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Letter from C. W. McKee (Las Vegas) to J. P. Mack (Los Angeles), March 3, 1927


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Creator: McKee, C. W.




Measurements of the output of the Las Vegas springs and well. Letter is signed McFee, but that is a typo and should read McKee.

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Box 13 Folder W23-3-3 LVL&WC (Report of R. G. Greene, Geologist)(re: water situation in LV Valley)


hln000862. Union Pacific Railroad Collection, 1828-1995. MS-00397. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Copy Measurement of water at Las Vegas. Las Vegas, March 3, 1927 Mr. J. P. Mack, 20-6 Div. Engr, Los Angeles. Pursuant to instructions I have measured flow of water from Springs and Well located west of Las Vegas showing amount from each source and disposition of same. WELL 0.13' over 4.0' rectangular weir -- 0.77 second feet, --30.8 inches 345.58 gallons per minute coming up on outside of casing and flowing down Las Vegas Creek to Ranch east of town. 3.41 second feet --136.4 inches --1530.4 gallons per minute flowing into settling basin and is being used for domestic and operating purposes. Total flow of Well: -- 0.47' rectangular weir -- 4.18 second feet -- 167.2 inches -- 1875.98 gallons per minute. BIG SPRING Using spillway in forebay - 0.41' over 2.65' rectangular weir - 2.25 second feet - 90.0 inches -- 1009.8 gallons per minute water flowing into settling basin and is being used for domestic and operating purposes. MIDDLE SPRING 0.79 second feet - 31.6 inches -- 354.55 gallons per minute flowing into Las Vegas Creek and down to Ranch east of town. LITTLE SPRING 0.45' 668.71 gallons per minute flowing down Las Vegas Creek and to Ranch east of town. 0.38' over 3.0' rectangular weir - 2.28 second feet - 91.2 inches -- 1023.26 gallons per minute. WELL IN SHOP GROUNDS This well is used only in case of emergency. Information can be had from Dr. McGrath. For your information I will say that water from Little Spring can be piped to settling basin at Well. The grade of pipe line will be 0.3 per cent. This is a nice clean spring and I think it should be (Signed) C. W. McFee