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Meeting minutes for Consolidated Student Senate, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, March 04, 1980






Includes meeting agenda and minutes. CSUN Session 9 Meeting Minutes and Agendas.

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uac000233. Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Records, 1965-2019. UA-00029. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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MINUTES SENATE MEETING #14 March 4, 1980 4:00 p.m. Moyer Student Union Building Room 203 I. Call to Order The fourteenth meeting of the Consolidated Student Senate was called to order by the Senate President at 4:00 p.m. in Roan 203 of the Moyer Student Union Building. II. Roll Call Members in Attendance Kelly Campbell Dorothy Halpin Rick Oshinski Susana Reyes Bill Haldanan Dale Hulen David Martinez Dave Levins Cindy Simia Scott Karosa Ray Corbett Marty Burziriksi "Skip" Kelley Derrek Yelton Denise Rajnovich Pam Roberts Gariella Ziros Mike Taylor III. Approval of Minutes #13 After no further additions or correctionsthe minutes of Senate Meeting #13 stood approved. IV. Executive Board Nominations A. ROTC at UNLV-President Goodall Senate President Alderman introduced President Goodall. President Goodall explained to the Senate how the program was going to work. It would be an extension of the UNR campus, and there will be a few courses offered on the UNLV campus concerning Military Science. In the Fall semester the program will only be an experiment. Discussion took place. Senator Hulen moved to suspend with the rules and move into New Business the motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously. VIII. New Business A. Resolution concerning registration for draft-Senator Oshinski Senator Oshinski moved to approve there was a second. Discussion took place. Senator Oshinski yielded the floor to a quest speaker, who gave the Senate a brief presentation on the draft. Discussion took place on the Resolution. Senator Campbell called for the question which was seconded and passed with eighteen in favor and one opposed. A roll call vote took place. Senate Meeting #14 March 4, 1980 Page 2 Kelly Campbell-yes Gabriella Ziros-yes Scott Karosa-abstention Bill Haldeman-yes Dorothy Ilalpin-no Mike Taylor-yes Susana Reyes-no "Skip" Kelley-yes Dale Hulen-yes Ray Corbett-no Marty Burzinski-no Pam Roberts-no Derrek Yelton-no David Martinez-no Dave Levins-no Cindy Siraia- no Denise Rajnovich-abstention Rick Oshinski-yes The motion failed with seven in favor, nine opposed and two abstentions. B. Delay of Senate Meeting #15 Senate President Pro Tonpore moved to delay Senate Meeting #15 until 5:30 p.m. the notion was seconded. Discussion took place. Senator Martinez called for the question which passed with eighteen in favor and one opposed. The motion failed with eight in favor and ..ten . opposed. IV. Executive Board Announcements B. Academic Vice President Search Committee Senate President Alderman announced that canidates for Academic Vice President would be in her office frcm 2:30-3:30 on the dates that were placed in each Senator' box. C. Parlimentary Procedure Workshop March 29, 1980 Senate President Alderman announced that she had received a letter from Billie Bates who is in charge of the Parlimentary Workshop. There is a discount for a group. $20.00 for single, $16- 5 or more. D. Board of Regents Agenda President Campbell informed the Senate that the Board of Regents meeting will be held on March 10 on the UNLV campus at 10:30 in the Teacher Education Building. E. Carpooling Vice-President Wyman reported to the Senate that she would be speaking with Dr. Trione about putting together a card for the Fall registration packets. F. USUN'S MEETING Vice-President Wyman announced that the USUN'S meeting would be on March 10 at 8:00 a.m. on the UNLV campus in the CSUN office. y.• Executive Board Nominations A. Appropriations' Board Senator Roberts moved to approve Derrek Yelton and Ron Deems to""tKe Appropriations the .motion-was sedorideffV Motion passed -unanimously ••'c.' J B. Publications Board Senator Kelley moved to approve Rick Oshinski has Publications Board Chairman the motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Senate Meeting #14 March 4, 1980 Page 3 VI. Committee Reports A. Appropriations Board Vice-President Wyman read the minutes. Included in the minutes was a motion to allocate $10,000 to the Entertainment and Programming Board. Senator Martinez move to amend the minutes to say that a vote was taken by the board and not a general concensus. There was a move to approve. There being no further additions or corrections the minutes stood approved as corrected. B. Elections Board Chairman, Lisa Miller, announced that the manatorv candidates meeting will be held at 3:30 on March 11. There will be a candidates rally on March 19 at 11:30. C. Entertainment and Programming Board Chairman, Dave Gist, read the minutes of the meeting. The Cure Carnival was announced. Senator Corbett moved to approve there was a second. There being no further additions or corrections the minutes stood approv-ed as read. D. Organizations Board The minutes were read by Dave Gist. In the minutes the Baptist Club, Varsity Christian Fellowship, and Wall Street Journal Organizations were approved. $500 for Art Club in matching funds, and $60 to the Hispanic Association, Senator Oshinski moved to approve the motion was seconded. The minutes passed with thirteen in favor, one opposed and one abstention. E. Energy Committee There was no report, 1. New Member-Derrek Yelton Senator Roberts moved to approve Derrek Yelton has a member of the Energy Committee the motion was seconded and passed unanimously. IX. Old Business X. Open Discussion Senator Kelley told the Senate that all organization deserved a chance whether they be a religious group or not. Senator Kelley reminded the Senate that when they vote on a Resolution or a motion it is not a personal vote but a vote of their constituents. Senate President Alderman reminded the Senate that they could place a referendum concerning the draft on the next agenda the referendum takes a 2/3 vote. Senator Campbell informed the Senate that a Ad Hoc Test File committee is being formed. Senators Mart inez, Oshinski, Kelley and Haldeman asked to serve on that committee. Vice-President Wyman requested that on next weeks agenda an item concerning Earth Presentation be placed on there, Senate Meeting #14 March 4, 1980 Page 4 Vice-President Wyman announced that International week would be going on Wednesday thru Friday let her know if you want to help. Senator Levins asked to set up at Ad Hoc committee for the referendum concerning the draft. Senators Levins, Haldeman, Rajnovich and Kelley asked to serve on that committee. Senator Martinez announced that there would be a Day Care Open House on March 17 at 7-9. Senator Yelton announced that a free CPR clinic is going to be held by the pre-professional club. He will have further information later. Senators Kelley, Haldeman, Roberts, Simia, Campbell and Burzinski explained there reasons for the way they voted on the Resolution. Each explained that they had talked to students in their respective college and that they replied with the general concensus. Respectifully Submitted by, Respectifully Prepared by, Lorraine Alderman Senate President Robin Starlin CSUN Secretary