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University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) 28th commencement program







Commencement program from University of Nevada, Las Vegas Commencement Programs and Graduation Lists (UA-00115).

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man001098. University of Nevada, Las Vegas Commencement Programs and Graduation Lists, 1953-2021. UA-00115. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Robert Ackerman, Vice President for Student Services
Lyle Rivera, Vice President for Development and University Relations
John Unrue, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Dale Andersen, Dean, Education
David J. Christianson, Dean, Hotel Administration
James Malek, Dean, Liberal Arts
Michael McCollum, Interim Dean, Fine and Performing Arts
Norval Pohl, Dean, Business and Economics
William R. Wells, Dean, Engineering
Ron Sparks, Vice Chancellor for Finance
Carolyn M. Sparks, Vice Chair
Shelley Berkley
James Eardley
Joseph Foley
June Whitley
Sunday, May 19,1991
PROCESSIONAL ............................
INVOCATION ..... . . . .............. TheRev.PatLeary
GREETINGS ............................ Mrs. Dorothy Gallagher
Mr. Joe Bunin, 1989-91 Student Government President
Arturo Cambeiro (posthumously) C. Kitty Rodman
Barbara Greenspun
CONFERRING OF HONORARY . . ............. Mrs. Gallagher and
Stephen A. Wynn, Doctor of Laws
REMARKS. ....... Dr. Maxson
BENEDICTION ............................ The Rev. Pat Leary
Robert Skaggs, 1991-92 Faculty Senate Vice Chair
Mr. Joe Bunin, 1989-91 Student Government President
*It is requested that guests remain in their seats
Today’s Commencement speaker, Dr. Henry G.
four terms as mayor of the City of San Antonio, Texas, from 1981 to 1989, and has remained active in the state and national political 5 scene and in civic organizations for many years. He was a member (’( the Kissinger Commission on Central America and the Ford Foundation’s Commission on the Future of U.S.-Mexican Relations. He has also served as past president of the National League of CDes and as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Dr. Cisneros began his distinguished career in government and politics at the age of 21, when he was hired as an administrative assistant in the San Antonio city manager’s office. He later served as assistant to the executive vice president of the National League Cities in Washington, D.C., and as a White House Fellow in the Office of Health, Education, and Welfare. In 1975, at the age of 27, he was elected to the city council of San Antonio and served three terms. At 33, he became the first Hispanic mayor of a major United States city and was re-elected by wide margins in 1983, IdEand 1987.
Dr. CisnerosM a strong advocate of education and has himself earned four degrees from prestigious institutions of higher education, including a BachMr Of Arts and a Master of Man and Regional Planning from Texas A & M University, a Master of Public Administration Mm the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and a Doctor of Public Administration from George Washington University.
Currently, Dr. Cisneros is a trustee of Notre Dame University and a member of the Board of Trustees of Baylor College of Medicine. M addition to running his own investment management company and hosting a national radio show on Hispanic issues, Dr. Cisneros presently heads the National Civic League, a. government reform group.
High Distinction is accorded each graduating senior whose grade point average is 3.75 or higher. Distinction is bestowed upon Seniors who graduate with an overall average between 3.50 and 3.75. These designations in the Commencement program have been based on seven seiWsters Eacademic accomplishment, since final grades have not yet been tabulated. Students achieving the mark of Distinction or High Distinfflon during their final semester’s work Will have this honor indicated on their diplomas and final
In every university faculty mSibers who
distinguish themselves and the university through their unique and scholarfejfcpntributions of national and internaffinal dimension. The University of Nevada, Las Vegas presents the Distinguished Professor Award to an exceptional faculty member as a means oM encouraging truly outstanding performance, enhancing the University’s national reputation, and rewarding the service of those Bho are making this University a greater institution by the knoWledgeWnd the lisgs of its students.
199lSSard will be presented by President Maxson at Commencement to Dr. Maurice A. Finocchiaro, a distinguished professor <>f Philosophy who is marking his twenty-first year at the University.
Graduate College
Dr. Ronald W. Smith, Dean
Doctor of Education
Roberta Louise Holton, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Marianne S. Long, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Doctor of Philosophy
Paul E. Strauss, English
Master of Arts
Angela Sue Witzke Andersen, English
Darrell Leon Artis, Political Science
Joseph Michael Bellos, History
Rebecca Kline Bohorques, Sociology
Douglas Norman Campbell, History
Janet Kay Campbell, English
Pamela Lynn Cantrell, English
James Lachlan Cattanach, Economics
Ernest E. Clark, Ethics and Policy Studies
Martha E. Davis, Foreign Languages
Mary J. Dengler, English
Stephanie A. Doucette, Psychologjpi
Nancy Lee Downey, Sociology
LeDonna Ree Durant, Ethics and Policy Studies
Molly 8. Ebaugh, English
Corinne Parson Escobar, Anthropology
DaWna Eileen Ferris, Anthropology
Linda Darlene Foreman, Sociology
Barbara A. Gann, English
Katherine Green, English
Russell James Green,
Deborah Marie Lambert Griffis, Political Science
Stacey Whitmore Hanlon, Political Science
Karen Stevens Hanna, English
Shirley Mitchell Harris, Sociology
April Celeste Hebert, Communication Studies
Judith Lynn Hebert, Psychology
Carolyn L. Hensley, English
Lorin D. Higley, Political Science
William Robert Jacobs, Economics
Jay Allen Johnson, Anthropology
John Brooks Lawton III, Theatre Arts
Michael S. Lea, Psychology
Gail K. Lenning, Ethics and Policy Studies
Jeffrey Ray MacMillan, Political Science
Cathy Lynn Magar, Economics
Helena Ann Mandarino, Political Science
David Leon Mann, Political Science
Arlene T. Marinari, Communication Studies
Cynthia L. McCoy, English
Robert Joseph McKee, Sociology
Marcia Lynn MacCagno Neel, History
David Christopher O’Meara, History
Joanne Andrews Padderud, English
Jeri Betts Ramrath, Foreign Languages James Lewis Reece, Economics
Jerry Lynn Reynoldson, Political Science Heidi Lynn Roberts, Anthropology Linda Kay Roe, Sociology
Paul C. Ruth, Economics
Roberta Sterman Sabbath, Theatre Arts Christopher William Schacherer, Psychology Barbara Lynn Schamanek, Psychology Vincent Patrick Stretch Jr., Psychology Patricia Susan Tupper-Heggie, Sociology Linda A. Uhlenkott, English
Geremia Veglia, Sociology
Joanmarie Christine Vlach-Kolesar, Psychology Joseph Anthony Volpi, Economics
Don Lewis Wireman Jr., PolWcal Science Valatie Lynn Young, History
Sundusah S. Yusuf, History
Master of Business Administration
Darci Lynn Adolf, Business Administration Jean Ann Aronson, Business Administration Melinda McGeorge Auten, Business Administration Kelly Craig Brown, Business Administration
Virginia Ann Patterson Callahan, Business Administration Laurie Dean Casias, Business Administration Roy Richard Centrella, Business Administration Wei-Ning Chen, Business Administration Cathy R. Colton, Business Administration
Terrance A. Cordell, Business Administration John P. Crowley, Business Administration Eileen Desrochers, Business Administration Janice L. Dionisio, Business Administration David E. DiSalvio, Business Administration Virginia Eileen Eno, Business Administration George Lewis Fussell, Business Administration Yves G. Groult, Business Administration John David Helms II, Business Administration Mark Allen Hettinger, Business Administration VJ Hirsch, Business Administration
Laura Elena Hobbs, Business Administration Kenneth Robin Humphreys, Business Administration Richard Hutchful, Business Administration Jeffrey John Ingalls, Business Administration Amine Fouad Jabbour, Business Administration Hyder Ali Jaffer, Business Administration
Sheldon Lawrence Koiles, Business Administration Andrew Thomas Lawrence, Business Administration Eng Kwee Lee, Business Administration
Laura Marie Long, Business Administration Russell M. Lorenzen Jr., Business Administration Marjorie Guerrero Meana, Business Administration Robert J. Medeiros, Business Administration Kathryn J. Noziglia, Business Administration James D. Orndorf, Business Administration Michael Bernard Penn, Business Administration Casey Potter, Business Administration
Susan Thompson Preator, Business Administration Roger Martin Premo, Business Administration Douglas Alan Pyatt, Business Administration Robert N. Rosenthal, Business Administration
Kenneth Dean Selch, Business Administration®
Karl Strohbehn, Business Administration
Andreas K. Verzilli, Business Administration
Connie Cole von Behren. Business Administration
Suzette Tracy Wheele® Business Administration
Robert A. Wilkerson, BusineH Administration
Cheryl Ann Wright, Business Administration
Richard HaW Zabst, Business
Master of Education
Harold LMMKbel, Educational Ad8nistraM>n and Higher Education
John Charles. Adams III, Special Education
Cathy Sue Ameling, Instructional and Curricular Studies
John Richard Ayers. Instructional and Curricular StudiMM
Jacquelnse Parson Barker, Educational Psychology
and FoundatioWW
JoAnn Frances BafaMmJwunseling and Edu^Mdnal PHyhoWy and Foundations
Cassandra Williams Bell, Instructional and Curricular Studie^j
Lynne Belli, Instructional ahd Curricular
William B. BlaiiMgstruMonal andHurMMMtD^W
Bonnie Lynn Blanthorn. Instructional and Curricular
Bruce Wayne Health, Physical Edugffl&n and RecreWKn
Janice Ellen Bordelojjj, Special Education
Laura Smyth and CurrEdar Studie^B
JoamMuise Brewer, Special Education
Mar'dia L. BroHi, Instructional and Curricular
Richard William BrWW IiMructional'UWd CurriGial®Studie^'
Karen Valerie Bgg®i-Gordon, Health, Physical EduEati®and Recreation
Sandra Marie Burns, Educational Administration and Higher Educat|(SB|
Brenda L. CMIaW CounfflinHand Educatii^NPsychMgy and FoundatM®sB|
Angela Marie MMuM, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Luz Lorena Carrera-Carrillo; Instructional and
Jeffrey Wynn Cochran, Educational-Administration and Higher Education
Sue A. Cvijanovich, Health, Physical EducationTn’d Recreation
Evelyn Lukas Dague, Special Education
Glenna Deanne de Blanck, Instructional MMurriMarKudiesD
Vickie DeMarfco, Instructional and CurMularUtudiWW
Andre Brent Denson, Educational Administration^® HigA^D Education
Leslie R. Dodge, SpeciDEducation
Robert James Daftzal JrWduMWnal Administration and Higher Education
N. Linda Duran-Lahodny, InLtructionaWnd CurriWMr MudieW Pennie Leigh Dye, InstruLtionahand Curricular StudiesM KimberKMae Ecklund, Instructional and CurrMlar Studies Tera Ann Ellenbufg-Connor, Special Education
Sue Ann Elliott, Instructional and Curricular Studies
Michael Grajjajn EmpS Health, Physical EducatWMnd Recreation
Eileen Cecilia Engelstad, CounselirHand EducatiWW Psychology and Foundations ,
Joan S. Ferraro, Counseling and Educational PsKhDMy and Foundations
Crystal Renee Pickling, Instructional and Curricular Studies
Karen Helene Fischer, Instructional and Curricular Studies
JamesjLawrence Flynn, Instructional and Curricular Studies® Treverton Brian Ford,instructional and Curricular Studies .
LaWle Fowler, Instauctional and Curricular Studi’Cs Kim Karman Friel, I lealth, Physical Education and Recreation Phyllis H. Gage, Special EducatiVMB Dale Tobee Gardner, Special EducMon
HK LyM Qaris, InstructionaLand Curricular StudieH |Susan LyM Garn^UucMona^^MnistraMu and Higher
Education •*
DenisNRenM GeiseEistrucSbnal Mid Curripular-StUdW" Andr® L. GloWUMstruciMnal and CurricularMudies Patricia Mary Gombarcik, Instructional and Curricular StudiDB AlmaMMNFord Graetz, CounselingMd Educational Psychology and, F oundationsW
William Lee Greenberg, Educational Administration and Highe^ Education
WuhM D. Counselingiand Educational Pgchol®gg and
Brucch Wliiarn.Hansen, WunselinMnd Educational PsycholoK anck Foundations
WMulaR. Harrell, TnstructioMli.and Curricular StudiW SalWIrMe HarrisWMcial Education
DebrWiMise Nylund I lauck, Counseling and Educational PMholcWLnd FoundatiBM®
JergMScott HausMMstrucAonal and CurriculaBStudies Francis Joseph Heiler, Instructional and Curricular Studies ferri Lynn Heiler, Instructional and Curricular Studies Wanda Joyce Miriam Hughes, Special Education jgrlene Marie HummeHBounseling and Educational PsycWKgy and
Veth Instructional and Curricular Studies
KimbWly Kay Jefferson, Waith, Physical Education and Recreation CHI Demetric-Johnson. Instructional and Curricular Studies i Mathey Ann Johnson, InstructiSRand Curricular Studies' Ann JensemKearns, Instructional Wd Curricular Studies,* Elizabeth Johanna Kennedy, InsttUctio^Mnd Curricular Studiesui Marie-France Renee Kostick, Educational Administration and
Higher Educat
Susan Mary LaBuda, instructional and Curricularitudies Winda Leake, fiaptruAnal|H Curricular StudiHWD Renee Yvonne Leonard, Counseling and Educational Psychology ■ I
and Foundations
WsM'Rae;Leppert-I lopballe, Speoal Education
Allan J. Lovinger, Health, Physical Education and Recreation Patfricia Margaret Luther, Special EducMon
Diane Roberts Mahoney; Counseling and EduNtioWlMychMogy and Foundations
June Margret Mausolf,Bistrucfib®l and Curricular Studies Jimmy Wayne May, InstruchonakMd Curricular Studfe|® WstAAnn McCaniMWtfMtWial an<f^t‘®ular‘StudfeJB Michael Todd McGuire, Instructional and Curricular StudiesM Sarah Marie Merriman, Instructional and Curricular StudiesM SherrftRae MilesrSyverson, Instructional and Curricular Danielle G. Mille^ Instructional and Curricular Stuctes Jo Ellen Monaco, Instructional and Curricular StudiWW Bonnie Pauline Murray, Instructional and Curricular Richard Joseph Niemczewski. Instructional and Curricular Studies Mnda Kay Nifferegger|fti^cialffiducation
DMorah W. Nordstrom, Instructional and Curricular Studies Rorma JeMNM^ iMtructiMal and CurricuM Studies LindaMuise O’Mahar, instructional and Curricular Studies
Barbara Ann Ober, Instructional and Curricular StudiesM Romona Lee Thomas Okopny, Counseling and Educational
Psychology and Foundations
Lynne Marie Seaborg Owomoyela, Instructional and Curricular Studies
GWn Denise Paciprek, Instructional and
Cathie Nichols Palor, Educational Administration and Higher Education
KriWl Heira Pankau, Instructional and Curricular Studies * Darla Ruth Parsons Barrett. Instructional and Curricular
Gwen® Patterson, InstructionalHid Curricular Studies W Patricia L. Peacock, Instructional and Curricular Studies Cheryl Mae Pederson, Instructional and Curricular Studies * Madelyn A. Pegg, Special Education
Maurice DeLos Perkins, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Karen Louizea MiM PeterMn, Instruction&and Curricular StudS. Kathleen Helen Petrilffl Special Education
Boseph Edward Phifer, Instructional and Curricular Studies Rebecca Susan Pitkin, Instructional and Curricular Studies
Darleng Powell, Instructional and Curricular Lisandra H. Primas, Instructional and Curricular Studies Karyl Jill C. Prunty, Instructional and Curricular Studies J| Dale Amy Raben, Instructional and Curricular Studies Susan Lynn Ranz, Special Education
Janie M. Robinson, Instructional and Curricular Studies Susan Elizabeth Rollins, InstructioMMnd Curricular Studies^! Tina Marie RomWMstrucWnal and Curricular Studies Kathleen D. Sawyer, Instructional and Curricular Studies TMothy paW Schaefer, Instructional and Curricular Mary KSchramsJki, Instructional and Curricular StudiesM Charisse Anne Scott, Instructional and Curricular Studies Shannon Bryan Severance, Instructional and Curricular Studies Lonna Leffel Shultz, Instructional and Curricular Studies Annette Rickert Smith, Instructional and Curricular Studies Curtis L. Spann, Educational Administration and Higher Education WeoMas Clay Stephens, Instructional and Curricular Studies William Edward Strachan, Instructional and Curricular Studies Sandra Rydzewski Stuhff, Special Education
William H. Thomas, Instructional and Curricula?Studies Donna E. Trammell, Instructional and Curricular.Sludies Pauline Ann Van Betten, Health, Physical Education and Recreation Brenda L. Vecellio, Instructional and Curricular Studies
Christine Velo, Instructional and Curricular Studies Swia Evelyn Von Hake, Special Education
Jeffrey Todd Wagonseller, Educational Administration and Higher Education®
Leslie Ann WagonselleMnstructional and Curricular studied® Denise Adele Walker, Instructional and Curricular
Steven Craig Whisler, Counsel ingand Educational Psychology and Foundations
Olivia Gail Williams. Special Education
Stephanie M. Wilson, Instructional and Curricular Studies Stacey A. Wolf, Health, Physical Education and Recreation Julia Katherine Wolfe, Instructional and Curricular Stud!MM Gregory Alan Wolfram. Educational Administration and Higher
David Anthony Ziegler, Instructional and Curricular Studies® Mary L. Ziegler, Instructional and Curricular StudiqHW Mildred Arroyo Zitello, Instructional and Curricular Studies
Master of Fine Arts
Morry J. Campbell, Theatre Arts
Nancy Lou Deaner, Art
Thomas Joseph Gilbertson, Art
Rand Walter Higbee, Theatre Arts
Charles F. Morgan, Art
Kathleen DiMn Nathan, Art
John David Newsom. Theatre
Andrew Morrison Rogow, Theatre Arts
Paul Red Shuttleworth, Theatre Arts
Master of Music
Shannon Louise Fehr, Music
L® Ann Fiorenza, Music
Shakeh Ghoukasian, Music
Jacque J. Jaeger, Dance
Pamela Belle McFarland, Dance
Yushu Pei, Music
Master of Public Administration
Norman W. Jahn, Public Administration
Rick R. Loop, Public Administration
Elizabeth Susan Root, Public Administration
Gilbert Lee Suckow; Public Administration
Master of Science
Donna Carrier Agata, Accounting
Theresa Mae Anderson. Counseling am Educational Psychology and Foundations
Darrell A. Baggs, Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Nawal Salah Barkawi, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Lorale^G. Boughton, Hotel Administration
Tracey Elaine Cascadden, Geoscience®
Arthur Louis Castle.Jr., Biological Sciences®
Jae-Gu Choj, Chemistry
Lynne Ann Clary, Accounting
Chloe V. Coles, Nursing (posthumously
Christine A. Cram-Barry, Geoscience
Richard J. Darder, Hotel Administration
Sharon DeGuir, munseling and Educational Psychology and
Laurel Lynne Edwards, Hotel Administration
Magdy H. El Sayed, 1 lotel Administration
Irene Marie Farnham, Chemistry
Jesus Andres Figuereo-Baez, Hotel Administration
Helena Heigh Fowler, Accounting
Debra Panko Harber, Nursing. -
Nancy E. I laws', Accounting
Connie Ann Herr, Biological Sciences
HumphreWCounseling and Educational Psychology
and Foundations
Kimberly Lynn Hunter, Biological Sciences
Zan Peterson Hyer, Counseling and Educational Psychology and
Lidija Jezek, Counseling and Educational Psychology and
Ying Jiang, Physics
Terry K. Jones, Hotel Administration
James Charles Kann, Accounting
Edward Joseph Kelley, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Terri Johnston Kelley, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Otto Jerome Koines, Hotel Administration Guang Lan, Physics Jun Li, Physics
Katherine Jean Malone, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
William L. Pelle, Biological Sciences Tania T. Pineyro, Hotel Administration Rosemary Puetz, Nursing
Radmila R. Radovich, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Cleo C. Schacker, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Deborah McBride Schmidt, Accounting
Brad Kendall Simpson, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Ellen Witkow Simpson, Counseling and Educational Psychology . and Foundations
Yvonne R. Syron, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Eddie Ming-Chih Tseng, Hotel Administration Scott Thomas Turner, Accounting
Richard Lawrence Vande Voort, Counseling and Educational Psychology and Foundations
Linda S. Vanden Heuvel, Biological Sciences Emile Lucien Vernazzaro, Accounting Kimberly A. Welles-Paley, Hotel Administration Harry Stephen Wild Jr., Geoscience
Elizabeth D. Wilhelm, Nursing (posthumously^^ Michael Raymond Wisniewski, Accounting Darlene G. Nielson Woodruff, Nursing Mathematical Sciences
Lynn M. Young, Nursing Stefan Zander, Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Master of Science in Computer Science
Oscar Rodrigo Aguilar, Computer Science Stephen Lee Felgar, Computer Science Edward R. Jorgensen II, Computer Science Karen Simons Laub, Computer Science, Rebecca Anne Miller, Computer Science Sivesh Pradhaan, Computer Science Vugranam Chakravarthy Sreedhar, Computer Science
Master of Science in Engineering
Kenneth Walter Ackeret, Civil Engineering Anoushiravan Arman, Electrical Engineering Helen Hazer Arman, Electrical Engineering Yung-Ming Hu, Mechanical Engineering Brett Richard Kniss, Civil Engineering Nadia Kandalaft Ladkany, Civil Engineering Edward Y. Lam, Mechanical Engineering Lih-Nan Liao, Civil Engineering Emelinda Maano Parentela, Civil Engineering Andreas Otto Ranz, Mechanical Engineering (posthumously) James Joseph Ventresca, Mechanical Engineering
David Arthur Wade, Mechanical Engineering ■ichun Zuang, Mechanical Engineering
Master of Social Work
Kristi Hamilton Bailey, Social Work Ramona Woods Denby, Social Work Julie Depew-McGinnis, Social Work Cathy B. Green, Social Work Patricia Ann Gutierrez, Social Work Stephen S. Havertz, Social Work
Herrmann, Social Work Norman Douglas Huff, Social Work Judy Lynne Johnston, Social Work Joel Reverl Kinder, Social Work Nancy Kelly Knox, Social Work David Tully LeBaron, Social Work Felicia Renee Miranda, Social Work Victoria Ann Mosher, Social Work Susan Ann Nartker, Social Work Richard Allen Newton Jr.. Social Work Sandra Denise Owens. Social Work Karen Dee Petree, Social Work Sharon Gail Petty, Social Work Michael Walter Thompson, Social Work Marilyn Tinned, Social Work Margaret P. Howe Vaetoe, Social Work Sharol L. Waddoups, Social Work Deborah Ann Winningham, Social Work
College of Business and Economics
Dr. Norval Pohl, Dean
Bachelor of Arts in Economics
David Samuel Chairez, Economics
■Douglas Alan Dyck, Economics
Madalena Louise Fischer, Economics (I'niversity Honors, Magna Cum Laude)9
Diana McGrail, Economics (with High Distinction)
Rosalind Evonne Middleton, Economics (with High Distinction) David D. St.Clair, Economics
Richard Antonio Tejidor, Economics (with High Distinction) Ernst Georg Wittmann, Economics (with High Distinction)
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Victor Afetian, Accounting
Luis Aguilar, Marketing
Ronald Kendall Akers, Accounting (with Distinction) Christopher Edwin Allen, Finance
Wendell A. Andersen, Accounting Cameron Lee Andrews, Marketing Larry Lee Andrist, Management Scott Alan Andrle, Management Frank Antos III, Marketing
Shirley Emiko Aoyama. Marketing (with Distinction) Mark Charles Arnold, Marketing
John Arroyo, Finance
Christopher Todd Asbell, Management
Robert J. Asson, Accounting
Donald Haydon Austin, Finance
Lori Elana Azeman, Management
Patricia Gloria Harn Baerga, Management
Craig Fredrick Baker, Management
Kari M. Bakke, Finance and Economics
Cassie L. Barbour, Accounting
Cary Edward Bartlett, Marketing
Brent Frank Basilico, Management
Carol L. Bates, Management Information Systems
John Randall Beck, Management (with Distinction) Stephen R. Behm, Management Information Systems Chittima Bejrananda, Management Information Systems Susan D. Berkel, ManagemeiiJBj
Geri Michelle Bishop, Marketing James LeLand Bodine, Management John Randall Boesch, Management Douglas J. Bonate, Finance
Cynthia Faith Salisbury Borlinghaus, Accounting (with Distinction) Michael Duane Bosma, Accounting
Karen A. (Kane) Bradley, Management
Christina Ann Brandom, Marketing
Susan Jene Brandt, Finance
James Albert Brantigan, Management
Tammy Estelle Bright, Management
Bradley Dean Brown, Accounting
Christy L. Brown, Accounting
Craig Allan Brown, Management
Laurel Donnel Brown, Accounting
Timothy Bryan Brown, Marketing
Kathleen Bryan, Marketing
Henry Lee Bryant IV, Management
Philip A. Buda, Marketing
Kelly Bulgatz, Accounting (with High Distinction)
Donna Jean Bundy, Management
Michelle Marie Burke, Marketing
David E. Burns, Management
Lawrence Craig Butler, Accounting
Tami L. Campa, Finance
Sylvia I. Campbell, Accounting and Finance
Anthony C. Canale, Finance
Theodore George Candalino, Management Michael L. Carter, Finance and Marketing George Michael Cartwright, Finance Antonio Eulogio Castanon, Management Wai-Sum Chan, Economics (with Distinction) Robert James Chapman, Management and Management
Information Systems
Kathy S. Chappell, Accounting (with High Distinction)
R. Scott Childress, Finance
Scott Thomas Christensen, MarkMng
Monica LaRaine Ashworth Circle, Accounting (with Distinction) Michael Alyn Clark, Finance
Stephen George Clegg, Marketing
Michael John Close, Finance (with Distinction)
Michael Edwin Coleman, Management
Gabrielle C. Collier, Accounting (with Distinction) Kimberly Gale Colton, Accounting
Richard Wade Coombs, Accounting (with High Distinction) Brian N. Cordova, Management Information Systems
Todd Michael Crandall, Marketing
Amber Noel Crawford, Marketing
Victoria Carolyn Crick, Finance and Marketing
Catherine C. Crossley, Management
Deborah A. Cunningham, Management
Kevin Ladd Curtis, Finance
Alan Cyphers, Management Information Systems and Management
David Dahn, Management
Susan Diana Dalton, Management
Harold J. Daly Jr., Management
Deron Eric Daum, Management Information Systems
R. Dean Davis, Marketing
Caran Lee Ebert De Yoe, Accounting
Robert Ray DeBorde, Marketing
Norma Baltazar Del Mundo, Marketing
Gregory Dembskey, Marketing
Steve A. DePonte, Management
Michael Louis DeSario, Management Information Systems and
James Anthony DiFiore, Management
Jennifer Sharon Dillan, Finance
Patrick M. Dillon, Finance
Victoria H. Dimattia, Marketing
F. Lynn Doering, Management Information Systems
Kari Ann Donahoo, Marketing
Cynthia Lee Dunford, Marketing
David L. Eicher, Management Information Systems
Raul P. Elizondo, Marketing
Kimberly Dawn Elliott, Management
Robert Thomas Elliott, Management Information Systems
Duane B. Ellis, Accounting and Management Information Systems
Matthew John Engle, Management
Khamphanh D. Ennis, Management
Edward George Enzmann, Marketing
John William Estella, Management (with Distinction)
McCall Pamela Evans, Marketing
Robin R. Ewing, Accounting
Vanessa R. Florence, Accounting (with Distinction)
Michael L. Floyd, Finance and Management
Daryl Eugene Folks, Management
Roseanna Foy, Management
Steven L. Funston, Management
Michael A. Gageby, Marketing
James Garcia, Management
Bradley V. Gardner, Management
James C. Garlin, Accounting
Jacquelene Ann Garraway, Management Information Systems.
Steven Philip Gerleman, Management Information Systems (with
Gene Daryl Glaschke, Finance
Barbara L. Glinski, Finance (with High Distinction)
John C. Glynn III, Management
Mary-Beth Goetzke, Economics (with Distinction)
Jerome AndrewGorman, Marketing
Michael L. Graham, Accounting
LuAnn Grasso, Accounting
Courtney Elizabeth Greene, Marketing
Jeffrey Alan Groom, Marketing
Julie Ana Grundtner, Marketing
Raymond Dale Gubler, Finance
Janet Lynn Guise, Accounting and Management (with Distinction)
Cristin Michele Gyger, Marketing
Frederick Terry Hahn Jr., Finance
Chanlee D. Hall, Management (with Distinction)
Stacia Lynn Halverson, Accounting (with High Distinction)
Birdie V. Hamilton-Ray, Management
Darren Lee Hankel, Marketing
Theodore R. Hannon III, Finance
Joo Hyun Har, Management
Jeffrey John Harbick, Marketing
Kimberly Ann Harrell, Economics and Finance
Tristam A. Harrington, Management
Douglas Harrison, Finance
Brent Edward Hart, Finance
Laura Ellen Hatcher, Management
Buck L. Hawkins, Finance
Steven Charles Heetland, Finance
Timothy Eric Henry, Finance
Troy Dederick Herbst, Marketing
Sandra Lorraine Hernandez, Marketing
Rhonda Ann Hickman, Finance
Paula Genevelyn Hill, Management
Paula Ann Hilt, Accounting (with Distinction)
Raymond W. Holland, Economics
Benjamin B. Hong, Finance
Edward Alan Horwitz, Finance
Helen Camille Howard, Marketing
Herschel Taylor Hudson, Accounting
Keith Gilbert Huffman, Finance (with Distinction)
Lorin Roy Hughes, Finance
J. Scott Humphrey, Accounting
Darbi Colleen Hurd, Management
Mark Lloyd Hutchison, Finance
James Lance Iler, Management Information Systems (with
Sanjeshwar Jaduram, Accounting (with Distinction)
Ellen Angela Jaicks, Finance
Melodee Nadine James, Management
Jerald A. Jennings, Accounting
Linda Ann Johannes, Management (with Distinction)
Kathleen M. Mathena Johansen,
Cristine C. Johns, Marketing
Kristi Joann Johnsrud, Management
Larry Nathan Jones, Management
Paul A. Jordan, Economics
Allan R. Joseph, Finance
Scott J. Karol, Finance
Marko Juhani Kauppi, Marketing
Kathleen J. Kidd, Accounting (with High Distinction)
Cholsu Kim, Management Information Systems
Hyun-Choon Kim, Management
Tanya Lee Kim, Marketing
Shaun Louise Kimber, Finance
Dolores S. King, Management (with Distinction)
Christy Beth Cummins Kluesner, Marketing
Dana Michelle Koch, Management
Timothy J. Koch, Accounting
Deborah L. Koerwitz, Accounting (with Distinction)
Sophia I. Kyriakakis, Finance
James H. LaForest, Accounting
Amelia Landeros, Management Information Systems
Michelle Lynne Large, Marketing
Kirsten Marie Kettell Largent, Accounting (with Distinction) Christina May Chuma Larkin, Managemen®|
Connie J. Knieling Laudeman, Management Information Systems (with Distinction)
Arthur W. Leavitt, Finance
Ignacio Leon, Marketing Carol Doreen Leonard, Accounting Monica Helga Lessard, Marketing Mark T. Levering, Management Wither A. Levoyer Jr., Marketing Jacqueline LaVerne Love, Management Linda Marie Lucci, Management Philip Frankie Luizzo, Finance Thon® Michael Mace, Accounting Stephen Michael Magee, Marketing Joanna Rene Magruder, Finance Susan L. Waldman Maini, Accounting Dawn Lee Maiorano, Marketing Sonya M. Mallery, Finance Ann Marie Manderscheid, Marketing Molly Kay Manderscheid-Hunt, Marketing Stephen C. Marcino, Finance
Jonathan Andrew May, Accounting and Finance Keenan Wayne McCardell, Management Scott David McDermott, Finance
Jana Maureen Heinrich McLaughlin, Accounting Terry L. McMichael-Lindquist, Finance John Brenden McNamara III, Marketing Paul R. McPhee, Accounting Douglas H. Metcalf, Marketing
Erin N. Mewhirter, Accounting (with High Distinction) William H. Meyer, Finance
Kristina Anne Miller, Management Teresa A. Miller, Accounting
Thomas Miller, Accounting and Management Information Systems Barbara Jean Miro, Accounting (with High Distinction) Stephanie Ann Mohr, Management Sharon Dawson Accounting John A. Molony, Management
Roy Noel Montell, Management Information Systems Diane M. Morgan, Management
Karen Yvonne Morgan, Accounting (with Distinction) Gail LaBrae Morrison, Accounting Colleen K. Morrissey, Management
Eric A. Mortenson, Management Information Systems Michael Alan Mullinax, Finance Wayne Allen Murray, Marketing Gregory Lynn1 Nance, Marketing
Norma Dorris Needham, Management Stephen Charles Nellis, Management Douglas Bruce Nelson, Management Information Systems and
Gary Nelson, Finance Theodore R. Nelson III, Management Ann M. Nesbit, Finance (with Distinction) Thao Thi Tuan Nguyen, Accounting Kevin J. Nute, Marketing
Dana Kristine Nyyssela, Marketing Friday A. Odong, Marketing Douglas A. Olsen, Accounting Stephen Arthur Olson, Accounting
Kererh Ozkan, Management and Marketing
William Alexander Palubinsky, Management
Tammy J. Papier, Accounting
Kristine Pay, Marketing
Floyd Kevin Perlsweig, Management
Geraldine A. Perry, Accounting
Gunnar Peters, Marketing (with Distinction)
John Douglas Peterson, Marketing
Jackie Lynn Phillips, Accounting
Fredrick Grant Pieper, Accounting
Mary Elizabeth Pipino, Marketing
Nicolette Chuk Plese, Management
Alexander Poleksic, Accounting and Finance
Prawet Pomcharoenrote, Marketing
Michelle D. Poteat, Management (with Distinction)
Brandon Neil Powell, Finance
Gregory B. Price, Management
Christopher J. Prohaska, Finance
Linda Diane (Rux) Prosser, Management
James B. Ranger, Management
Michael D. Rebello, Management Information Systems
Marcia Louise Armstrong Reed, Management Information Systems
Maurice L. Reid, Management Information Systems
Christian A. Reitz, Marketing
Anthony Leroy Rhynes, Management
Stuart Dee Rich, Marketing
Maya Richardson, Management
Sheryne Michelle Richardson, Management
Robert J. Ringle, Management (with High Distinction
Kelly J. Rinker, Accounting (with High Distinction)
Natalia Regina Rinker, Management
Cynthia Ann Kiser Rivkin, Accounting
C. L. Roark, Management
Theresa Dinceccoj Rodgers, Accounting
Karen Johannes Rodman, Management (with Distinction)
Thomas M. Rogers, Accounting
Stephen J. Romanovich, Accounting
Jay Martin Roper, Marketing
Robert Alan Ruffridge, Management
Franco Carl Ruocco, Marketing and Management
Kenneth Michael Ryerson, Management
Pedram Sahihi, Management
Susan Marie Sakio, Accounting
KeMDawn Sanders, Marketing
Laverne J. Sanders, Marketing (with High Distinction)
Peter G. Sanders, Management Information Systems
Regina Roshune Sarter, Management
Colleen Beth Kobett Sawyer, Accounting
Dean Samuel Scaletta, Marketing
Salvatore Joseph Scarantino, Management Information Systems
Dawn Marie Schachner, Management (with Distinction)
Diane M. Schierer, Management (with Distinction)
Darwin D. Schmidt, Management
Donna Joanne Neff Schoenbeck, Management Information Systems
David Duane Scofield, Accounting
James Clementine Shelby, Management
Danny Robert Siciliano, Accounting (with High Distinction)
Suzanne Clare Sikora, Accounting
Debra Jill Simms, Management
Angela D. Sims, Management Information Systems and Accounting
Donna Ann Sisneros, Management
Christine M. Wagner Smith, Accounting (with Distinction)
Debra Ann Smith, Management
Jamie L. Smith, Management
Jerry R. Smith, Management
Lanetta Kay (Grutsch) Smith, Management Information Systems
Marie Michelle Smith, Finance
Melissa Corleen Smith, Marketing
Scott Gibbs Smith, Accounting
Sharon Michelle Smith, Marketing
Calina Milan Snyder, Marketing
Roger Spendlove, Management Information Systems
Kathryn L. Nealy Spurlock, Management
Irene EspinOla St. Martin, Accounting
Linda L. Stacy, Accounting
Mark Glen Stainer, Management
Jonathan P. Stanislaw, Finance
Cynthia Kay Steinke, Management Information Systems and
Management (with Distinction)
Michael C. Stella, Finance and Accounting (with Distinction)
Robert A. Stephens, Management
Wesley E. Sterner, Management (with High Distinction)
Scot Martin Strehlow, Marketing
Genevieve C. Horist Strzemp, Management
Michael S. Sullivan, Marketing
Leann Tang, Accounting
Jo Ann Tarlton, Accounting (with Distinction)
Nancy Jean Taylor, Accounting
Robert J. Terry, Marketing
Coll A. Thomson, Marketing
Michael James Threet, Accounting
Joseph M. Tomczyk Jr., Finance
Dana L. Tompkins, Accounting (University Honors, Magna Cum
Vincent Mankit Tong, Management
Mikella Kay Tonozzi, Management
Karen D. Toole, Marketing
Michael David,Traxler, Accounting
John C. Tsacoyeanes, Management
Elora M. Tshudy, Management Information Systems
Rosalind Nichele Turmon, Marketing
David James Turner, Management
Kordye L. Turner, Finance
Yolanda V. Turner, Accounting and Management Information
Patricia Ann Underwood, Management Information Systems
William C. Underwood, Finance
Linnea Van Corp, Management
Connie Renea Velasquez, Marketing
Claudia I. Verzilli, Accounting (with High Distinction)
Mark Andrew Vieregg, Accounting (with Distinction)
Katherine Louise Waechter, Management Information Systems
(with Distinction)
Nicole Monique Wagner, Accounting
Tina Marie Walls, Management
Aranya Wandeevong, Accounting and Finance
Joseph Ralph Weber, Management
Brooke A. Weeks, Marketing
Joyce Sara Weissman, Accounting
Maria White, Management Information Systems (with Distinction)
Richard L. Wilk, Management
Michael Steven Wilkes, Accounting
Amy Marie Willet,
Lori F. Williams, Accounting
Richard K. Williams, Management
Melissa L. Winesett, Accounting
Kim Chi Wong, Accounting
Joy Ann Wyrick, Accounting (with Distinction)
Tisha Marie Yach, Management (with Distinction)
Jeffrey Lynn Yates, Marketing
Ronald V. YenkowSki Jr., Management
Margo A. Yhap, Accounting
Matthew L. Zafuto, Management Information Systems
Mark Shawn Zarvian, Finance
James F. Zeh II, Management
College of Education
Dr. Dale G. Andersen, Dean
Bachelor of Arts in Education
Heather E. Gross Aguilar, Elementary Education Kathy Jo Dineen Butchello, Elementary Education Gina Lyn Casillas, Elementary Education Annemarie Erculei, Secondary Education Michael F. Gresham, Secondary Education Mary Lee Higgason, Elementary Education Kerry C. Montoya, Special Education
Mark A. Moody, Secondary Education
Lola Richelle Moss, Secondary Education
John Lee Staples, Secondary Education (with Distinction) Melinda Ann Toutounji, Secondary Education
Jennifer Eugenia Ross Webb-Johnson, Special Education Mark Edward White, Secondary Education
Bachelor of Science in Education
Kelley Genoris Adams, Special Education
Kimberly Dawn Anderson Adams, Elementary Education Carol Adamson, Secondary Education (with Distinction) Wilford Keith Allen, Secondary Education
Mark Anthony Almerez, Secondary Education
Salme Kailvee ArmijB, Special Education
Tamara Sue Templeton Ayers, Elementary Education (with High Distinction)
Douglas Roger Bailey, Secondary Education (with High Distinction) Susan Elaine Batlouni, Elementary Education (with Distinction) Sheila King Belknap, Elementary Education (with Distinction) Patrick Grady Black, Secondary Education
Penny Mae Blunk, Elementary Education (with Distinction) Rebecca Lynn Bond, Special Education
Diane Marie Bordenave, Secondary Education Glenda Boulware, Secondary Education
Diane R. Christie Bradley, Elementary Education
Gerald Hays Brooks, Elementary Education
Cynthia Rae Brum, Elementary Education (with High Distinction) Stacy Lynn Cannon, Elementary Education (with Distinction) Beverly Ann Carroll, Secondary Education
David Oscar Christensen, Secondary Education Jeanetta Thomas Cook, Secondary Education Douglas Scott Couch, Secondary Education
Eleanor Charnock Creed, Secondary Education Brynn E. Cullings, Elementary Education Donnis L. Culpepper, Secondary Education
Brenda Ann Locken Cummins, Secondary Education Paul M. CurriBSecondary Education (with High Distinction) Trina Daffer, Secondary Education
Tamera Marie Wilkey Dessauer, Elementary Education Ronald William Dewey, Elementary Education
Scott Reed Dickamore, Secondary Education (with High Distinction)
Debi Elaine DMds, Elementary Education
Arlene Baran Donnelly, Elementary Education (with High Distinction)
Michelle Denise Dumont, Secondary Education
Donna Marie Eadie, Special Education
Secondary Education (with High Distinction) Ruben Rezada Esquejo, Secondary Education
Ann Christensen Evans, Elementary Education (with High Distinction)
Linda Dawn Kelliher Eyestone, Elementary Education Shari Dawn Feldman, Elementary Education
Lisa Marie Fitzgerald, Elementary Education
Wmi Marie Flowers, Secondary Education (with High Distinction) Msa Marie Forte, SeSndary Education
Martina Rose Furlan, Elementary Education Ana Maria Galarraga, Elementary Education Toni Sue Hudacek Gandha, Secondary Education Ana M. Garcia. Elementary Education
Debra Garner-Brooks, Elementary Education
Kristen M. Holden Gonzales, Elementary Education (with High Distinction)
Rogelio J. Gonzalez, Secondary Education
Kevin Ray Grannan, Secondary Education (with High Distinction) Diane Marie Stanczyk Green, Secondary Education
Elizabeth Gertrude Griffith, Special Education Jill Kay Tiberi Grimmesey, Elementary Education Dawn R. Gustafson, Elementary Education
Jason Harold Gustafson, SecMdary Education (with Distinction) Kwiberly Annette Havas, Secondary Education
Margaret Ann Heath, ElMentary Education
Victoria Lynn Heaton, Secondary Education (with Distinction) Erica Ann Heishman, Secondary Education
Jennifer L. Hiett, Elementary Education
Todd Norman I loadley, Secondary Education
Joyce Robin Hood,^Elementary Education
Suzanne Hossler, ElemeHary Education (with Distinction) John Patrick Hyland, Elementary Education
Jennifer Lynn Jackson, Elementary Education
Ann Jimenez, Special Education
John William Johnson, Elementary Education Mitchell Arvid Johnson, Secondary Education Sammie L. Johnson, Secondary Education
Sharon Louise Hendricks Johnson, Elementary Education (with Distinction)
Joni L. Jones, Secondary Education (with Distinction)
Michael Dean Kelso, Secondary Education (With Distinction) Stinson Kennedy, Secondary Education
Eileen Fay Knox, Elementary Education
Dorothy L. (Laferriere) Kulesza, Elementary Education (with High Distinction)
Karen M. Langemo, Elementary Education (with Distinction)
Maryse Anne Keeley Lawrence, Special Education and Elementary Education (with Distinction)
Karen McInnis Leavens, Elementary Education
Shirley D. Lester, Elementary Education
Peter Anthony Locatelli, Secondary Education
Judith Elaine Long, Special Education
Bradley Reif Loveday, Secondary Education
Paul William Lowe, Secondary Education
Patricia F. Mann MacLeod, Elementary Education
Michelle Stephens Masters, Secondary Education (with High Distinction)
Owen L. McDermott, Elementary Education (with Distinction) Nancy Jane Hodges McDonald, Elementary Education (with
John W. McDonnell, Elementary Education
Lisa A. McNeil, Elementary Education
Deborah Ann Mezger, Secondary Education
Kathleen Morgan LaSpina, Special Education
Gretchen Barbara Moroni, Elementary Education Tracy Lynn Morrill, Secondary Education
Stephanie K. McKenna Nelson, Secondary Education (with High Distinction)
Tracy Ann (Jucha) Nix, Special Education
Esther Carole Maupin Ogden, Special Education
Billie Rene Empey Osman, Elementary Education
Rebecca Sue Pappas, Elementary Education (with High Distinction)
Marla Paretsky, Elementary Educawn
Donna Kathleen Potter, Secondary Education
Lisa Ann Garn Pritchard, Special Education (with High
Julianne Jeanette (Szabo) Puchalsky, Elementary Education (with Distinction)
Alison Page Rachiell, Elementary Education
David Leonard Rapp, Secondary Education
Kirsten S. Rawson, Elementary Education (with Distinction)
Charles Allan Redder, Secondary Education (with High Distinction) Sheri Ruth Reese, ElfeijjJntary Education
Joseph David Reulbach, Secondary Education (with High Distinction)
Thomas Carter Rice, Secondary Education (with High Distinction) Kevan Eileen Rihel, Elementary Education (with Distinction) Catherine Benac Robinson, Secondary Education
Kimberly Jean Stubbs Roll, Elementary Education
Ruth M. Romer, Elementary Education (with High Distinction) Eric A. Ruggles, Secondary Education
Janine Elise Salerno, Special Education Charles C. Schlachtun, Secondary Education
Amanda Gale Schwer, Elementary Education Janice E. Shaffer, Elementary Education Juli Beth Shapiro, Special Educafifon Kimberly S. Shaw, Elementary Education Derek A. Smith, Secondary Education
Conee L. Fisher Spano, Secondary Education (with High Distinction)
Susan Marie Squire, Special Education
Garland Joy Steward Stacks, Secondary Education (with Distinction)
Karen Stastny, Elementary Education (with Distinction) Betsie Irene Vojta Stevens, Elementary Education (with
Michele Susan Panico Stevens, Elementary Education (with
Blanche Lynette Stillman, Elementary Education
Ralph Morgan Street, Secondary Education
Rebecca Lynn Sutton, Elementary Education
Vicki L. SwitzerjElernentary Education
Julia M. Theisen, Elementary Education
Christine S. Thiros, Elementary Education
Karen Yvonne Brotherton Thomas, Elementary Education (with
Pamela J. Thomas, Elementary Education (with High Distinction)
Sally E. (Erickson) Waldruff, Special Education
Kathleen Lynne Mesker Walkemeyer, Elementary Education (with Distinction)
Sandra Lynn Wardenburg, Secondary Education (with Distinction) Christian Jacqueline Moreira Wetmore, Secondary Education Stacy Ann Wetmore, Elementary Education
Lori Elizabeth Wheatley, Elementary Education
Kenneth C. Whitney, Secondary Education
Joanne Campanelli Williams, Elementary Education
Mack Williams, Secondary Education (with Distinction)
Mont Paul Winder, Elementary Education
Amber Leslie Worthington, Elementary Education
Kenneth Martin Wronski, Elementary Education
Professional Development Degree
Parry L. Buck, Secondary Education
Robin Patrick Dover, Secondary Education
Susan Ellen Scheiwer, Secondary Education
Ralph Richard Sutter, Secondary Education
Faye Kiyomi Tsuma Williams, Secondary Education
College of Engineering
Dr. William R. Wells, Dean
Bachelor of Arts
Thomas B. Cranford Jr., Computer Science (with Distinction)
Michael Kuntz, Computer Science
Rocky Lombardo, Computer Science
Bachelor of Science
Matthew Alan Yew Ming Au, Computer Science
Larry Ball, Architecture
Simon Bozier, Architecture
Michael L. Brown, Architecture
John E. Burden, Science
Rosa Castro Denton, Computer Science
Debbie L. Gillman, Architecture
Richard C. Glasser, Computer Science (with Distinction)
Shelly Ann Hayden, Architecture
Karl L. Johnson, Computer Science
Pamela Ann Littleton, Architecture
Drew Bond McPheeters, Computer Science
Toni Rae Melton, Architecture
Ronald Raymond Ripp, Architecture
Raymond Brent Sanders, Architecture
Michael R. Seitz, Computer Science
Patrick Alan Spiller, Computer Science Thomas J. Stratford, Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in Engineering
William Joseph Albert, Mechanical Engineering Donald F. Anderson, Computer Science Engineering Steven Edward Barile, Electrical Engineering
Jeffrey Alan Bauhs, Mechanical Engineering (with Distinction) David Bedford, Civil Engineering
Glenn Ford Bittrolf, Mechanical Engineering
Mark Olen Bodie, Mechanical Engineering
Denise Stovall Burton, Civil Engineering Donald L. Corey, Mechanical Engineering Philip Louis DaQuino II, Civil Engineering Thomas Edward Davy, Civil Engineering Greg Guillermo, Electrical Engineering
Norman Joseph Hammond, Electrical Engineering (with High Distinction)
Roy Daniel Johnson, Civil Engineering (with High Distinction) Stephen A. Jones, Mechanical Engineering
Christopher Jon Kirtfmich, Mechanical Engineering Willie Christopher Kiser, Electrical Engineering Susan M. Kroth, Mechanical Engineering Hadi Kusno, Electrical Engineering Yao Min Lei, Mechanical Engineering John Z. Li, Mechanical Engineering Wayne Li, Electrical Engineering
Montez Love, Mechanical Engineering
Ronald Garcia Mariano, Mechanical Engineering
Clark Gabriel McCarrell Jr., Mechanical Engineering
Kevin T. McOsker, Civil Engineering
Sheila Marie Melson, Mechanical Engineering
William John Mott, Civil Engineering
John Joseph Nietling, Electrical Engineering William M. O’Donnell, Electrical Engineering
Christine E. (Skapik) Partridge, Electrical Engineering Curtis R. Pederson, Mechanical Engineering Richard Jay Perri, Civil Engineering
Paul Stanley Pratt, Mechanical Engineering
Justin Paul Rasas, Civil Engineering
Christopher G. Rolland, Electrical Engineering Bifan Ronagh-Langroodi, Civil Engineering Raymond Brent Sanders, Civil Engineering Robert Louis Schibetta Jr., Civil Engineering Tony Kevin Engineering
Edward F. Taney, Civil Engineering (with Distinction) Phong Tan Truong, Electrical Engineering David W. Whitehead, Electrical Engineering Paige Robin Zielinski, Mechanical Engineering
College of Fine and Performing Arts
Michael McCollum, Interim Dean
Bachelor of Arts
Debra R. Freeman Bellver, Art (with Distinction)
Madeleine George Black, Music
Annelisa Lynn Blake, Theatre Arts (with Distinction)
Lisa Lynn Brewer, Theatre Arts
Indranee Khurlsingh Clarke, Dance
Brian Scott Curtis, Theatre Arts
Oswald DiFilippo, Art
Darlene Sciarretta Ensign, Dance (with High Distinction)
Destiny Teresa Esposito, Theatre Arts
Thomas F. Fay, Art
Nancy Wagner Halpin, Art
Susan L. Miller Hanson, Music (with Distinction)
Theresa Lynn Has tie, Art
Thomas Joseph Heider, Art
Bonnie Jo Henchai, Dance
Linda B. Simon Holm, Art (with Distinction)
Scott A. Jennings, Music
Cynthia Theresa Reyna Klouda, Art
Katina Rose Loo, Art
Toni J. LoppnM, Theatre Arts
Shawn Aaron Martin, Theatre Arts (with High Distinction)
Nicole A. McCollum, Art
Victoria Jo Norby, Theatre Arts
Mary Ann Oakason, Art (with High Distinction)
Shelly Lynn Schanzenbach (Hickman), Art (University Honors,
Cum Laude)
Ronald D. Winkler, Theatre Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Rayla S. Fujii, Art
GMrgia M. Bagshaw Hall, Art
Joy Prendergast, Art (with Distinction)
Barrie M. Taggart, Art
Dana S. Vellman, Art
Dawn S. Veltman, Art
Bachelor of Music
Patricia Elizabeth Busick Andersen, Music
Glenn Seagrave Colby, Music
Laura Ruth Marie Elliott, Music
Carolyn Janet Peterson, Music
Darrin Glenn Thomas, Music (with Distinction)
Don Joseph Thompson, Music
School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Dr. John Massengale, Dean
Bachelor of Science in Education
Dale Austin, Athletic Training
Denise Elaine Bailey, Health Education
Russell K. Bouldin, Athletic Training
Jeffrey S. Brinkman, Athletic Training
Brian Andrew Cameron, Recreation
Gene Gerard Cimorelli, Recreation
Colette Elaine Coleman, Athletic Training
Nancy Lee Crenshaw, Physical Education
Donna Marie DeMedio, Recreation
Kenneth Ray Fujii, Athletic Training
Anthony Albert Gelsone, Health Education
Jill Ann Goodman, Athletic Training
David Alan Gould, Physical Education
Mark Adam Hall, Athletic Training
Donald B. Harris, Health Education
Karen Lee Hirschfield, Health Education
Michael Lee Horn, Physical Education
Susan Anne Jersey, Physical Education (with High Distinction)
Keith William Joseph Lagocki, Physical Education
Louise F. Lucci, Physical Education
Richard Andrew Luthiger, Physical Education
Valerie A. Menster, Health Education (with Distinction)
Rachel Jane Miller, Health Education
Pauline McCarthy Mills, Physical Education (with High Distinction)
Barbara Ann Pinjuv, Health Education
Thomas Victor Porrello II, Health Education
Bradford D. Query, Physical Education
Joseph M. Rainone, Athletic Training
Neal Ray Reese, Health Education
Janine Rosenblatt, Physical Education
Robert Charles Ross, Athletic Training and Physical Education
Robert Cushman Row, Recreation
John Joseph Sawaia, Health Education
Marion Cathryn Davis Sharp, Health Education (with Distinction)
Janice Gail Rush Solarez, Recreation
Garland Joy Steward Stacks, Athletic Training (with Distinction)
Glen Gary Suberlak, Athletic Training
Debra Ann Wright, Recreation (with Distinction)
College of Health Sciences
Dr. Vicky Carwein, Interim Dean
Associate of Arts in Nursing
Robyn Zaldana, Nursing
Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology
Tonia Renee Jones, Radiologic Technology
Bachelor of Science
Sherry Lynn Ethington Aldridge, Nursing
Rosemarie Brown Allen, Nursing
Doris Popham Ballow, Radiologic Technology (with High
Gail Ann Barger, Nursing
Debra Jane Skeie Bowman, Nursing
Karen S. Campellone, Radiologic Technology (with Distinction)
Christine Marie Aramburu Clifford, Nursing
Tracy Lynn Clow, Radiologic Technology (with High Distinction)
Rebecca L. Dorgan, Nursing (with Distinction)
Agnes Mawanay Escalona, Nursing
Gerald F. Ewanick, Radiologic Technology
Terry G. Feiner, Nursing
Ralph James Gaddis, Health Care Administration
Marlene Ann Giron, Nursing
Janice Lorraine Glasper, Radiologic Technology
Jill Ann Goodman, Nursing
Helyna Susanne Halko, Nursing (with Distinction)
Kamran U. Haq, Radiologic Technology
Michele A. Minetti Harris, Nursing
Gary Michael Hartmann, Radiologic Technology (with High
Pamela Higgins, Nursing
Li-Nu J. Cheng Ho, Nursing
James F. Holtvoigt, Nursing (with High Distinction)
Shelley A. Hooper, Nursing
Shannon Kay Hurick, Nursing (University Honors, Cum Laude)
B. Nell Hurta, Radiologic Technology
Stephanie Francine Hagan, Radiologic Technology
Karl H. Kenney, Radiologic Technology
Cynthia Ann Kiernan, Radiologic Technology (with Distinction)
Kristina Marie Knutson, Nursing
Nancy L. Purselley Kukal, Nursing (with Distinction)
Sharon Renee Alford Linden, Nursing
Stephanie Louise Mack, Nursing
Denise Marie Mahoney, Nursing
Jane Lee Marichal, Nursing (with High Distinction)
Holly Louise McDonald, Radiologic Technology
Frances Ann Rich Meyer, Nursing (with High Distinction)
Binda M. Mount, Nursing
Tracey A. Ryan Nabors, Nursing
Jeanne Kay North, Radiologic Technology (with High Distinction)
Carina Marie Penrod, Radiologic Technology
Audrey Renee Bastian Peters, Nursing
Colleen Ann Sutton Ramey, Nursing (with Distinction)
Lynn Marie MacLeod Row, Nursing
Estelle Gibson Keyes Ruggles, Nursing
Elizabeth Theresa Rush, Nursing
Heidi Juliette Schindler Rust, Nursing
Daisy Sumibcay Sajor, Radiologic Technology
Jennifer A. Saluzzo, Radiologic Technology (with Distinction)
Monica Rose Saunders, Nursing (with Distinction)
Cynthia A. Schnetter, Nursing (with Distinction)
Sheila M. Slaughter, Nursing
Thomas J. Smith, Nursing
Kitten Lee Steenbock, Nursing
Laszlo G. Szoke, Radiologic Technology
Stephen L. Tremblay, Radiologic Technology
Cynthia R. VanBiber, Nursing (with High Distinction)
Margaret Ann Vornberg, Nursing
Patricia Anne Cory Waters, Nursing (with Distinction)
Kelly Ann Whelan, Radiologic Technology
Dana Lynn Simmons Widdison, Nursing
Terri Leah Thach Willis, Nursing
Jennifer Sue Murphy Wright, Nursing (with Distinction)
Cindy L. Ziegler, Radiologic Technology (with High Distinction)
College of Hotel Administration
Dr. David J. Christianson, Dean
Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration
Brian Seth Abraham, Hotel Administration Tanya A. Adams, Hotel Administration
AhHong Kamahalo Aipa Jr., Hotel Mmijiistration Jon Ann Alex, HM1 Administration Bria® Baglietto, HotfeAdministration Sherry Kay Beatte,
Andreas Bech-Olsen, Hotel Administration
Charlotta Margareta Beltrage, Hotel Administration (with Distinction)
Brandon Earle Berger, Hotel Administration:
Carina Ann Berman, Hotel AdministraWn (with Distinction) Stephanie Berry, 1 loteLAdministration
Barbara M. Biondi, HoM Administration Robert A. Blanda, Hotel AdlrMistrateon Lori G. Bokma, Hotel Administration J. Carlos Borges, HoM Administration Marleen Dawn Bostaph, 1 lotel Administration Tracy Lynn Bowman, Hotel Administration Thomas Arthur Brown, Hotel Administtati® Arkady A. Bruk, Hotel Administration Colleen Hotel Administration David P. Caffo, Hotel Administration Colleen Callaghan, Hotel Administration James (MMell, Hotel Administration Carlos Cerrato, Hotel Administration Eric JfcWon Cha, Hojel Sdminjstratioi^B Yu D. Chang, Hotel Administration Craig Administration
Chih-Yang Chen, Hotel Administration Connie K.H. Chen, Hotel Administration
Chun Yeung Cheung, Hotel Administration (with Distinction) Natalie Chiang,
Cara L. Claggett, 1 lotellMministration
Tiffany S, Coleman, Hotel Administration (wjth Distincti^^t Patricia Isabella ComMr, Hotel Administration
Joseph Michael Conto,
Toni L. Cormier, Hotel Administrate® Amarilys Hotel Administ^Wn Matthew Craig Cox, Hotel Administration Luanne Marie D’Ambrosia, I lotel Administration Michael Darzev,
Matthew Lyman Davenport, I lotel Administration Pamel^jajJean, Hotel AdministrMm Denise Denison, 1 lotel Administration Rebecca Leigh Dial, HoM Administration Michael Jude DiTornmaso, Hotel Administration William Joseph Dosch, Hotel Administration Yvette Chantal DuBee, HoWl AdministraUon Janine Marie Dugas, Hotel Administration James J. Durbin, 1 lotel Administration®
Trade E. Edelson, Hotel Administration (with High Distinction) Karen Leigh Emery, Hotel Administration Michael JSjFashtchi, Hotel Administration
AndrW Hale Feihstein, HoM AdminiMation Geraldine Felix, Hotel Administration ErUrWton, HotelLdmiMtratioSM
Corey Fields, Hotel Administration (with Distinction) Beverly Ann Finelsen, HoteMdministraMn Jason WFisher, Hotel Administfawn
Laurel Elizabeth Flaherty, Hotel Administration Jodi Fleischer. Hotel Administration
Haeran Park Fong, Hotel Administration (with High Distinction) Geri Lynn Ford, Hotel Administration
Rebec® L. Frank, Hotel Administration (with Distinction)
Lawrence W. Franks, Hotel
Henry Laszlo Friedrich, Hotel Administration
Reed D. GallMHotel Administration
Irma Noemi Garcia, Hotel Administration
Shari L. Gelato, 1 lotel Administration®
Leland D. Gerdes, Hotel Administration
■Werner Morgan Gerling, Hotel Afjninistration
Connie Gildersleeve, Hotel Administration (with Distinction)
Iverard E. Glenn Jr., 1 lotel AdmmWtrMon (with Distinction) T
Lori Lynne Goldbrandsen, Ilotel Administration
Mary Lee Mmes, Hotel Administraion
Robert I.. Gomez, 1 lotel Administration
Kelly Goodnough, Hotel Administration
Mari Goodwin, HoteMdminWraMll
Kara EyfwScoufos Goodyke, 1 lotel Administration '
Arthur R. Greene, Hotel Administration
William Joseph Grime, Hotel Administration
V. Grunden, HotNAdnAHtration
Steven Bradley Guinn, I lotel Administration
Charles Edward Haff Jr, Hotel Administration
Heather Malia Hale, Hotel Administration
Tai Harpaz, Hotel Administration
Ann Marie Hatfield, Hotel Administration
Christopher William 1 leers, I lotel Administration
Hegrs, Hatel Administration:.&y7/? Distinctions
Diane Hotel Administration
RtlisonA. I lodges, Hotel Administration
Lance Michael Hornecker, Hotel Administration
Ronald G. HoWick, Hotel Administration
James O’Shaughnessy Houssels, Hotel Administration
George Weldon 1 lughes, Hotel Administration
Darrell Gene Hunsicker, Hotel Administration
Richard EllSfiEHunt, Hotel Administration
Lorraine Marie Isenberg, Hotel Administration (with High
Jose Antonio Iturri, Hotel Administration
Gia Lyn Jkckson,
Sanjeshwar Jaduram, Hotel Administration (with Distinction)
Mark Steven Jenkins, Hotel Administration
Gregg Johnson, I lotel Administration
Thomas E. Judd, Hotel Administration (with High Distinction)
Shannon Mrie KaiSja, Hotel High
David Katsanes, Hotel Administration
Michael R. Keller, Hotel Administration
Timothy M. KeH, Mtel AdMnistraMn
Kelly Keri, Hotel Administration
Meborah KiTM Hotel ArEMinistrMM (with Distinction®
Jonathan Kim, Hotel
Kenneth Klarich, Hotel Administration
fcjjx Kleinschmidt, Hotel Administration
Melinda HM Knight, HofH Administration
Scott Kreeger, Hotel Administration
Joseph Peter LaBreche, HSeTAdn^inistration
Edward Dean Lake, I lotel Administration
Lamb, HpLl WhinUraMrn
Chrisjgpjrer Mifehael Landay, HHEWministration
Andrew James Larson, Hotel Administration
Ryan Y. Hee’ Hotel Administration
Rebeca Lau Ho, Hotel Administration (with High Distinction) Jennifer Lauterbach, Hotel MministWWn
Matthew LaVine, Hotel Administrate®
Diane C. Lee, Hotel Administration (with Distinction)
Michael S. Leitner, HotehAdministratio^®
Douglas®. Lente, Hotel Administration
Gayle Lev, Hotel Administrate®
Karen M. Hotel Administraffibn
Tania Liu, Hotel Administration
Alyssa Marie Lopez, Hotel Administration
Kenneth LoruS|i|jHotel Administration
Blanca Leticia Lozano, HotelWdministratWn
Bobby.Euce, Hotel Administration (jcith Distinction)
Shannon Marie Madigan, Hotel
Gladys Major, Hotel.Administration
Molly Michelle Maloney, Hotel AdminiLation
Tom K. Mann, Hotel Administration
Frank Martin, HVW Administration
Roger M. Martin, Hotel Administration
Clement Joseph MaiDMau, Hotel Administratic^®
Marcus Ray Martinez, I lotel Administration Laureen Anne McCoH Hotel Administration Araya Mekara, Hotel Administration
Margaret M. Mercurio, Hotel Administration
Pamela Holly Meroney, Hotel Administration (with High Distinction3®
Richard Michael Messura Jr., I lotel
Carl Francis Meyer, Hotel Administration
Michael Joseph Middleton, Hotel Administration
Clifford Austin Miller, 1 lotejjAdministration Dawn Kristine Miller, I loteL’Adminislration PamelaiMichele Milner, Hotel Administration Randy John Mitchell, Hotel Administration Bfeiven P. Mftdhell, H<M
AndrM Mittleman. 1 lotel Administration
Kathryn WdWM Hotel Adh^DtMiN^®
Robert WMoore, I lotel Administration
Philip John Mori, Hotel AdministraUon
Peter Muehl, Hotel MmiMfratiM
Bruce Bennett Mullen, Hotel Administration
Marlon Murillo, Hotel Administration®
Harris Andrea Neophytou. HotffflAdminisgation John G. Newton, Hotel AdftiinistHtipn
Par Stefan Noren, Hotel AdministrjSon (with High Distinction) Jan Elizabeth Northway, Hotel Administration
Sherri L. UWton, Hotel'AdministrMon
Carolyn Nygard, Hotel Administration
Gil F. Ophir, Hotel Administration (with High Distinction)
Rob A. Opiteck, 1 lotel Administration
Thomas L. Hotel Agninistration
Barbara Gayle Pacchetti, Hotel AdminiWatioK
Stephen Matthe^Padberg, Hotel Administration Stacey L. Pagan, Hotel AdministraUon
Rosemary Palacios. Hotel Administration
Catherine E. Palmer, Hotel Administration
Eun Suk Park, Hotel Administration
Barry Grant Parkes, Hotel Administration®
Christine M. Paskvan, HUel Administration
Christie Catherine PeleiMW Hotel AdminisfratiOi^B Karen Elizabeth Polanchek, Hotel Administratior^^ Matthew Paul I lotel Administration®
Jerry Jaroslav Pribil, Hotel Administration (with High Distinction) Dominic Prbvenzano Jr., Hotel Administration
Brendan Francis Quilter, Hotel Administration (with High
Gina Moore Richardson, HotWAdministratioiWD
James WWzn Richert, Hot®Administration
David B. Rietow, HotHWdminiH'ation
Kathleen Marie Riley. Hotel Administration
Tiffany Roberta Hotel Administration
Lee Michael Rosenthal, Hotel Administration
Wherry L. Ross, HotelrAdministration
Juha Pekka Rouvinen, HgtelAdministration
Leigh Ann Runyan, WW1 Administration
Richard C. Russell, Hotel Administration
Markus Rutz, I lotel Administratior®
Cris Sarni, Hotel Administration
Lisa M. Scardino, HotelWflmihigtration
Joyce A.Bcharbach, Hotel Administration
I Lynn M. Schneider, 1 lotel Administration
Matthew A. Schoolitz, Hotel Administration
Christine Marie Schwarz, Hotel Administrating (with High
SusaaBamela Shapiro, Hotel Administration
Traffl® Sheehan, Hotel Administration
Alexander Geoffrey Shelton, Hotel Administration
Steven jH Sherman, I lotel Administration
Hayato Shinjo, Hotel Adpijnjstrawn
Sherri Sue Shoaf, 1 lotel Mministrdfion ■
Krohn Isamu Shoda, Hcjtel Administration
Natasha IM ghriner, Hotel Administration
Kristen Ann Shubert, Hotel Administration
Dove Elana Shukartsi, 1 lotel’Administration
MitchM Scott Siegel, Hotel: Administration
Hilde Sivle, HMel AdministraUon (with DistinctionJ®
Mark DuMonte Skidmore, HotefflAdministration (with High
Charles John Skladnowski, I lotel administration
Christopher Scott SkochenkM HWAAdministration
Bill I). Slusher, Hotel Administration
Wonald Lester Smale, Hotel AdminMration
Randolph Richard Smiler, HMel AdmjMtration
Jamila A. Smith, Hotel Administration
Charles R. Solon, Hotel Administration
Rosemary (Gibbs) Spencer. Hotel Administration
Mark Christopher Stackrow, Hotel Administration
Donna Lynn Slava, I lotel Administration
Valerie M. Stem, Hotel Administration
Julie A. Stephana Hotel Administration
Debra Ann Sterns, Hotel Administration
Steven B. Stover, Hotel .Administration
Curt Michael SIMM, Hotel Administration
Kimberil Stupp, Hotel Administration
jgoshihei Tanaka, Hotel Administration
Adam Scott Tanenbaum, 1 lotel Administration
John J. Tartaglia, Hotel Administration
A|® P. Telian, Hotel Administratior®
Lee Eng Tey. I lotel Administration
Kristen Ann Thomas, Hotel Administration
June TMWpson, Hotel AdministrationVl
Donna M. Sarnelli Timmons, Hotel Administration
Edwin Tokunaga, Hotel Administration
Gustavo A. Torres, Hotel Administration (with Distinction)
Yuta Tsunoda, Hotel Administration
Wai Tung, Hotel Administration
Mark Moritz Uhlrich, Hotel Administration
Adrianne Elizabeth Van Strander, Hotel Administration (with
Joseph Ewing Vaughn III, Hotel Administration
Lynne Marie Visconti, Hotel Administration
William Tinman Walker, Hotel Administration
Thomas R. Warmuth. Hotel Administration
Holly Marie Weberg, Hotel Administration
Keith Edward Weiner, Hotel Administration
Lynde Michelle Weisfeld, Hotel Administration
Kent Arlen Werner, Hotel Administration
David Lawrence Wetter, Hotel Administration
Annette Marie Wheeler, Hotel Administration
Elizabeth Marie Miner, Hotel Administration
Lawrence Christopher Wilson, Hotel Administration (with
Alan Witt, Hotel Administration
Gabriele Ulrike Woelfel, Hotel Administration (with High
Thomas 0. Wolf, Hotel Administration
Yaw Woon, Hotel Administration
Sandra Yep, Hotel Administration
Siu Mei Anna Yeung, Hotel Administration
Carolyn Yon, Hotel Administration (with High Distinction)
Courtney Robert Young, Hotel Administration
Donna Jean Zaczek, Hotel Administration
Elyse Ann Zander, Hotel Administration
Steven Joseph Zanella, Hotel Administralfcn (with High
Suzanne M. Zinga, Hotel Administration
Carolyn A. Zorn, Hotel Administration
College of Liberal Arts
Dr. James Malek, Dean
Bachelor of Arts
Alan Louis Alarid, Communication Studies
Jennifer A. Alarid, English (with High Distinction)
Scott M. Allan, Communication Studies
Jamal Francis Allen, Communication Studies
Kimberly Verne Alpert, English
Monique Angelle Ambe, English
Shirley EiSko Aoyama, Communication Studies (with Distinction)
Ruben V. Aquino Jr., Criminal Justice
Diedra Michelle Armstrong, Criminal Justice
James Merle Atcheson, Communication Studies
Fred Raymond Auzenne, Criminal Justice
Chadwick Dwayne Avery, Social Work
Joel Henry Ax, Sociology
Perry Joseph Azzara, Psychology
Shannon Nicole Bachellor, Psychology
John Gerald Baerga, Social Work
Terri Bond Barber, Sociology (with Distinction)
Mia Jo Barlow, Criminal Justice
Kimberly Claudette Baucum, Psychology (with Distinction)
David Warren Baxter, Criminal Justice
Julie Foutz Beasley, Psychology (with High Distinction)
Andrea Ann Beauchamp, Political Science
Mary Anne Beck, Psychology
James A. Bertone, Psychology
Ellen J. English (with Distinction)
Paul Thomas Billings, Psychology (with Distinction)
Daniel Michael Bisek, Anthropology
Diana Marie Blalock, Sociology
Trade Michele Blankenship, Communication Studies
Joan Leslie Blewett, Social Work
Rebecca J. Chestnut Block, Communication Studies (with
James Barnum Bondlaw Criminal Justice
Loretta Booth, Political Science
Teri Diane Templeton Bradford, Psychology
Charles Bradley III, History
Toni Lee Branch, Psychology
John Edward Brooks, English
Kevin R. Brown, Criminal Justice
Ross W. Browning Jr., Interdisciplinary Studies
Michelle Yvonne Brugger, Communication Studies
Carolyn Hamilton Brumby, Communication Studies
Darryl Ernest Bruno, Political Science
Michael L. Brunson, Psychology (with Distinction)
Blythe A. Bryant,'Communication Studies
Lisa Marie Bugay, Social Work
Jay D. Bullard, Criminal Justice
Glen A. Burgess; CoMnunication Studies
Renee Burns, Psychology
Valerie Jean Cabella, Political Science
Ruth Ann Cameron, Psychology
Craig Douglas Campbell, Criminal Justice
Shawn Romell Campbell, Criminal Justice
Richard Daniel Cappetto, History (with Distinction)
Julia A. Carrigan, Psychology
Anthony Craig Garrison, Communication Studies
Deborah Robinson Carter, Social Work (with Distinction)
Tammy Lynn Gardner Cass, Communication Studies
Donna Castaneda, Communicdta’on Studies (with Distinction)
Edna Arredondo Caulkins, Criminal Justice
Wanda Ruth Sands Chemo, Criminal Justice
Claus Gary Christiansen, History (with High Distinction)
Donna Jean Church, Social Work (with Distinction)
Tracy Nina Clark, Communication Studies
Daria Shannon Clarke, French
Patricia Callanan Coaley, Communication Studies
Paula C. Cody, History
Deborah C. Cohen, Sociology
Shirley J. Cohen, Social Work
Tina Coladonato, English (with Distinction)
Douglas Worthington Coleman, Criminal Justice
Michael Kevin Cooke, Criminal Justice
Gia Danielle Cooper, Psychology
Georgina Guerra Corbalan, Communication Studies
Kimberly Laura Creelman, Communication Studies
Nanette L. Crow, Criminal Justice
Norman W. Cutter, Spanish
Sreeni Manohari Dalpatadu, Criminal Justice (with High
Tracy Carol Dang, Political Science
Michelle E. Daniels, Communication Studies
Tanya Lanchon Davis, Criminal Justice
Gina Lisa DeMarco, Psychology
Donald Scott Dereberry, Criminal Justice
Lina Perpetau Dickey, Criminal Justice
Dominique Dion, Communication Studies
Heather Denise Disselkoen, Communication Studies (with High Distinction)
Gillian Elisa Doctors-Wells, Psychology
Wiane Joy Domina, Criminal Justice
Michael Patrick Doyle, Philosophy (with Distinction)
Danielle Vicenta Dozier, Criminal Justice
Stephan A. DuCharme, Criminal Justice
Martin Dean Dupalo, Communication Studies
Martin Dean Dupalo, Political Science
Lisa Mollie Anne Ebeltoft-Kraske, History (University Honors)
Barbara Jane Engel, Communication Studies
Lisa Ellen Engelmann, Social Work
Christopher M. Erickson, History
Neil D. Erzoff, Political Science
Joseph C. Felix, Psychology
Pamela Sue Bacon Fessler, Communication Studies
Martin Edward Fisher, Political Science (with Distinction)
Steven H. Fleischer, Criminal Justice
Scott Douglas Fleming, Political Science (with Distinction)
Carol Krista Foley, Sociology
Lisa M. Fountain, English
Carrie A. Franklin, Social Work
Jeffrey Jay Geihs, Communication Studies
Cheryl Ann Gelman, Criminal Justice
Andrea Kristen Gerlak, Political Science
Shuri C. Glazier, Communication Studies
Lisa Ann Golub, Psychology (with High Distinction)
Rose Mary Kemp Gordon, Social Work
Todd Gilbert Gottschalk, Psychology
Merry Ruth Parker Graham, Criminal Justice
Amber Jean Gray, English (University Honors)
Sonji Antoinette Green, Sociology
Kelli Sue Grimm, Psychology
Rayfflond J. Gutierrez II, History
Jeanne M. Haenel, Psychology (with High Distinction)
Elizabeth A. Haigh, Criminal Justice
Lorna Hall, Interdisciplinary Studies (with Distinction)
Paula Michelle Hammack, Psychology
Celeste M. Hamner, Political Science
Joyce Ruth Hance, Communication Studies
Mandoline Hannah, Social Work
Warren Brent Hardy II, Political Science
Jacquline Denise Harris, Criminal Justice
Kevin Ray Harris, Criminal Justice
Gudrun Gabriele Fercke Hatfield, Interdisciplinary Studies (with
High Distinction)
Jay Scott Hatfield, Political Science
Cynthia Heath, Communicatfin Studies
L. J. Helms, Psychology
Achmed Charles Henry, Psychology
Annette Marcia Henson, Criminal Justice
Dereck Kibbler, Criminal Justice
Deborah Yuriko Higa, Criminal Justice
Jeanne M. Hille, Communication Studies
Catherine Marie Hornick, Psychology (with Distinction)
Stephen S. Hong, Political Science-
Diane P. Hornsby, English
Angelica M. Houchen, Political Science
James Jackson Howell, Communication Studies
Cindy Sue Jackson, Criminal Justice
Eddie Bernard Jackson, Social Work
Katherine Jacobi, Psychology (with High Distinction)
Cecelia A. Jacques, Social Work (with Distinction)
Christopher David Jakobiak, Sociology
Shanon Leah Janus, Communication Studies
Christian Ronald Jeter, Criminal Justice
Candy Yvette Johnson, Social Work
Caroline Rose Johnson, History
Jeanne Lynn Johnson, Sociology
Jerry P. Johnson, Sociology
Lara Anne Wilson Johnson, Communication Studies
Diane Lorrayne Backes Jordan, Communication Studies (with High Distinction)
Pauline PKordan, Criminal Justice
Bosko Katie, Communication Studies
Rosemary Kathleen Kean, Psychology
Carole Lynne Keeler, Social Work (with High Distinction)
Shawn Patrick Kelso, Communication Studies
Jesse Kent, Social Work (with Distinction)
Linda Abby Keys, English
Suhail Khalid, Sociology
Christopher E. KindreM Criminal Justice
Stephen Francis Kiraly, Sociology (with Distinction)
Steven Tsutomu Kiuchi, Sociology
Lisa Marie Klein, French
Angela Marie Kolar, Political Science
Jeffrey Jacob Kump, History (with Distinction)
Krista K. Kurvers, Sociology (with Distinction)
Michael Anthony Lamont, History
Vicki Gail Lander, Criminal Justice
Abigail Webb Langstaff, Criminal Justice
Kristi E. Larsen, English (with Distinction)
Sabine Laurent, English
Pamela Lawrence, Anthropology (with Distinction)
Christopher C. Lee, Psychology
Carolyn Louise Leggins, Criminal Justice
Monica Carla Leija, Social Work
George Nick Leonis, Psychology
Randi N. Lerman, Criminal Justice
Renee Yvonne LiButti, English (University Honors, Cum Laude)
Esther Bredback Linden, Social Work (with High Distinction)
Moire K. Lynch, English
Susan Elizabeth Mackenzie, Criminal Justice
Mary Beth Hennen Mahler, English
Karen Marconi, Communication Studies
Tatanyia Lynn Marshall, Social Work
Joseph Martin, English
Michele J. Martin, History
Patrick Timothy McCartney, Psychology
Donald Alfred McDonald, Criminal Justice (with High Distinction)
Maria Cristina McDonald, Communication Studies
Zina M. McGowan-Thomas, Communication Studies
Vanesa May McKinney, Psychology
Rachelle Ruth McKinsey, English
Randal James McLaughlin, Criminal Justice (with Distinction)
Mary Elizabeth McNeil, Political Science (with Distinction) Travis Andrew McNevin. Political Science
David Michael Mendez, Criminal Justice
Michael Raymond Merritt, Criminal Justice
Jennifer Lynn Meyn, Communication Studies
Carrie Ann Cary Michaels, Psychology
Rosalind Evonne Middleton, Interdisciplinary Studies (with High Distinction)
Denise I. Miersen, Psychology
Angela Galindo Moein. Psychology
Todd Michael Moeller, Criminal Justice
Sherri Lynn Moles, Communication Studies
Scott Alan Monticelli, Criminal Justice
Kelly S. MoodyhPsychology
Tammy Renee Moore, Criminal Justice
Suzanne J, Morehead, Engjfih
Richard L. Mountz, C.cHmunication Studies
Mark Eugene N«on, Communication Studies'
Pamela J, Nicholls, Social Work (with Distinction)
Lisa Charlene NieSen, Psfihology
Lori Ann Nitzschke, Criminal Justice
Linda Ann Brehm Nolan, English (with High Distinction)
Stephen O’Mahoney, Communication Studies
Lani Malinda Allred Olsen, Social Work
Gail A. Mapp Ordowski, Psychology
John Anthony Oteri, Communication Studies
John Christopher Otero, Interdisciplinary Studies (with
Stephen Arthur Ouellett, Criminal Just®
Julie Ann Palcwic, Communication Studies
Marian Alice Palmer, Communication Studies
Kathleen T. Patrick, CHlmunication Studies
Joanna Lynn Peccitto, Communication Studies (with High
Karen D. Petree, Social Work (with Distinction)
Ariana Petrignani, History (posthumously)
Minhkha Thi Pham, SWal Work
Denise A. Piter,
Jessica Anne Polednak, Psychology
Gina Bri Anne Political Science
Patricia Ann Preston, Communication Studies
William Edward Price, History
Ann C. Petre Priest, Criminal Justice (with Distinction)
Linda Alice Prowell, English
Lisa Marie Puleo, English
Julie Kay Longley Putman, Psychology
Valerie S. Quinlan, Social Work (with High Distinction)
Sandra R. Raab, Social Work (with Distinction)
Lynn M. Cahill Radcliffe, Interdisciplinary Studies (with High
Penny Marie Ramos, Psychology
David James Rawson, Political Science
Sebredia Petrese Reaux, Psychology
Trinity J. Reda, Communication Studies
Carol Ann Rhodes, Communication Studies (with Distinction)
David W. Rice, Political High Distinction)
Linda Carol Richards, Communication Studies (with Distinction)
Susan R. VanWagoner Ritchie, Psychology
Jane W. Robbins, Psychology (with High Distinction)
Gerald Patrick Robinson, Social Work
Timothy Carl Rogers, Criminal Justice
Rayfield Roundtree Jr., Criminal Justice Wimberly Ann Rutowski, Corwpunication Studies Rosario D. Saenz, Political Science Vena Janine Santana, Political Science
Sharlene Shalimar Sayegh. History (with High Distinction)
L. Scholl, ’
Suzanne Teresa Scott-Weiss, Communication
Christine Louise Wilke Seibdffl, SociaBWork (with High Distinction) Craig Franklin Seibert, Crfcrainal Justice (with High Distinction) Gary Lawrence Seideman, Communication Studies
John Nseph Shields, Communication Studies (with Distinction Brad Dennis Simmons, Political Science (with High Distinction) Joseph William Singleton, PoliticaljScience
Monica Jo Skelton, Social Work
Lyle Skoll, Psychology
Vanessa K. Skrinjaric, Political Science (with High Distinction) Sara Ensley Smith, Social Work
Theodore Richard Snodgrass, Criminal Justice Brian J. Soucinek, Communication Studies" Patricia AWWpeelman, Psychfflogy Gayna Denise Squall®! Criminal
Matthew R. Stanigar, Political Science
William Henry StanbfeEnglish
Irving Luckson Stark, Psychology (with Distinction) Deanna F. DeSalvo Social Work (with Distinction)
James Michael Steffen, English Adam Bennett Steiner, Sociology
Krayton E. Stephens, Communication StudiegJzzzzWz Distinction) Marian F. Stewart, Psychology (with Distinction)
Lynette PouKn Stirling, Social Work (with Distinction) John Michael Stuart ^Political Science
Marie Stunek, Criminal Justice Sutton, Social Work
Melissa Anne Swoboday, Communication Studies (with High Distinction)
James®. Tewell, Communication Studies Kechia L. Thomas-English, Psychology Stephanie Thome, Sociology John CornwelMhompMn> History Mary Lou Heaps Thornley, History Arthur Martin Tjaden, Criminal Justice Kyle Mark Toomer, Criminal Justice Kelli Ann Toomey, Social Work Melinda Ann ToutounjMHistory
MistgRobin Tryon, Communication Studies MaryJane E. Kuhner Turner, Social Work Reginald Lamont Turner, Criminal Justice Sonya Jeron Turner, Interdisciplinary Studies Joanne Elizabeth Selle Lfrioste, Spanish Denise jnn VanRc®, CrHiinal JusMe Mice Flsfihe Durham VanWey, History (with High Distinction) David Keith Vaughn, Communication Studies Rafael Villanueva, Communication Studies Joseph S. von I lazmburg, Criminal Justice
Kristen Sociology
Robert G. Walden, German (with Distinction)
Millie Fawcett Warden, Sociology (with Distinction) Millie Fawcett Warden, Social Work (with Distinction) Todd A. Warger, History
Gordon P. Washington, Social Work Sandra Jean Weese, Communication Studies
Robert Paul Welch III, Criminal JusticW, Richard Eugene Wells, Political Science
Karen Elizabeth Westrich, Hisgry
Tanya D. White, Communication Studies (with High Distinction) Jon David Whittington, Communication Studies
Philippe Marc Willems, French
Juliana Kay Williams, Interdisciplinary Studies
Larry O’Glenn Williams, Political
Carla J. Williams-DeMauro, Sociology
Joseph Edward Wingard, Criminal Justice
Malerie Rosanne Rolf Wirey, Psychology with Distinction)
Rosette H. Wirtz, Interdisciplinary Studies
Samantha Robinanne Wohlers, Political Science Stacey Danine Wolff, Communication Studies Dina Antoinette Wong, Communication Studies Sarah Frances Cain Wood, Criminal Just® (with John Lyman Woodford, History
Labrinna Dell Worthy, Criminal Justice
SidnewJason WrighwWchology
Bert E. Wuester Jr., Political Science
Cherylanne Marie Yiatras, Studies
Michael Gregory Young, Psychology Shawn Eric Young, Social Work
Tony E. Zuiker, Communication Studi3(zz«7/z Distinction)
Bachelor of Liberal Studies
Sammie Ellen Barnes, Liberal Studies
Bernadette Suzanne Bransch, Liberal Studies (with High Distinction)
Stephen Bradford Cahlan, Liberal Studies
Anna Michelle Halstead, Liberal Studies
Victoria L. Hirsch LippeniLiberal Karen Ellen Petrie, Liberal Studies
Leonard Robert Tinnell, Liberal Studies
College of Science and Mathematics
Dr. Ernest J. Peck, Dean
Bachelor of Arts
Kim Ng» Nguyen Le, Mathematical Sciences
Karen L. Miller, Chemistry
April Deana Neumann, Chemistry
Colette Yvonne Skinner, Chemistry
Donna Patrice Waltman, Chemistry
Randolph Vincent WhiW, Chemistry
Todd Gilbert Gottschalk, Biological Sciences
Susan Marie Gray, Biological Sciences (University Honors) Elizabeth Guerra, Physics
Gregory Paul Harbach, Biological Sciences (with Distinction) ■ana Rae Harris, Chemistry (with Distinction)
Robert Michael HMM, Geology
Jeffrey A- Johnson, Geology
Umesh B. Joshi, Chemistry
Terri Lynne Koppe, Biological Sciences
Terry Kozlowski, Biological Sciences
Steven Douglas Lampinen, Biological Sciences
Milter Biological Sciences
Lorraine Marie Linnert, Geology (with Distinction)
Tamara Lior, Biological Sciences (with Distinction) Daniel J. Maxson, Biological Sciences
Scott Darren McElroy, Biological Sciences (University Honors, Summa Cum Laude)
Patrick Kevin McVey, Applied Physics
Loretta Jean Metzger, Biological Sciences (with High Distinction) Mark L. Morningstar, Physics
Helena Murvosh, Mathematical Sciences (with Distinction)
Kent E. Nall,
Danuta NSwinski, ChMistry
Michael Nys, Chemistry: (with Distinction) Kirk A. Overby, Biological Sciences
Rhonda Christina Rankin, Geology
Jeffrey Charles Reeves, Applied Physics
Jeffrey Charles Reeves, Geology
Jill Christine Roberts, Mathematics (with High Distinction) VicMSue Roby, Biological Sciences (with High Distinction)
John C. Rutherford Jr., Chemistry
Michael John Schierman, Biological Sciences
Kenneth Alan Seward, Biological Sciences
Ashish Sharma, Biological Sciences (University Honors, Summa Cum Laude)
Sheila Kathleen Sheldon, Biological Sciences Victoria N. Smith, GeoloMD
Thalia Annetta Stepp, Biological Sciences
Christine Marie Catherine Tangredi, Biological Sciences (University Honors)
Rosaura Tejeda, Applied Physics
Cnantel Thibodeaux, Biological Sciences
Daniel Stephen Tobiason, Geology
BMN. Truong, BicMgical Sciences
Janet Culler Waters, Biological Sciences
Nichole Marie Weishaupt, Biological Sciences
Michele Ann Theisen Wesley, Biological Sciences (with Distinction) Lori Ann Whipple, Geology
Kelly Wayne Woods, Biological Sciences (with High Distinction)
Bachelor of Science
Alberto Edgardo Achaval, Biological Sciences
Michelle Rebecca Berkowitz, Biological Sciences
Mark Francis Buettner, Biological Sciences
Judith Michele Robison Dudek, Sciences
Cheryl Hadley Durham, Biological Sciences (with High
Victor Gamboa, Biological Sciences
Gary James Geracci, Biological
Donald Grant Goodrich, Chemistry
Honors Program
Dr. Leonard Zane, Director
Lisa Mollie Anne Ebeltoft-Kraske, University Honors
Madalena Louise Fischer, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Amber Jean Gray, University Honors
Susan Marie Gray, University Honors
Shannon Kay Hurick, University Honors, Cum Laude
Renee Yvonne LiButti, University Honors, Cum Laude
Scott Darren McElroy, University Honors, Summa Cum Laude Shelly Lynn Schanzenbach (Hickman), University Honors, Cum
Ashish Sharma, University Honors, Summa Cum Laude Christine Marie Catherine Tangredi, University Honors Dana L. Tompkins, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
The Nevada Centennial Medallion is presented annually to the graduating Senior earning the highest fougear scholastic average at UNLV. Due to the early date of Commencement this year, it is impossible to determinKy the time of the ceremony the the student who has achieved this award for 1991.
However, as soon as all grades have been checked and verified, the 1991 recipient will be identified and presented the medallion at a special ceremony.
One-hundred-andHreMedallions were given to the university by the Rotary Club of Las Vegas at the time of the state’s centennial celebration in 1964. The last medallion will be awarded in 2064, thJ year of Nevada’s two hundredth
Previous r®ipients are listed below in descending order from 1990 to 1964.
Natalia Hinojos Paula Naegle
iWa Marie
Celeste Marie Williams Dinah Louise Beggs
Janice Etta Woodford Connie Maria Morantes
Julia C. Angelica Joanne Andrews
John Surina Nancy M. Forni Judi D. ReBord
Martin D. Schaffer Diane N.
Steven B. Sedtii'cek Mary V. DibblSB
Kathleen Ashton Phyllis J. Zagortz William M, Brown
Bsfcroft Jr.
Michael G. Carlson Amaliw, AuBn
Carol JamSH Myrna D. WWn Janet N. Monson
Jacqueline Mongeot Dominic I. Daileda
Graduating seniors who hMe beM initiated ifiib UNLM chapS of Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society are presentefflHth bronze medallions wear at the Commencement
exercises. Each year Chapter 100 at UNLV invites to membership
the top 10 percent,of the senior classgmd theJ™5 percent fethe junior class in all academic disciplines.
The Presidential Medallion is the official insignia B the President’s Office and is worn at Commencement and other ceremonialH occasions. It was a gift to the uniWrsitM-om the Student SenatfH and Activities Board of the Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada (CSUN).
Cast of sterling silver, the medallion embodies the official seal of the State of Nevada. Links of the chain carry the names of current and presidents of the university With their terms of office, and symbolize the continuity of responsibility in the office.
The University Mace, which has its traditions deeply rooted in history, is carried on ceremonial occasions at the head of the academic procession by the Grand Marshal, whose symbolic duty is the protection of the university, its persons, and its processes.
Originally a weapon, the earl A t mace was made of iron and was capable of breaking armor. Bishops, ifarbidden by canon law to bear swords, sometimes took the mace with them into battle. The mace consisted of a long club With a ball of iron, steel, or brass at one And, and k used in warfare as late as the sixteenth century.
The use of the mace as an instruments’ ceremony, however, Began about the year 1250 in England and France, and is still used widely today in university commencement programs as well as in governmental ceremonies.
The UNLV Mace has been cast from polished metal and features a black hardwood staff. Facets of the cubical top embody the university’s seal; a sNWolic depiction of the Statue of Liberty; a likeness of Renaissance scholar Leonardo da Vinci, representing the Bptegration of knowledge from many fi&s; and a shelf of books flanked by artists’ brushes.
The mace bearer today is Mrs. Alice Mason, associate professor of physical education, who recently marked her thirty-fourth year With the Universitftof Nevada System.
The history of academic dress reaches far back into the early days of the oldest universities. It appears that academic clothing was first introduced and worn at Cambridge and Oxford Universities in the thirteenth century.
The European custom was carried to America with the establishment of our own colleges and universities. In 1895 an academWcode of dress was adopted, and the standards were accepted by Most of the colleges and universities in the United States. Today, the black robe, hood, and cap are generally worn. ■Three different types may be distingished in the
academic procession. The bachelors’ gowns have long pointed sWves; the masters’fpwns have oblong Meves with an arc cut away in the front. The doctors' gowns are faced with velvet and have bell-shaped sleeves with three bats of velvet.
The Oxford cap, the so-called mortarboard, is black and has a long tassel fastened to the middle of the top that is worn pendant over the left front lithe cap. The hood, draped from the shoulder, denotes by its length and colors the degree and the institution Which conferred the degree.
Frank S. Wartman
Boulder City metallurgist
Doctor of Science
Malcolm Love
President, San Diego State College
Doctor of Laws
Dean E. McHenry
Chancellor, University of California, Santa Cruz
Doctor of Laws
Lt. Gen. Frank T. Mildren
Local military commander
Doctor of Science
Herbert E. Grier Founder, EG&G Inc. Doctor of Science
NeVitt Sanford
Director, Institute for the Study of Human
Problems, Stanford University
Doctor of Humane Letters
Francis H. Horn
President, Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities Doctor of Humane Letters
Bob Hope
Doctor of Humane Letters
Del E. Webb
Builder and Developer
Doctor of Humane Letters
Howard W. Cannon
Nevada Senator
Doctor of Laws
David Bruce Dill
Noted scientist
Doctor of Laws
Bishop Joseph Green
Bishop of Reno
Doctor of Humane Letters
Gov. Mike O'Cal laghan
Governor of Nevada
Doctor of Laws
No degree awarded
Walker R. Young
Engineer in charge of construction of Hoover Dam (Accepted by Leo Dunbar Sr., of Boulder City) Doctor of Science
Frank Sinatra
Doctor of Humane Letters
Frank Church
Idaho Senator
Doctor of Laws
Herman M. Greenspun
Publisher, Las Vegas Sun
Doctor of Humane Letters
John C. Mowbray
Justice, Nevada Supreme Court
Doctor of Laws
Paul F. Sharp
President, University Of Oklahoma
Doctor of Humane Letters
Paul Laxalt
Nevada Senator
Doctor of Laws
Bart J. Bok
Noted Astronomer
Doctor of Science
Daniel J. Boorstin
Librarian of Congress Doctor of Humane Letters
Wayne Newton
Doctor of Humane Letters
Donald H. Baepler
Former UNLV President and Chancellor
Doctor of Science
Frank Waters
Doctor of Humane Letters
Lucile Bruner
Local artist and teacher
Doctor of Humane Letters
Rev. Caesar Caviglia
Pastor, St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Henderson
Doctor of Humane Letters
Frank H. T. Rhodes
President, Cornell University
Doctor of Letters
Charles Vanda
Director, UNLV Master Series
Doctor of Humane Letters
E. Parry Thomas
Chairman, Executive Committee
Valley Bank of Nevada
Doctor of Laws
Simcha Dinitz
Vice President, Hebrew University
Doctor of Humane Letters
Major Gen. Robert E. Kelley
Superintendent, U.S. Air Force Academy
Doctor o f Science
Jerome Mack
Vice Chairman of the Board, Valley Bank of Nevada
Doctor of Laws
Harry Wald
President, Caesars Palace Hotel-Casino
Doctors of Laws
David P. Gardner
President, University of California
Doctor of Laws
Jihan El Sadat
Wife of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat
Doctor of Letters
Diana Ross
Doctor of Humane Letters
John Theodore “Ted” Sanders
Nevada Superintendent of Public Instruction
Doctor of Letters
Major Gen. R. G. “Zack” Taylor Retired Air Force General
Doctor of Laws
Marjorie A. Barrick
UNLV Benefactor
Doctor of Humane Letters
Thomas T. Beam
Local engineer, land developer, and UNLV Benefactor Doctor of Science
Joseph N. Crowley
President, University of Nevada, Reno
Doctor of Letters
William Boyd
Las Vegas Attorney and UNLV Benefactor
Doctor of Laws
Margaret Elardi
Hotel-casino owner and UNLV Benefactor
Doctor of Humane Letters
Elaine Wynn
President of UNLV Foundation and UNLV Benefactor
Doctor of Humane Letters
Artemus W. Ham Jr.
Las Vegas Attorney and UNLV Benefactor
Doctor of Laws
James I. Gibson
State Legislator
Doctor of Laws
J. A. Tiberti
Builder and UNLV Benefactor
Doctor of Laws
Marvin Sedway
State Legislator
Doctor of Laws
1964 to Present
Robert B. Griffith
Archie C. Grant
Albert E. Cahlan
A. L. Scott
Roger T. Foley
J. Kell Houssels Sr.
Bertha Ronzone
Cyril 0. Bastian Harriett G. Spann Clare W. Woodbury
George E. Franklin Sr.
Reed Whipple
Leonard R. Fayle
Sebastian Mikulich
Richard F. Perkins
Judy Bayley
Woodrow Wilson
James Cashman Jr.
Juanita Greer White
Paul D. McDermott (posthumously)
James I. Gibson
Mary L. Woitishek
Alan Bible
John F. Cahlan
E. Parry Thomas
Monsignor Thomas F. Collins
Elton M. Garrett
Oran Gragson
Mabel W. Hoggard
William W. Morris
William Peccole
B. Mahlon Brown Addeliar Dell Guy Artemus W. Ham Jr.
Ruthe Deskin
William V. Wright
Marion D. Bennett Sr. Ann Brewington Harley E. Harmon Sr.
Marjorie A. Barrick Eileen Brookman Irwin Molasky Thomas T. Beam
No award given
Rosemary K. Clarke William G. Flangas
Bob Brown (posthumously)
William Boyd
J. A. Tiberti Fred Gibson Jr.
John Moran
Donald M. Clark
Florence Lee Jones Cahlan (posthumously) Herbert McDonald
John F. Mendoza
Daniel F. Byron Charlotte Hill John H. Midby Vassili Sulich Joe Williams
Roger D. Foley James A, Gay III Kenny C. Guinn Johnny A. Ribeiro Jr.
Carolyn G. Goodman Philip G. Satre Fred W. Smith
Reverend John J. McVeigh Claudine Williams
Dr. Sheilagh Brooks
Dr. James Deacon
Dr. Marie-France Hilgar
Dr. Mohamed Yousef
Dr. Maurice A. Finocchiaro
1968 Wing Fong
E. Parry Thomas
1979 Helen West
Rita Deanin Abbey
Emeritus Professor of Art
Bert Babero
Emeritus Professor of Zoology
Richard Basile
Emeritus Professor of Hotel Administration
Edward Billingham
Emeritus Professor of Chemistry
Eva C. Bortman
Emeritus Associate Professor of Education
Margaret E. Simon
Emeritus Associate Professor of Nursing
Alice Brown Emeritus Librarian
William T. White
Emeritus Professor of Economics
William Dakin
Emeritus Director of Career Planning and Placement
Roman J. Zorn
Emeritus Professor of History
John R. Dettre
Emeritus Professor of Educational Administration and Higher Education
In Memoriam
Brock Dixon
Emeritus Vice President
W. Glenn Bradley
Emeritus Professor of Biology
Michael Drakulich
Emeritus Professor of Physical Education
Charles A. Bucher
Emeritus Professor of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Harold H.J. Erickson Emeritus Librarian
Richard H. Byrns
Emeritus Professor of English
Pat Fellman
Emeritus Administrator
William D. Carlson
Emeritus Professor of Education
Monroe Fischer
Emeritus Professor of Economics
Howard R. Chase
Emeritus Professor of Music
Patricia A. Geuder
Emeritus Associate Professor of English
Arlen Collier
Emeritus Professor of English
Malcolm Graham
Emeritus Professor of Mathematics
Herbert A. Derfelt
Emeritus Professor of Educational Administration
George Hardbeck
Emeritus Dean of the College of Business and Economics and Professor of Economics and Industrial Relations
Sigrid Moe
Emeritus Professor of English
James Harper
Emeritus Associate Professor of Accounting
Jacob S. Orleans
Emeritus Professor of Psychology
Paul C. Harris
Emeritus Professor of Theatre Arts
Arnold Shaw
Emeritus Adjunct Professor of Music
Holbert H. Hendrix
Emeritus Professor of Education
Richard E. Strahlem
Emeritus Professor of Accounting
Harrie F. Hess
Emeritus Professor of Psychology
Charles Vanda
Emeritus Director of the Performing Arts Center
Charles A. Jacobi
Emeritus Professor of Radiological Sciences
John S. Wright
Emeritus Professor of History
Agnes L. Lockette
Emeritus Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
Paul Loveday
Emeritus Professor of Management
Dr. Donald E. Schmiedel, Chair Dr. Robert Ackerman
Kathleen Lyons
Emeritus Associate Professor of Education
Joe Bunin Isabelle Emerson
Dwight A. Marshall
Emeritus Dean of Continuing Education
Nancy Flagg Jeffry S. Halverson David Hollenbeck
Muriel M. Parks
Emeritus Dean of Admissions and Records
JoAnn Jacobs Nick Paul Les Raschko
Ralph Roske
Emeritus Professor of History
Michael Stowers
George J. Samson
Emeritus Professor of Educational Administration and Higher Education
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John T. Standish
Emeritus Director of Financial Aid
Verdun Trione
Emeritus Professor of Education
John G. Tryon
Emeritus Professor of Engineering
Herman W. Westfall
Emeritus Vice President for Business Affairs