We have made a statement in our gesture to the entire state regarding our resolve to protect and perpetuate state wide student government. We have assumed the role of leaders amount all the universities and community colleges in the pursuit of this all important goal. We have demonstrated through this financial gesture that when we say student government is important we truly believe it. If we expect the Regents and our own adminstration to believe in the importance of student government it is important that we prove to them our belief in it. We are the first administration in CSUN history and in state wide student government history to support the concept of state wide student government to the degree that we have. We have placed into nomination and succesffully elected one our our own senators, David w . Martinez, as President of this organization. The strides we have made in the area are simply historic in that they will be remembered in future years as one of the obvious highlights of this administration's accomplishments. These accomplishments further shall be remembered as the most profound constributions to the state wide student governance by any university or community college in the state of Nevada to date. Again, I feel we have reason to be proud. We have negotiated and completed a contract with the Day Care Center. We have made possible the continued existence of these facilities. We have safe guarded the avail-ability of this service for CSUN students and established them as the number one priority group to be offered these services. By entering into a 3 year declining subsidy contract we have encouraged the Education Department to seek out supplemental funding in the future. We have put into motion an extremely beneficial and responsible program which shall benefit all partvs involved, not only this vear but also in the future years. Senate Meeting if 15 September 2, 1980 Page 3 On the subject of Minority Affairs I have been meeting with Professor Fitzgerald, and Professor Miranda in the interest of extablishing a minority affairs committee. This committee will preserve as its goal the construction of a multi-cultural center on the UNLV campus. The committee which will research the presentation of this facility to the Board of Regents will be composed of the faculty representatives mentioned above and student representatives from every ethnic group on campus. The multi-cultural center will in some way be patterned after multi-cultural centers at other campuses around the country. It will provide information, student staffed counciling facilities, ethnic literature, it will aid minority and foreign students in their assimilation to the UNLV campus environment. It will provide a base of operations for programming and a variety of unique services including possibly an information publication. In a city like Ldis Vegas with its rapidly increasing foreign clientel, it will prove to be invaluable. It will be accomplish by this administration and controlled by CSUN and the minority students of the UNLV campus. The goal of this project for this year is not necessarily the completed construction rather it is the approval and funding which will make its near future construction possible. I'm sure the realization of this goal will be remembered as yet another vital and progressive contribution of this adm.instration. The Student Survivial manual is another project of great merit. It will include a student information handbook and a student directory. The accrediation team which last evaluated CSUN enumerated this item of services. This adminstration shall correct that undesirable void. Vice-President Reyes and Senators Ilulen, Oshinski, and Halpin are already in pursuit of the objective. The time table of completetion and publication of this survival manual is some date prior to the spring semester so that in the spring it will be availalbe to students. The manual will be produce a minimum cost while retaining the goal of being attractive. This will be the first such handbook package ever published by CSUN in the history of CSUN. Information Boards will be located at the front of every building on the UNLV campus. The boards will provide students with all the information they so desperately need through-out the course of the year. The increase in attendance and participation of students, I feel will be significant, as a result gf the endeavor. The cost of these boards will be borne by outside funding. This years group of students will not be taxed for this service by using-their fees. My time table for this project is the latter part of this year to allow sufficient time for funding solicitation. This years student many not see the reality of this service but decades of future students will. The plus-minus grading system which has been approved by the Board of Regents is a item we hope to challenge in near future meetings. Vice-President Reyes is actively perscrving this matter. There is reason to believe that after through preparation our attempt to reserve this unfortunate mistake would meet with success you will be kept abreast of our progress by Vice-President Reyes. Our new student newspaper, the UNLV Yell, is simply beautiful I can refer to it this year as a newspaper with pride which is something I could no do last year. It is being picked up and read by students and faculty this year which is something that could not be said of last year. It is innovative, professional, attractive, and a real benefit to the campus and its students. Lisa Riley, editor, is responsible for this publication. Good or bad we readilty criticize her when its bad we must applaud her now after her demonstration of excellence. She deserves our thanks. The facilities of the Yell have seen their day and for the purpose of receiving funding for new equipment I; will appear before the Board of Regents reguesting $15,000 for new Yell equipment to be taken from the Regent1 s special projects fund. Hopefully, not only will this enable us to produce an even better UNLV Yell but also additional publications should become increasingly possible. Senate Meeting #15 Page 4 September 2.;. 1980 The Radio Station has been suggesting a change in the CSUN constitution which the CSUN Executive Board finds unacceptable for the reason of possible loss in control. We will be unable to assist the Radio Station in that vein. However, it shall receive our continued support in every other area. I have spoken to Regent McBride about a regent grant of approximately 50 to 75 thousand dollars for the Radio Station and he thinks it is a very realistic possibility. Currently, I'm considering combining the needs of the Radio Station with those of the Yell and asking for one lump sum. Entertainment and Programming Board has been doing an absolutely outstanding job this year. Students shall enjoy all of the activities they did last year only the quality of these activities, I feel will be increased. Homecoming, Octoberfest, the film series, the coffee house, daytime . programming will be upgraded. I am convinced that it will be the best most attended activites ever. The promotional and advertizing activities of the Board are already far more professional than ever before. A major concert and lecture series for students will become a reality. The Joan Armatrading concert is proof. They told us last year at Ham Concert Hall was not available for any student concert ,on Sunday September 7, at 8:00 p.m. that condition will be proven a myth. Radford Smith and Bruce Bradley and the entire Entertainment and Programming Board staff deserve our respect and appreciation for a job well done. Intramurals is another program deserving of our support and praise. Ray Corbett and his staff are doing a excellent job and should be applauded. The proposed Intramural office, however, is a grave mistake at this point in time prior to the exploration of less costly alternatives. I will elaborate on this item if and when necessary. Aside from that I am extremely happy with Ray and his program. Thank you. B. Board of Regent's Meeting President Chanos reported that the Board of Regent's defeated the proposed fee-restrucutre. The vote was 5 opposed and four in favor. C. Plus-Minus Grading System Vice-President Reyes said she spoke with Dr. Fry , Chairman Faculty Senate, he suggested that Vice-President Reyes go to the Faculty-Senate for an appeal. She announced that a petition is going around the campus concerning the defeat of this system. She reported that Jeff Halverson broke down the cost to change the computer over to the new system, the cost will be approximately $7000.00. D. Vita-Plus Insurance Senate President Burzinski announced that he received a copy of the Vita-Plus Insurance. He announced that CSUN was covered under their program. E. Emergency Item Senate President Burzinski announced to add under New Business, Item F. , Override of Presidential Veto./' Senator Martinez moved to recess for 5 minutes. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously. The meeting was recessed at 5:25. Senate President Burzinski called the meeting back to order at 5:30. V. Executive Board Nominations VI. Committee Reports A. Appropriations Board There was no report. Chairman David Martinez reported that the committee will - submit• : a monthly report, and will have a summary of the budget within the next 3 days. Senate Meeting If 1.5 September 2, 1980 Paqe 5 B. Election Board There was no report. Chairman, Martha Boos, asked the Executive Board to fill the vacancy so that the Board may function. C. Entertainment and Programming Board Chairman, Rcidford Smith, read the minutes of the board. He announced the coffee houses which will be held in the Student Union cafeteria. Auditions will take place September 8, 1980. The homecoming committee has stairted working on homecoming. Senator Karosa moved to approve. The motion was seconded. There being no further additions or corrections the minutes stood approved as read. D. Radio Board There was no report. Senator Karosa moved to suspend with the rules, and move down to Old Business item F. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously. VIII. Old Business F. Override of Presidental Veto Senator Karosa moved to override the Presidental veto concerning the construction of the Intramurals office, funding of $2600.00. The motion was seconded. Much discussion took place. Each point of the veto was disccused. It was argued that the trailers should be checked into for use by the Intramurals office. Senator Corbett announced to the Senate that if the veto was overidden he would delay construction for 30 days in case an alternative would be found for another office. Senator Oshinski called for the question. The motion was seconded. The call for the question passed with fifteen in favor and two opposed. A roll call vote was taken on the main motion, to overide the veto. Dorothy Halpin-yes Ray Corbett-yes Tom Foskaris-yes Lisa Rollins-yes Mac Jackson-yes Claire Dowell-yes Scott Karosa-yes Howard Reign-yes Kelly Campbell-yes David Martinez-no Dale llulen-no Rick Oshinski-yes Martha Boos-no Tim McGarry-no Skip Kelley-yes Derrek Yelton-yes The motion passed with twelve in favor and four opposed. Senator Yelton moved to recess for five mintues. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously. Senate President Burzinski called the meeting back to order at 6:00 p.m. VI. Committee Reports D. Radio Board There was no report. E. Ad Hoc Transportation Committee There was no report. F. Ad Hoc Fee Investigation. There was no report. President Chanos asked that this Ad Hoc Committee be Senate Meeting if 15 September 2, 1980 Page 6 VII.. Old Business A. Approval of Vita Plus Program (from table) Senate President Burzinski announced that he had received the insurance form that provided coverage for CSUN up to one million dollars. The Senators still had many questions. Senator Halpin moved to table the approval of the program until Senate Meeting #16. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously. VIII. New Business A. Election Board Operating Policy Senator.jBoos moved to approve the Addition to Election Board Operating Policy Section I, Item C. The Election Board Vice-Chairman shall be appointed by the Election Board Chairman and ratified by a majority of the Board Members. The motion was seconded. Discussion took place. The motion passed unanimously. B. Ad Hoc Committee, Rebel Mascot Senator Hulen moved to form an Ad Hoc Rebel Mascot Commiteee. The motion was seconded. Discussion took place. The committee is composed of Senators, 1 represent-ative from the Athletic Department, 1 Faculty Member, 1 Booster Member, 1 Executive Board Member, and 1 Alumnae. Discussion took place. The motion passed with sixteen in favor and one opposed. C. Student Directory Project Vice-President Reyes announced to the Senate about the UNLV student directory. Senator Hulen has been helping Vice-President Reyes with the formation of the student directory. Vice-President Reyes moved to approve the concept of the UNLV student directory, to begin bidding, and to establish a sub-committee. The motion was seconded. Disucssion took place. The cost of the Student Directory will be approximately $3,500.00. Senator Oshinski called for the question. The motion was seconded. The call for the question passed with sixteen in favor and one opposed. The main motion passed unanimously. D. Nominations For Vacant Senate Seat, Allied Health There were no nominations. E. Nominations for Vacant Senate Seat, University College Senator Oshinski nominated Mike Taylor. . Senator Kelley nominated Lori Ann Kanton. Senator Oshinski moved to closeinominations. The motion was seconded. The motion passed with fifteen in favor and two opposed. Election of University College Senator will take place at Senate Meeting //16. F. Ad Hoc Rebel Mascot Committee Senator Oshinski moved to nominate Susana Reyes, Dale Hulen, Rick Oshinski, Dorothy llalpin, Kelley Campbell, and Laura Fletcher to the Rebel Ac Hoc Committee. The nominations were seconded. The nominations were voted on and passed unanimously. IX. Open Discussion Jack Leverich spoke breifly to the Senate on the mass transit system. He commented that it was the best way to conserve Energy. Senator Oshinski moved to give George Chanos a Done Good Award for a job well done on the fee-restructure. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously. Senator Oshinski moved to give Lorraine Alderman a Done Good Award for helping out the Senate as temporary paliamentarian. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously. Senate Meeting if 15 September 2, 1980 Page 7 President Chanos spoke to the Senate. He said he was disappointed in the Senate's decision concerning the Intramurals office. Senator Kelley announced that he would be resinging after todays meeting, lie wished George and CSUN the best of Luck in the future. He reminded the Senate that they responsibility is to represent to the students opinions.. Senator Foskaris said he was disappointed in the President's response to the override of the veto. Senate President Burzinski said he would convey his message to the President. Senator Campbell said she was disappointed in the amount of Senators that were at the dorm party, also in-the Entertainment and Programming Board. Vice-President Reyes thanked the Senate for the approval of the UNLV Student Directory. She commented that David Martinez was doing a fantastic job with USUNS. Radford Smith, Chairman Entertainment and Programming Board, encouraged the Senators to come out to the all the events, ancl to let the students know about the events. Senator Kelley moved to adjourn. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously. Adjournment Senate President Burzinski adjourned the fifthteenth meeting of the Consolidated Student Senate at 7:00 p.m. Respectfully Submitted by, Respectfully Prepared by, Martin J. Burzinski CSUN Senate President Robin Starlin CSUN Senate Secretary