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Correspondence, Levi Syphus to Dr. W.E. Neel




Creator: Syphus, Levi




This folder is from the "Correspondence" file of the Sadie and Hampton George Papers (MS-00434)

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man000348. Sadie and Hampton George Papers, 1874-1944. MS-00434. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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? j C-o-P-Y dx Ili-loX f a ^ S t«IIiCKiftg jSsvadfc' h©v*&3rd,I926 Loa Angelas, Cal # My doax Mr IJeeX.** , _ 4 Plo&ae finds enclosed herewith i§py o f sodXyeia os sample# #.f sa lt I took fo r Mr. Fulwider*whon bore about tan dsya a«o* Sold samples wore t uken "by th® gr&b method fyom a large number o f b&gs o f salt &a being f i l l e d ,&11 grabs being placed together on a canvas thoroughlcy mixed >4id then ^uaxtexed down to a faro siao 3cti;tpX0i? * i ia,|M. .-tloficd the a ta ri*/ two §fg|§ now m illed -'fill run no bettor I did not think i t &&visable,either fo r Union Salt,or than the sample analysed §H )......ppH | for f i r gin River dalt company,to have such a adr o f salt go on the i&ar&et, a ip ecia lley the f i r s t oar,therefor® upon receipt of-paid analysis I took the lib e r ty of holding up the oar instead o f shipping i t , ‘nu. n o tifie d Union Salt of ay notion,advising' i t that i t i f desired the o^r stent forw would be dons upon receipt of telegram ixoxa i t to tnat e ffe c date I have not been adviood S tend i t forw&rd$A»& am again this mail givin g them the same n otice• The local di.rssw.twre decided go grant Union Salt an additional two weeks for getting out and shipping the Unr lode that should bhvc goo forward on the Evth as per the extension agreement. Am now fyfl&4ttiL6 ae sorting 4h© ore taken from the jains, &e clesley as i t o&n econo ml c a ll y be done, without to gr cut cup crave, &4&d expect to I p i a 0ar o f better grade ore ready fo r shipment on the flor a l St.Thomas about Monday Deo.6th,unless they send a hurray up order. I think I t probable the oh/oride of lime shorn in the tua»lyele i * very Xikley contained in fee iricoludbXe material in tlx® h a lt, i f j the oley,%id other d irt/ , But i t seem® almost eertalh the sulphate o f Seda ©hewn in the *n alysi» is combined.*!th th e sodium chloride, i f tic there is no way o f gettin g rid of that,andwe osn only.,nop®, that unen f u ll determination i t w ill net-vpre«o detriments* lo r re frige ra tion purposes, I f i t dees net hurt i t fo r tboeer purposes •r.? w ill be able to got by & llrig h t,$ ;»ve>n i f • the Union ga it f a ils , fo r I have made a number of tests o f washing the salt in brine and finds t i r t a fte r m illin g naarlejr a ll o f the d irt ogn bo eliminated, leaving a very clean and good looking product* m faot,unj.eoa botfce* grade material is struck t do not believe the union E ^ l t o d n make a 1go, ?oi ?i t M.f4?t . hiV out washing the milled product. The Salt in the mine irk in g® hes improved but l i t t l e i f at a ll,s in c e £ took charge,and i do mot now look fo r i t to ,u n til- a fter the next fissure i s • P**®y» * _ l© ast5fo r i t seams the block we are working in between Jke.two fissu res has been contaminated from the fissure on each side o f it*FRQB&Sit-M. Let mo have any information you got from them,that Is of importance, Possibley a fte r Mr Fulwidors return from Ban Frunolooc the end ox tuta week something may develop* ’ Tory tru ly yours M-rS.B.George— , Am sending you this copy of my le tte r Dr Reel,# because I have not time to w rite to both er to I jeperatly. L.W?S? C-O-P-Y Atkins & Molae ASSAYERS CHEMISTS AND METALLURIGISTS 518-19 Jewelers Bldg* * 7^7 South H ill Street Los Angeles,Cal.Nov,15th,1926 Union Salt Company Guranty Bldg. ' ' . - Los Angeles,Cal. Gemtlemen:- Following are results o f sample o f salt .submitted:- ^ Insoluable Matter ( in w a te r )------ -—|------ Sodium Chloride - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Sodium Sulphate - - - - - - - - - - - - Calcium Sulphate Calcium Chloride - - - - - - - - - - - - - Magnesium Sulphate - - - - - - - - - - - - Magnesium-Chloride - I --- * - - - - - - - - Iron - - - - - - - a ------ -- ----- Iodine - - W.S.Mc Ray— Chemist 5.05 ? - noneO xT ET 1 - - <i.Ip - . - - npne " IOO.OOf^' ? g ;? / | * 4 v « \ » V « X • v X -• y v ' 4-": ? ' • ? ’ \ ' f l i p " 1 1 • V': f ‘ • ?f;. / f„' : ** I